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Meg Killgorecathcart
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Number: SPD-IM-04-094
Issue Date: 10/26/2004
Systems Issues
Subject: Oregon ACCESS Provider Changes
Applies to (check all that apply):
All DHS employees
Area Agencies on Aging
Children, Adults and Families
County DD Program Managers
County Mental Health Directors
Health Services
Seniors and People with Disabilities
Other (please specify):
SPD needs to begin collecting additional data about Homecare Workers. Some of this
information will be used to support tax withholding activities and direct deposit. Some
of the information will help you manage the provider enrollment/review process. We
currently do not store all the information we need to fulfill our obligations under the
Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Homecare Workers’ Union (SEIU) and
the Home Care Commission.
One of the first steps is to clean up the current data before we start adding more
information. Currently, HCW provider records are entered and stored in at least two
places. This means the information is entered twice and errors may be introduced:
· on the CHX Application that is used to email information to a central office
person who then retypes everything into the mainframe files (PRV screens) that
are “owned” by the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP); and
· on Oregon ACCESS.
Also, as people started using the Oregon ACCESS service plan feature in the Client
Assessment and Planning System (CA/PS) section they quickly raised the issue of
situations in which the provider was not known. In order to get by, users have created
fictitious providers, such as John Doe. One area of clean up involves ‘administrative’
providers that were created in the Oregon ACCESS provider database. To meet this
need, we created four new providers in Oregon ACCESS; these are providers that you
will not be able to change, but will be able to select. They are:
Prov Name Unknown – for all Medicaid provider classes
To Be Selected – for all Medicaid provider classes
DHS 0080 (02/04)
Master Plan – for CEP provider classes
Independent Choices – for CEP provider classes
Clean Up Process
The clean up of administrative providers will involve two steps:
· an automatic conversion to the new standard providers; and
· users will start selecting the standard providers
From now on, we are asking that local offices select from among the four
administrative provider records (Prov Name Unknown, To Be Selected, Master Plan,
Independent Choices) when adding an unknown or yet to be selected provider to a
case record. This will ensure that the Oregon ACCESS provider database remains
“clean” as we move closer toward a conversion to the new mainframe provider
database. If you are unsure of the client’s provider, please use one of the four
administrative providers listed above.
In addition, a team of central office staff have been checking the mainframe OMAP and
the Oregon ACCESS provider records for duplicates, incorrect punctuation in names,
etcetera, and correcting as much information as possible. They have been matching
the mainframe and Oregon ACCESS files and updating the provider numbers.
More information regarding the changes to the provider information/data will be coming
in the next few weeks. If anything looks wrong in the Oregon ACCESS system please
call the Help Desk. They have a process for recording and tracking questions and help
us identify problems.
Fictitious Provider Names Being Converted to Standard Names
We converted some of the providers in OA to one of the four administrative providers.
The providers we changed included:
Old Provider Name:
Last Name, First Name
Bogus, No
Care At Home
Care Plan
Choices, Independent
Community Action Plan
Doc Jones
Doe, Jane
Doe, John
Independent, Choices
New Provider Name:
Last Name
Provider Name Unknown
Master Plan
Master Plan
Independent Choices
Master Plan
Provider Name Unknown
Provider Name Unknown
Provider Name Unknown
Independent Choices
DHS 0080 (02/04)
Independent Choices, Provider
In Home Care (CEP)
Master, Plan
Not Needed, Or Requested
New, CEP
Nobody, None
Pending, Unavailable
Plan, Master
Provider, Any
Provider, New
Provider Number, Pending
To Be Arranged
To Be Determined
Unknown, Unknown
Independent Choices
To Be Selected
Master Plan
Provider Name Unknown
To Be Selected
Provider Name Unknown
To Be Selected
Master Plan
To Be Selected
To Be Selected
To Be Selected
To Be Selected
To Be Selected
To Be Selected
Provider Name Unknown
Provider Name Unknown
Provider Name Unknown
In addition, providers with names like these were changed to Provider Name Unknown:
aaa xxx zzz ,
If you have any questions about this information, contact:
Contact(s): OIS Help Desk
Phone: 503-945-5623
Fax: 503-945-5643
E-mail: [email protected]
DHS 0080 (02/04)
Oregon ACCESS Tip
Using an Administrative Provider
The Client Assessment and Planning System (CA/PS) section in Oregon ACCESS
can be used to create a pending plan of care. A Case Manager would use this
feature for various reasons. The most common would be to give a client time to
select a provider for their care needs. Another common use is to create a plan for a
new provider in pending status. The pending plan may be assigned to an active
provider once one is selected or added to the provider database.
Creating a Pending Plan:
1) Complete the CA/PS Assessment Maintenance section.
2) Double click the Care Planning section; the tree view will expand.
3) Click Need Summary on the tree view; the screen will appear.
4) Choose the Need Type of all, household needs, or personal needs at the top
of the screen.
5) Review the Need List. Enter the appropriate Plan Status of decline, met,
partially met, and unmet for all needs marked assist or full assist in the
middle of the screen.
6) Highlight the needs to be assigned to a specific provider. The Quick Select
button can be used to highlight all the Needs marked assist or full assist for
7) Click the Assign New Actions button.
8) The Provider Search screen will appear. Enter the appropriate Provider Class
(Type)** and Last Name “To Be Selected”. Click the Search button.
** The provider name “To Be Selected” may be used with different
Provider Class (Type) selections. For example, Assisted Living Facility,
Adult Foster Care, Residential Foster Care, or Nursing Home. However,
the Change Provider button will only allow the provider to be changed to
a provider in the same class. This means a care plan created with a
provider class of in home may only be changed to another in home
9) The provider “To Be Selected” will appear in the Provider section in the
middle of the screen. Click Add to Assessment button.
10) The Assign New Action screen will appear displaying the provider selected.
Click OK button to add to the plan.
11) Click the Service Summary on tree view. The provider “To Be Selected”
will appear. Now carry on with creating the care plan as usual.
Changing to Actual Provider
1) Later when the client selects a provider, enter the CA/PS section and double
click Care Planning on the tree view. Click Service Summary on the tree view.
2) The Service Summary screen will appear; highlight the provider “To Be
Selected” from the provider list.
3) Click the Change Provider button.
4) The Provider Search screen will appear. Enter the Provider Class (Type),
Name, Provider Number, and/or City of the client’s provider. Click the Search
5) Review the provider list returned. Select the correct provider by highlighting
them, if only one provider appears, confirm it is correct.
6) If the correct provider is not returned, click the Cancel button. Make sure to
check spelling and data entry for errors and try your provider search again.
7) If the provider is correct, click the Add to Assessment button.
8) The Assign New Action screen will appear displaying the provider selected.
Click OK button to add to the plan.
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