Panorama Telepack Product Sheet

Panorama Telepack Product Sheet
Features and Benefits
perates in the protected WMTS
Panorama® T E L E PAC K– 6 0 8
Available with optional SpO2 monitoring module.
frequency band
Call and Attendant Present
buttons improve communication
between clinician and patient
R emote print button allows
clinician at bedside to remotely
capture event data
E CG lead quality indicators provide
visual feedback on quality of
patient preparation at the bedside
Optional SpO2 module
T elepack ECG cable is
interchangeable with the bedside
monitor, simplifying transition
between devices
ater-resistant design protects the
device from exposure to moisture
and water spray
p to 40 hours of continuous
operation (ECG only) using (2) AA
alkaline batteries
SpO2 Module
odular, slip-on, design enables
targeted SpO2 monitoring when
and where it's needed
Continuous SpO2 acquisition,
Mobile patients in any department can be reliably monitored for both ECG and
SpO2 with this compact and lightweight ambulatory transmitter and optional SpO2
versus interval or spot check
module. This multi-function patient monitoring device operates on the same protected
wireless medical telemetry network as our wireless bedside monitors. ECG and SpO2
Low power design provides up to
waveforms and numeric data are transmitted back to the Panorama Central Station for
24 hours of continuous operation
analysis, storage, and review. The modular design saves overall implementation cost by
with Telepack (ECG and SpO2)
providing targeted SpO2 monitoring when and where needed.
Panorama® T E L E PAC K– 6 0 8
Small size and ergonomic design enables
one handed operation.
Top loading battery compartment opens
easily and allows changing batteries quickly.
ECG lead quality indicators
provide visual feedback on electrode
site preparation and placement.
Nurse call button
allows the patient to
Attendant present buttons
alert nurses at the
acknowledge nurse call requests
Central Station.
with one hand. (Buttons located on
side panel.)
Device check button
Remote print button initiates a strip
enables the user to assess
report directly from the bedside.
device, battery, and ECG
lead status from the bedside.
Removable SpO2
Module can be easily
moved to patients when
and where needed.
Durable and comfortable 3 or 5 lead ECG lead set
SpO2 sensor provides low power operation for
with individually replaceable lead wires.
maximizing battery life. Compatible with either
reusable or disposable sensors.
Step Down Ward
Mobile step down and progressive care patients
can be monitored via the Panorama WMTS
ambulatory Telepack-608.
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