SM8-RC Remote Controllable Microphone Mixer Switcher

SM8-RC Remote Controllable Microphone Mixer Switcher
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Remote Controllable
Microphone Mixer
RS232 controllable microphone switcher /
mixer for remote monitored audio
surveillance systems. The SM8-RC
connects to video/audio transmission
equipment (with an available RS232 port)
that uses telephone, Internet or LAN
mediums. The SM8-RC fills a need when
the transmission equipment lacks a
sufficient number of microphone audio
inputs and switching / mixing capabilities.
Programming is required by the remote
equipment manufacturer to control the
SM8-RC via RS232. The SM8-RC
Powers up to eight SM1 pre-amplified
microphones and outputs a line level audio
signal. The SS8-RC can be expanded to
32 microphone zones by looping
connections from an SM8-RC to up to 3
additional SM8-RCs. Simple ASCII
commands control the SM8-RCs via
RS232.For a complete listing of commands
Level controls for each microphone.
Local microphone switching mode and built in
speaker for troubleshooting problems in the
Easy cable run terminations.
Power: 12VDC @ 0.5A.
Serial port: RS232 at 2400 Baud 8N1.
Dimensions: W 2.75 x L 4.38 x H 1.56.
SM8 Switcher / Mixer.
12 VDC AC adapter.
3’ RCA Patch cable.
DB9 to 3.5mm RS232 patch cord.
SM8 Switcher / Mixer Specifications
Wiring Requirements
It is the responsibility of the installation company and end
user to comply with state and federal privacy laws regarding the use of audio surveillance equipment. If you are
unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney. In
most cases, posting the provided warning labels in plain
view is all that is required.
SM1 Microphones.
RM1 Rack mount.
Stranded 22-gauge, 2-conductor
shielded cable. Distances up to 1000’.
1 year parts and labor.
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