Sennheiser MD431 Rental Spec Sheet

Sennheiser MD431 Rental Spec Sheet
MD 431 II
MD 431 II Speech and Broadcasting Microphone
By virtue of its design and features, the MD 431 II ranks amongst Sennheiser’s most
exceptional microphones and is suitable for vocal, speech and broadcasting applications.
Color: black, sound inlet basket: refined steel. Internal electronics eliminates proximity effect.
• Exceptionally good feedback rejection
• Shock mounted capsule—low sensitivity to handling noise
• Hum compensating coil—reduces electrical interference
• Integral pop filter
• On/off switch (reed switch) can be locked in the ‘on’ position if required
• Consistent polar pattern and proximity compensating electronics—excellent tonal consistency
• Excellent for voice recognition
Technical Data
Pick-up pattern
Frequency response
40–16,000 Hz
Sensitivity (free field, no load) (1 kHz)
2 mV/Pa ± 3 dB
Nominal impedance
250 Ω
Min. terminating impedance
Dimensions in inches
1.92 x 7.87
approx. 8.8 oz
Optional Accessories
Foam windshield
MZW 4032
21' XLR microphone cable
Stand adapter (included)
MZR 4032
Supplied Accessories
1 Quick release stand adapter
MZA 4031
Architect’s Specifications
Super-cardioid stage microphone, hum compensating coil, integral popshield, reed on/off
switch, frequency response 40–16,000 Hz, sensitivity (free field, no load) 2 mV/Pa ± 3 dB at 1
kHz, nominal impedance 250 Ω, min. terminating impedance 1 k, dimensions in inches: 1.92 x
7.87, body 1.22 inches, weight approx. 8.8 oz.
MD 431 II
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