RF MP4 Watch User Guide English
RF MP4 Player Watch
USB Connection
Turn on the the MP4 watch using the "play" button.
Plug in the mini USB into the 2.5mm earphone jack on the top left.
USB connection charges the watch battery as well as allowing data transfer. The watch should
appear as a new drive letter in Windows XP and you can drag and drop files using Windows
Explorer as you would with any folder.
Switching on, going to the menu
To turn the power on, press the “Play” key.
This will display the Clock.
Press Play again to display Logo and music screen.
Hold “Mode” key to go to main menu.
Turning off
To turn the power off, press and hold the “Play” key until a power off screen is shown.
Changing MP3 / video track
When playing, give the “PREV” key a short press to go back one song, or press “NEXT” to go
to the next song.
Change Volume
While playing music, hold the “VOL” key till the loudspeaker symbol in the top right corner
changes from yellow to blue, than press “next” key for increased volume, and press “prev” for
decreased volume.
Wireless FM (RF) Audio Transmission
You can listen to your music on any FM radio without the need for cables.
From the Music Playing Screen, quickly press the “Mode” key for RF control.
Choose any RF frequency from 87.5MHz to 108MHz.
Turn on your FM radio / car radio and tune it to the same frequency.
(It is best if the frequency is an unused one in your area. If they are the same, you may get
After they are both on the same frequency, begin playing a song from the MP4 watch playlist
and this will be transmitted to the FM radio
Make sure you are within 1 foot / 3 meters.
The closer you are the better the reception.
Note: you need to keep the earphones plugged in as an aerial to assist FM
More Buttons
From any screen press and hold “Mode” to go to main menu. Press “NEXT” or “PREV” to
choose between Music, Video, Photo, Record, E-book, File, and Setup. To choose any
selection, press “Mode” to select it.
Music: In music menu quickly press,”PREV” forprevious track and “NEXT” for next track.
Quickly press “MODE” for submenu to choose: (Repeat .Equalizer,3D play rate, files ,RF set ,
RF Frequency ).
Playing Movies: In Video menu, quickly press “MODE” to see movie selections. Press
“Play” to play.
Photo: Quickly press “Mode” to go to the submenu. Press “Next” or “PREV” for choose a
Voice Rec: Press “Play” to begin and end Voice recording. After recording, press “VOL” to
save recording.
Set up: Change language or time. To change time Press MODE key again, and use “VOL” to
change Second, Minute, Hour, Date ,Month and year .
Game: Go to Game submenu. Use VOL to choose games
Conversion Software for Movies
The video format used is MTV. The watch can only play videos if you convert them to this
format first. (*.mtv)
With the supplied software you can convert these filetypes to MTV:
AVI Format (avi); Windows Media (asf, wmv, wma); MPEG1 (mpg, mpeg, dat); MPEG2
Format (vob); Real Player Format (rm); Quicktime Format (mov)
Windows systems supported:
Windows98 / Windows Me / Windows2000 / Windows XP
Windows Media Player - upgrade to 9.0 or higher
DirectX please install 9.0 or higher
The MTV conversion software is already stored on the MP4 watch memory.
Connect the watch to the PC via USB and locate the installer on the watch memory.
Copy the file MTVVideoConverter_v1.11.6 to the desired location in your computer.
Within the folder is a file called Video Convert. Open this file to launch MTV file conversion
1) Click
to choose which file to convert from your computer as shown:
Choose a file and click open:
2) Click "start conversion" to automatically convert files to MTV
You can preview converted files within the program if you wish.
key to play
the file you
key to pause the video file
key to stop video file playing.
Drag Volume
Drag time
to adjust Movie volume
to make movie volume silent
to jump to a point in the movie.
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