Electrolux VOLTA POWERLITE U3702 Instruction manual

Electrolux VOLTA POWERLITE U3702 Instruction manual
Volta PowerLite U3701
Volta PowerLite U3702
Instruction Manual
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19/9/07 10:36:27 AM
12. Turn all controls off before unplugging.
13. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
14. Do not use to pick up flammable or
combustible liquids, such as gasoline, or use in areas where they may be present.
15. Unplug before connecting the hose.
16. Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
17. Do not use without dust bag and/or filter in place.
18. We recommend that you do not use your vacuum cleaner on carpet cleaning foams, sharp or heavy building materials, plaster dust bag or talcum powders. These materials could damage or clog the dust bag pores and cause failures to other components in your vacuum cleaner and render your warranty invalid.
19. Store your cleaner indoors in a cool, dry area.
20. Keep your work area well lighted.
21. It is recommended that before vacuuming other electrical appliances they are switched off.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Close attention is necessary when used near children.
Thank you for choosing a Volta Vacuum Cleaner
from the Electrolux Group. To ensure total
satisfaction, read the instruction manual carefully.
Retain for reference.
When using an electrical appliance, basic precaution
should always be followed, including the following:
Before connecting the cleaner to an electrical supply
outlet ensure that the voltage marked on the rating
plate ( on the underside of the cleaner ) is correct
for your electrical supply. If it does not comply, do
not use the cleaner prior to contacting
the manufacturer.
WARNING – To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury:
1. Do not leave vacuum cleaner when plugged in. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before servicing.
2. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
3. Young children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Close attention is necessary when used near children.
4. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons
without supervision.
5. Use only as described in this manual.
Use only manufacturer’s
recommended attachments.
6. Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If the
vacuum cleaner is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped in water, enter it to a service centre before using.
7. Do not pull or carry on cord, use as a handle.
Do not close door on cord, or pull around
sharp edges or corners. Do not run the
vacuum cleaner over cord. Keep cord away
from heated surfaces.
8. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord.
To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.
9. Do not handle the plug or vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
10. Do not put any object into openings.
Do not use with any opening blocked. Keep free of dust, lint, hair and anything that may reduce airflow.
11. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all parts of body away from openings and moving parts.
It is dangerous to alter the specification or modify
the product in any way. Under no circumstances
should you attempt to repair the cleaner
yourself. Repairs undertaken by unauthorized or
inexperienced persons may cause injury and/or
serious malfunction and may void warranty.
NB! To avoid injury and prevent damage to the
machine, a defective lead must only be replaced by
an authorized Volta service provider approved by
the manufacturer to avoid hazard.
The cleaner should be serviced by an authorized
Volta service provider and only genuine Volta spare
parts should be used.
Your vacuum cleaner is double insulated. This means
that all external parts are electrically insulated from
the mains. This is done by placing insulation barriers
between the electrical and mechanical components,
making it unnecessary for the cleaner to be earthed.
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VOLTA U3701 - U3702
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cloth Bag / Paper Dust Bag
Telescopic Extension Tube - U3702
Two Piece Tubeset - U3701 (Not pictured)
Hose bent end handle with suction control
Dual purpose Combination Floor Nozzle
6. Crevice Nozzle combination Dusting Brush, located in the storage cavity at the rear of
the cleaner.
7. Variable suction control knob
8. Dust bag full indicator
9. Rewind Pedal
10. Switch On / Off Pedal
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19/9/07 10:36:34 AM
BEFORE STARTING 5. Pull out the cable and plug it into the power outlet. Remove the plug from the power outlet by the plug not by the cable. When activating the rewind pedal, guide the cable into the cleaner with your hand to prevent it from whipping.
1. Open the dust bag compartment lid.
it from whipping.
2. Check that the dust bag is in place. 6. Press the On / Off pedal with your hand to start and stop the vacuum cleaner. 3. Insert the hose until the catch clicks to engage.
Grip the hose connection and press the catches to disengage for removal.
7. Adjust the suction power using the variable power control knob on the vacuum cleaner or the suction control on the hose bent end handle.
4. Attach the extension tube to the bent end hose handle and the floor nozzle.
Hard Floors
Use the dual purpose floor nozzle with the
pedal as shown.
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19/9/07 10:36:41 AM
Use the dual purpose floor nozzle with the pedal
as shown. Reduce the suction power for rugs
and fabrics.
1. Remove the hose and open the dust bag compartment cover.
Loose rugs/curtains/light weight fabrics
Reduce the suction power. Use the Floor nozzle for
loose rugs and the upholstery nozzle for
curtains cushions etc.
2. Holding the bag plate, remove the bag from
the holder.
Confined areas
Use the crevice nozzle for crevices corners and
radiators. Dusting brush use for removal of dust
coverage on furniture and slatted blinds.
3. Fit the new dust bag by inserting the cardboard plate into the seating to the fullest extent in
the holder.
Changing of the Paper or emptying of
the Cloth bag
Always operate the cleaner with the dust bag
installed. If you forget to install the paper or cloth
bag or fit it in the incorrect manner the dust
compartment will be difficult to close. This is a safe
guard so that the cleaner cannot be used without a
paper or cloth bag installed.
Replace the paper or empty the cloth bag at the
time the dust indicator is showing completely red,
when the cleaner is operating at maximum power
and the Floor nozzle is raised off the floor.
4. Adjust the bottom corners and the
upper part of the dust bag for seating into
the dust bag compartment and close the lid.
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19/9/07 10:36:45 AM
In case of using a cloth bag
It is recommended that the motor filter should
be cleaned approximately every three months
or when it is visibly soiled.
a. Follow the steps 1 and 2 on page 4.
b. To open the bag, remove the plastic clip by
sliding it off the bag.
c. Empty the bag, realign the bag folds, bag seal
and slide on the plastic clip.
d. Refit the bag in the holder, ensuring it is seated
in position and close the dust compartment
cover until it is locked.
Note: The cloth bag may be washed in lukewarm
water and dried completely. It should not be washed
in washing machine.
1. Open the dust bag compartment cover and remove the dust bag from the holder. Lift out
the motor protection filter and holder from
the locating position in the rear wall. Inspect the filter, if heavily soiled replace it, lightly soiled, wash and leave to dry completely before installing it back into the cleaner.
Note: Replace the paper dust bag even if it is not full
(the pores may be blocked). It is also recommended
to replace the bag after using cleaning powder. Use
only genuine replacement bags. Dust Bag Part No
T196F/1002 (Menalux).
WARNING: On collection of Proprietary carpet
conditioning powders, plaster / concrete dust,
it is recommended that the dust bag is changed.
Some of the preparations contain substances
which if left in the vacuum cleaner for extended
periods. could create damage. Many air
fresheners, household deodorants, sprays and
polishes contain highly inflammable gas
propellants. Because of this it is particularly
important that these products are used strictly
in accordance with the relevant manufacturers
instructions It is essential that none of the
above products are sprayed directly into the
vacuum cleaner or any of the filters, hose
assembly or dust chamber.
2. On fitting the filter complete with holder, ensure
it is seated in position correctly and the bag is
seated in the bag holder, before closing the dust
compartment lid.
Replacement Motor filter Part No F9001.
New filters and dust bags can be obtained from
your Authorised Volta service provider, please refer
to the Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances
Website, www.electrolux.com.au or contactour
customer service on 1300 366 366.
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19/9/07 10:36:48 AM
The vacuum cleaner stops automatically if the
nozzle, tubes or hose becomes blocked or if the
filters are blocked, this is due to a safety precaution
which prevents the motor from overheating. The
vacuum cleaner is to be switched off by the switch
pedal and at the mains power outlet and the plug
removed from the power outlet, grasping the plug
not the cord for removal.
We recommend that the micro exhaust filter is
inspected at the same of replacing or washing
the motor filter. If it is found to be heavily soiled it
should be replaced.
1. Open the filter grille positioned at the rear of
the Cleaner.
Allow the vacuum cleaner to cool down for
approximately 30 minutes before
resumption of cleaning.
Remove the micro exhaust filter from the rear housing, inspect the condition of the filter. If heavily soiled replace the filter. Micro exhaust filter Part No F9000 (Menalux)
3. Place the micro exhaust filter into the rear housing.
4. Fit the grille into the rear housing ensuring the
locating tabs are located in position and push the grille for the latch to lock.
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19/9/07 10:36:51 AM
The vacuum cleaner does not start
Tubes And Hose
1. Check that the power cord is connected to the mains power outlet.
2. Check that the plug and power cord are
not damaged.
3. Check for a faulty / blown fuse or that the circuit breaker has not been switched off.
The vacuum cleaner stops
1. Check whether the dust bag is full, if so empty it.
2. Is the nozzle tube or hose blocked?
3. Are the filters blocked?
Water has entered the vacuum cleaner
It will be necessary for the Fan Unit / Motor to be
checked and if required replaced by an Authorised
Electrolux service centre.
Damage to the Fan Unit / Motor caused by
penetration of water is not covered by warranty.
Use a flexible hose or similar item to clear the tube
and the hose. It is sometimes possible to clear the
blockage in the hose by “massaging” it. However, be
careful in case the obstruction has been caused by
glass or needles caught inside the hose.
Note: the warranty does not cover any damage to
hoses caused by cleaning them.
Cleaning The Floor Nozzle
It is recommended to frequently clean the dual
purpose floor nozzle, this will avoid the reduction
of suction and prevents the lever for changing from
hard floors to soft floors being difficult to activate.
The easiest way to clean the nozzle is by connecting
the hose to the vacuum cleaner and use the hose
bent end handle.
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19/9/07 10:36:54 AM
Electrolux Pty Ltd decline all responsibility for
all damages arising from improper use of the
appliance, or in cases where there has been
tampering with the appliance other than by an
Authorised Electrolux Service agent.
This appliance has been designed with the
environment in mind and all plastic parts are
marked accordingly for recycling purposes.
Please consult the service agents listing enclosed
with this vacuum cleaner for your closest service
agent for servicing or to obtain accessories for
your vacuum cleaner or contact our customer
service line noted on the back cover of this booklet.
If you require further details please consult our
website noted on the back cover of
this booklet.
on the product or on its packaging
The symbol
indicates that this product may not be treated as
household waste. Instead it is to be handed over to
the applicable collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment.
By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you
will help prevent potential negative consequences
for the environment and human health, which
could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling of this product.
For more detailed information about recycling of
this product please contact your local city office,
your household waste disposal service or the store
where you purchased this product.
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19/9/07 10:36:54 AM
for sales in Australia and New Zealand
This page sets out the terms and conditions of product warranties for Volta branded vacuums from the Electrolux Group. Please keep with your
proof of purchase documents in a safe place for future reference should you require service for your Volta appliance.
General Terms and Conditions
In this warranty Electrolux means Electrolux Pty Ltd ABN 21 000 015 136 in respect of Appliances purchased in Australia and Electrolux (NZ)
Limited in respect of Appliances purchased in New Zealand;
‘Appliance’ means any Volta branded product purchased by you accompanied by this document;
‘Warranty Period’ means where you use the Appliance for personal, domestic or household purposes in Australia and in New Zealand, the period
of 24 months; where you use the Appliance for commercial purposes, the period of 3 months following the date of original purchase
of the Appliance; ‘you’ means the purchaser of the Appliance not having purchased the appliance for re-sale, and ‘your’ has a corresponding
1) This warranty only applies to Volta branded appliances purchased and used in Australia or New Zealand and is in addition to (and does not
exclude, restrict, or modify in any way) any non-excludable statutory warranties in Australia or New Zealand.
2) Electrolux warrants that, when dispatched from an Electrolux warehouse, the Volta branded appliance is free from defects in materials and
workmanship for the Warranty Period.
3) During the warranty period Electrolux or its Authorised Service Centre will, at no extra charge and subject to these terms and conditions, repair
or replace any parts which it considers to be defective. You agree that any replaced Appliances or parts become the property of Electrolux. This
warranty does not apply to bonus giveaways or batteries, drive belts, filters, accessories or similar consumable parts.
4) You are responsible for paying all service call fees and/or transport charges and/on damages and loss incurred in connection with transportation of this appliance to and from Electrolux or its duly appointed service provider’s premises.
5) Parts and appliances not supplied by Electrolux are not covered by this warranty.
6) Proof of purchase is required before you can make a claim under this warranty
You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the defect claimed is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Electrolux is not liable
in the following situations (which are not exhaustive):
A) The Appliance is damaged by:
(i) use with anything other than Volta genuine spare parts
(ii) accident
(iii) vacuuming up wet materials or construction/building materials that is not normal day to day domestic dry use
(iv) misuse, neglect or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service
(v) normal wear and tear
(vi) power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply.
(vii) incomplete or improper installation
(viii) incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation
(ix) insect or vermin infestation.
B) The Appliance is modified without authority from Electrolux in writing.
C) The Appliance’s serial number or warranty seal has been removed or defaced.
D) The Appliance was serviced or repaired by anyone other than Electrolux or its Authorised Service Centres.
This warranty, the contract to which it relates and the relationship between you and Electrolux are governed by the law applicable in the State
where the Appliance is purchased if the Appliance is purchased in Australia or the law applicable in New Zealand if the Appliance is purchased
there. Where the Appliance is purchased in New Zealand for business purposes the Consumer Guarantee Act does not apply.
Limitation of Liability
To the extent permitted by law:
A) Electrolux excludes all warranties other than as contained in this document;
B) Electrolux shall not be liable for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect or consequential arising from your purchase,
use or non-use of the Appliance.
Provisions of the Trade Practices Act and State consumer legislation in Australia, and the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Sale of Goods Act and the
Fair Trading Act in New Zealand, imply warranties or conditions, or impose obligations, upon Electrolux which cannot be excluded, restricted or
modified. To the extent permitted by law, the liability of Electrolux (if any) arising out of or in relation to the Appliance or any services supplied by
Electrolux shall be limited (where it is fair and reasonable to do so),:
in the case of Appliances, at its option, to the replacement or repair of the Appliances or the supply of equivalent products or the payment of the
cost of replacing the Appliances or having the Appliances repaired or of acquiring equivalent Appliances. Upon being replaced, parts and
Appliances become the property of Electrolux; or
in the case of services, at its option, to the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services re-supplied;
and in the case of Appliances or services supplied in New Zealand, loss or damage whether direct or indirect or consequential that is reasonably
You acknowledge that in the event that you make a warranty claim it will be necessary for Electrolux and its Authorised Service Centres to
exchange information in relation to you to enable Electrolux to meet its obligations under this warranty.
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19/9/07 10:36:55 AM
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19/9/07 10:36:55 AM
To be completed by the Purchaser
Serial No
Date of Purchase
Retailers Name
Retailers Address
City State
Attach Your Purchase Receipt Here
Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances
Electrolux Pty Ltd ACN 000 015 136
13 Gilbert Park Drive, Knoxfield Victoria,
Australia, 3180. Ph: (03) 8756 7300
Customer Service Ph:1300 366 366
Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances
A division of Electrolux (NZ) Limited
130 Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland
New Zealand. Ph: (09) 273 8340
*Some models may be limited in availability or be available from certain stores
only. Not all models
From the
and specifications are available
at time
of printing
and not
are 1 choice.
available in NZ. See your local Volta retailer or call the above phone numbers for
further information if required.
the Electrolux
The world's
No. 1 choice.
*Due to the Electrolux policy
of continual
product Group.
colours and details of our products and
in this
manual are
subject to change without notice.
From the Electrolux Group. The world's No. 1 choice.
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