Rectal Temperature Measurement with SureTemp Plus

Rectal Temperature Measurement with SureTemp Plus
Rectal Temperature
Measurement with
SureTemp Plus
Models 692/690
1. Ensure that the probe with the red ejection
button and red probe well are installed.
2. Remove the probe from the probe well.
3. Observe the Rectal Mode indicator on the
display (flashing lower body icon).
4. Load a Welch Allyn Probe cover. Apply lubricant
if desired.
5. Separate the buttocks and gently insert the
probe only 1.5 cm, less for infants and children.
WARNING: Incorrect insertion can cause bowel perforation.
6. Hold the probe in place for the entire
7. Wash hands.
8. Use of Welch Allyn disposable probe covers is
recommended. Use of any other probe cover
may result in inaccurate temperature readings.
Tips for Taking Rectal Temperatures with
SureTemp Plus
To prevent cross contamination, the following are recommended:
1. Wear gloves.
2. Keep the thermometer and probe cord out of patient contact.
3. Cover the probe handle (the area not covered by a probe cover) with the
gloved hand while taking a temperature.
4. When finished, wipe down the thermometer, probe, and probe cord with
a hospital disinfectant before replacing the probe into the probe well.
5. Wash hands.
6. If you suspect that the probe well is contaminated, it can be removed
and completely disinfected or replaced.
If you question a reading, recheck the temperature using the Monitor Mode
on your thermometer.
> Continue to hold the probe in place after the temperature displays
> Press the Mode Selection button until the Monitor Mode indicator
appears on the screen
> Continue taking the temperature for approximately five minutes
> Long-term continuous monitoring is not recommended in any mode
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