Model : 34UC97
LG Electronics’ strategic direction for products with greener features is to reduce the environmental load at every stage of the
product lifecycle. Our efforts to improve the performance of green features are based on designing for better energy efficiency,
reductions in raw material usage, improvements in product recyclability and increased use of recycled materials.
LG Electronics Environmental Declarations give information on environmental aspects of our products.
Document created on 27th April, 2015
Product type and model
LED / 34UC97
Dimension(with stand)
32.6" x 18.6" x 8.8"
Dimension(without stand)
32.6" x 14.5" x 3.8"
Weight (with stand)
19.8 Ibs
Weight(without stand)
18.1 lbs
Dimension (W×H×D)
35.6” x 20.2” x 6.9”
3.1 lbs
Energy consumption (W)
Mode description
Typical, USB excluded
• On Mode: The power mode in which the product has been activated, and is providing one or more of its principal
functions. The common terms "active," "in-use," and "normal operation" also describe this mode. The power in this mode
is typically greater than the power in Sleep Mode and Off Mode.
• Sleep Mode: The power mode the product enters after receiving a signal from a connected device or an internal stimulus.
The product may also enter this mode by virtue of a signal produced by user input. The product must wake on receiving a
signal from a connected device, a network, a remote control, and/or an internal stimulus. While the product is in this mode,
it is not producing a visible picture, with the possible exception of user-oriented or protective functions such as product
information or status displays, or sensor-based functions.
• Off Mode: The power mode in which the product is connected to a power source, and is not providing any On Mode or
Sleep Mode functions. This mode may persist for an indefinite time. The product may only exit this mode by direct user
actuation of a power switch or control. Some products may not have this mode.
This product complies with the below mentioned directives and regulations.
EU RoHS Directive
Directive 2011/65/EC
EU REACH Regulation
Regulation 1907/2006/EC
Ozone Depleting Substances as banned in the Montreal Protocol
>> Further information on the LG Electronics hazardous substance management system, hazardous substance
phase out program and REACH compliance can be found at :
Mechanical plastics parts heavier than 25g are labeled with material codes in accordance with ISO 11469 and
ISO 1043-1~4 to facilitate plastic recycling.
Recycling in the EU : LG Electronics has fulfilled the WEEE directive demands in all EU countries. The
following are recycling firms to which LG Electronics has subscribed at
http://www.lg.com/global/sustainability/environment/take-back-recycling/global-network-europe 1)
Recycling in the US and Canada : LG Electronics complies with electronic waste regulations in each state in
the US and in provinces of Canada in which it does business. In addition, LG Electronics has voluntary
collection sites and holds periodic collection events even in states without e-waste laws in place. The
followings are recycling firms to which LG Electronics has subscribed at
http://www.lg.com/global/sustainability/environment/take-back-recycling/global-network-north-america 1)
Recycling in other regions : LG Electronics also operates take-back and recycling programs for unwanted
products in countries where local take-back regulations do not exits. Customers are advised to contact the
local LG service center for further information.
• The product packaging complies with the below mentioned directives and regulations :
EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC
Ozone Depleting Substances as banned in the Montreal Protocol
• LG Electronics has phased out the use of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) from this product packaging.
• Plastic packaging material is marked in accordance with ISO 11469 and ISO 1043-1 to 4 or the relative
regulation in Korea, Japan and China.
• Electronic devices should not be treated as household wastes; check with your local and state solid waste
officials or your LGE service center for availability of recycling in your area.
• Please separate the packaging material according to responsible waste disposal practices and sort for
sound recycling; contact your local LGE service center or check local regulations for correct disposal of
household electronics.
• This product provides the user guide printed with soy ink for reducing emissions of VOCs(Volatile Organic
Compounds) and reduction of metal pigments. To download a copy of 34UC97 user guide, visit
http://www.lg.com/us/support 1)
• Further Environmental information is presented in LG Electronics’ Sustainability Report (PDF form),
available online at :
http://www.lg.com/global/sustainability/communications/sustainability-reports.jsp 1)
Green Electronics Council
Energy Star®
Environmental Protection
1) This link is to a website outside the control of LG Electronics USA (“LGEUS”) which is intended for international viewing. The
information contained in this website may not apply in the U.S. You should refer to and only rely on the marketing and
informational materials distributed by LGEUS in the United States. This website may also contain “forward-looking statements;”
that is, statements related to future events. Forward-looking statements by their nature address matters that are, to different
degrees, uncertain. These uncertainties may cause LG’s actual future results to be materially different from those expressed in
the forward-looking statements on the website.
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