CONTROL Optimize
System product for Swegon's system WISE for demand controlled ventilation
CONTROL Optimize
Quick facts
► Optimizes the use of energy in ventilation systems
► Minimises the need for throttling dampers
► Used for adding and subtracting flows within a
zone(can manage 10 zones)
► Up to 60 zone dampers: 30 supply air and 30 extract
air dampers
► Enables minimum fan speeds
► Utilizes Modbus RTU communication
► Used as a link between BMS and zone/room
► Used as a link between Gateway and zone/room
Technical Description
CONTROL Optimize is a microprocessor substation which
via Modbus communicates with the air handling unit and
the CONTROL Damper zone dampers in the Wise system.
CONTROL Optimize has knowledge of the position of
each zone damper, and optimizes the air handling unit’s
pressure rise so that at least one damper will always be
fully open. This reduces the power consumption of the
air handling unit by up to 25 % and also contributes to
making the ventilation system operate more quietly.
CONTROL Optimize can manage up to 30 supply air and
30 extract air dampers in groups of a maximum of 10
zones. The user can within each group add up and subtract
the flows conveyed to a CONTROL Damper slave damper,
see the example in the technical information section.
Figure 1. Control Optimize reduces energy consumption.
The most common variables can be communicated via
Modbus. A TUNE Control hand-held terminal is needed
for setting the configuration parameters. When connecting underlying zone dampers included in the Wise system,
CONTROL Optimize configures itself by seeking and identifying all the controllers. This assumes that each individual zone
damper has a unique Modbus ID. After it has configured
itself, you need only assign the zone dampers their group
membership if they are to be added up or subtracted.
The built-in control system of the GOLD unit includes a
function that can be enabled for connecting CONTROL
Optimize. The pressure set points of the GOLD unit are
then controlled by CONTROL Optimize.
Materials and Finish
Circuit card with electronic components produced conforming to ROH requirements.
The enclosure is made of OC (polycarbonate) and conforms to Degree of Protection IP54 for tightness.
Control Optimize can be mounted at an optional location.
It is advisable to locate it in the fan room.
Control Optimize does not require commissioning other
than that Tune Control be used at the building site for
defining the group to which the zone dampers belong
and the summation of airflows.
Clean by wiping with a damp cloth only.
Figure 2. Control Optimize with pressure control.
1. CONTROL Optimize
The product is CE marked.
2. Modbus RTU
The CE Declaration and the Declaration of Construction
Materials are available from
3. CONTROL Damper
4. 2-10 V signal from DETECT Pressure
For more information about the various network possibilities,
see the project manual or the technical information section.
Swegon reserves the right to alter specifications.
Electrical Data
Supply voltage
24 V AC - 10 % + 10 %,
50-60 Hz
Ordering Key
Transformer sizing:
System optimator
CONTROL Optimize
0 = Non-enclosed
1 = Enclosed, IP54
5 VA
Built-in fuse
Ambient temperature:
-20°C – +50°C
max. 90% RH, non-condensing
Network protocol
ModBus RTU
Connection, ModBus 1
RTU Slave
Connection Modbus 2 &
RTU Master
BMS mode
Wireless communication
CONTROL Optimize
0°C – +50°C
Control Oa
38,400 bps, 8, None, 1
optional 9,600- 38,400 bps
433 Mhz according to EN
Dimensions and Weights
Figure 3. Control Optimize, non-enclosed version.
Figure 4. Control Optimize, enclosed version.
Swegon reserves the right to alter specifications.
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