Atlantic Technology SB

Atlantic Technology SB
SB-900 Subwoofer
Don’t be fooled into
thinking “entry level”
The SB-900 subwoofer is the perfect
companion for any Home Theater or
compact music system, and it makes
an ideal match for a soundbar, such as
the Atlantic FS series.
Small, unobtrusive and deceptively
simple-looking, the SB-900 has a
rugged 8” driver with an oversized
surround for exceptionally long
excursion and low distortion, even
at very high output levels. Drivers of
this capability are never found on
subwoofers at this modest price.
Its high-current, equalized 125-watt amplifier and massive finned heat sink give
another indication that we put our efforts into the ‘guts’ and not into needless
cosmetic frills. The SB-900 has a low-end extension of 32 Hz (-3 dB)—the
lowest fundamental note in the musical spectrum—and its solid, muscular sound
surprises and delights listeners every time.
SB-900 compact subwoofer
Product Information Sheet
SB-900 Subwoofer
Phase control and auto signal sensing
Just because the SB-900 is our least-expensive subwoofer doesn’t mean we skimped
on its features or hookup flexibility. Like all of our subs, the SB-900 has an adjustable
crossover, a crossover bypass setting for use with electronics that have built-in bass
Built-in bass management and
adjustable crossover with bypass.
management, auto-on signal sensing, phase control, and a detachable AC power cord,
and special proprietary distortion-detection circuitry that prevents the SB-900 from
emitting objectionably-distorted sound, regardless of how hard it’s pushed.
Bass Driver
Output Power
Distortion (amplifier)
Frequency Response
Peak Output
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Speaker-level inputs
Power Requirements
Atlantic Technology is a registered trademark of Atlantic Technology
International. Specifications subject to change without notice.
8” long-throw
125W RMS
32Hz – 200Hz ±3 dB
103dB SPL into 2000 cubic Feet
11 x 13 x 13 in; 280 x 330 x 330mm
add 1.75” (45mm) H for feet
add 1.5” (38mm) D for knobs & grille
110-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz, 250W Max
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