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Assigning a Virtual Serial Port to Star Printers (32-bit Configuration Utility)
This document explains how to assign a Virtual Serial Port to Star Micronics HSP7000, TSP650, TSP700II, and SP700 Printers.
It is necessary to use the old model-specific Configuration Utility for each printer to assign a Virtual Serial Port. Please note
these utilities only run in a 32-bit Windows environment.
Supported Printers: HSP7000, TSP650, TSP700II, SP700
Supported Interfaces: USB
Supported Environments: Windows XP
Star Tools Needed: Model-specific driver from the Star Micronics Global Support Site
Table of Contents
I. Downloading the Driver …………………………………………… Page 1
II. Installing the USB Driver………………………………………….. Page 2
III. Assigning a Virtual Serial Port ………………………………… Page 9
I. Downloading the Driver
It is necessary to use the old model-specific Configuration Utility for each printer. Please note these utilities only run in a 32bit Windows environment. To directly download the package, click the model name:
HSP7000 Installation CD V2.0
TSP650 Installation CD V1.0
TSP700II Installation CD V1.1
SP700 Installation CD V1.1
To check for a newer version of the software, visit the Star Global Support Site.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 1
Application Note
II. Installing the USB Driver
1. Ensure the USB printer is not connected to the PC at this time. Right click the .zip file and extract it. Then, open the new
folder and double click “Autorun.exe”.
2. Click “Installation” in the left menu bar.
3. Click “I Accept”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 2
Application Note
4. Click “Next”.
5. Enter the User Name and Organization and click “Next”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 3
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6. Select “Complete” setup type and click “Next”.
7. Click “Install”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 4
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8. Click “Continue Anyway”.
9. Click “Finish”.
10. Connect the printer to the PC and power it on.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 5
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11. The “Found New Hardware Wizard” will automatically appear. Select “No, not this time” and click “Next”.
12. Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click “Next”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 6
Application Note
13. Check “Include this location in the search:” and click the “Browse” button. Navigate to C:\Program
Files\StarMicronics\[Printer Name Here]\PrinterDriver and click “Ok”. Then click “Next”.
14. Click “Continue Anyway”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 7
Application Note
15. Wait while the printer is installed by Windows.
16. Click “Finish”.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 8
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III. Assigning a Virtual Serial Port
1. Click the Windows Start button and navigate Programs > StarMicronics > [Printer Name] > Configuration Utility
2. Click “Virtual Port Emulator” in the left menu bar.
3. Click the “Add Port” button.
4. Enter an available COM port number. Select the USB port the printer was installed on. Then, click the “OK” button.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 9
Application Note
5. Change the Startup Timing to “Automatic”. Then, click the “Start” button.
6. Highlight the row containing the Virtual COM Port name and click the “Check Health” button. A message stating “Check
Health Completed Successfully” will appear and a small test document will be printed to confirm successful setup.
7. Click the “OK” button.
Congratulations! You have successfully set up a Virtual Serial Port for your Star Micronics printer.
05/2012, V1.0
Page 10
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