Signal Strength and Polarity (-) or (+) are indicated by the
two opposite-facing bar graphs. The signal indications
start in the center-most short bars and fill outwardly in
increasingly larger bars as the signal increases, until
maximum strength is reached.
Polarity is indicated by which set of bars are being filled: (-)
Negative or (+) Positive Side
The Gain Setting in the lower left hand corner is the “GAIN”
bar graph, indicating from left (low) to right (high). By
raising the gain, the locator will become more sensitive to
a weaker target.
The Battery Icon in the lower right corner only appears
when the batteries are getting low. The shape of a battery
appears when the batteries are very close to needing
replacement. Once this starts flashing, only about 5% of
the battery life remains. Always carry spare batteries in the
carrying case and be prepared to replace batteries when
the battery symbol appears. Extensive use of high volume
settings will reduce battery life.
Power On/Off: Press this button to turn the unit ON or OFF
Speaker Volume: is controlled by pressing and holding down
the ON/OFF button. It will cycle from “Low” through “High.”
Repeat the cycle until the button is released. Release the
button at the desired volume.
Gain (Sensitivity) Control Down and Up:
Depress the button with the “DOWN ARROW” to decrease the
sensitivity and depress the “UP ARROW” button to increase
the sensitivity. One click at a time.
Microprocessor Controlled: The Volume and Gain setting
are set in processor memory. When the unity is turned off, it
remembers the last settings, so that when you turn on the unit
again, it will already be adjusted to your previous settings.
Battery Compartment
Loosen the Captive Screw located on the bottom of the
electronics box and remove the cover. Two 9-volt battery slots
are provided. Since there are no “snap” connections to make,
be sure the batteries are placed in the correct “polarity”.
Magnetic Locator
SubSurface Instruments Inc.
1841-C Plane Park Drive
DePere, WI 54115
Phone: 1-877-I CAN FIND IT • Fax: 920-347-1791
(1-877-422-6346) • [email protected]
SubSurface Instruments Inc.
When searching for a target, walk slowly, sweeping the
locator back and forth in front of you. If your target is small
or very deep, use a higher GAIN setting and walk slower
sweeping the locator from side to side slowly.
Upon locating the target using the “Search or Survey”
method, you can detect the exact location of a target such
as a surveyor’s “PK” or “MAG” nail, by following these steps:
The ML-1 does not have a Low Battery Indicator, so an indication
of this condition is “screaming” or not working at all. If this is the
case, replace the batteries as explained below.
1. Change the GAIN setting to the lowest setting that will still
define the target. See GAIN above to change settings.
The ML-1M produces a “flashing” battery icon in the lower right
corner of the LCD when the batteries are getting low. You don’t
have to change batteries at this time; it is just an indication that
only about 5% of battery life is left. Just be sure to have a spare
set with you in the carrying case. Then, replace as stated below
upon “screaming” or not working at all.
Normally, a medium setting and a little less than normal
walking speed will do fine.
Note: Any metal objects on the operator such as watches pocket knives, large belt
buckles and steel-toed boots will interfere if the locator is brought too close to
these objects or is operated on the higher settings.
2. Bring the locator to a vertical position by simply allowing
the locator to swing to vertical while you hold the handle
3. Move the locator back and forth in an “X” pattern over the
Power: Turn the locator on by
ON/OFF/VOL button on the keypad. Feel
the click?
Volume: To change the VOLUME, press and hold the
ON/OFF/VOL button and the unit will repeat volume cycles
from the current setting. Just release the button at the
desired VOLUME.
Gain: To change the GAIN (sensitivity) settings, repeatedly
press the GAIN
button to “decrease” sensitivity and
repeatedly press the GAIN button to “increase” the sensitivity setting. Do this by one click at a time. (Each click of the
button changes the setting up or down by one increment out
of eight possible settings).
4. Move the “X” pattern until directly over the target by
crossing the “X” at the position of the peak of the signal.
The ML-1 & Ml-1M are guaranteed to be free of defect in
materials and workmanship for 7 years to the original
end user/purchaser.
Only authorized SSI repair personnel can repair units.
Abuse, battery acid and water damage are explicitly
excluded from warranty.
SubSurface Instruments, it’s owners, employees and
assigns shall not be liable for any action, inaction, injury,
property or consequential damage sustained or
expenses incurred from the use or misuse of this
Liability under this warranty is absolutely limited to
repair, service or replacement of the instrument, at the
sole discretion of SubSurface Instruments. No other
warranty is expressed or implied.
Note: Always remove both 9-volt batteries and discard properly
before inserting any new batteries.
1. Upon removal of the old batteries and proper disposal, insert
one new 9-volt battery at a time. The contacts are spring loaded
for durability and ease of battery change. Insert the batteries
properly, look for the “+” and “- ” markings in the battery box and
insert the batteries accordingly. Ensure the polarity is correct
because batteries can be installed backwards.
2. Once the second battery is installed, check immediately for
correct operation of the instrument. If it does not operate, either
the batteries are in backwards or the batteries are dead. Pull out
and reset the batteries in the proper polarity and check for operation again.
3. Once operation is verified, replace the battery box cover.
The Captured Screw in the battery box cover can
be turned with a coin. Carefully align the
cover holding tabs on the opposite end
of the battery box, lower cover
onto box and tighten screw.
Do not over tighten.
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