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MICROFIT HERBI TWIN Instruction manual supplement - November 2000
Using agrochemicals is a hazardous process. Operators should comply with all relevant
legislation and/or regulations governing the use of agrochemicals and should use
appropriate personal protective equipment (see ‘OPERATOR PROTECTION’).
The MICROFIT HERBI TWIN can be used with most conventional herbicides, as well as
specific CDA formulations (only available in some countries) to provide a closed transfer
system to improve operator safety.
approved applications
maximum dose rates
maximum number of treatments
operator protection required
necessary environmental protection measures
Always read the product label carefully to discover:-
NB ‘Dose rate’ refers to the amount of chemical product applied per hectare.
Never eat, drink or smoke when working with agrochemicals. After using agrochemicals
or handling equipment wash your hands thoroughly. Keep people (especially children)
and animals out of areas being sprayed.
Always store agrochemicals safely to protect people and animals and to safeguard the
environment (take special care to avoid water pollution).
rubber gloves
boots/shoes and long trousers
eye protection
long sleeved shirt
Always wear the protective clothing items listed on the product label for mixing and
filling. The minimum protective clothing required for spraying with the MICROFIT
Always clean all equipment
after use.
Always use the correct
equipment when mixing and
Mixing and filling is generally the most hazardous process in the spraying operation.
Always follow the label instructions. Always use a filter (fitted in the Micron
Micropak backpacks) and use a funnel if filling a container with a small neck. Only
mix enough spray for the area to be treated thereby avoiding the need for disposal of
unused spray mix.
Always wear gloves when
handling agrochemicals and
Always wash off any skin
With the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN herbicides are usually applied in around 20 litres
total spray volume per hectare, except for glyphosate which can be applied at
volumes as low as 10 litres per hectare. These are lower volumes than recommended
for high volume application with knapsack sprayers. Use the minimum dose rate
recommended on the label for the intended treatment and add water to make up to the
volume required for application with the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN.
After working with agrochemicals, or handling spraying equipment, always
thoroughly wash hands and exposed skin. All protective clothing should be
washed separately from other clothing and stored. Contaminated gloves should
be washed inside and out.
A. Atomiser discs spin but do not spray or spray irregularly. Check:
- the feed nozzles. If a feed nozzle is blocked remove and soak in soapy water.
Never blow through the nozzle with your mouth. Check that the feed
give a flow rate within the operating range.
- the atomisers discs are clean and undamaged. Clean or replace.
- the flow valve for blockage. Rinse through with soapy water.
B. Atomiser discs fail to spin or spin unevenly. Check:
- that the batteries are fitted correctly.
- the condition of the batteries. Replace if necessary.
- that electrical terminals and contact points are clean and that electrical wires
are not broken or corroded.
- if an atomiser disc is rubbing on the motor base plate or the motor shaft is
Replace the discs or motors if necessary.
- the motors for corrosion or obvious signs of wear. Replace if necessary.
NB Battery condition can be checked with a torch (or a torch lightbulb and electrical
Dispose of any surplus spray mix according to the product approval. Store
products safely, locked up and out of the reach of children.
It is essential to clean the sprayer and tank thoroughly using water and
detergent after use. Never immerse the spray heads in water or under a tap,
since this will destroy the electric motors. A water and detergent mix should
be put in the tank, swilled around and then sprayed out onto the treated area or
an area of waste ground. The sprayer and tank should be wiped down
externally using a cloth. Periodically remove the atomiser discs with a pair of
pliers and clean with a soft brush.
For example, if the label recommends applying a minimum of 2 litres of product
made up to 200 litres of water per hectare with a knapsack sprayer, use 2 litres of
product made up to 20 litres for application with the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN, ie a
spray mix concentration of 10%.
Do not use herbicide concentrations greater than the maximum recommended on the
label (unless specific training or recommendations have been given) if the label:
a) specifically prohibits use of ‘Reduced Volumes’ ie increased concentrations;
b) has a statutory requirement for use of personal protective equipment when using
the diluted product at high volumes (NB this will appear in the statutory box on
the label); or
c) carries one of the following hazard ratings: ‘very toxic’, ‘toxic’ or ‘corrosive’ or
carries the warning ‘risk of serious damage to the eyes’ eg paraquat (Gramoxone)
which is classified as toxic and should not therefore be used through the
MICROFIT HERBI TWIN at concentrations greater than recommended on the
Micron do not generally recommend using spray mixes more than ten times the
maximum concentration recommended for high volume application with knapsack
sprayers. The safest product and lowest dose rate appropriate for the treatment
should be used at all times.
To prepare the spray mix select the dose rate of product to be applied per hectare
(from the product label) and mix in a suitable container.
b) 2,4-D (500 g/l):
add water:
20 litres
3 litres
+ 17 litres
i.e. 3 parts 2,4-D : 17 parts water
Total volume:
Examples of mixing spray – for 1 hectare
10 litres
a) Glyphosate (360 g/l): 2 litres
add water:
+ 8 litres
Total volume:
i.e. 1 part glyphosate : 4 parts water
Never use leaking equipment. Take care to avoid spillage of the spray mix.
The table below indicates the relationship between total spray volume, flow rate and
walking speed for the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN as per the following formula:
2 x flow rate per head (ml/min) = 6 x total spray volume (l/ha) x walking speed (m/s) x band width (m)
10 (ie glyphosate)
20 (ie other herbicides)
10 (ie glyphosate)
Band width
2 x Blue
2 x Yellow
2 x Blue
2 x Blue
2 x Yellow
2 x Blue
Feed nozzles
2 x 72
2 x 144
2 x 72
2 x 72
2 x 144
2 x 72
Flow rate
Walking speed
Total spray volume
20 (ie other herbicides)
Note: The flow rates in this table were measured with the spray head 65cm below the level of the liquid in the
tank, using water only. The flow rate will vary with differences in this height and the viscosity of the spray mix
(for very viscous spray mixes it may be necessary to use a larger feed nozzle).
Increased flow rate
Choose and fit the feed nozzles that are likely to be required. The actual flow rates should
be checked holding the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN in the spraying position with the spray
heads level to equalise the flow to each spray head. Remove the feed nozzles from the
spray heads by twisting and pulling out, then, once liquid has reached the feed nozzles,
allow the liquid to flow into a suitable container for one minute and measure the volume
dispensed. If the flow rates are not in the recommended flow rate range of 60 to 150 ml/
min per nozzle change the feed nozzles and repeat the above procedure. NB It is
preferable to walk more slowly to achieve the required spray volume than to use higher
flow rates.
Flow rate (ml/min)
14.4 x 20
86 x 2
Required spray volume rate = 20 l/ha; Flow rate measured = 86 ml/min per nozzle
Walking speed (m/s)
6 x 2.4 x total spray volume (l/ha)
ie 0.6 m/s or 36 metres in one minute (0.6m x 60s)
Mark out a distance of 36 metres and practice walking it in one minute.
Check the wind speed and direction (below 5 kph is safest). Take special care to
avoid drift by keeping the spray heads as low as possible. Never spray into the wind
and avoid walking into the spray. Always keep the spray heads at least 60cm from
any part of the body to avoid direct contamination by the spray.
Before spraying for the first time use water only to check the spray pattern produced.
Put some clean water in the tank and add a small amount of detergent. Check for
leaks. Switch on the sprayer and then open the flow valve. Spray on one spot,
preferably on clean dry concrete, for around 30 seconds with the spray head held
about 20cm above the ground; wet rings should appear on the ground. Practice using
the sprayer by walking along a few metres and then stopping spraying.
Hold the spray heads level and about 20cm above the ground or weed foliage. Switch
on the sprayer, check the atomiser discs start spinning (never touch the atomiser discs
when spinning or hold the spray heads too close to the operator) and then open the
flow valve. Start walking immediately the spray liquid reaches the feed nozzles.
The MICROFIT HERBI TWIN is normally held at an angle of around 35° to 40° to
the ground with the heads inclined slightly away from the operator. Do not spray
with the MICROFIT HERBI TWIN held on the shoulder, since spray may
contaminate the operator. NB the machine will not spray with the spray heads above
the level of liquid in the container.
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