Aero-SBLite DataSheet
The Aero-SB Lite system has many interfaces and possibilities
The core unit of Thrane & Thrane’s SwiftBroadband systems, the SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU), has an optional built-in wireless access point for
easy connection of laptop, PDA or VoIP handsets. The optional built-in router makes it easy to connect up to 6 laptops and the ISDN interface
can be connected to phones, routers, PCs or secure devices. Two 2-wire interfaces enables the connection of standard or wireless handsets, fax
machines, headset interface boxes etc.
The detachable configuration modules contain all settings making it very easy to replace the High power amplifier, Low noise amplifier and
Diplexer (HLD) or SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU). ARINC 741/781 compatibility ensures a straightforward interface to many Intermediate Gain (IGA)
and High Gain (HGA) antennas.
Aux. handset
VoIP handset
Compact and lightweight SwiftBroadband
Thrane & Thrane is the world’s leading manufacturer
of terminals and land earth stations for global mobile
satellite communications and has delivered close to
400,000 terminals to the land mobile, maritime and
aeronautical markets.
After years of BGAN terminal development, Thrane
& Thrane possesses the key technology that will be
reused in the aeronautical, maritime and land mobile
PC #1
Built-in router
Having delivered the ground infrastructure (the Radio
Access Network) for the I-4 satellites to run Inmarsat’s
BGAN services, Thrane & Thrane was also contracted
to further develop the ground infrastructure for
aeronautical, maritime and land mobile services.
Thrane & Thrane today provides the entire ground
infrastructure for all aeronautical services, such as the
classic aeronautical services (H, H+, I and M) as well
as the Swift64 and SwiftBroadband services.
We truly are the only aeronautical supplier to deliver
both the aeronautical terminals and the ground infrastructure they operate on.
PC #2
Thrane & Thrane has widened the possibilities
of SwiftBroadband with the introduction of the
Aero-SB Lite system. As the lightest, most compact
SwiftBroadband solution on the market the
Aero-SB Lite enables cost effective broadband
suitable for the widest range of aircraft possible.
PC #3
Built-in WiFi
PC #4
Full featured office-in-the-sky at low cost
With the Aero-SB Lite you can take your office anywhere at speeds
up to 332/432 kbps. As a light version of the Aero-SB+ SwiftBroadband
solution, the Aero-SB Lite provides a complete solution for both voice
and data, with a wide array of embedded features, including:
PC #5
VoIP handset
Thrane & Thrane A/S · [email protected] ·
71-128061 10.08 Brandhouse
Headset interface box
SwiftBroadband channel for simultaneous data and voice
Extremely compact and lightweight
VoIP connectivity
High speed Internet
High quality, low cost voice
Fax capable
Built-in router for intelligent connectivity support
and multiple user support
Built-in Ethernet switch for supporting numerous wired
laptops and/or EFBs
Built-in wireless access point for supporting numerous
wireless laptops and/or PDAs (this function can be disabled)
Built-in PBX for supporting numerous handsets and in-plane calls
ARINC 741/781 antenna compatibility
ISDN connectivity
Supports all current standards for secure voice and data transmission (FNBDT, STE, STU, HAIPE, etc.)
All in one package
Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA)
The Aero-SB Lite system is a total cabin solution that exceeds the
ongoing requirement to provide a true office-in-the-sky by harnessing
the power of the internet, e-mail, VPN, fax and telephony in one compact and lightweight package with features including:
To comply with installations on smaller aircraft, the Aero-SB Lite
system can be used with an IGA antenna. This ensures a lightweight
package with low profile/drag and small antenna footprint on the
fuselage, typically less than one-third that of a high gain antenna,
making it suitable for use on light aircrafts. The IGA installation
provides full SwiftBroadband capabilities with data speeds up to 332 kbps. For more information on antenna options available, please
contact your Thrane & Thrane sales representative.
Built-in PBX
Builit-in Router
Built-in Ethernet switch
Built-in WiFi access point
Inmarsat aeronautical satellite
communications services
Inmarsat is a global satellite communications system based on
geostationary satellites orbiting along the Equator. Inmarsat
provides fast and reliable contact through a worldwide network
of Land and Ground Earth Stations, which can be reached from
any destination except the extreme North and South Poles.
The Aero-SB Lite is a lightweight aeronautical broadband solution
with wireless capabilities and speeds up to 432 kbps. Featuring cutting
edge technologies such as SwiftBroadband Background Data and
SwiftBroadband Low Cost Voice channel, the Aero-SB Lite allows
users to access a shared data channel and a compressed high quality
voice channel at the same time. Additionally, the Aero-SB Lite offers
a streaming IP service for customers who require a fixed bandwidth
of 32kbps, 64kbps, or 128kbps. Antenna Options
Previously, complete communications solutions have been limited
to larger aircraft due to high initial investment, expensive usage and
large, heavy antennas. These limitations are no longer an issue with
the innovative Aero-SB Lite. The system can be installed with either
an Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) or a High Gain Antenna (HGA)
depending on application needs, or available space on aircraft, making
broadband data and high quality voice available for the widest range
of aircraft possible.
High Gain Antenna (HGA)
For users requiring the highest performance from their
SwiftBroadband service, the Aero-SB Lite system can be installed
with an HGA antenna. The HGA installation takes full advantage of
the SwiftBroadband service by providing data rates up to 432 kbps. Upgrade from Aero-M and Aero-I
With built-in NRS capability, Aero-SB Lite is the perfect upgrade path for
legacy Aero-M and Aero-I installations. When upgrading these systems
to Aero-SB Lite, the TT-5006A antenna installation can be reused, making
the upgrade simple and cost effective. For more information on how to
get Aero-SB Lite onboard, please contact your Thrane & Thrane sales
representative. TT-5040A
SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU)
• IP packet or streaming SwiftBroadband data.
• Ethernet connectivity
• ISDN connectivity
• Bult-in router with six Eternet interfaces
• Built-in wireless access point
• Low weight and power consumption
• Compact 2 MCU size
• No forced cooling required
• Easy integration
TT-5040A SBU
Dimensions: ARINC 404A 1/4 ATR short,
2 MCU.
(L x W x H):
12.62” x 7.62” x 2.25”
(320,5 mm x 193,5 mm x 57,15 mm)
6.0 lbs (2,7 kg)
Power: 28 V DC, 30 W typ. 106 W max.
Rear: ARINC 404A
Environmental: Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Altitude: MSL to 55.000 ft
DO-160E string: [A1F1]CAB[S2B2SM]
High Power Amplifier, Low Noise
Amplifier and Diplexer (HLD)
Configuration Module (CM)
Wireless Antenna
Wireless IP Handset
Aux. Handset and Cradle
• Small size, low weight and low power
• Powered through SBU
– no power wires to HLD required
• No forced cooling required
• Stores system configuration parameters
• Located at the rear of the SBU
• Contains the SIM card
• Configured through SBU web interface
• Contains phone book
• CM may be removed/ inserted for easy SBU exchange
TT-5016A HLD
8.98” x 7.87” x 1.97”
(L x W x H):
(228,0 mm x 200,0 mm x 50,0 mm)
Mass: 5.7 lbs (2,6 kg)
Environmental: Temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C
Altitude: MSL to 55.000 ft
DO-160E String: DO-160E String: [(A2)(F2)X]
[RR]M[A3J33]XXAC Power: Powered through SBU
TT-5040A-001 CM
1.85” x 1.79” x 0.79”
(L x W x H):
(47,0 mm x 45,5 mm x 20,0 mm)
0.15 lb (70 g)
Environmental: Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Altitude: MSL to 55.000 ft
DO-160E String: [(A1)(F1)X]CAB[SB2M]ExxxxxZ[AB]
• Meet and exceed the requirements
of IEEE 802.11a/b/g
• Multi-band antenna (802.11a/b/g)
• Low profile housing
• TNC Connector
TT-5040A-004 Wireless Antenna
4.7 x 0.48 x 0.5”
(L x W x H):
(119,4 x 12,2 x 12,7 mm)
1 ounce (28 g)
DO-160C String: [A1X]CAB[RC/C1]XXXXXXZ[A(CF)]
•Handset with large color display
•Access to basic configuration and system status
•Noise cancellation
•Speaker for hands-free operation
•Headset jack
• Auxiliary handset and cradle
• 600W ETSI TBR 21 interface
• Adjustable ringer
• 10 memory locations (speed dial)
• Stand-alone use (i.e. no cradle)
• Available in black or white
TT-5624B Wireless IP Handset
6.10 x 2.17 x 1.04”
(L x W x H):
(152 x 55 x 26,5 mm)
Mass: 0.39 lbs (175 g)
Wireless IP Cradle
TT-5622B Cradle
63.19 x 24.02 x 7.36”
(L x W x H):
(160,5 x 61 x 28,4 mm)
0.43 lbs (200 g)
DO-160D String: [A1X]CAB[(SMB2)(SM)(UFF1)]
•Charges wireless IP handset
•28 VDC
TT-5621B Handset
78.74 x 20.47 x 18.70”
(L x W x H):
(200 x 52 x 47,5 mm)
0.49 lbs (220 g)
TT-5626A Wireless IP Cradle
6.97 x 2.73 x 2.13”
(L x W x H):
(177 x 69,3 x 54 mm)
Mass: 0.33 lbs (150 g)
Navigational Reference System (NRS)
The Aero-SB Lite system has self steering capabilities when used with an antenna that incorporates the NRS functions, such as the TT-5006A. For more information on this feature please contact your Thrane & Thrane
sales representative. Subject to change without further notice.
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