How to install and use Olimex JTAGs with CCS 4.x

How to install and use Olimex JTAGs with CCS 4.x
How to install and use the MSP430-JTAGs with Code Composer
Studio v4
For new users who install drivers for very first time:
Plug your USB cable to MSP430-JTAG-TINY or MSP430-JTAG-ISO, plug MSP430-JTAG-RF to USB, when
Windows ask you for drivers, browse to the directory where you unpacked Drivers.
First you should download drivers for your JTAG from our web page:
On each JTAG Documents, there is download drivers link - MSP430 JTAG drivers Ver.1.040 – 01DEC-2010.
After you download drivers, you have to extract them. Folder named „OLIMEX MSP430-DLL
drivers 1.040“ will appear. In this folder you have folder „Drivers“ - this will be the path to your drivers
when you install them.
If everything is correct, in Device Manager there will be new folder with the name of your JTAG:
After your drivers installation finish, open folder „OLIMEX MSP430-DLL drivers 1.040“ and copy
from there files: FTD2XX.dll, HIL.dll, MSP430.dll, olimex.dll and SiUSBXp.dll - Paste these „*.dll“ files in
Code Composer Studio v4 installed directory:
C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ccsv4\DebugServer\drivers (on your PC the path may be different).
Some of “*.dll” files have the same name as other “*.dll” files in this folder, it is good to save the old “*.dll”
files, too, not just replace them with the new ones, because for other purposes you may need them.
Now, open Code Composer Studio v4 and from menu “Project” select “Import Existing CCS/CCE
Eclipse Project”:
Select path of the examples (on my PC it is: C:\Program Files\Texas
Here click “Finish”:
Now “Click to close and go to the CCS workbench”:
Now you may select example suitable for your microcontroller, click on it with right button of the
mouse and choose “Set as Active Project”:
After you have opened the selected project, click with right button of the mouse on the project and
choose “Open Target Configuration”:
In “Basic” window which will appear for “Connection” select “TI MSP430 USB1”, choose your
microcontroller and click on “Save” button:
Now you can „Debug Active Project”:
Now you can enjoy your project applications:
! This example is with MSP-JTAG-TINY and MSP430-P2274 development board.
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