Ultra-compact, ultra-powerful:
the D-LITE 1000 system from DYNACORD
The D-LITE 1000 convinces with a combination of
exemplarily high SPL and minimal size and weight, making
it the new standard in the ultra-compact class
Straubing, January 2008 The compact DYNACORD D-LITE
1000 system is a convincing solution for virtually all mobile
audio system users, whether entertainers, mobile disk jockeys,
or small- to medium-sized bands. With its compact dimensions
and a total weight of less than 45 kilograms, the D-LITE 1000
fits comfortably into the boot of a small car. Once set up,
however, the system turns into a performance giant. Designed
for uncompromising audio performance, the D-LITE 1000
satisfies all the requirements of a mobile rig while delivering
typical DYNACORD quality.
The system, comprised of two DYNACORD D 8 satellites and
the new active PowerSub 312, brings an unprecedented
combination of high SPL, long throw, and broad, even coverage
to the ultra-compact class. The system achieves brilliantly clear
reproduction with extremely low distortion, offering a very high
level of intelligibility for even the most challenging acoustic
environments. Exceptionally powerful bass reproduction all the
way down to 43 Hz is a giant plus for mobile DJ applications.
The PowerSub 312's integrated lightweight 800W + 2 x 250W
digital power amplifier is perfectly attuned to the system in every
respect; it even allows the connection of additional units, such
as two D8 satellites and a passive Sub 112 as a bass
extension. Sophisticated protective circuitry including voice coil
protection, DC/HF protection, audio limiters, back EMF
protection, and thermal protection, guarantees optimal
operating security. All of this adds up to a package that makes
the DYNACORD D-LITE 100 an attractive alternative for mobile
applications as well as fixed installation.
snapshot, 23rd January, 2008
Caption (PM_DC_0108_D-LITE_1000_1.jpg.): The latest
system in the ultra-compact class: the D-LITE 1000 from
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