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Instructions for use
Congratulations on purchasing the BONECO 2055 /
BONECO 2055D Air Washer!
Did you know that excessively dry indoor air
• dries out mucous membranes and causes chapped lips
and stinging eyes?
• promotes infections and diseases of the respiratory
• leads to weariness, tiredness and poor concentration?
• is a burden on pets and houseplants?
• promotes the formation of dust and increases the electrostatic charge of textiles made from synthetic fibres,
carpets and synthetic floors?
• damages furnishings made from wood, especially parquet floors?
• makes musical instruments go out of tune?
The indoor climate is generally pleasant when the relative
humidity is between 40 and 60%. Air humidification is
especially sensible in winter, but does not replace the
regular airing of living spaces.
Safety instructions
• Read the instructions for use carefully before putting
the appliance into operation, and keep in a safe place
for later reference.
• Connect the appliance to an AC supply only with a
voltage that corresponds to the rating plate on the unit.
• Only use the air humidifier in living spaces and within
the specified technical data. Incorrect use may be
dangerous to health and life .
• Children cannot recognise the dangers associated with
the use of electrical devices. For this reason, always
supervise children when they are in the vicinity of the
air humidifier (Fig. 1).
• Persons who have not familiarised themselves with the
instructions for use, as well as children and persons
under the influence of medicines, alcohol or drugs,
must not operate the unit, or do so only under supervision.
• Never use the appliance if a cable or plug is damaged
(2), after the unit malfunctions or if it has fallen to the
floor (3), or has been damaged in any other way.
• The air humidifier may only be put into operation in a
completely assembled state.
• Repairs to electrical appliances may only be carried out
by specialist technicians (4). Non-specialist repairs can
pose significant hazards to the user.
• The power plug must be removed from the mains
socket each time the water tank is filled/emptied,
before each cleaning session, before each assembly/
disassembly of individual parts and before each relocation of the appliance.
• Never remove the power plug from the mains socket
by pulling on the cable or with wet hands.
• Place the air humidifier on a level, dry surface only (5).
We cannot accept any claims for damage arising from
incorrect placing of the unit.
• Never immerse the base in water or other liquids.
• Place the unit so that it cannot be knocked over.
• Remove the power plug when the appliance is not in
• Do not cover the cable with a carpet or other objects.
Place the unit so that you cannot trip over the cable (6).
• Do not operate the appliance in rooms containing
flammable goods, gases or vapours.
• Do not place the appliance in the rain, and do not use it
in damp rooms.
• Do not insert any foreign objects into the unit.
• Ensure that the air inlet is unobstructed at all times.
• Never sit on the unit, and do not place any objects on it
• When fragrancing the air, use the fragrance container
provided (also see section „Use of fragrances“). Do not
add any additives such as essential oils directly into
the water tank or the water base. These additives will
damage your appliance! Appliances that are damaged
by additives are excluded from the warranty.
• Remove the appliance carefully from the packaging.
Warning: The upper part is only placed loosely on the
base (10 – 12).
• Remove the plastic bag from the unit (13).
• Check the details of the mains supply on the rating
plate (14).
• Use the original packaging to store the appliance if you
do not use it throughout the year.
How it works
Special humidifying disks rotate in a water bath inside the
unit; this cleanses the air passing over them of impurities
in a natural way – in the same was that air is washed by
the rain in nature. The air humidification takes place according to the selfregulating principle of cold evaporation. The appliance
therefore generates ideal air humidity, without the need for
additional control units.
Putting into operation
The best location for your appliance is:
• On the floor, or on a level, dry surface in the room.
• Pay proper attention to easy accessibility and sufficient
space for servicing and cleaning the unit.
• For increased evaporation performance in large rooms,
place the appliance near a radiator (warning: a temperature of 50 °C must not be exceeded).
• Read the section “Filling the tank” on how to fill the
water tank (19 – 22).
• Place the water tank on the lower part (23).
• Connect the mains cable to the mains and switch the
appliance on using the On/Off switch.
• The unit will reach full capacity about 10 – 15 minutes
after you switch it on.
• Ensure that the mains cable is not trapped (6). Do not
switch on the unit if the mains cable is defective (2).
A specially tuned anti-bacterial protection system (Ionic Silver Stick®) prevents the formation of germs in the water of
the base unit. No chemical additives are therefore required
to keep the water clean.
Your appliance
• washes and humidifies the air without using filter mats
• works quietly in two operation modes
• is manufactured from high-quality, long-life
• has a large cleansing capacity through pre-ionisation.
The individual dust particles are ionised (charged) and
stick to the humidifier disks.
Description of the appliance
Control panel
Upper part
Air outlet
Adjusting the cable length
The overall length of the cable is approx. 2 m,
but this can be adjusted as required. • Switch the appliance off and remove the
power plug from the mains socket. Do not
pull on the cable (14).
• Open the cover (15 and 16)
1. Insert the screwdriver
(into the hole provided)
2. Press outwards
3. Push upwards
• Pull the cable from the cable
compartment (17)
• Adjust the cable length by pulling/pushing
• Store the remaining cable in the cable
• Close the cover (18)
1 disk pack with
16 humidifying discs
Water tank
Water tank cap
Rotary lock
Ionic Silver Stick® (ISS)
Fragrance container
and rotary lock opener
for humidifying disks
Water base
Filling the tank
Do not operate the appliance when the water
tank is empty!
• Remove the water tank (19).
• Ensure that there are no foreign objects in the water
• Remove the water tank cap from the tank (20). Fill the
tank with fresh, cold tap water (21). Fully close the
bayonet seal to prevent the water tank from leaking
(22). Place the water tank on the water base (23). Do
not add any additives to the water!
• Do not pressurise the water tank, e.g. by filling it with
carbonated mineral water.
• Connect the mains cable to the mains and switch the
appliance on.
Use of fragrances
The base contains a special fragrance container (24). Wadding soaked with fragrance can be placed in this container.
Place fragrances only in the container provided! Water additives (e.g. essential oils, fragrances, water conditioners)
must NOT be used in the tank or anywhere else in the appliance! Even a small amount can damage the plastic or
cause cracks. The material is not suitable for the use of
additives. One drop is enough to damage the water tank
and therefore render the unit unusable. Appliances that
are damaged by additives are excluded from the warranty.
The fragrance container is also used as a tool for opening
the rotary locks of the humidifying disks. To learn more
about removing the disks, refer to section „Cleaning the
humidifying disks“.
The 2055D (digital) unit is fitted with an automatic cutoff switch. As soon as the water base is empty, the unit
switches off automatically. The empty indicator illuminates
(also see section “Operation 2055D”). This function is not
available on the 2055 unit.
Water quality maintenance
The innovative Ionic Silver Stick® (25) uses the proven antibacterial properties of silver, thereby keeping the water free
of bacteria and germs. The ISS gives off silver ions into
the water over a period of more than one year. It is selfrenewing and requires no maintenance. The position of the
ISS in the appliance can be seen in Fig. 25. First, switch
the unit off.
Operating 2055
Operating 2055D
A) Rotary switch
Connect the appliance to the mains and turn rotary switch
A to position C or D as required. To switch the appliance off,
turn the rotary switch to position B.
Your appliance comes with
a standard lifecycle indicator
on the back of the upper part
for changing the Ionic Silver
Stick®. To remind yourself
of when you put the ISS into
operation, please cross the
current month on the indicator and write the current year
on the line provided.
Lifecycle indicator
B) Switching on/off
If the rotary switch is in position B, the appliance is switched off.
C) Normal mode
If you select position C, then normal mode is set, and the
appliance reaches maximum humidity output.
D) Night mode
If you turn the rotary switch to position D, the appliance
works in night mode and is especially quiet.
E) Operating light
The green light (LED) (F) illuminates when the appliance
is switched on.
A) Switching on/off
Turn rotary switch A from the OFF position to position H or
G as required. Position H is especially quiet (night mode).
Position G (normal mode) achieves maximum humidity
output. As soon as the appliance is switched on, the display
shows the current relative air humidity. The measurement
is accurate to +/- 5%. B) Setting the humidity output
The appliance is fitted with a hygrostat. This measures the
relative air humidity and automatically switches the appliance off when the desired value is reached. When switching the unit on using the rotary switch (A), the desired
value is preset to 55%.
The desired value can be adjusted in steps of 5% by pressing button B. While selecting the humidity output, the
desired value is blinking. The word DESIRED appears on
the display (E). The setting for the relative humidity ranges
from a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 70% . A relative humidity of between 40 and 60% is recommended.
After a few seconds, the display automatically changes
to show the current value (CURRENT) (E). Upon reaching
the desired relative humidity, the unit automatically switches off (display shows DESIRED and CURRENT) (E). If the
desired relative humidity falls, the appliance automatically
switches on again.
Quick display of current relative humidity
When the unit is switched off (mains cable is connected,
rotary switch to OFF setting), the current relative humidity
can be shown in the display by briefly pressing one of the
B buttons. This display automatically goes out after a few
C) Change Ionic Silver Stick®
The letter C in the display indicates that the Ionic Silver
Stick® (ISS) must be changed. The symbol remains visible
until both B buttons are pressed and held down for approx.
5 seconds.
D) Cleaning the appliance
The letter D in the display indicates that the appliance must
be cleaned. The letter remains visible until both B buttons
are pressed and held down for approx. 5 seconds.
E) Current/Desired Display
If DESIRED appears on the display, the value in % next to it
signifies the desired relative humidity, i.e. the desired value
is shown. If the display shows CURRENT, then the current
relative humidity is shown.
F) Automatic switch-off
“Tank empty”
The water quantity is easy to see thanks to the transparent
water tank. The display on the appliance also shows when
the unit should be refilled with water. If the water level falls
below the minimum quantity, the appliance automatically
switches off. A red blinking symbol (F) appears on the
display. When water is added, symbol F goes out and the
appliance continues operating. 24
Warning: When lifting the upper part off the base, the appliance also switches off. In this case, the red blinking F
symbol will also appear on the display. Only when the upper
part is replaced on the base does symbol F go out and the
appliance continues operating.
Switch the appliance off and remove the power
plug from the mains socket before you clean the
appliance (26).
• Regular cleaning is a precondition for hygienic, troublefree operation.
• The appliance can be disassembled for cleaning in a
few moves.
• Never submerse the entire unit in water (28).
• The unit must be completely emptied and cleaned, if
it has been filled with water for longer than a week
without being used.
Recommended cleaning intervals
The recommended cleaning intervals depend on the air and
water quality, as well as operating times. A thin film of lime
scale on the disks actually increases the humidity output!
• once to twice a year: upper part of housing and fan
• every 2 weeks: water tank and base
• every 4 weeks: humidifying disks
Cleaning the upper part of the housing
Remove the upper part of the unit (30) and wipe out thoroughly once to twice a year with a damp cleaning cloth
Cleaning the fan
The cover can be removed from the upper part of the unit
(32). Under this cover is the fan (33), which can be cleaned
with a damp cleaning cloth as required.
Cleaning the water tank and base
(every 2 weeks)
• Lift the water tank out of the unit, open the water tank
cap and clean the tank (33 – 35).
• Lift the upper part of the unit off the base and remove
the Ionic Silver Stick® (36).
• Fill the base with water, pour in a commercial decalcification agent and allow to work;
Rotate the disk assembly a few times by hand (37).
• Empty the water base (38), remove the disk assembly
(39) and rinse (40).
• Remove deposits from the base using a plastic or
wooden brush and a diluted, commercial washing-up
detergent (41).
Cleaning the humidifying disks
(every 4 weeks)
A thin film of lime scale on the disks actually increases the
humidity output! To clean, unscrew the individual humidifying disks from each other. Rotary locks (toothed wheels)
can be easily removed using the multifunctional fragrance
container (42).
Next, the disks can be washed individually (43-44).
• The toothed wheel can only be assembled in one
After cleaning, reassemble the appliance in the reverse sequence. Note: rotary locks have two rest positions. Warning:
Do not overtighten!
Storing the appliance when not in use for
an extended period
Clean the appliance as described, allow to dry completely
and store it in a dry place, preferably in the original packaging and away from excessive heat. Remove the bayonet
seal from the water tank and store separately to protect
the seal.
Give your decommissioned air humidifier to your
dealer for proper disposal. For other disposal options, please refer to your local authority.
The warranty conditions are established by our country
representative. Should any problems arise with the air humidifier, despite strict quality checks, please contact your
specialist dealer (in confidence) sounds a bit odd. Services
under the warranty can only be performed upon presentation of the original purchase receipt.
The appliance is CE certified and complies with the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives 89/336/EEC and 92/31/EEC.
Technical specifications
Mains voltage
Power consumption
Humidity output
Suitable for rooms up to
Water capacity (Water tank)
Water capacity (Water base)
Weight (empty)
Operating noise level
Spare parts
230 V / 50 Hz
20 W
300 g/h
50 m2 / 125 m3
4.5 Liter
2.5 Liter
360 x 360 x 360 mm
5.9 kg
< 25 dB(A)
Ionic Silver Stick®
Trouble shooting
Possible cause
What to do
Appliance does not work
Power plug not inserted
Connect power plug to the mains socket
Turn rotary switch to position 1 or 2
No water in the water tank Fill with water
Brushing noise
Disk assembly is not correctly inserted in the water base.
Insert the disk assembly correctly
Disks warped Replace disks
No humidity No water in the water base
Fill the water tank
The spare parts depicted in the “Description of the appliance” section can be obtained from your specialist
dealer and installed in the unit by yourself. Only original
manufacturer’s parts may be used. All other repairs must
be carried out by a specialist or customer service. This also
applies to a defective mains cable.
BONECO is a brand name of
PLASTON AG, Switzerland.
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