SAC Baton Gun Collimator

SAC Baton Gun Collimator
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‘Francis Barker’ Baton Gun Collimator
Based on the same design and operational concept as the highly successful world-leading family of
“Francis Barker” Small Arms Collimators in standard issue with all UK Armed Forces, the Baton Gun Collimator
is configured to the specific characteristics of the Heckler & Koch L104A1 37mm weapon.
Rugged cast aluminium body
Immersion proof
Nitrogen purged optics
Pre-set zero position on graticule
for 20 metres
Usable for both iron and optical
Allows zeroing to personal zero
No adjustments nor
maintenance needed
Accuracy and repeatability
± 1.5mills approx
The Baton Gun Collimator will zero the iron sight or the optical
sight of an unzeroed weapon within seconds to a common
average zero position or to a personal zero position of that has
been established by prior live firing of a group. Training takes just
a few minutes and it’s use provides a high degree of confidence
in the weapon system and ensures that, when the weapon is
used, it will be effective and accurately zeroed. It also allows
verification of zero setting post-incident if required.
The single piece, rigid aluminium casting with sealed and
purged optics, allows users to zero their weapons, without the
As the lands of the L104A1 stand proud of the grooves and are
need for live firing and to check or re-gain zero in a matter of
extremely narrow, the spigot tube is made from engineering
seconds any time any place.
grade “Delrin” to prevent possible land damage which could
Simply insert the collimator into the barrel of the weapon and occur if standard SAC spigot steel were used for this purpose.
align the sight aiming mark or foresight tip with the markings on Given the compliant nature of “Delrin” the accuracy and
the SAC graticule to either a common zero position or, where repeatability is approximately ±1.5 MILS (± 3cm at 20m) which
compares very favourably with the round calibre of 37mm and
known, to a personal zero position.
the purpose of the weapon.
As SACs are not adjustable and have no moving parts, they will
Ordering Information:
give an accurate and repeatable result every time.
Part No. 4500-0011 Baton Gun Collimator
All of the components, excluding the spigot tube, are identical This part number comprises the Collimator set for zero at 20m,
to those used in all “Francis Barker” Small Arms Collimators and full illustrated pictorial waterproof instructions and padded
this rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free protective black pouch. Alternative zero distances and DPM
and reliable service, requiring no maintenance and with very low pouches are available to special order.
through life cost.
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