▼ Accent Strip RGB Cut Sheet

▼ Accent Strip RGB Cut Sheet
The Accent Strip RGB is a very thin,
LED-circuit-strip-tape with nine bright
RGB (Red, Blue & Green) LEDs. It can be
mounted to almost any surface using
it’s built-in adhesive tape. The Accent
Strip RGB can be used in various indoor
applications; at home, in the office, a retail
environment or any various compact
space. With the use of the easy-to-use
control box users can select between 7
colors and 3 operational modes.
. 3 operational modes, 7 colors
. Very smooth field with rich color palettes created by mixing the Red, Green and Blue LEDs.
. LED Advantages: Long life (50,000 hrs.), low power consumption, low heat
. Power Consumption (4 strips): 8W max
. Up to 4 LED strips can be linked to one power supply
. Multi-voltage: 90-240V, 50/60Hz
. Dimensions (LxWxH – each strip): 9.75” x .4” x .07” / 250x10x2mm
. Weight (entire kit): .5 lbs. / .26 kg.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Included in each kit:
. 4x 9.75-inch (250mm) self-adhesive
RGB LED strips
. 3x 44-inch (1100mm) extension cables
. 1x AC Adapter (12V, 1000mA)
. 1x control box
. Accept Strip RGB kit is available in
white and black
LED Strips x4
©2009 Crystal Bright™
www.theADJgroup.com Los Angeles, Ca 90040 USA
www.theADJgroup.com Kerkrade, Netherlands
Extension Cables x3
Adapter 12v
Controller Box
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