Wireless PresentationPro PA329
Wireless PresentationProTM
Model PA329
School audio equipment needs to be rugged and
versatile, whether it’s needed inside or outdoors, hooked
up to a computer, projector, smartphone or tablet, or
needed for straight forward voice amplification.
The variations are endless and the flexibility built into the
PresentationPro makes this PA workhorse a good investment.
It’s built for fast and easy set-ups so you don’t need an
engineering degree
in order to turn it
on and start the
With an increasing number of schools installing
projectors and interactive whiteboards into classrooms on a district wide basis, the need has never
been clearer to
complement these
systems with a
Shown with optional
high-quality speaker
MB-PA3W mounting
students. And with
students being involved in so many technology-based
activities throughout the year, including Skype sessions
Google Hangouts, Facetime, and podcasting, having a
powerful enough speaker in the classroom is essential.
Tripod mounts
directly into the
underside of the
The PresentationPro provides
educators with high-quality audio
support, whether for vocal reinforcement or connecting
to mobile devices, LCD projectors, netbooks, notebooks,
laptop & desktop computers for enhanced audio
learning. This way the entire class can hear the video
or any other digital resource being used.
The PresentationPro is powerful enough so a single
speaker can be used in each classroom,
minimizing installation time and costs.
It can be used in classrooms, labs, cafeterias,
auditoriums, meeting rooms, hotel & conference rooms, and even
outdoor events.
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Optional MB-PA3T holds
the power supply when
the PresentationPro is
used on a tripod
Optional handheld
or hands-free
wireless mics
PA329, July 2014
Wireless PresentationProTM
Model PA329
Rugged steel-reinforced handle for easy mobility
Volume up / Mute / Volume down controls
Volume inidicator
Power switch, LED indicator & DC power input jack
PI-RC Remote controls volume up / down, mute, speaker power
and magnetically rests on top of speaker when not in use
6. Separate bass, treble controls for quality sound
7. 1/4” Line in and line out connect with LCD projectors,
computers, whiteboards
8. RCA & 3.5mm Aux in jacks connects with mobile devices
9. XLR and 1/4” mic inputs
10. LED displays wireless mic channel, RF & audio signals, with
channel up/down adjustments
11. Set button to sync wireless channel with transmitting mic
12. Microphone volume control
Ideal for mobile presenters, classroom and athletic uses
Includes volume/mute remote control
Warranty for school use - unlike some other audio products
purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties
would be voided if used in schools voided if used in schools
“Project Intercept"
Please contact us immediately if you experience any
difficulties with your PA329. Our “Project Intercept" customer
service program will quickly repair or replace items under
warranty. Simply contact us via phone or email
[email protected]
Visit our website to register your product and to learn more
about the complete line of Califone® audio enhancing and visual
technology products including: Wired and Wireless public
address systems, microphones, headphones & headsets, group
listening centers, multimedia players, computer peripherals,
installed infrared systems.
We are proud of helping teachers enhance student
understanding and achievements since 1947, with your
satisfaction as our first priority.
The PresentationPro carries a six-year warranty and service
support available through authorized dealers nationwide.
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Rated Power Output:
Sensitivity for Rated Output:
Frequency Response:
Dispersion Angle:
30 watts RMS
Line:125 mVrms
Microphone: 4 mVrms
250 mVrms
60 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3dB
90º H x 120º V
6.5” full-range speaker
1% (at 10W)
L/C – 6dB/Octave @ 4 kHz
Line inputs: Hi-Z, RCA (summing L+R)
Balanced mic: Hi or Lo-Z, with
phantom power (+15 volts D.C.)
Unbalanced mic:Lo –Z, 1/4”-phone
Aux In: Hi-Z Mono 1/4”-phone and
single 3.5mm stereo
UHF Receiver Specifications Carrier Frequencies: 904 - 925 mHz
#1 904.85, #2 905.75, #3 906.85, #4 908.15,
#5 909.65, #6 911.35, #7 913.45, #8 914.85,
#9 915.75, #10 916.85, #11 918.15, #12 919.65,
#13 921.35, #14 923.25, #15 924.15, #16 925.3
Line Output:
Remote Control
AC Power Requirements:
Dimensions (HWD):
Carton (2 units)
250mv constant
20’ range with 45 degree operating
field in front of the speaker
110 – 125 VAC, 50/60 Hz or
208 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
6.25” x 10” x 8.5”
10 pounds, shipping weight 13 lbs.
20 pounds, shipping weight 28 lbs.
6 year from date of purchase for
use in school, business, church and
government facilities
Click here to view the safety
compliances for this product under
the Consumer Product Safety
Improvement Act
Califone® International Inc. 800-722-0500
PA329, July 2014
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