Installation Instructions for Piper Malibu Meridian (Kit R1291000)

Installation Instructions for Piper Malibu Meridian (Kit R1291000)
Installation Instructions for Piper Malibu Meridian
(Kit R1291000)
This is a FAA STC’d installation requiring a log book entry upon completion.
Doc: 9041-0129-002
Please read through these instructions completely before beginning.
This installation should take approximately one hour to complete.
4 ALCNUT0.1380-32-N
4 90295A110
2 1290108
#6-32 Acorn Nut
Nylon Washer, .06 X .405 OD, .175 ID
#8-32 Nylon Washered Phillips Head SS Screw
Front-Bottom Bracket
1. Remove both stock visors and clamping components from the mounting barrels.
2. Place monorail forward clips over the original visor mounting barrels at the front. It will be necessary
to lower the rear of the rail to accomplish this.
3. Install front-bottom Brackets (1290108) and nylon washers
(90295A110) with #6-32 Acorn Nuts and tighten to just snug.
4. Raise the rear of the monorail until the bend in the brackets
aligns with the bottom of the overhead liner.
5. Assure rail is properly centered and aligned in cockpit.
Note: At this point the four side rail brackets should be inboard of
the overhead trim and in approximately the same position on each
6. Using a soft lead pencil carefully mark the location of each rail
mount on the overhead trim piece on both sides. Consider that the inside bend in the bracket will be
the edge of the trim piece.
Note: It will probably be necessary to have help holding the rail in
7. Pull the overhead trim out enough to place a ‘drill-stop’ material
behind the trim and drill a ¼ inch diameter hole through the trim
material only. Clean the hole and remove the drill stop.
Note: The overhead trim is held in place with a Velcro type
attachment. A thin prying tool makes it possible to lift the trimpiece.
After the completion of the installation press the overhead back in to
position to reattach.
8. Raise the monorail and position the mid brackets behind the headliner trim piece and attach using the
four #8-32 Nylon Washered screws.
9. Install the visor assembly by loosening the clamp and sliding it over the end of the rail.
Note: When installed the tensioning knob should be towards the crew.
Note: Install E-clip onto recess in threaded end of Visor clamp screw.
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Eugene, Oregon USA 97405
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System use:
NOTE: This system is not intended to be used as a hand hold. Do not use as a hand hold.
To move: Loosen the clamp block slightly and slide the visor along the rail by pushing sideways on
the knob. Re-tighten in new location.
To stow: Move visor to preferred stow position and tension to the point that the visor can be rotated
overhead without dropping. Some pilots may prefer to stow vertically on either side.
The vertical pivot allows you to change the angle of the visor at any point along the rail. It also
provides greater clearance in the stow position.
Continued Airworthiness Instructions:
(On the ground only)
Periodically clean the lenses with a soft cloth, mild soap and water or an approved
aviation grade windscreen cleaner. Do not use abrasives on the lens.
Periodically adjust the pivot tensions on the visor assemblies.
Updates to this Continued Airworthiness section are available on the Rosen Website.
The most up to date version of this document is available on the Rosen Website. (
We recommend that you periodically look to make sure you are using the most current version.
Airworthiness Limitations:
The Airworthiness Limitations Section is FAA approved and specifies maintenance required under
§§43.16 and 91.403 of the Federal Aviation Regulations unless an alternative program has been FAA
There are no airworthiness limitations associated with this installation.
86365 College View Road
Eugene, Oregon USA 97405
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