Canon AW-PS200 User guide

Canon AW-PS200 User guide
Canon Digital Camera All Weather Case
User Guide
Canon Allwettertasche fOr Digital Kamera
Canon Funda protectora impermeable para camaras digitales
Guia del usuario
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Canon Etui de protection tout temps pour appareil de photo numerique
Guide de I'utilisateur
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Canon Custodia per tutte Ie stagioni per fotocamera digitale
Guida per I'utente
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Trademark Acknowledgments
• Canon is a trademark of Canon Inc.
• CompactFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation.
• Other names and products not mentioned above may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
Copyright © 2000 Canon Inc. All rights reserved.
Please read this manual carefully to operate
the All Weather Case correctly. Keep this
manual for further reference.
• Thank you for purchasing this All Weather Case. It
will allow you to use your Canon Digital Camera in
the rain, at the beach or on the ski slopes. You can
also use it underwater at depths down to 3 meters
(9.8 ft) and in wet or dusty environments.
• Before you use the All Weather Case, please make
sure the case is functioning correctly and water does
not leak into it. To do so, close the All Weather Case
before installing the camera and hold it underwater
at a depth of about 15 cm (6.0 in) for a few minutes
to check for leaks.
If water leaks in to your All Weather Case, please
contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
• Canon Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates, and
distributors of the All Weather Case are not liable for
any consequential damages arising from corrupted or
lost data due to mistaken operation or malfunction
of the All Weather Case, the digital camera, the
battery or the CompactFlash™ card (CF card) that
results in the failure of an image to be recorded or to
be recorded in a format that is machine readable.
• Please read your digital camera's user manual.
The All Weather Case is shipped with the items listed
below. Please check your package now to confirm that
it is complete. Contact your Canon dealer if anything is
• All Weather Case AW-PS200
• Neck Strap
• Silicone Grease for the Waterproof Seal
• Anti-Condensation Solution
• User Guide (this guide)
Safety Precautions
Before you use the All Weather Case, thoroughly read
these precautions to ensure correct use.
The precautions described below are for ensuring safe
use of the All Weather Case and for preventing danger
and damage to yourself and others. Thoroughly
understand the details of these precautions before
reading the rest of this manual.
• Do not use the All Weather Case as a life preserver. It
may sink if water leaks into the case, and may not
save you from drowning.
• Do not disassemble or modify the All Weather Case.
This may cause it to leak.
• Do not damage the waterproof seal, scratch its
contact surfaces, or allow dirt to accumulate
between the waterproof seal and the case. This may
cause the All Weather Case to leak.
• Do not use the All Weather Case in water at
temperatures above 40°C (104 OF). Heat may warp
the All Weather Case or cause it to leak.
• Do not leave the All Weather Case in direct sunlight,
inside a car in hot weather or near a heater. Heat
may warp the casing and cause the All Weather Case
to leak. Cover the All Weather Case with a towel, for
example, if you have to leave it in the sun.
Handling Precautions
• Do not throw the All Weather Case into water, nor
drop it in snow.
• Use only the supplied silicone grease. Use of other
waterproofing products may impair the strength of
the All Weather Case. If any other waterproofing
product is mistakenly applied, wipe it off
• Avoid opening or closing the All Weather Case near
water. When you are installing the camera or
changing the CF card or the battery, choose a place
with low humidity well away from salty sea air.
• Avoid using the All Weather Case for long periods of
time in hot temperatures.
• The life of the battery is reduced in cold
temperatures. When you use the All Weather Case
in very cold places, keep it warm by putting it in a
bag whenever you are not shooting. It is not
advisable to use the All Weather Case in
temperatures below freezing point.
• Moving the All Weather Case rapidly between hot
and cold temperatures may cause condensation
(water droplets) to form on its external and internal
surfaces. Condensation may cause malfunctions. You
can avo'ld this by placing the All Weather Case in an
airtight plastic bag and letting it adjust to
temperature changes slowly before removing it from
the bag. Stop using the camera immediately if you
detect condensation, wipe off the condensation from
the All Weather Case and the camera with a soft, dry
cloth, and wait until the moisture evaporates
completely before resuming use.
Never remove the waterproof seal. Contact
your Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
About Water Leakage
If there is any leakage of water in the All Weather
Case, immediately stop shooting. Thoroughly wipe the
All Weather Case interior and the camera dry. Please
contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
Treat the Waterproof Seal
with care
• Before you release the Catch after using the All
Weather Case in salty, sandy or gritty environments,
wash the All Weather Case thoroughly with clean,
running tap water to remove any sand or grit. Then
wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If you wipe the All
Weather Case with sand or grit on it, it may become
scratched. Also, if the All Weather Case is left in
contact with salty seawater, the metal parts may rust.
• To prevent wear on the waterproof seal, apply a thin
coating of grease. Do not use a cloth or paper to
apply the grease, as fibers may stick to the seal.
Apply a small amount (droplet) of grease to your
fingertip, and coat the entire surface of the
waterproof seal taking care not to scratch the
• A damaged or cracked waterproof seal may cause
the All Weather Case to leak. Please contact your
Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
To ensure that the All Weather Case remains
waterproof, it is recommended to replace the
seal once a year. Please contact your Canon
Customer Support Help Desk.
Lens Window'
• Since dirt or smudges on the lens window may show in photographs, keep it clean by wiping it gently with a soft,
dry cloth.
Preparing the Camera
Please also read the camera's user's manual for detailed
Insert Battery Pack NB-1l and the CF card.
• Use a battery that is adequately charged.
• Ensure you have enough storage space on your
CF card to record your images.
2 Check the camera power to ensure that it
is off.
3 Remove the wrist strap.
Preparing the All Weather Case
4 Fasten the neck strap to the strap holders
and adjust it to a comfortable length.
5 Slide the Lock Button to the release
position, and open the cover while you
release the catch.
• To prevent condensation on the lens window,
apply the supplied anti-condensation solution to
the inside surface of the window, using a soft
cloth. (When the supplied solution is used up,
you can use a commercially available product for
preventing condensation on the glass.) Use a soft,
dry cloth to apply the anti-condensation solution.
Installing the Camera
6 Slide the Mode Switch to the a
(Shooting) position.
7 Insert the camera into the All Weather
Case as illustrated.
The mode (Shooting/Replay), self-timer/
continuous settings, and menu functions
cannot be accessed after the camera is shut
inside the All Weather Case. Please remember
to adjust settings, such as the image quality
and shooting modes, beforehand.
You cannot shoot in Stitch Assist mode with the
camera in the case.
8 Close the All Weather Case.
• Make sure that the waterproof seal and its
contact surfaces are free of foreign objects
(e.g. sand, dirt or hair).
• Make sure that the catch is fastened properly.
1 Press the main switch to turn on the
2 If the LCD monitor is off, press the DISP
button to turn it on.
• Settings other than the shooting distance settings
using the"" / ~ button and the flash On/Off
settings using the ~ button cannot be adjusted.
• You can adjust the zoom with the zoom lever.
3 Look at the LCD Monitor and frame the
Press the shutter button halfway and
wait until the upper Indicator shines
green. After it shines, press the shutter
button all the way.
• Make sure that the lens window is always clean.
• Ensure that your fingers do not obstruct the lens
window or flash when shooting.
If the auto power save function activates and
shuts off the power, press the main switch again.
4 When you have finished shooting, turn
the camera power off.
Zoom Lever
Main SWitci
Removing the Camera
1 After use, be sure to dry all the water
from the All Weather Case as well as
from your body and hair, etc.
• Remove any dirt, sand or other particles from the
All Weather Case, and wash it with clean,
running tap water. Keep the All Weather Case
• Do not wash the inside of the All Weather Case
with water. Wipe with a dry cloth.
2 Slide the lock button upwards as shown,
and release the catch to open the cover.
Remove the camera from the case.
1 Remove the camera from the All Weather
Case, press the main switch and turn on
the camera power.
2 Slide the Mode Switch to the [E] (Replay)
3 When you have finished replaying
images, turn the camera power off.
• To keep the waterproof seal in good condition during
storage, do not fasten the catch after closing the All
Weather Case.
• Protect the waterproof seal from dust or scratches
during storage.
• Do not store the All Weather Case in hot, cold or
humid places, or near substances such as
naphthalene or insecticides.
Plastic (Polycarbonate,
ABS) and glass
Seal and catches
Maximum Depth:
3 m (9.8 ft.)
Available Digital Camera Functions:
Main switch, shutter
button, zoom lever, flash
button, macro/infinity
display button
Digital camera's Operating Temperature:
oto 40°C (32 to 104 OF)
Exterior Dimensions (Excluding extrusions) :
85.2 x 118.5 x 45.4 mm
(3.4 x 4.7 x 1.8 in)
Approx. 180 g (6.4 oz)
Subject to change without notice.
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