cpu16129 ds

cpu16129 ds
COM Express Module with the
Freescale™ P2020 CPU
C P U-161 -2 9
Dual 1.2GHz core processor
COM Express compact module
VxWorks or Linux environment
eMMC Flash memory
DDR-3 memory with ECC support
RoHS compliancy
P2020 Processor – The CPU-161-29 is available with the dual
core, 1.2GHz P2020 processor.
ECC Memory – The CPU-161-29 comes with DDR-3 memory
which supports Error Code Correction (ECC) and increases
reliability and accuracy in data receiving and transmitting.
Compact COM Express Form Factor – At 95 x 95 mm,
the CPU-161-29 is ideal for small form factor designs which
want to leverage the flexibility and performance possibilities of
the COM Express form factor.
High Speed Interfaces – High speed interfaces include
Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, and PCIe.
Industrial machinery
The CPU-161-29 is the latest product in Dynatem’s COM Express module
product line based on Freescale’s QorIQ processor family. The CPU-161-29
is fitted with the dual core P2020 processor and has ECC support. The CPU161-29 is a versatile product suited for several markets including medical,
transportation, and communications.
The CPU-161-29 comes with extensive I/O by coupling the capabilities of the
QorIQ processor with our engineering expertise and focus on small footprint
and high-end performance. These features include three Gigabit Ethernet
ports, dual UARTS, and quad USB 2.0 ports. The CPU-161-29 also allows for
graphics and video plug-ins with VGA and LVDS features.
OEMs can choose from a Linux or VxWorks operating system, taking advantage
of these development environments.
Dynatem offers a standard carrier board and services for those customers
who wish to design their own.
COM Express Module with the
Freescale™ P2020 CPU
C P U-161 -2 9
System Architecture
• Freescale™ P2020 with dual 1.2GHz cores
• L1 cache: 32kB for data and 32kB for instruction per core
• L2 cache: 512kB
• Linux
RAM MEMORY 2GB of 72-bit DDR3-800 SO-DIMM with ECC
FLASH MEMORY 2GB (bootable)
NETWORK 3x 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet interfaces
SPI QorIQ Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI)
SECURE DIGITAL QorIQ Enhanced Secure Digital Host Controller (SD/MMC)
PCI EXPRESS • 1x PCI Express interface (x1 lane)
• 1x PCI Express interface (x2 lane)
• PCI Express Base Rev1.1
4x USB 2.0 ports
UART 2x UART interfaces
I2C 4x I2C interface extended by I2C-HUB
• 6x GPO
INTERRUPT QorIQ Programmable interrupt controller (PIC)
IEEE1588 Connected to QorIQ processor:
• TMR_1588_CLK
• TMR_PP1,2
REAL TIME CLOCK Equivalent to RTC-8564JE (backed up by VCC_RTC power)
DISPLAY • 1x Analog VGA
• 2x LVDS (Data 4-pair, Clock 1-pair)
• Z11m (XGI)
JTAG COP Available as an option
PHYSICAL • Compact Module (95mm x 95mm)
• PICMG COM.0 R2.0 COM Express Module Base Specification
• RoHS compliant
POWER • Power supply: 12.0V±5% SBY: 5V±5% (supplied from COM Express connector
• Consumption current: 12V: max 2.4A SBY: max 0.1A
TEMPERATURE Operating: 0ºC to +50ºC; Optional -40ºC to +85ºC
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