Endura Advanced System Management Software PRODUCT SPECIFICATION

Endura Advanced System Management Software PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
video management solutions
Endura® Advanced System Management Software
Product Features
• Software Runs on a Standard PC with Microsoft ® Windows® XP
Professional and 32-Bit Versions of Windows Vista® Business,
Ultimate, or Enterprise, and 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows 7 Operating
• Highly Intuitive Graphical User Interface Optimized for the Needs of
Surveillance Professionals
• Unrestricted Scalability Easily Manages up to 10,000 Devices
• Optional Mapping Interface Provides Editing and Alarm
Monitoring/Management Tools
• Support for Standard Resolution and Megapixel Resolution Cameras
• Support for MPEG-4, H.264 Baseline, Main, and High-Profile Codecs
• Audio Streaming and Playback
• Zone of Interest™ Allows Independent View and Management of
Specified Areas Within a Camera’s Field of View in Live or
Playback Views
• Synchronized Playback of Multiple Cameras
• Digital Zoom in Live or Playback Views
• Convenient Tear-Off Options to Customize Display
• Maintains Camera’s Native Aspect Ratio While Supporting 4:3 or 16:9
Aspect Ratio Monitors and a Mix of SD or Megapixel Video Content
• Capable of up to 16 Simultaneous 4SIF/CIF Resolution, 30/25 Frames
per Second (fps) MPEG-4 Decode, 12 H.264 4SIF/CIF Resolution,
30/25 fps H.264 Baseline Decode, or 2 Full 1080 Pixels Decode in
Real Time
• EnduraView™ Technology Mitigates CPU Processing Requirements
and Network Bandwidth Consumption for Multiscreen Configurations
• Integrated Configuration and Administration Interface Provides
Full-Management Capability for All Components
• Powerful Scripting Engine to Automate Virtual Matrix Functionality
• On-Screen Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Controls Including Click to Center and
PTZ to Selected Area
• Camera Callup and PTZ Control from KBD5000
• Advanced Search Capabilities Including Motion, Alarm, Event,
Analytics, and Camera
IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE READ. The network implementation is shown as a general
representation only and is not intended to show a detailed network topology. Your actual
network will differ, requiring changes or perhaps additional network equipment to
accommodate the system as illustrated. Please contact your local Pelco Representative to
discuss your specific requirements.
• Integrated Event and Alarm Monitoring and Management Interface
• User-Specific Choice of Language, Rights and Permissions, and
Screen Configurations
• Export Video and Still Images in Multiple Formats Including PEF, PPX
Playlists, MPEG-4, AVI (Without Audio), PNG, BMP, and JPG
International Standards
Organization Registered Firm;
ISO 9001 Quality System
C4608 / REVISED 4-29-11
The WS5200 Advanced System Management Software provides
access to all operation and configuration features of the Endura®
system in a unified, intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface
has been optimized for the demanding needs of surveillance
professionals and utilizes drag-and-drop operations, shortcut
menus, built-in tooltips, and online Help to enable the most direct,
intuitive interactions with cameras and components distributed
across the network.
Video Display Optimized for Surveillance
Surveillance operators require access to real-time live video and
instant access to playback. The WS5200 has been specifically
designed to optimize performance, productivity, and effectiveness.
Operators can customize up to six active workspaces. Each workspace
can have its own screen configuration populated with any grouping of
cameras. These workspaces allow the operator to rapidly switch from
camera group to camera group. The workspaces and camera
associations are automatically loaded upon login, along with the
user’s language preferences and permission levels. This eliminates
any lost time in changing screen layouts or configurations during shift
The second generation of the WS5200 has also been designed to
deliver optimum decoding performance to take advantage of the
latest capabilities of analog cameras and advances in compression
technology. The WS5200 supports MPEG-4 as well as all common
profiles of the latest H.264 codec. Provided the host PC has enough
processing power, users can simultaneously decode sixteen 4CIF,
MPEG-4 video streams in real time, or twelve H.264 baseline profile
streams in real time, or two 1080p streams in real time. Of course,
any combination is also supported. Additionally, more cameras can
be viewed simultaneously using the WS5200’s convenient tear-off
tabs and leveraging multiple monitors to display up to 32 cameras
concurrently. Endura’s patent-pending EnduraView™ technology will
manage the CPU processing load and network bandwidth
requirements by automatically seeking out and displaying a lower
resolution, secondary stream (if one exists), or reducing the refresh
rate to ensure that system stabilization is not jeopardized.
To take advantage of the latest developments in monitor technology
and camera capabilities, the WS5200 interface automatically detects
the monitor’s native resolution and aspect ratio and configures the
display to accommodate what the monitor can support. Based on the
monitor’s native aspect ratio, the WS5200 supports screen
configurations in single-image, 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 1 + 5, 1 + 12, and
2 + 8 for 4:3 aspect ratio displays and adds 3 x 2 and 4 x 3 for
16:9 aspect ratio displays. As different cameras operate in different
aspect ratios, the WS5200 will maintain the native aspect ratio of the
camera to minimize any potential distortion of the image. An
innovative Zone of Interest™ feature makes it convenient to leverage
the power of today’s megapixel cameras to cover a large field of view
while allowing a user to independently select certain areas of the
scene to get a closer view. The WS5200’s zone of interest capability
consumes no additional processing power or network bandwidth as a
user creates up to six independently controlled zones of interest from
a single camera.
Recorded footage can be instantly accessed for any camera without
impacting live surveillance of other cameras on the same monitor.
Flexible synchronous playback allows operators to synchronize the
playback of 16 cameras for investigations that require multiple
vantage points of the same event. Camera controls, PTZ operation,
video playback controls, snapshot capture, and export tools all
conveniently appear over the video when the cursor is placed on the
desired camera’s view.
Once footage has been identified, operators with the proper
permissions can archive footage from one or multiple cameras to be
used for evidentiary purposes. Clips from multiple cameras are
managed in the Export Manager, allowing operators to create
playlists of multiple cameras, synchronize different cameras to
allow for multicamera view of the same time period, and password
protect the export media or add custom watermarking information
for non-proprietary export formats. Additionally, operators can add
commentary that is automatically saved to the export log, allowing
those that view or use the exported footage to work more efficiently.
The Pelco Export Player can authenticate the validity of video
frames from Pelco IP cameras and encoders, and it can validate that
the footage saved to the export media has not been tampered with
prior to playback. A convenient video scrubbing and thumbnail view
of the exported footage lets viewers navigate to the point of interest
quickly and efficiently.
Fully Integrated Administration and Management
In addition to access to live and recorded video, the WS5200 also
serves as an administration and management console for the Endura
system. With proper user credentials, administrative users can easily
configure all devices and users on the system. Camera, encoder,
recorder, and decoder hardware and software parameters can be
accessed and managed from the administrative screens. Software
patches and updates can easily be pushed out to select or multiple
devices from the same console. User passwords, preferences, and
credentials can be centrally managed from one WS5200.
All diagnostic messages from every component on the Endura
network are available to any user and any viewing device. With
proper credentials, administrators can easily configure all users and
devices on the system. User actions and system messages are
continuously logged and available for audit trail purposes.
Integrated Alarm Management Engine
The WS5200 has a built-in alarm management engine. System
alarms, motion, and video analytics alarms are displayed in a
dedicated alarm workspace. As the alarm is generated, indicators
display the type of alarm, the priority level of the alarm, and the
current state of the alarm. Users can simply select the alarm and
visually verify its cause before determining whether to acknowledge
or snooze the alarm. Comments and instructions inserted by an
administrator serve to provide more detail about the alarm or to
instruct the operator about the next actions taken. Operators can also
add their own comments to be logged with the associated alarm.
Extensible Architecture
The WS5200 offers an optional interface to Endura Mapping.
The mapping extension adds editing and map construction tools while
providing for a convenient way to monitor the entire facility for
alarms. Multiple layers can be turned on and off to provide access to
key devices. In addition, multiple maps can be hyperlinked together to
provide for easy navigation between map views.
As a fully integrated component of the WS5200, the mapping
interface provides a convenient visual verification from a pop-up view.
In addition to access to recorded and live video from the pop-up,
operators can acknowledge or snooze the alarm, manually execute
relays and scripts as a response to the alarm, capture a snapshot, or
direct the associated camera onto the Endura monitor wall for further
analysis and action.
Advanced System Management Software,
1-Seat License
Advanced System Management Software,
5-Seat License
Advanced System Management Software,
10-Seat License
Advanced System Management Software,
25-Seat License
Advanced System Management Software,
Unlimited Seats; Single-Site License
Endura Mapping interface
Internal Memory
Operating System
Video System
Intel® Core™2 Quad, 2.66 GHz or better
2 GB of RAM or higher
Windows XP Professional SP3, 32-bit versions
of Windows Vista Business SP1, or
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, or
Windows Vista Enterprise SP2,
Windows 7 SP1 32- or 64-bit
Graphics card with DirectX 9.x or later,
256 MB of dedicated RAM
1000 Mbps network port
Audio Codec
Audio Bit-Rate
64 kbps
Access to network infrastructure in compliance
with the Endura Network Design Guide
Pelco is a member of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum
Pelco is a member of the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Forum
Pelco is a member of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Implementers Forum
Pelco is a contributor to the International Standards for
Organization/Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) Joint Technical
Committee 1 (JTC1), “Information Technology,” Subcommittee 29,
Working Group 11
• Compliance, ISO/IEC 14496 standard (also known as MPEG-4)
Video Codecs Supported
Decoding Performance
Screen Configurations
MPEG-4 ASP; H.264 baseline, main, and
high profiles
16X real-time MPEG-4 streams at 704 x 480;
12X real-time H.264 baseline profile streams
at 704 x 480;
2X real-time H.264 baseline profile streams at
1 image, 4 images (2 x 2), 9 images (3 x 3),
16 images (4 x 4), 6 images (1 large + 5 small),
10 images (2 large + 8 small),
13 images (1 large + 12 small);
high definition monitors can also display
6 images (3 x 2) and 12 images (4 x 3)
NOTICE: Judgment as to the suitability of the products for users’ purposes is solely
the users’ responsibility. Users should refer to the Operation manuals for cautionary
statements regarding user selected options and how they might affect video quality.
Users shall determine the suitability of the products for their own intended application,
picture rate and picture quality. In the event users intend to use the video for
evidentiary purposes in a judicial proceeding or otherwise, users should consult with
their attorney regarding any particular requirements for such use.
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International Tel +1 (559) 292-1981 Fax +1 (559) 348-1120
Pelco, the Pelco logo, and other trademarks associated with Pelco products referred
to in this publication are trademarks of Pelco, Inc. or its affiliates. All other
product names and services are the property of their respective companies.
Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.
©Copyright 2011, Pelco, Inc. All rights reserved.
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