BAND-IT Tri-Lokt Machined Hose Nipples

BAND-IT Tri-Lokt Machined Hose Nipples
Tri-Lokt Hose Nipples
1. Put Band-It Tri-Lokt Hose
Nipple in vise and push the
hose onto the nipple.
2. Place the yoke on the nipple.
Make sure the yoke tie-ends fit
into the slots on the nipple hex,
and the yoke is firmly seated on
3. Place the proper size clamp*
over the entire assembly snug
against the flared tie-ends.
Yoke recess automatically
positions the clamp.
4. Using a vise for stability, tighten
clamp with the Band-It C00269
Junior Hand Tool.
5. Hammer ends of yoke back flat
over the first Band-It clamp.
6. Position the second clamp so
the buckle of each clamp is
opposite of the other, but not
over a yoke leg. Tighten and
complete the second clamp.
When selecting and applying this product,
adhere to all recommendations made by
BAND-IT and the hose manufacturer.
Improper clamp tension can result in fitting
slipping out of hose when pressurized, or
hose damage resulting in leaks. All hose
assemblies must be periodically inspected
and replaced at the first sign of deterioration to avoid these safety hazards.
*Band-It Jr. Smooth ID stainless
steel clamps are recommended for
maximum radial compression.
Completed Tri-Lokt Assembly
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