Simplex 7000/7100 Changing the Code

Simplex 7000/7100 Changing the Code
Changing the Code/Combination
Simplex 7000/7100
Note: If your lock is opening on every turn of the knob or lever, except upon entering a code, this may
be a ZERO CODE. Before attempting to remove the lock from the door, refer to the troubleshooting
procedures outlined at bottom of this document for a zero code symptom/solution.
7000/7100 Series FAQ
Changing the Code/Combination
Important: The following steps must be performed while the door is be
The factory pre-set combination is 2 and 4 pressed simultaneously and released, then press 3 and release.
Read the instructions through once before attempting to change
the combination.
1. Turn the outside thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) until it stops then return it to the right (clockwise) slowly to the horizontal position and release.
2. Enter the existing combination.
3. Insert a Phillips-head screwdriver into the central piece of the combina-
tion change assembly (see figure 1). Gently turn the screwdriver to the right (clockwise) until it stops. A slight click should be felt. Do not force.
4. Remove the screwdriver from the combination change assembly.
Important: When removing the screwdriver, the central piece must return to its
initial position, if not, set it back to its original position using the screwdriver
(see Figure 1). If the central piece of the combination change assembly does not
return to its original position, the combination will be cancelled and the lock will
5. Turn the outside thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) until it stops and return it slowly to the right (clockwise) to the horizontal position
and release.
This clears the existing code (see figure 2).
6. Select a new combination and write it down. Some or all of the buttons may be used for your new code, pressed individually or simultaneously. Each button may be used only once. We do not recommend the use of a one-button combination.
7. With the door open, enter your new combination. Depress each button fully and release it. You must feel a click each time you press a button to know that the button was
fully depressed.
8. 9. Turn the outside thumbturn to the right (clockwise) until it stops; the latch/bolt
should retract.
For manual relocking deadbolts, turn the outside thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) until it stops; the bolt should extend.
For automatic relocking latches, release the outside thumbturn and the latch should return to its initial extended position.
Keep the door open and test the operation of the lock 2–3 times to make sure your combination was
set correctly.
• Do not use excessive force at any time.
• If a wrong combination is entered while operating the lock, turn the outside thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) to the top position and release (see Figure 2). This will clear any
previously depressed buttons. Enter in the correct combination.
Symptom/problem: Turning outside thumbturn clockwise always retracts latch without depressing
any buttons.
Cause: Lock is in zero combination.
Solution: Follow the procedure for setting a new combination except omit step 2.
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