HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
238633-291 (Japan)
Feature List:
High Performance PCI-X Architecture
High Capacity
Two Ultra 3 SCSI channels support up to 28 drives
Modular battery-backed cache design
128 MB battery-backed write cache
256 MB cache upgrade available
The Smart Array 5312 (SA-5312) high-performance, dual channel Ultra3, PCI-X array controller provides reliable data protection for ProLiant™ servers and
offers flexibility thanks to an innovative modular design. The SA-5312 controller raises the standard to higher performance levels with several enhancements
including enhanced memory architecture and RAID engine.
Designed and tested with industry-standard ProLiant Servers for greater reliability, this controller is ideal for the distributed workgroup server or centralized
departmental server, and like other Smart Array controllers, the SA-5312 offers complete data compatibility with previous generations' Smart Array controllers
for easy data migration and upgradability.
What's New
Updated option support list, maximum storage support.
Key Features
Modular easy-to-upgrade design lets you optimize performance as needed, from 128-MB to 256-MB battery-backed cache.
High-performance Fifth generation architecture offers the new hardware RAID engine, and a new performance memory architecture for increased
performance over previous generation controllers.
Recovery ROM protects against a ROM failure or corruption.
Ultra3 SCSI technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 160 MB/s bandwidth per channel.
Dual Channels provide the ability to support up to 28 drives or 4.1TB (28 x 146.8 GB Ultra320 1" Hard Drives).
Mix-and-match LVD SCSI compatibility protects your investments and lets you deploy drives as needed.
Battery-backed Cache protects cached data in the event of a power outage, server failure or controller failure, and redundant, replaceable
batteries take that protection even further.
64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X interface boosts bandwidth above 1GB/s burst transfer rate over PCI-X bus.
64-bit memory addressing supports servers with greater than 4 GB of memory.
Online Management Features: Online Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, Online Stripe Size Migration, Online Spares
(Global), User Selectable Read/Write cache, User Selectable Expand and Rebuild Priority
The Smart Array Advantage
HP's innovative design and integration work of the Smart Array family of products creates customer value that is unmatched in the industry. Use of Smart
Array products across multiple applications results in a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than any other server storage RAID products. The HP
Smart Array family brings an unparalleled return on investment through:
Data Compatibility among all models of Smart Array controllers allows simple and easy upgrades any time needs for higher performance, capacity, and
availability increase. Even successive generations of Smart Array controllers understand the data format of other Smart Array Controllers.
Tools. All Smart Array products utilize a standard set of management and utility software. These tools
Consistent Configuration and Management Tools
minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing training requirements and technical expertise necessary to install and maintain the ProLiant server
Universal Hard Drive form factor is for use across multiple ProLiant servers, disk enclosures and storage systems. With compatibility across many
enterprise platforms, you are free to deploy and re-deploy these drives to quickly deliver increased storage capacity, migrate data between systems, and easily
manage spare drives.
Pre-Failure Warranty means Insight Manager™ not only reports when a drive is going to fail but allows replacement of failing drives prior to actual
failure. For complete details, consult the HP Support Center or refer to your ProLiant Server documentation.
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Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
Software Suite
All Smart Array products share a common set of configuration, management and diagnostic tools, including Array Configuration Utility (ACU-XE), Array
Diagnostic Utility (ADU), and Insight Manager. This software consistency of tools reduces the cost of training for each successive generation of product and
takes much of the guesswork out of troubleshooting field problems. These tools lower the total cost of ownership by reducing training and technical expertise
necessary to install and maintain the HP server storage.
Insight Manager
Powerful server and server options/storage manager tool
Monitors over 1200 server parameters
Configuration/Diagnostic Utilities
Array Configuration Utility (ACU-XE)
Powerful configuration utility for all Smart Array controllers
Provides a graphical view of HP drive array configurations
Easy to use Wizards for configuration
Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU)
Powerful diagnostic utility for all Smart Array controllers
Options ROM Configuration Capability
Rapid configuration upon initial install of the OS
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Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
For up to date compatibility, please see the following URL for complete Smart Array 5312 compatibility and support information.
NOTE: The SA-5312 is not supported in 5 volt PCI slots
Operating Systems
Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0, 2000 **
Novell® NetWare® 4.2, 5.x **
DA - 11328
Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
Product Highlights
Data Compatibility
Data compatibility among all models of Smart Array Controllers means customers can instantly upgrade their Smart Array
products to get to higher performance, capacity and availability. Unlike competitive products, successive generations of
Smart Array products understand the data format of other Smart Array controllers, providing investment protection for your
HP storage solution.
HP's new high-performance architecture sets new boundaries of industry performance expectations!
Wide Ultra3 SCSI (160 MB/s bandwidth) per channel
High-performance 64-bit architecture
New performance memory architecture providing tri-directional data flow for improved performance
64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X bus (1-GB/s bandwidth)
Given the need rapid capacity expansion, the SA-5312:
Two Ultra3 SCSI channels support up to 28 disk drives
Up to 4.1TB of storage per PCI slot
Provides increased server uptime by providing advanced storage functionality:
Online RAID Level Migration (between any RAID level)
Online Capacity Expansion
Logical Drive Capacity Extension
Global Online Spare
Pre-Failure Warranty
Fault Prevention
The following features offer detection of possible failures before they occur, allowing preventive action to be taken:
S.M.A.R.T.: Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology first developed at HP detects possible hard disk
failure before it occurs, allowing replacement of the component before failure occurs.
Drive Parameter Tracking monitors drive operational parameters, predicting failure and notifying the administrator.
Dynamic Sector Repairing continually performs background surface scans on the hard disk drives during inactive
periods and automatically re-maps bad sectors, ensuring data integrity.
Smart Array Cache Tracking monitors integrity of controller cache, allowing pre-failure preventative maintenance.
Environment Tracking for External Storage System monitors
Fault Tolerance
Keeps data available and server running while a failed drive is being replaced; several fault tolerance configurations are
supported including:
Distributed Data Guarding (RAID 5): This allocates parity data across multiple drives and allows simultaneous
write operations. It is recommended for up to 14 Hard drives.
Drive Mirroring (RAID 1, 1+0): It allocates half of the drive array to data and the other half to mirrored data,
providing two copies of every file. It is a fast performance RAID.
Fault Recovery
Minimizes downtime, reconstructs data, and facilitates a quick recovery from drive failure
Recovery ROM:
ROM Provides a unique redundancy feature that protects from a ROM failure. A new version of
firmware can be flashed to the ROM while the controller maintains the last know working version of firmware. If the
firmware becomes corrupt, the controller will revert back to the previous version of firmware and continue operating.
This reduces the risk of flashing firmware to the controller.
On-Line Spares:
Spares Up to two spare drives can be installed prior to drive failure. If a failure occurs, recovery begins
with an On-Line Spare and data is reconstructed automatically.
ECC-Protected Cache Memory:
Memory Removable, battery-backed cache memory protects data, up to four days, in
the event of power failure, server hardware failure or controller failure. In addition, HP provides an exclusive design
that includes redundant and replaceable batteries for greater cache protection.
Ease of Use
Consistency and Upgradability make the Smart Array family unique in the industry:
GUI based configuration, management and diagnostic software tools
Common data formatting between generations of products
Data migration between servers and external storage enclosures
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Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
Service and Support, HP Care Pack and Warranty Information
Software Product Services
Standalone telephone support
Rights to new license version
Media and documentation updates
Hardware Product Services Installation services
On-site maintenance (includes warranty support)
Response time upgrades during the warranty period
Post-warranty coverage
RAID setup and performance consulting via statement of work
For additional hardware installation and maintenance information, please refer to the URL listed below:
Warranty Upgrade
Response - Upgrade on-site response from next business day to same day 4 hours
Coverage - Extend hours of coverage from 9 hours x 5 days to 24 hours x 7 days
Duration - Select duration of coverage for a period of 1, 3, or 5 years
HP Care Pack Information HP Care Pack is defined as an upgrade to the product warranty attribute, available for a specific duration and hours of
HP Care Pack is not available for less than the product's warranty duration.
HP Care Pack is available for sale anytime during the warranty period for most products, but the commencement date will
be the same as the Warranty Start Date (delivery date to end user customer). Proof of purchase may be required.
HP Care Pack services are prepaid.
For additional HP Care Pack (hardware & software) information, as well as orderable part numbers, please refer to the URL
The following brick level options/components do not have individual HP Care Pack Services. These items will be included
in product HP Care Pack Services into which they are installed.
Disk Drives
Tape Drives
SCSI Hubs in SBBs
Bus Converters
Backplane RAID
Power Supplies
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Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
Controller Upgrade
256 MB Battery-Backed Cache Module
NOTE: This 256 MB Battery-Backed Cache Module supports the Smart Array 5300 series controllers,
MSA 1000 and the Smart Array Cluster Storage
StorageWorks™ Virtual Replicator by HP
Disk Drive Enclosures
Hard Drives
License & Media (CD-ROM)
License Only
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314T
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314T (Int'l)
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314T (Japan)
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314R
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314R (Int'l)
StorageWorks Enclosure 4314R (Japan)
StorageWorks Enclosure 4354R
StorageWorks Enclosure 4354R (Int'l)
StorageWorks Enclosure 4354R (Japan)
Wide Ultra3 SCSI Universal Drives – Hot Plug
36.4-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 15,000 rpm Drive (1")
18.2-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 15,000 rpm Drive (1")
9.1-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 15,000 rpm Drive (1")
72.8-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drive (1")
36.4-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drive (1")
18.2-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drive (1")
9.1-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drive (1")
36-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drives (1"), 10 pack
18-GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10,000 rpm Drives (1"), 10 pack
Ultra320 Universal Drives – Hot Plug
36.4GB 10,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
72.8GB 10,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
146.8GB 10,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
18.2GB 15,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
36.4GB 15,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
72.8GB 15,000 rpm, U320 Universal Hard Drive, 1"
NOTE: This is a list of supported hard disk drives (note that some drives may be discontinued).
NOTE: For complete compatibility information, refer to the SCSI Hard Drive Compatibility table
located at:
Universal Hot Plug Tape
AIT 100 GB, Hot Plug (Carbon)
AIT 50 GB, Hot Plug (Carbon)
AIT 35 GB, LVD Hot Plug (Carbon)
20/40-GB DAT, Hot Plug (Carbon)
DA - 11328
Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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HP Smart Array 5312 Controller
Technical Specifications
Electrical Interface
LVD (Low Voltage Differential)
Protocol Support
Wide Ultra3 SCSI (160 MB/s per channel)
SCSI Ports
2 external/2 internal shared
Drives Supported
Up to 28 drives
Maximum Capacity
4.1 TB (28 drives x 146.8 GB Ultra320)
PCI-X and 3.3 volt PCI compatibility only
NOTE: The SA-5312 is not supported in 5 volt PCI slots.
PCI Bus Speed
64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X (1 GB/s maximum bandwidth)
Logical Drives
Up to 32 logical drives
RAID Support
RAID 5 (Distributed Data Guarding)
RAID 1+ 0 (Striping & Mirroring)
RAID 0 (Striping)
Cache Memory
128 MB Read/Write (256-MB module upgrade available)
ECC protection, battery-backed, and removable
Cache Batteries
Up to 4 days of redundant battery life (72hrs. for the 256-MB module) removable for easy replacement
Upgradable Firmware
2-MB flashable ROM
Disk Drive and Enclosure Ultra3 & Ultra2
Memory Addressing
64-bit, supporting servers memory greater than 4 GB
Dimensions (HxWxD)
18.375 x 8.25 x 4 in/46.67 x 20.95 x 10.16 cm
Smart Array 5312
3.26 lb/1.48 kg
Smart Array 5312
Smart Array 5300
Stripe Set Migration
RAID Level Migration
Redundant Controllers
Online Spare Support
Capacity Extension
SAN Access Module
64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X
64-bit, 66-MHz
Family Information
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Worldwide — Version 5 — August 27, 2003
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