DNS-320 Quick Installation Guide

DNS-320 Quick Installation Guide
Quick Install Guide
ShareCenter® 2-Bay Network Storage
System Requirements
• Computer with: 1GHz processor/512 MB RAM/200 MB available disk space/
CD ROM drive
• Internet Explorer version 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above
• 3.5” SATA Hard Drive(s)
• Windows® 7, Vista®, or XP (with Service Pack 2)
What This Product Does
The D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter® 2-Bay Network Storage shares your documents,
photos, music, and videos across the network and on the Internet so family
members, friends, or employees can access them. This ShareCenter can hold two
3.5” SATA hard drives and is able to create a central network point for backing up
valuable files.
Thank you for purchasing the ShareCenter® 2-Bay Network Storage. Follow the easy
steps in this guide to properly set up your storage device. Please verify that all the
package contents listed below are available.
Package Contents
D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter® 2-Bay Network Storage
CAT5 Ethernet Cable
Power Cord
Power Adapter (12v/4A)
CD-ROM with Manual and Software
If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.
Installation - Windows Only
The Setup Wizard on the CD-ROM will give you step-by-step instructions how to
connect, install , and configure your DNS-320.
Step 1:
Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your computer. When the autorun screen appears,
click ShareCenter Setup Wizard.
Step 4:
Connect an Ethernet cable to the available Ethernet port. This cable should
connect the ShareCenter® 2-Bay Network Storage to your local network via
a router or switch, or directly to a computer for configuration.
Step 5:
Connect the power adapter to the power receptor.
Step 6:
Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the DNS-320 to access the
Web UI. If you have a DHCP-enabled router or server on your network, you
may need to check the DHCP table to see what IP address the DNS-320 was
Note: The computer used to access the ShareCenter® web-based configuration manager must
be on the same subnet as the ShareCenter®. If your network is using a DHCP server and the
computer receives IP settings from the DHCP server, the ShareCenter® will automatically be in
the same subnet.
Model: DNS-320
Step 2:
Follow the on-screen instructions. Once complete you can log into the DNS-320
for advanced configuration.
5V - - - 3A
Installation - Non-Windows/Manual Installation
Note: Please see the manual for software installation.
For Mac or Linux users, or for manual installation, follow the steps below:
Technical Support
Step 1:
Remove the top cover of your device by moving the cover lock located on the
back of your device and moving the cover lock to the right.
Having trouble installing your new product? D-Link’s website contains the latest
user documentation and software updates for D-Link products. U.S. and Canadian
customers can contact D-Link Technical Support through our website or by phone.
Step 2:
While holding the cover lock, slide the top cover backwards. After sliding the top
cover backwards, lift the top cover up to remove it.
Step 3:
Insert a 3.5” SATA hard drive into an available drive bay. Then, re-attach the top
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