- PassagePoint Express Software Overview
 New PassagePoint Express
Essential Visitor Management for an Affordable Price
STOPware, the visitor management pioneer, introduces PassagePoint Express,
an entry level edition of its award-winning visitor management software. The new
PassagePoint Express gives you all the necessary features for quickly registering
and badging visitors, contractors and temporary employees. No other visitor
management product offers such functionality, speed, ease-of-use and upgrade
scalability. With its impressive upgrade path, Express is the perfect solution for
organizations that need complete visitor management without the extra security
features and scalability of PassagePoint Professional and Enterprise.
Explorer Window
The PassagePoint Explorer Window in Express provides a familiar layout of
information that users quickly learn without training. The Explorer Window lets you:
* View a list of pre-registered visitors that can be sorted by name, company,
host name or group name
* Preview information for each
visit and make changes or
add additional information
* Create new visits and
immediately populate the fields
by scanning a business card
* Sign-in and print a badge for
visitors, with one click o en
The Explorer Window --
provides all the essential Ba “==. so
information and features in a y mt
single, easy-to-use screen,
Improves Corporate Image
* Process visitors in less than
30 seconds
+ Allows for an impressive Kiosk self-
register mode
* Take pictures of visitors for badges’
Streamlines Management
And Reporting
* Records visit information into a
* Run various reports or create your
own custom reports
* Scan business card to populate visit
entry screen
Speeds Registration While
Reducing Costs
= Sign-in visitors and print badges with
just one click
+ Minimize wait time with pre-
» Supplement or replace lobby staff
with interactive visitor kiosk
* Speed processing for historical visits
with Rapid Registration
* Eliminate the need for expensive
paper forms and storage
“requires add-on photo capture license
and camera
New Improved Visitor Badge Design Wizard
With PassagePoint Express,
ig md fee =
create your own custom badge
instead of choosing from a limited
set of templates. It's easy with the
built-in design wizard and other
features such as 2D barcodes
i | ng Be Que [nier |
and print preview. PassagePoint
Express supports all sizes and
types of badges, including self- rete | {=}
expiring badges.
Barcode settings in PassagePoint Express v4.5
Simple, Cost Effective Solution
All-in-one Bundles, starting at less than $1000, provide everything needed.
* Express Bundle: This bundle includes one software license, a direct-thermal
badge printer and 500 adhesive badges.
Product Features
Print visitor badges
on demand or prior to arrival
(for pre-registered guests)
Sign in visitors quickly and easily
Pre-register individuals or groups
Store data for as long as needed
Network up to five lobbies or
Easily import employee directory
Design custom badges
Automatically announce visitors
via e-mail
Sort and search by any field
Print, preview or export standard
* Express Scanner Bundle: This
bundle includes one software
license, a direct-ihermal badge
and custom reports
* Capture and print photo of visitor”
printer, a business card scanner = » Use Tempbadge self-expiring badges
and 500 adhesive badges.
* Express Photo Bundle: This bundle
includes one software license
with photo capture functionality, a
direct-thermal badge printer or ink
jet printer, a USB web camera and
500 adhesive badges.
* Express Deluxe Bundle: This bundle includes one software license with photo
» Print on direct thermal printers (no
replacement cartridges needed)
* Print badges in color using an ink jet
or laser printer
System Requirements
* Pentium lll or Equivalent
« Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2003
* 128 MB RAM minimum;
256 MB RAM recommended
capture functionality, a direct-thermal badge printer or ink jet printer, a business |
* 20 MB of free hard disk space
card scanner, a USB web camera and 500 adhesive badges.
* requires add-on photo capture license
and camera
Start Simple and Grow
PassagePoint Express provides all the necessary features for an entry-level
visitor management system and allows you to upgrade to PassagePoint Professional
or Enterprise as your needs grow. The PassagePoint products continue to raise the
bar in visitor management. No other product gives you such total control in verifying,
screening, and badging visitors — and with such ease, speed and scalability. "6 e
+ e 5 ®
photo identification for less
retailer www. DWholesaler.com
TOP (800) 321-4405
£2004, STOPware, inc. PassagePoint is à trademark of STOPware, inc. All rights reserved. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft
Corporation. All other brands and trademarks are the property of their respective owners
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