Phonak Smartlink+ teenager brochure

Phonak Smartlink+ teenager brochure
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Dynamic FM for teenagers
Today is a beautiful day
Your hearing aids might do their job perfectly well
when it is quiet, but what about when there is more
noise? In these situations Phonak‘s Dynamic FM
systems can help.
When can a Dynamic FM
transmitter help?
From a distance
If you are situated a few meters away from a friend, effective
communication can be tricky. With a Dynamic FM transmitter
however, you can hear the speaker’s words clearly in your ear.
On the phone
Your hearing difficulties can make using
a cellphone tough, prohibiting you from
communicating normally with your peers.
SmartLink+ niftily overcomes this problem,
connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth
cellphone for effective hands-free use.
Using a computer
In today’s multimedia age of MP3s and online
video, you expect your media to be fully
immersive. With a Dynamic FM transmitter,
you can plug into any machine with an
audio output, whether PC, Mac, TV or Hi-Fi,
to enjoy your audio wirelessly.
Nothing less
than the very best
Designed for those who demand the absolute best, this gadgetfriendly Dynamic FM transmitter offers exclusive high-end features,
ƒƒ Bluetooth connectivity for liberating hands-free cellphone use
ƒƒ Advanced Bluetooth support for effective MP3 playback
ƒƒ A hearing instrument remote control
The SmartLink+ also features: three intelligent microphone beam
settings (shown below), Phonak’s SoftLanding technology (ensuring
that you don’t hear a distracting bang when the transmitter is placed
on a hard surface), a useful audio input that allows you to plug in
and enjoy TV, PC and other media devices wirelessly, and a quickcharging battery.
Microphone settings for SmartLink+ and ZoomLink+
The optimum setting for very noisy situations such as
restaurants. The microphone picks up speech from the
front and suppresses noise from all other directions.
The standard setting for everyday situations such as
face-to-face conversations and meetings.
Bringing the sound you
want directly into your ears
This versatile Dynamic FM wireless microphone offers you better
hearing and understanding across a wide range of situations – from
family gatherings and parties to restaurants, shopping malls and
lecture halls.
This sleek, attractive device includes Dynamic FM technology for
listening in very noisy environments, three intelligent microphone
beam settings (shown below), Phonak’s new protective SoftLanding
technology, an audio input for effective wireless TV, PC and audio
use, and a quick-charging battery.
Designed for quieter situations, this 360° setting picks
up sound from all around the transmitter.
Making any conversation
easier to follow
Ultra-simple to use and therefore suitable for even the youngest
users, EasyLink+ is a one-button Dynamic FM microphone.
With just one press for On/Off switching and a fixed microphone beam
setting, EasyLink+ offers the crystal-clear performance benefits
of Dynamic FM in addition to Phonak’s protective SoftLanding
technology, the ability to plug into a TV, PC or other audio device for
effective wireless listening, and super-quick battery charging.
Microphone settings for EasyLink+
EasyLink+’s default setting is perfect for everyday
situations such as face-to-face conversations and
meetings. This setting can be re-programmed to
SuperZoom or Omni by a hearing care professional.
Welcome to the world
of Dynamic FM
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Phonak’s new
Dynamic FM transmitters – SmartLink+, ZoomLink+ and EasyLink+.
By using these high-performance hearing products with the
appropriate Phonak wireless receiver, you or your teenager will be
better able to understand speech in a range of situations, ensuring
that today truly is a beautiful day.
The 3 new transmitters introduced here bring Phonak’s crystal-clear
Dynamic FM sound technology to young adults for the first time,
working with FM hearing receivers to give those with hearing,
listening, attention and learning-related issues a direct link to the
speaker, or anything else they want to hear.
Life is on
We are sensitive to the needs of everyone who depends
on our knowledge, ideas and care. And by creatively
challenging the limits of technology, we develop inno­
vations that help people hear, understand and experience
more of life’s rich soundscapes.
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Interact freely. Communicate with confidence.
Live without limit. Life is on.
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