STC HM door glazing.

STC HM door glazing.
Glazing of acoustic doors differs significantly from that of standard doors. These
instructions are specially designed for the successful installation of Security Acoustics
Sound Tight products and are to be utilized in combination with the approved shop
drawings in order to ensure proper operation, to achieve specified STC ratings and to
validate product warranty. These instructions assume the installer has had previous
experience in glazing steel doors. If any questions arise during installation please contact
our Customer Service Department.
These instructions are for doors that are not factory glazed. All glazing in acoustic steel
doors consists of two panes of laminated glass, 1/2 inch thick and 1/4 inch thick, each set
in silicone gaskets with an isolator strip between (Fig. 1). Gaskets, isolator strips and
overlapping retainers are provided with the door. Glass is provided by others. For fire
rated doors the 1/4 inch thick laminated pane must be substituted with UL listed fire rated
wire or ceramic glass. Net glass sizes should be total opening size less 1/2 inch vertically
and horizontally. For example, a 24 inch x 36 inch clear lite converts to a 27 inch x 39
inch cutout which would then require 26-1/2 inch x 38-1/2 inch glass panes.
A. Remove the flat retainer stop from one side of the door.
B. Cut to size and apply the provided silicone gaskets around the perimeter of each pane
of glass. Be sure to use the appropriate gasket for the 1/2 inch and for the 1/4 inch panes.
Applications of a small bead of clear silicone caulk at the gasket abutments and around
the perimeter where it meets the exposed glass on both sides will seal the joints and will
help to keep the gaskets in place.
C. Insert one assembled pane of glass (no preference as to which pane) tight against the
retainer that is still attached to the door. It should fit tightly in the opening but if any gaps
appear they should be filled with acoustic caulk.
D. Cut the isolator strips to size and insert against the installed pane of glass. It is
suggested that the exposed edge of the isolator strips should be painted black to blend in
with the gaskets.
E. Insert the other pane of glass in the same fashion described in item C above.
F. Reinstall the flat retainer stop that was removed in item A above. Screws should be
installed in an alternating manner and should not be over tightened.
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