Quality of Life Survey Comments

Quality of Life Survey Comments
Regional District of North Okanagan
JANUARY 16, 2014
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
What improvements would make your quality of life better?
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan?
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership
Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration
Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation
Do you own, rent, or other (please specify)?
Regional District of North Okanagan
JANUARY 16, 2014
The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO), with the support of EcoPlan
International and the University of British Columbia, has developed a monitoring
and evaluation program to track the progress and success of the implementation
of the North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) and its effects on various
aspects of regional growth and citizens’ quality of life. The monitoring program
included a Quality of Life Survey, distributed to residents of the North Okanagan.
The RDNO Quality of Life Survey was designed to give North Okanagan residents
the opportunity to evaluate their quality of life, provide the RDNO with feedback on
how the RGS is affecting their quality of life generally and in various policy areas,
and fill gaps in the quantitative indicators, providing a more complete picture of life
in the North Okanagan. The Quality of Life Survey questions are linked to specific
policy areas in many cases, ensuring that the survey results can be used to inform
The Quality of Life Survey asks a series of questions about quality of life generally
and the following Regional Growth Strategy policy areas:
• Urban containment and rural
• Economic development
• Agriculture and food systems
• Housing
• Water stewardship
• Environment and natural lands
• Transportation and infrastructure
• Governance and service delivery
• Energy and emissions
This report presents all comments received in each section of the Quality of Life
Survey. Comments have not been edited and were included as written. Graphs of
responses to the survey questions are included at the beginning of each section
to provide context for the comments. Graphs present responses
from respondents aged 18 and over, as the majority of comments
were received from this survey group. For further details on survey
responses, please see the full Regional District of North Okanagan
Monitoring and Evaluation Report (2013).
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
Figure 1. Average rating of the change in quality of life in the North Okanagan over the past 5 years, by community.
• Very few well paying jobs available. Area needs to
attract large corporations to the area.
• Young people need to leave in order to find work.
• Not a lot of job opportunities.
• Work - a lot of reliance on self-employment,
doesn’t seem to be many jobs available.
• Retirement - hopefully by the time I retire, there
will be more options to continue living in my
community with the level of care I may require at
that time. P.s. I entered fair, which for me means
NO OPINION on “Raise a family” as this does
not apply to me, or at least, the only family I am
raising is a DOG! :-)
• Based on the climate and recreation for “play”
and “retirement”; similar for “live”--however not
enough facilities to encourage families to come-as well high unemployment deserves a poor rating
for “work”
• Not enough solid full time work for people. invest
more into promoting active lifestyles through
such things as paved multi use trails. The political
system here lends itself to nothing or very little
happening - progress is very slow.
• this area is dying, no real jobs. no one supporting
local business. when most people work up north
and only come home for 1 week a month, they
dont go out and spend money. just becuse homes
sell and taxes are paid dosnt help the local
people. if people dont go out for dinner and tip the
waitress, the waitress dosnt go to clothing store
to buy cloths. so the clothing store lays off staff.
this place is to expensive to live on 10.00 an hour.
The futre looks bad if we dont bring some real
business to the area
• Finding a decent paying job in Vernon is essential
for the other items listed. Raising a family is good
because there are a lot of amenities for families
but to retire is very expensive.
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Lack of good paying jobs and high cost of living.
• I think there is a real problem with unfriendliness
in Vernon - not sure if it because there are many
original residents and so many new-comers
or if it is the influx of tourists.....not sure but
I have spoken to many people who have had
a similiar experience, people seem to keep
very much to themselves, do not acknowledge
you on the street, and overall, are not friendly
and welcoming.......has not been a pleasant
experience overall.
• Wages are extremmely low in the Okanagan, and
people struggle with maintaining employment
• The people here are NOT very friendly or
welcoming. Finding it hard to meet people.
• My job is great as are the people I work with. My
teenagers have had a hard time finding work.
• Low crime, close to all amenities, outdoor life,
skiing, lake activities, beauty of area, very mild
climate, affordable
• 1979 VSS Grad “Valley Sunshine Tax” - difficult
to get quality carreer related experience then
average wage at best with high housing costs.
• No jobs, dishonest employers, extremely low
wages, extremely high cost of living, average
family can NEVER hope to afford to buy a home
on the wages they can get. No mental health
support unless wealthy enough to own a car, as all
programs are almost outside of town.
• Great environment and recreational opportunities.
Lack of jobs and lack of affordability
• are issues.
• The cost of living isn’t any cheaper here than
anywhere else in BC but the wages don’t reflect
that. I find wages to be low. I made $50/hr in
Vancouver 5 years ago and have a hard time
finding a job here for $25 in the same area of
work (graphic design).
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Wages do not equal the cost of living and I don’t
believe we can continue to use the excuse “The
Sunshine Tax”
• Not a lot of industry, hard for work. Great schools
and parks and outdoor activity. Wish population
density was heavier downtown to retire.
• Not enough well paying jobs available. Young
people have to leave to find well paying jobs as
the cost of living in the Okanagan is too high.
• nature provides all the fun, our arts, culture
and sport are abysmal compared to even
municipalities half our size.
• outdoor activities
• slower pace
• Having a decent full time job allows myself and
family to take advantage of all Vernon has to offer.
Without a decent job I would be answering this
question 100% differently.
• Jobs seem to be sparse, and therefore salaries
are lower than comparable jobs in other areas.
• Few good paying jobs; very few good jobs for
young adults, especially if not in construction
(during boon days).
• There are decent amenities for the elderly, and for
younger familys, and tons to do all year round (ski,
beaches, camping etc), however finding a decent
job is always a challenge. Also the cost of living
(especially housing) is outragous for what the
north okanagan actually is.
• Real estate too expensive, too many transients
and panhandlers
• The beauty, availability of recreation opportunities
and the weather. Also the access to fresh fruit.
• Chose to come here for the quality of life Vernon/
Okanagan offer
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• It is a beautiful place to live. I enjoy the summer
and winter seasons here. Good place top raise
family as it is a small community.
• There isnt any way to make good money in the
area... Most ppl who make good money have to go
out of the area
• good services, amenities, recreation.
• hard to find good work for most. good for
retirement as people come here with money.
• Lots of outdoor activities & amenities.
• People are very friendlly everyone helps one
• Hard to find good paying and full-time jobs.
• Low paying jobs with much travel required to get
to them, high cost of living. City spending way too
much money on un-needed projects while letting
existing infrastructure rot.
• We have 4 definite seasons to work and play in
and people from around the world recognize the
beauty and opportunities the area has to offer
• Best in Canada for - weather, recreation, activities
• Vernon has a calm way of life in the middle of a
lot of nature’s beauty. It offers outdoor enjoyment
for summer and winter. The climate is better than
other parts of Western Canada. Unfortunately, to
come to Vernon you need an income of your own.
• Weather, 4 seasons Lots of recreation
opportunities Friendly people Lower cost of living
than lower mainland
• very few good paying jobs for the prices and tax
levels in vernon.
• Culture and diversity are important factors that
are missing from this survey.
• It is difficult to find paid positions in the area of
education I have.
• While there are many outdoor recreation
opportunities there is little in the way of arts and
culture. As well, in the winter, the limited access to
the pool and the limited opportunities to do more
than ski make this a frustrating and uninspiring
place to live full time. There are many activities for
people who are retired or have children, the rest
of the community is not a priority.
• Perfect climate, not over-populated,all amenities
present. Mind-set of community is small town, my
• It is very family, couple and senior oriented. Not
as focused on the single lifestyle. Very difficult
to find engaging work that pays enough to live
on one’s own without starting a side business or
working more than one job.
• Cost of living is very high in this area
• Employment is difficult here. My daughter is a
single mother and works minumally 28 hours
per week and cannot net get many more hours.
She stuggles with the cost of living and ends up
coming home to eat and shop for food as she
cannot afford much else. There is employement
in our community however it seems to be for part
time with no benefits and then people have to get
a 2nd job in order to survive due to housing costs
and cost of living increases
• 4 seasons limited work for young people lots of
outdoor seasonal activities nice area to raise a
• It offers a wide range of activity opportunities and
has not succumed to over-industrialization for
which it is unsuitablw.
• Not enough work for our youth.
• Fabulous seasons. Lots to do. Great outdoor
experiences. beautiful place to live.
• The cost of living here compared to wages are a
tough hurdle. It is always a challenge as well to
find businesses open after 6:00, when that is the
time that many working people are ready to go out
and support the local economy. It unfortunatley
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
drives many people to Kelowna - even if it is for
later coffee shops....
• Good employment is difficult to find in the
Okanagan without being a spcific high education
• Lots of recreational activities and we are close to
larger cities when we want more.
• Housing is expensive. Concerns that the area is
not growing but rather on a slow decline.
• We need growth, preferably not at the kelowna
rate but at least some!
• There is not enough work
• no decent work opportunities
• Vernon needs more economic development to
raise a family, and enjoy the qualitiy of life.
• Great place to play, but we need more sustainable
job opportunities.
• Play - fair - because not enough sport options
in Vernon (no ultimate frisbee league), no great
facilities currently exist. But great hiking and
• Jobs seem to be scarce. I am impressed with the
school system. We are enjoying retirement here.
• Comfortable Living
• I’ll start by answering the work part, as I have to
complete it. I am retired. But in talking to people
who grew up here, and work in the area,we are
told there is work for people who want to work. We
had a house built and used young local builders.
They say it’s a scramble to keep working, but
they are managing in a tough economy. They
have chosen not to leave town for more money
and believe they are better off. We have seen
neighbours’ children employed in Armstrong
and Vernon. We have talked to businesses
that are proud of employing local youth and
feel there are talented and hard-working young
adults here. Coming from the Lower Mainland,
work opportunities are perhaps worse, with far
greater competition for jobs, low pay or part time
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
work in an incredibly expensive city with terrible
housing issues. As with anywhere, people with
the right skills for the market will find work. In
small communities, people who do their jobs well
get known. They will have work. This is what we
witnessed. Apart from work,Armstrong has great
people who are involved in their community. They
are friendly, inclusive, helpful, volunteer so much,
and are neighborly. It’s a farm community that
never lost touch with its values of helping other
people and sharing. Community is valued more
than the pursuit of money which has destroyed
so many communities. We meet friendly and
competent children well supported by the schools
and the community. I seems to be a good town
for raising families. The arts, theatre, music, all
sorts of crafts are wonderful, so many creative
people live in the North Okanagan.It’s a good life
here for creative people willing to live with less
money. The farms are incredible, the food that
is produced here, especially organic foods,and
the farmers’ markets are amazing. We see
young people interested in farming as a living
which gives us hope for the future. The farmland
is protected from rampant development that
plagues the South Okanagan (just look at the
disaster of Kelowna in terms of city planning and
development), and the Lower Mainland. There is
an amazing quality of life here that has been lost
elsewhere.We feel we have gained so much by
moving to the North Okanagan compared to living
in North Vancouver. There is nothing we miss. We
feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous landscape.
The land around Armstrong, the hills dotted with
farms, fields and trees looks exactly like Tuscany.
It doesn’t get lovelier, in all seasons.
• Beautiful surroundingd, great weather, lifestyle
• There needs to be more emphasis on attracting
white collar jobs - I like many others grew up here
unmoved away for school / early career because
of a lack of local options. It took 8 years to be able
to come back with a job in kelowna - not vernon
• Nice summer climate.
• - lack of well paying jobs, my degree in languages/
teaching is not usable here - Not too kids friendly,
there could be done much more - lack of long
term care facilities
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• the weather is nice overall and the many outdoor
activities that are offered.
• This is a great community to live for many great
reasons. Work, play etc.
• As a result of the outdoor recreation opportunities
and the climate
• There are not enough professional jobs - the
wages here and type of jobs do not support the
cost of living.
• Living here is getting more and more expensive.
Not a lot of good jobs. Lots of activities and things
to do. Small town feel makes it nice to raise a
• Retirement is more difficult because of the
distances to medical care.
• The amenities, the lifestyele, no traffic, lakes
mountains etc. Professional work opportunites
are hard to find
• I love being so close to nature
• I have considered moving away from the
Okanagan but this is the place I want to raise my
kids. There is plenty to do all year round and I love
the sense of community we find in Armstrong and
the surounding area.
• Cost of living/housing is high, there is little in the
way of jobs to support raising a family, elected
officials think we should buy/build things we can’t
afford while our infastructure crumbles and is
• In terms of work, when I graduated from univesity
and moved back to Vernon, there were no entry
level jobs for new grads with no work exp. I found
it very difficult to find a decent paying job. I had
to commute to Kelowna for 3 years to gain exp at
a larger organization in order to be hired for my
current job in Vernon.
• -Good place to live but pretty expensive to own a
home. -Wages aren’t very good and not a lot of
• I believe that one thing that needs improvement
in this area is better paying jobs. Also, I believe
better traffic flow through the city, on 32 Street
and 27 Street, is necessary.
• This area is a fantastic place to live if you don’t
have to work. We moved here 16 years ago and it
is a great place to raise children. There are lots of
things to do and I really love the small town life.
The biggest drawback is finding employment that
is more than part time. It can be expensive to live
here and without work, that makes it hard.
• It is too costly to raise a family here,now. Also,
if you are retired and on a fixed income it is
impossible to get ahead.
• I rated “Work” as poor because it has been hard
for my husband to start a business and find
adequate work here.
• Rent too high, jobs scarce, unwelcoming to teens,
hard for low-income to participate in play.
• I love living in the North Okanaganan but as for
work my grown children find it difficult to find work
here and I find the wages aren’t comparable to
the rest of BC - they are lower and everyone says
it is because we live here.
• Beautiful place, great weather. City is trying to
move towards more sustainable practices such
as bike lanes, transit, all things that are very
important to me.
• Good amenitites, great access to outdoor
recreation opps and airport. Great weather.
• More work opportunities, particularly for those
with advanced degrees, would be great!
• However, we weighed that against our desire to
raise our family in a smaller town, and the small
town won :) The weather and geographic location
is wonderful; however many ammenities and
programs for families with small children we are
used to are not available here.
• You can’t beat the Okanagans scenery
• This would be a far more agreeable place to
work if we had less conflict in local government
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
governance (Vernon, Coldstream, RD electoral
areas) should be amalgamated). Life and work
would be better with real economic growth.
Economic development initiatives have been few
and ineffective.
• Nature, great community, high quality of life
• sunshine, not hectic
• Need more amenities in small towns for retirees:
Drs., better bus service, etc. School district is not
improving opportunites for kids. More programs,
better field trips, etc.
• My husband is a teacher & has not been able
to get work in the public system since we
moved. There are not a lot of decent paying job
opportunities in the Okanagan.
• Air quality is a bit poor and public transportation
and walking routes are spotty if trying to access
center from outlying areas.
• Small community, clean environment, beautiful
natural surroundings,variety of outdoor recreation
opportunities, good schools and community
• Not enough well paying jobs except those in
Government organizations. Limited walking paths
near lakes, poor transportation in Middleton Mtn/
Coldstream area.
• Play is poor because there is little for young
people to do other than ski and drink. There is not
enough arts and culture. Raising a family is only
fair because the education system is much lower
quality than what I saw living in Ontario.
• Love living here. Hard to find good work and
knowing your kids will likely have to move away
to find good jobs. Not alot to do, we tend to use
lakes etc. As I look to retirement it is a great place
to live, but not a great place to need medical care
as a senior.
• Work: Few economic/pofessional opportunities;
obvious lack of focus on economic development.
Other areas: good climate, lots of outdoor rec
opportunities, quiet communities
• My husband is a teacher & has been unable to
get work in the public school system since we
arrived. Work opportunities for professionals are
very slim in the area.
• It is expensive to live in the Okanagan, and there
seems to be a shortage of work. However, the
people are amazing and it is Beautiful.
• Lakes, good community
• Few services, not may employment options
for professionals, entertainment and cultural
activities few and far between.
• Access to nature, mostly good climate, good
quality food and excellent Arts community
• Lack of support for culture, such as live music
and visual arts.
• We are very lucky in Canada, and especially in BC,
to live in a safe, clean city with access to health
care, education, policing, firefighting, jobs and
year-round leisure activities.
• Challenge to find high quality jobs for university
educated young to middle aged people.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Beautiful place with beautiful people
• Full time work is hard to get. We have the beauty
of the lakes and Silver Star.
• The beautiful natural environment & mild sunny
climate make it easy to live a healthy & active
life. There is also a rich cultural life that offers
a variety of reasonably priced entertainment &
participation options.
• Weather, activities, good roads, less traffic
• The people in Armstrong are friendly and the
Community comes together in hard times.
• I love Vernon but am frustrated at the lack of
co-operation between jurisdictions and it has an
huge affect on our ability to draw new jobs to town
and an even larger impact on our infrastructure,
particuallarly recreation and parks. Both functions
have been ignored for decades and it shows.
The majjority of our play comes from the natural
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
beauty or private enterprise such as Silver Star,
golf courses, etc. It would be nice to see RDNO
lead the charge for better recreation, culture and
community. Something we can be proud of.
• ...offers many outdoor opportunities to play during
any season-hiking, skiing, boating etc. ...not a lot
of good paying jobs available for the cost of living
...beautiful scenery
• Good jobs have always been hard to find in the NO
• Has everything without being too big
• Prices for living here are too high
• Low Wages Few employment opportunities in the
community of Vernon
• Many opportunities for sport, outdoor activities,
active arts communities, scenery, four seasons.
Not overcrowded, but getting that way. I would
rather not see the beauty of the Okanagan eroded
by real estate development.
• The Okanagan has a wide variety of recreational
activities available,the climate is great and our
family values the proximity of diverse agricultural
• Mostly the climate, but the lakes, rivers and parks
really do add to the quality of life in the Okanagan.
• It’s very expensive to live here...housing is not
affordable and jobs don’t pay very well.
• There’s also not a lot of cultural activities. And
there’s not a lot to do on a rainy Sunday morning
with the kids (library closed, science center closed
• Climate, recreation, natural surroundings
• Re: Work - it’s an excellent place for me to work
because I am in employment services...10%
unemployment keeps my job secure. Re:
Retirement...can’t imagine being able to afford to
live here on a limited income!
• Thre is a need for higher paying jobs in the area to
complement the other “liveable” positive aspects
of the region.
• Excellent recreational opportunities with SS
(both summer & winter) as well as the lakes and
summer weather. Career opportunities need
to be better. We need to find a way to attract
businesses here.
• I am not retired, therefore I do not know. Wages
are fairly low here, they need the people but do
not want to pay the wages. It is tough to play when
you just have enough money for the basics.
• I have lived, worked and retired in the North
Okanagan and have never thought of doing such
in any other locale.
• We need more infrastructure like dedicated
walking paths and bike paths to shopping and
parks for this to be a better city for families and to
retire. We also need to focus more on lower priced
housing options.
• lots of amentities. Few good jobs
• The town of Enderby is “small town” friendly and it
is easy to get involved in the community.
• The most ridiculous thing I regularly hear for lower
pay in this area is “the sunshine tax”.
• People are equally schooled here as in the lower
mainland, but employers take advantage of
employees and pay them less for living in this
• Geat place to live but young people can’t get jobs.
• There are suitable ammenities, recreation
facilities, and work opportunities.
• I am single and long from retirement. I have been
here since Sept/06 and am still permanent part/
time and scrambling for enough hours to pay my
bills each month.
• We need better recreation facilites.
• It’s a beautiful warm area with plenty to do but
the cost of living is way more than what we can
afford for the wages we make. This so called
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
‘sunshine tax’ is outrageous. We can barely afford
to live here.
• Wonderful advantages living in a smaller
community where you know your neighbours.
• Terrific access to nature, views, water and
organizations that support our lifestyle
• There are few jobs for young people and cost of
living is high. Climate is very good.
• Outdoor activities++ (lakes, skiing, hiking,
boating. Family-oriented activites++. Good
services for seniors. Abundance of arts and
culture activities. BUT - high housing prices and
low wages make it hard for young families to earn
a living, find affordable housing
• No Doctors. Need I say more? And no indoor pool
for Armstrong area for the winter for seniors.
• The few jobs that are available are usually entry
level minimum wage. We need job creation
• Good weather for living in and growing’produce,
nice people
• We are so lucky to have the lakes, ski hills, golf
courses etc. Low crime rate and perfect weather
to boot!
• Great weather, lakes and mountains close by,
beautiful scenery, most services available locally.
Walking and hiking trails.
• It is a great place to live, but the cost of living here
is high. Family sustaining employment is difficult
to find.
• We need more full time employment opportunities
and job creation in the North Okanagan.
• It is hard to find good jobs and decent housing
• Not many activities for young adults to engage in.
• Not enough jobs for those w higher education
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• The paradise of the North Okanagan is a privilege
with beautiful outdoor adventure opportunities
and strong cultural communities.
• Climate, proximity to natural beauty/outdoor
activities, cultural opportunities
• Weather and accessible activities like skiing and
golf and water sports.
• weather is fine
• To retire here .. has some difficulties for the senior
group in acess of services as far as the younger
population people seem happy and friendly .. but
could not really rate it
• Running trails, cycling, rowing, swimming, skiing,
down hill and xcountry, the lakes, Kal park,
weather, airport, library, hospital, health care,
quiet, ease of getting around, clean air...
• too many drugs, not enough work or work
opportunities, a lot of unemployed people doing
mischief around town, families moving out and
people aging in the Okanagan
• Since moving here every community support
service that was here has either been reduced,
closed or, taken elsewhere. Particularly medical
which is now a two-tiered system in BC - urban
and rural. In spite of all the nonsense statements
of politicians and administrators that it will
change no REAL facilities are added. It takes an
ambulance an average of 45 minutes to get here,
then another 45 minutes to reach a hospital.
When the difference, in case of a stroke is 12
minutes between recovery, or, dead or a cabbage
that is way out of line. One doctor who is only
allowed to write serious prescriptions for 700 but
has a patient load of 2300. Since moving here the
promise has been of doctors being recruited and
it is an outright lie. When they do manage one
they are part time and less effective than even a
walk-in clinic which is only good for sprains and
bruises. The ONLY health related service here
appears to be a cemetery.
• Could still be better. Hope that comes up in future
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• proximity to lakes,rivers, mountains Days travel to
major centers (Vancouver/Calgary
• Sport opportunities for youth
• Close to major center and you have the out doors
close by.
• sustained employment is modest, at best,
however, I don’t think it’s much better than
anywhere else, except Alberta -- in Canada
• Lack of opportunity for recent graduates and
underemployed families
• Excellent recreation opportunities, but tough for a
small business
• I have grown up here and also raised my children
here. It has always been the place i come back to
even when i have lived anywhere else.
• Love living here but there is no good paying jobs.
Most people/husbands must work out of town to
make a living.
• It is a young place with lots of summer activities.
• The recession has hit this area very hard. Work
for young people is scarce . Raising a family
here with the drug culture so vibrant would be a
challenge.I’m retired the lakes and golf and skiing
make my life full.
• For young people jobs are few and poorly paid. We
need more industry.
• not enough good paying stable jobs for young
• We enjoy four seasons. Wonderful place to
raise children; my kids were a ten minute walk
to Highland Park Elementary. Now that the kids
are grown I see new families in neighbourhood.
My husband and I worked for top employers in
Okanagan, BC
• Assessment & Kal Tire Head Office. We enjoy
shopping, performing arts, ski hill & water.
• I like the fact that life is more relax and the people
are still talk to eachother on the street and care
for one an other. Like went I grow up in a small
• Job opportunities for young people are not too
abundant unless you work at a very low paying
• The weather is amazing all seasons, super easy
access to skiing, close distance to all grocery
shopping, array of education K-12 options that
free as opposed to private and costly in other
parts of BC, famers markets to build relationships
with people who grow our food, trails to ride
bikes and walk, different sport activities for kids,
Science Centre, tonnes of reasons! Not so good
for employment though, low wages
• Love it here raised a family safely fresh air etc
• lack of introductory priced housing and lack of
industry to create jobs
• great weather, lots of outdoor parks and camping.
Good paying jobs are needed though, hard to find
solid well paying work for some.
• The skiing is 25 minutes from our door, the
hiking in close proximity to town, varity of walking
areas with spectacular views, offering no limit to
eco-therapy options.kayaking on smaller lakes.
My children, even though they no longer live in
this area have had all of these experinces to
take with them. However there were few work
opportunities for them, so they are all over the
country. We are lucky they like to holiday here.
Lots of opportunities to get involved in now that I
am retired.
• The area we live in has all the things we need in
our later years. The weather is good, and hospitals
are close at hand.
• weather, lots of activities, friendly people
• Over the years, I have been involved in all of the
above and have been satisfied with all.
• It’s a good place to live. We love the climate.
Jobs are lousy. 3 of our 4 children had to move to
Alberta for work.
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• climate, natural beauty, small town, rural, safe,
• i just love living here
• Great place to live with lots of outdoor activities,
no good paying full time jobs,god schools and
kids activities, and expensive to reire, you have to
really watch your coin!!
• We have an excellent standard of living and the
area is beautiful. We can ski, swim, fish and
garden. The last three are very low cost. We have
good schools.
• weather is nice the people are friendly not to
• Housing expensive, many jobs are in the
hospitality industry and pay is low and seasonal,
so more difficult to raise a family.
• I have 2 children. I lived in Edmonton for a time
and found it thoroughly refreshing to see how
valued children are in other cities - there was
Always a park within walking distance. Always had
sidewalk and safe ways to Walk around from place
to place. I have lived in 5 different locations over
my life in Vernon and only 1 was within walking
distance of a park, muptiple areas around town
have little-no or unsafe sidewalk. The recreational
facilities are abysmal. The spray water park isnt
open on sundays- thats what I was told last year
when I called to ask why it wasnt on on a +30
weekend day! The pool is tiny and over jammed
with people during public or toonie swims and
the rec centre offers little subsidized programs
for low income parents to keep their children
involved in sports activities. There are very few
housing choices available for low income families
and some available have become run down
and should be fixed or replaced though never
have been. The transit system to take people to
Kelowna for school is great...problem is the bus
arrives almost a half hr too late for OC students
to get there. I really could just keep on going...its
extreemly disappointing to live here. If my family
lived elsewhere I would gladly move away again.
• No work and therefore most move away and only
those retiring come back. Poor economic growth
in Vernon and therefore families moving to where
the jobs are. Housing is also unaffordable.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Compared to most other places, we have no
natural disasters and we can eat locally grown
• Employment opportunities are limited. Too many
minimum wage jobs.
• the reasons for all poor are costs are too high and
with an aging population the council and district
are not controlling costs by lowering the tax
burden. Poor place to work no major industry in
town now and looks like none in the future
• Live-good as needs to be more affordable homes
for seniors. Work-fair as few jobs in cities and
fewer in rural areas, our kids must move for
work and the areas greys as a result. play-lots of
possibilities in surroundings and keep the arts
funding going or there will be fewer and fewer
in those areas of play. Raise a family-Lots of
supports for people in Vernon. Retire-need light
rail or better bus systems in Vernon at night and
more frequent in rural areas, need more co-ops
or other rural opportunities for seniors to live
and more graduated housing for seniors from
independent affordable to assisted affordable;
fewer private businesses running these or much
more heavily monitored or both.
• We are thoroughly content with life in Vernon
compared to many other parts of Canada that
we lived in. There are plenty of opportunities
available for those who wish to live a healthy
• This is a lovely part of the world. For young
parents, it is an excellent environment in which to
raise their children but a strong limiting factor is
the lack of good jobs.
• There is not much for work around here.
• Because there is such a shortage of work it is
difficult to raise a family, or have extra money to
play except at the beaches, winter is more difficult
for some families.
• It is an amazing place for family recreation, we
have lots of options from local ski hills to lakes
and the river in the summer. We are blessed to
work in our community and we have everything we
need. I know some have a hard time finding work
in the area though.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• Unfortunately there not enough jobs around
the area that will allow the families to live on
one income and therefore the majority of young
families have to endure having the husband work
out of town for weeks to months at a time.
• There are nice neighborhoods, good shopping
places, and places to work.
• not enough GOOD Extended care facilities for
when you are no longer able to live on your own
and need intermediate level of care.
• Great place to live if you have a good job, but
Vernon can be kind of an economic hole.
• Lots of activities to get involved in.
• Great weather, closer to larger centers ( nearly
equal distances between Vancouver and Calgary)
Close access to airport. Great place to work if you
have an existing job. No so much if you come here
looking for work outside of the retail industry.
• Pleasant people in a pleasant valley
• Great recreational area while small enough to
provide safe home environment. Not many job
opportunities for young people or mature workers
• Because I live here
• I love living in a smaller town- spent almost 40
years in Armstrong before moving to enderby 2
years ago-raised my daughter in Armstrong - I
love the fact that you know everyone and they
know you so we all watch out for each other.
Although finding work has sometimes been a
challenge in a small town and its sad to see most
of my peers and younger have had to move to
find employment-my brothers live in different
provinces due to lack of work and we don’t see
their children often. I do enjoy all our area has
to offer but we do sometimes struggle financially
where in other provinces -with our career choices
- we could have a better quality of life but we
choose -for now -to “pay the sunshine tax”
• the outdoor lifestyle offers something every
season. Armstrong is a particularly easy place
to live, good services and taxes, great water.
great farm markets and local foods, good post
secondary education opportunities, great music
and art, wineries, lakes, mountains...
• Not enough emphasis on job creation to stimulate
the economy and encourage young families to live
• It’s simply beautiful here.
• There are NO jobs for professionals!So much has
focused on developing the area but economic
forethought has been on the backburner. Who
cares if we live where there are lakes for boating
and hills for skiing if we cannot afford to live in the
day to day reality!
• Cost of living is much higher in okanagan. While
having a lot of outdoor recreation it is lacking
some big city appeal for fun.
• Employment is scattered, and cost of living is
high, minimum wage jobs abound.
• I like that Vernon is a recreational playground with
the ski hill, lakes, hiking trails, etc. but I also see
those natural features being stressed by overuse
which concerns me. We need more “clean”
industry to provide our residents with higher
paying jobs. We need affordable housing options
in the downtown core...no more urban sprawl.
• The current provincial government doesn’t
adequately support rural living and the
agricultural industry. This negatively impacts
quality of life in regards to both work and raising
a family.
• I love many things.....weather, people, facilities,
shopping, scenery etc.
• Beautiful area, not as busy as large cities but
busy enough!
• We are fortunate to live within walking distance of
almost all of the retailers that carry the things we
need. Generally the weather is quite acceptable,
not too hot and not too cold. Lots of things for
seniors to do. Good care is provided for seniors
• Clean air, change of seasons, I can walk or cycle
to all my destinations in the city
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• employment opportunities are too low and cost of
living in the Okanagan too high
• Relxed atmosphere
• employment opportunities too low and cost of
living too high
• Good weather, many lakes
• climate, good amenities, proximity to an airport
wish there was more housing in the downtown
area for seniors..I would rather not drive
• traffic & constant construction inhibit daily travel.
Very low wages. Expensive to eat healthy, with
poor selection. Too cold for retirement most of the
• Vernon has a lot to offer. 4 seasons with
numerous opportunities to enjoy. We raised our
family here and always found a wide variety of
things to do.
• Weather, Job opportunities, general recreation
• small population and enough water to do to live
the good life
• opportunity and services
• mountains, lakes, climate,people, gardens,
recreation, services,environment groups
• Great place to live and play but opportunities for
the younger job market is hard and also lower
paying then larger centres
• I have worked in Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby and
Salmon Arm, also raised my family here and now
am retired and all stages have been great for all
of us.
• Employment opportunities are more limited of
course, due to the demographics, but in every
other way, it’s a wonderful place to live and raise
a family.
• We live in a beautiful region and a friendly city
and we have many amenities right at our doorstep
- how lucky are we to live here?
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Please improve the bus systems for us non drivers
• The positives: Great climate, good people, lots of
activities. The negatives: Real estate is expensive;
health care is on the edge; full-time, good-paying
work is not easy to find here, and it’s pretty hard
to raise a family without money.
• Weather allows you to complete many physical
actives all year, access to larger city life for the
odd shopping spree is just a shot drive away,
Asa well as, the USA if you so choose. Location
Location Location
• Destination location. Has everything for everyone.
Great weather. As for kids and retirement I have
no idea.
• many options for recreation and nice climate
• it is still small enough to get around easily and to
know about the events in the community
• excellent climate... ease of access to services and
cultural events... not too crowded...good access to
international airport
• Poor work opportunities for young people - There
are lots of babies born here, but the families have
moved away by the time they reach school age
because of lack of employment. So many fathers
are working up north or in Alberta - this is not
healthy for family life.
• Low population with little (perceived) conflicts
and crime. Affordable cost-of-living compared
to lower mainland. Fantastic outdoor recreation
possibilities (a major reason for moving here);
Farmers markets; arts; culture; live music and
• I give the area high ratings because the
combination of work opportunity for me, outdoor
recreation and a reasonably sized community are
important factors in choosing where to live.
• It’s hard/expensive to live in many places in
BC though it depends on your career or job
eligibilities and overall lifestyle, really. Having
grown up here it’s most commonly assumed
that you live here to make a family, have a pricey
vacation home, or retire but there are maaaaaany
more of us who don’t fall into those categories.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• We like this Okanagan Valley!! Anywhere you travel
to, it is so nice to get back home to the greenery,
the valleys and hills, and the mix of sun and rain.
Our community is small enough to enjoy the
togetherness of events and big enough to include
any who want to fit in for a weekend or more such as the IPE. Work or play there is a variety of
it around here. Search it out. Enough to keep you
and your family happy, maybe not wealthy, but
content!! Stay a little later in life and you’ll have
activities to keep you from being bored and more
friends than you know what to do with. Enjoy the
North Okanagan while you can!!
• climate,rec opportunity
• I moved from Alberta, for lifestyle. I never thought
it was going to cost us so much to live here.Price
of gas is ridiculous, insurance is unbelievable
and wages...what happened to the wages and the
• Based on the cost of living vs. wages, it makes
it more difficult to live, work and raise a family
here as compared to other places ie. up north or
• We need more employment facilities for midcareer people. Vernon cannot survive as an
retired person’s community because retired
people get old and die; who’s going to take their
place? The effect on the quality of life is just worry
and concern about the future of the community.
• access to healthy options
• Amenities, weather, natural beauty, little traffic
• Food and gas prices are lower than the Lower
Mainland, and the people are friendlier.
• I love living in Armstrong. My husband is a trucker
and I have to work part time locally to make ends
• Low paying wages and lack of opportunity for
professional work (other than the typical Dr or
lawyer, dentist work) Great opportunity for outdoor
adventure/play with Ski areas and Parks nearby
• There is too much corporate influence on the
small town of Vernon, companies such as
Walmart, Mcdonalds, and other large chains kill
small bussiness and offer unfullfilling and under
paying jobs as well as providing the community
with imported products that dont support the
community and genetically modified foods which
only harm our bodys, minds, and farmers.
• our system is killing jobs honest people have little
chance to create and produce
• Life is generally good here. I think we need more
cultural amenities and programming and nightlife.
• There is very little affordable housing for young
families and not enough well paid jobs. My
husband and I chose to move here for the climate
and lifestyle, even knowing that good jobs would
be hard to find. So we settled for semi-retirement
doing part time work and enjoying the many
activities found here, such as downhill skiing and
• If you aren’t dependent on employment or are
self-employed, it offers a lot of appeal as far as
lifestyle is concerned.
• Good weather, friendly people, good choice of
amenities including shopping, coffee shops,
restaurants, movie theatres, parks.
• Beautiful lifestyle, nice size town, great
community once you find your niche.
• As an enthusiast of outdoor recreation I have
close access to these activities.
• enviroment and friendliness
• It has the everything you need!! Plus very beautiful
• Access to services and entertainment are better,
and there is a strong arts community.
• Although I am employed full-time, I know many
people who find it difficult to find work. I had
difficulty finding work when I first moved here.
• My kids want to stay and live here, but not enough
jobs/ job diversity.
• Great weather, Lots to do, feel safe,
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Everything is very close but Armstrong is still a
small community
• i came here to heal from cancer and am on a
disability.i find it very peaceful but i dont know
about employment
• This is a culture for retired people and those
buildings structures for them. For youth, we offer
sports and ... well, that’s it. There is no economic,
social or aesthetic vision and government is
only interest in economics. That’s not enough.
Transportation is so poor it might as well not be.
• If you are looking for employment in the
community that you live in, small communities
can only support so many businesses or they
all do a bit and do not profit or support many
workers; if you are not unwilling to commute,
there are endless opportunities and when you
thing about the commutes that occur in big cities,
driving from Lumby to Kelowna is not only a
pleasant drive but not that far either.
• Easy living. Prefer larger city to retire
• The people are nice, a chance to raise a family in
a wholesome environment.
• It offers all that our family desires.
• I believe we are missing the activities for family
• Too much in fighting within local governments.
Big box stores do not provide a decent paying
wage or hrs for workers to rise above the money
needed to pay bills and live here. Too many young
people leave the area for employment. Seems
that any proposals made for improvement in
sports facilities or venues meet with opposition
from residents way too much. Who would wish
to open a business with so much red tape and
such reluctance to see them come into the area?
Economic development or tourism development
is far below what it should be for such a beautiful
setting. There is a need for a person or persons
with visions for the future of the area that are
positive and vital to the economy and the welfare
of the residents.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Cost of living is high, employment opportunities
are low, healthcare is minimal and hard to find but
the trails and lakes are amazing.
• great climate; clean swimming; nearby wildlife
• We have 4 distinct seasons. We have lakes,
beaches, mountains to ski and hike. We have
enough retail and enough entertainment to keep
us here. We have a mix of immigrants to make life
more interesting.
• Love the outdoor opportunities, the diverse arts
scene and easy access around town
• Great retirement community not alot of family
events to do, especially at night
• No work and high housing costs make it a bit
rich for lower income earners. Wages are not
competitive and the ever present Sunshine Tax is
an insult to hard working people trying to earn a
• Very little employment for young families,
therefore families have to either all move or
parent(s) have to commute to employment. Some
have to be away from family for a period of time.
One parent works away for possibly a month at a
• Low population density. 4 Seasons playground
• Super Natural BC - what else? Friendly,
accessible, convenient, organized.
• Very few good paying jobs. Poor transit planning moving main Vernon bus exchange.
• Poor planning overall main Vernon Library on
steep hill &/or poor bus service. Aging poorly
maintained sports facility or underused.
• Too many drugs Poor paying jobs Too many
homeless, and too high unemployment No
useable bus system to manage daily needs
• It’s a beautiful place to live, but jobs are had to
find. The pay scale here is also very low.
• The North Okanagan is a great place for my
age group, but it can be difficult for the younger
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
generation. Many must move away to make a
suitable living.
• We reitred here to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of
cycling, hiking, kayaking, xcountry skiing and
alpine skiing. All within a short distance of our
home and plentiful access to gorgeous places.
Also for the comfortable winter temperatures
and few mosquitoes. Great community feeling
of Vernon - very friendly. Access to everything we
need on a daily basis. Good hospital within the
city. Surprisingly good entertainment with the
Jazz Club, Powerhouse Theatre, Performing Arts
Centre, etc. Love the Vernon Arts Centre and the
classes that are offered.
• Plenty of retirement facilities, plenty of parks/
sports facilities, golf courses, lakes, ski hill, trails/
hiking/fishing. Not too distinguishable work
industry (a lot of low end jobs).
• Healthy, safe, natural environment. Most
necessities locally and readily available. Great
seasonal weather.
• It is an awesome place to live but finding higher
level paying jobs for a young person with little
experience is hard.
• the Good rating instead of VEry Good is because
of the lack of smoke control even in Vernon,
lack of good transit, and poor access to medical
attention (long waiting).
• I was born, married and raised my family of three
children in Armstrong. I believe that the schools
provided my children with an excellent education
and opportunities. The recreation provided locally
was excellent and lots of choices depending on a
person’s interests. The medical services provided
to me and our family have been awesome and I
know this first-hand having to deal with cancer
and other medical issues. The improvements
made to the highway have made travelling to
Vernon much more relaxing and safer in my
• A fairly safe place to live and raise children
• Much slower-paced than Lower Mainland
• small but everything here or near. lakes, lakes,
lakes. quality outdoor life.
• It’s the best place in Canada with it’s friendly
people, 4 seasons weather, and outdoor activity
lifestyle. Lots of work available.
• Great recreation, but lack of jobs / industry. The
saying “sunshine tax” comes to mind !
• Housing prices are rather high.
• It’s beautiful here. It’s heaven on Earth. We
have everything....golfing, skiing, beaches, lakes,
camping, shopping, the seasons, it’s safe, not
too big......we’re so lucky to have such a beautiful
place to live.
• Too hot in the summer, too cloudy in the
winter but besides that, the natural recreation
opportunities are great - lakes and skiing etc. Not
enough large companies in Vernon to support
large incomes and increase competition.
• The weather is very good, not too hot and not too
cold. Some good resources for Seniors. Quiet area
to raise children, grandkids love the play areas..
• I love living here, but the “sunshine tax” is a
killer, as are the gas prices. Also, my property
assessment value keeps going down, but my
property taxes never do!
• I believe that the community resources, e.g.,
non profits make a difference. We have a strong
community of associations that look after the
needs of the community.
• The best place to be, in my opinion
• It is hard to find good paying jobs within the
• Great place to live, not a huge amount of work. A
lot of people have to work away from him, or work
• the Okanagan for retirees is a paradise..
• not enough jobs for young people
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• High cost of living, not enough employment
opportunities for young adults.
• There are not enough employment opportunities
for young people. There are very few adequate
places to rent or buy for young families
• It’s heaven to live here and be here. Only
downside is the mass of tourists taking over in the
summer, and it is hard to find well paying jobs/
• Work can be a challenge to find for professionals
as well as some young families. Childcare is
expensive and good quality childcare is limited, so
this can also pose a challenge to working.
• wonderful community not a good variety of
good paying jobs I wish there were better quality
• Beauty, opportunity for recreation, climate
• Local services (medical, etc.) are available within
a short commute. Arts and culture are available
in town
• Armstrong is a great community for retirement
most amenities are easily to get to.
• No complaints!
• It’s a good place to live, but it could be better with
easier public transit, and lower costs of living.
It’s a hard place to find work. There are tons of
fun things to do. It’s probably expensive raising a
family here, and the school districts don’t seem
exceptionally above average. It’s a great place to
retire because of the weather, amenities for older
folks, although more public transit would probably
• All the amazing places that are here: Monashee
mountains, Lakes, Skiing....
• Children get very missled in schoolsytem no work
education compare with sweden or switzerland
and there are patterns where it goes wrong here
for example Forestry, DFO, Agriculture a desaster
• Wages are low with few job opportunities, healthcare in my community is non-existent with no
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
doctors, hospitals in neighboring communities are
crowded with long wait lists and patients being
prematurely discharged. If you have money there
is lots to do for recreation.
• Proximity to nature. Climate. Networks of good
• Close proximity to nature, parks, trails, fishing,
clean lakes, skiing, fresh produce, shopping,
medical care, sports, arts,
• Expensive to live. Not many job opportunities.
Needs more young family/couple oriented
• Beautiful area, nice climate, clean air, clean
water, great recreation opps., friends & family
here, close to cities like Kelowna & Vancouver but
thankfully is NOT Kelowna or Vancouver!
• Work in an industry that serves Senior Citizens,
live in a nice house with a great view, surrounded
by lakes. Doesn’t seem to be much to do for kids.
• Lots of outdoor fun, but less of a working culture.
Focus on tourism and not long term high earning
• I work in construction, Regional govts with their
outrageous fees and roadblocks prevent me from
working all year.
• More jobs needed, more attention to
communication, roads, services such as internet.
The quality of life is good but people out in rural
areas aren’t considered as important, as families
residing in the city and outskirts. Policing needs
to be upgraded in the rural areas, RCMP are
seen maybe once every 2 months, a community
policing station with a locked up ATV, with weekly
visits would make a presence in the areas
and perhaps drive away crime and unwanted
individuals in the rural towns. More tourism needs
to be implemented in the Lumby area to bring
more jobs and more desirable livestyles. This may
boost the housing market also?
• beautiful, friendly, peaceful, low-stress
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• We are destroying the very reasons why we at
least came here -- natural areas and easy access
to the outdoors
• Salmon Arm is beautiful. We moved here because
of the beauty and friendly people. The weather is
great. Shopping is getting better
• Great community
• Beautiful environment Clean not congested
• Amount of space, things to do such as using
the lake and hiking the beautiful areas in the
summer, and skiing in winter. All on our doorstep.
• The wages are poor but the life style is the very
• There isn’t very many good paying jobs for our
kids. It is hard for young families to make enough
money to buy a house.
• school academics are minimal, doctor issue,if you
are on a river/creek like us you are not looked
after. best part is being 30min away form a major
city if you need anything, otherwise its great
country living
• RE work: Distance to resources areas of the
province is limiting. Locally there is not a obvious
primary industry driving the Economy. We can
likely overcome it with a diversity of smaller
drivers but needs work to foster these to a greater
• Great area to live but removed from facilities such
as medical.
• moving here with a young family we realized that
the area is suited for retirees, not young families.
there is little work and very little amenities for
young children/families compared to other
• The natural environment makes the area a great
place to live but its rural nature makes it more
difficult to find work, provide activities for kids.
• Good weather, employment opportunities, very
beautiful, lots of local food, not too far to drive
• It’s one of Canada’s most beautiful areas
(actually, the World’s). Lovely scenery, weather,
no earthquakes, floods, wars, etc. Friendly people
everywhere! Just a great place to be for the young,
middle-aged, or elderly.
• physical environment, Kal Park, Silver Star
summer and winter
• Getting to hot in the summers
• Tough to have work here, not a lot of development
and money from development - not a friendly
place for developers. A lot of people have split
family situation - dads working out of town.
• Main city (Vernon) is large enough to offer
variety and competitive prices. Located close
to 2 larger cities. Bountiful local produce in
season. Reasonable climate, 4 seasons. Close to
word class alpine and Nordic skiing facilities. 2
Lakes within city limits. Wilderness accessible to
• The North Okanagan is the best of both worlds.
We get a great summer, and lots of snow in the
• Little work for young families. I am a nurse and
have been working as a casual employee for
almost 2 years. I have friends who moved to
Alberta right after nursing school and they got a
full time job right away with benefits so its just
• Everything is too expensive, there are no jobs, and
wages are too low. Its difficult to live in a paradise
when no one can afford it.
• Varied summer and winter recreational activities
• housing is too expensive. .playing is too
expensive.. living is too expensive... wages are not
great. beautiful place to live. but a hard place to
• High cost of living with low wages. Young people
can not afford to live here. This means extended
families live in different communities.
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• It is costly to live here but good-paying jobs are
not easy to find.
• Although the city/town lacks many recreational
services you would expect, the surrounding area
is tremendous
• cycling, hiking, canoeing in many directions from
town, nature, untouched landscapes, 4 seasons,
neat people , sense of community
• Jobs typically pay less than elswhere. I am told it
is the sunshine tax.
• Despite good qualifications and experience,
it is difficult to find adequately compensating
employment. It is a beautiful place, but sadly,
I feel that not enough is done to preserve its
natural beauty and prioritize green spaces, trails
and wildlife. Real estate development has top
• Lots of recreational things to do and see.
• Climate is pretty good. Wonderful scenery and
decent schools.
• superb, easily accessible recreation peaceful,
beautiful great 4 seasons climate
• reasonable seasonal weather . ..relaxed
atmosphere ...managable traffic.
• Great climate , topography. Poor economic
options. Poor governance. Lack of public
amenities (pool, convention centre) poor road
• Cultural amenities are seriously behind the times.
Thank you Marie for a modern theatre, and the
new Vernon library is great ... in spite of the
regional district but there is much more to do ...
gallery, museum
• It’s a comfortable place to live and there are lots
of recreational options, but work is unsteady and
sometimes hard to find (perhaps especially for
younger people). It’s generally a good place for
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
kids, but rural schools have been closing. Parts
of it are good places to retire, but hospitals have
been closing too.
• alot of jobs are seasonal and tourist orientated...
they don’t pay much. That is why a lot of our
young people leave for North or Alberta.
• Peaceful, safe, seasonal change, beautiful
surroundings, people stay rather than pass
• Not much work opportunity for people without
capital to invest. If middle aged with a mortgage
from the 1990’s or earlier housing costs are
relatively low.
• My city, Enderby, is loosing small business and
almost no doctors. With the price of gas and no
jobs, young ffamilies will have to move to larger
locations (hopefully within the N.O.)
• lacks sustainable employment. Retired have their
own income. Raise young kids but older ones do
not have opportunity and resources. lacks access
to medical care doctors
• I love the Okaganan and I think there are a lot
of opportunities for work and play and family
activities. But, I think that the cost of living is
high, with regards to purchase price of houses,
taxes, and the hinderances of the many rules/
regulations of the regional district, with regards to
• If you want to see a rat race. go to Kelowna
• The natural beauty of the area is one of things
that brought us back here after university and
has kept us here. I did not rate things higher as I
have seen development with little consideration
begin to negatively change the environment and
the appearance of our area and we have begun to
talk about moving due to this concern.
• The natural beauty of our area is what drew us
back here after University. I would have rated
these areas as higher but we have been disturbed
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
by development and poor planning regarding the
area’s beauty and the environment.
• Weak long term strategies, no real meaningful
plans to move ahead, infra structure continues
to be set aside for political reasons. No sound
commercial or industrial plans. Area falling behind
the rest of the valley.
• more a retirement home, not enough good paying
jobs, expensive to live here
• RDNO has all the amenities that I need, and few
of the problems that I don’t need.
• We have 4 seasons and we have great
recreational resources.
• Availability of better paying jobs
• the steady decline in service of our health care
system Interior Health is a bloated,top heavy
bureaucracy.Two decades ago each community
had its own small hospitals and local doctorsVernon Kelowna were used for the more seriously
ill. Consolidation and being bigger is not always
• These are broad questions, and asked about
the N.O. “overall”, of which my situation is not
representative. I live in a secluded rural setting.
But most people work and live in cities, which in
the N.O. are still modest in size, and therefore
relatively untroubled by major crime and crowding.
• The North Okanagan has everything. Urban
settings, forests, walking trails, lakes and rivers,
campgrounds, seasonal events, rich cultural
opportunities and the chance to grow one’s
own food. Its only down side is that economic
opportunities trail somewhat.
• Difficult to get full time employment, with a high
wage to pay for high cost of living here.
• The North Okanagan is a great place to live
because it has 4 seasons, close to the land where
our food grows, great for growing our own food,
lakes, mountains, wildlife...
• While there is a large population of seniors here,
it seems little consideration is given to their
needs. Here are two examples: moving the buses
back to Cenotaph park which is away from grocery
shops and the many senior apartments. It is also
challenging to walk from the bus to the Library,
especially if you are pushing a walker.
• Because of the weather extremes, I rated work a
little lower.
• A great place to live but no on going industry for
people to work for a decent wage.
• Small community friendly neighbouhoods
• I like ther weather,scenery,people, my children live
here,. It is central, I can fly anywhere after a short
trip to Kelowna airport.
• Good weather
• A good area to live because there is not yet a lot
of pollution in the air, but there should be better
medical care and more opportunities for our
young people to stay in the Okanagan.
• climate, geographical beauty, diverse population
activities and services
• everything is very expensive
• feels still safe compared to other aereas
• There are not a lot of good opportunities for good
paying jobs And there is no indication that growth
can occur.
• Hard to find good paying jobs.
• Lacks opportunities for employment. Doesn’t have
secondary industry of a large enough scale to
attract youth and money.
• very few economical activities, especially during
the long winters
• not a lot of jobs, cost of living is growing harder
each year, not a lot of affordable activities
• The most beautiful place ,besides Victria, in
Canada and North America.
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Quality of life in the North Okanagan is great,
although not a lot of job opportunities here to
keep young families here
• Just ake a look around you and the answer is
• We need to attract businesses that hire full time
employees, that you might be able to suport a
family on the wage. Other than that I love it. It is
too bad we have to go away from home to find a
• Expensive to live here and hard to find a job.
• Excellent climate = plus Income diversity =
bullying at school = negative Poor economy
• Not many job opportunities. Great place to grow
up in, work outside of the area and return for
• Climate Amenities
• Good sizes of towns throughout.
• The “ Sunshine tax” makes it hard to get ahead
for young families, and makes single income
families few and far between. That combined with
the lower average rate of pay and cost of child
care make it hard to raise a family here.
• Homeless issues of circa 2007 have been
resolved. .Growth has slowed to reasonable rate.
• Families and seniors seem to be taken care of
here as to needs. However, finding a resoonable
job if one has a univ. education is very tough. The
job market for this group is as dry as the desert
part of this area.
• I can’t answer some of the questions with any
experience as I am retired and have only been
here 1 year.
• Cost of Living is too high and average pay rates do
not support single income earning families, this
makes it very difficult for young people to raise
• weather, services, relatively small town size vs
lower mainland
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Living is expensive, salaries quite high enough in
the manufacturing fields.
• Climate and resources are some of the best in
• Winter access could be better to Lower Mainland,
and Kootenay, also by air to Eastern Canada. The
skiing is good.
• There are a vast number of parks, lakes, golf
courses, wineries and beaches to visit.
• vernon is still the best place in bc to live.lots of
• Sunshine Okanagan. We pay for the so-called
Sunshine Tax. Which lowers the rate of pay, etc.
forcing people to accept lower level positions and
• Wages are so low, even for educated people that
it is very difficult. A great place to play and retire,
if you have money,.
• Community oriented
• climate, recreational opportunities, safe...limited
work for young families and youth
• Lots to do, great weather, wonderful people
• not enough good quality work to encourage young
families to move the area
• the cost of living knocks things out of the very
good category, playing, raising a family and
retiring is very expensive here and work has
generally been quite sporadic for someone in
the trades. There were a few good years a few
years ago but before and since we lived as if each
paycheck would be the last for a long time and
often it was.
• Need more professional jobs in this area
• Reasonable taxes, lakes, golf
• Job options limited
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• I will possibly not be able to save enough money
to retire in the region
• Cost of living is high. Lack of affordable housing
and/or house prices so high that it’s hard to get
a house (have to keep renting). Beautiful lakes,
orchards, etc. Sports for children is great. Fresh
air, lack of pollution.
• Jobs will come from a thriving environment, yet
politicians and residents focus first on jobs which
causes everything else to suffer.
• Too much pollution, no jobs.
• Many choices available locally of ; leisure
activities; cultural pursuits particularly music;
pleasant surroundings; all needed facilities for
health; Transportation facilities are adequate both
locally and long distance. Not yet too crowded.
• The climate and the nature of the area is very
good. The competition for work here tends to
reduce the serenity at work.
• i just like the weather and there is so much to do
• Limited work opportunities for technical people.
Extensive backlogs for medical care. Wonderful
climate. Good cycling for 8 or 9 months of the
year. Many parks. Kal park is a real Gem. There is
so many cultural events in Vernon & N OK
• vernon is one of the most beautiful places to live
and a great place to play but if you are trying to
find work and have not grown up here all you life
you can quickly find that you lack the connectons
to find meaningful work. we need to do better
to attract more company head offices to this
beautiful city.
• this is a beautiful city the only bad thing about it is
there are not many good solid jobs out there like
there was when i was younger.
• A healthy climate, a varied array of recreation and
a lot less traffic. Safety is a large consideration
• All the elements for a simple good life are
• The scenery and climate are fantastic. There are
a lot of ways to enjoy the natural environment
and lots of activities to partake in. The North
Okanagan is lacking in long-term, good paying
jobs to attract young families to the area. I think
a possible solution is to create an area wide plan
to support technology, agriculture and small scale
sustainable industry to make this community
thrive. The agricultural heritage of the valley
should be reinvigorated by encouraging more
organic farms. The cutbacks in schools shows
that young families are on the decline.
• Over all, the climate is favorable, the pace of life
is less hectic than in larger centers. Odd as it may
seem, since I do live here now, I am NOT a fan of
the extra high temperatures.
• Poor wages
• There is a serious ‘brain/youth drain’ occuring in
this region. I was born and raised here save my
4 years going to the University of Calgary (where
I studied material such as land use planning).
I enjoy living here from a physical geographical
sense but there are next to no 20-30 year old
people living here. They are all in the larger
centres such as Vancouver and Calgary. There
are few good jobs here and very little industry. I
am incredibly fortunate to have an enjoyable, well
paying job here with the opportunity to further
my career. However, the lack of people my age
and exciting social events occuring here have me
searching in Vancouver or possible New Zealand.
Yes Vancouver is more expensive and crowded but
at least there are social activities to choose from.
This is a serious issue. Soon there will be nothing
but older families and retirees in this area. Not
healthy for any region.
• Beautiful environment, interesting and innovative
people, lots of opportunities
• Size of community, not too big. Proximity to lakes,
ski hill.
• I live in low income housing because of the
control management has over us I feel like I have
been institute like jail. When you are poor you do
not have to many options for where you live and
management knows that !!
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• no job opportunities excellent fishing hiking
biking and outdoor opportunities coming out of
• There is a lot of unemployment
• There is nothing to offer anyone in Vernon.
Families stopped moving here, no one comes
to here have a family and the senior citizens
have nothing either. City council in Vernon is
terrible and has been running this city into the
ground for years. There is no accountability and
no one thinks about the future. Instead of using
$7.8million+ on a sports complex that money
should have gone towards VJH.
• Not much has changes for me personally
• Pretty country, good weather, nice size
community. More entertainment options would be
nice. More job opportunities - good paying ones is important.
• High rents, no jobs, poor transit.
• Still caters to seniors and it’s hard for young
families to make a go.
• Increasing costs.
• Population Increase - need a Coldstream
Community Centre
• Drop in economy and growth has forced my
husband to leave the valley to obtain steady work.
• Small visible growth.
• Cost of living
• Cost of living going up, but my paycheque is not
• Specific to Enderby - the town is dying. Businesses
are dissappearing. Lack of local incentives to
draw in locals
• Economy and lack of jobs
• For me, its about working close to where I live,
which I do.
• More work, more seniors, very affordable
• Need money to live here
• Need lots of money to live here
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• More options for kids in Lumby
• Slowly making downtown nice, plus bike trails
• Cost of living has risen; Lack of work; lower wages
• Unfocused muncipal decisionmaking, cost over
• Parking downtown has driven people out of the
area; taking away wetlands (i.e Walmart at heron
nesting site)
• The government is making it so you can not bike
in lots of places we used to bike at
• decline in economic and ecological quality
• Upgrades to facilities, roads redune, better
environmental chages, bike lanes
• Can be difficult to live because of cost of living;
quite difficult to find good work; great place to play
if you are into outdoor stuff; a nice place to settle
down to raise a family; it is nice and peaceful
retirement area, especially Lumby; There isn’t
much growth in Lumby so there are many farms
• High prices
• More activities for seniors.
• Did not answer Work or Raise a Family. Able to get
a family doctor in Vernon.
• More poor people - unaffordable housing larger
and larger a problem. More fees, taxes and
• The amount of crime is starting to climb.
• More to do.
• Has become very expensive.
• More homeless people.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• Low income for people on disability.
• Because there’s nothing to do for teens.
• Stroke.
• Downtown and Vernon growing bigger.
• No HST
• Price of gas is ridiculous; no good paying jobs;
city spends irresponibly tax dollars on library
and track at Okanagan College; keep Woman
Transition House open instead
• Society isn’t the same.
• Shortage of work.
• Facilities have become more and more better.
• I don’t know.
• Haven’t noticed much of a change.
• It seems the same for me.
• Pros and cons balance each other out.
• The economy has made employment harder to
come by.
• Hello t’e belle
• Because of all the stuff I do.
• For me, it was senior-oriented condo. Also,
upgrade and expansion of the Salmon Arm
• People can’t afford to live here, quality of life goes
• Economy has gone down.
• Due to less tax money going towards roads etc.
• Word of mouth.
• Loss of well-paid jobs to other communities, esp
Kelowna. These have been replaced with low-paid
(min wage) part-time jobs, unemployed and meth
clinic clients. These impact everyone.
• Nothing is really changing with technology etc.
• Not much has changed since I have been here.
• Expensive and over-crowded
• No job any more! Hard to find job. Became a
tourist town - not looking after our locals.
• I haven’t noticed much change.
• People who stay like to drink and smoke pot and
stuff. A lot of people leave
• More traffic, dangerous
• No new major facilities added. VJH still
inadequate as well as residential care facilities.
Job opportunities about the same.
• Multi-laned highways speed traffic past small
communities, farmland is being eroded by no
enforcement of ALR
• Like the roundabouts - improves traffic flow but
increasing population increases traffic, better bike
routes, walking trails (but lost other hills trails).
• I haven’t noticed any change.
• Food prices, for the fact it is in our backdoors
• It seems that more and more people are working
towarda healthy lifestyle, becoming involved
in social and environmental issues, striving to
make change for the better (e.g. college garden,
recreation facilities, etc.)
• Not much change.
• Limit prolifieration of orchards in residential areas
• Try living in Ottawa.
• Planning strategies have improved (OCP), cultural
activities improved (symphony), urban cycling and
trails improved.
• Lack of work
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Government cutbacks to social service
organizations - many transients, increased
drug activity, poor economy, poor employment
opportunities/closure of employment centres.
• Because Vernon’s wasting money and killing the
environment by making more buildings
• I just haven’t noticed much change.
• Beautiful scenery is still beautiful - life is beautiful
• Less jobs, high gas prices, bad economy
• Because I enjoy it.
• I haven’t noticed any major changes, maybe HST
had a negative effect.
• It’s a great place to live beautiful more places and
things to do.
• Because of Steven my man.
• Meeting new people.
• Because the older I become the more I am finding
to do.
• Less jobs, need more recreation locations - pool/
• Not any different.
• New nice buildings
• Don’t think much has changed.
• We are developing our cities so there is more
options and places to go.
• Updates have been made
• The cost of living is far too high for standard
families to raise a family, although the quality of
life is rather “so-so”.
• Canada has good health care and the Okanagan
is sunny and awesome.
• Because it is good to live
• Community has become more welcoming
• More sports complexes and public facilities have
been built
• Nothing has really happened
• I don’t know.
• Not many things to do because of buildings/
centres being closed.
• Not sure, just has.
• Because I hate people
• Haven’t lived here that long.
• I haven’t noticed changes just new buildings and
• The nature here is really nice and lakes are nice.
• I haven’t been here for 5 years.
• Nothing has really changed since I moved here
• People man
• I don’t know getting busier, no fun stuff
• There hasn’t been much change.
• Increase of population, commercialized.
• I don’t know but I hope so.
• I haven’t noticed much just the gas prices rise.
• Nothing has really changed besides us getting a
new Target.
• The school system is going down.
• Because they have opened many community
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• It’s about the same, if not worse.
• Haven’t been here for 5 years
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• Because the skiing is fantastic
• I’ve only lived here 2 years
• Constant turn over of people
• No change has been done
• Haven’t really noticed a change at all (not much to
do though).
• The new seniors residence opening and the
expected water spray park opening soon.
• I find myself more wary than I feel I should be. I
don’t feel welcome as a young person here.
• Lack of doctors, employment opportunities. Our
young families are being separated from partners
due to having to work elsewhere.
• Worse, children are ruder, elders are ruder
• The police and old people keep making the
children and teens look like we’re the problem for
the Okanagan. The bus system is getting cut back.
The new laws for getting your L and N.
• I don’t notice a lot of change here.
• Because of the problems with the schools.
• You tell me.
• I’ve lived here all my life and it hasn’t changed
that I’ve noticed.
• Nothing for teenagers in Lumby to do.
• Work opportunities have become very limited.
• Decrease in jobs and commissions to sales
people due to large employers moving or outsourcing. i.e. Future Shop outsources to overseas
to make TV and profit and price drops. Too many
young men moving north for oil and energy
jobs and taking money elsewhere to spend it.
Outsourcing is a huge problem. Our taxes are too
high too!
• Overdevelopment on agricultural land
• My family and I do the same thing as we always
• Lack of employment opportunities.
• Because I haven’t seen a change.
• Fewer jobs for younger families (middle age - 30 50 year). No enticement for industries that would
employ people with young families. Too much
focus on seniors.
• You tell me
• Not much change around Vernon in my opinion
• Cuz we have got more houses built.
• It didn’t change
• Not much has changed. It is still the boring place
it always has been.
• I haven’t lived here the whole time
• It hasn’t changed much.
• Have only lived here 9 months.
• Because people have been more kind
• Cycling, roads, facilities i.e. parks
• It has stayed the same
• the job prospects for younger people are
• Because nothing has really changed
• Little changes here
• Because people are moving away to make more
• It’s very expensive to live in the Okanagan
• Because we went from a town to a city
• Retirement town (not enough things for teens)
In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt the need for more
fun things to do - but there is virtually nothing for
teenagers to do or go in Vernon.
• Nothing has really changed in the past 5 years
• I haven’t really noticed anything changed
• Less activities for teens. The elderly police (by law)
are rude to teenagers and middle age adults.
• I don’t know I haven’t lived here 5 years but in
the time I’ve been here nothing seems to have
• We have got a lot of nice family places in Vernon
that I enjoy going with my family.
harder for young people to find good paying full
time jobs.
• Not much for the youth has changed. There is
more to do as an adult but not enough. Plus
people are unfriendly.
• Nothing really changes.
• No real big changes.
• Because the place has gotten more things to do.
The library!
• Nothing changes!
• Nothing has changed
• Cost of housing, few employment opportunities
• I haven’t noticed a change
• It’s turning into a town with nothing for young
adults to do.
• I don’t know
• Better energy, a little more community outreach
• There have been no significant social changes to
improve the quality of life
• Because it’s beautiful and there is so much to
keep busy.
• The quality of life has been about the same
• Not a lot has changed over the past 5 years
• The water facilities and cost of living
• Have not seen change
• Very hard to find jobs, cost of living has
• It really hasn’t changed
• nothing has changed
• Larger population
• sporting facilities not keeping up with need or
other communities
• We’re getting more stores
• Were 17, who would know?
• I don’t think much has changed
• quailty in life in some areas has become better, in
other areas have declined
• It seems to have stayed the same
• the lake hasn’t left
• Higher costs for basics: gasoline, foods, recreation
for fun, recreation of necessity - to exercise,
perf arts centre costs, kids activities, shopping Kelowna costs are cheaper. Wages are insulting:
businesses are cheap and hide behind it.
• Not many employed people, terrible transportation
options + roads
• Hydro, water, sewer, taxes, gas have gone up
much faster than my pension cheques. Seasonal
people have driven property values way up. It’s
• It hasn’t really gotten better, or worse. Vernon is a
constant, like death and taxes.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• A lot more businesses have been established and
a lot more opportunities for work and play
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | In the past 5 years, how and why has the quality of life in the North Okanagan changed?
• economy
• there are trying to make it better for us kids
• Haven’t noticed anything special
• because a lot of things have been improving yet
staying the same at the same time which is nice
• Not much has changed since I moved here
• I haven’t seen much change since I moved here
in 2006
• I don’t know
• I’m not actually sure about this
• lots of development
• I have not noticed a difference
• Nothing has happened that I know of
• I don’t know
• There’s no taco time!
• cuz
• because there is still nothing here to do. We need
a H2O
• not enough has changed
• Roads and sport facilities
• Bigger box stores have come to town rather than
leaving to Kelowna to shop.
• I feel like now is better than before.
• Taxes have been raised, cash that we lose
• Not much has dramatically changed.
• Nothing much has changed
• Not much has changed
• More opportunities for youth
• I, personally, haven’t noticed much change.
• Nothing has really changed
• Because it doesn’t change
• Hasn’t changed much
• We have lots of improvements to the roads,
buildings and stores
• it is awesome
• New roads
• Just the feel of vernon is different
• Nothing ever changes here.
• not a lot of change
• more jobs
• No idea
• There seems to be more things to do.
• Not much has changed because we still have our
Liberal government
• Nothing has happened to increase it, only to
restore it.
• Because of the new features that have been
brought to Vernon.
• there have been many issues with the water
system where I live
• A few new companies, landscape and
environment didn’t really change
• added more things in town
• Because there has not been significant change
• I lived here all my life
• Not much has changed
• becoming too crowded
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Too many people moving in and very hard to get
a job.
• Many places are closing not many places to work,
• It hasn’t changed
• Growing
What improvements would make your quality of life better?
Figure 2.
Number of respondents who chose each of the factors that they considered would increase their quality of life. Respondents
were able to choose more than one factor in their response.
• For question above, QOL isn’t WORSE, but
certainly in terms of additional traffic, I would say
it is a BIT WORSE - I notice far more impact on
lake accesses, boat launches, etc it has become
more difficult to enjoy these amenities due to the
crush of people who come and enjoy our area
in the summertime. Seasonal residents seem
to be increasing in number, especially in my
neighbourhood (e.g. in the Seasons, the Outback,
etc), but there is no increase in amenities in the
Okanagan Landing area to accommodate this
increase. Feels like a real squeeze on our parks
and beaches, this is definitely not moving in the
right direction. Transportation is also becoming
more difficult, slower, more lights, more idling,
less efficient. We need to look at moving forward
and building roads like the Ellison parkway.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• promotion, marketing and education about the
benefits of growth. so many people push back
against any forward movement and growth of the
city because they are happy with their little piece
of heaven on retirement income that will never be
available for next generations to the extent this
cohort has
• Its become very busy here with seniors moving in
that can afford to live here but do not appreciate
the need for cultural and social opportunities to
attract young families.
• A better recreation center. The current one is
• Quality athletic facilities attract and retain young
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• Regulations to make it so employers can’t lie
about hours expected (have had 7 “full time”
jobs in the past year, most of which regularly
scheduled for only EIGHT hours a week)
• Less government restrictions. Government
implementing more restrictions so they can tax/
charge for everything.
• We need a much bigger recreation centre to
server our growing population.
• improve the wages
• Diversify our economy, politicians must stop
making industrial lands into big box stores
• A better Rec Center.
• Pretty difficult to buy a house in Vernon without
a higher level of income. We also need a new
recreation centre. For what we have in todays era,
is unexceptable compared to other communities.
• It’s all about the jobs! We have everything we
need except the money to pay for it.
• Hard to find a quality paying job to be proud of
in this area... every thing costs money if u cant
afford the basics how can you enjoy what the area
has to offer??
• more commercialzed busineses
• More subsidized housing More employment
opportunities for People with disabilities
• too much traffic for a very small city.
• I am financially comfortable so housing is not a
problem for me but is an issue for many others.
• less sprawling of development which is creating
car dependent community and congestion on
roads. Improve cycling infrastructure. Invest in
cultural opportunities.
• More efficient transit system. More social
opportunities for singles and/or urbanites. Better
jobs that pay well, allowing for more enjoyment of
the facilities, lakes, etc. that are here. What good
is it if you cannot enjoy all the Okanagan has to
offer if you are spending all of your time to keep
your head above water? A less clicky community.
• We built the Performing Arts center and there
has been a increase in the use of the building
but I think we could do more. The Multi-Plex
should have been thought out more. We should
have taken a page from Penticton with their
conference center and attracking larger acts to
the community. We need more housing for low to
moderate income and for our seniors. Full time
employment with wages that can sustain a family
or one person.
• more accommodation for bikes/horse/walking
paths to link communitys and feature businesses
through access to these activities
• Extended hours, or using the facilities that we
already have (such as the Wesbuild). We recently
wanted to take part in their rollerskating, and
were excited that they were offering that. Until
we found out that it was on Monday and Wed
mornings. I don’t imagine many retired “walkers”
would take on skating.... so what I invision is them
saying, there wasn’t a turn out so we cancelled it,
instead of applying resonable hours that families
could attend.
• Be careful with developing new subdivision and
developing building sites.
• Wages to match cost of living.
• More business and industry development,
more easier for biz to set up, a place where
young people can work, live and play - not just a
retirement community
• When I moved to Greenwood Nova Scotia, I had a
town greeter come to my door and we scheduled
a time when they would drive us around to all the
different amenities and local hotspots. Vernon
Needs That!
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• I support all improvements to arts facilities.
Vernon is loaded with musical and artistic talent.
• Companion / Home Mate for those who may feel
safer with someone also living in their home. This
may be a couple or a widow/widower who would
be much better off staying in their own home
much longer.
• I don’t see much to improve, and I don’t think
people here realize what opportunities exist
for a good life. Try living elsewhere and find
every community, large and small struggle with
transportation (it’s never perfect, and always
expensive), housing options and employment. The
outdoor, cultural, social and community amenities
are terrific for a little community. We found
ourselves involved quickly, as people here make
their own connections and welcome newcomers.
People here are far more authentic than in large
urban communities where the social opportunities
are often based on how much money a person
is perceived to have.People here mix better,
creative people, well-paid professionals,
academics and the not-so-academic. It’s healthy
and invigorating. If anything, I would like to see
policies implemented that help small farmers.I
think small farming can and will become a truly
sustainable economic driver for the region. This
will involve provincial policies like the slaughter
licenses, etc. but lobbying government for small
farm production is important. Keeping our water
sources safe is paramount. Industrial animal
production is a threat to our water supplies. This
is wrong and doesn’t have to happen. Small
scale farming doesn’t produce mountains of
industrial waste. Manure is manageable, and a
valuable asset. Capitalize on the people in our
communities and look for opportunities beyond
the most profits in the quickest time for the
benefit of a few.
• Continue to improve water quality
• More environmentally friendly options: more
sidewalks, bike lanes, bus service, abandonment
of landfills (build efficient incinerators) more
hiking trails, lake access,
• Need better (safer) bike access to the Foothills
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Increases in medical care close to home.
• More ethnic food choices!
• It’s okay to have “visions of castles in the sky” as
long as your “foundation is on the ground”, and
our foundation is crumbling and under funded.
Develop this area to attract good family raising
jobs like high tech or maybe film.
• Beautification of the City core to make it more
desirable to come and spend time in. Also, more
tourist & affordable residential development on/
near waterfront.
• make transit run later all week long. Improve
Sunday service.
• Add more for fitness options. Maybe something
additional near Wesbild Centre?
• I commute every day from my home in Cherryville
to my full time job in Vernon and there are no
transit options available for me. There is a bus
from Lumby but it leaves much too early in the
morning as I would be at work two hours early and
leaves Vernon too early so I would have to get a
ride from a co-worker as far as Lumby so I do the
drive every day.
• Air and water quality is an issue. Hard to believe
that our air quality is so poor, and yet we have no
clean air bylaw; we permit open burning; we do
little to mitigate road dust - even during spring
street-sweeping. Cities like Prince George are
years ahead of us in the same matters.
• More Dr’s or Nurse Practitioners in small towns.
• I think that we need to really focus on what the
Okanagan does well - we are a gorgeous area
with amazing farms - if we encouraged more of a
food culture, with a more vibrant downtown core,
we could attract even more tourism. As of now,
there are no parks downtown (to attract families
- Justice Park should be redone with a new
playground & picnic tables) & hardly any decent
restaurants. We also need more cultural festivals
with free community events.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• Improve the downtown core - more (quality)
restaurants with outdoor spaces, better shops,
park with playground equipment & picnic tables
at Justice Park (it’s disgusting & never used now,
but it would be used a lot & a draw for families if it
was cleaned up & a new playground put in).
• Revitalizing the community - lots of vacant shops
and much of the town is run down
• Better funding & support of students, public
schools and their staff. Tennis Bubble. Less street
• No more box stores, let’s support locals.
• as stated above, more dedicated walking and bike
paths (not painted along busy roads). We need
true non-motorized options to get around the city.
• more bike trails (non-urban), improve beach
• More bike friendly roads so I feel safe enough to
ride my bike more.
• If pay is lower here then lower cost housing needs
to be available to workers.
• Recreation facilities (pool, running tracks, ice
• Flat walking trails, bicycle paths (off roadways).
Traffic free downtown zones. Better visible
policing. More large retailers e.g. Ikea.
• bikepath walkingtrails
• Stop narrowing roads like 20th Street!!
• An improvement in air quality, less heavy traffic
passing through town, & better maintenance of
• More housing options for retired seniors.
• Water quality - especially hardness and taste
could be better, but I know that’s not the RDNO’s
• More transit options for seniors, e.g. Handidart
taxi saver program was stopped, Handidart will
not transport seniors to EAST activation program
at Gateby. Some people cannot access emergency
food programs due to lack of transportation
• We are a disjointed community and it is driven
mostly by politics. Frankly it is the biggest reason
that may cause our family to move. I trust there
will be some political will and desire to cooperate
and move forward and do something for the
betterment of everyone.
• Doctor’s available.
• protection of wildlife and nature preservation of
country life
• better school system
• Less traffic on the roads
• Better rec center. More free activities for families.
• shopping options
• Have something to keep the younger generation
around. they move because there is no affordable
places to rent and the wages are poor.
• For me, all of the above are adequate
• More elder care facilities-properly managed.
• Feel a good job is already being done, keep up the
good work
• More music based programs, ex.) Vernon
Symphony orchestra.
• Composting of all food waste.
• Like arts groups of every level and interest
and social support programs require constant
assistance in order for a community to flourish.
Also, fewer big box stores and a commitment to
preserving wild spaces and grasslands would be
• I personally do have a issue.. however those lively
outside of the down town area and do not drive
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
could have better access to bus travel even if it
was once a day through the westside road for
• more opportunities to keep our youth busy at low
cost AFTER WORK because single parents can’t
afford expensive extracuriculars activities during
the day.
• Building a new school without increasing job
opportunities is really putting the cart before the
horse. Every area in the world that uses that kind
of a value system finds itself impoverished and
• regional education do upgrade for skilled trades
instead of importing skills.
• More things for families to do that are not so
expensive, so we would have more families
participating together.
• We need affordable housing, especially for young
families. Bus service to Kelowna for those who
cannot drive would also be a plus.
• Seniors outdoor activities such as lawn bowling
• water quality is always low and the public
transportation system to the north Okanagan is
• Armstrong is very poorly laid out for business
growth compared to Salmon Arm or Vernon. I’d
like to see indoor recreation complex with pool. I’d
like to see business growth.
• As an self employed I’m on the road a lot and
having better road clean up in the winter, and lest
sand after winter is over for lest damage in our
vehicules will be good.
• The thing that worries me is health care and
senior care. My mother-in-law died last year but
relied on help from drop in nurses from Interior
Health. They were very sporatic and not too
reliable. She didn’t want to go into long term care
but I felt that it was not really an option even if
she did want too.
• without adequate employment for young adults,
not much else would matter. The population
would remain the status quo . . . older and more
• more community events which involve people
from all walks of life - bringing together youth &
elderly is very important and that connection is
very much missing in this community.
• Banning of the growing of GM crops. Banning
of industrial/factory farming. Greater protection
of waterways. Reduction in funding of arts
programmes - art is a product/service just like any
other business. More funding for public facilities
to reduce reliance on volunteers.
• I’m happy with what is available.
• the amount that people get on disability needs to
go up
• I don’t use public transportation but it is the only
thing I can think of that might (?) be in line for
improvement. Not sure about the bus service but I
know we have a pretty reasonable system.
• do something about the homeless,
• cost of living
• My personal quality of life is excellent - but I also
have excellent health and my own car. My life
could be very different without those.
• I stronly suggest setting up a subsidized
recreational program for children so that low
income children can register and take activities
through the rec centre. The benefits are
numerous in both the short and long term. Also...
Kal beach needs new bathrooms (with Soap!)
And a PLAYGROUND. And finally - recently there
was a plan popped up to council to combine the
new Art Gallery and Museum; saving money by
building one building, only having to staff one
building and service and run one building for two
ammenities is a FANTASTIC idea. I don’t know why
council didnt see things this way but the person
presenting the plan was right and they need to
look again.
• passenger train
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• Ensure the safety of our agriculture, i.e. non-GMO.
Ensure a vibrant downtown core.
• More local government attention to the problems
in the environment.
• bring all the budgets under control and lower
taxes to bring people into town, listen to what the
people want by more votes (then doing what we
want) and more of these types of questionnaire
• Reduced gas prices-not that the local
municipalities can do anything about this!
• traffic flow could be improved by adding right
turning lanes at some intersections
• A tennis court in Enderby or at the Ashton Creek
School, a year round swimming pool, less red tape
for small business start-up. More ice time at the
Enderby arena for families and seniors, perhaps
an outdoor rink at Riverside Hall or on the ball
diamonds in Enderby/Ashton Creek school.
• We have just moved here, and it seems like its a
great place now.
• Affordable outdoor activities for young families
and teens.
• more residential care facilities to assist seniors
who require additional help.
• Make area appealing to industry to set up shop
here, creates more jobs locally, increases your tax
base. Start looking at the bigger picture instead of
trying to keep it small town atmosphere.
• We moved here because the North Okanagan has
the things we want, and not all the things we do
not want. I do not want noise, air, water pollution. I
do want opportunities to enjoy life.
• I am satisfied just as I am..
• More bike paths or paved shoulders to ride on,
more walking paths, green spaces.
• I would welcome more outdoor community group
gathering opportunities. I noticed in Europe,
people gather in the community square every
evening just to chat, have coffee, snack or drink.
the whole community comes out and connects.
we need more encouragement to gather together.
more outdoor cafes, street markets, etc
• Re-routing the highway so it doesn’t run right
through the middle of Vernon. Reducing ‘red tape’
to encourage small business. Eliminating parking
meters and ruthless bylaw officers.
• I come from Richmond where every nook and
cranny is filled with plants and/or artwork.
banners on light posts/ hanging baskets/ plants
galore. I do love the beautification occurring
downtown main street and love what the
okanagan landing has turned into with pathways
and trees. Would love to see more community
gardens and curbside composting/ better
recycling. perhaps more roundabouts.
• I am very pleased that there has been an
improvement in transit and bike lane construction
in the last few years. Divided bike paths are well
used by walkers, bicyclists, kids on skateboards
and scooters, etc. College and University students
are using the buses to get to school.
• Education, for rural residents, especially in the
public sector. There seems to be a constant threat
of cut backs and closures. As a farm family, living
approx. 30 minutes from the closest schools
the threat of community school closures is very
stressful. Unfortunately, due to a commitment
to continue farming, providing a valuable yet
unappreciated resource for our community and
province the education options for our children
• Repairs to roads, fixing some traffic problems
such as leaving the Polson Mall to travel to the
downtown area.
• Fix our water issues. After all those expensive
improvements why do we still continue with boil
water advisories?? Is that job security for the local
govt workers?
• The continual tax increases create a hardship
for those on fixed incomes. The city keeps going
further and further in to debt. The regular “small”
increases in the many and varied taxes are
resulting in some people having to move away.
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Better spending of taxpayers money
• water treatment centre improvements
• more launching sites walking trails lakeside
promenades safe biking trails and lanes an area
in down town Vernon where people can sit of an
evening to enjoy concerts activities or simply visit
much like the plaza concept in Mexico and Europe
• we are a one-car family and I get around by bicycle
a lot. Yet I don’t feel safe riding the bicycle. Every
time I cross 25th avenue, I offer a silent prayer
that I’ll make it safely. Winter bicycling capability
is non-existent. Recreational facitilies (i.e., the Rec
center) are overcrowded at the time I wish to use
it. we need more swimming lanes.
• I am pleased with all of the above
• truth from politicians and kick out agenda minded
staff (i.e. new sports facility). Plan ahead for
needed upgrades of existing facilities.
• better air quality. More electric car charging
stations, more bike paths and side walks more
policing and alternative energy jobs
• I am on a small provincial disability plan @1300
dollars per month....700 goes to rent alone need I
say more?????
• Low cost housing
• The valley bottom is so nice and flat. Better
pedestrian traffic, more paved trails to the
beaches and better use of the public beach
space would be lovely. Rollerblading and biking
trails are short and unfinished. The parking lots
in in the North end of town are NOT BUILT FOR
PEDESTRIANS!!!!!!! It drives me CRAZY!!!! The
whole North end of Vernon has been built for cars,
• Bike lanes , hiking trails, great improvement,
bringing international events to the area is great
for volunteering opportunities .
• Better income level for single individuals. Rent is
tough even with a full-time job in insurance.
• There should be an increased emphasis on
making greater Vernon a “livable city” We live in
one of the most beautiful places in the country,
but because of lack of foresight and commitment
we have lost an enormous opportunity for green
spaces along all the streams and lakes. There
should be so many beautiful walking paths within
the city and connecting Coldstream to the city.
It was a loss having the farmers market in the
downtown core - it would be good to have it come
back. I was a no vote for the sports field at the
college - I agree it should have been more central
- out of town participants will have to drive, and
having it out of town will limit its use . I feel sports
are subsidized a great deal, and the arts need
to be supported well I was so sorry to lose the
beautiful site we had the library - now parking
is not convenient, and the sight lacks the visual
appeal outside.
• More realistic wages.
• more unpaved hiking and walking trails; more bike
lanes; continued re-investment in downtown. Stop
sprawl and annexations.
• Lower costs to run a vehicle!!
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• more sidewalks and less potholes
• I am satisfied with some of the above or have no
opinion on others.
• Based on the Lumby area alone, we would highly
benefit from having a walk-in clinic and some form
of taxi service.
• more free learning opperunities
(learning&discussing groups/classes on various
subjects) a higher minimum wage better
promotion of healthy/local food programs and
more support for those programs. education for
students and adults which is interactive with the
community so that members of the community
are aware of and in touch with the proccesses
which contribute to how our town runs.
• less people....it is getting too crowded no quality
work to find, as way too many stupid regulation...
• More industry to give higher paying jobs so people
don’t have to work away from home.
• Let’s keep our young people in this community!
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• New track, sports fields, hiking trails
• less red-tape for business and events
• It’s not about making MY quality of life better. For
that, I’d welcome a thriving arts community and
work at uniting with First Nations. What it’s really
about is making COMMUNITY better, and that
doesn’t start with individuals.
• Better or another food store in Lumby to compete
with the prices and bring down the cost of food
• Less restrictions on building by RDNO. Ability
to build a carriage house. RDNO too strict in
comparison with CORD, SORD, and CSRD. Many
neighbours feel we are in the worst regional
district for rules. “We can’t do anything, should
have bought in another regional district, too late/
costly now to move”. The feeling we are “stuck”
with RDNO’s rules.
• I lilke it the way it is.
• Build affordable housing. Even more apt and
condo buildings for rental purposes. There is a
very real shortage of housing for this. Real estate
prices also need to be lower for buyers. Build bus
shelters for those that do use the bus system
here. Amend the bus schedules if it is at all
possible. Bring more events into Wesbild Centre
and to the beautiful Performing Arts Centre Make
prices to attend so that even the average wage
earner can go to some of these events. Look after
O’Keefe Ranch. One of the few tourist attractions.
• More bicycle options are needed to travel safely
rather than using the car.
• Value for dollar for basic necessities of life.
Housing very expensive and over priced.
• Cost of living is affecting residence with fixed
• Better planning overall. Downtown Vernon needs
to look at attracting developers for combination
housing, commercial uses. Too many oold
abandoned buildings. Vernon is acquing too many
commericla properties downtown
• I have a very good quality of life in the North
Okanagan, and none of these options apply to
• We would like to see more walking paths within
city limits and surrounding area as well as more
bike paths in city and surrounding area. Would
like to see development of the empty corner along
Okanagan Landing Road and Lakeshore into a
hotel, boutique, restaurant, cafe zone along the
shoreline. The recreation centre could use a
better exercise and weight room area.
• All of my necessities are readily available.
• I am quite satisfied and can’t think of any
improvements.....I continue to feel lucky that we
have services such as regular garbage and recycle
pickup and a very well organized landfill to take
other garbage that are so close at hand.
• More overnight camping parks
• I’d like to see money going towards a new art
gallery. Sports seem to take precedence (in my
• -more locally sourced food -return to small farm
abattoirs -expanded recreational facilities,
community and social event, including funding
and grants for such
• Medical needs
• Jobs / industry
• Better calibration of street light timing (ex. 27
street). A bypass, as traffic through 32 st and 25
Ave, etc is very busy, and will only get worse.
• Controlling wood smoke, more trails and
controlled bike routes, universal garbage
collection, automated garbage collection of
organics, recycling and garbage, repair of
pavement, developed access to lakes, all
throughout the Regional District
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Roads need repairs. Sidewalks are not very
wheelchair friendly and some of the washrooms in
restaurants are a joke for a handicapped person.
• There are too many people here now and
consequently too much development and noise,
crime, etc.
• improved air quality
• in enderby town, after the change in the street
light, it really shut down enderby mainstreet.
should have become a one way into town, not by
pass town
• Sport facilities such as arenas, swimming pools
• Beach parking on Kal as well as another larger
beach on Kal. I would like a bit more commercial/
retail with some cool places to eat breakfast on
Sunday or Saturday
• We would like to see a new art gallery and a new
• to have high tech research in are government
friendly towards work and production and
work education, we have ten time too many
government employees in comparisson to other
countries but nobody who is able to teach high
quality work we live of what nature gave free,
minerals, timber ect
• Every year at spring I worry about flooding. I think
infrastructure needs to be maintained. Dredge a
creek and fix things!!
• Bike lanes. Music festivals. Better local cuisine.
• More dog friendly hiking trails, and connections
between existing trails.
• Better access to doctors/health care
• Economic development for the region and support
for weaker area such as downtown Vernon.
• Road improvements would help
• walking trails
• can we please get an upgrade to our recreation
facilities... really, have our elected officials visited
the pool?
• Improving economic connections between
communities. Educating those who live here of
the many amenities there are, thus increasing
usage and perhaps increasing opportunities for
those outside of those communities.
• More doctors in our area!! Lower gas prices.
Better Sr. Housing/Health Care.
• please improve the bus service to Kelowna. and
more frequent service to Vernon.
• More kids stuff, an improved pool/rec center
would be nice for Vernon
• my quality of life would improve if I got a cushy
govt pension like you do, but wait, someone, like
me, has to pay for it.
• Community events & festivals.
• would love to see some walking trails around the
Enderby area, other than hiking up the cliffs, or
walking by the river
• make the fun things less expensive so locals can
enjoy them too
• Better bike paths
• Armstrong is awesome I come from a small town
in Saskatchewan and it never had the community
feel I thought was only real on tv communities
• The RDNO should facilitate the development
of a north okanagan network of sustainability
organizations and professionals.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Athletic fields
• More well paying jobs and lower cost of housing.
• People who have lived here a while don’t want
anything to change!
• cottage industry encouraged - no ‘garbage’ - all is
treated as resource and jobs engineered around
the stuff.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• I would like to see more bike trails along routes
such as Old Kamloops Rd, PV Road. Also public
transportation between Desert Cove and Vernon.
I would like more trails for hiking, walking dogs
and horsebackriding. I also worry that many in the
community cannot find affordable housing, pay for
basic necessities.
• Enderby’s health care is very poor.
• More doctors
• I find there are too many regulations, restrictions
and government.
• better walking path between Coldstream and
Polson Mall (and therefore, town.) smaller
buses running more direct route from town to
Coldstream. bus from town to Sovereign Lake
ski area in ski season ***** more public
bathrooms and bring back some of the public
phones affordable apartments/condos near the
coldstream “town” area
• some facilities for senior’s recreation
• Better facilities Less government ie amalgamation
Bypass route to enhance dt Pro development
• Becoming GMO FREE , and having a strong
support of organic agriculture along with banning
the use of pesticides .
• Silly question.
• Envronmentally friendly transportation - safe
bicycle routes to grocery shop or bike to a coffee
shop - incentives to stay active and healthy
• education
• Better bike lanes, improvements to Pleasant
Valley rd from Silver star to Greenhough Rd
• More thoughtful and environmentally concious
development, building practices and planning
for the future (addressing clean water needs,
pollution control etc)
• Better planning and development which
incorporate an environmental focus, including
such things as better building practices, clean
water preservation, pollution control, etc.
• A greater sense of personal security, perhaps
evidenced by lower crime rates, less drug use
(and production), a sense of a safer community.
This is more feeling than fact.
• The fact that we do not have an extensive set of
connected walking and cycling paths like those
of many other communities is absurd. We think
of ourselves as an active outdoor community but
we have a long way to go in providing facilities to
acommodate some of those activites. Also, when
we arrived here in 1976 I couldn’t believe that we
didn’t have a proper running track; and we still
don’t, except that we’re going to build one up the
hill at the college. This will ensure that few will use
it. At time it seems that we really don’t care about
providing opportunities for youth and activites
for all. Having said that, I deeply appreciate the
tireless work of council and community servants.
I laud our PAC and arena. I am grateful for the
recent improvements on bike and pedestrian
routes. Thank you. Of course I still love living here,
but I encourage those who make decisions to
override the naysayers.
• keep the natural beauty of the Okanagan intact
by limiting densification in agricultural areas
and regulating residential development. support
agriculture by providing educational opportunities
to the next generation. provide incentives and
support to small and independently owned
businesses in the Vernon downtown and limit the
spread of strip malls or we will end up looking like
Kelowna. protect lakeshore areas.
• Excessive noise from vehicles needs to recognized
as a quality of life factor. Cycle paths have
improved since we have been here (seven years)
and we’d like to see even more recognition of the
bicycle as a mode of transportation for work and
• health care seniors housing facilities regulation
changes to encourage and support small farms
and farming
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Water quality could be improved, or at least
not worsened by shortsighted policies for
development and waste water.
• Far too much red tape, and it all comes at
prices that are much too high. Fees for permits,
inspections and the lot look more like extortionist
charges than valid administrative fees, and they
feel much the same.
• We need better access to local crown land for
hiking and horseback riding.
• More evening entertainment
• Better air quality! More Green spaces Community
gardens More incentives for people to bike and
bus to work and school Banning GMO’s from the
North Okanagan as well as many sprays... We all
share the same air and water after all.
• The flow of traffic is frustrating, and the lack of
parking downtown makes it an undesirable place
to go.
• We have a lot of buses to Vernon during the week
but only one to Salmon Arm a week. A doctor, no
three doctors in town.
• Work harder to be more competitive and keep
more dollars in the community. It is ridicculous
that a shopper can go to Kelowna or Kamloops or
even the Coast and still get better deals and more
• Less poverty issues, more services for youth.
• as example: a bus from Silverstar to downtown
• Economic Development is key to all other
improvements, you can improve social, cultural
opportunities and all other options but if you
cannot find a job to support your family you
cannot stay here
• Low cost housing and home care for seniors ,,,
better Hospital care get rid of code 99 in the
• Less bullying at school; nicer
• environmental practices such as becoming a
GMO free region and implimenting sustainable
alternatives to herbacides & pesticides
• More commercial developement on the lakeshore
i.e hotels, restaurants,parks ....not more condos!
• Vernon used to be in a beautiful environmental
setting, now all the hillside are being torn up and
houses planted, which all look the same. Vernon
has lost is personality
• better education (in high school)and cost of living
• Bus routes need to be kept or improved. Cycling
and walking routes have been improved but this
work should be continued,
• I don’t comprehend how beautifyihg some steets
(22nd St.as ex.) while neglecting to install a
sidewalk in a heavy residential area (24th Ave.)
is resonable planning. A sidewalk on 24th from
Mission Hill to John Howard House would improve
the quality of my life and all who live along it.
• Education improvements.
• There is a large % of the community that are
retired and they are impeding opportunities for
school/recreational and cultural growth for the
younger generation. We have to let fo of our
wallets a little and create a strong community.
• There is still no real City Centre to Vernon. The
new /Renovated museum should stay where it is.
We need the new track, plus pool.
• Have agricultural practices that are compatible
with residential living. Have exemplary farming
and land use practices. Excel in “environment
first” practices.
• Racism
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• create sidewalks and bike paths
• Eliminate racism and misunderstand of Aboriginal
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | What improvements would make your quality of life better?
• places to house older folks who can not maintain
full sized homes yards etc
• We enjoy going to other cities and using their
trials and bicycle lanes. In Vernon we find so
often a bicycle lane just ends. It would be nice
to have a better network of trails that join so one
could explore all over. We were in Vancouver
last week and went from Canada Place through
Stanley Park, English Bay, down False creek to
lunch at Granville Island and continued on till we
had to turn back to rescue our vehicle and leave
town. A wonderful day. We are past employment
opportunities but I don’t see my children returning
here for a long time. software engineer &
scientist. Young enough to enjoy the lure of the
big city. When they come home Vernon is dirty,
pokey and boring.
• Generally need for more cultural activities
and public art. Better access to Polson Park
(pedestrian and by motor vehicle).
• government that respect and supports rural
communities.......keeping small schools, libraries
and transportation
• PARKING! I’m single parent with a child. We
cannot afford to use the library because I
don’t have money to pay for parking, yet that is
supposed to be something for the family. I’m very
frustrated that the city went ahead a built a library
where there isn’t easy access free parking. And
now you’ve gone and done the same thing with
the track. Not to mention upping the downtown
parking meters. I REFUSE to shop downtown now.
I got a ticket within a minute of my meter expiring
at Sal-Mart. I was in line paying for my purchase
at that second hand store to save money for my
family, only to get hit with a $5 parking bill. It was
like they were waiting there for my meter to expire.
That was the last and final time. I shop elsewhere
including out of town when I’m there.
• Air Quality.Need air care.
• Opening up the local under-used countryside to
walkers by removing unnecessary restrictions
on the use of ‘range-land’. No motor vehs is
• Reduction in taxes.
• Sometimes rec center (swimming lanes) are
too crowded. OK Symphony Orchestra a little
expensive - the most expensive thing we do - we
have dropped our subscription this year. Flat rate
seniors transit passes.
• A community committed to sustainability and
creating a regenerative culture. This could be the
North Okanagan’s opportunity to become known
as a forward thinking community that cares about
the future. This strategic focus would stimulate
current tourism and give more people a desire to
move hear (especially young families). Supporting
local organic agriculture, tourism, culture (First
Nations), creativity (art, music) and small
enterprises could turn the North Okanagan into a
relocalized icon in BC.
• Realizing the cost impact, it would still make great
sense to get rid of these 2 lane roads and overly
narrow and very unsafe road shoulders. There
are way too many safety risks connected to such
roadway systems. Higher considerations need to
become visible to the growing population of senior
residents in these communities.
• Better environmental protection (conservation,
no-pollution, parks, etc)
• more walking biking trails, new pool
• none of above fuel six dollars a gallon
• The city bus terminal would be relocated back
to orignial spot on Coldstream Ave where it is
better accessible to the senior citizens. Downtown
businesses would not close at 5pm. More support
to local businesses and away from businesses like
Walmart & Target.
• Get rid of Catherine Lord. Why is she against
everything that is good for this community? Next
thing you know, she’ll be against air. Finish the
Polson Greenway.
• build a proposed bypass for hwy 97 over existing
highway... a 4 lane straight through overpass from
hospital hill to past 48th ave above existing 32nd
• More bike transportation routes.
What improvements would make your quality of life better? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Cycling paths, Downtown Enderby is becoming a
ghost town
• More helpful family doctors
• Downtown Living/Business
• Ecological Protection
• Activities for youth, but all youth need to be
• More venues for young adults (live music!)
• Better activities (mall, zoo, downtown)
• More hockey rinks
• Sports facilities/complexes
• Amusement park
• More support for sports
• To raise above poverty line.
• Licensing
• Dental care coverage
• More work
• Didn’t specify.
• Need employment for people who are 50+
• Lower rental housing.
• Better pay for those of part time jobs
• Schooling
• Sports
• Entertainment (free)
• More respect for the environment
• Better stores.
• More opportunities including entertainment for
• New buildings to hang out.
• New pool/rec centre
• Waste of money on library
• sports opportunities.
• Giver Vernon museum greater space; more dog
• Municipal governance and social services
• Sports buildings
• Transportation to fun activities
• Activities
• Nothing
• Employment opportunities for inexperienced kids.
• Little to do unless you’re rich
• VJH expansion completed. Parkland on
Commonage. New museum and art gallery.
• More stuff to do
• Health access and options
• Better bus system.
• License sooner.
• Sports facilities
• Reduce light pollution
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Better sports teams
• Sports Complexes
• Sports Centre
• recreation complexes
• More places to stay and hangout (youth hotsports)
• Retirement Plans
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• Taco Time
• Business growth
• More things for teenagers
• More stuff for teens to do
• Activities for youth other than drugs.
• Marathons/half marathons
• Busing is infrequent.
• More sports complexes
• Better stuff for youth to do on a daily basis.
• Go karts, more bars
• New playgrounds/park
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
Figure 3. Word map of comments given when asked to describe why respondents were proud to live in their community.
• great place to live
• Armstrong is similar to small prairie towns where
the people are friendly and really care for others.
• There is a concept of crime related to Vernon
when I tell people where I live
• Very friendly welcoming community
• Quiet neighbourhood, easy access to do outdoor
activities, fishing, hiking etc. Easy access to walk
to the downtown shopping areas, post office,
drug store etc. River walk, definately a plus! and
affordable housing.
• I am not proud at the scars on our hillsides from
Turtle Mtn, The Rise, Adventure Bay, etc. I am not
proud about how we are impacting Okanagan
Lake with excessive spray irrigation above homes
on septic, on hillsides above the lake. There are a
lot of dirty secrets in this town that make me feel
ashamed. Otherwise though, it is a beautiful place
to live if you enjoy the outdoors. But in terms of
progress, Vernon feels like it has a backwards
kind of attitude, not a progressive one. I also don’t
feel that my community of Vernon is doing a good
job at being a genuine partner in Greater Vernon,
I feel like the City tries to throw its weight around
and again, for that I feel ashamed.
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Because it’s Armstrong which I feel has some
more forward thinking residents than Vernon
• i tell people that i am lucky to have one of the few
jobs that can still pay a half decent wage so that i
dont have to leave the town i grew up in
• A lot of people would love to live here because of
the weather and lakes and beautiful country side.
Don’t allow building on hillsides!
• Just love it here.
• I feel pretty lucky to get to live here.
• Where else can u ski swim and work all in the
same day!
• I love Vernon but people laugh when I tell them
where I live.
• Vernon is a wonderful place to raise a family.
• Unless you’re able to bring your money from
elsewhere, it is very difficult to get ahead here.
Nice place to retire, but nearly impossible for
young families to thrive.
• As stated above, not a friendly and welcoming city.
• I love Enderby!!!
• Enjoy the oppertunity to support local businesses
and growers.
• Best in Canada for - weather, recreation, activities
• It’s a beautiful place to live, very scenic.
• The four season
• Because Armstrong is the greatest Community
minded place to live
• I want to be a part of making Vernon even better
• Vernon is like an oasis: it is a place of tranquility.
Unfortunately that also means it’s a backward,
hick town. Some people like that but it has its
disadvantages. I find local politics the largest
reason for frustration. The City’s payroll absorbs
all revenues which provides high paid employment
but leaves no money to do any projects.
• Find the community engagement great, climate
awesome, scenery amazing and generally love it
• See reasons above
• It is an exceptionally friendly and welcoming
• However I find the community has no focus, has
limited diversity and does not invest in cultural
opportunities for residents. Growth has focused
on housing at expense of environment and
without attention to job diversity or an overall
vision - ie Kamloops with tournements, Penticton
with tourism..
• other than too many churches and strong redneck
• local gov
• The Okanagan is a beautiful place to live.
• Vernon has lots to offer in recreational activities.
• It is beautiful!
• Beautiful area; generous people (this town
runs on volunteers!) City staff do all they can to
promote change in the right direction.
• I find Armstrong to be a very quite, friendly place
to live (provided you can actually find a place to
live there)
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Its a beautiful place to live
• Who wouldn’t want to live where everyone comes
to holiday, summer or winter..
• The Okanagan has a reputation for everyone
wanting to live here. They don’t actually move/
live here because they cannot afford to do so, let
alone afford the potential lifestyle the Okanagan
has to offer.
• We have an abundance of local food, markets
to access same and government support of our
agriculture. The environmental aspects of our
community is improving -- concern publically
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
about GMO’s, sprays and other health hazards.
We are talking about prevention rather than
intervention in health care
• More so than many communities, Vernon has
minimized the conversion of “living space” for the
personal gain of development interests.
• smallish community, easy to get around, many
outdoor activities winter and summer, plenty of
shopping, restaurants, easy major hwy access,
close to major city and airport.
• I love the sub division we live in (Blue Jay), but we
really do need to support the business community
- the shopping is really embarassing, and I found
that the hardest thing when I moved here.
• because it is so beautiful here and still a relatively
smaller town which does provide some benefits.
• It is a lovely area to be retired w some means.
Would like to see improvements as indicated for
some more cultural options
• Community support / involvement.
• I love the climate, the country feeling but
closeness to shopping.
• It is a safe place with a great and supportive
community spirit
• we got the beaches and the lakes. But things
that arent given to us by nature... not much to be
super proud of.
• Weather is reasonable
• For all the reasons I gave above. We’re proud
to show visitors our town, breakfast at the
Brown Derby, drive them around the gorgeous
countryside, go to farmers’ markets for glorious
food they could only dream of buying in
Vancouver. Take them to Caravan Theatre, or on
a farm tour. A swim at Waterwheel Park. People
from Vancouver don’t know what’s here and are
blown away!
• It’s a “go to” destination
• Nice weather.
• It’s the right size, place to live, but there are quite
some political issues I don’t agree with. (lack
of statement against GMOs of RDNO, a landfill
between two drinking water sources, lack of
recycling of a lot of valuable resources)
• I am proud to live here because it is beautiful
and a fun place to live. It is close to Kelowna and
Vancouver and we have Silver Star right here.
What else could I ask for?
• As it is a great place to live.
• Vernon is know to be a bit backwards. It is
beautiful but the decision making is poor by the
leaders. No forward thinking.
• Lots of drug use!!!!!
• Vernon is a nice place but it’s got a lot of negative
issues (economy, slow growth, focus on 55+)
that make it sometimes difficult to tell people.
Sometimes, when travelling in BC, when asked
where I am from, sadly, I say Kelowna - it’s more
well known and respected for a growing, thriving
• Vernon has lots of character in terms of arts,
culture, architecture, politics. . . . and it has
offered my children tons of opportunity in art,
drama, music and sports. The landscape is to die
• Coldsteamn is a sensibly managed and run city
with a lot to offer including great neighbours, rec
opportuites and low taxes. Even the climate is
better than Vernon!
• Vernon doesn’t have the status that Kelowna
does, so usually say that I’m from the Okanagan
reather than the NOK.
• The North Okanagan is beautiful and sunny in the
summer and has amazing skiing in the winter. We
get the best weather all year round.
• There is no art and cultural scene. The foodie
scene isn’t very good and Vernon spends too
much money on things like the performing arts
center where only the older rich people can afford
the prices to see a performance. Also, spending
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
money on a track when that money could be
better used elsewhere.
• It is a beautiful place to live. The weather is great
and there are many activities available during all
four seasons.
• The Okanagan is such a great place to live with all
the orchards and lakes around. Some of the most
beautiful scenery around too.
• there’s been an influx of crime.
• Because I like it
• Are bike lanes etc are well known in other
communities. proud to say that we are trying to be
• Great downtown lots of park space close to nature
and the lakes
• I grew up in Cherryville. Vernon isn’t where I
pictured myself living after completing a graduate
• We could be so much more. Leadership in local
government is poor. Economic development is a
joke. Employment opportunities for young people
are in Alberta, not here.
• no pride involved AND, I think the elected
politicians have small town heads, currently
buried in the sand, regarding transportation
• Can be a very unfriendly community - does not
represent my family’s values
• Volunteerism is very high
• Availability of winter and summer sports
options,great performing arts centre, great
farmers market for fresh local produce
• I love Lumby!!!
• Such a caring community.
• It is actually extremely embarassing to tell people
you live in Vernon. About once a year I encounter
someone who asks “Is Vernon (they really mean
RDNO - but they can’t understand all the layers)
still screwed up polically”. And you have to answer
• ...it is a beautiful area... with incredible scenery...
the lakes, the forest, the trees...
• It’s a beautiful place. There is a sense of
community here, and a willingness to try to mould
the community to enrich people’s lives.
• I like the slower pace of the smaller towns, and
Lumby offers lots of community activities.
• We have great outdoor recreation and climate
• Geographic location and natural beauty
• I love living in East Hill and supporting a
downtown core not more strip malls and big box.
(let’s learn from Kelowna and Westbank)
• My community here provides all that I desire
except weatherwise.
• Weather, recreation, environment
• It’s a good place to live.
• I love the name ‘Enderby’, plus the citizens of
our wonderful local communities are always so
friendly and welcoming.
• This community is not green. The public transit
system is terrible. It’s overly religious.
• So far, the Coldstream views a rural lifestyle as a
• It has lovely scenery, I love the murals, the
weather is good, and it is a friendly place.
• it beautiful here
• Its a comfortable and welcoming community.
• Enderby has a very welcoming feel to it and the
people are friendly and helpful to one another.
• I’m happy I was raised in Vernon, and it still has
the small town feel that Kelowna has lost.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• I’m concerned that young families will leave
Vernon because they can’t find work. I would hate
to see this as a “retirement” community.
• The politics are embarrassing at times.
• This is a winter/summer wonderland - lakes and
mountains with lots of opportunity to do outdoor
activities. There are no “ooohh awww” moments
when I drive through and around our town unlike
Kelowna, Penticton, even Peachland .
• I don’t live in the best part of town but my
specific street is pretty good. We have pretty good
• I live in a rural community, very little neighbors
and facilities. I like it very much others might not.
• Everyone I know admires the Okanagan lifestyle
and beauty. We moved from Vancouver and would
never move back to hustle, bustle and stress of
the most beautiful city in the world.
• Cherryville is beautiful, rural and people here are
dedicated to sustaining the environment.
• Tranquil yet hardworking community supporting
professionals, farming and manuafacturing.
• Good quality of life, community that comes
together to support those in need. Thriving arts
and culture sector
• Being proud of something that is not your own
achievement is stupid.
• Pleasant people, welcoming community
• Downtown stores are hurting financially. Free
parking would be helpful.
• Because so many people travel here for vacation I get to LIVE here! How lucky is that?
• Coldstream is a beautiful community in which to
live. Country living next door to an urban centre is
• I have a lot of friends and family
• Friendly people, great natural environment/
• Quiet. Beautiful weather. Skiing and lakes.
• Armstrong has much to be proud of, including
a dedicated contingent volunteers and a strong
sense of agricultural togetherness.
• I chose to live here for many reasons and am still
happy for my choice .. a little urban and and little
rural .. people are friendly and helpful for the most
• Quiet, respectful, sense of community among all
age groups.
• Lots of community participation
• In our own case - lack of medical, and support
services, lousy transportation system when any
decent specialists are at least 100k away, no
home support etc etc. In other words not even
pensioners can get by without a car. While the
downtown stagnates as they locals fear bringing
in even fast food restaurants, have one block of
downtown and that’s an fire hazard at best. The
turn from the main highway has a second hand
store on the corner and a pawn shop across
from it - real welcoming. The area looks like it not
only is a firehazard it might be the best solution
for it. All the city can talk about is money losing
things like developing the old rail line to run
tourist trains. Millions in upkeep for something
that has not worked anywhere in the world as
evidenced by the Vancouver-Squamish or the
Summerland line. The most notable thing about
them is the prodigious amounts of money wasted.
The only beneficiaries are in the already over-rich
industries in Kelowna. Why should we pay for
their profits? The other popular theme is an ‘art
community’ which is also a loser as without a
good economy in the immediate area you are just
creating another slum.
• Close nit community
• Lack of foresight in attracting businesses to
Enderby over many years.
• It is so beautiful, and the weather is so nice.
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• It is a beautiful place to live, people are
friendlyand it is a great place to raise a family.
• Very beautiful area with lots of outdoor activity
possibilities and fairly moderate weather.
• Armstrong has a very strong identity as a friendly,
happening small town.
• I would say ‘thankful’ rather than proud.
• Beautiful place
• good quality of life here, close to recreation areas
and shopping
• People are friendly. Outdoor activites abound.
Weather is excellent( i.e. definitive seasons
without extremes)
• I am proud to live in a beautiful town with lots of
recreation but cannot afford to stay. Employment
in this area is poor.
• it is a popular area to vacation and play. there
needs to be more discounts for locals at golf
course and other recreational areas like there is
in other provinces.
• See comments above. Plus natural beauty of our
• Armstrong is a very caring community and
because I worked in the service industry I know
how friendly and honest the people are!
• I love the small feel of Vernon with all the
amenities we have and have defended not moving
away to bigger money north.
• not too crowded
• The Interior of British Columbia is an attractive
place to live, however industrial expansion for
future employment is critical to this area
• my community seems to be anti growth and in
many ways looks like a small dying community.
• It’s a beautiful place
• after doing a bit of travelling in Canadda, US,
Mexico and Asia I feel very fortunate to live were
I am
• We consider it God’s country.
• friendly, lots to do
• While the community is nice to live in, there is
very little for work, shopping or recreation.
• People have heard of the IPE, they comment on
the rural aspect and the beauty of the valley. They
are glad to meet someone who lives here.
• Vernon has an excellent community spirit.
Very friendly people. Beautiful weather, lakes,
orchards, golf courses, ski hills, wineries. Still has
lots of small farms.
• nice place to live and we have all amenities but
taxes and living costs way to high
• Enderby still has the reputation of a place
for less-educated people, and/or people with
addictions. Businesses struggle to survive in
Enderby as the big-boxes suck business to
Vernon and Salmon Arm. Why would the Vernon
Chamber of Commerce, and same in Salmon Arm
encourage characterless big boxes to take away
business from small businesses that have been
here decades and contribute to economy and
individuality and therefore tourist trade?
• the weather is ideal, the community the right
size, with sufficient amenities to appease most
• people don’t have a good perception of Vernon.
It’s run down and not a very nice city to live in.
• Coldstream is a great place to live and raise a
• Enderby’s reputation is getting better it used to be
embarrassing to say I lived and worked in Enderby
because of the public intoxication levels and
general run down look of the town.
• It is a beautiful place with wonderful people.
• i am happy living in a small town
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• I agree but am disappointed in the lack of respect
for each others opinions in the community. if
anyone read the letters to the editor in the Lumby
Valley Times i’m sure they would think twice about
moving there.
• It is a nice place to live
• Love it here, but needs more jobs
• Nice town nice people
• I am busy volunteering here
• The four distinct seasons are wonderful
• Armstrong stays connected to its agricultural roots
and it is a welcoming family community
• I’m proud of the natural amenities available in the
North Okanagan. I’m not very proud of the way my
tax dollars are spent. There is a lot of waste and
lack of cohesiveness.
• Its a nice place to live and its pretty. Wish Vernon
would improve road infrastructure and downtown
sector though.
• I am proud because I work 5 min drive away from
my home, skiing/ biking playgrounds are a mere
15-30 minutes away. We live 1/2 way to coast or
Alberta which makes us central. relatively safe
place to live.
• I think Vernon is on the right track regarding the
downtown core plan but fear it might be thrown
by the wayside if politicians sway to pressure from
the seniors that don’t want to spend any money
on improvements or developers that prefer to
build on green space rather then in the downtown
• Its a beautiful place.
• I think many people envy those of us who can
live in this community. Unfortunately jobs or
affordable homes are not always available.
• Taxes are becoming much too high for those
who’s annual incomes are below $50,000.
• Nice small town with lots to do. Not a sprawl like
• Because its so far removed from big city life.
Country living and being outdoors is very
important for living
• City is clean.
• I do not want people to move here!
• healthy environment and stable climate
• It’s a great community
• having a “home” is important. Identifying with
your home location is part of who you are.
• The area offers a slower pace of life but still within
reach of busier cities and activities.
• We live in paradise compared to many parts of the
• fresh fruit and vegies that we can pick at low cost
• See my comments at the beginning of Part 1. But
for me, at my age and in my position, the positives
outweigh the negatives.
• The area is perfect for out door people and is
improving all the time. The area is improving
road ways to help the flow of traffic easier to get
• Just the perfect size and distance from everything
else you can’t get here.
• The natural scenery and the available access to
walking places.The orchards all around us. The
good weather, the lakes, mts and parks
• Please see comments above - all my reasons for
moving here 17 years ago.
• When traveling elsewhere it’s easy to say I live in
Vernon. Most people recognize it and say positive
things. That does make me proud.
• I’ve moved away and came back so it’s hard to
take a lot of pride in moving back in with your
parents in your hometown after wanted to get
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
out so badly, the city is a little too small for me
personally after living in the big cities.
• This community cares about its people - get
involved and you will feel more “belonged”. (There
is a new word for you!)!
• We bought down by Kin Beach in a mobile home
park. We walk a lot and I can not believe how
people are allowed to leave their lots of land so
messy! No matter how good we take care of our
area, others who own property and possibly don’t
live there it becomes an eye sore. And it appears
that it is okay to do that!!
• Vernon has passed the point of being a small
town and is not yet a big town. I don’t want to
encourage more people to live here.
• not for the social aspect of our community but
for the beautiful landscapes which encompass
the Okanagan, I have pride in our hills, lakes, and
forest but I am ashamed of the litter and careless
behavior that is destroying those things.
• there is no community.... too low education
• Mostly because of the climate and recreational
• Its a nice place to live, friendly people, nice
• for the above reasons
• Because of all the attractions and amenities
available in this area.
• A progressive open minded environment
• great place.
• Everybody wants to retire/live in the OK
• strong sense of community
• Because so much of this community runs
on volunteer effort, because our neighbors
keep an eye out for each other, because food,
entertainment and social networks are easy to
access, and because the area is beautiful.
• lots of reasons
• its rural and feels small town which is nice
• because it is heaven compared to the lower
• area specific
• Downtown could be improved.
• The climate, lack of traffic, and natural beauty of
the region combine to make it a wonderful place
to live.
• Beautiful, lush, friendly.
• it is beautiful, walkable and friendly
• it’s a beautiful place to live and my quality of life
is great
• Lumby has a great sense of community, the
people here are friendly and welcoming! We take
pride in our own local resources and support
locally wherever possible.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• friendly small town
• Positive community
• I’m proud to say I’m in Bella Vista, but ashamed of
the hash of the subdivision on the Rise. I’m proud
to say I’m in the North Okanagan but ashamed
of the pettiness of government and the grinding
poverty, not just economic but of imagination. So,
it’s all more complex than your question allows.
Your question is predicated on personal feelings.
It’s the community I care about.
• Armstrong is a lovely community. We were looking
to get back to our small town, agricultural roots
when we chose to move here in 1998. In the
years since we have lived here, Armstrong has not
disappointed. Great place to raise our 4 kids.
• We really have the best of all seasons; we are an
outdoor wonderland with hiking, fishing, camping,
snowmobiling, skiing and wildlife viewing all within
minutes to an hour away. The terrain and history
is also great!
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• Armstrong is a place of pride. Friendly people walk
and greet others as they go about their day. We
can walk to everything we need in town.
• It is a very friendly community great outdoor
activities, strong art community, lots of great
restaurants & vineyards & farmers/markets
• with the exception of the RDNO rules. Otherwise,
we have a very nice community.
• Armstrong is a nice little town, just like every other
little town.
• we have no fire protection, pay seperate for
garbage pick up, pay for sewage removal, even
though we pay for Vernon’s new facility on our
land taxes,We have no dog control, every one
cares way too much about the river. Call the
Enderby police for problems and the Sicamous
detachment responds when they get around to
it. Where exactly are we in the location of area F.
We follow NORD’s guidelines for building permits,
when they want an attached garage and not a
seperate one, because they only have one idea
of what a city house looks like compared to a
country house.
• I love the Armstrong area. This area has
everything my husband and I want.
• We like our neighbours but everyone minds their
own business.I don’t approve of some of the going
ons but it doesn’t interfere with my life.
• As I have mentioned above, I believe that this is a
very good area to raise a family. I have heard that
it is getting harder for the younger generation to
obtain suitable employment and be able to afford
housing now, especially buying a first home.
• Good place to live
• City of Vernon needs to have a clean up Vernon
campaign as it is beautiful here but grass and
weeds sometimes prevail and garbage is allowed
to be an unwelcome sight in places. Beautify
the entry from the south and from the north into
the city. We enjoy the people here and like the
community but can see some of these factors
hindering growth.
• clean,lots to do
• We live where others come for vacations. We have
it all!
• coming from Europe I feel at home here
• rual feel but close to ammenaties
• For the most part is like living in a small rural
town. Friendly people.
• Gods country Good weather Mild and shorter
winters Defined seasons
• Need to go to Kelowna for many more fine dining
options and waterfront enjoyment.
• Strong community spirit and cooperation.
• Because of the natural beauty surrounding the
• I presently brag about my community and its
• I encourage people to move to this paradise.
• -increasing culturally and social vibrancy, i.e. farmers markets, community events -expanding
awareness of and access to local production,
manufacturing, farming, services, etc.
• its very nice, walking around downtown, and able
to say hello/good morning to strangers. and its
fairly good community!
• I’m proud of the natural features such as the
lakes and hiking trails.
• Very nice scenery with the lakes and valley,
beaches, skill hill.
• As noted above. :)
• governance relationships have improved, we
have three lakes and lovely creeks/rivers running
through,we have great outdoor recreation
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
amenities, we have good civic programs, services
and facilities, people care and crime isn’t visible
• Haven’t been here long enough. Does not feel like
“home” yet.
• Who wouldn’t be proud to live here? It’s gorgeous
in the summer and tolerable in the winter!
• In my sector there is a strong history of working
• We have a forward thinking group of city and
regional staff.
• It’s a beautiful community that many would love to
relocate to.
• the people who live here are very connected with
one another so it feels like a real community
• I find Vernon area to be extremely friendly and
happy. The community comes together for so
many events it feels like a big family. It is full of
people that know how lucky we are to live here.
• The Okanagan is a desireable place to live
because of the recreation opportunities and
the weather. I feel fortunate to have found a
professional position and be able to live here to
enjoy the lifestyle.
• Coldstream is beautiful and a great place to live.
Has a good vibe.
• Great downtown core (not a city of strip malls,
like Kelowna), great seafood store (Kettle of Fish),
Performing arts centre, Powerhouse Theatre,
Towne Theatre, new library, new sports facility,
• The Okanagan is a great place to live. We are
lucky with the work that is put in to make it
beautiful and liveable.
• I am involved in activities that I am proud of,
but someone who didn’t get involved in some
way would probably feel very loose ties to their
• great neighbors
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• there is no community out here life in different
cultures and in contact back and foward, such
a poor community as we have is seldom to see
overregulated, there is no space for anybody to
do anything logical pot growers everywhere but
otherwise not too much to see
• Small friendly community, still country folks with
limited politicians!
• same as comment in “rate the region” question
• When I say where i’m from the reaction is
immediately about the outdoor activities, not the
cultural, economic or political impact of the area.
• It’s naturally beautiful, you, the govt has nothing
to do with it.
• small-town friendliness, surrounding beauty
• See above comment
• Because of the outdoor lifestyle and lack of traffic
congestion. It is easy to find parking, go shopping,
can get everything we need. The schooling is also
excellent. (Coldstream Elementary).
• Everyone loves the okanagan for all of the year
round activities and great weather.
• Air quality, green space
• can we please amalgamate to one community we all use the same amenities and we could be so
much better off
• While there are drawbacks to living in a rural
environment (transportation, jobs), the benefits
of its beauty, nice people, varied arts and culture
tend to outweigh those drawbacks.
• We have a wonderfully friendly community. One in
which people care for one another and help one
another out.
• See my comments above
• People outside of Vernon have a somewhat
negative opinion of it. I’ve heard it called a
“hick town” or “armpit of the Okanagan” and
worse. When a job opportunity came up here
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
we considered other places first, but ended up
moving here because we didn’t want to commute.
We’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s
a really nice town and will be looking to buy a
house in the next year or so. So, to answer the
question...I tell people we live here but always
follow with “but it’s a nice town!”
• There are many nice places to live internationally,
the Okanagan is one of many.
• Vernon has always had a negative attitude - not in
my back yard.
• very friendly people live here.
• A great place with a strong sense of community.
People are very friendly.
• Spallumcheen is pro agriculture, lots of farming
and green space
• compared to quality of life in the lower mainland
,the Okanagan is hard to beat
• Cherryville has a history of standing up for what
they believe is best for their community and its
future generations . It has an intact sense of
• I’m not proud to live here, but blessed, when I
think of the uproar that people have to live in
elsewhere in Canada, not to mention in other
• outdoor opportunities, natural beauty, decent
weather, safe community, good shopping
• Nice place in the summer, terrible in the winter.
Not much for employment at living wages. Hard to
explain that there are so many governments for so
few people.
• It is a beautiful place to live, but what comes with
it, I would tell people to go elsewere.
• Enderby has strived to keep a healthy,
comfortable and safe community to live in
• I like Lumby. but we do have to do most activities
in vernon
• I suppose my only negative thought with regards
to this questions is just that Vernon is growing
fast, and the urban sprawl of the houses is slowly
making the rural feel of it’s surrounding area
disappear. Perhaps concentrating development in
the city/town core would help preserve Vernon’s
rural surroundings, which is what many people
loved about Vernon. (As opposed to Kelowna
which has grown into this endless sprawling city.)
• I love living here since there is so much
recreational choice.
• some work done on transportation options/
housing, bike lanes,...
• It is a beautiful place because of the scenery,
nature, climate and lakes. It is also a great place
for lifestyle and raising children because so many
things are easily accessible.
• Health care.
• Great weather
• Armstrong and area is a beautiful place with lots
of caring people who volunteer ( not making the
big bucks) to make it a good place to live.
• Our quality of life is enviable. People are friendly
and welcoming. Our children can grow up strong
and healthy here.
• I am still proud of our beautiful area but am also
embarassed by thoughtless planning.
• I have become embarassed by thoughtless
development that is readily apparent in some
parts of our area and I think it is more apparent
because it is so contrary to the beauty around it.
• No one really knows of Vernon when compared to
the name Kelowna!
• i am in good employment as i have been with
company 25 years and have no morgage,lucky i
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• A great combination of natural beauty and
recreational opportunities. A fine place to set
down roots, raise a family and live my life.
• We travel widely and realize that the Okanagan
is a beautiful part of the world that must be
preserved for future generations.
• I am happy to live here, but because my family is
here. If my children found work and had to move
away from the area, I can’t think of anything
extraordinary that would prevent me from relocating.
• The small city atmosphere
• clean friendly close to all amenities low crime rate
low taxes graet weather
• the weather is the only factor that brings people
• Leadership embarrassingly unimaginative.
• We are have the very best in recreation, weather,
and winter sports facilities.
• I feel proud because anyone I’ve ever met
who has come here raves over the beauty and
accessibility to outdoor activities and natural
resources (forests, rivers, lakes, etc.) to be found
here without travelling very far.
• lakes and mountains
• It’s. beautiful part of the world. Vernon is still like
a small town, but has everything we need here.
• Vernon is an accentuation of the have and have
nots. I am in the middle and I see many of my
friends slipping into the have nothing zone. They
are increasingly relying on me for transportation,
housing, and entertainment which affects my
• While Vernon has been good to me and my
children, it reminds me of a depressed relative, in
comparison to the other Okanagan centres in the
valley. Take a drive to either lake and try to view it
as if you are seeing it for the first time...it’s not a
pretty drive. Our downtown looks like a patchwork
quilt of the different city councils; the art gallery
and museum seem symbolic of the pride we
take...one in a parkade, the other in a very dated
and small building. One only has to walk around
downtown Kelowna to see the possibility a little
foresight could have...Vernon has and is missing
the boat.
• look around
• Kelowna gets too much attention. North
Okanagan needs to have more reps.to the outside
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• i like vernon, still has small town feel as it grows,
• It’s a great place to live and work, but the key
word is work, most young people have to leave the
north okanagan to find jobs
• A beautiful place
• Seen as a healthy place to live by outsiders.
• Too many homeless and street people
• Beautiful area
• For the same reason as above. Neglected street
• simply a nice part of the world to live
• All the things we wanted when we retired were
here in this area.
• Because it is a great place, and people are
• Proud of my culture and heritage. I am Okanagan
• The area is beautiful but I would never promote
the area for work.
• Family
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• people are friendly and there are many volunteer
orgs to help keep you busy
• weather (most of the time),summer/winter rec,4
seasons,virtually no mosquitos,
• I was born and raised here and have loved it
all my life. I am distressed by how crowded
and seasonal it has become and how the old
Vernonites are suffering with the increased costs
of our land but I still think it is one of the most
beautiful places on earth
• Pride based on association is borne out of
feelings that the community is managed with
a proper degree of consideration towards the
citizens needs and sensible preferences. That
emphasis is often barely visible in the decisions
coming from the City Hall.
• Naturally beautiful place to live
• It is the best place to retire
• Reasonable pace of life, “just right” population,
competitive shopping environment, medical
services availability, lots of outdoor recreation
options (including Silver Star in winter).
• Nearly all of my friends who used to live here and
come back to visit say that they dislike coming
here. I believe this is simply because there is
nothing for young people to do.
• no one knows how to use the 4 way stop at the
cop shop corner.....why is this not fixed !!!!!
• Because my community reflects who I am
• this is a nice small quiet place to live. we don’t
need any assholes!!!!
• Raising children where everyone knows each
other and watches out for each other.
• Resources not managed on a long term
basis, municipal gov. not saving for long term
infrastructure needs. Only lipservice paid to our
beautiful natural setting.
• There exists a feeling of community...people
helping people, amongst the ‘senior’ demographic
for sure. This is centre’d on the Schubert Centre
and other such facilities.
• I think that Vernon is a great place to live but
more needs to be done to make it an affordable
place. It is difficult to see the changes that has
happened to Vernon since I was a child.
• Most people are envious!
• i am always proud of our city even when we dont
do things right.
• I find Armstrong a very benevolent community and
enjoy that I can go in any one of four directions
and find something to show friends and relatives
who visit.
• Vernon has a lot to offer. Safe place to live.
• poor job opportunities poor health care options
• There is nothing to be proud about. It is not safe
to be a pedestrain in this town because drivers to
not pay attention. The police do nothing about the
terrible drivers.
• I don’t think most people (here and outside the
area) respect and appreciate what we have here.
• It’s a nice place. It can be hard to get a job, but
it’s nice here.
• Because it is an awesome place and it’s the best
• Because we have 4 seasons
• It is a fabulous community, very connected for the
most part.
• We have the sun and mountains.
• Silly Question
• People are very helpful and friendly
• Because it is kind of lame
• Great all-round place to live, not too big, not too
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Not much of a “Vernon” identity.
• As I go for walks (more recently as I am retired
in the City), I admire the old trees and am quite
happy with the cleanliness of our streets.
• Like most communities it is struggling and too
many people are reluctant to come together to
address their community issues.
• People are very friendly! Kind to one another.
• Awesome weather and recreational opprotunities
• Love to live here.
• The positive social circles I am involved with
• For health and wealth!
• It is a beautiful region. Unfortunately very few
know of it. To mmake a community and region
grow it is important to promote it.
• I love the skiing and swimming here - as well as
access to the outdoors.
• We have worked hard as a community to improve
amenities and other village options.
• Beautiful weather
• Can’t explain
• The people are extremely friendly
• Love Vernon. It’s like a magnet.
• Because I love the country
• A lot more resources (mostly for women).
• Beautiful mountains, lakes, nice people
• It’s nice.
• Beautiful place to work
• Here is a beautiful and attractive city but there are
not many entertainments and work opportunities.
• Sunny Okanagan
• Its a nice town to live in
• Because no one knows where Lumby is
• I like where I live
• Not many amenities
• Because I love it here - its a small community with
wonderful people
• I like it here in Lumby, although I find that
sometimes the community can be a bid ridiculous
(don’t seem to want to bring in work opprotunities)
• Social aspects, feeling of belonging
• While I enjoy the North Okanagan, I believe
Enderby is in desperate need of improvement.
• Friendly, helpful neighbours. Lots to do
(exercising, walking, golfing, boating).
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• It’s a beautiful place.
• Because I like this town!
• I don’t really care.
• People from Kelowna that I know make fun of
• Because Vernon isn’t too big of a city.
• It’s a good place to live.
• There isn’t as much here as I need to live.
• It is a nice area with great views.
• It has its pros and cons.
• I like living in Vernon.
• Because there’s nothing entertaining here.
• I don’t really care about what people think about
where I live.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• Beautiful summer place, Can find lots of natural
• Because it’s nice.
• It is small enough that I know a signifigant
number of the population and I can make a
noticable difference
• Not a fan of small cities.
• Because of how pretty it looks especially with all
the mountains around us.
• I love Vernon! I live close to town and I can walk
• A beautiful and healthy environment; OCP reflects
concerns and values of the citizens; concerns for
sustainablity; sports, cultural, agricultural value
and opprotunties; local government concern and
• It’s a great place to live
• Nice place, beautiful country.
• Beautiful vistas everywhere you look
• Because it’s awesome where I live. It’s gorgeous
and I love living here.
• I don’t care enough that I would brag about where
I live.
• It’s nice close to lakes, nice neighbourhood.
• Because of the weather, nice scenery, lots of
parks, lakes. People friendly in general
• Because it is beautiful and peaceful.
• Just living in the Okanagan is great, because of
the scenery and people.
• It is nice here.
• Rural Areas
• It’s a pretty nice place to live with the lakes etc.
• Because I love our nature
• Culturally and socially indiverse - conservative
(liberal) old people
• Because it’s a nice community
• It is very friendly; we have lots of volunteers. We
have paths and a paved Riverwalk, pool, arena
and beautiful scenery.
• Personally, it’s a beautiful place to live.
• Because I’m happy with it.
• Not too big of a deal.
• I mean British Columbia, Canada.
• Coldstream yes, Vernon no! It has degraded over
the years - now I feel it is shabby: big box stores,
dollar stores, pawn shops, money lenders, fast
food outlets, etc. Loiterers on every corner and
• I love Vernon: hot beautiful weather, nice beaches.
What else would you ask for?
• Why not?
• Not proud but not embarrassed.
• Everyone is nice and polite.
• I think Vernon is the best area of the North
• It’s a beautiful place with lakes and hills and
cultural activities - Performing Arts Centre,
theatre, choral groups, birding and nature.
• It is an immensely generous community and
although not many big industries the ones here
are very community-minded. Good city planning,
• I feel neutral, it’s not the best but not the worst.
• Small, need help and security and resources that
WCRC of Lumby provided.
• It’s a beautiful place to live.
• It’s a wonderful place to raise kids.
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• It’s a beautiful area which is why I’ve made the
conscious decision to stay in this area even
though lack of employment opportunities are
• Because I think it’s a wonderful place to live. A lot
of good people.
• It’s beautiful here.
• Good people.
• It’s a beautiful place to live.
• Don’t care.
• Because
• I don’t care
• It’s very small compared to where I’m originally
• I love the Okanagan.
• It’s beautiful outdoors
• I like where I live
• I like to learn new cultural. They can raise my
• The neighbours are all friendly and the area is
beautiful. Green, rich grass, open fields, tall trees,
• Because I love this area
• Everybody is friendly and welcoming.
• Because it is awesome and I was born here.
• Vernon does not have a good reputation.
• Because I love living here and it’s beautiful.
• I don’t care
• Because it’s fun
• Good
• Because I feel that we have a great community
and we are friendly and welcoming.
• It’s a good place to live
• Because it’s a beautiful place.
• Cause it’s a nice place.
• Because it is a small town and not a lot to do.
• Because it is a very close knit community.
• Proud of living in such a beautiful place.
• I don’t really care.
• Because Vernon doesn’t have much or as big as
other places (needs more stores)
• The Okanagan is a nice, beautiful area.
• Because it’s nice.
• Vernon is beautiful and all, but it has a bad
reputation (drugs).
• Fun
• Canada is awesome.
• Because it’s Canada and we are an amazing
• It’s great for the most part, other than taxes and
job opportunities.
• I think it is very nice here because of lakes and
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• It’s such a beautiful place to live I’m proud to live
• It’s beautiful here.
• Because it’s a very beautiful place
• It’s not like a brag or talk about where with others
because kids don’t talk about those kind of
• Awesome place to live!
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• I am already proud to be a Canadian but I also
love Vernon because I like the social and cultural
• Vernon is an incredibly beautiful, relaxed and
peaceful town
• Because it’s awesome.
• Because the Okanagan is very pretty.
• It’s safe and small
• I love it here
• Because it is a very pretty city
• I love where I live
• I’m not sure
• Cause no one real cares where you live any more.
• It’s beautiful and the people are good. For the
most part life here is quiet and there are no
drastic changes.
• Because it’s a great place to live.
• Because Vernon isn’t as exciting as it can be!
• It’s not a shit hole.
• The people are nice.
• It sucks!
• It’s warm here (most of the time)
• Beautiful
• Because it’s beautiful and friendly
• Because it is a great community.
• I enjoy living in Vernon but I do plan to move.
• It’s a very nice place to be in the summer.
• I know I live in a beautiful place which makes me
proud but I’m not very proud of how the young
people are treated here, like a burden a lot of the
• It’s a beautiful place to live and some good
• What’s so great about Vernon…It’s almost
impossble to like it unless you’re retired.
• Vernon is friendly but it’s not diverse and you
don’t see a lot of different people/things.
• Because though there isn’t many opportunities for
kids, I still love the Okanagan!
• I like this community and would like it if people
come here.
• I love the okanagan I think it’s an amazing place.
• Cuz Lumby is so peaceful
• Because it is a good community
• To me it’s just another place.
• Because I love it out here.
• Beautiful scenery, lakes, wineries, orchards, etc.
• It’s a nice place to live
• Geography is incredible people are very friendly
and generous with donations for people less
• Because this is where I am raised and also I love
to explore more of BC
• Because it’s the Okanagan
• It’s small and have few play things but it’s nice to
• Forest is close by
• I wish parts of it had a more attractive outer
appearance - especially Whitevale and Mabel
Lake roads exiting Lumby.
• It is a beautiful part of Canada
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• The people, the seasons. We have rivers and
lakes to swim, mountains to ski
• I love the feel of the small town but I get bored
• Vernon lacks some energy and employment
options. Great lakes and weather though.
• It’s a unique and welcoming community nestled in
a sunny valley. Our tourism season is what defines
• My farm isolates me somewhat from developers
• We have everything we need!
• Climate, scenery, ski hill, lakes, performaing arts
centre, trails
• Beautiful area
• It’s just another community
• It’s awesome here
• We have everything my family and I love to do
• It’s a pretty radical place to live.
• Neutral opinion
• I neither am proud nor discontent living here
• Nothing to do here
• I am happy
• Because it’s very nice here, and we have good
weather in the summer time. Most people are
nice towards other.
• I live in a safe community that is respectful of
where they live
• In the Okanagan yes, I feel proud to live in, but
specifically in Vernon no.
• I don’t really like the city since we have nothing in
this town and there isn’t much opportunity.
• Because I love it here.
• Because it’s a very beautiful place and there are
some opportunities.
• Is fine. Nothing too exciting. Nothing I’d like to
brag about.
• It’s beautiful
• It’s pretty cool and lots of people like it
• Unfriendly. Rich-poor no middle capability. Wages
low. Businesses undercutting locals, too much
casual and p/t. Nothing for my kids to look
forward to.
• Love Nature
• Needs small tweaks
• Beautiful scenery and surrounding lakes
• It’s a great place to live and grow up but incredibly
hard to find a good job and post-secondary
• Coldstream is a beautiful place to live
• I don’t feel there is a strong “community”. Rather
just a place where I live. Don’t feel connected to
the people here.
• It’s a nice place
• Beautiful place but nothing to do
• It’s kind of boring and not well known
• I don’t really care, don’t think about it
• The town is nice
• Not too special
• It’s a beautiful place to live
• I miss Vancouver
• It’s small compared to cities like Vancouver
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• It’s a place better than some, worse than others
• Why would I lie?
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community?
• It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth in
my eyes
• Because it’s my country there are great people
• Because Vernon is awesome amazing place to live
• It’s a nice place to live, and decently safe
• good place
• sometimes I don’t like small town
• Its good
• it’s a nice community and its beautiful here
• Because it is great
• Because I’m cool like that
• I know know
• because nothing to do
• It’s boring
• Its beautiful
• I live in a nice place where it’s a great place to
start a family
• generally a good place to live
• There’s a nice view from every direction
• Nothing to do here with friends
• Okanagan is the best
• Cause its pretty
• Why would I feel pride about that.
• Because Davidson’s orchards. And Silverstar, and
Electribles (the record store downtown)
• It’s a nice place to live.
• Nice area
• beautiful and safe
• I’m not worried about it
• I live near the men’s shelder and I live near a lot
of pot smokers and pot heads.
• I like it here
• It’s not a topic I focus on
• I like all th ebeaches, nice people, but I would like
more things to do, like mall, go karting
• I don’t really care to tell people.
• It’s a nice, safe community.
• It’s better (safer) than my old community.
• many people are reduced to living on the streets
whereas I have been priviledged to live in a nice
house where it’s warm and sunny
• There’s nothing wrong with it, however it isnt
anything special either
• because it isnt the best place
• vernon’s awesome
• Because it’s really nice, beautiful, welcoming
• it’s a good place
• Because it is such a nice place to live
• it is small and there isnt much to do
• Cause vernon’s a good town
• because vernon is a really pretty place to live but
should be less expensive
• It is very nice
• Because it’s a nice town
• People are nice, good parks and outdoor stuff
• I don’t feel bad but its not the worst place on
Why do you feel proud (or not) to tell people you live in your community? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• because it’s a neutral community (?)
• It’s considered a nice area
• Its not really a bad community
• Because it’s nice here
• where I live; everyone knows each other and we
have a get together at the beach every year
• Sports
• because it is a good place that I’m sure almost
anyone would want to live in
• it’s a community that needs improvement in
• I tell but it is a smalltown
• because there are positive and negative things
about the okanagan
• Beautiful place
• It’s a nice place to live and has nice people
• Cause they’re nice
• It’s a good place to live and raise a family, things
to do year round
• its amazing
• Its nice
• I think vernon is a lucky place to be; for example
silver star ski and snowboard resort
• vernon is nice
• because its beautiful here
• Nice outdoor places
• coldstream is a community close to parks and not
too far from vernon
• Not a lot to offer young families - feels like older
• It’s an ok place
• I feel safe here.
• It’s nice, but we need more income
• Because it’s nice
• I don’t feel proud because we are almost over
taxed and when we need stuff the government
won’t build it.
• because we have great sport programs - beautiful
seasons good people and opportunities
• It’s nice
• People don’t really care
• It’s a nice place to live
• Boring town
• We live in beautiful british columbia
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• it’s a beautiful place to live. Very (usually)polite
and tight knit
• very beautiful
• Great climate, but only fair infrastructure roads
are rutty and hot holes!
• Too small, make it bigger, and make it more
• Because of the environment with both.
• We have a great and strong community/friendly
• Mediocre
• Because it’s a beautiful area; warm, sunny, with
lots of lakes
• Vernon is a beautiful place to live. However, not
overly unique
• Beautiful: 2 amazing lakes
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
• It’s very small and not what I’m used to. And
there’s lots of violence and drugs.
• It is a good peaceful place to live
• Because I was born here
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
Figure 4. Responses to the question “How long do you expect to be living in your community?”
• Kelowna has better health care systems. We will
be moving there to make our parents’ end of life
care easier and then ours.
• My children can go to univeresity
• Still here now, so inertia says I will likely keep
staying here!
• If we ever move again it will be too soon.
• We both have good solid jobs and are raising
our family here so we intend to stay. The political
system frustrates us to the point of considering
• Raising a family here and will likely stay because
extended family here and LOTS of opportunities
for young kids.
• I plan on retirement here.
• Expect to retire within the next five years. Will
move to a more rural area where it isn’t so busy
and expensive to live.
• Would like to relocate to Oyama
• Raising two small children
• Looking to purchase housing in a more affordable
• Husband retiring as youngest graduating from
high school this year and we will be moving to our
cabin on Okanagan Lake near Fintry.
• Leaving as soon as we can afford to
• Hope I can afford to retire here.
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Relocated here to ‘make a difference’ in this
community, and have since realized what a great
challenge this is going to be
• If by community you mean North Okanagan, then
yes, 5+yrs, if by community you mean Middleton
Mtn, then possibly not. Always looking at options
to live closer to town, or closer to either lake.
• Where else can u ski swim and work all in the
same day!
• I plan on moving to Kelowna next summer
• I may have to leave my family here as we are
unable to sell our home for anywhere near what
we paid for it, but there is so little work here I
am headed to Alberta in order to provide for my
• Best in Canada for - weather, recreation, activities
• Yes, we will live here for a few more years but
Vernon is not a good place to be really old.
• It is home, but not happy with how it is growing
and do not see opportunities here for youth..
• I cannot imagine why we would move from here
to another location in BC or western Canada
considering that we moved here from greater
• Only if I can find sustainable employment,.
• Not sure if we want to stay...lack of opportunity...
• Suites the life style
• Job.
• I plan to die here!!
• As long as I can find decent work here. If there is
no work, I know I will have to move away. I really
want to avoid moving away.
• I love it here and I am surrounded by friends
who are supportive. They are also committed to
building a supportive community.
• Hopefully this will be the last place I live.
• I love living and working her in my community and
I plan on changing very little
• My whole family is here and the North Okanagan
is a wonderful place to live.
• I can’t afford to sell my house and move
elsewhere. I would be proud to live in Vernon if
there was a better cultural and food scene.
• kids still at home and in school.
• Want to keep living here, but if the job
opportunities do not open up soon, I will have to
move in order to support my family.
• Because I live here
• Looking for other opportunities.
• We plan to stay here at least until the kids are out
of school (approx another 18 years at this point).
However, depending on work opportunities, etc,
you never know!
• I do not beleive I can continue to afford to live
here for much longer.It is way too clicky and
couple/family oriented for a single person.
• employment
• Answer is largely in the hands of Father Time.
• Will be kept here with work. One or two years for
sure, perhaps more.
• We are embracing our community and investing
time and money into our property for long term
• It’s a great place to raise kids & we have strong
family connections. If we didn’t have children, we
would not be here.
• Very likely that I will be moving.
• We wouldn’t stay if we didn’t have children.
• Will retire here.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
• My daughter was born here, my house is here,
love the community.
• My family is looking at moving to a community
that reflects our values.
• The area suits our outdoor lifestyle, great support
network here. Friends who have retired here say
it’s the best place to live in Canada!
• Employment, climate and small scale of city.
• Will most-likely retire around the Vernon area.
• May need to move for employment.
• Until the children leave home for school
• I like it here.
• We have stable employment and my children are
in the formative ages - we have no plans to move
and have extended family in the area as well.
• I hope to move to Ontario or Nova Scotia.
• I chose Vernon as the place to retire; real estate
transaction costs are prohibitive.
• I’ve retired here and plan to stay.
• We do not plan to move away from Vernon
• I will have to move out if I want more opportunities
in my field.
• I HOPE to still be able to live here >5 yrs from
• My family is here and i like it here so i will never
• friends and activities are here, close to major
airport for travel
• This will be the last area I will move to.
• Not certain. I volunteer a lot but we encoutner
many political obsticales. It would be nice to live
in a community where you can be proud
• If I survive that long!
• family in this area.
• Partner has full time job and is in a 3 year training
program with it currently.
• I don’t see a need to move as long as we can
climb stairs. (30 years?)
• I plan to continue living in Vernon until we retire.
• This was a longterm move, we do not anticipate
• YES! I am now retired an need the physicians
and hospital readily available. Moving would
make that more difficult. The exception would
be if my daughter and her family had to move for
employment reasons. I would consider a move at
that time
• my hope is to retire here if i can
• Unsure what the future holds. Family is elsewhere.
• Still plan to live in our house as long as we can
look after it
• I’m less than 10 yrs to retirement. I can’t afford to
get started again. I’m hoping I can get some full
time work for the last decade of work.
• Will be here until I no longer can look after myself.
• It’s home, my work is here, why would I leave.
• Life is full of opportunites and a lot of places to
visit and maybe live when retired!!
• We’re moving up north where the work is plenty
and pay is great!
• as long as I’m healthy enough to maintain a
house in the boonies.
• We have no plans to leave this area.
• i like vernon, i can walk anywhere i need to go
• I would Not choose to live here. Ever. Finding work
is near impossible and the jobs that do become
available are almost all minimum wage positions.
Everything else, housing, food, gas and utilities
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
are fairly high...the gdp has been almost halved
in recent years. Most of the people I graduated
with have moved away for work. The only reason
I came back was becauase I was a single mom
with two young kids and I needed family help. This
is Not a good place to prosper or hope to improve
your life, the okanagan is stale, stagnate and
dead in the water.
• Currently attempting to relocate where the jobs
are...Alberta. Perhaps once retirement is an
option 35 years from now.
• Haven’t found a better place.
• The Okanagan is perfect for retirement.
• maybe this long but when my wife retires we will
have to take a long look at costs (like owning our
own home)
• can’t think of a better place in Canada to live.
• We plan to downsize and probably move back to
• I would love to live here long term if there is
continued employment for my husband and I.
• God willing
• No plans on leaving.
• As soon as my children graduate from high school
I will be leaving.
• Job is here but debating on moving to Kelowna
and commuting
• we may move homes within Vernon but will
remain within Vernon in next 5 years.
• I will live in Vernon as long as I can get adequate
medical care in my retirement years.
• until they carry me away!
• It is expensive for a family, so may relocate
somewhere more affordable
• I wish to live here until I die.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• If we live that long!
• unhappy with my townhome complex.
• Okanagan is the nicest place to live
• love everything about living here
• No desire to move from this region, weather is
great and the size of our Vernon and surrounding
areas are great
• With the uncertainty of employment, it would be
nice to continue living here, but realistically, if we
have to move for work, we would do so.
• I will die here
• I have no plans to move but if my health
deteriorates I will likely move closer to relatives.
• Very close to retirement and plan to stay and play,
original reason I moved here 8 years ago, and love
the area.
• Tnking of moving to victoria for school.
• I will stay here as long as I live
• I have no particular plans to live anywhere else at
this time.
• I go back and forth between here and Kamloops
so even if I’m not living here I will be here
• We like where we live!
• I’ve moved enough in my professional career.
They’re going to move me out of my current home
in a plywood box.
• long term affiliations and friendships as well our
kids have decided to make NO their home too in
their adult life
• love it here, love the climate and the lakes and
• Might have to move because due to lack of Work
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
• if area remains as it is
• I don’t see my family living here over the long
• The beauty of this area makes it a paradise for
outdoor lovers.
• School for my kid and my family is here.
• I expect ,y spouse to be transferred for work; not
necessarily in this area
• No, as soon as I retire I expect and hope to move
• Love the Okanagan
• job, kids in school
• Plan to retire in this area
• because my partner manages the ski area, so
we’ll be here awhile
• can not understand THAT question..I LIVE here
• but also to live south in the winter
• I have a house that we got resently. so wont be
moving out of here any time soon. and I like it
• The referendum in support of the Sort Complex
was the last straw for us. The City of Vernon is
already carrying more than enough debt and to
add millions more for this complex that isn’t even
in town, has prompted us to list our place and
look for another community to live in.
• It’s better than many places in North America,
weather-wise and scenery.
• If I can afford to stay.
• Why move? We have everything we need right
• I own a home here. My kids go to school here. I
have no plans to leave, so far.
• It took me 20 years to come home to the
Okanagan. Do you think I’m moving again? Ha!
• But will depend on the availability of good jobs.
• I will be moving to Vancouver for more artistic and
cultural opportunities.
• I would love to raise a family and retire here.
Not much could make me move, Vernon has
everything I desire and nothing that bothers me.
• Never know what can happen in your life to
change circumstances but other than something
unusual will still be here.
• We have no reason to move.
• no plans to move. As long as my employment
continues and the cost of living (mainly taxes)
doesn’t go up much we can continue to live here.
• Unless family has to relocate for employment I will
stay here.
• Financial and nice home location
• Because I want continuity and stability for my
young family.
• This is our retirment home, however, we may have
to move to a more accesible community both for
transit & medical services.
• Born and raised here, will probably never leave.
• we see no reason to move elsewhere.
• I can’t stay away from the Okanagan. Weather,
people, scenery, services, all are great.
• I’m a young professional, just starting out in my
career and I don’t have to expertise to start my
own business. The North Okanagan is a great
place to be entrepreneurial, I’m just not there yet.
• May have to leave to find work. Few job
opportunities here.
• We would hate to have to leave as we love the
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• Assuming I live that long...
• Where else is this beautiful?
• After that I will need to be closer to amenities
• will retire here in summer leave in winter
• depending if there is work
• I expect to stick around until I am finished
schooling, and most likely move back when I’m
• I have a young family and don’t have the financial
means to pack up and move. Therefore, I have no
choice but hope that employment opportunities
pick up!
• another 30 would be great!
• Looking to go elsewere. Where there are more
• Friends and family in area. Golf courses /
performing arts. Social concious community.
Future opportunities for employment ... must be
open minded.
• I retired here but miss my family. Our grown
“children” and our grandchildren are living up
north since the jobs are good and they can afford
• No changes expected.
• Have purchased a home here and have a good full
time career
• No wish to move - all amenities here - home,
friends included
• No plans to move right now.
• We love the recreational options
• My husband was born here and we will retire here.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• I will retire to the lower mainland for the cultural
• I expect to live here the rest of my life.
• We hope to stay here permanently but once my
husband retires if there is not more environmental
consideration in planning for the future of our
area we may move to a community where they
consider these as priorities.
• We had planned on staying here permanently but
if lack of sensitive and environmental planning
for the future of our area continues we may move
after my husband retires.
• Retired and equity build here, too expensive to
• Will have to move away for a job once I graduate
with my PhD in 4 years from now.
• luv the 4 seasons and am getting up in age too
• This is my home.
• Unsure, my neighbours have been recently
unfriendly since I purchased two very small dogs,
which I need for company since both my parents
are dying this year and I was unable to have
• As long as we can work here.
• I need to find a wage that can sustain me, as well
as an opportunity to pursue a career in my chosen
field. This means moving.
• I would like to stay here through retirement.
• might leave if i cannot find employment
• I have no reason to move anywhere else. I am
happy with Dr,s etc, area,I was born in Vancouver
and lived 12 years in California in my30’s, but
Here is contentment
• May move better better job possibilities
• will be here till I pass on, my husband was born
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
• it has what we need for retirement.
• we plan on never moning from vernon
• I will retire here
• unless i die s before then
• Depending on number of factors
• because my work is here
• Like it here
• I’m a senior and paying a mortgage.
• may retire elsewhere to be closer to family
• May move nearer to family
• happy with all that is available for extra curricular
activities and not planning on moving.
• I go to University in Ontario. When I graduate
I plan on coming back to the Okanagan. I am
currently back for the summer.
• If I can make it financially.
• Hopefully longer than 1 year, but sometimes life
throws us curveballs.
• I will probably be moving to Vancouver or New
• Why would I leave this community has everything
a person could want.
• I do not expect to be staying in Vernon for much
longer. There is nothing to offer, too many stores
are closing and the city council are running this
town into the ground.
• I would like to live here at least until retirement
• would probably have to move to smaller, more
accessible housing; closer to amenities like
shopping, medical care, etc.
• When our child graduates, we’re out of here to
find better jobs.
• Lived here my whole life so far.
• Travel and climate
• Friends and my children enjoy coming back
• I expect and hope to die in this community. The
N Okanagan Hospice is a jewel of senior love and
• I like living here and my family are here
• I was born and raised here and hope to live here
for as long as possible.
• This is home, good job, family is here.
• they’re going to carry me out of here in a plywood
• as long as I can find good work I will stay
• i love it here even if jobs are hard to come by and
we are leaning more to the retirement side of
• I like where I am and have no want or need
to move. I like that there is a strong sense of
community in the North Okanagan, although
condensed into many small pockets. I would like
to see the different community groups come
together and be more active in supporting the
growth of the region. Working together towards a
common goal would solidify the community and
make the North Okanagan more memorable.
• Employment/travel options.
• Aging can never be predicted
• We have deceided to raise our family here (as
long as we can afford to stay)
• Job
• I plan to go nowhere
• Close family ties, hope to retire with current
How long do you expect to be living in your community and why? | YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE
• My roots are well established plus deceased
family members are here!
• It’s pretty much everything I need in a nice, small
• All my family live here.
• Family ties.
• Sons live here
• Because we think it’s te best area.
• I am!! (Did not fill in a circle - cancer mentioned
• I have no plans to leave before I die.
• Vernon is good to me and I love my church.
• I expect in 10-15 years we will need more
supportive living arrangements and there seems
to be that kind of development going on. I hope
transit can be expanded so there is a possibility of
staying where we are.
• Because of family.
• Beautiful safe place to live
• Because I love where I am.
• Nature, the lake
• Recently moved to lower rent building.
• I want to travel and raise a family around the
• (Did not choose an option). Not sure. Would like to
spend more time in the city.
• I like it.
• I need time to graduate from here. And it is a good
place to study second language.
• It may take this period of time for me to either
move or for changes to be implemented.
• I want to travel.
• My roots are here and I love it.
• Can’t afford to live here without a fulltime
paycheque. Cost of living and taxes too high.
• Because I have been living here for 10 years and
Vernon/North Okanagan has best weather year
round of anywhere in Canada.
• University.
• Quality of life
• No tired of Vernon
• Why move.
• See above
• I will leave for school, and possibly for a career,
but I plan on coming back.
• Not moving!
• Yes, if we have work. No - we will move if not.
• No reason to move!
• We love skiing accessibility, hiking, walking trails
• school/work
• Can we afford to stay? Where will my kids be able
to get work (meaningful, lasting, $)?
• Own my home
• Outdoor lifestyle
• Moving for more affordable places. Maybe I come
back. Depends on housing market.
• More possibilities, family here
• I don’t want to move.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• My youngest son done school
• I love living where I live now.
YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE | How long do you expect to be living in your community and why?
• Going to college, but who knows
• I’m not entirely certain
• Moving to university in September.
• No, no job opportunities in Vernon.
• Job opportunities are poor.
• no
• Move away for retirement
• leaving from postsecondary education
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan? | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan?
Figure 5.
Responses to the question “What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan?”
• beautiful natural environment
• beaches, golf and apples
• small town that has become over built and to
compact for all the traffic and sprawl
• we need green hills as much as we need green
development. dense developments in city centres,
open spaces around the edges.
• lakes and potential for beautiful recreatoin
• snow, water and beach :)
• we are known for our lakes, golfing and skiing.
tourism is the second largest industry. provide
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
more opps for people to camp at the lakes, more
camp sites required.
• small urban in a rural neighbourhood
• lots of lakes and camp grounds, hotels,
restaurants etc
• along with rural atmosphere i feel that farming
and farm lands is very closely linked.
• it’s got something for everyone!
• lakes bordered by huge houses
• variety of things to do and the best quality of life
in a ‘small town’
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan?
• closed businesses, roads filled with potholes,
alberta license plates
• best in canada for - weather, recreation, activities
• the camping, water sports and skiing.
• dryland hillsides and lakes
• lakes, sun, and wineries. i guess to some degree
the rural aspect. when we first moved here i
couldn’t get over the litter in peoples yards, and in
the city etc. the recycling program does not accept
nearly the amount that it should. there are cities
where people are required to recycle, and it would
be nice to see that here. look at the vancouver
waste systems, people (especially businesses)
get fined for recyclable items in the garbage. we
live in too beautiful of a place to take for granted.
keep the waste to a minimum. - that’s my rant :)
really though, this is important and needs to be
looked at.
• would rather check villages and cities w a small
town feel
• lakes and beaches
• small town kid
• we love the green and open spaces and the small
town feel of armstrong. without the farm lands
and farming, the open spaces would be gone as
it is around kelowna with its infamous “pizza pie”
subdivisions, and increasingly vernon’s sprawl. we
were drawn to the green of the north okanagan,
not the sage brush drylands. without active
farming, there wouldn’t be the exciting farmers’
markets. the small communities can thank their
farmers for the beautiful landscape, and for the
solid community feel to the towns. farmers, and
farm values made these communities and still
exist as long as the farmers can.
• having space for living, being in the outdoors
quickly but still having most of the amenities
reasonably close by
• lakes!!!
• they all apply except for urban experience. love
the laid back lifestyle.
• it is a series of small town
• transition from rural, environment conscious to
urban communication conscious
• coming from a larger city, i like the feel and
the friendliness of the people i have met in the
smaller towns
• efforts should be made to avoid the destruction
of the beauty of the okanagan by increasing
• love lumby days, falkland stampede, the pumpkin
fest in armstrong.
• lakes, mountains and pastoral views...naturally
• i support nocs (north okanagan cycling society)
• enderby and district provide the amenities i
• kalamalka beach, kin beach and silver star
• boating
• there is no anonymity
• difficult question. ‘first image that comes to mind’
is a mix of urban experience trying to overtake
rural atmosphere - seemingly endless tug-of-war.
• swimming in the lakes.
• would’ve been nice to have an option that spoke
to first nations heritage and community here (and
throughout the survey)
• lakes and mountains
• poverty stricken and deprived communities with a
few profitable farms dotted among a lot of losing
ones. the majority of those appear to be just
convenient write-offs for lawyers and accountants
who live elsewhere.
• it takes a very short period of travel and then you
are outdoors.
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan? | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• i think of the lakes
• not fair to restrict to one choice!!
• small town feel with kelowna close enough for the
big city when we need it
• not difficult to get out in nature
• because so many people living in the okanagan
have to go up north for work our community
although rural and beautiful does not really feel
like a wholesome small town. when the men all
leave for weeks or even months at a time to work
in oil and gas industry up north you essential all
left with a lot of families that resemble single
mother typed households.
• it is all about agriculture.
• armstrong is a farming community
• i should be able to chose all those options.
• which is really similar in my mind with rural
atmosphere, farming and outdoor recreation
• we chose vernon because of it’s vibrant city core,
and small town feel, not to mention it being in a
picturesque valley.
• i would like to include more answers then that
though as i think of farm land, green space,
outdoor recreation and close community equally
with my other choice.
• lake side, lots of lakes around here.
• 4 seasons, lakes, mountains
• all of the above - except urban experience.
however that is a good thing not to think about.
• i would describe rural atmosphere for coldstream.
for the rest of the northok i would describe it as
behind the times and run down.
• i love the lakes and scenery
• traffic volume!
• i like bumping into friends and acquaintances
when i’m out and about.
• weather, nice summers and cool winters. not too
extreme either way.
• how great to look around us and see the hills and
trees and the orchards so close at hand plus all
the plant life that thrives in this valey.
• fields of various crops planted and harvested
by the energetic farmer and gardens aplenty by
those growing their own food or some to market
and share
• and lakes
• unfortunately, although vernon thinks like a small
town, it isn’t; the population fo the vernon and
vicinity is 50 thousand people.
• thriving community potential
• the first “image” that comes to mind is the natural
beauty of the ok. but the great part of it is it is
combine with urban and recreational amenities
and the whole package matters
• great outdoor playground
• we still have small town feel but we have all the
amenities of a large center
• mixed ecological zones, poverty, trashed
environment, much beauty left if you know where
to look, syilx
• please see my previous answers about our
outdoor wonderland.
• when you begin to drive into the north okanagan,
you first meet towns and small communities,
befor you hit the big cities.
• the sunshine,lakes and temperatures here.
• lakes
• all of the options with the exception of the ‘urban
• hot summers and snowy winters
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan?
• as someone who grew up on the prairies, the first
thing i remember hearing about the okanagan
valley was that it was warm enough here to grow
apples and peaches.
• great opportunity for many seasonal sports and
• grandparents immigrated to penticton in the early
• do not like big cities
• i love all the farms that are right in towns... its nice
to see
• summer activities
• all of the items.
• the beauty of the valley...
• green space, farms, nature, lakes.
• attractive lakes and waterways to explore, benefit,
and enjoy.
• i hate to see vernon and kelowna spreading over
the farmland like cancer.
• silver star and sparkling hill.
• just the right sized town
• i think of the natural beauty and the lakes.
• home
• it should be farming and farm land
• stunted growth
• the lakes and beautiful viewscapes
• i live in cherryville...it is a completely different
image than vernon. i have answered as cherryville
resident not vernon.
• farmer’s markets, friendly family like feeling, small
town manners.
• wine country and orchards
• destruction of nature we got all for free but we
don’t care about he have had prime wildlife,
salmon butterflies in the ten thousands and
today? everybody thinks he can take and use as
he wants we has farmers, steady fences are cut
garbage on the meadows along the road , gates
open, deer shot and left on field ...
• i think it’s got best of the both: rural atmosphere
amd urban lifestyle.
• mix of urban/rural. just a big cluster of both with
no clear view.
• although i live in the rdno i am not in the
okanagan, north or otherwise. i live in the
• mish mash - there are too many competing
interests between the jurisdictions - need
amalgamation to serve the interests of the greater
population - not the select few
• i don’t like winters, but winters are short here.
hiking, walking, biking is possible 10 months a
• poor planning and an anti-everything attitude.
• i am struck with a real combination of all of these
plus an overall feeling that we have taken for
granted how beautiful and bountiful the natural
setting of our area is and not planned well enough
to protect, highlight and profit from this.
• a old and decaying city propping up ugly buildings
with little foresight to making this area the
place to be, living off what it once was and not
developing a future.
• small town values but a good degree of urban
• only one option? i would hi-lite several on the left.
• quick accsess to rural, but with small town and
village amenities.
• the north okanangan is not over-urbanized, so
even in places where there are houses, it does
not have the crowded feel common to so many
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the North Okanagan? | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• lakes
• a little bit of everything.
• lakes & beaches and skiing
• lack of urban sprawl
• skiing, golfing, kalamalka lake etc
• nature
• something to offer in each town.
• orchards and farmland, with rich fertile soil.
• small town communities
• and a big city auto problem. too many cars
and not enough infrastructure and not enough
enforcement of bad driving
• lakes and orchards
• first impressions are a combination of many of
these, summed up as being “ not big city.”
• developing at expense of green space. agricultural
lands diminishing - pressure in alr
• great landscapes, mountains and lakes
• to me, north okanagan is different than lumby;
quiet lumby is nice and breezy, but i don’t feel
vernon is the same
• small towns
• all of the above!
• lakes
• silver star
• over populated, over developed
• mountains, valleys.
• warm and lakes.
• lakes buildings
• lakes
• i do think that we need to maintain the “small
town feel” in vernon. there is a lot to be said for
not becoming too big - kelowna comes to mind.
• beaches
• the first image is “rural atmosphere” but that’s
not really true - 80% of the populations live in the
cities or suburban communities. but another first
image is the lakes.
• beautiful mountains, lakes, scenery
• in summary, the things humanity can not do much
to change or louse up ... are considerably easier
on the eyes and one’s attempt to make sense of
the what is there to be seen and understood?
• natural beauty, heritage
• orchards, small cities and beautiful lakes
• the lakes
• i love all the little communities around here enderby, armstrong, etc. - wonderful small town
• uncontrolled growth
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• drugs
• lakes, hills, views, climate, social/cultural
• great weather
• the lake
• lakes and forest
• ski hill, sunshine, lakes and great weather.
• lakes, beaches, forests
• lakes
• old people everywhere
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• lakes and beautiful views
• sunny okanagan
• it’s got shitty people and rains
• lakes, beaches, sunny, mountains
• desert
• lakes
• it feels right like everything is how it should be but
need more money for the education system
• many lakes
• lakes and beaches
• lakes
• tourist place for alberta families.
• an urban community that seemlessly transltes to
the natural environment
• old and tired - needs updating and revitalization
• beautiful lake
• little town
• clean lakes
• lakes, silver star
• the lake
• beaches
• warm and sunny
• lakes, emphasis of scenic beauty to rolling hills
• lakes
• kal park and both big lakes
• big unsafe retirement home
• mountains, valleys, lakes
• sunny, lakes
• lakes and sun
• small city with great outer environment
• the lakes
• dry, hot, farming, semi-desert
• orchards
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
Figure 6. Map of words used by respondents to describe the North Okanagan.
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• fresh air green grass
• ALR is protected;
• living close to nature
• People who’ve become my friends
• small town with great neighbourhoods
• Friendliness
• snow, water, beach
• clean air/water/food/life
• Beautiful, expensive, growing, overgoverned,
• The two lakes, outdoor recreation, Silver Star.
• Recreation & Outdoors
• Laid back lifestyle,weather
• lakes, fields, friendly town-folk
• recreation opportunities, employment
• a nice area
• Volunteer Opportunities, Friendships
• proximity to everything you need.
• the seasons
• The 4 seasons
• Living close to lake, small business
• our many lakes
• climate outdoors play family sun
• its where I grew up
• beauty, all amenities with small town feel
• Lakes & Mountains attract tourist $$$
• it’s real nice
• lifestyle
• Rectration
• weather, outdoor recreation, right size
• nothing.
• Living in an oasis
• location
• Sun, Beaches and sports
• sunshine, smiles, no traffic, peaceful
• Clean air, water, natural surroundings, people.
• Beautiful space
• walking & hiking opportunities closeby
• Good combination of urban and rural
• Low polution and outdoor activities.
• what nature has given is
• Mild climate
• outdoor recreation/parks
• Climate, skiing, golf, boating, small-town
• the landscape
• Climate and lakes.
• recreation
• Mild winters, outdoor recreation
• Lakes, safety, parks, outdoor activites
• Family, Friends, support in the community
• Small town values
• ski hill, lakes, Kal Park, performing arts
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• Its layed-back character.
• rural with urban amenities
• all season outdoor recreation
• Lifestyle, ambiance, people, peace and quiet
• Recreational opportunities
• nture and green spaces & lakes
• The water - and the orchards.
• very close to an excape in the woods
• our Lakes and skil hill
• close to lakes and my job
• Recreation
• good recreational choices all seasons
• Outdoor recreation
• Lakes, work close to home, weather
• Weather, outdoor activities, closeto airport
• Quality of life
• proximity to large cities
• The small town feel and proximity of resources farming, etc.
• Climate, beauty, the mountains, the friendlyness
of the town
• I only live here because my family is here.
• Mild climate, small town spirit, safe and beautiful
• The varied areas to live
• lakes, beaches, trails, volleybal, Slowpitch
• arts (especially music), scenery, orchards
• Reasonable climate year
• great weather, great golf
• Pace natural beauty environment
• Summers, Lakes, Beaches
• open space, lakes, nature
• The freedom to swim, ski, hike and bike.
• the outdoor experiences
• The uncrowded outdoor recreation
• Familiar, Lakes, Weather
• beauty, proximity to other cities, relaxed pace
• Climate, scenery, outdoors, recreation, amenities.
• Scenery, lakes, weather, recreational
• The people I get to know and it is the most
beautiful place in the world.
• Lakes, private lake access
• It is easier to live here, compared to Vancouver.
• Sun, Water, Open space
• it’s been good to us.
• Less travel time to amenities
• Skiing
• Beautiful weather, love the farm lands.
• lakes, nature and small town feeling
• Access to natural environment
• family; outdoor play; safe communities
• Rural, small, facilities, outdoor
• nature, small, facilities, outdoor, weather
• The small town feel, yet having everything i need
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• Climate
• The scenery & the weather
• Climate
• Less traffic
• Close to my family
• the climate
• the beautiful mountains
• Kalamalka Silverstar Powerhouse
• easy to get about by car
• the sunshine and living pace
• Nature, local food, recreation.
• The community...fresh air
• friends, skiing
• Easy access to all things
• Access to outdoors and nature
• Climate, outdoor recreation, potential.
• Nice place to raise a family
• Community, family-friendly, nature, bigger city
• 4 seasons great recreation opportunities all
• Sense of community
• Open spaces, green look
• diverse natural environment; trails; arts
• Visual beauty, lakes, hillsides, outdoor recreation
• my job
• Nearby national parks, climate, close to
• small town feel
• Recreation, Friends, Diversified Industry
• Rural living, clean air (try harder!), access to lakes
and wild country, cultural oppoturnites, good
medical care
• access and availability to activities
• variety of recreational actvities
• outdoor recreation and hot summers
• Outdoor life, recreation, weather, proximity
• Parks and recreation
• Light traffic, great people, small town charm (need
to develop downtown more)
• faf
• it’s very nice
• Being away from the city rat-race
• lifestyle
• rural character
• Natural beauty, small town
• access to rural areas easily
• gorgeous, beautiful, paradise, happy
• Outdoor opportunities and friendly atmosphere
• the landscape
• Outdoor opportunities and friendly atmosphere
• The beauty of the area
• outdoor activities - bike, ski, paddle
• the beauty of it
• pace of life
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• safety, community
• Proximity to outdoor activities, skiing, lakes, etc.
• samll town feel and weather
• air quality, library system, skiing
• lakes, mountains, atmosphere, traffic
• weather, out door activities.
• fellow community members
• It’s not Kelowna
• It’s close to family
• weather and mild winters
• weather, friendly
• beaches and the weather
• Ease of living.
• if a person actually takes the time to look around
you really can see the beauty in what we have.
• Hot summers, mild winters
• privacy living ,nature, farmers
• climate
• Sense of community, outdoor recreation
• The natural environment (lakes, mountains, trees,
• Skiing, countryside. long golf season
• fresh food outdoor living
• easy access to recreation and healthcare
• the lakes and quiet lifestyle
• climate and pace of life
• access to natural resources/farms
• Beaches Restaurants Shopping & Farmer’s
• small town feel, lakes,golf.
• lakes and mountains
• Local produce.
• Climate
• Access to fresh fruit/vegetables.
• Everything :)
• Not too busy, rural feel
• outdoor activities are fantastic
• Beaches Restaurants Local Fruit and Wine
• skiing weather Kal Lake history green
• the lakes and geograpy
• Agricultural land, beauty
• Weather + lakes, mountains are accessible
• The weather
• recreation, green spaces, culture, quieter pace
• life
• Weather, lakes & overall scenic view
• fresh air, lakes, mountains
• Climate.
• Out of the cities to the great outdoors in 20 min
any direction!!
• The natural environment.
• once was out safety
• Don’t need lots of chain stores or restaurants.
• the Agriculture.
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• People
• hospital, scenery, weather, shopping
• Outdoor recreation opportunities
• friendly, helpful people
• family and friends and beaches
• Comfortable place to live.
• Friendliness, local agriculture, natural beauty.
• strong sense of community
• Perfect climate and friendly people
• weather, urban living,
• the fresh outdoors
• location
• picturesque, ideal location, friendly people
• Weather, Lakes, Size, Location,
• The beautiful physical environment.
• good place to raise kid
• Its outdoor opportunities and great people
• Forests rivers fishing
• The weather
• weather clean lakes less trafic
• quiet but close to town
• clean air, green space beautiful parks
• nothing comes to mind
• Natural beauty and healthy environment
• Family. Laidback lifestyle.
• climate
• Weather, outdoors, views,
• The outdoors and the weather
• Quiet outdoors, pleasant climate, friendliness
• Lifestyle, people, area, recreation
• lifestyle opportunities
• Quiet, fruit, lakes, sun,
• people, places, practical participatory
• Good climate, ability to walk most anywhere
• Small town feel
• Lakes and Trails
• The beauty that surrounds us
• Weather, safe place to raise kids.
• Friends Family here
• Recreation playground in our backyard
• Recreation, green spaces, clean water
• climate and relaxed atmosphere
• outdoor activities
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Outdoor opportunities
• Arts, culture, outdoor activities, small town
• it’s my home and I love it
• our neighbourhood/community
• swimming, skiing, hiking, theatre, gardening
• Weather
• the skiing and the lakes
• beaches and parks on kal lake
• climate
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• Entertainment! Wow! with hospital facilities
• strong sense of community
• enthusiasm to share responsibility
• Urban-rural fusion potential. Grasslands.
• Natural beauty,resorts, sports, arts
• environment/climate
• the climate and recreation opportunities
• outdoor activities nearby & weather
• Outdoor scenery, friendly people,
• Lakes, open spaces, climate
• access to amenities and wilderness
• the weather and small town
• Local food, natural beauty, work
• The beauty of the area and the people who live
• Lots of green spaces parks
• farms, beach, lake, hiking, sunshine
• Mountains, water, fresh air
• quiet
• Natural setting, Good people.
• the natural environment
• proximity of fishing lakes
• Primarily the nature (parks & hiking) as well as
the ample lakes and free beaches!
• hidden culture appreciation for nature
• Basic necessities here.
• the ability to walk the entire city, no rush hour
• My open surroundings
• Sunshine, beautiful surroundings
• beauty, rural landscape,
• Climate and natural environment
• I value the ease of access to the outdoors
• Amenities without the big city
• quiet, friendly, affordable housing, artistic, local
• Lots to do
• climate, relative affordability, lakes
• Kal Park
• access to natural resources
• Nature and wildlife.
• rural feeling
• small town atmosphere with amenities
• Weather, Lakes, Soil
• less people
• small enough to know people
• the local artists and their community
• rural, outdoor sports, friendly, laid-back
• Not too big of a town
• lakes and entertainment
• We live in a postcard
• Recreation, Open Space, Family Oriented
• safe, friendly, community atomosphere
• atmosphere to raise my family
• the outdoor activities and sports
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• the nature
• Slower pace than large cities
• Beauty, Nature, Climate, Family
• Connected with community and nature
• outdoor recreation
• Near the lakes
• The scenery of the lakes
• Vicinity to activities
• Golf, hiking and lakes
• location, weather and outdoor activities
• clean, safe, beautiful, activities, outdoors, lakes
• my family
• Attractive lakes and waterways
• Outdoor activities
• kal lake
• weather scenery fishing
• peace & quiet
• Used to value access to natural areas
• Sunshine, quietness, friendliness, lakes
• Ski, bike, tennis, hike
• The weather, the community, clean air, clean city
• Space, friendliness of people, fun.
• Environment
• small town feel
• Recreation opportunities (fishing, hunting,
• clean, beautiful, and friendly
• having the ability to live here
• Small, friendly, happy, quiet, fresh produce,
• weather, water, food, wine, culture/arts
• Beauty and weather.
• The beaches, mountains
• 2 Catholic churches, clean water, good hiking,
enough places to shop (don’t have to go to
kelowna) friendly people
• Beautfiul weather
• frendly
• Recreation, community, no traffic, family
• green space
• Ski hill & lake access
• Healthy lifestyle to raise kids
• 4 seasons, scenery, full services
• Peaceful lifestyle
• Feeling connected
• Lakes... Summer
• its not a rat race
• lakes
• weather, outdoor recreation, local fruit
• The lakes
• People, Lakes, Climate, Agriculture, Safety
• Clean beautiful safe fun
• most beautiful place in world
• The wonderful weather
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• small urban outdoor without crowds
• Safe, neighbourly, peaceful
• outdoor recreation
• potential
• Less gvt intervention
• nice place to raise family
• Slow pace, rural landscape, calm.
• recreation, scenery, pace, friendliness
• air quality
• The community feeling
• Natural beauty, friendly people, and it’s art
• the outdoor opportunities.
• Small town feel.
• cross country skiing biking kayaking
• The outdoor recreation (mountain biking, cross
country skiing)
• Weather
• home town feelin and lots of recreational activivty
• I value the natural habitat.
• Natural beauty, lakes, mountains, friends.
• Outdoor Recreation, having a garden
• lifestyle, climate, work environment, VCMS
• Recreation / Lakes / Weather / Size
• recreation opportunity
• Lakes, Mountains, Hiking, Recreational Facilities
• natural beauty
• Work and recreation
• It is not Kelowna!
• outdoor environment
• lakes and mountains
• culture, green, open space
• The season, lifestyle.
• Work and recreation
• Nature walks, and dog parks
• the natural environment
• The availability of Organic foods.
• Great weather and sense of community
• small city yet close to farm
• The pace of life.
• Central to other cities.
• Beautiful place to live
• urban with rural nearby
• climate , recreation, scenic beauty
• Lakes
• open spaces
• Climate, topography, people, family, friends
• my friends itis my husband’s choice to live here
• Pace of life
• quiet. open space.
• lakes mountains smaller city
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• easy commute, friendly merchants,,hospital
• Mild weather friendly people and quiet
• Climate, small town, lakes, friends
• Easy access to outdoor recreation
• Easy access to countryside
• rural-urban blend; little sprawl
• affordable
• the weather is the main factor
• recreation
• the nature
• smarller
• The sense of community
• Lakes and the natural beauty
• beautiful, peaceful, hopeful, birds, wildlife
• the landscape
• climate, openess
• I value its’ beauty.
• close proximity to outdoor activities
• the beautiful landscapes
• always will be HOME
• fresh air, outdoors, good neighbours
• Fresh air, clean water, space
• climate and outdoor activities
• Family is here
• the people
• Environmental awareness.
• pace of life less hectic
• I got a job here
• Weather, outdoor life, layed back attitude
• open spaces
• laid-back, green, family, clean, fruit
• green spaces
• Friendly people; lakeside scenery.
• Cultural opportunities and outdoor activities
• mountains, lakes, valleys and forest
• family and safety
• Community, history, small town
• Four season climate.
• climate and cultural opportunities
• Skiing
• Lakes, sun, fun, beautiful
• Fruit, lakes, sunshine
• lifestyle
• Air, open spaces,less traffic
• community, environment, culture, sustainable
• Variety of activities, natural environment
• weather, proximity to coast, airport,
• Parks and trails
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Easy access to outdoor activities
• outdoor recreation
• Sun
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• Nature
• Outdoor recreation; not much rain.
• city amenities, small town feel
• My church Vernon Family Church
• Relaxing, community, recreation, diversity
• Beauty
• beautiful area, good weather, great produce
• Sunny weather, lots of lakes.
• the climate
• Beaches and summer activities.
• Friendly - good climate - all outdoor activities
• Beautiful scenery
• Climate, Seniors services, friendliness
• Lots of good friends.
• Friendly people
• Friendly
• It’s green
• Warm weather, beaches, orchards.
• Warm, friendly, clean air,beauty
• Potential Hawi of Canada/Vegas mixed.
• Outdoor recreation, good restaurants
• The beauty, climate, recreation and leisure.
• Scenery and quiet
• The sense of community
• Climate, outdoor, natural settings
• The natural beauty that occurs.
• Friendliness of people and old friends
• Nice
• Sovereign Lake, Kal Park, Ellison
• Climate - sunshine
• Weather, Outdoors, Lakes, Camping
• Beautiful but rural
• Nature, open space, weather
• Protection of animal habitat.
• Riding a tricycle all year
• Beautiful nature and fresh scenery.
• Temporate weather, wildlife
• Climate and Scenery
• Weather
• Quiet place, friendly area
• Climate, friends, landscape
• Agriculture, sports, culture, education,
• Heat summer
• Beauty, people, entertainment
• Clean, weather, nice people
• One of the best longitude and latitude to live on
this earth!
• Recreation warm summers
• Open spaces, no rush hour
• Dog parks, lakes, campgrounds
• Fresh air, clean, green spaces, low traffic and no
city noise, regular sighting of wildlife
• Beautiful landscapes
Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less. | OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER
• Outdoors, seasons, snowboarding, longboarding,
• Environmental opportunities still salvageable
• Lake, sports and family
• The beaches
• Nature and people chillin’ hard
• Nice weather
• Sunny weather and beaches
• Weather and community feeling
• Climate, scenery, friendliness
• Size - not too big or too small
• All the important services/amenities are here or
• Parks, lakes, wildlife, sp recreation facilities
• Nature, community, cycline, family culture
• Live, work, play
• Skiing, golf, lakes
• Lakeside beaches
• The friendliness
• Love it
• Lakes
• Location, weather, lakes
• Beauty, resourceful, friendly and fun
• Friendly generous active people
• Natural beauty, intimate community
• I’m impressed with medical services
• Easy busy living, great amenities
• Beautiful, natural landscapes and activities
• Skiing, biking, lakes, fruit, wine
• Beautiful clean friendly
• Sun, lake, fruit, birds, horses
• The weather
• Good weather beautiful beaches
• Great winter and summer climate
• Climate, scenery, ski hill
• Weather, 4 seasons, camping, hunting
• Weather, easy access
• The nature and wildlife
• The mix of increasing cultural experiences with
small town/rural feel
• The outdoors and lakes etc.
• Fewer (busy) people, green natural, weather
• Climate, access to lakes
• Small town feeling
• Outdoors / recreation
• Nature, outdoors, small community
• Friendly people and things to do
• Sunshine therapy
• The weather
• Mild weather
• Sunshine, weather
• Our lakes, green spaces and amenities
• Outdoors life and climate
• Nature, Outdoor Rec
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
OUR REGIONAL CHARACTER | Tell us what you value most about the North Okanagan, in 5 words or less.
• 4 distinct seasons with outdoor recreation for
• the lake
• The climate.
• Outdoor activities.
• The beautiful weather.
• the familiarization to the area
• Hot summers, no rain
• Outdoor experience and summer weather
• environment
• Air, 4 seasons
• Many parks
Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
The comments in this section are general comments in each policy area.
Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection
Figure 7. Average ratings of local food access and farmland protection in the North Okanagan.
• Farm lands should be protected but some may
need to be used to accomodate employment and
does Walmart sell garlic from China? Why does
Superstore sell cukes from the US or Mexico? Lets
buy LOCAL.
• Not really up to local government - what is role
of ALC? Nice to keep more farmland but if this
cannot be controlled by locals, and locals are
subject to influence by developers, perhaps ALC is
the only agency able to stop the development?
• Stop the sprawl Build up downtown.
• Always trying to move alc land around to suite
their needs. No net loss example. Looking to
develop to increase tax base.
• Don’t lose ALR land!
• ALR controls agriculture development
• Our groceries cost more and more nearly every
week, yet my paycheques have stayed the same
or gotten smaller for the last 4 years.
• Doesn’t matter if it’s protected. People who want
to farm are incapable of doing so unless they have
a half a million dollars sitting around (ie unless
they are highly educated and well-paid, in which
case why would they leave that job)
• Local grocery stores should be encouraged to
supply and source local fruit & veggies - why
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• The only downfall for me is a provincial issue and
that’s not having the option for farm gate sales of
• wake up to spraying in the air taking place
• I see houses going in orchards (Palfrey rd w) why? This has got to be one of the regions most
valuable agricultural land. I see lots of area, still
suitable for houses. Why did a house get built
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection
• This is a highlight of the area that better
organized/funded tourism plan should also
• Local food access is great, but the cost has
jumped astronomically in the past five years
and is hardly affordable for the average person,
including the farmers’ markets.
• Requests to remove agricultural land from the ALR
undermine the policy of senior government.
• I am not sure about the Farmland protection, I
have not been here long enough to comment. In
terms of the Local food, the farmers markets need
to be open later, again so working people can
have an opportunity to make it down to support
the local farmers.
• There is a piece of alr land in my area having a
giant shop and house built on it. Not much room
for farming left!
• Not too familiar but would like to see them
• Too much control of alr land. Start freeing it up
for housing and business development. Too bad
they sold all the lake front property and so little of
it is available for current residents and visitors to
• Hate to see them disapear!
• We must pay attention to the water and other
resources before building too may subdivisions.
• Local produce seems costly
• It should be harder to take lands out of alr seems too lax
• We need to grow. I don’t know how to do this but
maybe agri land is needed to develop - not all of
it...just a bit to give us a boost.
perpetrated by the Brenners next to the RDNO
offices. Disgusting!
• When opportunities come up to develop some
farmland for recreational opportunities, I think
this needs to be considered.
• There seems to be a real push lately to have lands
out of the ALR. So far RDNO and others have not
given in to this but I really feel it’s only going to get
worse. Let’s hope the ALR is NEVER disbanded.
Farm land is critical for our way of life.
• Farm land is too expensive for families wanting to
buy-in and produce agriculture. I worry about too
much development on prime soil.
• I need to do more research on this subject
• We also need to work on policy to encourage
organics & banning GMO crops.
• Need to be vigilant to protect farmland from
• I don’t feel well informed on this issue
• I think a more global look at the needs of the
community needs to be taken. Farmland is
important but so is the development of land for
commercial/industrial, sports/recreation. To
take out 100 acres for the use of industry and/
or recreation/parks should occur without any
hesitation but I get the sense that the direction
many are going is to insist that ALR land remain
untouched. At the end of the day you need a
balance. If we do’t have jobs and we don’t have
recreation opportunities, then who cares where
we are going to get our food from because we
aren’t going to be living here and you will have to
ship the food to us,
• And protection of undeveloped land, please (cf the
eastern shore of Kal Lake)
• If we can’t provide for ourselves, we lose flexibility
in the future, especially with global warming
“heating up.”
• Don’t develop our agricultural lands! We don’t
have the water for a huge population, so don’t
build on farmland that will produce food for our
region, province and country.
• The new council has put a stop to the nickel and
dime but constant farmland losses such as that
• “Thank God and the NDP for the Agricultural
Land Reserve” - this policy is the reason why N.O
Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
is a beautiful place to live. Must be vigilant to
maintain our agricultural land.
individuals and families here? A new sports
facility for youth etc. but no jobs for parents?
• More organic agriculture.No GMO shit. less land
grab for rich Albertans.
• Agricultural land around the world is being
eroded. We need to protect this jewel called the
Okanagan as climate change progresses and
destroys more of nature.
• To easy to get land out of the ARL. All you need to
do is neglect the land and have patience and it
will get out of the ARL for development. Shame.
• Essential we support our agriculture. Concerned
about possible loss of Coldstream winter market
due to location no longer available
• Prime farming land must be protected, however
sub-par farm land should be put to the best use
possible, even if it is developed for residentail or
light industrial use
• Farm land in the area is plentiful, urban influence
is not a factor.
• I wish we could have more farms that have an
“open door” so we could buy from them, farmers
markets are mostly when people are working, or
on Friday night only for employed people.
• Dont know a lot about this but dont feel that
farms are disappearing for homes and condos
• Keeping farm-able ALR land is important, but
developing industry on non farm-able land is
important as well
• stop supporting the NIMPY’s and start looking to
create employment opertunities for our youth.
• Restrictions on 5 acre land in the ALR is overkill.
How can you encourage prosperity when there are
constant limitations and it is no longer viable to
make a living off of the land? The cost to irrigate
the land to control noxious weeds and produce
products may also be a factor. Meat inspection
laws shutting down the ability of individuals to
use that ALR land to raise local food but nowhere
to slaughter. Would these not create more
employment opportunities in our community for
those of working age? It seems the opportunities
for a lifestyle in the Okanagan support only
those of retirement age. Decreased enrolment
in schools is the headline every few months in
our paper, but what is being done to keep young
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• sprawling communities are not cost effective.
better to leave farmland as is and/or convert to
parks rather than dense housing units.
• Lest we forget
• The ALR is good.
• This is the mandate of the ALC.
• I am not sure but would love to protect what we
currently have.
• I would like to see that ALR discontinue the
“swapping” of good quality farmland for scrub
land in areas that are not able to grow crops for
the same length of season. The ALR policies need
to be strictly enforced.
• All the vacant land within the city limits should be
used for construction before outlying areas are
• I love the increasing emphasis on local food
production and hope to see this increase.
• Too much development has taken up potential
farmland. Developments have destroyed the
natural beauty of the arid grasslands. Too much
destruction of the natural environment wrecks it
for all, both now and future residents. Build high
rise housing downtown, reinvigorate that area and
leave the hills alone!
• Not interested in Pharma-seeds. I want food from
the ground, not a lab.
• I see ongoing development as the enemy of
farming I saw what happened in Chilliwack over
twenty years and similar things are going on here!
• only 5% of BC has arrable land and it needs
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection
• Too much land going to grape vines and not to
fruit and vegies
• The local farmers able to have their produce in
some of the stores is great As well as farmer
markets held very regularly are a real social event.
To see how the ALR is protecting the farm land is
• I have no idea.
• Too much emphasis on development for a tax
base and not enough consideration to places to
grow food
• We definitely need to protect the little farmland we
have for future generations
• stop sprawl at north end of Vernon on to what was
valuable farmland. stop allowing removals from
the ALR. Period.
• These answers I am not sure of!
• We have the ALR but there is an overwhelming
feeling that any developer with money can
influence them. The ALR administration has no
• Because of the irreversible impact of change
on agricultural lands, it should always be given
utmost consideration in all decisions
• We are fortunate to have a municipality that has
supported our local Farmers Market through the
community and the local government.
• Weeds run rampant, new weed invasions not
addressed, land removed for sports fields
that could have founded an agricultural-syilxcollege partnership, farmland just waiting for
development, wetlands filled in, community food
and land strategy missing, poor farming practices,
idle farmland... I could go on.
• We also need protection for our farmland from the
invasion of GMO crops.
• scarring of the hillsides for development
• This the future of food & sustainability & variety
are key
• We have a farmer’s market but working people
cannot access it expect for the small Friday eve
• Would though like to see more industry to create
• protect the little farmers...
• Good things are being done but farm land is
under threat: development, GMOs, international
• Perhaps some land could come out of the ALR.
• We need to outlaw GMO in order to protect access
to organic products!
• land for food production (not wine) is important.
• locally grown and healthy food is very important
to my decision to continue to live here. protecting
farmland and ensuring the availability of non-gmo
foods and clean water is essential.
• farmland protection and the production of
organic, local food should be a community effort
but I really don’t feel as though anyone has the
time, energy, or education.
• We need to support and grow our local farms to
probide us with more healthy local choices year
• ALR removal requests all need a flat NO
• I see more protection from the ALC than from
RDNO or the City but it seems to be working
• we need to protect bona fide farmers - not hobby
• Protection of agricultural land is of highest priority;
a dedicated space of farmers market year round
would be wonderful, a major asset to the NO
• WE live in a hot and arid climate irrigation of corn,
wheat, hay etc seems ridiculous in a country
with excellent train service and excellent eastern
Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
environments for these crops. lets grow fruit like
our area is great for and import where we are
waisting valuable clean water
• work something out where farmers are able to
take on young farmers who will take over the
farm, but farmer can sell a tiny bit for a house
(theirs or someone else’s?) to earn enough to
“retire”...but the farm in generally untouched.
Farms far too expensive for young people starting
out to buy to farm.
• I don’t know much about this subject, although I
think we’re doing ok.(eg-turned down proposed
Aberdeen Rd. development)Don’t know if more
attention is needed, but I do think protecting
agricultural lands from developement is
important. I don’t support livestock operations;
these negatively impact water.
• Farmland protection should be market directed
not controlled by government
• I am alarmed by the way farmland in the eastern
parts of Vernon are giving over to mansions.
• Government should not be subsidizing hay fields
unless for cattle feed. Horse sales and hay sales
for horses are of no benefit to the community as
a whole. Hobby farms should not get tax breaks
or cheaper water. Since “farms” employ no one,
they deserve no breaks. Move those tax breaks to
industries that create jobs.
• I think that there is a lot of wonderfully produced
food in the North Okanagan. I think the challenge
is trying to make it a regular habit for people
to purchase locally. Whether than means more
opportunities to access it (markets, etc) or
awareness advertising to tell people where they
can purchase it, I’m not sure. But there are a
LOT of people who still do not buy from local
farmers, and if we could get them switched
over, that would make a huge difference to our
local economy. Protecting agricultural land from
development I feel is really important, however I
think that we need to keep in mind that generally
farming is not a very lucrative business and farms
around the province are up for sale because
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
farmers are getting out of farming. If farmers were
allowed to generate income off their land in a
way that did not compromise the land’s ability to
produce, that might be a way to support farmers
by allowing them to have enough income off their
land to not have to have off-farm jobs on the side
to support themselves. I’m thinking of things like
a small campground (max 10 sites perhaps), or a
small vacation rental cabin with a size restriction?
The farms in the Okanagan are some of the most
beautiful places and farmers could capitalize
on their location and view to earn some extra
income. WIth restrictions of course, to ensure that
their “farming” land stays in farming production. I
just think that the cost of maintaining agricultural
land has increased over the years (water cost,
property tax, hired labour cost, insurance) while
the price of agricultural products goes up and
down (beef, lamb, veggies, etc.) and if we want
to keep our farmers and encourage new farmers,
perhaps we need to offer farmers a way to help
pay for the huge cost of maintaining these large
farms/ranches in our valley that make our valley
as picturesque and beautiful as it is.
• RDNO seems to be a puppet for the provincial
govt, always talk, never any action
• Our area can provide a bounty for ourselves and
others and effort should be put into protecting
and supporting our food suppliers and not
letting valuable and sensitive land be used for
• The farming community needs to adapt on its own
without political intervention. Some politicians
feel that they know what the Ag community needs
but haven’t a clue!
• We have been dealing with the gradual transition
from rural to urban since at least the end of World
War Two. In the long run, I think we have done
reasonably well.
• Let’s continue to ride the fine line between right
wing rape the land and left wing anal do nothing.
• “Local food” must be defined as being from 50 to
100 Km. The CFI definition of up to 3000 Km and
includes out of province and in some cases, out of
country is inappropriate.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Farms and Food: Local Food Access & Farmland Protection
• We support the efforts of the ALR
• I am concerned about residents on ALR that use
their land irresponsibly, and use it as a dumping
ground. There should be more accountability for
those people. Fake Green houses should give
them tax credits.
• We depend on our farms: we need to support
them, keep them small and simple and not big
and deadly: Allowing GMO’s and round up is like
killing life in the valley: it might look attractive
at first but it will come back to bite us. No fair to
us, our children and our future. And we need to
keep the little farms alive: we cannot depend on
superstore and walmart (along with California,
Mexico and who knows where) to keep us alive!
• Demand to develop agricultural lands should be
resisted. There are too many “farms” that do not
produce, but are rather a “country estate”.
• none
• Need for agricultural practices that compatible
with residential living. Need to pay farmers
(subsidize - big time) provincially, federally and
locally - to make this area the number one
producer of quality, organic, or at least safe and
healthy food production.
• The farm land around our district has disappeared
and homes taken their place this is wrong build
the houses on the hillsides and let the farms have
the south slopes and flat lands
• Would like to be able to access farm raised meats
• We should Not be changing community plan or
zoning for development on an ad hoc basis. Get
plan, follow plan = better outcome.
• We must help the farmers/orchardist all we can to
help produce good food for our tables.
• I do not have enough information to answer
• Farm and fruit lands need more protection. Having
local food sources is important.
• It appears we have to keep the retention of
farmland as an issue. GMO’s in particular need
close scrutiny.
• I don’t know. Would like to see agricultural lands
remain for agriculture.
• Subdivisions should be on the hillsides, and
more compact, and farmlands preserved on the
flatlands and valley bottoms.
• This landscape will never grow back if it is altered
too muuch.
• there are too many subdivisions separated by
distances that require dependence on cars
• A lot of our land is quite unsuited to agriculture;
good land must NOT be blacktopped over/
• I strongly agree with the 100 km food diet.
• I notice the Ogata farm is for sale, labelled “zoned
Commercial”. One local orchardist hit retirement
age and subdivided his orchard. Even if each
subdivided orchard remains in the ALR, each of
the new owners is entitled to tear down a fraction
of the orchards to build a residence, so there is
a net loss of high quality 100-year old orchard.
Other large orchards are now for sale (by Priscilla),
will they suffer the same fate? We have to be so
• If land is within the ALR it is nearly impossible to
remove it via the ALC. This is the case no matter
what arguement you may have or whether the
land is useful for agricultural purposes.
• There is hardly any effort to protect argicultural
lands or any land for that matter.
• See new sports field at college
• Local groceries should carry local. Need more
during winter months. Local grocers like Safeway
etc should carry locally grown (or at least BC)
produce when in season!
• Had lived in rural BX in aerage of 50years and
found it hard to get out of the ALR. Then a letter
arrived one day and we were released.
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Would like to see Farmers’ Market downtown (like
• We need to encourage education opprotunties for
young people to learn about farming and healthy
eating. We also need to encourage land owners to
provide opprotunties for young farmers who may
not be able to afford to buy thier own land.
• Too much land being removed from the ALR with
support from City Council
• Please stop destroying mountainside to build
cardboard houses like above Tronson Road. It
belongs to wildlife. Kepp developers away from
Vernon’s mountains.
• May I suggest the creation of publication of
a booklet with information about local food
produced and conditions in which food is grown
• Keep the hills empty, expand vertically.
• Available to those who can drive only. Cost is
getting prohibitive at farmers’ markets.
• Meat sales at farmgate need to have restrictions
removed - pressure provincial government.
Monitor ministries responsinle for protection of
• Farmland is being lost to “estates” - big houses
and outbuilding on less than 10 acres results in
lost farmland.
• More within walking distance
• I don’t know about this, can’t comment lack of
• Having to go to the farmers market once a week
to buy veggies instead of going to Safeway is
• no more GMO; need help for GMO farmers to
transition away from GMO; need to stop building
on good farm land - lower farm taxes.
• Don’t know about farmland protection. I buy
locally - need to encourage.
• Let’s not try to be a city. We are rural, let’s keep
that but give values other than making profits
• Community needs to promote locally grown
organic food. We need to protect our good farm
lands from housing development. We need to slow
growth so we have adequate water for agriculture
as well as residential.
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
Figure 8. Average ratings of drinking water, lake water and river water quality in the North Okanagan.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
Figure 9. Average ratings of personal water conservation and water resource conservation in the North Okanagan.
• Ease up on the regulations around grey-water
systems in homes and buildings.
segregating the two water sources, one for agri
one for residential use.
• See comments under environment re Okanagan
Lake. Even if we as a City don’t take water out
of this lake for drinking (some private residents
do), we should still take steps to protect it. We
should also commit to returning water to the
lake so it can be part of the water cycle. Not all
wastewater needs to be applied to land - use
only what is needed for BENEFICIAL IRRIGATION
and instead of WASTE DISPOSAL on poorly suited
hillsides, return the remainder to the lake. City
should commit to environmental protection and
pursue grants to assist remaining 1000 homes
to connect to sewer. This would also reduce the
need for MILFOIL harvesting as the nutrient load
would be significantly reduced. Water quality at
Kin Beach is currently DEPLORABLE and worse
than our treated wastewater. Kal Lake boaters
could use education to reduce their impacts on
shoreline degradation, Coldstream Creek still
seems to be the largest source of pollutants for
this water source, need to work to decrease this
• I don’t understand what the question is...
• Agricultural users are being subsidized by
residents. They water steady, day and night,
overwatering at our expense. Farmers need
to be educated more on how to use water
efficiently and something needs to be done about
• Permits for swimming pools should carry heavy
• I think there should be positive reinforcement for
water conservation - a bonus or small reduction
in your taxes if you are able to keep your
consumption low and are a full-time resident. I
see a lot of people wasting water and I believe
the penalizing with a higher utility bill does not
resonate with these people.
• too many watered lawns, so wasteful, golf courses
& car washes and swimming pools - I still see
people with garden hoses washing their paved
drive ways! WHY?
• Good work has been done in the upper watershed
protection for Vernon but we can’t get relaxed - it’s
going to be an ongoing issue. Also a little nervous
about potential new invasive species and other
threats to water bodies.
• don’t really understand this question??
• don’t understand the question.
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Having seen how water is treated in other areas
of our country and elsewhere, the Okanagan
generally seems to me to be extremely wasteful
of water and not careful to protect our lakes and
• Farmers with sprinklers on private wells should
be discuraged to water during the day in the heat.
Why having water restrictions if they don’t apply
to everyone - it’s coming from the same source in
the end.
• I don’t understand what you are asking
• Not sure what is currently being done.
• I have lived here for 10 months. I didn’t know
there were water restrictions (stage 1) until I read
it in the paper today. I do know my water bill is
expensive compared to where I came from - why?
• We need graywater storage/reuse capability. This
is the real secret to long term water conservation.
I hear this is impossible due to conflict with
provincial “empires”...cut teh crap! Global
warming is upon us!
• Treated wastewater is a resource that should
stay out of lake and users could begin pay a fee
for accessing. Spawling development on dryland
hillsides leads to significant wasted water. Vernon
should move towards dual distribution in new
• It is unclear how much the success of water
restrictions depend on self- discipline as opposed
to public vetting. Odd/even irrigation days are
unfair to even numbered houses.
• It drives me crazy when I see garbage in the
streams and creeks. The stream that runs
through Fulton - always has garbage in it - Tires,
waste, etc. Setting up a weekend event where the
community comes out to clean up the cities and
lakes I think would be great. Local 4-H groups,
etc,. It would make people think twice about
throwing garbage out their windows, and it would
give kids a hands on approach to see how much
crap is littered through our city, and may prevent
them from doing so in the future. As a kid we had
to clean ditches through a school program one
day of the year - I will never forget, and was never
one of those people who threw anything out of the
• Unsure of how other consumer usage is.
Agriculture usage seems very high, eg watering
during heavy rain
• Why do people water fields in the heat of the day
when water can evaporate?
• We are in a semi desert - more emphasis on
xeriscaping and native tree/ shrub planting at
residential commercial and institutional locations
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• More attention needed to curb the abusers/over
users. Pay for what you use only. If you are not a
legitimate farm producing a marketable product
that is your source of living then you should pay
your fair share.
• You do have to wonder about the golf courses....
• Too many green lawns, not enought enforcement
of watering days plus more incentives for
xeriscaping needed. Bring back the low flow toilet
incentives that Vernon offered at one time.
• More workshops on water conservation &
rainwater harvesting would be terrific. Zerindipity
& the local permaculture initiatives should be
promoted & supported.
• Our water comes from a well... We would love to
be hooked up to city water for the safety of our
children, and would pay rather pay city for clean
water.. then be on a 4 year boil water alert...
• need to protect watersheds (ie no golf courses in
watersheds, such as proposed at SilverStar)
• I think that new houses/developments should
not be allowed to have lawn or hedging cedars,
both of which require a great deal of water. As
well, there needs to be a stronger voice for water
restriction when the supply is low. (Standing up
to complaints from people who can’t fill their
swimming pools or water their lawn, etc.)
• We are concerned about pesticide use and
fertilizers near run-off into the lake. I think the
xero-scaping is great!
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
• At some point you need to limit the number
of residents as the water limitation is directly
connected to the quality of life here.
• Fail to understand why we have water restrictions
some years when there has been heavy
snowpack. Do not understand the system of
reservoirs from a technical standpoint.
• I often see downtown businesses hosing down the
• Economic incentives are how to alter people’s
behaviour. Having said that, I resent that treated
water is used for agriculture, and I am rewarded
for water conservation by rates increasing.
• Remind municipal and city councils to give top
priority to avoiding further increase of drawing
water from the lakes (already low flow, and here
comes global warming), consider population
control to decrease pressure on water use;
avoid runoff into lakes and rivers by increasing
foreshore setbacks for development or rebuilds,
limit motorboat size on Kal Lake, police
discharges into the lakes
• I see Polson park (and I’m sure lots of other
parks) being automatically watered in the morning
rain or shine. They should be watered at night and
shut off when it’s raining, perhaps by a sensor or
• Commercial and domestic watering systems could
be much more effective.
• Why are we watering lawns and fields with
potable water????? Grey water systems should
be mandatory in all new construction and grants/
subsidies should be available to those who want
to install them in older construction.
• why allow beavers to come in our drinking water
sources,when our treatmentplants do not provide
100% protection
• Over the past few years we seem to have too
much water - droughts that you were worried
about have not come about.
• We must do everything reasonable to protect and
conserve our water
• watering of lawns in parks and schools is
excessive and not necessary.We live in a semiarid part of the valley - we need to get over having
green lawns.
• Watch for government sprinklers that spill
needlessly onto the road, or are in use on rainy
• When I drive by a soccer field during pouring rain
at noon and see the irrigation system operating,
it defeats my resolve to follow the City’s request
that irrigation be early or late and only when
necessary/alternate days.
• Don’t know enough to comment
• The next project should be upgrading the Kal Lake
intake system, similar to our recent upgrade
• in this area you can not afford to use any more
• Not sure what this covers.
• As water becomes more scarce we need to
implement water strategies that’ll encourage
the general population to conserve more water.
Waiting until we hit a drought or run low means
• more control on the use of water for yards and
use gray water for lawn and garden watering, start
charging a high rate for those that are over using
• satisfied with water resources and how it is
managed here in Vernon and surrounding area
• Critical area
• Sorry, don’t understand the question ?
• is there a cap on how many more new houses
can be created in the okanagan due to water
• We should have a water inventory done so we
know exactly how many wells there are in the
RDNO, how many homeowners are pumping
directly from the lake, how many natural/seasonal
springs are in the area, etc. I would also like to
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
see outhouses that are too close to the lake
moved (Westside) and obvious threats to water
quality dealt with.
• Universal metering should be....universal.
Groundwater use should be regulated. This is a
provincial issue but our region should push for it.
• There are far too many examples of water wastage
especially by the city of Vernon. When the local
water use statistics are distributed it’s easy to
see where water use could be drastically reduced.
Those of us who are very careful pay for those
who continually waste our expensive water.
• I’m impressed as I wonder around the local
neighbourhoods how many yards have converted
to Zeroscaping. Nevertheless, I have happy
memories of as a youth lying on the lawn, looking
at the clouds and fantasizing about the shapes of
the creatures formed by the clouds. How are the
future generations of kids going to do this when
lawns are forbidden by the communitee Nazi’s.
We can do more. for example, our community has
no rain barrows. But we live in a condominium
ruled by a strata association (another layer of
government) whose overwhelming concern is the
appearance of the community, and they would
rule against the use of rain barrels. the strata
association is run by a group of limited income
retired people that won’t allow anythign that
increases there personal expenses. What can we
• I don’t understand what’s being asked in this
• I don’t trust the drinking water , so have bought
bottled water for years now.
• I live in a strata situation and there is no incentive
to conserve water there are no meters in each
unit and no incentive to put one in because the
going rate is too high
• do not agree with unlimited use of water for
agricultural land have observed lots of waste
• cattle are a very big problem for our water sources
• we absolutely must separate treated water from
irrigation water. We must also improve treatment
of drinking water with effective filtration.
• Our city does not encourage us top conserve
• Interesting how I am on a meter and my sister
in lake country is not and runs water like it is
not a valuable asset. I am puzzled as to why the
different in how a hose can continually run and I
have to manage my water with care, I even have a
no grass yard to help with water conservation.
• I don’t know much about how the community
water is conserved
• initiatives to promote more efficient rain collection
in homes and trickle irrigation would be good.
Do the agricultural users really need the treated
water? Should more watering be done at night
rather than in the heat of the day?
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Water shortage over the long term is a big issue
for the OK and more steps should be taken to
address this issue including strict regulations
regarding landscaping, irrigation, etc ... people
won’t do it freely in a signification enough manner,
it most be imposed/regulated
• Water conservation and protection is so important
and more should be done.
• Rain barrels should pretty much be a given in a
drought prone valley like this. ESPECIALLY since
the cost of water has gone up so much.
• our local clean water is irreplaecable
• we need to be proactive in educating the public
about conserving water - more funding towards
Waterwise education
• Education for the people is needed in this area.
• From what I see we do a good job. the only crazy
year was when we were put on a no water/ no
fill up the pool level. I don’t have a pool but rash
decision making without due diligence and just
reacting usually leads to poor decision making.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
• Too many golf courses and other large users of
water, (Brewery?) appear to have much cheaper
rates than homeowners
• Afternoon spraying at Coldstream Ranch Tiered
pricing is good (although I get penalized for my big
• The entire water use system needs adjustment.
It ignores natural water, ignores seasonal
climate, evaporates water on the commonage,
discourages home food production, subsidizes
bad farming practices and inappropriate crops,
and is designed for surface water climates only.
It’s over a century out of date. We could do so
• automatic sprinkles are being used when it rains
in the city...for example
• Watering should be cut to 2 days a week & use
of rock & alternative plants should both be used
instead of grass
• uncertain as to current efforts done, probably
needs more public attention as through local
newspapers, maybe a dedicated article once
a month re. the environment and the RDNO in
• I don’t know where our water is sourced but there
are days when the chlorine taste is unbearable.
I believe that waste water should be used for
irrigation rather than dumping it directly into the
• If all residents cooperate
• always could you more attention
• protect our lakes
• More conservation officers are needed to enforce
against mud boggers, etc at the watershed.
• Get on with separating ag and drinking water offer low flush toilet rebates in whole RD not just
• why are we as a community not saving the water
from snow runoff?
• Still can’t drink our tap water.
• I work in the water department so I may have
a skewed opinion, haha. I think it’s extremely
important and not enough of the public are aware
of this.
• I notice more brown and poorly-kept lawns than
I used to see. I think more people are becoming
aware of the need to conserve water.
• What is the question?
• I resent being told when to water my veggies
because of over development here. I also resent
subsidizing large water users which are privately
owned for someone’s profit which has been the
policy here for years and needs to stop.
• since Duteau (2010), we are happy to be drinking
tap water.
• Xeriscaping (sp?) seems to be a theory here,
not a practice, considering the rapid population
• Our lakes are only a huge resourse while they
are healthy, it is time to protect the resource to
maintain the econmomic/tourist potential they
have..control and charge motor boats for use
• well users drain from lakes etc and pay nothing.
Water use very high - no bylaws that expece 6 liter
flush or composting toilets. Outback should be
cut off and made to provide a local bio treatment
system. It’s a crime that potable water is used to
flush the pipe material into Vernon due to low use
during the year.
• Xeriscaping should be mandatory with the rapid
population increase.
• The watersheds were we get our drinking water
from should be out of bounds for cattle ,logging
and other industrial activities
• housing developers are not good at this. They
plant grass (eg - Turtle Mountain road) where they
shouldn’t, then waste water to keep it looking
pretty. Education, enforcement and fines please!
Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Vernon is in the middle of three lakes. Water
shortages should be nil.
• Water conservation requires changing personal
habits, which is hard. I really appreciate the water
conservation tips that occasionally come in the
Coldstream water newsletter. Any and all info to
help conserve water are appreciated.
• I believe we should be actively using gray water
reclamation and should have local government
initative, education and support to implement this
water saving process into homes.
• IHA creates the biggest problem as well the Ag
community was asked to share their system
and now have to pay for the residential cost
for extension and quality...go figure and some
politicians say that residential are subsidizing the
Ag users!
• I am concerned about the longvity of the sewage
effluent disposal lands. Are plans for replacement
land being considered?
• It’s not fair to charge for delivery, when someone
is in a single person home...they pay extra for
everything already.
• In the spring we complain about the rain... but we
depend on it. The comes summer and everything
is dry: which is normal: we live in the Okanagan!
But we need to adjust our water usage: classic
example: front yards: how many liters of water
does it take to make it look nice?? and how much
poison to kill those “nasty” weeds? Turn those
yards in to gardens: use less water and feed
yourself. Use less water at home too... we live in
desert (well, almost) so we need to adjust our
• There should be more programs to encourage
water conservation. I have changed the toilets
and showers in my home, but more people should
be encouraged to do the same.
• people who lived here for years thing that water is
free and are very reluctant to change.
• We need to meter water flow in and out of homes
(like in the Netherlands). Farm use of water needs
monitoring - efficiency of watering devices and
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
type of system should be the most efficient for the
type of crop.
• the water that is wasted on lawn watering should
be monitored at a better rate let nature water it
• Price is going up fast = liveability issue. We know
several families who have found it too expensive
to live here so they, and their school aged
children, have moved away.
• After spending the great amount of money to fix
our water system, I believe it is now time for the
IHA to get a make over.
• Planting native shrubs and flowers in all the public
areas,instead of watering all the other water
hungry plants.
• Another issue that needs on-going monitoring.
Water is becoming quite valuable.
• We need to look ahead to increasing drought
conditions. I am restricted in water conservation,
by living in a condo where I have to run water , to
get hot water.
• At all costs do NOT permit industrial
contamination of our lakes and rivers.
• Beef farming needs to be discouraged. It is a
massive waste of water to grow crops for beef.
Watersheds need protection from logging and
range animals.
• We live in a condo ruled by a very conservative
Strata Association, they would never support
measures such as rain barrels, so our hands are
• We are very concerned about the ongoing
water discussions at RDNO. $100+ million is
outrageous. Why is Vernon subsidizing agricultural
in outlying areas? Come on! Coldstream Ranch
doesn’t even sell their product locally. It’s profit in
their pockets, funded from ours.
• the city of vernon is the worst example of water
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Water: Water Quality, Water Use Conservation & Water Resource Conservation
• Treat of treated sewer pipe and storm drainage,
Coldstream cattle roaming in Coldstream Creek,
park at cemetary
• Unnecessary water use: schools, green patches
by roads, parks, homes
• Water is our new gold
• Need more info.
• We need to seperate domestic water from
agricultural water
• Very poor planning, long time Lavington resident.
Years ago we had agriculture water, now one
source so we treat the water for garden service.
And what about Duteau Creek that is a disgrace of
planning and tax payer dollars.
• We need to limit the number of motorized boats
on Kal Lake - our source of drinking water
• The water source I’m on is brown and gross and
we get boil water advisories frequently.
• We are stuck with a private water provider wo
refused to hook us up to meters. We pay a large
fee yearly for water so we get better value if we do
not conserve.
• Rivers - in Lavington, our creeks are full of debris.
Water conservation - May I suggest a rain water
barrel collection to set up someones rain barrel.
Residents can pay for the rain barrel and a team
whould install it at no cost.
• Drinking water is AWFUL, needs immediate
• People pollution worse. Increased demand for/
by new developments. Animals (cattle) in creeks?
• We can always do better in these areas.
• I hope the day comes when we don’t have
any chlorine in our drinking water and no
contaminants are dumped in the creeks or lakes.
Wetlands are utilized and not filled in.
• I think that spray irrigation is the right way to deal
with effluent and worth the cost. We need more
public access to lakes and swan lake should
be no gas motors. Need to limit power boats on
Okanagan and Kal Lakes. Daily quota or book?
• stop building on swamp land + flat land
• Water tastes terrible, hard to drink
• Cattle in the mountain pollute our water resources
• Fact says we are running out of vital resources
Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection
Figure 10. Average rating of recreational access to lakes, trails and parks in the North Okanagan.
Figure 11. Average rating of environmental protection in the North Okanagan.
• My main concerns are with Vernon’s costly spray
irrigation program on hillsides poorly suited to that
purpose, above homes on septic. Also concerned
about impact of Mackay reservoir leaching, not
happy about hillside developments in Vernon
that were approved. Terrible scars on the most
sensitive hillside we have (above Bella Vista).
Compared to that environmental degradation,
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
the development of Vernon Hill, a forested area,
would have far less impact. And yet, the Rise was
approved. We taxpayers are funding the pumping
of treated wastewater up to hilltop resorts and
golfcourses - financially unsustainable and
morally just wrong. We live on septic below the
irrigation and feel as unwitting accomplices of a
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection
city-sponsored pollution program of Okanagan
Lake - this is shameful and embarrassing.
• Developers are looking for ways to circumnavigate
Hillside guidelines. Hopefully local governments
will not cave to pressures to develop. Hillsides
and hilltops are where all of the wildlife has gone
now and we must protect these areas from rich
• You have restricted access for only a limited few.
• I don’t know enough about this to rate
• The natural environment is the font of everything
else that we need. If we destroy it we will
decrease our flexibility in the future.
• Public transit and recycling programs are behind
other provinces
• There is way too much privatized lake front and
the lack of boardwalks and then a thriving hotel/
restaurant/hospitality scene around that is a
downfall to me. I will sometimes go to Kelowna for
the experience...and that’s not good, would rather
have it here.
• proactive vs reactive
• We’ve lost most of our wetlands to development
(sometimes without permits!) with no
• is there any undisturbed and sensitive natural
environments left?
• once lost it will never return
• more wetlands protection required
• Despite research showing that freshwater
is going to become a huge issue within the
next generation for the Okanagan Valley, our
municipalities and residents continue to be
extremely wasteful of it.
• Since this is the best place in Canada to live,
growth will continue at a fast rate. Good protection
is needed.
• Public lake access should increase. Development
in the region has been poorly planned for the last
decade with very negative results.
• Can’t afford lake access and should be more
public amentities on the water.
• I see on a daily basis the destroying of sensitive
lake shore by people who have bought along it.
I wish that more would be done to protect and
promote natural shorelines.
• Is there any undisturbed and sensitive natural
areas left?
• Air quality as noted earlier is a very important
issue, thus far quite ignored.
• I believe we need to protect areas. Like the
Commonage from development. I would love to
see more trails, a plan for connecting the 3lakes
with a trail. We’ve missed opportunities to create
a lakefront environment lthat other Okanagan
cities have
• The Okanagan’s primary selling point is it’s
natural beauty. We need to continue to protect
it, which will encourage local food producers &
• Need to be ever vigilant - especially wetland areas
and habitat for endangered species.
• Again - not sure.
• I’m not sure. The only concern that I know of is
dog owners bringing their dogs everywhere off
leash, even in parks that are supposed to be
for wildlife (such as BX Falls). There could be
stricter rules for waterfront properties, in terms of
shoreline protection.
• More environmental staff required - wetland
destruction in rdno is shameful
• More protection of herons, beaches and foothills
is required.
• Such studies as the Natural Areas Survey done in
the 1990s have received little consideration from
City management.
• Need more access and provisions for non
motorized lakes and trails.
Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• More support to conservation officers is needed
to deal with recreation activities (eg ATVs) that
damage ecosystems.
• Additional large natural park required (Kal Park
becoming overused); natural areas should be
connected as much as possible
• We should have green buildings with solar power
and living walls of plants instead of murals. Public
transit needs to improve greatly and there needs
to be safe places to store bikes downtown. There
should be recycling and compost bins around
town like they have in Halifax. Trees on 30th
were killed removing the little green space we
have downtown. Rooftop gardens on government
buildings would be good. Laws regarding carbon
dioxide emissions by businesses and car idling
should be implemented.
• Many residents do not appear to have much
concern for this valuable resource.
• Don’t bulldoze off any more Okanagan grassland.
Reclaim lakefront and foreshore of public access.
Increase setbacks for lakeshore development.
• We need to protect the green spaces and diversity
of our environment. Also need to improve access
to lake for non-motorized boats.
• I do not feel safe taking my children to city parks
due to drug needles in the grass and sand areas,
being approached by panhandlers
• Not enough parks and conservation personnel
to monitor our area. I see garbage in our natural
• You build everything on swamp lands.
• why spend millions on parks when they cannot be
enjoyed due to all the goose poop?
• Keep on protecting wildlife habitats and natural
• Losing the legal battle re: road through Kalamalka
Provincial Park was a low point. Have been
problems protecting the grasslands etc. ever
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Regulate off-road vehicles’ habitat destruction.
Boating noise. Garbage dumping in boonies.
• Polluted waters with so boats on the water.
• I don’t witness our natural environment being
disturbed. Seems to be OK
• Natural landscape in the area is plentiful.
• Coldstream Creek should be a priority
• Climate change is rapidly affecting our
environment. We need to take as many steps as
possible to try to stay ahead of the destruction if
that’s at all possible.
• we need to clean up our lakes and rivers by taking
the big motorized boats from the lakes and rivers
electric or small motors only and we must do
something about the sewer runoff going into the
• We have watched Vernon residents cut down
trees along creeks adjoining their property without
repercussion. Needs to be a better form of
enforcement to protect OUR natural environment
• See above
• We need emission testing done on all cars.
• perhaps there is already, but would love to see
community plans that include more green space
per x amount of people. Doesn’t seem to be
enough. Would love to see the 26 acres behind
my house that was sold to ? be turned into green
space as herds of deer up to 15 at a time roam
behind. (I live at 866 Middleton Way)
• I feel that Kalamalka Lake Park is stressed due
to the crowds that are using it regularily. We need
another public park the size of Kal for hiking,
biking, walking, etc. I hope the land/lots along
Kin Beach can be cleaned up and opened to the
public for swimming and beach access.
• Too many of our tax dollars go to developing and
maintaining all the parks, trails etc., that already
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection
• I hate seeing the natural scenery being scarred
forever to cater to a select group of wealthy
• as above development is also the enemy of the
environment once gone it is gone!
• air quality and lowering GHG needs a lot more
• We conserve water and the city of Vernon taxes us
more because we do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Grasslands, wetlands and undeveloped hillsides
have been lost to development and modification.
Priority needs to be given to preserving and
protecting more of these natural environments.
• We encourage tourists from Alberta to bring their
boats into lakes that we pull our drinking water
from - very backwards
• I don’t know enough to give an answer. Fron what
I see lans and resources are well protected. Or at
oeast I hope.
• with the Liberal’s plan to exploit natural resources
our senstive natural environment will not last
long, I fear for my community, our quality of life,
and the future of B.C.
• We appear to be cutting down some GOOD old
trees and putting in sidewalks and curbs that
could well be omitted In new developments there
seems to be no emphasis on planting trees or
other greenery and that leaves the places bare
• We ned to balance our growth without overly
harming the environment. Saying this, there is
always a health balance between growth and
the environment if peoples/stakeholders work
together to mutually agreeable outcomes!
• care of Kal park has deteriorated - control of
noxious weeds is poor. Lake pollution by boats
and sound pollution is a big problem.
• Sometimes too sensitive
• This really has to do with how the Crown lands
are managed. A lot of areas get abused by Quads
and mud boggers. More of our upland areas need
to be set aside for quiet enjoyment or just left
• I don’t know enough about it
• Too many people ignore environmental
regulations. Every dog owner seems to feel that
they are a law unto themselves and can ignore
all posted regulations. How are we to protect
bird nesting areas when dogs are allowed to run
loose in spite of posted regulations? Every spring,
beaches are closed in the local lakes because of
runnoff carrying the winter’s accumulation of dog
poo that hasn’t been collected.
• Same as agricultural lands, the irreversible impact
of change on the natural environment requires
our utmost attention with all decision making
• Lake access needs to be improved. Too much has
been privatized and existing access are too few
and not very accessible. There needs to be more
natural area protection where human user are not
allowed and not the focus.
• Weeds run rampant, precious grasslands with
endangered species are developed, wetlands are
filled in, Okanagan Lake a weedy mess, the needs
of wild bees ignored... there is no strategy at all.
• need to monitor environment closely, so that it
doesn’t get degraded
• I would like to see more development of small
lake accesses.
• Better recycling programs - glass, most people just
throw in the garbage. Composting Facility should
be open all year round to residents. Community
gardens should be planned.
• There is a need for access to the lakes with
adequate parking for people with boat trailers and
people with racks for their canoes. Paddlewheel
Park should be regarded as a precious family
beach and picnic area. Boats should not be
allowed to access the lake at that spot because
the fumes and oil floating on the water is
disgusting when you are trying to swim there. Find
another spot for boats, canoes, etc. to access
the lake. Thank you for upgrading the washrooms
at Kin Beach and Paddlewheel Park. Those
Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
renovations were much overdue. Also, please
keep up the good work of maintaining the beach
access areas along Lakeshore Road for access to
Okanagan Lake. A walkway and park area could
be considered along the creek that flows past the
soccer field and airport to the beach at Okanagan
• Fairly good
• protect the parks..
• Some areas need to be conserved and protected:
Commonage, Swan Lake East
• Access for the handicap persons is not good.
• Our watersheds should be protected more,
recreational activities should be discouraged
more and an explanation of why
• Acquisition of some of the large parcels of habitat
would help protect our local environments and
• I would not like to see treated effluent pumped
into the lake, even if other communities do this. I
would like to see more public access to the lake/
shore. I would be willing to pay more in taxes.
• Seems like development trumps all except the
questionable “ALR” (see above) Lakes and natural
non fram environs need much more attention
• always depends on those elected. Original OCP
wishes can be ignored by a growth oriented
council...happened with Mayor Harvey despite
what the public said - developers were helped...
• Too many wetlands and other sensitive areas have
been allowed to disappear.
• we could be doing better with protecting our lakes.
Allowing development near Ellison park was a
major mistake.
• Protection of natural environment should be
focused on land acquisition not private property
right infringement
• Maintained trails are patchy at best. Please invest
in making the grey canal into a wide, long running
mixed use trail. Shore line along the lakes is easily
accessible, if you are a multi-millionaire.
• It’s a balance between our environment and the
use by people for recreation, less emphasis on
people and more on protection and preservation
for the present and the future
• Again, I feel that a huge draw for people, both
tourists and residents, to the North Okanagan
it’s green space. Making sure we maintain
those open green spaces and natural areas also
ensures that people will continue to want to live
here or vacation here. Just a note: In europe,
specifically Germany, smaller towns in the country
are separated by the agricultural lands. So, when
you drive out of one town you really get a sense
that you’re leaving that town and driving to the
next. There isn’t just a steady speckling of houses
along the road that merge into the next town. That
really maintains that natural spaces and rural feel
for those areas. Perhaps that’s something that we
could strive to maintain also.
• Protection is getting unreasonable - driving away
• Protection of water sheds is proving challenging,
in part due to insufficient staff.
• I believe our wet lands have not been protected.
I think there should be an environmental review
on Swan Lake.On Swan Lake motor boats should
be restricted. There is a carp problem that needs
• Isn’t it time we stopped polluting the lakes with
horrible noise pollution from engines, and fuel
where people swim. How can one relax on beach
with jet ski noise, and swim at paddlewheel with
boat launch fuel??? There are healthy ways to
• More compact urban communities, less car
dependent development, ie tavistock, Rise,
foothills, etc
• Kal lake powerboating could be trimmed
Coldstream Creek is polluted Silver Star is big
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Environment: Outdoor Recreation Access & Environmental Protection
enjoy the lake with sailing, kayaking, canoeing,
paddling etc.
• The Vernon Area is growing but we cannot keep
on growing out: we need to build up instead.
Waterways need to stay clear of homes as well as
marshes and lakefront; Wouldn’t it be nice to bike
around a lake or walk along it. Look at Marshall
Fields: The marsh is almost gone: marshes are
there to clean the ground water before it enters
the lake; how can the little remaining patch
possibly clean the water now? Lake Okanagan
needs all the help it can get from nature since we
humans tend to dump a little too much. We also
know that investing in trails and sidewalks will
save us all money in health care costs down the
• there is no balance here in regards to
environment and light industry.
• Access to lakes - need to charge for motorized
boats and planes using our waterways - similar
to buying a ski pass up the mountain. Need to
encourage non motorized use and charge for
any activity that has potential to jeopardize the
• limited transportation to Lakes ,parks and trails
• This is why we live here: need to be world class.
• The parcels of land for housing are far too small.
Vernon is starting to look like every other small
town with big ideas taking them nowhere. Lets
make ourselves special.
• More trails
• It is hard to gain access, even to urban parks if
using a mobility device. Invasive weeds around
town could be removed more, on private land, and
rail tracks etc.
• more environmental watches needed on lakes
• I am a dog owner and find it difficult to access
undeveloped land to walk a dog. The available
parks are barely adequate.
welfare. Logging is out of control and there needs
to be greater regulation for sustainability of
logging, watersheds and all life.
• Too many dogs on beaches, and very few dogs on
leashes. Trails through Kal Park are littered with
dog poop. If there’s dogs running loose there will
be no wildlife. Congratulations on the new Swan
Lake Preserve and the Middleton Mountain park.
• An example: think of the possible tourism
opportunities if the entire grey canal ditch area
was a park/walkway/cycle path. You would be
able to ride around much of the north okanagan.
It would be much like the Myra Canyon pathway
on the Kettle Valley Railway but even more scenic.
• Preserve it or lose it. It is imperative to protect
sensitive lands from and during development.
• Too much new growth.
• Protection of hillsides for wildlife
• Attention needed to restrict abuve uses (e,g big
boats, bikes, ATVs)
• Parking for lakes is frustrating and does not work.
• I can not walk ot cycle due to a disablity
• I believe that Vernon and the community has not
protected our natural areas (i.e wetlands, Turtle
Mountain, parkland behind Schubert Centre)
• Research first, nature things come first. We are
guest, let’s respect them.
• We are very fortunate to have environmental
goups in the region who volunteer to respond to
many environmental issues. I think the District
needs to countinue to encourage and support
these groups. I would also like the schools and
colleges to offer a greater variety of opprotunties
for students to learn about agriculture and the
• More environmental protection from development
• Much more natural forest is needed to be
preserved for future generations and our general
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• The mountainside looks ugly with those houses.
Scenery is one of the many reasons people move
to a nice place like this.
• In Lavington, our park is invaded by dogs on the
loose. As a result, the park is deterorating. Trails
- I walk the neighbourhood daily. The potential
for informal and formal trails is great. I could see
putting together a group of young people and an
adult leader as a summer project to create maps
of trails in this area.
• Lot’s of easy access, but could use more parks or
hiking trails.
• Development and closure of legal lake accesses
has seriously restricted general use. Government
has supported and allowed NIMBY re public’s use
of these (or else plastered with No Parking signs).
Wall to wall houses - no wildlife corridors.
• Can’t access Kallake in winter.
• More handicapped access to lakes needed. Less
housing development on hillsides. Protection of
grasslands, endangered bird species and rare
plants on Commonage very important.
• City needs a by-law specifying that any land being
annexed to the city will immediately have the
zoning adjusted to fit Vernon City zoning and in
accordance with Vernon’s OCP. Applicants should
be made aware of this before making application.
• Lacking knowledge on environmental protection.
• More public access to lakefront needed.
• Any land that is open or just so wonderful always
gets taken by the Government and soon to get
worse by housing. That we don’t need. Over half
the house in Vernon are not sold or poorly placed.
• Too much private land.
• need Lakeside promenade. Need proper sand Kal
Lake beach
• Stop urban encroachment on wetlands
• Many smaller, northern, rural communities own
much better activities/areas. Nelson, Grand
Forks, Quesnel, Smithers, Ft. St. John all have
walking paths, community parks, ball diamonds,
tracks, fields, play areas.
• Under new federal laws, Kalamalka Lake, our
main water supply for domestic water is not longer
protected. Will our local municipalities be able to
protect the lake and other lakes?
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
Figure 12. Average rating of economic opportunities and skills and jobs match.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
• Who will provide these economic policy areas with
“more attention”? Regional Board? Residents?
Seems a bit out of our hands? Not sure what local
govts can do to improve situation, other than in
case of City of Vernon, be more open to allowing
other business types to flourish in areas such
as along 25th Ave - current zoning is precluding
service-based businesses, which you need when
you’re adding another seniors complex, more
dense housing, etc. Very few options at this end
of town.
• I have a great full time job, however, being a small
town it is one of 3 that exists. if i did not have this
job, i would have to work in a different field
• Easier for women to find a office job or a service
industry job but for men it is more difficult to
provide for their families on wages available here
in Vernon.
• There were employment opportunities for me
within Vernon but my husband has to travel to
Kelowna for work within the school system.
• Completely impossible, have been trying to find
stable full-time employment for over TWO YEARS.
• Our young have to leave the area to find decent
• I was a full time graphic designer in Vancouver.
There isn’t much available locally, not to the
same degree. And now as an artist/potter I find
it difficult to support my new career - the local
economy supports Dollarama, not local artisans.
• Relocated for employment opportunity with an
excellent organizatin
• Lots of Volunteer Jobs but not paid jobs.
• Despite constant news coverage about a lack of
skilled tradespeople in BC, I am a multi-ticketed
Journeyman who struggles to find long term work
in the Valley. I am forced to leave the area to find
work in order to support my family.
• I am retired, but my family ( 2 daughters and their
significant others) all are struggling to get work.
Three have university degrees, and the 4th a
Vernon native, quit a poor job last year to work in
the Alberta oil patch. This makes their family life
• Finding jobs in the area that fits my training and
experience is difficult due to my disabilities.
• There are very few positions that pay well for an
experienced generalist in the Okanagan, and the
jobs that pay well do not fit my skills, training or
experience. I am woefully under-employed.
• for others this needs attention not only in our
community but accross the province in order
for people to able to work and live meeting their
• Have been employed at the same place for 31
• Typically in the Okanagan, folks (myself included)
are under-employed. If working, then working for
less wage and not as advanced in career level as
would be in other markets. It’s a problem. Enough
of the “sunshine” tax already.
• These questions are unsuitable for retired
• I’m very fortunate that my spouse and I are in
well-paying, secure jobs but that doesn’t seem to
be the case for many others.
• Low low wages in the Okanagan compared
towhere I lived in Whistler / Pemberton
• If you don’t work for government, there are
few tech or industrial jobs to offer career
• Since I am retired I am thinking of my family who
would like to move here.
• So many people struggle with wages matching or
exceeding their living expenses.
• I was in the high tech area and became quickly
outdated once moving here
• Finding and keeping a job is a problem in this
region for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
An aggressive approach needs to commence for
economic development and job creation.
• The pay scale does not meet the cost of living in
most jobs
• I recently changed career by choice but this was
not possible without months of planning which
most are not able to do.
• We need to keep and attract young people who
can raise families.
• In Vernon, there seems to be a “hire who you
know” mentality, mixed with a lack of desire to get
to know people...
• no jobs available that don’t require the degree i
am in the progress of.
• I am a stay at home parent but I have searched
for part-time work that fits my qualifications and
have had difficulty finding something appropriate.
• As a stay at home parent I have tried to find
part-time work that fit my skills and have found it
• While I have had opportunity here ( in healthcare)
others I know have challenges due to lack of
opportunities and attitudes.
• My husband is a qualified elementary school
teacher with years of experience from Vancouver,
yet he cannot even get hired as an on-call teacher
in SD22.
• I’m highly qualified in H.R. With excellent
references, but can’t find a job. In this town you
need know someone to be given a chance.
• I am retired, so question does not apply, but
young people need access to skill training and
• There is a need for organizations to set up in the
N. Okan. Manufacturing (light), transportation/
warehousing hubs, corporate headquarters, I have
given up looking for suitable employment - this
was precipitated by BC Government initiative to
reduce free enterprise services in the employment
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• In my field it is much less competitive here than
Ontario. That’s why I moved here. Back home they
ask for 5 years experience at basically all relevant
jobs. Here I got hired straight out of school and
there are several openings in my organization. The
problem has been recruiting educated workers
to live here. None of my smart young left-wing
friends want to move to a conservative notoriously
religious area that caters primarily to seniors.
• The RDNO needs to focus on economic
development to increase the tax base so we can
fund the things that we want. Rely on retirees
is not viable; in the long run it will lead to
• I am fortunate my skills are very transferable.
My wife on the other hand, has much fewer
opportunities and is very limited in the work force.
• self employed so create own oportunities to
match my skills.
• Variable at times but overall job situation has not
improved in last 60 years
• Age and advanced qualifications limit my
• The college does not offer enough degree
programs. I have a family and want to get back
into the work force with a good paying job.
Moving for school is not an option therefor my
opportunities are limited.
• I have had very fulfilling work the entire time I
have lived here.
• The economic development plan is not made
clear to us. It would be nice to know at least what
the plan is.
• I feel very lucky to have good employment but I
worry about losing my job.
• We need industry in all areas to employ people.
• I am close to retirement age but worry a great
deal about how difficult it is for younger people to
find meaningful employment. We need to bring
jobs back to the area so our children can live and
work here.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
• Have a degree in the health care field so no
problem finding employment here.
• Doesn’t apply to me but, young people need more
employment opportunities.
• Almost ready to retire, moved here for retirement
• More full time above minimum wage jobs are
needed in the North Okanagan especially Vernon.
• Very limited spectrum of arts minded people in
the community to support a career in the area.
Publicly funded arts programs could aide in the
advancement of these jobs.
• Retired
• even with a decent salary, everything has been
increasing so much and all at the same time this
past year (hydro, gas, water, gas to go to work,
food, cable) that it is hard to have any money left
after paying the bills
• retired self-employed
• My same skill set and education makes me
highly employable from Victoria and northern BC
where we lived before the NO and yet I have been
looking for months for employment
• The training is available at Okanagan College, but
my grandchildren aren’t likely to remain in this
area after education is completed
• I’m on disability
• Have had to go back to school for training twice.
Even when you have the training its hard because
there are fully trained people in need of work
• See above comments.
• the young generation is leaving this area in droves
because they cannot find a full time job that will
allow them to own a home
• although we are satisfied, young people are not.
There are few well paid jobs available to entice
them to remain in the north Okanagan. We need
more industry and manufacturing.
• I see this as a huge challenge for the region
• More industry means more jobs, means more
families and young people stay in the area.
• There is a huge disparity between the direction
set by the politicians and what administration
actually implements. If Council wants to
encourage local economy, then they need to
take a minute to review all of the cumbersome
regulations and red tape that is in place (and then
reduce it !)
• This is a very blue collar region, more
opportunities are needed for white collar skillful
individuals at yearly wages, not hourly. We need
urban innovative thinkers and doers here.
• Young families cannot afford to move here or
remain here. My family is much worse off than
we were 10 years ago - nothing has been done
for economic development. My husband and I are
both professionals, college graduates but good
paying jobs are sparse, and not even my friends
who are teachers can get jobs anymore. No one
leaves their jobs, and people work longer so they
have no choice. Try and attract some businesses
besides Kal Tire and Tolko. So many places have
closed and not even the mall can keep tenants.
• Very hard to find a good paying tech job in
Okanagan. Affected by high number of colleges in
area and sunshin tax.
• Minimum wage combined with no affordable
housing makes it very difficult for people who
live in Vernon. I hope the new downtown core
buildings will have commercial space on the main
floor, professional offices on the second and a mix
of housing options on the upper floors. Batchelor
suites for singles and one and two bedroom
apts. for married couples or young families are
a necessity. Having these housing options in
the downtown core will also enable residents
to walk to work taking more cars off the roads
and lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. I
see good public transit as an integral part of the
downtown plan. Car co-ops that are owned by the
building might also help in this manner. This has
been done in Kelowna with success.
• I’m retired.
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Considering going to northern Alberta to
improve my chances of working for a reasonable
• The work I do is common every where but for youn
people the career opportunities are limited as
large employers are limited, lots of retail not full
time. Not sure how you can bring large industry to
the area without a huge impact on the area.
• Wages are. No in accordance with cost of living.
• I happen to be fortunate to have exactly the kind
of work I am trained for, and can be based on
Vernon doing it. I’d like to see more people have
this opportunity here.
• I have many skills that I can’t find work for!
• I’m a high tech person. I help companies utilize
laser technology in manufacturing processes. No
opportunities here.
• I am very unfortunate to have opportunities to
do have work in my field but in general this is
one of the most important downfall of the OK,
there aren’t enough good, permanent, full time
jobs. Governments at all levels most take steps
to encourage and bring in big employers that
provide not only full time jobs but good wages
and benefits. We have far too much seasonal, low
paying jobs
• I am lucky, not all people can answer this question
the way I have. Diversity within our economy is
key. We should be looking to new industry to
ensure employment. Sustainable industry that
fosters new technologies, renewable energy, food
security, etc. would benefit our economy and our
• More well-paying job opportunities needed so that
young people/families can afford to live here.
• Because I am a social person and grew up in
Vernon, I had more opportunity. New people
entering the North Okanagan have a more difficult
time finding work for sure.
• I work in mental health
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• As I said, my own employment status isn’t an
issue, but it is an issue for many others I know.
• We could encourage more firms to start here. We
have a lot of people that work independently
• people often refer to this area as “The
Brokanagan” I’ve had many friends have to leave
for school and then once they’ve graduated with
degrees they are unable to move back because
there are no job oppertunities. Instead of our local
governments creating employment initatives and
thinking out side of the box to try to support the
people of the Okanagan I feel as though most
people have just given up and buckled to the lure
of working long hours, being away from home, and
working labour intensive jobs up in northern B.C.
in the oil and gas industries.
• At present I am OK. The opportunities as to the
pay in Vernon and the Okanagan is not very good.
There truly is a sunshine tax and employers must
wake up because we are losing lots of young
people and good talent to where the higher paying
jobs are in the North and AB
• Again, it’s not about me. It’s about the community.
The community needs to build opportunity.
• I have to work out of Vernon to get decent-paying
work -- have done so for 20 years
• I am self-employed and have had no problem
finding work.
• My background is Financial with Excutive
assistant & HR
• There doesn’t appear to be much employment
available for young people in the North Okanagan.
There should be more effort put into attracting
tech businesses into the area and provide more
employment opportunities for young people with
young families.
• NOt enough good paying jobs, not enough
industry as mentioned
• retired
• Need more industry
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
• Most people who go to college/university cannot
come back to work here in their field. I was lucky.
• I travel to large industrial jobs out of town.
• Need more employment opportunities (more big
businesses?? Costco, Toys R Us, etc attracted to
the area) with decent wage and benefit offerings...
People are attracted where opportunities exist
that provide a living wage and benefits for
• I’m lucky to have the great career I have. I am
aware, though, how difficult it is for people to get
good jobs here. Even if I were to think of leaving
my current job I don’t know if I could find another
like it in the area. With so many low paying jobs/
service industry jobs, I would be worried I might
have to leave the area to look for work.
• I have been fortunate to find a position, but
realize that there are not many positions in the
North Okanagan that would fit my skill, training
and experience.
• Forest Industry work
• I work in sustainability and social responsibility.
still limit amount of opportunities in these areas.
• I am middle aged and work part time which is ok
for me - because we have a home paid for - but for
young families and kids getting out of schooling it
is very difficult to find good paying jobs.
• we would have to move to gain alternate
employment - there simply is limited employment
within the region that will sustain the $$ required
to live here
• Employment is the most important focus for
people in our region. Jobs that are meaningful
and provide a good income are essential for a
thriving community. My family is split with some
having great jobs, others unable to use their skills,
obtained from OC. Maybe the College should
not be educating people if jobs don’t exist in the
• retired
• I currently work in as a research manager (plant
biology) at ubc-okanagan. I would LOVE to work in
Vernon, but science/technology/horticulture jobs
with incomes that match housing cost are few and
far between.
• I am in a rare case of having skill in an Okanagan
industry, it seems thought that my partner and
friends struggle to make ends meet here
• Am retires, however do feel that there are not
enough jobs around - but people need to get
support and learn how to create their own, not
expect a high paying company to “bail them out”
with a great job.
• one has to be prepared to work part-time or oncall at first, at least in my profession; I recognize
this may not work for everyone.
• A correction in housing prices could decimate the
employment in the RDNO.
• I am in the farming industry, and I strongly feel
that a big hinderance to the future sustainablility
of my job is the availability of slaughter for our
animals. There are such few options available
(both for poultry and larger livestock, that I
worry about what happens if any of the existing
slaughter facilities close. The business of
slaughtering animals is not one that has people
lining up to take on as a career, so who is going
to want to take over these slaughter facilities
when the current owners retire? I STRONGLY feel
that moving back to allowing on farm slaughter
of animals for farm gate sales is the only way
to ensure that farmers will be able to sell their
products. Farmers are willing to slaughter their
own animals and take pride in their products. This
also comes back to finding ways to keep farmers
in farming - the cost of transporting animals
and paying someone to slaughter for you makes
the profit that the farmer gets even smaller. I
have heard that there is or may be a change to
the slaughter regulation that allows for on farm
slaughter of up to 10 animals for farm gate sales.
It’s a nice gesture, but a farmer cannot feed his
family and pay for his farming costs for a year
Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
off the sales of 10 animals. I truly believe that
the North Okanagan needs to find a way to make
on-farm slaughter feasible for farmers again, if we
want to keep farms with livestock in our valley.
• This area has and continues to be paid at
minimal wage levels, if it was not for a few major
players this community would be an extension to
• There is often a tough trade-off between
economic growth and development and the
preservation of the lifestyle that brought us here
in the first place. Over the long run, I think we
have had a reasonable compromise. When both
sides of this issue are dissatisfied, then you are
likely on the right course.
• There is not much around in my line of work:
so I am going back to school in order to find
something in the area: we want to stay here and
not work up north....
• There are many people that cannot find fulfilling
employment. Not sure how a government can
stimulate this, but the efforts should be made.
• Weak economy with little driving it beyond
• Plse, let’s drop the ‘sunshine tax’ as an excuse for
poor employment opportunities and poor pay in
this area.
• I worked in Health Care, so did not have a
problem. People in other occupations have more
• retired
• however, we need to do more to attract and retain
young families as the opportunities for them are
• I’m a certified teacher, yet there are few jobs
and they keep graduating new teachers! Stop
overloading the province with new teachers when
there isn’t even enough work for the ones who are
here! And let go of the teachers who just shouldn’t
be there and aren’t suited for the profession to
make room for the good ones who want (and do)
make a difference in the lives of students.
• need to bring industry here to keep young people
and poor wages.
• Thankfully I’m retired. My three sons have found
work in the KELOWNA area, there’s nothing in the
North Okan that appeals to younger people.
• I am at the point of getting ready to retire. It is
the opportunities for younger people/families to
maintain a standard of living here.
• We need to develop industry for clean, renewable
energy. We could easily become leaders in this
• We need industry and manufacturing!!! We
need to become an example of sustainability,
responsible economic growth, leaders in
environmentalism and pioneer what healthy living
in our global world can look like.
• I”m overeducated for the Okanagan
• I have full time employment with a municipal
government....however there does not seem to
be enough economic development here in the
okanagan to keep young people here
• There are no above poverty paying jobs for the
younger people here and the seniors have to work
to subsidize their government pensions [oap-giscpp]
• We need more than part time, minimum or almost
minimum wage employers here
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• I am fortunate to have a unique and specialized
job here. Most of my friends are not so fortunate
and have moved to other locales. I may move
soon too for this reason alone.
• Businesses keep closing in Vernon. More
American companies are coming into Vernon and
destroying local businesses. The downtown core
needs to stay open longer than 5pm
• I’m a professional and there are very limited
opportunities for me. If I lost my job, I would have
to move.
• we need to attract more industry for younger
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Economy: Economic Opportunities & Skills and Jobs Match
• I think we need to put more effort into inviting
clean sustainable projects to help support young
• I am a public servant but husband (carpenter) has
had to go to Alberta to get steady work.
• Jobs for youth and young adults are hard to come
by, or bad jobs.
• I’m retired!
• More work opportunities for disabled.
• Need wider spectrum of job opportunities - on the
job training.
• Job opportunities seem to be pretty rare, may
have to move elsewhere if this continues.
• Only lateral movement, not upward
• I feel there is a need to encourage small business
- particularly in the fields of agriculture and food
production as well as tourism.
• I was lucky to find a job but it did not use my full
skill set. I had to adapt to fit into it. I am getting
paid much less than if I was back east. Cost of
living is more.
• Glass plant is a great example - Don’t create
businesses, keep what we have. New fees for
parking metres a joke. Businesses in downtown
are closing because there are no good paying jobs
for those that can work.
• Summer jobs for students - I would like to see this
start again. Local businesses and residents could
champion programs and realize/create what
the Regional District would like to create for the
• If I were looking there is nothing available besides
min wage, part-time “jobs”. No opportunities for
young people!
• I am very qualified in retail. No jobs.
• As a working person I had my own business and
could still be gainfully employed in it if I chose to
• Need more jobs for 50+
• Very little in Vernon for employment. Either lowincome jobs or need qualifications.
• Start-ups and support of home-based business
• Because I’ve lowered my expectations, because
my kids are still in school, because my husband
makes a good wage (by working in Yukon) I can
find work BUT our local, sustainable future,
potential LM is very lacking. Where will my kids
work? Why should I stay here?
• It’s tough to find sustainable employment
• Just needing the school certification, lots of
• I don’t plan on going back to work part time or full
• Retired, volunteer a lot
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
Figure 13. Average ratings of opportunities to use alternative forms of transportation (take the bus, cycle or walk) in the North Okanagan.
Figure 14. Average ratings of transportation infrastructure in the North Okanagan.
• Cycle lanes are still misunderstood, vehicles
parked in them make it even more difficult for
cyclist to share road with cars. Educational
opportunity? Roads in the Landing area are
inadequate, this is a known issue without any
timeline for resolution, other than inviting MORE
development, which will make the problem worse
before it gets better.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• While there are more cycle lanes it is still
challenging to ride in town. Accessing Polson Park,
for example, by bike is a challenge and in most
examples requires venturing into busy traffic - not
a comfortable experience for parents and kids.
• Not everyone can take a bus to work. Those who
must use their own vehicles because they live
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
out of town should not be penalized by paying
high parking prices. It’s hard enough for workers
to support their families without governments
looking to suck more money out of our already
over deducted pay cheques.
• Unsafe to cycle anywhere in town, cannot get
to most places without using or crossing the
highway, people swerve in ATTEMPTING to hit
my husband on his bicycle and police do nothing
unless they personally witnessed event.
• There is no bus out to my area/house. Not a
regular route by any means - I haven’t bused
once since moving here but took transit daily in
• I live very close to town but in Area B and we have
NO buses on our roads. The roadways are terrible
surfaces and there are no sidewalks. It’s OK some
of the time as tax levels are low, but there could
definitely stand to be an improvement. It’s unsafe
in some instances and I won’t ride my road bike
much out here, it’s mountain bike territory...and
that’s ON the road.
• always important to keep on top of this
• too many potholes; looks like have not been
worked on in over 10 years, since I last lived here
• Need enclosed shelters like at old terminus at
Downtown Safeway Superstore and Walmart. The
new style shelters are poor windbreaks.
• need sidewalk / bike lanes on Kal Lake Rd. s/b
one lane each direction with bike lanes on each
side, and a left turn lane in the middle. Sidewalks
are none existent from Middleton to town in many
places. Bike lanes are often full of potholes,
sewer drains, gravel, gooey tar, and other bits and
pieces of crap... cyclists can’t ride as far right as
‘appears’ to be safe, as it’s not safe. If we build
for cars, we’ll get lots of cars, if we build for bikes,
we’ll get lots of bikes. I really like the adrenaline
rush of putting my life at risk to get to work, but
can understand why many others choose not to
cycle or walk to town. The Rec Centre should have
bike lockers, which could be a combined rate with
a yearly pool pass so cyclists can ride, then lock
up their bike conveniently and safely in town, then
shower and walk to work. I would ride to run more
errands if there were more secure bike parking
available (out of sight).
• Bike lanes should be no where near let alone
on main roads! Bike lanes should be pushed off
roads. .. why not use alleyways or side roads! ?
You won’t find me or my daughter using any of
vernon bike paths (except on ok road)
• where I live, we do not even have sidewalks!
There is heavy foot traffic on my street, yet the
City continues to over-improve other areas while
completely ignoring this area.
• Vernon is the best I have seen for all those
mentioned above, compared to Ontario. Keep
those cycle lanes coming. We need to strive for
a european transportation life style. It would be
ideal if we didn’t use our cars, get to work or get
• Sprawl, car focus has created a huge challenge..
• For individuals using canes/wheelchairs
sidewalks are extremely important for getting
around the city and I still think there should be
more attention paid to clearing this of hazards,
especially during the winter.
• Require more efficient transit: add bus routes to
make it possible to travel to and from work in a
timely fashion.
• We have lots of section of roads that need repair.
Sidewalks were not done using an accessiblity
structure. There are many lips on the sidewalks
that are not wheelchair or cart safe for people.
This needs to be address so everyone can be
safe. The cycle lanes provide some sense of
safety but I think it is a false one. There should
be on buisier roads, such as 25th Ave, a seperate
section for bikers that are not on the road with
drivers. We have already had accidents and death
between drivers and cyclists
• Has been a lot of improvement. Still room for
more bike lanes and safe walking areas.
• Silver Star road is in particularly bad condition
(except for the lower section)
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• We need to be aggressive with a transportation
system. How can we draw business and
employment if we have crappy transportation?
• It is dangerous to travel in anything other than a
car to come in from the Coldstream area!!!!
• some roads are really good, some roads are
ridiculously bad (potholes and washboards).
sidewalks exist where I’d want them to be. Cycle
lanes are being seen on most roads which is
• We need better painted lane lines. Some are so
faded it feels unsafe to drive sometimes.
• It’s unbelievable that there is no schedule at most
bus stops. How are people supposed to take the
bus if they don’t know when it’s coming???
• Limited safe non motorized access to Foothills
• Some places in town are missing sidewalks
making it undesirable to go to those areas.
• As sidewalks are built or replaced it would be
great to have defrosted ones as in Norway. The
bylaws regarding cleaning of sidewalks MUST
be enforced!! Walking is treacherous here in the
• Aberdeen Road in Coldstream NEEDS a sidewalk
from Kalamalka Rd to Appletree Preschool (where
the bus stop is located). There are at least 30
children who live between Kal Rd and Appletree
Preschool who are in Coldstream school. They
have to walk from the busstop home during busy
traffic times. Also, they would most likely walk/
ride a bike to the school if there was a sidewalk.
Plus, a riding lane along all of Aberdeen road is
needed, it is unsafe and something else terrible is
going to happen.
• Aberdeen Road between Kalamalka Lake Road
and Appletree Preschool needs a sidewalk.
About 30 children live between these two streets
they get dropped off by a bus and walk on that
dangerous road daily. Also, more parents would
feel compfortable letting their children walk to
school if there was a sidewalk. Aberdeen Rd is
dangerous for pedestrians and there needs to be
a sidewalk immediately before something tragic
• Anyone tried to walk on sidewalks on 29th
avenue? Crumbling asphalt on many side-streets.
Alleyways are like a third world country. Public
parking lots in bad shape.
• Our bus system is grossly underused and smaller
equipment should be substituted so that the
carbon footprint of BC transit does not exceed
that of commuting.
• I am fortunate to live within a short walk to
work and can carpool in days I need to travel
to Kelowna, however I , try to walk or cycle for
exercise and utilitarian means. Sidewalks that
end unexpectedly, in poor condition, attitudes that
bike lanes and multi use paths are “cosmetic” are
really frustrating.
• Our rural/city out shirt roads are dangerous and
under maintained. Vegetation overhangs onto
roadways, there are no shoulders, and motor
vehicle users use excessive speed.
• Would love a side walk along Dixon Dam Road
and up toward Tillicum Village..their are so many
children, and people with dogs up here that would
love a side walk.
• We need a bike lane on Old Kamloops Road,
along with some traffic calming.
• Roads full of potholes and sidewalks uneven in
many places. In winter, sidewalks not cleared
of snow and hence ice build up, especially in
residential areas
• buses need to run the same schedule predictably
every day, and the 90 needs another bus. cycling
lanes are clearly not well marked based on the
amount of hits occurring with cyclists.
• Need to continue with alternate transportation
means of travel. More sidewalks please.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Tearing up roads for long periods of time and then
just patching as a replacement is very wearing
and not indicative of quality work.
• There is a patchwork of bicycle access lanes,
dangerous areas in the Middleton Way area - have
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
raised it with City of Vernon since 2007. More
people would walk or cycle if it was easy and
safe to do so and leave vehicles at home (winter
months not applicable of course)
• I don’t drive and there are many areas in the
city where there is no sidewalk or the sidewalk
switches back and forth what side of the street
it’s on with no safe crosswalks to get to the
other side with the sidewalk. People park across
sidewalks and aren’t ticketed. Buses stop too
early to take after work or to go to the movies.
The routes and schedules are significantly less
helpful than those in the last 4 cities I’ve lived
in. I would not feel safe on a bike downtown as
things are and everyone I know who does has had
a bike stolen when locked in front of a downtown
business during the day. It’s terrible.
• The word haphazard seems to apply. Bike lanes
are only useful when weather is good and where
altutude is not an issue. Mass transit a great idea
in principle, but needs to pay for itself.
• Stop making more cycle lanes, thereby narrowing
much needed roads!
• We lack cycle pathways. The commuter lanes are
okay for seasoned cyclists but the average adult
will never use them and children will Never use
them. What we need to focus on are - pathways
that are away from traffic that can be used to
cycle, walk, scooter, rollerblade or otherwise
around the community. Ideally it would scenic,
quiet but still functional to move people. Penticton
has it along their beaches and the channel,
Kamloops has it along the dikes, Quesnel has it
surrounding the city along the river, Vancouver
has it along the seawall and Engilish bay (coupled
with roadway system along Georgia that has
converted a roadway to a bike only road), Whistler
has it joining all their sports fields, golf courses
and lakes. It is by far and away the largest item
missing from our community. No place to take a
nice walk on a flat paved scenic pathway.
• more bike lanes please! One along highway 6
(from tim hortons to Aberdeen road)and Bella
Vista would be nice too :)
a wheelchair or with limited mobility. Even new
cutouts (eg 25th Ave and 33rd st)are too steep.
• No more bike lanes! Quit narrowing roads
• Please raise my taxes to fix potholes properly
(not patches that are gone again in 2 weeks). I’m
paying anyway in wheel alignments
• I never use transit.
• It takes forever to get somewhere on the bus.
Trying to get to a job would be at least an hour.
• Keep adding cycle lanes - it will draw tourists to
the area and keep the locals more active.
• City making good progress to making Vernon
more cyclist friendly. More attention needed to
making sidewalks more accessible and safer
for scooter and power wheelchair users, seniors
using walkers. Especially on 20th Street between
Heron Grove and Walmart shopping centre - very
• Shoulders on almost any road are either almost
none existent or poorly maintained. Very
dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.
• Few biking lanes
• I always travel in my own car, but think services
for this size of city are reasonable, cost has to be
balanced with usage and need
• sidewalks and cycle lanes stop and start all over
town. Some are on this side of the street, and
then you have to cross the street to regain access
to the sidewalk or cycle lane.
• A lot of roads do not have sidewalks so
pedestrians have to share the road with
vehicles. Some older road surfaces could use
some resurfacing. Transit is improving as usage
increases. The 90 Vernon to UBCO is fantastic!
Great for shopping and appointments in Kelowna.
• Transit schedule is not openly advertised in more
rural sections of the community.
• Sidewalks are poor to non existent in most areas.
Downtown Vernon is a disgrace for anyone in
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Ensure sidewalks along areas of new businesses
/ malls. Eg.- outside of Superstore and in the
Walmart area.
• public transport in this city needs to be scraped,
many buses are running with 3-4 people on them,
total waste of tax $$
• how come we have to repair the same road again
and again, shouldn’t it last at least 10 years for
the price we pay for them?
• Need more separate multi-use paths.
• would like to see cycling made as easy as in
• We used the bus quite a lot in Victoria, so much
that we were able to sell our car but the bus
system is not the same here in Vernon and had to
buy 2 vehicles as the bus system would not work
for us. But we have increased our bike use as well
that we didn’t do as much in Victoria
• Sidewalks are a disaster in this community.
Children are walking on the roads in almost every
area of this city, and is the result of very poor
planing. This has to be the worst city I have ever
lived in with sidewalks NOT being available
• The bike lanes in front of Harwood and the old
Baker’s Dozen are ridiculous and a complete
waste of tax payers money. Lets hope that the
investment into downtown pays off. Not sure that
is where the money needed to be spent.
• Public transportation will be the way in the future
so we should get prepared and encourage it more.
• A difficult and expensive area but transit
especially needs to be upgraded
• No buses above Middleton Way. Very steep hill to
walk up and down. Especially for older people.
• More lighting is needed in some areas where
there are no sidewalks (see Highway 6 between
Kalamalka Lake Road and Middleton Way)
• We’re not big enough to support the current
transit system. Vernon should listen to the KPMG
recommendation to reduce transit to just the
major routes.
• More cycle paths would be appreciated. Some
roads in smaller cities very narrow and in need of
• The RDNO has done a good job of improving the
bike routes in Vernon and Coldstream to make
them connect better but more work still needs to
be done. My daughter is a daily cyclist and she
has had 2 “near misses” just this week. Dividing
cycling trails are preferred but marked lanes are
the next best thing. I would like to see bike lanes
around Swan Lake and down Old Kamloops road
in the future. The Cycling Advisory Committee
has a good “list of priorities” that should be
implemented as new roads are built or old ones
• I hate how sidewalks and cycle lanes suddenly
stop/start. 39th Avenue is particularly bad
above PV Rd. Also 19th Street between 39 & 37
Ave. Love the new transit facility. Don’t like how
buses loop through neighbourhoods--I can walk
downtown faster than if I were to take the bus.
• you are not listening to the public about transit
you keeping hold meetings and our concerns are
not being addressed. Why are there cycle lanes on
27 street when it is hard enough to drive on the
street and nothing on 32 ave move the bike lane
up to 25 street and use the extra room on 27 to
better advantage
• Potholes and gravel on the highways have cost me
considerable amounts in repair costs& permanent
damage to my car.
• Vernon needs to reduce the size of their busses
and have them operate longer hours. Large
busses should only be used where fare paying
customers warrant. eg. to the university, college
• I need a bus that goes to the medical center on
25th and 97th Ave
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• more bike paths are needed. Buses should be
smaller in many areas like East Hill. They could be
electric buses
• Nice to see the round abouts to bad people
cannot adjust to these better as the flow of traffic
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
is great. The main highway through the centre of
town, well it would be nice for alternatives, where
• The cycle lanes are crazy and dangerous and
come to many abrupt ends
• I work in Kelowna so much of this doesn’t directly
pertain to me.
• cycle lanes still stop and start and are very unsafe
in many places, Bus schedules are too infrequent.
There are not enough attractive places to walk
within the city.
• I see so few cyclists using the cycle lanes
• More paths connecting neighbourhoods. More
trails (multi-use, paved and unpaved) are needed.
Maintain roads but don’t build new ones.
• In our area sometimes it is quite unsafe to walk.
traffic too fast and narrow shoulders to walk on.
• Sidewalks: generally OK but as I walk to downtown
or church there’s regions where I have to cross
the road for sidewalks because of discontinuous
sidewalks. Cycle Lanes. Same. Sometimes switch
from Left hand side or road to Right hand side.
No enforcement of laws against parking in bicycle
lanes. Bylaw enforcement is upon compaint only,
needs to be proactive. Transit is OK, can only
improve as public demand increases, but cost
seems pretty high. No passes for seniors???
Maybe not enough public awareness.
• We are on the right track improving cycling and
walking facilities. Our transportation network
has been too focused on the vehicle historically.
We need to improve alternative modes of
• Bus transportation is poor in some areas, eg. the
• heaving roads and sidewalks that just end or jump
across the road or just nosidewalks
• Many major roads (39th Ave., 32nd Ave.) that
are difficult to cross on foot have sections with
sidewalks only on one side of the road - this is
a minor concern for me, but a bigger concern
for elderly people, people with assistive walking
devices, etc. Additionally, snow removal on
sidewalks in non-residential areas is very bad
some years. The transit system and bike lane
system are both improving, which is great to see,
but further improvements could be made (esp.
more buses linking Vernon to Kelowna; more
cycling lanes along key routes).
• Transit is a joke. We’d do better with a central
parking hub and a rapidly cycling small bus loop
through downtown or down 27th. The car dealers
have one. The bus to Bella Vista is not usable. I
can walk faster. But the road is rather dangerous
on foot. It is a race course, after all, with
inadequate shoulders, especially past Sunnyview.
• Need bus shelters on routes as weather is not
always conducive to waiting for a bus. Out on
Anderson Way in Vernon I see people standing in
the rain, wind and cold waiting for buses. At least
put a roof over the benches
• lots of places in town missing decent sidewalks
-- or any sidewalks
• Lack of sidewalks in some major corridors (like
15th St to Hwy 6)
• I live out of town (Predator Ridge) which limits
my mode of transit. a buss twice a day down
Commange to Carr’s Landing & back would be
great. The road is shared by Vernon/Prov - need
wider shoulders for biking to town.
• One of the reasons my husband and I moved
to Vernon was because of the cycle lanes and
cycle paths. We are avid cyclists and are thrilled
with the early clean-up of the bicycle lanes in
the spring. Thank you for that. We would like
to see more bicycle paths of course but greatly
appreciate the ones that exist at the present
time. We do not use the bus but that is primarily
because we cycle to run errands, use my Eco-bike
on occassion and otherwise use our vehicle.
• All seems fairly good
• Huge job for communities is maintaining a costly
always expanding transportation infrastructure.
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Transit should be reduced to major routes. Way
too expensive to operate current transit system.
• I don’t agree with narrowing (substantially) of
roads to accomodate sidewalks and bike paths.
The traffic and parking will only get worse with
that continously done.
• better and more cycling lanes, hubby cycles
to work in Armstrong from Vernon and route is
dangerous and not maintained for bikes
• Focus on infill development to reduce burden
of replacing asphalt (can’t keep up as it is),
standardize sidewalks and ensure physically
challenged can use, use barracades to protect
cycling lanes, improve bus shelters and add more
and improve bus stops and their signage
• No sidewalks, bus service where I live.
• There are no crosswalks near Silver Star School
on 32nd Avenue above 15th Street... apparently
the safety of the children living on THIS side of
the school don’t matter as much as that of the
children living on the other 3 sides?? Also, cars
come out of the school zone on 32nd avenue,
the drivers hit the gas, and gun it to the end of
the street because it’s a no thru road! The “No
Thru Road” sign is practically ignored by drivers,
and there are DOZENS of u-turns made on 32nd
above 11th Street DAILY. I don’t let my kids play
out front for this reason... too many cars driving
too fast for a dead end street, and too many
u-turns (and ALOT of drivers drive ONTO the
sidewalk to complete their u-turns!)
• Although busing is brutal here there is no
economical way to improve it based on # of
people using it. Do not waste money on buses
with the exception of buses to Kelowna. The city
design does not lend itself to public transit. Bike
lanes are awesome and bike to week is growing.
Keep up the work with bike week.
• The roads I travel on frequently (Okanagan
Landing) are in poor shape. I think it should be a
priority to repaint the lines on high-traffic roads
frequently (e.g. intersection at 25th Ave and 32nd
St.), incl. cycling lanes and shoulders
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• KPMG says cut the bus routes - get real, this
is preparing for the future. I’m a regular bike
commuter, luckily still alive.
• The children walk / cycle to school on the side of
the road (Aberdeen road) and there is little to no
protection for them from some drivers who do not
care about the speed limit. It would be wonderful
to have more cycle paths and sidewalks so we
don’t feel it is ‘safer’ to drive our kids everywhere.
• On Middleton Mountain there are streets (11th)
and husband that don’t have good sidewalks at
all in some places and no street lights so in the
winter its pretty dangerous and really a drag to
walk around up there in some areas.
• I drive pottery road every day (I live on galiano)
Pottery road is terrible. Some side roads attaching
on have potholes that you can get lost it.
• we live just on the outskirts of Vernon in
Coldstream. There is no bike path, trail, sidewalk
or anything if you want to walk into vernon or to
the lake you walk on the road... (Kalamalka Lake
Road)and it is a very busy road.
• Vernon is my focus in that sidewalks end and
people must continue on the street. Frequently
there is no way to safely cross streets. No
sidewalks exist on busy roads used to get to and
from schools, downtown. Priority is sidewalks,
then cycling paths.
• fairly safe to get around by bicycle
• I am very frustrated with the continuous up-heaval
of Old-Kamploops Road. I realize this road is in
two different jurisdiction but it is in poor condition
and unsafe for cycling.
• Though there can always be improvement, I am
grateful for the opportunity to commute by bicycle
in Vernon.
• We keep building cycle paths that dead end
before they arrive at a significant destination....
finish what we have already started. We know
there are hard parts but they are the important/
dangerous ones.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
• I am grateful for the opportunity to commute by
• the bike lanes are great, and I support their
construction on 43 Ave. (I used to live near there).
The new Kidston road trail is fantastic; I hope it
can continue. An all- season walking path just off
Kal Lake Road connecting Kal Lake and Polson
would be amazing; using the train tracks one in
the winter is not great. Transit stop actually at
Polson Mall? I’d like to be able to take transit bus
to shop/go to appointments in Kelowna without
multiple transfers ...
• If you want people to drive less, don’t build more
bike lanes, build more mixed use neighborhoods.
• I feel that Vernon/Coldstream is already
so sprawled out that increasing sidewalk
infrastructure won’t necessarily enable people
to walk to work or school more than already now.
BUT, I do think that cycle paths, that are separate
from roads (not just of the side of the road) would
encourage people to ride their bikes to work or
to the market or school. Especially middle aged
people, who don’t feel safe on a bike lane that’s
right next to the traffic, may actually use a bike
path if they don’t need to contend with vehicle
traffic. These bike paths could also double as
walking paths and outdoor leisure paths. Europe
has these all over the place and it’s common to
see elderly women biking to the store to pick up
their groceries. I wish we could encourage this. I
think that road construction projects, like the one
currently on Hwy 6 between Coldstream Ranch
and Vernon, are unnecessary. Removing corners
from a road only encourages drivers to go faster. I
don’t know how many millions of dollars are going
into that project, but it seems a bit ridiculous
when there are corners before and after that
section that we expect drivers to navigate. That
money could have gone towards bike paths. Or a
commuter train from Lumby to Vernon and on to
Armstrong and beyond on the existing rail line.
strollers, carts, wheelchairs etc safely through
intersections, over curbs, tracks etc. There are
also some areas where the bike/car relationship
is confusing and at times dangerous.
• We are a rural setting, leave as such or move on
but until we are a big city why try to be like them!
• I really wish that the #90 bus ran at least a couple
of times on the weekends and more frequently
during week days in the summer. I would take the
bus to UBCO instead of driving if it were possible
during those times.
• How to improve bus coverage in a small
community is a very difficult task. How to increase
the usage of bus transport in a small community
is also a difficult task.
• We welcome more cycle infrastructure since we
are retired people who cycle several times a week
from March to December.
• I bike to: work, town, markets, and parks. I walk
in the winter when the biking lanes are covered
(sometimes I bus). I rarely bus: I only live 4-5 bus
stops from downtown: and it gets too expensive
for that short distance (especially with the kids
in tow) I would bike to Kal Beach with my family
but the road in not safe enough between the golf
course and the beach.
• For eg. 24ave between 43st and 34st contains
a high population base, yet there aren’t any
sidewalks...If you want people walk to amenities
rather than drive, why are there several residential
areas that surround the downtown without
• It’s a catch 22 - government is reluctant to expand
transit unless the riders are there, and people
are reluctant to use transit until service improves.
Government needs to take a chance on improving
• Bike lanes shouldn’t be considered as an after
• We really neglect transportation for those that
can’t drive for economic or health reasons.
• As a family we try to walk, bike or ride bus
whenever possible and we chose a home close to
town to enable this more easily. We have noticed
that there are areas where it is difficult to get
• Love to walk in the District of Coldstream,
although if you are walking on Kalamalka or
Aberdeen Roads traffic seems to be travelling at
Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
a much faster pace than the posted speed limit
encounter a lot of
• Fix the streets never mind spending big dollars on
new projects like 30th Ave
• Due to the distance I travel, transit is not an
option, but it looks to me like there are good
choices available. Hwy 6 is horendous to drive on!
• Huge busses travelling almost empty not overly
useful. Small population base could mean smaller
busses with more frequent runs- more frequent =
more likely useful.
• The bike lanes are ignored by most drivers, they
should be enhanced with rumble strips
• I think the side/back sidewalks need much more
attention than they are getting. I believe we
should be fixing up these sidewalks to make it
easier to walk.
• More sidewalks and cycle lanes that are safe.
• All of the non-automotive modes of transportation
should be improved and emphasized.
• If you want citizens to walk, then put in sidewalks
on all main roads, esp. those leading to
• Ice is a big hazard to walking in winter, so I drive
• Narrow marked bicycle lanes on the side of
roads is neither safe nor does it encourage bike
• I have 33 years experience in the Human Services
field. A Master’s Degree is asked for for Case
Management positions. I cannot afford further
education with the wages paid.
• narrow, painted cycle/walking lanes next to busy
roads do not encourage bicycle/foot traffic, its just
• Use of a private motor veh is essential and must
NOT be mindlessly penalised.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• transit such as buses would have greater use
if the rates were lower and the routes covered
greater areas.
• Sidewalks are frequently not kept clear of ice and
snow in the winter, in spite of bylaws and citizen’s
duties. THey can be dangerous. Both bicycle lanes
and sidewalks are discontinuous; continuous
networks are needed. I don’t take the bus often
enough to comment; I am pleased that I can
take the bus to the college or to the coldstream;
getting to OK college for evening presentations
(7pm) is a problem, however.
• transit doesnt work for anyone who has night jobs
• The BX could use some road upgrades especially
on well used routes such as L&A, Pottery and East
• I live in South Vernon. If I were to take the bus
to work I would either arrive 30 minutes early or
10 minutes late. Not convenient. I would prefer
to live in a condo closer to downtown so I could
walk places. This is a main reason that downtown
is dying. Many of the condos at the west end of
Main Street are for geriatric individuals or do not
allow renters. There are no other medium to high
density housing downtown. We don’t have to have
skyscrapers. Most of Vancouver’s buildings are
4-6 stories high south of False Creek. Vernon has
the opposite of what a healthy downtown core
should have.
• A bike running north - south along a main
thoroughfair would be nice.
• It is not safe to walk or ride a bike in Vernon
because the drivers do not pay attention. If you
are waiting in a crosswalk, traffic will keep going,
even if you are half way across people will still
keep going. Drivers impatiently inch closer to you
as you cross or they start to turn into you making
it even more hazardous.
• We need a serious shift with the politicians in
this area - it’s the 21st century, people! We want
public transportation, off street bike trails and
more sidewalks. Why is parking considered more
important than accommodating people willing to
walk and bike? I pay taxes, too, and when I ride
my bike or walk, I don’t need a parking space. I
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Transportation: Alternative Transportation & Transportation Infrastructure
constantly feel that car drivers are considered
more important than those of us who seriously try
to reduce our footprint and live healthier lives. Not
everyone can get rid of their car, of course, but
MOST people can use their car more judiciously.
• the transit system is way too much, we need to
cut back, most of the runs are empty or almost
empty most of the time
• Poor road repair.
• Many residential areas don’t have sidewalks
• Bikers would say “more bike lanes:, need smaller,
more frequent buses.
• There are some newer developed areas in town
with NO sidewalks on either side of the road. It is
• 24th Avenue, between 34th Street and Sewage
Plant desperately needs sidewalks
• Bus times don;t correspond to my work times
(shift work); Getting across 32rd and 27th Streets
can be very dangerous on bikes
• Long distances to walk, hilly cycling, not enough
bus service.
• Disabled
• Buses should come and go more frequently.
Some turns on roads require signs and buses and
unreliable (late/early).
• Nobody is king even if they drive monster truck.
Respect for families. Let’s slow down when we
drive. If everyone takes the bus to shop and takes
a walk, the air will be cleaner and less cars ont he
• Kal Lake Road from KalTire to town needs walking
and biking path upgrades for safety reasons.
• I live off Tronson Road - no transit, sidewalks or
cycle lanes
• Why not build a cycle path that goes from one
side of town to the other. Could pave a trail beside
the train track - would be very convenient.
• In Lavington, if you come for a walk you would
notice the absence of sidewalks. In the years I
have lived here, I am suprised to see school age
children walk on the street.
• Feel very unsafe as a cyclist.
• Get some decent bus shelters - no weather
protection or seating - very 3rd world. Unshovelled
in winter.
• Why do people keep repairing rods that don’t
need to be? It’s inconvenient. Repair roads that
actually need to be.
• When you bike you are taking your life in your own
• Handydart
• In retrospect, I chose to live in an area not served
by buses/really car access only. Silver Star Rd. is
dangerous for walking or biking.
• Unfortunate that Vernon in past allowed sprawl
making transport to outliers non-economic.
Municipal/city infrastructure needs not being met
by current taxation - need new sources of income
at this level - downloading has been awful.
• Inner town (downtown) bike space is poor. Bus
stops could use coverage (weather shielding).
• Appreciate the UBCO bus!
• It’s good but the bus needs more time throughout
the day and short lay over time. Stop refixing the
roads that have been refixed for the last 9 years
and need way more sidewalks and stop making
the roads smaller and smaller!
• Need more transit facilities
• More paved shoulders for cycles on rural roads
(e.g. commonage). Extend paving on Commonage
beyond Predator Ridge. Sidewalks or traffic
calming within Predator Ridge.
• I live out of town. Cycle lanes too narrow in places.
• It is practical to take the bus when the service is
hourly. Coldstream roads are kept repaired but
not in Vernon.
Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership
Figure 15. Average ratings of housing availability, housing affordability, and home ownership in the North Okanagan.
• Most homes are attainable in this market. No
need for city-sponsored or driven initiatives, let
the free market build what it wants. Still a need
for AFFORDABLE options for working families.
• Housing prices have been driven up by those who
can afford to move here making the purchase of
first homes by our kids vertually impossible. So
they move.
• Pay at least 75% of income on rent, still well over
65% when fully employed. Could never ever hope
to afford to own a home here. Would need to triple
our income to mortgage-qualify for low-quality
homes in dangerous neighborhoods.
• Money is tight and the mortgage is high. Same
story everywhere.
• Prices are market dependent - we will be needing
to purchase another home in the next year or so
and are finding limited availability of houses that
won’t require major cosmetic renovations.
• 2/3 of my income goes to rent.
• I don’t see why housing is so expensive here. It
is 20% more than it should be. This is reflected
in most people I know (and I don’t know many)
having to double up in some way with their
• my ability okay - my young family members - very
• Due to my lower capability to find employment,
finding affordable quality housing for a family is
also difficult.
• Monthly cost of housing is supposed to be 30% of
income, but I am at approximately 49%. I require
a suite to make it affordable, but the startup and
ongoing costs of legalizing a suite are prohibitive,
especially as the aim is to assist financially. It is
an incentive to keep it under the radar.
• Don’t know how young people can get into the
market though...
• Housing is an ongoing issue. WE have addressed
some of the need however it continues to grow
due to people loosing their jobs or not being paid
enough to provide for their family
• Lack of accomodation and hostile landlords who
‘prey’ and abuse renters need to be accountable
and educated
• how can I answer the 2nd part if I have indicated
“not applicable’ on the first part? I have put in
“same’ which is unfair to those who are renting
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership
• Housing costs are too high...people are leaving or
living in dumps. Time to fix this big problem.
• There is a lack of affordable housing for many
• house ownership made difficult due to market
prices still well above assessed value.
• The number of houses for sale is not the issue...
it’s the cost of the housing that is ridiculous.
Average people and households can’t afford
$400K + homes.
• I think there should be more low income and
special needs housing available.
• I own a condo - that’s all I can afford. I make a
decent living but can’t afford a house.
• What we don’t have is much disabled housing.
That could use more attention.
• I have not been in the market for some time.
• I have not been in the market for a long time.
• We bought in ‘98 but I feel sorry for the young
• We wouldn’t be able to afford our home at today’s
prices. Lucky we purchased 15 years ago!
• I purchased my single family detached 20 years
ago. I could not afford to purchase the same
today. When I did buy my house in Vernon the
prices were higher then other communities even
at that time.
• I feel fortunate that I found a suite almost 6 years
ago that is amazing, as well as having amazing
landlords. I haven’t had to look for housing.
• can’t even afford to move out of my mom’s house
until after graduation. (both filled out together)
• Rents are crazy high for this area.
• Way too expensive in the okanagan
• I think housing prices in Vernon are reasonable.
• My family owns this house.
• I already own my house.
• we need more 55+ communities. We need more
affordable housing. We need to consider building
up vs building out.
• There are not enough places for young
professionals to live. Most nice building
discriminate based on age or even marital status.
Even if they have the money, young people are
forced to live in crummy neighbourhoods in noisy
unkept buildings because most apartments and
condos don’t like people under 40. It’s also very
difficult to find a place you can have a pet.
• One reason I moved here was the wide choice and
avilability of housing.
• It took over 2 years to find our current location but
was worth the long haul to get there
• The market decides. Local government should not
get involved.
• Housing is very expensive for younger people
and people with low to middle incomes. I hope
that low cost to middle cost housing with become
more available.
• fine for us but not for young families- we could
not afford the property we have if we were buying
• Not a family friendly home ownership market.
• houses are very pricey but salaries don’t keep
with the house prices
• Very expensive to rent and to live here. Very
concerned since many young families can’t afford
to move here or live here.
• haven’t been in the housing/rental market for
over 30 years
• Definitely pay for the lifestyle in Vernon and don’t
get a lot of house for middle class family
• Affordable housing for EVERYONE is just a dream.
Each family is accountable for itself. Work harder
and save. Nobody has a free ride in this area
Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
and it’s always been that way . . . it isn’t going to
change anytime soon
• We’ve owned our home for 25+ years--affordability
isn’t an issue for us.
• Mine is good, others due to the low pay scale will
not have the same answer
• Rents are to high because of poor selection and
municipal licensing for secondary suites.
• How can we expect youth and young families to
stay if they cannot afford to buy a place to set
• There’s just no way we could afford to step onto
the housing ladder. I’m 44 and my wife is 41 and
stays at home with our daughter. We might just be
able to afford a very small condo or townhouse,
but we probably couldn’t afford the extra fees and
costs such as property taxes, utilities and other
stuff. That’s why we rent. It’s cheaper and much
less complicated.
• Housing is way too expensive now.
• again as the population ages the cost of owning a
home for retired persons is getting out of control
and affordable, clean rentals are hard to find
• More rental units are necessary. More units are
required for the different socio-economic groups.
There are few high end rentals, and not enough
low end rentals either. Why not incentives for
landlords to provide rental buildings, rather than
owned units? Downtown core could use more
rental buildings - especially on city owned vacant
lots which have been empty for decades.
• Young families need affordable housing.
• Having been here just over a year, not sure what,
if any, issues there are with affordable housing yet
• We’re not large enough to spend a lot of time /
money on affordable housing. We need to spend
time / money on encouraging the economy, which
will create less need for affordable housing.
• There is a strong need for 55+ ranchers in our
• Houses are expensive in okanagan valley
• I live in a single family home and know there are
a lot of large single family homes available in
the area. We do not, however, have affordable
housing options for seniors forced out of their
family homes due to poor health or age, students,
young married couples, etc. We need a mix of
housing. There are many unsold single family
units around the RDNO and many more already
approved for development. I think the focus
should now be on apartments and alternatives to
the single family home.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• I was fortunate enough to buy my home in 1999
before prices rose. I could probably not afford to
buy now.
• The variety of housing is great the prices very
quite a bit a view or water costs but that is life
• Again, my wages after 4 years at the same job
with training does not cut it for a single person to
have a life on. It is simply enough to survive.
• Many rental units are now old and often over
priced. We need some NICE housing for seniors in
central locations that are affordable
• Prices have come down a bit, but it’s still pretty
expensive for people who are locally employed.
• I live with my mom... buuut I shouldn’t and have
been looking for rentals.
• We downsized to move here and it is working
• My concern is about the future when my wife
or myself may have trouble with stairs. For this
reason alone, we may be forced to downsize.
A single level home is available only as a small
apartment or a large single family home, two large
for just a couple. But we’re not an uncommon
constituent of our aging society.
• There needs to be more supply of smaller new
homes ie 1200 sq ft first home type. All new
homes are huge and expensive, young people and
many retirees cannot afford these houses
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership
• More housing diversity is needed close to
amenities. This would improve affordability.
• can’t afford to move though. we’re starting to out
grow our place!
• Rents just about anywhere else are $150-200
• Own my home
• There seems to be a lack of newer moderately
priced bareland strara single-detached homes in
the area.
• development is expensive and rentals are few and
expensive. The cost to buy a home in this area
is very difficult for young families. The average
wages here are too low to realistically afford a
house in this region.
• We currently own our single family home and
are very happy with it. I cannot speak for young
families looking for homes.
• i am lucky to be in a job that allows me to
be able to afford to own a home on a single
income. this is not the reality oif most people
in vernon and i think we need to make housing
and home ownership, including townhouses and
apartments, more affordable for the average
wage that is earned in vernon
• I own my condo but finding rent for someone who
cannot afford the high rates is not a good thing
in Vernon. Wages are much to low to accomodate
person looking for a place/\.
• I have a definite feeling that I will never own a
home. I could never afford to buy a house with
my wages (and I have what is considered to be a
good paying job in the Okanagan) without being
in a life time of debt which would cause me stress
and hardship.
• I live here since 14 years
• Our home prices are quite reasonable but there
are stil many who can’t afford to buy due to
our lowere earnings in Vernon and the North
• We owned our home for many years
• Having moved from Victoria this is an
improvement, however, if I was mid career there
is little employment opportunities. We have heard
of the “Sunshine Tax” given as a reason for poor
wages & benefits, but you can’t see & live in the
• Best place to live and retirement destination
makes it an expensive place to live.
• Housing prices do not reflect wages in RDNO.
Dual income is most likely needed if anyone
wants to buy a house.
• I haven’t had an issue with rental costs or price of
housing, however I am lucky to have a well paying
• I’m thankful we bought in 2001, or we’d still be
working (and not retired) in order to pay for this
• Look, it’s not about me. It’s about the community.
And it’s tough out there. This is not a wealthy
town, and it’s a town that can’t retain youth. Jobs
and small housing close to the centre, that’s what
youth needs. The big housing developments way
out? In twenty years they’ll be empty. The kids will
never afford them.
• Need to incent the developers away from monster
homes and toward low income.
• Not enough rental units being built in comparison
to other communities. Don’t know why contractors
are not building new condos for rent here???
There are a lot of retired people in the area and
even working people need a decent place to rent.
• a 2 person family working on minimum wage
(which is what they would get if they had to go out
and look) could not survive in this region
• the more affordable places in vernon are dives.
• We need more affordable homes for young
• Not all retirees are well off, same is true for young
families. Too few options are available for housing,
Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
small homes/townhouses, not these monster
home that cost a fortune to maintain.
• Make it easier for developers and let the market
decide how much is enough.
• Affordable HOusing not sufficient - need
apartments that families can live in and own as is
the case in Europe. Need all ages communities,
NOT age specific ghettos.
• there should be more apartment/condo/ small
dwellings for singles in Coldstream, preferably
near town centre and transit
• Free market solutions is the best method to
reduce cost. Land use is over regulated
• I feel like house prices to purchase are pretty high
- seems crazy to me that a young family needs
to spend over $300,000 to get a decent sized
house. That is a LOT of money for a young family
to have to mortgage.
• Let there be developers knocking at our door but
there needs to be jobs for the affordable housing
units and more affordable well laid out strata built
in the out laying areas that could bring a better
planned infra structure and not one designed
around previous poor planning!
• I moved to Vernon from Kelowna because I could
afford to purchase a house here.
• We would like to trade down from our single family
dwelling to a townhouse, but the options open to
us are far fewer than are available in many other
BC communities. If builders would pursue the
townhouse market in the 300 to 350 thousand
range I think they might find ready buyers.
• In future I will be looking for low cost, small and
suitable for mobility challenged seniors.
• I say fair because we own a home and are in the
market, getting in now would be harder.
• I have had to provide housing for several friends
due to the cost of rent, and also lack of work. I
have a friend who lives in a very tiny place under
a rent subsidy in a old building, just because she
was unfortunate to have schizophrenia...why is
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
she being punished twice? She volunteers many
places, and yet lives in a horrible old apartment
with no balcony. No I am not proud of Vernon.
• none
• need for low income housing
• We need to focus on more affordable housing
• most people are spending the major portion of
their income on rent ???????
• I believe rental properties should be more closely
monitored as it appears that most people renting
do not take care of the outside of their properties
making it difficult for their neighbours.
• Have owned our home for many years.
• Can’t see that RNDO gov’t should be involved in
creating and changing housing options. If there
is a market need, businesses will respond and
supply it.
• I can only afford my home bec. I bought when
prices were lower in 2005. Today I would not be
able to afford this place & rent would certainly be
higher for it’s equivalent.
• We need more low income housing
• Our children find housing very unaffordable
• however, young people, including our children are
finding it difficult to afford housing
• Rent is so high that it’s hard enough to get
through the month as a single parent, let alone
ever being able to save up enough to get a house
or other more suitable housing for me and my
child :( Housing prices are too high, or people
are being crammed into apartments. Children
and families need space, and houses are much
nicer. We need access to be able to get a house
or townhouse where we can have a more familyfriendly environment.
• Affordable housing is required for lower income
workers. This housing needs to be for families
and single people. Wages and hours of work are
decreasing for too many people.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Housing: Housing Availability, Housing Affordability & Opportunities for Home Ownership
• I understand that laws concerning rentals e.g.,
return of damage deposit) are very much in
favour of the rentor and make life difficult for
the rentee. MOre rental units may be available
if laws favoured this form of investment. There
does seem to be a shortage of single level
accomodation for aging seniors who can’t do
stairs, except smaller apartment type units.
• Too long for waiting lists. Ex. native housing,
CMHA, BC Housing.
• Prices are over inflated due to out of province
ownership which may be good for some but it
forces undue burden on new home owners. On
the upside it is probably better for taxes and
revenue for the Regional District.
• Still expensive to rent/to own
• House prices are inflated partially due to the
retirees that move here. They have saved up all
there lives and can now afford a big, expensive
house. I don’t want to live in a big house and
nor do many of my friends. Yet, this is most of
what is getting built in this region. I am a young
professional (earning a healthy wage) and it is
going to take me 4 years of heavy saving for a
down payment on a $300,000 house such that I
qualify for a non-CMHC mortgage.
• Lots of houses avaliable, but I bought when prices
were higher and I would sell at a loss and owe the
bank. My house is too large but I can not afford to
• There is not enough low income housing being
developed and the ones that have been are in
horrible locations.
• This has become a very rich place to live
• I would like to see legalization of secondary suites
as well as more housing for seniors and low
income families.
• Home ownership for young families with children
is out of thier financial reach. Real estate, I
suspect, promotes monster houses. It is time to
reexamine smaller size houses. Only municipal,
provincial or federal housing programs can
change this. “small is beautful” and we can afford
housing again.
• Mainly to do with difficulty finding employment.
• How about more new homes in urbanized areas,
instead of suburbs? Support infill housing.
• Pricing should be lowered to be affordable for
young new renters.
• Extremely overpriced real estate.
• As a senior wishing to move to smaller house/
townhouse with a view our choices were very
limited 6 years ago. A little better now.
• Coldstream needs areas of denser housing,
perhaps within a proposed community centre
• Real estate prices far outweigh incomes.
• A little pricey
• I desire a small, quality condo. None suitable
unless 55+
• The price of renting is unbearable! Can’t afford!
• Attn. needed for less expensive housing.
• Low rental.
• I am still a student that lives at home and even
then things are hard to live with. Money is very
• Housing is expensive - few new subdivisions
• Going to school for 5 years, getting a job to pay
debt when would I invest for a house?
• Need new adult senior housing
• Needs more low cost housing for people with
disabilities and people between 45+.
• Housing if you have any kind of life, dogs, visiting
family, is all my income.
• Not very knowledgeable re. this!
Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Housing prices are exorbitantly inflated. Housing
prices must be lowered.
• Tough to find affordable housing.
• Poor job availability (wages, f/t, advancing,
manufacturing, benefits) expensive lots, too big
houses, allowing realtors’ greed to drive up prices
• It is nearly impossible to find quality housing in
Coldstream for under $350,000
Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration
Figure 16. Average ratings of the quality of government services and regional collaboration efforts.
• For example, forcing out a successful service
business to keep hold of that 1.4% light industrial
designation within the City of Vernon at all costs,
instead of working together with regional partners
to promote regional INDUSTRIAL opportunities.
We have known for FOREVER that Vernon does
not have the land to support INDUSTRY, and that
we need INDUSTRY here. The fact that we are
all reviewing OCPs at the same time - Vernon,
Coldstream and Areas B&C, with barely lip service
to the RGS, is astonishing. We should be looking
at developing the Swan Lake Corridor and working
with Spall to attract industry to their industrial
park - who cares which community collects the
tax dollars, we will all benefit from the JOBS that
are generated. Need to get over this parochial,
possessive system we currently have, take
that leap of faith and WORK TOGETHER for the
benefit of everyone in our REGION, not only your
particular jurisdiction.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Who ever put in the parking charges at the boat
launch should be re assigned to a different job.
there does not need to be a boat lauch attendant
and no fee needed for parking. or you should start
to charge for all parking. you have to maintain
beaches, parks and fiels but you dont charge
people to use those parking lots. SOME ONE
• Overgoverned! Duplication of services is costly to
the taxpayer. Different views of staff and directors
make development and employment difficult for
• Too many over lapping layers of government.
• Too much overlap...Vernon and Coldstream should
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration
• Getting much better in the last year or two, but it’s
been a long road.
• There should be only one group for this region!
• Amalgamation is needed!!!
• amallgamation necessary
• I don’t know.
• Amalgamation.
• Too many levels of gov’t. Amalgamate
• For the 10 months I have been here, it seems that
regional collaboration is good. I will be trying to
determine if this view is correct. Are $ being spent
• coldstream and vernon need to work better
• This is the largest area for change: amalgamate
the whole area to get rid of all this ridiculous
bickering over the interest of communities
with a few thousand people. Maybe we need
to amalgamate all of the Okanagan north of
• regional districts should collaborate more as well.
Vernon/coldstream should amalgamate.
• We need to amalgamate - it is ridiculous to have
different mayors,etc. for an aread this small!
• There is an issue between Coldsstream and
Vernon that i hear about, but don’t completely
• I feel some progress has been made but there is
an awful lot of duplication.
• We need to seriously investigate amalgamation
• I am very disappointed with break-up of regional
parks function - this is one of my most important
quality of life issues - it was a backward move.
• huh?
• Too much overlap..City of Vernon and Coldstream
should amalgamate. Duteau water plant needs
to divide raw and treated water to cut treatment
• Replacing people with machines and centralizing
services makes cost the most important factor
not people. With an urban/rural mix it is difficult
not to have turf wars
• The convoluted layers of government (RDNO,
GVAC, City, etc.) here do not make for an efficient
use of taxpayer dollars or for easy collaberation.
• Should be better collaboration on parks
• ALL local governments need to cooperate more on
items such as water supply and quality
• It’s disjointed. The RDNO and municipalities seem
to be locking horns on so many issues. We need
a more centralized approach to government and
efficient spending.
• More fundig is required to keep people working in
the field.
• Important to work together
• RDNO should join the numerous communities
that are against growing GMO foods. Now or
never, it’s time to act! Protect our organic farming
• Need to look at amalgamation.
• There appears to be a disconnect between
what COV, Greater Vernon and RDNO do, and a
perception of duplicated services, overlap, too
much red tape.
• Even within the same branch of government
there is no communication. Ending a common
law relationship is treated with lots of disrespect,
there is no clarity and after piles of paperwork
I was informed a year later that we were just
considered “separated”. My ex moved to a
different province and notified all the relevant
people but I get tons of his government mail and
it took countless phone calls to convince people
he didn’t need to be paying taxes in an area he no
Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
longer lived, was only in a brief time and had no
intention of returning to.
• Governance of the North Okanagan is a dog’s
breakfast. I’ve been trying to prod various
authoirties to create more local parks and trails
and have found the structure to be complex,
unproductive and unworkable.
• The whole region desperately needs to be
UNIFIED as ONE city, thereby saving taxpayers a
lot of money!
• Need to study amalgamation more seriously
• Lock them in a room until they get along. I
am serious it works for 5 year olds. Figure it
out, quickly! It over shadows everything that
government does. I am sure they have done some
good things but it is lost in this policital hell
• part of equine industry. was involved with race
track transfer to Vernon and the verbal promises
made at the time are being totally ignored.
• Vernon and Coldstream need to become one
• Getting better in last couple of years. There
APPEARS to be better dialogue but action seems
• I have no expertise in this area
• I have little expertise in this area
• There does not appear to be any regional
collaboration. To the contrary, it seams like there
is much waste of resources in this area. Make us
one municipality and this will be fixed.
• I don’t feel that anyone’s voice is heard when it
comes to services.
• It is what it is. The rural/urban conflict won’t go
• There seems to be great improvement in how
the regional governments work together now congratulations. Keep up the good work. I just
moved from Coldstream to Vernon and do believe
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
that someday the two communities will have to
• I don’t know enough about this to comment
• Squabbling in public over issues is not helpful!
There seems to be good work being done, but
it is often overshadowed by negative public
• Arts in the community lack.
• Amalgamate already! It is a waste of government
$ to try and constantly organize all of these
different areas together. Only in the North OK will
people just down the road from you in 2 different
areas will all have different governance. The
Electoral areas are unreal.
• Dont know a lot about this but seem to be working
• Government’s can work for us, however, everyone
must pull their weight, including increased taxes.
Money is needed for everything. It’s getting
responsible individuals to carry this task and this
isn’t FREE either
• between you guyes and the other local
government’s is is always a fight not to give up
ones turf. very childish on the part of all of you.
• Coldstream and Vernon should become one city.
• all the areas are acting independently and all
want to the big city well it cannot and will not
happen until the smaller areas realize that under
one big area more can be done
• too many communities and too many committees
take too many dollars to arrive at solutions.
Amalgamation is required to run more efficiently
• I understand the history but Vernon and
Coldstream need to amalgamate as soon as
politically possible. We are all in this together.
• Everything can always use some kind of
• I see difficulties between the City staff & NORD
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration
• Stop spending time arguing and trying to be “king
of the hill”. Collectively figure out what is best
delivered at the municipal level and what is best
delivered at the regional level (and then do it !)
• The earth provides us with the food, air and water
that we require to live - thus the utmost priority
should be to protect our land so that we may
continue to sustain life.
• All these small districts should amalgamate and
save administrative/operational costs.
• We have to start working and collaborating
together to get some economies of scale working
in the North Okanagan. It is not just about us
but the region as a whole that is important for
growthm lifestyle and business growth.
• I am glad that Vernon and Coldstream are now
attempting to work together to provide services in
a cost effective, cooperative manner. I hope this
• Too many local government offices for this area.
Just waiting for the provincial government to
amalgamate us all.
• Vernon and Coldstream should amalgamate.
• The various parts of the region seem to be
silos--particularly Coldstream and Vernon. I don’t
understand why amalgamation is such a hot
button issue.
• While I said fair here, I think it’s improving.
• We should amalgamate for crying out loud
• “Our Government Services” “Service Delivery” not
sure what government you’re referring to?
• Seems to me like there are too many local
governments and they spend far too much time
navel-gazing and arguing over service delivery and
who pays for what. This can lead to dysfunctional
local government.
• Too many people live in the outskirts, work and
shop in the city, but are not considered part of the
city. We need amalgamation. Hopefully this will
reduce the cost of government services.
• Not sure about the question
• I think it is important to keep vernon and
coldstream as separate municipalities
• All jurisdictions need to cooperate, find efficiency
and collaborate on regional initiatives.
• Collaboration makes good economic sense.
• we have too much government
• I say poor because the region needs great
amalgamation and less duplication of services
and all the waste time and financial resources
that go into brokering inter-governmental affairs.
• Too much squabbling and infighting. Work
together or amalgamate which would also save
costs to the taxpayer. Why pay for representatives
from all these areas? Put them under one
• Planning for everything from buses to parks &
Rec facilities. Medical service delivery for all
communities needs to improve - this is a major
issue for both families & retirees moving here!
• Sometimes government has their hands tied. Our
municipal does not like changes.
• needs more hospital attention
• well...
• Improving but still needing work - need to
continue strong leadership
• The Regional District and the City needs to have
a friendly relationship, work together as a unit on
things rather than fighting.
• Why there are so many areas here is beyond
me. Eliminate that and save money at the top.
Make partnerships with all government agencies.
Why have city buses and school buses. Charge
fees for parents who use the school buses and
combine the services. Schools such as VSS and
Coldstream were just built without allowing for
community input into the use and structure of
they gyms.
Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Right now, the issue that is most important to me
is my local water system. The regional district and
the City seem to be passing the buck back and
forth. In the meantime, the owner of our aging
system is himself over 80 years old and in failing
health. We need to have the agencies cooperate
and take over this system so that it can be kept in
good order. Of course, we expect to pay for this.
• sustainability collaboration is important.
• Historically too much in fighting. Some
collaboration seem to be coming but we need
more work here.
• there is far too much overlap - we need to
amalgamate to get our dollar to go as far as we
can for the taxpayer
• uncertain, not promoted well to the public
• Amalgamation
• Roads are a problem! Especially Old Kamloops
• The rest of Canada has moved forward with
amalgamation...it really is time to quite doubling
up on services in such a small community.
• working across ‘borders’ is improving. Do feel that
RDNO is “stodgy”
• good to see parks responsibility issue is moving
forward; washrooms at Kal Beach, for example,
have been a regional embarassment
• Amalgamation will solve much of this problem
• The greater Vernon area should be just that.
• Egos seem to be front and center instead of
common sense. No need for 4 levels of gov’t
when none can get along. Dist of Coldstream is
redundant as is the Regional District, should be
combined with the City of Vernon
• Amalgamate, the out lying communities are well
served through RDNO and this close need a
single governance structure consisting of elected
bodies living in certain areas, not all from on
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• Tension between Coldstream, where I live, and
Vernon has ebbed and flowed periodically over the
years. Different priorities and choices make for a
more diverse and interesting community.
• Down loading from the Provincial government
(both cost and elimination of services) is absolutly
inappropriate. The industry rich areas of the
province should be contributing appropriatly to the
recreational/industry poor areas of the province.
• Improving of late
• I don’t know what this is in reference too. An
example might have helped.
• Need better communication between the various
levels of government.
• Too much over lapping of services and in fighting.
Local government does not listen to the residents.
• none
• our government is too complicated, too top heavy
and doesn’t have a common philosophy or vision
and there is not enough money put into action
and too much put into debating and politicing.
• The Provincial Government needs to quit
downloading expenses on our municipal and
regional budgets
• Again, too much competition for business dollars
• Good perception of developments in this area
over last 3 years.
• I think there are too many groups who get nothing
done, except forming more committees to provide
a report that never gets done
• I am happy that many of the former spats
between the electoral areas and the City of
Vernon has been eliminated with the current
politicians and administrations. These better
relationships are much more productive.
• Very little communication between local
government/regional government on any issues.
Regional governments should be consolidated
- right hand doesn’t know what the left hand
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Government Services: Service Delivery & Regional Collaboration
is doing. Decision making takes way too long
with the out-dated method of City, RDNO and
everything in between.
• I appreciare Coldstream Council and thier
willingness to engage the community in decision
• I favor amalgamation of Vernon, Coldstream, etc.
• I have not had much to do with the government
• A lot of bickering between municipalities, regional
districts, GVPRC, etc.
• allow us to vote on amalgamation!!! its ridiculous
to have all these little kingdoms.
• Too much parochialism between municipalities.
Stop behaving like spoilt teenagers.
• Taxes need to be reduced for people to afford to
live here and enjoy life. This means reducing all
government spending, especially for new building
projects where most of the money has been
• Low rentals needed.
• City is full of retirees and handicap with
disabilities - need more health care professionals
for in-home support.
• The government doesn’t seem to keep its word
when it comes to things that are important to me.
• I am pleased that different levels of government
are pleased to solicit the publics opinions. Too
bad that so few people respond. I believe there
are too many levels of government; e.g., the fiasco
about ownerships of parks. Abandon economy of
scale and go for balkanization and local control.
• We are fortunate at this time to have what Im see
as a olligial relationship between the local and
regional offices.
• the surronding areas need to work way better with
each other.
• Our mayor and Council spend irresponsibly.
We could have expanded the old library for way
cheaper than $12 million and provide and extend
services to other agencies like giving money to the
food bank, keeping woman transition house open
and many other projects. The City wanted a library
- we did not need one.
• I’ve never hear the issue of the regional ‘youth/
brain drain’ come up in local government.
• Governance taking too long to rectify.
• The local government does not properly address
important issues like education, health care and
the enviorement. GMO foods need to be banned!!
• I don’t know what is going on at RDNO. We all
suffer when the politicians can’t see past their
own boundaries. It’s time for amalgamation.
• Don’t collaborate well!
• They seem to be bickering a lot according to the
Vernon Morning Star
• Make it easier to speak to the people in charge.
Since I have retired, I’ve has to contact the
provincial services often. It can be frustrating
esperience just trying to reach the right service,
the right person. How about having a contact
person locally (provincial rep) to provide info. Why
always call Vancouver ot Victoria.
• like combining the new fields at the new VSS with
the new community fields up by the college, why
do we need both.
• Government is good in Coldstream
• Water district always seems to be an issue. Too
much local government and costs.
• I believe amalgamation would streamline
services considerably, reducing red tape and
regional infighting. Delivery of health care needs
improvement but is a provincial issue.
• Too fragmented and confusing, especially parks
Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Personally I favour amalgamation of Vernon,
Coldstream, areas etc. We are top heavy in
• Collaboration is improving
• Lack of knowledge.
• Stop listening to elders and retired people. Don’t
stop but teens are suffering.
• Too much government. Combine Vernon and
• We need a more comprehensive recycling pick-up
(styrofoam, glass, plastic, etc.)
• We have good government in Coldstream.
However, water issues and parks are taking a long
time to decide on who has responsibility for what.
It is often hard to negotiate with Vernon.
• The mayor is my neighbour and I still don’t have
any relationship to the government.
• Less in-fighting among RDNO and its smaller
towns, areas please!
Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation
Figure 17. Average ratings of personal and community energy conservation efforts.
• Not sure how visible these efforts are? Sorry I
can’t offer a more informed comment.
• Efforts are underway but all goverments must
step up to the plate if they are serious about
energy conservation.
overnight. were they to simply open a window;
they would probably want their heat on!
• I have no idea.
• I think everyone could do more to conserve
• There is so much waste in govt and community
buildings, including energy use. For example, How
about shutting off the huge blazing lights at the
DND when there is no one on the field?
• don’t really know..
• Don’t really know
• people here are so very wasteful. every night this
week, I can hear my neighbour’s air conditioners
running all night long; despite outside
temperatures dipping down to single digits
• I am wondering why the power fails so frequently.
e.g. there were one or two lightning flashes and
our power went out for 2 hours last might (May
13). This happened several times last year too.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation
• Financial incentives would be helpful ( I.e. rebates
for energy efficient appliances)
• Our fleet could be a little more energy efficient.
• all they have done is force us to have smart
meters which make it very tough to balance bill
appropriately. they still allow stores to run lights
over night.
• Trying to promote reduced energy such as the
anti-idiling campaign.
• our new library doesn’t have led lighting or use
green energy for a new building I think that pretty
• Vernon should have a yard waste pick up and
composting pick up.
• We need to harness alternative power like solar
and wind. We need public buildings to be built
green. We need better transit so people can
choose not to drive themselves
• This ties to transit alternaitves. Where I live, there
are none, I **must** drive to get to a grocery
store even though I live in Vernon.
• Don’t know
• lights at the skateboard park in Coldstream do not
need to be on during the day.
• Business owners constantly leave lights on during
non-operational hours, a security system could
• Have not notice and wasteful behavior.
• do we reely need all those street lights on??
• A lot of businesses don’t turn off the lights at
• Very expensive for old buildings to be upgraded to
new standards.
• Every person is responsible in this area. The more
conservation, the better. Each person either takes
away or adds to this responsibility
• Energy is becoming more expensive. We should
be concentrating on renewable resources where
ever possible.
• more places to park and lock bikes up downtown,
not encouraging business to update with
environmentally friendly equipment
• smaller public transportation busses please. more
efficient traffic flow is required. This will reduce
• We need evidence of community energy
• Dimming of street lights to conserve energy much
like Perth Australia
• Walk by any office at night and you’ll see a lot
of unnecessary lights on. The over-use of air
conditioning is also astounding. It’s the Okanagan
- it’s supposed to be hot !!
• The City takes into account the improvements that
can be made to reduce energy in buildings that
are new and to upgrade old ones when they are
being repaired.
• We have made major changes to our home to
reduce our energy and water bills.
• The hoops required to use the tennis lights
at Marshall field are prohibitive. All other
communities I’ve lived provide free light till 11:00
• The city of Vancouver has 55 electric cars and we
have none.
• I think in general, people are not even aware of
the waste of resources that goes on, particularly
in the case of energy that they don’t have to pay
for. People, in general are also unaware of the
cost of the energy they do pay for.
• I have gone grass less, major recycle, compost
and try and walk or cycle to work as much as
possible, trying to get my co workers involved is
difficult and many live close to work than me, so
how can we change that as a city - community
Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation | REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS
• Too much water used on golf courses and some
parks; too many lights on streets eg. lights on 30
Ave and Alexis Pk Drive there are 7 street lights on
poles right at that one place
• We just opened up a Target, Carl’s Jr, Supersized
the Walmart, etc..... though it does give hope that
the farmer’s market runs basically 3 times a week
and more stores do mean more entry-level jobs
• give it a try...
• consider allowing green building options in
housing permitting bylaws and development
bylaws - assist instead of hinder
• I try to support local businesses.
• The region should put a priority on this issue.
• Re community: I think the effort is good but the
results are only fair. Re personal: we’re stuck in a
strata where the strata is domianted by another
level of government who’se participants are ruled
by short term expenses.
• Single driver cars, nobody is switching to bus carbon tax the gas and make the buses cheap or
• We can all do a better job in this area including
governments & businesses. I would also like to
see more in terms of alternative energy
• Don’t know, there does not seem to be much
publication and therefore I’ll assume not much
effort by out region. again Amalgamation despite
our petty personal differences.
• So much more can be done here and needs to be.
• I feel that the public is under educated, there
isn’t any accountability held to bussinesses to
think about their energy conservation efforts.
High hydro bills are not enough. People must
understand how these systems work and what the
consequences are.
• From what i see we appear to be doing a good job
but we can always do better.
• I see no efforts at alternative energy generation
and use.
• Not everyone rides a bicycle nor can they all walk
to work!!! All we hear anymore is bicycles and
bicycle lanes. We have a lot of winter weather
here too which prohibits cycling.
• Hard to answer since there seems to be little
media on our efforts to cut energy usage - hoping
it is happening!
• Solar power - Let’s use that Sunshine! Arts
facilities located in proximity to each other or joint
buildings. Same with Rec centres. Better transit routes, times, etc
• In our condo complex we have kept our energy
use low
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• uncertain
• Should be user pay - parking costs need to more
than double. Should be a user fee depending
on how much a person drives, size of house and
energy use there, consumption etc.
• we can always be doing better here. Too many
businesses leave lights on. We don’t invest in
alternate energy sources as often as we might.
• It is not Governments job to tell the people what
they need. It is the Governments job to give the
people what they want.
• I drive by the Duteau Creek Water Treatment
facility often at night, and notice that there are
a lot of flood lights lighting up the driveway there
and the facility. As far as I know, there isn’t much
going on there at night, so why not turn the lights
off or put them on a motion sensor??? Also, I’ve
noticed that schools often have lights on at night.
Perhaps they could turn their lights off too?
• Don’t know
• There are a lot of lights left on in Vernon at night,
particularly car dealerships...don’t they have
insurance, and locks, gps trackers??? Light
pollution affects peoples health, insomnia etc.
• Not sure what efforts are being made at the
community level.
REGIONAL GROWTH QUESTIONS | Our Energy: Personal Energy Conservation & Community Energy Conservation
• none
• waste of money is terrible
• How would anyone know this?
• I cannot believe the amount of light pollution in
the Vernon area. I am particularly disturbed by the
DND sports fields’ lighting and the amount of light
pollution from it.
• So many people idle their vehicles. Even after
the media attention, I went to Polson Park with
my son and there was a father with his kids
who left his car running for over 20 minutes so
that he could keep his headlights on so his kids
could play out longer. Seemed so illogical to me,
and not a very good model to his kids. And so
many people leaving their vehicle running for air
conditioning, etc.
• I live 8 km away from shops/doctors/social
centres. Inevitably I am obliged to use my car. I do
so as responsibly as possible.
• Light pollution from most street lighting at night is
a complete waste of energy that could be used for
industry and development of cleaner, renewable
• local governments need some way to interface
with strata organizations, pursuade them that
energy conservation saves $$$ in the long run.
• Businesses should not have lights on if it is
• I am extremely disappointed with Vernon’s
lack of effort to support the reduction of GHG
emissions. Alternative transportation, infill
development, stopping development on greenfield
areas, supporting education and outreach to the
community on why it’s important - this should be a
priority. Council should be the leaders on this, not
the obstacle to achieving it.
• We can all do more
• Anti-idling woruld help
• I don’t use much energy in the first place. Even
then we try to conserve.
• I would like to see more widespead use of transit,
movement towards provision of infrastructure for
electric vehicles, less use of gasoline engines.
• We try to keep the electrical and gas usage to a
minimum to avoid costly bills. Winters here are
expensive in terms of heating costs.
• I try to do my best to reduce electricty use, but
wish I could attend an information session on
energy conservation (maybe set up a local group).
Naturla gas and electricty costs should be less for
residents over 60.
• No idea on this, really.
• Our government lawns are watered too much
when we are on water restrictions. Not good.
• City has been doing a good job encouraging
recycling of waste materials and water however
the number of city owned cars and small trucks
vehicles seems disproportionate to city size.
• Still see plant irrigation in city done during day
(boxes, baskets, gardens).
• Government and businesses could turn off more
• My presumption would be they could do better (on
community energy conservation).
• Alternative transport - housing density increases
are needed
• My family has gone to one vehicle. House
temps kept lower. Lights off, water planters not
yards. Willing and able to reduce our comfort
levels. Why does Middleton Mountain (any/all
neighbourhoods) need to have street lights on
between midnight and 6am (light time)?
• I am very opposed to smart meters. They will only
save energy if you use less energy. The rates will
continue to go up.
• Need more info. Gas prices way too high.
Do you own, rent, or other (please specify)? | RGS AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES
Do you own, rent, or other (please specify)?
Figure 18. Responses to the question “Do you own, rent, or other?”
• I own a duplex rental property in the Coldstream
and I live in a rental property in the Okanagan
• My mom owns it.
• would like to own
• I live with my boyfriend who owns his home, I do
not pay rent.
• Remember that preference choices of elderly
citizens on type of neighbourhood etc.may be
dictated by present physical condition rather than
actual preferences.
• Would be much better being a Home Mate for
those concerned
• We also rent the pad we are sitting on.
• basement suite. owner lives upstairs with her
• 15 years in this house
• My mom owns the house and I pay her rent.
• :most pressing need Q below is missing a note
about housing inn the downtown core - then no
bus is needed, no car etc...
• I am a new home owner with a 35 years morgage!
• sold home, live with daughter
• would prefer to rent but no available housing with
the amenities we want is downtown
• One of the lucky seniors living below poverty
canadian poverty level
• as a senior this is now my best choice of housing
• Still pay a mortgage.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
RGS AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES | Do you own, rent, or other (please specify)?
• I am a dependent of my parents so I do not own
the house.
• Difficult to find an affordable townhouse in
a decent area. Many townhouses/duplexes/
fourplexes, etc. are in more drug/rougher areas
that I don’t feel safe to raise my son in. So we pay
a lot more to feel safer. It shouldn’t be that way.
• re “Time to walk to...” I have restricted ability to
walk anywhere, that’s why I choose to live on the
semi-rural interface edge of town for its enjoyment
of peace and quiet and accept the limitation of
having to use my car.
• I would own a condo if prices were lower.
My parents’ bought a 4 year old house in a
neighbourhood near me in 1988 which they paid
$64,000 for. According to BC Assessment that
house is now worth $244,000. Job wages have
not increased by 4 times. How am I supposed to
afford a house?
• 343 per month
• Live with parent.
• I have an in-law suite
• Not sure about % household income
• Host family
• Parents’ home (they own it)
• Own house and lease land
• Live in my camping car
Do you own, rent, or other (please specify)? | FINAL COMMENTS
• In this section, respondents were given the
opportunity to comment on the survey generally,
elaborate on survey topics, or discuss issues
missed in the survey.
• The RGS sets an excellent direction for our
region. I hope our regional partners can set aside
jurisdictional differences to work together for the
betterment of our region. We should be working
together to promote the North Okanagan (versus
Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, etc), not pitting
one jurisdiction against another. If that means
Vernon’s EDO is paid by the region to also market
industrial lands in Spallumcheen, so be it - we
need those jobs, regardless of which jurisdiction
receives the property tax dollars. For people
who move here from elsewhere, pointing out the
differences between Vernon or Coldstream must
seem like a huge joke. Coldstream is more similar
to Vernon than it is to Lavington. There is a larger
divide or obvious difference between urban and
rural, than between jurisdictions. Treasure and
respect our differences, and let’s work together
on our similarities to strengthen and present a
united REGIONAL front.
• My quality of life is abysmal. I would prefer dying
to continuing to struggle in this way, and have
honestly considered suicide because of a sheer
lack of opportunity and sympathy from this region.
• Vernon is a lovely place to live. That said we, as a
young family, are struggling to enjoy some of the
finer points of our community. Because money is
tight we can’t affort things like a skiing pass (we
haven’t gone once in the 5 years of living here),
golfing, buying or renting a motor boat to enjoy the
lakes from more than the beach, even the water
slides pass are often out of our reach financially.
So although we live in the place we used to
come visit, we can’t afford many of the amenities
offered locally. Even buying swimming lessons
for our children are things we have to budget for
months in advance. It’s frustrating as a mom to
not be able to offer more to our children in the
way of fun outdoor entertainment. We also came
from a single car family in Vancouver, using transit
for me primarily, and now have to have a second
vehicle as there is no regular public transit out
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
where we live. The extra vehicle costs, insurance
and gas etc are stressing to our monthly budget.
And additionally to this, the road on which we live,
Baker Hogg, is narrow and many farm and dump
trucks travel at high speeds leaving us feeling like
it’s unsafe to walk and bike with our young family.
I would love to see our road widened enough that
there was room for a proper paved shoulder with
a marked road line.
• Vernon and area is a very desirable place to
live; that is why a lot of people come here as a
destination, yet, there is a small town feel; and
a small town ‘attitude’ amongst some. I have
sensed a depressed attitude from some people,
even in some of the stores, which does not
welcome people who move here. I hve lived in
many communities throughout this province and
found every community has a ‘personality’. For
the most part it has been positive, but there is an
‘element’ of negativity with a few that impacts the
‘quality of life’ here. Perhaps that is why I have
come here, to make a difference and change
for he better, to be part of the ‘solution’ through
example. :)
• I’m glad I did this survey. I feel that my opinion is
• Please, please please stop building monuments
to yourselves and focus on what this community
really needs. Please. In the last 4 years, I
personally know about 20 tradespeople who have
been forced to leave the Okanagan for Alberta or
Saskatchewan; taking their young families (and
tax dollars) with them. While fancy new Libraries,
Municipal building additions, racetracks, etc are
being built; our roads and bridges and Community
are falling apart. While the private sector lays
people off; somehow Municipalities are able to
keep hiring more and more people. Young people
are leaving here in droves, can’t you see that?
• I moved to Vernon, because I think it has the best
climate and outdoor opportunities in Canada.
However it is expensive here - and I don’t think
it needs to be. I have only been here 10 months
and I don’t know the reason. Water and municipal
taxes are high. There are lots of amenities, like
bike lanes, pools and theater. I use these things
and they are great. Don’t know yet how these
are paid for. I see lots of city employees and
contractors doing maintenance. I wonder if these
are all needed - don’t know just got here. Park
maintenance is immaculate - what is the cost?
and is it justified.
• With respect to the last question: I don’t want to
have the City Administration involved in housing
at all. That is just a subsidy from my property
tax. I want to reduce the salaries for firefighters,
policemen, teachers, and city staff. I don’t want
a Librarian that gets paid $132,000. The City
should enable people to live safely and enjoy
electrical power, water, gas, garbage pick-up,
street cleaning and all those common community
services. I don’t want you to collect $5000 in
taxes from me and then redistribute that to a
plethora of clubs. It would be nice if all those local
government layers were reduced.
• also thought that housing for young families is
important - however there are few good paying job
opportunities for young families - so why would
they would move to vernon. If we do want to
attract companies to base themselves in Vernon
for young professionals with families to move
there, then yes we need more affordable housing
options. Time and resources have been devoted
to expensive housing stock developed outside the
core for over a decade that offers little alternate
benefit and this is already impacting the potential
of the greater community.
• Growing up in this region has always been great
with opportunities to thrive in areas of education
and recreation. I have always felt safe in the
city and in the rural village, and still do today.
I appreciate that this community takes into
consideration the economic standings of diverse
families in the area when planning community
events and tries to make them accessible to all
community members, but I still feel there could
always be more done. Even more city planning of
venues for individuals with a variety of disabilities,
making the area more accessible, especially
parks and beaches surrounding the city.
• We live in a truly beautiful part of the province.
Great climate, not overpopulated. Councils
manage the communities well. Everything is
within reasonable distance, from skiing, to golfing
and boating. Stores and services are all well
represented in the community. New hospital wing
has been a draw retirees, and others chosing the
north Okanagan. Coldstream/Vernon has been
the best small town place we have every lived.
• I think we live in a great community. There is
definitly better ways to support our community
to make it better. We need to encourage the big
buisnesses already here to expand and employ
people in our community. We need work with
buisiness owners to come up a plan to keep
their buisiness in our community such as the call
center that had to move to the states due to there
being a large contractor. We need to look at ways
our spending is out of control and listen to the
people in the community that have some great
ideas on how to save money but do a great job.
I work in the non-profit sector and we are always
looking at ways to cut redundent costs. We need
to rethink some of the spending that has already
happened and look at other communities like
Penticton and their Conference Center that brings
in people from different areas to attend concerts
• Care needs to be taken with new innovations
that may look like good ideas but are
essentially unproven. The concept of “nodes of
development” on the hillside above Bella Vista
(on the arguement of it being environmentally
considerare), is an absolute disaster. Building
height restriction requires strong management.
Allowing an increase for one developer means
all future developers will regard this as the new
target and each in turn will subsequently apply for
variance to allow additional height.
• Water quality/quantity, and sophisticated sewage
treatment are number one priorities for the future
of the Okanagan.
• I believe that I was able to “vent” in the other
spaces available. - More recycling - Clean up the
city program so we can take pride in where we
live - an incentive for home and acreage owners
to clean up their properties, instead of them
looking like a used car lot, or a retired garbage pit.
- More recreation opportunities (ex rollerskating
at reasonable hours), very excited about the track
going in at the college - Please allow out door
rollerskating on the surrounding walking path.....
Thank you for giving people the chance to voice
their opinions....
• Surveys are a great idea. I think this one was
asking for a lot of good information.
• With those (couples/widows/widowers) who
would be much more comfortable in their own
home for much longer, Home mates would be a
• Would be nice to have some high rises for
• It’s sad, that there wasn’t more foresight in the
last years and that there are so many pojects
needed right now - sports facilities - museum art gallery - water upgrade - roads - Rec centre
- hospital I find it hard to understand that the
community has to raise so much funds for a
new hospital and its furnishings like devices.
What kind of system is that? Why not pay more
for health care but then REALLY get health care
provided? Swan lake should be a protected area,
motorised boats and planes should be prohibited,
it can be done now before it’s too late.
• Thank you very much for asking these questions.
I really believe that the number one issue in this
town is the lack of opportunity for people to earn
a liveable income. It doesn’t seem that we can
change the cost of living here. Fuel will remain
high. Groceries are expensive and housing cost
are high. I think that the leadership of the Vernon
area should be working around the clock to attract
business and stimulate the economy here.
• I am scared for the future of the North Okanagan.
We’ve seemed to build a community focused
on 55+ but was about everyone under 55? A
sustainable community needs to offer incentives
for “younger” people to move and live here.
Recreation, landscape and beauty are great, but
not enough. Jobs are a huge driver of growth.
Not just jobs, but good jobs - enough to make a
living, save and spend in the community. We’ve
seen industries shut down and it doesn’t appear
that we’re doing much to build back up. I look
at communities like Kelowna and, especially,
West Kelowna, and see how they are thriving.
The North Okanagan seems to be at a stand still.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
Our towns are looking run down, homelessness
and addiction are growing, and entertainment/
restaurants etc. have grown stale. I am not sure
anymore why someone would want to move here.
• We desperately need a new MP. This man Mayes
is a climate change denier, a puppet of harper
and of no value whatsover in assisting our region
with anything...disgraceful...and I actually voted
for him once!!! I have attempted to communicate
with him on many occaisions and I gets only PMO
approved drivel in return. In all seriousness, his
vacuous presence, for me and many others, is
about the only bad thing about living in the RDNO.
Let hope for the winds of change!!
• We need to move away from this “if we build
it they will come” attitude designed to attract
a select few user groups. Let’s take care of
our infrastructure that needs replacing and
are being used. Art galleries, performing arts
centres, mmuseums etc, let’s see what the
usage rates are and who are using them and
determine a cost/benefit to the community
before we indebt everyone so a select few can
go out a couple times a year. I walk almost
everyday. If I can walk somewhere within an
hour and I don’t have to haul a load I will. It has
become increasing dangerous to walk or cycle
in this community,especially our rural roads.
Amalgamate, amalgamate, amalgamate!
• I am happy with the area we live in, but there
could be a bike lane added, since they are doing
road construction anyway. In regards to elections,
we are not able to vote for a Vernon mayor
because we live in electoral area “B”.
• Thank you for allowing me to share my views with
• RDNO is doing a lot of things right. Waste
Management / sanitary landfill / blue box
program: Good! Operation of the Wesbild Centre
/ Kal Tire Place or Multiplex - whatever it’s called
should be contracted to the private sector. The
facility is underutilized. Governments are good
managers but lousy marketers. There is no
inclination to take risks. Promotion of concerts
and special events leaves a lot to be desired.
Penticton and Kelowna have left us in the dust.
• I lived for many years in Vancouver & left to move
here to raise my family closer to nature & other
family members. We also wanted affordable
housing. It would be wonderful to have the
downtown core improved further through better
access to entertainment, culture & good food. I
love the downtown having the library, art gallery,
Vertigo, the jazz club, the Town Theatre, the
museum, the rec centre & a couple of options for
grocery shopping. It would be terrific if we could
encourage some better restaurants & coffee
shops (for residents & tourists - think Nelson). I
would also love to see another live music venue
open up downtown. We desperately need a
playground/greenspace in the downtown core Polson Park is too far off track for parents taking
their kids to the library or downtown workers
eating their lunch. It would draw in so many more
families to improve Justice Park by installing a
new playground & eating spaces. (see: Grandview
Park in East Vancouver). The Sunshine Festival &
the Winter Carnival need improvement. Right now
they seem like they are just a big sale of goods
by the merchants in the downtown core. I’d like
to see more family events - family ice skating,
family dances in the street downtown or at the
rec centre, giant community potluck? There are
so many things that could be done that could be
done for a lower price or for free so that the entire
community could come out. I’d also love to see
more free live music and /or movie screenings
outside downtown in the summer (it would really
help to have Justice Park redone to accomodate
that) - it would bring more folks downtown to
spend money at local merchants.
• Dixon Dam Road and Tillicum Villiage would love
to be hooked in to city Water. Furthermore for the
safety of our dogs,children and visitors,sidewalks
along both sides of Dixon Dam road and Tillicum
roads, linking up with the foothills family, would
create a warm community feel in our area.
• Turning Vernon into more of a Tournament
capital and promoting tourism with events and
attractions coupled with beach maintenance
should be top priority. Also, support of public
schools, students and school staff should be
increased. More child’s counsellors are needed.
More family counsellors are needed. More healthy
breakfast & lunch programs and after school
programs and sports programs for children are
• I believe that the level of water filtration IHA is
insisting on is unrealistic. It makes no sense to
spend all the communities resources on filtration
and then send it through pipes that have 30 or
more years of use. If the concern is for individuals
with “compromised immune systems”, it would
be cheaper to give grants for them to filter their
drinking water on site which gets around the
question of the integrity of the water pipes.
• There should be more control of unauthorized
motorized recreation use in natural areas
(concerns re: noise, habitat destruction, fire,
etc.). Completion of the Grey Canal trail should
be a higher priority - would benefit all ages and
abilities, and be a great tourist attraction. There
should be better efforts to build relationships with
indigenous communities.
• Given the demographics for this area we cannot
ignore the needs and desires of the population
55-90. To attract and keep families and young,
single people we need to have jobs that pay
more than minimum wage and are service-sector
only. We are losing families or the male wageearner to Alberta and or Northern BC Oil, Gas
and Mining sectors. We cannot ignore the needs
of the farming/agricultural basis and the BC
Government needs to be continually lobbied in
regards to changing of slaughter regulations. In
my opinion we should not be trying to increase
Cultural/Arts centres at the cost of recreation,
sports locations. Most people I’ve spoken to over
the past 17 years either stay in the N.O. or moved
to this area for it’s rural-feel, outdoor lifestyle,
summer weather conditions. As people age they
need access to medical facilities so living in the
outlying areas of Enderby, Lumby, Falkland, etc.
becomes less appealing and they relocate into
Vernon (city). The region should consider more
senior residential facilities accompanied by
medical centres and health practitioners (physio,
natural healing, dentists) and good shopping
facilities. Alternately there would have to be a
very strong public transport infrastructure to get
seniors to and fro. An issue I have and didn’t
see reference to in your survey is the amount
of graffiti. The city is rampant but now so is
Coldstream and very little seems to be taking
place to counter it, or cover it up.
• Retired couple presently in house but are
looking for fourplex or eightplex within walking
distance of downtown Vernon. Most existing
gated communities were built in the 90’s and are
outdated for current retired folks. Would include
exercise facility, library, etc. RV parking etc.
• More condo residences with 3 bed rooms or 2
bed rooms + a den - most are only 1 or 2 and are
very small
• Thank you for providing this survey. The questions
were well thought out. I hope you are able to take
the comments and put them to good use. I love
Vernon but hate Vernon politics and the lack of
pride and lack of community I feeling we have.
I would love to be part of a new Vernon that is
proactive, co-operative, and can find a way to get
things done instead of always saying no. Thanks
• I’m disabled. Sorry, I don’t walk far.
• Overall I LOVE living in Vernon. We have everything
we need plus more. The access to outdoor
activities (lakes, golfing, wineries, skiing etc) is
second to none. However, there is tonnes of room
for improvement. Schools. Roads. Bike lanes.
Cultural activities. Housing. Employment. Small
steps...brighter future...
• Vernon City Council needs to be more forward
thinking in their approach to Vernon. The city is
going to grow and change and getting behind the
changes that you want is a better approach than
resisting change. We need to attract businesses
(that pay wages that reflect housing costs not big
box or retail) and develop our downtown (hi-rise
and densification). Urban sprawl does not serve
any community well.
• I support the idea of developing a walkable city
where cultural, shopping, entertainment and
dining are all located in an area that supports
walking and biking. I am not certain however if
mixed residential and commercial is desirable in
Vernon. We have far too many empty lots in the
downtown area. If they are not being developed
due to zoning requiring residential, then we must
drop the residential. I am not sure if Vernon will
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
ever be a city where people wish to live downtown.
There are many other options of living very close
to downtown that it may not bee needed. Lets just
get moving on developing the downtown area so
it doesn’t look like a work in progress for another
10 years.
• I moved here from Nanaimo in 2006 and found
it very tough to “fit in”. Vernon did not present as
a friendly town, in fact I found it to be very clicky.
I moved here to be closer to at least one of my
children (the other lives in Alberta). My children
grew up in Salmon Arm so I was familiar with the
Vernon area while living in Salmon Arm for 13
years. Vernon was never a town I felt a desire to
visit - only drive through. It didn’t and still doesn’t
have “curb appeal” in my mind. I think that
opportunity was missed way back when Vernon
was built where it is, not utilizing any of the 3
lakes that we have in town. The downtown area
feels like it’s a very transient town - many people
begging - almost on every block of downtown at
any given time of the day. I think it’s a shame
that we have a main highway running through
the middle of downtown. It’s not pleasant to walk
along any stretch of 32nd Street due to the high
volumes of big rigs and general traffic. I keep
thinking that a bypass would be so awesome,
but then I ask myself, where could it be? I live in
Coldstream with an incredible view of Kal Lake
and looking across at Kal Lake Park. Everyday I
am thankful for the beauty of the area from my
place. Once I get downtown Vernon, I don’t have
that same feeling. I love that I have access to
hiking, cross country skiing, swims in the lakes
and for the most part road cycling out of town
(even though I find the mind set of some drivers
intolerant of cyclists). I am super excited about
the “New” track that is going in up at the College.
Vernon and area has a lot of seniors who are here
to retire and are opposed to anything that involves
recreation and culture. There are a lot of long
term residents that would love to keep Vernon and
area the way it has always been so are reluctant
to see anything change.
• Rivers and lakes belong to everybody. I wish you
weren’t selling all possible water fronts to private
owners preventing easy access to the lake for
people and animal.
• Transit doesn’t cover enough of the city. Parking
meters downtown cost too much. Especially if
you’re only going to be a few minutes. Bring back
the 10cent option. Snow removal doesn’t seem
to be enforced, even downtown. We need either
a traffic light or, a traffic circle at Pleasant Valley
Road and 39th. Potholes around the city need to
be dealt with promptly in the spring.
• I look forward to the day when my children can
feel safe riding their bikes on the city streets
and when we can walk to the grocery store with
ease. We live on East Hill and to access groceries
we must drive currently. Coopers is literally a
stone’s throw from my back yard but there is no
pedestrian access from East Hill that is safe and
efficient. I support the idea of incorporating a
pool facility into a downtown school model - SD
22 showed a video of a school in Fort Nelson, if I
remember correctly, that had incorporated an ice
rink/hockey training facility into their local highschool which also acted as a community centre.
I believe that model would be idea for Vernon as
well, making the school more of a community
building with year round use and allowing
cross generational interaction on a daily basis.
Obviously with VSS just being built, the budget for
new school buildings is limited but if the school
district and the community worked together on
the project, we could potentially resolve the issues
of needing a middle school and pool facility all
at once. Perhaps renovating Seaton to include
a pool would be the best use of land/current
facilities. It is very central. I also support the idea
of a year round Public Market where local farmers
and artisans can sell their wares to the general
public. The ideal location in my mind would be
the Packing House located on 30th Street, North
of the Powerhouse theatre. Affordable housing
is also one of my interests. I have not gotten as
involved in the process as I would like to be but
plan to attend the next forum/meeting regarding
the initiative. These are just some dreams of mine
for the future of Vernon... it’s my home.
• I’d like to see highway 97 along Swan Lake have
lower speed limits and easier on/off access. Have
seen too many close calls due to speed and left
hand turns. Perhaps a centre barrier? Lights?
Wider turn lanes? Ramps? It’s a frightening
stretch of road.
• housing should keep up with employement, if
there are no jobs why build housing to bring more
people in? we would just have a high population
on social assistance which wouldn’t be good for
our overall economy.
• The city of Vernon and surrounding area have a
great deal of appeal to me, and thus the reason
for living in Vernon since 1979. However, the
ability of any community rests on EMPLOYMENT.
The loss of the local glass plant . . . restaurants
and retail space is becoming more main stream.
Look at Village Green Mall and Polson Mall. When
I want to shop for an expensive item, I usually go
to Kelowna. Not always, but generally that crosses
my mind. For example, when looking for men’s
suits, I was forced to go out of town, and found
what I wanted in Orchard Park Mall . . . quickly
and at another men’s store a few minutes away.
• I love living in the okanagan. My only complaint of
BC is that the amount i get on disability is too low.
i have struggled to get proper housing and keep
myself fed. thank goodness for the local mission.
• If taxes (water, land, garbage, recreation) continue
to go up and wages stay the same or go lower,
only the retired established people will be able to
stay in the North Okanagan.
• This survey was challenging to complete, as I
have only lived in this community for 10 months.
However, I do work in the Human Services field
so I am aware of the lack of affordable and social
housing that is available for many individuals.
• Due to climate change I feel all levels of
government should be cooperating and
concentrating on taking action to mitigate the
effects. The conversation about the causes of
climate change are not irrelevant. Scientists need
to be listened to, respected and given priority over
corporate interests and lobby groups who act on
their behalf.
• The district is going down the path of build not
matter what the cost without looking at the
costs; environmentally, socially, actual cost to
the taxpayer. The amalgamation of all the areas
will not happen until it can be decided who is
the large and more responsible municipality. The
area elected officials must start to listen to the
taxpayer and respond to what they are saying,
progress is not at any cost.
• I really like Vernon but I worry that young families
will leave the area to find meaningful work.
• We love living here. The area needs to attract
more industry to create more jobs for the young
people. That would also increase the tax base to
a more equal mix of industry and residential. You
need to look to the future, not maintain the status
quo and keep it a small area. Also not very many
areas to access the lakes for the public, as most
is in private hands or inaccessible. Makes for
very crowded beaches in the summer. If you get
more young families staying enrolment in schools
increases, thus more funding. More people who
stay also help the economy.
• The Okanagan is a ‘small fish’ in a big pond.
Politicians try to solve big city problems, but
we’re not a big city. Stop wasting time and scarce
dollars on affordable housing, O’Keefe Ranch,
and building a multi-million dollar art gallery.
Focus on encouraging small business - not
harassing them with petty bylaw issues. Reduce
the astronomically expensive transit system down
to just the major routes. Trying to do ‘everything’
is expensive and futile. Focus on just the items
that are applicable to a community of our size
(and then do it well !). Stop trying to “fabricate”
a good quality of life in the North Okanagan. If
tax payer dollars were spent wisely, the economy
would thrive and the quality of life would improve
all on its own, without interference from local
• I think i have said above what already needs
to be said. Economic development must be
addressed. We are the working poor. My husband
is making less than half of what he did 10 years
ago but housing, taxes, etc. are way up. I heard
on the radio today that the District of Coldstream
has more than 11 employees making over
$75,000.00. Really! In a community of 10,000
you have that many employees with that kind of
income. It must be nice. Like I said as soon as
my kids graduate from high school I am out of
the NorthOk unless things drastically change.
One thing not mentioned was that Vernon has
the WORST lake access in all of the Thompson
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• My issues are: More green space and/or
beautification of space with art eg. Bend Oregon
has art work in the middle of all their round
abouts and have seek and find maps with
prizes to encourage visitors to find the artwork.
Also Castlegar has art work scattered within
their downtown core. as previously mentioned,
Richmond finds spaces like putting up wire on
skytrain columns to hide the cement pillars. Use
of banners to light posts to add color. Love the
bike path communities such as Whistler where
there is continuous flow of trail systems. I live in
Vernon and love what they’ve done to paths along
okanagan landing but need to continue that idea
throughout Vernon. providing better recycling
opportunities at curbside. Richmond has a strict
composting/recycling policy. You can be fined for
anything that could be composted or recycled
if found in regular garbage. currently Lumby
residents do not have curbside recycling. Would
love it if glass could be recycled curbside also.
• Thanks for asking for input. I think our entire
growth strategy will come down to our access to
clean water and the ability to grow food for the
residents of the NORD. I would like to see all new
growth happen in the downtown core. If urban
sprawl is allowed, it will ruin our green spaces
and hillsides and make driving everywhere a
necessity. Being able to offer new residents a mix
of housing options is important and new “green”
industries are a necessity if we are going to grow
our tax base and enable our youth to remain in
the area.
• I love living in Vernon The lakes the ease of
getting around except in the summer the weather
the fruit and veggies make for a wonderful life
style Proximity to an airport and a hospital were
prime considerations when we decided to move to
• The district needs to look at filling in empty lots in
all of the different areas of the community before
developing new subdivisions. There are hundreds
of lots that are available for a large number of
new homes so there is no need to sprawl out to
new developments for a long time.
• I think that Vernon/Coldstream has a lot going for
it in so many ways. It would be wonderful to get in
the housing market, but again, the cost of living
is expensive, so it’s hard to see that happening
anytime soon, at least not before my wife is
working full-time.
• Great questions - I look forward to your results
• The survey covered a good variety of topics
• The North Okanagan is a wonderful place to
live, but it can be so much better. If we want to
maintain a thriving and growing community we
need to develop employment opportunities to that
young families can afford to raise a family here.
There needs to be healthy and affordable options
for childcare. We need to constantly improve
walking paths and other initiatives to make
especially Vernon a livable city - this will take an
attitude shift from our politicians. There must be
protection of our limited agricultural lands and
support for people trying to make a living from
• People thought I was crazy for moving back here
from Vancouver but I have no regrets!
• We are relatively new here, 15 months. But there
are lots of things I notice very different than
where we lived in Alberta. The biggest things are
costs of living. Seriously, why does insurance
have to be so high.Just for one vehicle we pay
as much insurance for 6 months, as we did for 2
vehicles for 12 months in Alberta. I also wonder
why landowners are not held accountable to keep
their property tidy and clean. It definitely brings
down the intrinsic value of a community.
• this turned out to be an extremely time consuming
survey. Perhaps your response would be better
with a simpler survey.
• There is much talk about access to our lakes
which is probably the greatest feature of the
N OK. Personally, I think boating access is fair
but what I do believe is lacking is a boarkwalk
/ lakefront promenade. We have 3 lakes within
Vernon and not one place where the citizens and
tourists can go for a stroll along this beautiful
scenery. A promenade is not just an outdoor
activity it is a place where people meet, chat,
connect ... I am aware of the development plan for
OK Lake but that is street centered and will take
far too long to put in place, and a good reason is
the costs because this is already occupied with
residential properties. While I would definitely
prefer a promenade at OK or Kal lake (and yes,
it should be close to some cafes, restaurants,
accomodation) if those locations are not feasable
during this lifetime or ever, maybe we should
consider Swan Lake. When one looks at the
greatest and most pleasant urban areas, they
all involve a place where people can mingle, run
into their neighbour, enjoy the scenery. Whether
Kelowna, Penticton, Vancouver, San Francisco,
Ottawa, Quebec City, even Sicamous! they all have
that and one might think that part of the success
of these cities is their access to a promenade.
We have to make this happen here in Vernon and
faster than 10-20 years from now.
• I dream of a more vibrant downtown, greater
housing diversity with a focus on smaller homes
that have easy access to services and protection
of rural areas, farmland and natural areas. What
the North Okanagan offers is access to urban and
rural life but both aspects could be fostered and
• Everyone’s quality of life would be improved if
NORD outlawed open burning. The air quality in
this valley is adversely affected by this practice,
especially in the fall season when there is
very little venting. The laws that are in place
are regularly flaunted by many individuals and
there seems to be no penalty enforced despite
complaints to the NORD office (often there is no
officer available to even take complaints). This
practice is archaic and has been outlawed in most
modern jurisdictions. For the sake of our lives,
let’s follow suit!
• I love my city and area but I own a smart car and
the roads are horendous, I also walk quite a bit
and have noticed the lack of sidewalks
• I think this community has a lot to be thankful
for. There is always room for improvement, and
we must embrace change - we can’t become
• I grew up in Vernon and left when I graduated
because there was not much here foryoung
people. We have progressed with amenities that I
mentiond earlier and this is a great place to retire.
I moved back in 1998 and enjoy all that Vernon
has to offer, Mostlt importantly the small town
feel. we need to manage our growth but we need
more opportunities for employment in higher
paying professions such as IT, manufacturing etc.
This is up to our elected officials to work towards
with our local and federal governments. the more
we can offer peple to come live in our area, the
more we will grow and prosper!
• This region has the land resources and urban
resources to create an alternate form of urban
organization, perfectly poised for sustainable
future community, including a vibrant youth
economy, food sustainability, alternate water and
energy generation, first nations partnerships,
new educational and artistic initiatives, and
new forms of farming and land use, but they are
undeveloped and the vision to develop them are
lacking. All that empty farmland along Bella Vista
Road, for instance, could be used to create a
community of young farmers growing innovative
crops, with some community infrastructure.
Community resources poured into food production
and sales infrastructure would open that energy
into the community. We need to get our kids out
of school and into living in this place, so that
when they reach adulthood they have a range of
choices, only one of which is the current single
choice: education in and eventual migration to a
distant urban space that matches the educational
model. Millions are spent on sports fields. Zero
is spent on community farming infrastructure.
Huge sums are spent on tourism advertising.
Nothing much is spent on tourism opportunity
development. I spent the spring in iceland. I’ve
seen what they do there. It’s a difference of night
and day.
• Overall the quality of life in the Okanagan is
excellent. I feel strongly that we need to find ways
to keep it vibrant and moving forward but in a
sustainable way. I do get a bit frustrated with the
reluctance to change (and whining) that I have
observed since moving here.
• my personal income has not increased at a
similar rate to the house costs in Vernon. There
is continual talk of the “sunshine tax” where
we get paid less for the same job here in the
okanagan than one would get paid in a major
center. luckily the cost of living is not as much as
a large city center, however it would appear that
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
we are heading that way. I don’t know how the city
would change the cost of housing but I’d like to
purchase a house for my family with a reasonable
sized back yard. However it’s about 50 thousand
dollars out of range for my income and I work for
Kal Tire.
• We love living in Vernon. It has a wonderful smalltown feel to it. People are friendly and courteous.
It lacks the dreaded, fast-pace that one is aware
of when visiting Kelowna. It has most of the
shopping one needs for daily living and more.
On rare occassions I shop in Kelowna. There is a
great selection of restaurants and cafes. We love
being close to Silver Star and Sovereign Lake for
our winter sports. In the summer we are within
walking distance of Paddlewheel Park for a daily
swim. We love having access to the lakes for
kayaking and canoeing but find parking a bit of
an issue. Maybe we just haven’t figured out the
best places to access the lake for putting in our
kayaka or canoe. A small dock is always helpful
and there are some at some of the access points,
but not all. We were lucky enough to find medical
doctors without too long of a wait and have made
use of the hospital emergency room where we
found the service was good and the wait time
was not terribly long. That is of course based
on our experience in Winnipeg where we used
to live and where one can wait for many hours
in the hospital emergency unit before seeing a
doctor. We find that The Morning Star does a
good job of reporting what is going on in City Hall
and in the community, which we appreciate. The
Morning Star is an integral part of keeping people
in the community connected and aware of what
is happening locally. I wanted to acknowledge
their efforts. The same goes for the local radio
station, which unfortunately I cannot listen too
very often because of poor reception where
we live. However, when I am in the car running
errands I enjoy the local updates (and their music
selection). My husband and I thought that when
we moved to Vernon that we would never have the
variety of entertainment and access to cultural
events that we had experienced in Winnipeg.
To our surprise the Performing Arts Centre has
been a real treasure. We enjoy the symphony
and other attractions that pass through this great
facility. The Jazz Club has provided us with many
evenings of wonderful music. I have to applaud
the City for the summer Thursday evening music
series in front of the museum. Such a wonderful
way to spend a summer evening. I have taken
part in some Vernon Arts Centre courses and
truly love the venue and what it offers. I will be
glad to see the improvements on 30th Ave when
they are unveiled. I like the feel of 30th Ave., the
twinkling lights in the trees at night and the sense
of safety at night. It is nice to not be harassed
by pan-handlers like in some cities. I love the
boutiques, shops and cafes along 30th. and try
to support them when I can. It is sad to see that
some lovely shops have closed in the past year.
We have not had to make use of any Emergency
Services as yet, nor the RCMP. They appear to be
doing an adequate job and we feel that we would
be well served if ever we need to call on either.
Street cleaning and garbage collection services
are well handled and we appreciate the recycling
depots for all the glassware, etc. Overall we feel
we have chosen one of the most beautiful places
in Canada to retire to.
• I would love to see a walkway/community
developed around o.k. lake such as they have in
Kelowna. We pack our bikes up a lot and go to
Kelowna so that the kids have a FLAT bike trail
and then go out for lunch as a family outing.
We WOULD do that here if there was more flat
biking in a nice area and restaurants for kids on
the lake. We love the huge soccer field facility.
We are all for the running track at the college as
we live near there and would walk up to use it.
The bike trails near there are great but would be
nice if they continued out to the lake not near
cars/exhaust but anything would be great. Love
the beaches that are kept clean and love to see
the weedwacker out on Kal lake. Sometimes
Okanagan lake is not as clean as I would like for
swimming. Always could use more kids activities
like street parties/etc. but fairly good here. Love
the winter carnival and many winter activities.
Love Kal Lake park. Clean and fabulous to have in
our backyard. Very important that we do not lose
that. Not at the stage where my kids have to go
to the OUC in Kelowna but will be going in about
5 years and would be nice for them to be able to
take a bus from the College to Kelowna. I think
this is in place now but not sure if there is enough
for everyone to be comfortable. That will be a very
important benefit for my kids in the future. That
would cut down on cars on the road or my kids
having to move to Kelowna. Boat launches are
a concern as I am not sure if there are enough
although I do not want to have more boats on our
precious lakes but that is a huge lifestyle here.
Have to have the apprenticeships in the schools
to keep our families here. Would be nice if my
kids to get there post secondary education and
then be able to work here. Love Fintry park and
any of the camping areas would like to keep them.
Find that the lines on the roads are not very good
after winter and would like to see them updated
on a regular bases. We love living in this area and
everything is pretty great but there are always
room for improvement.
• Thanks for your dedicated work in creating this
survey. It’s always a challenge in meeting peoples’
variety of needs. Especially during economic
hardships. Less money, resources, and people to
do the work results in even more challenges. My
hat off to you!!
• Transportation is needed for those of us who do
not live in the city...
• I’ve said it before and I’ll keep sayingit. There
needs to be sidewalks connecting East Hill to
Hwy 6 and the Shops at Polson. That one little
portion before Fitness West is dicey dicey dicey.
It’s just a small portion that so desperately needs
a sidewalk!!
• Creating jobs is far more important than having
housing options. The economic theory of supply
and demand will resolve the housing issue. If
someone is unemployed they can’t buy a house
if it is $400,000. Offering affordable housing
at $300,000 isn’t going to resolve the problem.
The person still won’t be able to buy the house.
Creating an atmosphere that encourages small
business and encourages industry will bring jobs,
which will in turn boost the local economy. All of
the red tape and frustration needs to be removed
to make it easier for business owners.
• As a young person trying to save and buy for
my first home, I find that there are not many
affordable homes for buying as a starter home.
The homes available are in neighborhoods that
I do not want to live in or are very run down and
needs lots of renovations.
• While I love living here, I am disappointed that so
many young adults are moving to Alberta for jobs
that give them independence and the ability to
support themselves and their families. The cost
of living in Vernon seems high compared to other
communities of similar size.
• I love Vernon. I love how small and friendly it is.
Yes it would be nice to have more conveniences,
more restaurants, more stores, etc. But too much
growth will ruin the friendly small town feel. Think
of how Kelowna was 15 years ago. It’s horrible
now and I avoid it at all costs. I just wish we could
stay the size we are, encourage farming and rural
• Thanks for seeking input. I’ll be interested in
seeing/reading the results and what action is to
be taken.
• Vernon is still a great place to live, with good
amenities. Most critical focus for me is alternate
• I think investment in diversifying more
neighbourhoods is important. A lot of newly
developed areas like Middleton Mt are so empty
of any life because there are nothing but houses
up there. We need more access to coffee shops,
small markets and shops, venues, restaurants,
green spaces, in all our neighbourhoods. Invest in
sustainability and the green economy like the City
of Vancouver is.
• Walking to almost anything becomes problematic
in the winter months. This also applies to public
transportation which is also not feasible for
families with children and any shopping to be
transported with more than one bag.
• I am in the land development business. 15
years ago it was hard to do business here and
there was no tax money or DCC money available
for operating and maintaining infrastructure.
Allowing more development and not chasing
it away started to help catch up and fund
infrastructure projects. Now we are where we
were or worse than 15 years ago. Developers
bypass Vernon / Coldstream / RDNO because it
is so hard to work here with local government.
it is disjointed, inconsistent, and plain difficult.
Infrastructure reserves are depleted, borrowing is
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
high, and staffing levels and wages for municipal
government are out of control. I have 20% of the
staff now vs 7 years ago. When the economy
slows - we cut back. Local Government is growing
as are wages. Time to cut back!!! We love living in
Vernon - our kids love it here - it is safe. However,
I am now working 2 days a week away from
home. There are many family’s that have dads
working away from Vernon area. This is hard on
family’s and will degrade our community. We
need jobs here - good jobs. Amenities and good
infrastructure with a choice of housing will attract
• This community has been a great place to work,
play, raise a family, and live in. It has everything
one could want, with the possible exception
of good paying jobs for young parents, and
even more warm sunny days. We moved to the
Kootenays and the Island for a short time but
ultimately chose to come back to the place we
love. The winters are okay but we are starting to
consider snowbird options.
• forgot to mention that a public trail across the
big gully between Coldstream Creek Road and
Coldstream town centre would allow more
people in the subdivisions above the road to
easily access the town centre if one were to be
more developed. While I believe it’s important
to welcome all who come to live in our area, I
believe the local newspaper continues to push
the idea that it’s important that the area keeps
growing. They want to “put us on the map.” We
don’t need to keep growing. The quality of life was
great here, even years ago. The good life is not all
about shopping and supporting local businesses,
although I do think we should try to buy locally
when we do shop. Our good life here depends a
great deal on our environment, and all initiative
to preserve it will be supported by our household.
The north ok area is getting busier, noisier and
faster paced. Noise is pollution too, and is a
major reason we moved out of Vernon and into
Coldstream. We also support local policing efforts
to slow traffic down; too many people are driving
too fast, especially for some of our elder drivers.
Thanks for the opportunity to take this survey.
• 1. Algamate the 7 local governments and use the
saved money for amenities. 2. Reduce land use
regulation and allow market forces to supply more
affordable housing
• Quit looking after the Areas and Coldstream in
your policy making.
• I think that the North Okanagan has an
opportunity to really take a look at what makes
us unique and different and hold on to that.
Embracing the “Slow City” idea perhaps, and
making sure our valley keeps it charm. I often
hear people saying that Vernon is going to become
“a Kelowna” and that one day the highway from
Kelowna to Vernon will just be a never ending
stretch of houses. That would be really sad. Let
make sure that we keep our rural charm in the
North Okanagan. Once that’s gone, we can’t get it
back. And since the North Okanagan has a large
population of elderly people, let’s also see what
we can do to meet their needs, with housing that
‘s close to their amenities (with transit, bike or
walking access). And keeping our small town feel.
People love shopping and visiting “quaint” towns,
and love the atmosphere. In towns like Lumby,
Coldstream, Armstrong and Enderby we still have
the opportunity to stop big box and chain stores/
restaurants from moving in and changing the
feel of the town. Yes, those stores often create
some jobs but they take the money out of our
local economy. I don’t feel like they are worth it.
People got by just fine before Walmart, Target and
Superstore, we can get by in the future without
it. And - those big stores distort people’s sense
of what food and items are worth, because they
can buy things so cheaply. They don’t realize
that somewhere down the line there is a larger
cost (environmental, social or something else),
and they simply compare prices with small local
business and products and say they can’t afford
to buy local. That’s silly. Like I said, we could
afford to purchase from local businesses/farmers
before those big chain stores arrived, we could do
it now.
• Pleasant Valley Rd is a joke, no real attention is
made to improve it. Heavy trucks, school buses,
semis use this route to avoid going over the weigh
scales. Regional District chooses to ignore the
situation. When I talk to weigh scale staff, they
claim it is responsibility of Reg Dist to make a
complaint. Only response from Reg Dist is to turn
the monster holes into useable cowpaths. The
PV school is a fine example. their buses have the
road chewed up big time yet they get reduced or
free taxes. There is no shoulder to ride a bicycle
on, what there is, is a series of broken down,
crumbling pavement. The Reg Dist has the Hwys
fill the holes with a ridge of tar and sand that can
throw a rider off balance. If the ridge was ground
down even with the road, would improve the issue.
Not enough policing of speeders is done as well.
• Health care is an important issue that does not
seem to be included in the survey. I am generally
satisfied with local access and infrastructure. I am
pleased that we have a variety of “health care”
practitioners and facilities in our community, not
just “sickness and injury” care. Thank you for
asking all these things.
• Improve bus service. Low frequency of bus
service seems to be a major stumbling block for
me. Improved bike lanes will go a long way to
creating a safer bike culture. A small number of
people on bikes seem to create the feeling that
cycles are unsafe. By providing safe bike lanes
will create better cooperation between bikes and
cars. Mixing pedestrian and cyclist is not a safe
solution. Being “ Green” is more expensive than
being carbon dependant.
• Yahoo, I think we’ve finished this survey!
• It would be nice if neighborhoods had local corner
stores/bakeries so that people could walk to pick
up a few tho gs that they need vs driving to the
big stores. Also more smaller neighborhood parks
with fenced in kiddie park and surrounding dog
park, like on Mission Hill.
• I am aghast with the many friends and
acquaintances I have come across who have
no place to live. These people are homeless
educated people in their 40-60’s who are
struggling with work/health issues, and trying to
maintain their sense of dignity. The fact that most
of Vernon seems to have blinders on is concerning
to me. I feel like I am sheltering Jews in Germany.
No one seems to look to the repressed economy,
the unfairness to people with disabilities...some
of which are invisible...just like viruses. All I hear
again and again is get a job mentality...when there
are very few jobs and they pay minimally and for
someone with experience 40-60years of age, how
are they supposed to maintain near their standard
of living let alone their dignity?? It seems to me
the haves just keep on having while doing very
little to help those less fortunate. Misfortune,
and ill health can hit anyone at anytime. If you
are not helping when you have a lot, then woe
to you when misfortune strikes. I volunteered
and had a client who was unable to work/keep
a job because of his autism spectrum disorder,
however high functioning, he ended up on
welfare, of which his rent took 90-95% in shared
accommodation. I asked him how he could eat...
he was eating potatoes and garbanzo beans to
survive. He was a tall young man and had to walk
everywhere which would only increase his caloric
requirement. Some people are not able to work
for various health reasons, and for them life is
completely not affordable in any quality way...you
might as well euthanize them, instead of torturing
them. One girlfriend was clinging to a $35. gift
certificate she used to get from downtown Vernon
association for her volunteering to go to quality
meats. Unfortunately the staff have all changed
there and are unaware that volunteers used to
receive this. Such a small thing is such a big
blow to my friend. She takes one vacation a
year camping to Ellison, and I drive her and her
boyfriend or they wouldn’t be able to get there.
I do not take vacations because I simply cannot
afford them, as a single woman with a house
I have to pay all the expenses myself and that
leaves very little. I am very depressed living here.
• Thank you for reading. We love to live here and
believe there is room for improvement. We try to
do our part and also to teach our children to shop
local, eat local, live in a multi-family building, park
the car and bike, walk, bus, use less water and
• vernon has a misture of ages from young to old,
we need to accomodate the elderly as well as
young families who want to raise their families
• I have lived in this district for more than 50
years and have watched this fertile farming area
become an area for retired imports yes we need
growth but at what cost to the residents of our
beautiful area; We raised our family here and are
proud of what they have accomplished by hard
work ,not by having any thing handed to them
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
on a silver platter If we had a better Provincial
government that realized there are different
problems for different areas ,we are not all lower
mainland residents
• I love living in the N Okanagan and hope to
stay for a long time. I find it very unsettling to
have to ship all my and my neighbors kids off to
somewhere else to find a good job. My husband
is currently working away from home and hates it.
My 2 daughters have just move also to find work,
so out of 5 of us, only 1 has found employment in
the area. I don’t know a solution to this, except to
attract new business and make the current ones
pay a competitive wage, not charge the ‘Sunshine
Tax’ paying way below the average pay scale.
Good luck
• Where a community plan / zoning is in place it
should not be changed without a new community
plan. Ad hoc changing of zoning or community
plan because of a proposed development
reduces/ removes public confidence in process
and reduces public participation in process.
• I think it is time that Vernon became a City all on
its own. Lets do something first, instead of being
a sheep. Make the lots bigger so we don’t have
little boxes on the hillside, made of ticky tacky and
looking all the same. (to quote a famous song).
When we build something lets go all the way.
Why build a sports centre and cut back by not
putting a roof on the grandstand. The entrance
to Polson Park looks like a cemetery entrance
and the fountain in the park is a joke. Where is
our imagination to create something beautiful, so
industry and people will come. How can you get
industry or anything similar to that to invest in a
City when the City does not even care to invest in
itself. When it can’t even beautify the entrances
to itself. It takes a businessman (Swan Lake) to
know and do the job. The hills around Vernon in
the summer are dry and arid, so when entering
Vernon should look like an oasis, not a dirty little
town. Why cut back on Cities in Bloom, you want
the green and the colour to brighten and invite. Its
time for our mayor and council to take some risks
instead of sitting back and letting other cities get
the glory.
• Keep up the work trying to get people out of their
vehicles, walking, cycling and taking buses.
• I took the time to complete this survey in hopes
that the results will indeed be taken seriously
and action will follow. Also, I must say that this is
a great idea to gather information for the citizens
who actually live here. Making this survey known
was somewhat obscure though, as I spotted only
today in the Morning Star on a back page. Too bad
not more exposure was given it.
• I hope that a suitable alternate site is found soon
for the Race Track. We need a permanent solution
for O’Keefe Ranch to be sustained in a viable way.
It is an important part of our heritage. Parking is
becoming an increasing problem in the area to
the East of the new library, and the Nixon Wenger
building, especially on Court Days Increased
meter fees is not the way to bring people to the
enhanced downtown area. A frequent Mini Bus
service might help. Keep up the good work. The
new 30th Avenue is going to be great.
• Amalgamation is the only way to fix this area.
Please allow the citizens to vote on this issue. We
love our community but feel that local political
division is standing in the way of allowing the
community to thrive.
• Need for more vision in planning efforts is
needed. We should strive to build upon the
positive existing qualities of our region and yet
allow for compatible changes that will enable us
to realize more of our potential.
• In the beginning of the survey, it asked if I was
unemployed, part-time, full-time, home-maker,
retired, etc. It did not give me the option of
selecting that I was an employee who had to
go on Long Term Disability. I’m working with
occupational therapy to see if I can go back
to work, but I may never be able to. I find that
question unfair, because it didn’t give me an
option that I fit in to and I was forced to select
more than one that might somewhat fit. I wish
the city would ban smoking in the parks and lake
areas. It’s awful to take my son to Polson Park
or to the beach and then have someone walk or
sit next to us smoking their cigarette and then
tossing the butt on the ground. Gross. Marijuana
is a problem. I don’t like living in areas where
people smoke it right outside your house and you
or your child has to close up all the windows to try
to stop it from coming in your house. That is a big
problem with more congested living situations. I
want to be able to buy/rent a house where I don’t
have neighbours sharing the same wall, smoking
a few feet from our windows or door, or having
their music pounding through our wall. Families
needs space to be healthy, happy, and grow, and
it’s hard with expensive housing. I wish there were
more things available for single parent families
of people with disabilities. My child goes without
a lot of things. I see all these “Senior Discount”
things going on, and yet I know that some of those
seniors are really well off. They have so much
more than I do and yet I have a child and have a
disability that makes it so difficult to provide for
me and my child. I love living in Vernon, but it’s
so expensive and there’s not always the support
that we need, nor is there a lot of constructive
opportunities and activities for families with young
teenage kids who don’t want to get into trouble.
Thanks! PS: Could we get an Olive Garden? (Just
had to ask! It’s a long drive out to Langley!) ;)
• We need to pay of our community debts before
any new projects are started. Taxed can then
be lowered to allow for growth. The renewable
energy industry would be perfect for this valley.
Saved energy could be used to grow more local
food. Beef must be discouraged as it is wasteful
of energy, water and land. More education is
required in all renewable resources and climate
change. Serenity needs to be considered as a
valued commodity in our home, at work, at play
and at all times.
• This survey is main comprised of economic
information and hardly touches on the actual
quality of life people are experiencing in the
North Okanagan. What are the things that
make a community? What attracts people to a
certain place? How safe do people feel in this
community? How are inter-community relations?
This survey goes to show that the North Okanagan
is still encompassed in an outdated economic
model that can only focus on quantitative data
and still has not realized the need for qualitative
data collection. There are more issues that
make up a community than economy and
environment. There is a social landscape and a
target demographic that needs to be addressed.
A balance must be found to attract a wider age
range and diversity of people to the Okanagan.
My observations have shown me that there is
very little cultural diversity in Vernon, what can be
done to change this? There is merit in this survey
but there should be less focus on economics and
more on the picture as a whole to create balance.
• I am very happy with the fact that this survey
has been available to the public. I don’t know
how many young people would have completed it
as I did not see it advertised anywhere. I do not
read the newspaper if it was in there. I stumbled
upon the survey by being on the RDNO website.
Vernon has some serious issues ahead with the
‘youth/brain drain’. It is a very scenic area with
great access to many healthy outdoor activities.
The severe lack of access to healthy social/art
activities are killing this town. Many of my friends
and myself have noticed this in the past 5-10
years. I really felt the need to tell you all this and
hope my that my comments triggers some change
in this area. I do enjoy living here when my friends
come back to visit.
• I live in low in come housing which is a great gift
for low income people. But the people that are
allowed to manage these places are abusive.
They have board members who do not Validate
anything you tell them even with proof. There
exact words are don’t let the door kick you in the
ass on your way out. They know we will obey them
because we are poor and there is no place to go.
So we isolate what terrible sad life living like we
are in dictatorship instead of leadership !!!
• Vernon city council needs to take accountability
for their actions and start thinking about the
future. GMO foods need to be banned. There
needs to be better planning for Vernon, instead of
spending $7.8million+ on a stupid sports complex
out by the college, the money should have been
spend on the hospital and getting more beds and
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
• I walk 5-15 kms a day rather than drive - there
are areas that need improvement. We spent so
much resources on bike routes that sidewalks
have (or lack of) not been a focus. By the new
Kal Tire offices there is no sidewalk from Polson
Mall to Kal Tire. Anderson Way developments no
sidewalks. Also transients (sorry for using this
term) have overrun Polson Park. The other day 2
people obviously stoned or something threatened
to kick me in the “ass” as I was sitting reading.
Then walking out of the park another day I
thought one of the people were going to push me
into traffic. Why can’t the “safe zone” I’ve heard
about (drug free zone around downtown area)
why can’t this zone be extended to include Polson
Park? It would help keep this area safer for the
community, visitors and people passing through.
• At my age, it is difficult to predict or forsee what
I may need in the future; as I am able to drive,
walk and have many friends here - but who is
diminishing rapidly. Just read the local paper.
• I was bearly able to buy my house 13 years ago
and cannot pay morgage - only interest. I worry
about my children having good employment here.
• Face it, housing issues for the poor are
complicated but necessary, are all these
500,000+ homes really needed? Not very eco
friendly in most cases!
• I am a 3-time plus cancer survivor and walking is
now a severe struggle!
• Needs home low rentals, handicapped units.
Housing for seniors, low rentals for family.
• More places that allowed pets would certainly
help out (rentals). Better transit system needed.
Better education is a must.
• Please sweep the sidewalk and bike lanes. If it is
paved, nobody likes bumpy road. If people want
to get cyclists off the highway, please sweep and
clean the spaces beside the highway. Let’s be
nice and gentle to everyone and we can create a
good community together.
• I think it is important that the District encourage
and support new business related to agriculture
and agri-tourism, recreational activities, the
environment and tourism. I would like to see the
glass plant property put to use in one or more of
the above industries.
• We do not need more sports facilities. We need to
fix our infrastructure and roads, transit, building
repairs like the Rec Centre. We are getting txed to
dealth. Every time we turn around, we are getting
billed for extra facilities - library, museum, art
gallery, city hall - everyone wants improved space
at the same time.
• I am sorry if I sound negitive. I am honest and
this is what this survey is about. There are
more pressing needs in Vernon that the ones
I describes. Hostpital beds and providing food
for the Salvation Army are more important than
a race track at Okanagan College. Affordable
housing, we need ot stretch out tax dollars.
• I use to live in Hull, QC. I could aford to buy a
rowhouse because the federal government has
a housing program for first time buyers. I could
not have done it otherwise. I feel it is time to
bring back a similar program. I think it would
stabilize the cost of housing and real estate in the
Okanagan. Homeownership for young families is
practically impossible these days. It is a shame.
• All of us younger families are moving. Vernon
should lower rent, housing and become easier for
young to live. If not addressed soon, this town will
solely be an elderly community.
• Offer more jobs here in Vernon!
• That was fun.
• This questionnaire is too long! Vernon has
changed a lot in the 40 years we have lived here.
The quality of planning has improved immensely
recently. Please don’t let it fall off the rails in
order to cut costs. We don’t need another round
of sprawling developments like the Outback, the
Rise or the one above Adventure Bay. They have
cost us far more than the cost of a planner!
• Thank you for being concerned about my opinions.
• 1) The greatest need I see is for increasing
income to cities/municipalities to maintain
infrastructure. Green solutions wherever possible.
Keep up the move to transit, cycling and trails. 2)
Amalgamation is needed.
• A map of the area of the North Okanagan that this
survey covers would be useful.
• This survey for the average student takes longer
than 15-20 minutes.
• Local government in this area needs to cooperate
better, elected members need to show better
leadership and vision. Much more emphasis
should be put on making downtown more
pedestrian friendly and vibrant. Vernon will end up
with no young families if things do not change.
• Need coop housing.
• Many homeless students in the school where I
• Coldstream should allow rental suites in homes
to alleviate the rental problem and help with
mortgage payment
• It was fun and interesting completing this survey;
very helpful. Thank you for your time and energy
as well, in addressing these important matters of
the RDNO. Most sincerely, Tjana L. Witt
• Should ask about culture and arts. Institutions
like O’Keefe Ranch and Allan Brooks need major
• I love Vernon. I live out of town and really enjoy
how naturally gorgeous and peaceful it is. That
being said, Vernon needs more entertainment,
arts and culture. We have it in the nooks and
crannies, but it needs to be more prevalent. There
also needs to be more for youth. Many young
adults are frustrated and bored because they feel
like they live in a community that caters to seniors
• Kalamalka and Okanagan Lakes need to focus on
more public access. Keep these assets open for
future generations and not just for the wealthy.
Affordable housing would help the economy
because it would allow employers to attract young
people or lower income seniors or middle-age to
live and work. We really need more jobs here but
not at cost of environment or natural beauty.
• Too many unsightly homes/yards ie tall weeds,
fences in disrepair, junk in sight of the street mainly downtown and South Vernon areas.
• Most people in Vernon I speak to do not wish us
to become another Kelowna. A concrete city with
no regard to the environment or nature and the
animals that inhabit the area.
• Vernon is an amazing community to live in.
However, jobs and affordable housing is a bit
difficult to find.
• It took 3 years of hard research and patience
along with word of mouth to find safe and
adequate housing for my two children. Over
priced, mould along with building neglect. Sad
picture but it is the truth. So happy it’s over…I
• I would like to see the North Okanagan be GMO
free. We need to limit housing growth to water
available. By allowing seasonal growth in housing
we end up with neigbourhoods that are partially
deserted except in summer. We need to value our
water, environment and air quality more.
• No real comments I just want some money
or an ipod. This survey seems goofy housing
isn’t the problem. Kids are excessively using
drugs because it’s the only thing to do around
here. The excessive wealth and boredom are a
perfect breeding ground for addictions. Give kids
something to do.
• the roads in the north BX are in great need of
• I think there should be more attempts to
cooperate - with provincial and municipal
governments and branches - too much money
spent on pleasing small, vocal special interest
groups and expensive consultants.
Quality of LIfe Survey Comments
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