FX Family Catalog

FX Family Catalog
The world’s favorite micro PLCs
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Global Leader
What makes a world leading PLC?
Range overview
FX3U, a new concept in PLCs
FX2N, an automation standard
FX1N, the modular micro
FX1S, micro control
Programming and software
Analog solutions
Positioning solutions
Over 25 Years
Displays solutions
The FX Family of PLCs has been an
important part of control engineering for
over 25 years. Throughout its history, the
product has evolved from the original
F Series into today's new FX3U.
The FX3U is the latest addition to Mitsubishi Electric's FX PLC Family. It provides increased networking and positioning control solutions.
6 Million FX
The FX Family of PLCs is the PLC of choice
across the world,industries and applications.
Mitsubishi Electric has always worked
closely with its customers to design the
PLC that they want for their applications.
The manufacturing and use of 6 million
FX CPUs is a demonstration that this
close working relationship has delivered
quality, reliability and the product that
customers want.
Number 1 in
the world
Mitsubishi Electric was shown to be the
largest volume producer of PLCs in the
world following the 2004 Worldwide
PLC survey by the respected American
automation research company ARC.
The FX Family has proven to be highly
reliable and it consistently improves its
compatibility with previous PLC generations.
ARC is protected by ARC Advisory Group copyright 2004
World leading PLCs /// World leading PLCs /// World leading PLCs /// World leading PLCs /// World leading PLCs /// World leading PLCs /// World leading
What makes a world leading PLC range?
Adapter or "ADP" units are
used on the left hand side of
the main PLC unit.
Memory cassette port is
located under the removable
front cover.
Main base unit where CPU, I/O
and power supply are
contained in a single unit.
All FX PLC units can be mounted
on a DIN rail or directly mounted
with screw fixings.
Global use
Wide range power supply means your FX
solution will work all over the world.
The FX Family incorporates an easy
programming concept where several
complex tasks can be reduced to a single
Shipping approvals such as Lloyds,
German Lloyds, ABS, RINA, Det Norse
Vetaritas, for example plus CE compliance
for Low Voltage and EMC directives as well
as manufacturing to Automotive industry
quality levels, make the FX Family PLCs
products to trust.
Fast and reliable
FX PLCs continually push the limits of
high speed operation to process your
applications more effectively and accurately.
The standard RS422 Mini-DIN
programming port can also be
used for HMI connection.
Optional communication boards
are available in USB, RS232C,
The RUN/STOP switch has
RS422 and RS485 formats.
become a familiar feature with
all FX Family PLCs.
Simple ribbon
connection links
each unit together.
Special function blocks can
be added to the right hand
communications bus of
the PLC.
Flexible design
The FX Family is designed so that the main
PLC CPU acts as a platform to which you
can add and customize the special
functions you need – making every FX
your personal PLC.
Bright LED lamps indicate I/O
and power status.
The FX Family of PLCs continues to raise
the level of backward compatibility with
many existing FX PLC programs being
transferable. And in later models, sharing
common peripherals and special function
blocks means even greater protection for
your investment in both FX and the
machine or process being controlled.
Range overview /// Range overview /// Range overview /// Range overview /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC
The power to perform
communications bus that automatically
switches into high speed mode for
communication with new FX3U
expansion modules.
Full compatibility is still available with
FX2N and FX0N expansion blocks, and
when these are configured the FX3U
automatically reduces the bus speed to
Ultra high speed, maximum
performance and a simplified
design concept make this the
ultimate micro PLC.
This powerful micro brings
the flexibility of the modular
PLC design concept but, with
the ease of use typical of
FX Family PLCs.
A compact micro controller for
simple applications, supported
by a strong communications
The FX Family of PLCs builds on previous performance and capability, ensuring you have a comprehensive range of control and automation options to
choose from.
Power supply
100-240V AC,
24V DC
100-240V AC,
12-24V DC
100-240V AC,
24V DC
100-240V AC
Maximum I/O
Digital I/O
Relay/Transistor Relay/Transistor Relay/Transistor Relay
Cycle period/
0.55 µs
logical instruction
0.55 µs
0.08 µs
0.065 µs
PLC program
8 k steps
8k expandable
to 16k steps
64k steps
2k steps
Summary table of FX PLCs
Note *: When networked with CC-Link or AS-Interface (Discrete I/O, maximum 256)
A solution for
every application
Micro PLCs have opened up a world of
opportunities in Industrial Automation
due to their small size and low cost. Now
many applications benefit from enhanced
performance, easier manufacturing,
maintenance and greater reliability.
The FX Family has been apart of this
revolution for over 25 years and has
developed and redeveloped a range of
products to suit most applications. The FX
Family consists of four main ranges which
are distinct and independent but
Adapters add
FX3U a new
PLC concept
A major design enhancement of FX3U is
the new adapter expansion bus on the left
hand side of the FX3U CPU. Through this
bus users can add additional analog and
temperature units as well as multiple
communications and positioning blocks.
The new FX3U CPU brings a combination
of greater flexibility and increased
performance to the FX Family.
New high
speed bus
The FX3U design has increased the
opportunity to configure the PLC directly
for your needs.
Following the standard FX Family
configuration, the FX3U CPU can be
expanded to the right hand side using a
wide range of options.These include input
and output blocks as well as special
function blocks such as analog, pulse train
and network communication units.
FX3U has a unique new system of directly
programmable adapters.
However, the major benefit for the user is
that the analog and positioning adapter
units no longer require the use of the
traditional To/From instruction to
configure and operate.
All control is through direct access data
registers and setting bits. This means
quicker set-up, easier use, and above all
much higher processing speeds.
Depending on your application and
control needs, you can choose from; the
simple FX1S CPU, the modular FX1N range,
the powerful FX2N and now the new and
dynamic FX3U.
With the FX Family there really is a solution
to most applications.
This means greater support for existing
installed systems as well as delivering high
performance and greater response with
new installations.
Advanced control, multiple
communication possibilities and
a wide range of options still
make this PLC an industry leader.
The FX3U can use new FX3U blocks as well as
standard FX2N and FX0N expansion blocks..
FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a new PLC concept /// FX3U a ne
FX3U. More power.
More performance.
FX3U Base Unit
New instructions include greater control
over data processing with a range of new
comparison and string manipulation
RS 422
Expansion I/O
Network master
Remote I/O
256 I/O
Remote I/O
Remote I/O
Remote network stations
System Maximum
384 I/O
instruction (MOV)
256 I/O
Note: 4.5 times increase in speed is measured under the
following conditions: program capacity=16k step, with an I/O
usage of 144 points. Program scan time is then; FX3U: 4.6ms and
FX2N: 21.0ms, an increase in processing speed of 4.56 times.
Auxilliary Relay (M)
State Flags (S)
Timers (T)
5 times more
data storage
With enhanced networking functions, the
FX3U requires an increased input/output
(I/O) range. FX3U can support systems
with combined local I/O and networked
I/O up to a total of 384 I/O points. For
users, this means increased system control
and added possibilities for advanced
With a larger program memory comes the
need for more operational devices such as
timers, state flags, auxiliary relays and data
registers. The FX3U has increased capacity
in all of these major areas making
program construction easier. Data register
capacity has increased by a factor of 5
reflecting the needs of users who have an
increased requirement to log operation
information against products or batches
of products being manufactured.
Up to 4.5
times faster
7680 points
3072 points
4096 points
1000 points
512 points
256 points
This means the PC MIX value has been
greatly improved with basic instructions
now being processed in 0.065µsec.
For users this means quicker program
response and more accurate process
performance as inputs, outputs and
actions are processed and monitored
more times per second.
8 times more
40768* points
Data Registers (D)
8000 points
*Includes R Registers
FX3U offers increased resources as well as
increased performance.
FX3U comes with a standard internal
memory of 64k steps, which is 8 times
more memory than FX2N.
More memory means users can write
larger and more complex programs, store
more data in file registers, or take greater
advantage of using IEC 61131-3 style
programming tools.
LOGE (Nr. 125)
Calculates the natural logarithm
in floating point
SORT2 (Nr.149)
Sort tabulated data
TBL (Nr. 152)
Batch data positioning mode
RND (Nr. 184)
Random number generator
BAND (Nr.257)
Defines a band or range of valid
IVWR (Nr.273)
Write parameter to inverter
A typical example of this can be found in
the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.
Here exact process data such as oven
temperatures and cooking times or
quantities of ingredients mixed need to
be stored against production batches – all
this requires increased data handling and
data capacity within the PLC.
Some examples of new instructions from
the FX3U.
Simple high
The FX3U has been designed with six high
speed counters that can each count up to
100kHz simultaneously per channel. This,
combined with three 100kHz pulse train
outputs, means users can directly
configure simple 3-axis positioning
systems without the use of additional
However, the new high speed counter
ADP and Pulse train ADPs can provide the
FX3U with maximum positioning
performance. Each unit can process signal
speeds of up to 200kHz.
Over 75 new
The FX3U has more than 75 new
instructions in comparison with FX2N.This
now makes available 249 instructions for
program creation. All of the instructions
follow the traditional FX Applied
instruction concept designed to make the
task of application building and program
writing easier and quicker, with less
chance for errors.
RS 485
Inverter multidrop
Inverter 1
Inverter 8
FX3U has a range of flexible communication options.
Increased I/O
FX3U provides increased performance in all areas.
A + B
FX3U provides additional I/O and networking capacity.
Note: PLC plus expansion I/O can be expanded to a maximum of 256 I/O, but this is independent to the network limitation
RS 232
Adapter modules increase positioning performance.
A great
FX3U has strengthened the communications
capability of the FX Family even further.
The new adapters allow up to three RS
communication channels to be operated
simultaneously allowing multiple HMIs to
be connected to a single FX3U CPU or
combinations of HMIs, third party devices
and programming tools – the choice is yours.
FX3U at a
I/O range
16 – 384 (Discrete I/O, maximum 256)
Program memory
64k steps (standard)
Basic instruction processing
0.065µsec/logical instruction
Analog signal processing
Up to 80 analog inputs,
48 analog outputs
Analog resolution
8, 12 and 16 bits
Analog options
14 analog input, output and
temperature blocks available
for selection
6 high speed counters 100kHz, 2 high
speed counters 10kHz
3 pulse train outputs (100kHz),
transistor unit only
High speed counter ADP module
Pulse train output block (1MHz)
FX2N powerful micro control /// FX2N powerful micro control /// FX2N /// FX1N modular micro /// FX1N modular micro /// FX1N modular micro /// FX1
FX2N an industry
FX1N the
modular micro
Flexible design
Over 30 types of special function and
additional I/O modules are available to
customize your FX2N to the automation
task you have.
Advanced analog designs mean that in
many cases the same block can be used
for voltage or current operation and, in
the case of the FX2N-8AD, additional
temperature options as well.
FX2N at a
FX2N has six shipping approvals. It has been used in applications from controlling temperature
in containers to managing diesel engines.
Packed with
The FX2N is full of advanced functions
and features such as floating point math,
32 bit numerical processing, and fully
configurable communication options.
However, it still follows the basic FX Family
principle of delivering advanced control
with simple, easy to use instructions.
Since its launch, the FX2N has been
a standard of micro PLC control.
Part of your
control network
The FX2N has a flexible range of
communication options from simple,
user configured RS232/485 modules to
specialist modules for connection to
leading networks such as CC-Link and ASi.
Example of remote communications application
I/O range
16 – 256
Program memory
16k steps (with memory cassette)
Basic instruction processing
0.08µsec/logical instruction
Analog signal processing
Up to 64 points
Analog resolution
8, 12 and 16 bits
Analog options
10 analog input, output and
temperature blocks available for
2 high speed counters 60kHz, 4 high
speed counters 10kHz
2 pulse train outputs (20kHz)
High speed counter block (50kHz)
Pulse train output block (1MHz)
FX Family PLCs are used in many applications for processing and packaging as well chilled
storage and transportion of food items.
The FX1N provides a simple introduction
to modular micro control offering
expansion options.
cuts costs
The FX1N provides many user benefits
including excellent compatibility with
other FX Family PLCs. The FX1N is
upwardly compatible to the FX2N using
many of the FX2Ns I/O and special
function blocks. It also shares the same
programming structure as the FX1S. This
means that users benefit from learning
and using one PLC programming syntax;
resulting in faster program development
and reduced programming errors.
In addition, users benefit from a reduced
stock and spare parts requirement as the
FX1N uses the same expansion boards as
the FX1S and the same special function
and expansion I/O blocks as the FX2N.
The FX1N offers comprehensive expansion
The FX1N saves space, cost and
engineering time with the use of
powerful, built in, positioning tools such
two 100kHz pulse train outputs and up to
two 60kHz high speed counters.These can
be used to create simple 2-axis positioning
systems, linked to servo amplifiers or
stepper motor drivers without the need for
additional PLC hardware saving space, cost
and engineering time.
FX1N at a
I/O range
14 - 128
Program memory
8k steps (standard)
Basic instruction processing
0.55µsec/logical instruction
Analog signal processing
66 analog inputs
33 analog outputs
Analog resolution
8, 12 and 16 bits
Analog options
12 analog input, output and
temperature blocks available
for selection
2 high speed counters 60kHz, 4 high
speed counters 10kHz
2 pulse train outputs (100kHz),
transistor unit only
FX1S micro control /// FX1S micro control /// FX1S micro control /// FX1S /// Programming /// Programming /// Programming /// Programming /// Progr
FX1S micro control
Remote control
software concepts
The FX1S has an additional range of BD
expansion boards providing RS232,
RS485 and RS422 communications
options. These could be used to connect
and control various third party products
such as bar code readers or panel printers.
The Mitsubishi FX PLC Family has a
worldwide reputation for reliability,
performance and ease of use. These key
values have also been used to form
Mitsubishi’s integrated software concept,
The FX Family has a simple programming
structure combining Basic and Applied
instructions. The Basic instructions are
common to all FX Family PLCs. Applied
instructions provide the specialist control
options such as data comparisons, PID
and communications control, all of which
are available on FX1S. As each FX PLC
range increases in capability (FX1S, FX1N,
FX2N, FX3U) so do the number of available
Applied instructions.
Programming software for PLCs is
constantly evolving. Users are placing
more focus on reusable program code
and function block concepts. This helps
to reduce errors, reduce programming
time and to help manage the whole
programming process – increasing overall
Choose what
you need
GX Developer offers users the chance to
program all Mitsubishi MELSEC PLCs from
a single package. However, for users who
only need support for FX based systems,
GX Developer FX is available.
First time user?
For users who do not have the time to
take local training, there is the option of
using Mitsubishi’s home study software,
FX-TRN-BEG, where PLC programs can be
created, simulated and debugged in the
safety of a PC simulation.
MELSOFT is a wide range of software
solutions designed to optimize your plant
FX1S at a glance
FX1S has been used in a wide range of embedded control applications.
Fit and forget
FX1S offers communication and real time
control from a single unit.
Typically FX1S applications are small,
embedded control functions that are
hidden away or unaccessible under
normal maintenance activities. This is why
the FX1S has been designed to be a
robust low maintenance PLC. Features
such as the maintenance free, 2000 step
EEPROM memory and real time clock
management all help to make the
FX1S a self managing system, reducing
the impact on the maintenance engineer.
I/O range
10 - 30
Program memory
2k steps (standard)
Basic instruction processing
0.55µsec/logical instruction
Analog signal processing
Up to 2 points
Analog resolution
12 bits
Analog options
2 analog input BD board
1 analog output BD board
2 high speed counters 60kHz, 4 high
speed counters 10kHz
2 pulse train outputs (100kHz),
transistor unit only
Often the biggest cost on a project is
engineering time.
Simple and
Learning to program can be achieved quickly
using interactive software.
The key to any good software is that it is
simple to use. Mitsubishi’s GX Developer
PLC programming packages have achieved
this by using intuitive design. They also
have comprehensive help functions and
an advanced communications layer,
ensuring safe reliable communication to
the target PLC.
Example of connectivity to 3rd party products
GX Developer offers ease of use for
programmers of all skill levels.
Networking solutions /// Networking solutions /// Networking solutions /// Analog solutions /// Analog solutions /// Analog solutions /// Analog Soluti
Networking and
communication solutions
With communications technology it is
now possible to put PLC control in the
most remote locations. Using a PLC with a
RS232 interface to a telemetry solution,
such as a GSM modem, allows the user the
ability to remotely monitor and maintain
the system. It can also allow the remote
system to send alarm messages, warnings
or general status information back to the
users central data processing centre
FX Family PLCs have a wide range of communications options.
Applications are often required to
integrate between each other across a
factory, to report production or tracking
data back for office based processing and
in some cases be remotely monitored and
maintained when the application is in an
inaccessible location. The FX Family of
PLCs has evolved to match this demand at
all levels.
make sense
Networked solutions to complex
applications often make the overall
solution easier to achieve and more cost
effective. For example a conveyor system
integrated with a warehouse pick and
place system may extend over many
hundreds of meters, and by using a
fieldbus, such as CC-Link, wiring,
troubleshooting and maintenance can be
dramatically reduced.
Example of remote pumping station.
Today’s FX Family of PLCs share a basic
communication concept where additional
RS232, RS422 or RS485 communications
boards can be added to the main
base unit without increasing the required
cabinet space. These can then be used for
communication to various third party
devices like bar code readers, printers
and modems.
Analog solutions
Analog control is one of the most
important areas for any automation
system. Critically for users the concern is to
match the performance demanded by the
application to the available solutions in a
cost effective way.
Example: D-A
control can be
used to set the
speed of an
inverter driving
a motor.
Where is
analog used?
Analog control is widely used. In simple
terms it allows a variable signal to be used
to control items such as a motors speed or
to sense inputs such as fluid levels.
control keeps
the liquid at the
correct viscosity.
■ Digital to analog (D-A) control
Here a digital PLC value is output as an
analog signal. It can be used, for example,
to send a speed command to an inverter
which in turn causes the motor to increase
or decrease speed.
A-D control
can be used to
control the
filling speed of
the container.
■ Analog to digital (A-D) control
In this type of control a variable signal is
sent to a PLC where it is converted in to a
direct digital value. An example of this
could be the measurement of the level of
a liquid in a storage tank so that the exact
amount of stored liquid can be controlled
by the PLC.
■ Temperature control
Temperature control is the third type of
analog control. An example of use could
be where the temperature of a furnace is
measured and compared by the PLC
against a set range. Additional heating or
cooling can then be applied to maintain a
constant temperature.
Analog solutions are an important part of control engineering and can be used to simplify and
accurately control actions happening in the production environment.
16 solutions to
choose from
The FX Family offers a wide range of
analog solutions from 1 and 2 channel BD
boards for FX1S up to 8 channel input
blocks like the FX2N-8AD where
temperature, voltage and current input
can be mixed on the same block. FX
analog blocks also come in a range of
resolutions from 8 bit up to 16 bit signal
processing. Overall there are 16 different
analog options available to users of the FX
PLC Family.
FX Family PLCs, such as FX1N, FX2N
and FX3U, have a wider range of
communications modules. These include
options for connection to open and
bespoke networks such as CC-Link, and
ASi for example.
With this range of choice and flexibility it is
sure that there will be a solution here for
most applications.
Example of temperature control.
Positioning solutions /// Positioning solutions /// Positioning solutions /// Displays /// GOTs /// Displays /// GOTs /// Displays /// GOTs /// Displays /// Dis
Positioning solutions
X-Y table for simple shaping
Horizontal drill station
Vertical drill station
Simple positioning solutions can be effectively managed within a standard FX PLC.
Display solutions
The larger the range of output pulse
frequencies available means greater
speed and/or accuracy is achievable. For
example, if a stepper motor with a larger
number of steps is used, the travel
distance per step can be reduced,
resulting in an increased system accuracy.
An increasingly important area of any
automation solution is the reporting and
display of operational information. This
data enables operators, maintenance
teams and business managers to make
informed decisions in the best interests of
the business.
■ High speed counter input
When a motor is being driven, its relative
position can be controlled by counting
the number of output pulses.
The right tool
for the right job
However, for a more accurate process,
reading the actual position from an
encoder feedback directly into a high
speed counter is preferred. This helps to
overcome issues of backlash and slippage
as the actual position is measured and
not assumed.
For maximum efficiency, each user
requires access to information at their
work place in a form that highlights the
important data for them first.This means a
range of different tools are required. As an
example, here are three possible scenarios.
Positioning built
in as standard
Machines often have a lot of
manufacturing debris around or are
subject to hygienic cleaning as in the food
industry. Any display located in this
environment would need to have a high
Ingress Protection (IP) rating, indicating a
high degree of waterproofness.
FX PLCs come with high speed counters
(in some cases up to 100kHz) and pulse
train outputs (also in some cases up to
100kHz) as standard. The high speed
counters can be configured in single
pulse train inputs, The high speed
counters can be configured in a single or
two phase input.
Using simple positioning solutions can
help increase the accuracy of the work
process, reduce waste and rework as well
as provide a higher quality of production.
Pulse train ouputs can be configured to
provide continuous pulse streams at
different frequencies or a set quantity of
pulses at a single frequency.
There are also optional modules and
adapters that can provide additional high
speed counters with performance up to
200kHz. The same is true for pulse train
outputs with 200kHz and 1Mpps (1MHz)
output options available.
■ The machine operator
■ Pulse train outputs
A stream of output pulses can be used as
a drive signal to a line driver, stepper
motor or servo amplifier, which then
causes the connected motor to perform
the positioning activity.
Example of conveyor belt control.
The FX3U-7DM can be directly mounted
within the PLC (FX3U) or mounted on the
front cabinet.
■ The business manager
In a production controllers office it would
be better to display information through a
network to their existing desktop PC. In
this application a piece of software such
as an OPC server/client, a Java applet, an
Active X control or a SCADA system would
allow lots of data from lots of sources to
be displayed in a clear and concise way
giving the production controller the
overview of the business operation that
they need.
Data the way
you want it
In the food industry hygiene is very important.
Simple positioning applications typically
operational axis and can sometimes have
many requirements. In the example of an
X-Y table, a relative position is achieved by
driving each axis until its target position is
achieved, regardless of what happens with
the other axis. There are two main
elements to achieve this type of
positioning control.
Access to this data could be through the
machine operator's terminal, across a
network or through a dedicated display
mounted inside or on the control
cabinet itself.
It may also be a benefit to the operator to
have a large and clear display to reduce
the chances for error from misreading, due
to poor light or small fonts being used. It is
also recognized that the use of graphics
also reduces the chances for reading
errors with complex data.
Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive
range of visualization solutions from
simple data displays such as the
FX3U-7DM, advanced Graphic Operator
Terminals like the GOT1000 Series, and a
wide choice of software solutions from
the MELSOFT software suite.
This powerful combination of hardware
and software means there is a cost
effective solution for most applications.
■ The maintenance team
The critical information for a maintenance
engineer is the error and diagnostic data
within the PLC as this is used to diagnose
any process problems. However, additional
information regarding the operational
"hours run" or cycles processed, which
could be called soft information as it is
calculated on operational parameters,
could allow the maintenance engineer to
predict possible failure and arrange
preventative maintenance.
The GOT1000 is a typical HMI.
Application solutions /// Application solutions /// Application solutions /// Automation solutions /// Automation solutions /// Automation solutions //
Where have FX PLCs
been used?
A world of
automation solutions
■ Food and drink
- Bread manufacture
- Food processing
LV circuit protection
HMI and GOTs
■ Leisure
- Multiplex cinema projection
- Animated mechatronics
(museums/theme parks)
■ Medical
Motion control and servos
Laser machines
- Respiration machine testing
- Sterilization
■ Pharmaceutical/chemical
- Dosing control
- Polution measurement systems
- Cryogenic freezing
- Gas chromotography
- Packaging
■ Plastics
Sanitation management on Eurostar rollingstock.
Customer applications with FX PLCs
have been wide spread from critical
applications in pharmaceutical industries
to sublime applications in the leisure
industry. However, the FX PLC Family still
remains the PLC of choice for many
machine builders as it is flexible, compact
and easy to use, which is why it is so
often used.
Here are just a few examples of applications
that customers have completed in the past
■ Agriculture
- Plant watering systems
- Plant handling systems
- Saw mill (wood)
■ Building management
- Plastic welding systems
- Energy management systems for
injection molding machines
- Loading/unloading machines
- Blow molding test machines
- Injection molding machines
■ Printing
■ Textiles
■ Transportation
- Sanitation on passenger ships
- Sanitation on rail rolling stock
- Fire tender, pump management
- Waste disposal truck management
■ Utilities
- Waste water treatment
- Fresh water pumping
- Smoke detection monitoring
- Ventilation and temperature control
- Lift (elevator) control
- Automated revolving doors
- Telephone management
- Energy management
- Swimming pool management
Modular PLCs
Micro PLCs
Mitsubishi offer a wide range of automation equipment from PLCs and HMIs to CNC and EDM machines.
A name to trust
Since its beginnings in 1870, some 45
companies use the Mitsubishi name,
covering a spectrum of finance, commerce
and industry.
The Mitsubishi brand name is recognized
around the world as a symbol of premium
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation represents
space development, transportation,
processing, audio visual equipment, home
electronics, building and energy
management and automation systems,
and has 237 factories and laboratories
worldwide in over 121 countries.
■ Construction
- Steel bridge manufacturing
- Tunnel boring systems
EDM machines
This is why you can rely on a Mitsubishi
automation solution – because we know
first hand about the need for reliable,
efficient, easy-to-use automation and
As one of the world’s leading companies
with a global turnover of 3.4 trillion Yen
(approximately $30.8 billion), employing
over 100,000 people, Mitsubishi Electric
has the resource and the commitment to
deliver the ultimate in service and support
as well as the best products.
Swimming pools are managed using FX PLCs.
Global Partner. Local Friend.
Worldwide Mitsubishi Electric Sales Offices
Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty. Ltd.
348 Victoria Road, Rydalmere, N. S. W 2116,
Tel : +61-2-9684-7777
MELCO-TEC Rep. Com.e Assessoria
Tecnica Ltda.
Rua Correia Dias, 184, Edificio Paraiso Trade
Center-8 ander Paraiso, Sao Paulo,
SP Brasil CEP:04104-000
Tel : +55-11-5908-8331
Mitsubishi Electric Automation
(Shanghai) Ltd.
3F Block5, 103 Cao Bao Road, Shanghai
200233, China
Tel : +86-21-6120-0808
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.v. 25, French
Boulevard des Bouvets
F-92741 Nanterre Cedex
Phone + 33 1 55 68 55 68
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. German
Gothaer Strasse 8 D-40880 Ratingen,
Tel : +49-2102-486-0
Hong Kong Mitsubishi Electric Automation
(Hong Kong) Ltd.
10th Floor, Manulife Tower, 169 Electric
Road, North Point, HongKong
Tel : +852-2887-8870
Messung Systems pvt. Ltd.
Electronic Sadan NO:III Unit No15,
M.I.D.C BHOSARI, PUNE-411026, India
Tel : +91-20-2712-3130,8927
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Irish
Westgate Business Park, Ballymount
IRL-Dublin 24
Phone + 353 1 / 4198800
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Italian
Centro Dir. Colleoni, Pal. Perseo-Ingr.
2Via Paracelo 12, l-20041 Agrate Brianza
Milano, Italy
Tel : +39-039-60531
Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Korea Co., Ltd.
1F Dong Seo Game Channel Bldg.,
660-11, Deungchon-dong Kangseo-ku,
Seoul, Korea
Tel : +82-2-3660-9552
Singapore Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte, Ltd.
307 Alexandra Road #05-01/02,
Mitsubishi Electric Building
Singapore159943, Singapore
Tel : +65-6470-2460
Circuit Breaker Industries LTD.
Private Bag 2016, ZA-1600 Isando,
South Africa
Tel : +27-11-928-2000
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Spanish
Carretera de Rubi 76-80, E-08190 Sant
Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
Tel : +34-93-565-3160
Setsuyo Enterprise Co., Ltd.
6F No.105 Wu-Kung 3rd.RD, Wu-Ku
Hsiang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Tel : +886-2-2299-2499
898/19,20,21,22 S.V. City Building,
Office Tower 1, Floor 12,14 Rama 3 Rd.,
Bang pong pang, Yannawa,
Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tel : +66-2-682-6522
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. UK
Travellers Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.,
AL10 8XB, U.K.
Tel : +44-1707-276100
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.
500 Corporate Woods Parkway Vernon
Hills, IL 60061, U.S.A.
Tel : +1-847-478-2100
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