Protect your upstream personnel and investment while increasing distribution reliability

Protect your upstream personnel and investment while increasing distribution reliability
ELF™ Self-contained
Cutout-Mounted Fuse
Protect your upstream personnel and investment
while increasing distribution reliability
Using expulsion fuses
where ignition of
combustible materials,
dry grass or worse, gases,
are a high potential risk,
is now unnecessary
because of Eaton’s Cooper
Power Systems ELF™
current-limiting fuse.
Don’t take that risk with
your upstream personnel;
preventing even one
accident is well worth
the investment.
The ELF dropout fuse is a fully
self-contained design that
operates silently and eliminates
expulsive showers associated
with expulsion fuse operation.
The full-range current-limiting
rating ensures reliable operation
of over-loads and fault currents.
These features make it suitable
for areas where a high fire
hazard exists. The ELF-LR fuse
has been granted permanent
exemption by the California
Department of Forestry and
Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)
from power line distribution
pole clearance requirements –
the trimming or removal of
brush or trees from right-of-way
to reduce a potential fuel
source – when the fuse is
installed in the field according
to manufacturer’s specifications,
assuring that no gas, sparks,
or debris is emitted.
Because of this assurance,
you get all of the following
Increased safety to line
personnel during circuit
energization operations
Increased safety for persons
working in flammable or
confined areas of worksites
Reduced hazards and fire risk
This energy-limiting design
allows for:
Reduced system damage
from high energy faults in
heavy loading upstream
Uninterrupted power quality
due to sustained systemwide voltage support on
trips caused by faults
within the system
Potential reduction in arc
flash concerns and required
personal protection
equipment (PPE)
Moreover, the universal fit
design of the ELF fuse makes
it an easy retrofit into any
industry standard interchangeable cutout. Because it has
a drop-open design, operation
is clearly indicated and fault
locating is simplified. In long
cable runs of upstream oil and
gas applications, this will greatly
reduce time and money spent
on upkeep of the system.
Once the fuse has operated,
maintenance personnel can
simply use a clampstick to
remove the suspended fuse.
Energy-limiting Design
With its full range, currentlimiting characteristics tested
to ANSI/IEEE requirements
C37.40, C37.41, and C37.47,
the ELF fuse operates to
clear both low- and high-current
faults quickly. The element
construction, with separable
low-current and high-current
sections, controls peak arc
voltage levels, and limits
current and energy (I2t)
let-through levels during
the clearing operation.
Discover innovative solutions with Eaton’s Cooper Power
Systems ELF self-contained cutout-mounted fuse for
upstream power distribution applications.
Perfect for upstream oil field
power distribution
Self-contained design
increases safety during
circuit energization
Operates silently while
eliminating expulsive
showers associated
with expulsion fuses
Universal fit design allows
easy retrofit of existing
expulsion fuses
Drop-open design clearly
indicates fault location,
greatly reducing time and
money spent on system
Typical applications
Upstream oil & gas
exploration power
Dry, grassy areas, or
wherever combustible
materials are in close
proximity to fuse operation
Transformer protection
Capacitor protection
Personnel safety
Underground taps
Product scope
The ELF fuse voltage ratings
range from 8.3–24 kV while
our single-, double-, and triplebarrel fuse designs expand
amperage ratings from 6–80
A for easy coordination. This
expanded offering allows one
to easily choose fuses that
work for almost any system.
Expulsion Fuse
Moreover, the ELF fuse is
designed to be mounted in
15 kV and 27 kV, (110 kV,
125 kV or 150 kV BIL) rated
interchangeable open
distribution cutouts including
MacLean/S&C Type XS™,
Hubbell Type C™ and ABB
Type ICX™ cutouts. Designs
for use in 35 kV (170 kV BIL)
rated ABB Series V™ cutouts
are also available.
ELF Fuse
Supplementary products and
services for upstream power
distribution and overhead line
Type L cutouts
Single-phase pole-mount
Overhead voltage regulators
Manual disconnect switches
Distribution arresters
Fault indicators
Pole-mounted capacitors
Test parameters: 6400 A RMS symmetrical.
Test results: ELF Current-Limiting Fuses Reduce Energy Let-Through
by a Factor of 9 over Expulsion Fuses.
Single-Barrel ELF
Double-Barrel ELF
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Triple-Barrel ELF
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