The hemispherical portion of the injector hold-down crab
washers must be installed facing the crab (pointing down) in
order to prevent damage to the washers. See Figure 1-47.
8. Visually inspect each injector hole tube to ensure they are clean. Install the fuel injectors.
Refer to section 2.3.5 . Be sure the injector hold-down crabs are clear of the valve and
injector springs.
Figure 1-47
Injector Hold-Down Crab Washer Installation
9. Install the clamp bolts with hemispherical washers, torque to 58-66 N·m
(43-49 lb·ft).
10. Install the camshaft. Refer to section 1.23.6 .
If a cylinder head other than the one removed from the engine, or if a resurfaced cylinder
head is being installed, the three nuts retaining the adjustable idler gear must be
loosened before installing and torquing the camshaft drive gear retaining bolt.
All information subject to change without notice.
(Rev. 9/01)
6SE483 0010 Copyright © 2001 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
From Bulletin 23-60-01
The camshaft drive gear-to-adjustable idler gear lash must be
measured/adjusted before the rocker arm shaft assemblies are
11. Measure and adjust the camshaft drive gear-to-adjustable idler gear lash.
Refer to section .
12. Install the rocker arm shaft assemblies. Refer to section 1.3.3 .
13. Install Jacob’s Brake assemblies (if equipped). Refer to section 1.29.5 .
14. Feed the injector harness wires through the opening at the rear of the cylinder head.
Secure the harness mounting flange to the cylinder head by torque the bolts to
10-15 N·m (7-11 lb·ft).
15. Connect the injector harness wires to their respective injectors. Refer to section 2.3.5 .
Bolts attaching brackets to the gear case are torqued first then
torque the bolt(s) to the cylinder head next.
16. Install the gear case stabilizer bracket at the right and/or left front corner of the
head. Refer to section 1.11.3 .
17. Install the thermostats and seals to the thermostat housing. Refer to section 4.5.5 .
18. Clean the coolant outlet surfaces of the head and thermostat housing.
19. With the thermostats seated in the housing counterbores, install the housing to the cylinder
head, torque the housing bolts to 58-73 N·m (43-54 lb·ft). Connect the radiator or heat
exchanger and bypass hose couplings and vent line.
20. Remove all traces of the old gasket from the cylinder head and exhaust manifold joint
surfaces. Install the exhaust manifold with new gaskets. Refer to section 7.2.4 .
21. Clean the exhaust manifold and turbocharger joint surfaces and install the turbocharger
with a new gasket. Refer to section 6.6.7 . If turbocharger is water cooled, connect coolant
supply and return lines.
22. Fill and vent the cooling system. Refer to section 13.13.4 . Fill the engine lubrication
system. Refer to section 13.13.1 .
23. Connect the exhaust and air-to-air cooler air ducting and install the air cleaner or air
24. Install any other components that were removed and fill with the required fluids, as
recommended. Refer to OEM guidelines.
(Rev. 9/01)
From Bulletin 23-60-01
All information subject to change without notice.
6SE483 0010 Copyright © 2001 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION
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