Universal H Series

Universal H Series
This range of product is covered by a limited 2 year warranty against component
failure or faulty workmanship from the date of installation.
A faulty unit should be returned in the first instance to the dealer from which
the unit was purchased.
Damage to the unit due to misuse, power surges, lightning strikes or
installation that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction
may void the warranty.
Warranty does not cover travel costs to or from installation site.
If the power cord is damaged, do not use the controller; return the unit to the
supplier for repair.
Customer Record. (To be retained by the customer)
Dealer/Installer Name _____________________________________
Serial Number
Date Installed
For service assistance phone 1300 130 693
P.O. Box 239
Victoria 3153
H3BR Controller
The H3BR controller will operate a pump and heater from a chlorinator timeclock. A heater cool-down is performed when the chlorinator output switches
The H3BR Controller operates a 240V AC pump rated to 10 Amps 2400 watts
and is connected to a Chlorinator output. When the chlorinator output switches
on, the H3BR switches on the pump and heater. When the chlorinator switches
its output off, the H3BR stops heating but continues to run the pump for 5
minutes to cool down the heater. The H3BR is fitted with an LCD screen which
displays whether the pump or heater is on or off and displays ‘cooldown’ when
the pump is running with the heater switched off.
Controller Mounting:
Find a suitable location to mount the control box. Ideally, as with all pool
equipment, it should be installed out of direct weather and no closer than 3
meters from the water’s edge. Lift up the two mounting tabs and use two
appropriate screws to mount the control box to the wall, keeping in mind that
the power cable is 1.8m long and should be plugged directly into a general
power outlet, and not into an extension lead.
H3BR(AquaSwitch) Controller:
Connect the heater cable from the H3BR controller marked HEATER to the
heater. Check with the heater manufacturer for the correct interlocking
procedure. The filtration pump plugs into the 240V outlet beneath the H3BR
controller marked PUMP. See previous picture for a typical connection set-up.
The supplied Plug Pack connects to the right hand mini input socket of the
H3BR marked CONTROL, and the 240V plug connects to the pump output of
the chlorinator. (The Plug Pack output should be 3 to 5.5V and is polarity
Note damage caused by incorrect connections may void warranties.
To select the SETTINGS MENU press the SELECT button and the following will be
Press the UP or DOWN buttons to scroll to the item you wish to change. Press
the SELECT button to select the sub-menu of the currently displayed menu item.
Available Settings Menu items are shown below:
The settable items in menus will be flashing, to change these values use the UP
or DOWN button to adjust the value, if the value is correct press SELECT to
move to the next value, once all setting have been set you will return to the
settings menu, press the UP or DOWN button to scroll to EXIT and press SELECT
to save your adjustments.
Run-On time (heater cool-down): When the heater switches off, the pump is
locked to run for a time period without heating This is to cool down the heater
and prevent damage to the heater (and pipes) from heat soak.
Set run-on time (R XX MIN) is adjustable from 1 to 30 minutes.
Internal connection to pool heater (check with heater manufacturer).
Cool-Down Note:
Once the Cool-down cycle is activated, it will restart in the event of a power
failure. The H3BR will log and display the occurrences of incomplete cool-down
cycles. A counter is shown while RESET is displayed at power-on.
Heater delay time: When the system is set to heat, the pump is started but the
heater start is delayed. Delay time (P XX MIN) is adjustable from 0 to 30
minutes, with 0 being OFF (no delay).
When this menu is selected, press SELECT to save ALL settings. The unit will then
return to automatic operation.
Note: If any of the menu items are left unattended for 3 minutes, the menu will
time-out, automatically save all settings, and return to automatic operation.
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