Agresso Introduction and Navigation

Agresso Introduction and Navigation
On any report, and many of the screens, you can add a shortcut to
your Homepage. This will allow you to get to commonly used
reports with one click straight from the Home page.
Anywhere you see a blue box to the right of a field, you may click it
to open a search window.
1. Click the Add to Shortcuts button
on a report or screen
In the window that opens you are able to search for items using
wildcard searches, or select multiple values from lists.
2. The shortcuts appear on
your Home page
1. Entering Kelly* returns
all suppliers starting with
Kelly. *comp* would
return all suppliers
including the word
The system comes with two Help buttons one coloured Green
opens the Agresso general online Help, and the other coloured
yellow appears at the top of each screen. This button brings you
context sensitive Help., for example if you click it on the
Requisitions screen, it will open Help relating to Requisitions.
1. Context sensitive Help button.
Similar to Windows explorer, to select multiple values, you hold
down the CTRL key while clicking on each, or to select a range
you hold the SHIFT key and click the first and last item.
Further information on University Financial policy and processes
can be found at the following web sites:
Financial Accounting
If you click on the Reports tab, and open General Reports, you will
see a folder containing useful Agresso Help links, including a link
to the University online HelpDesk.
Management Accounting
In addition the Agresso 5.5 quick guides are available online:
Research Accounting
Finance | Purchasing | Budgets | Reports
Agresso 5.5
Quick Guide
Introduction &
Introduction & Navigation
Now available off campus from any internet
connected computer
Most screens in the application follow a similar
structure. The right hand pane of the screen is
where most of the detail is viewed or entered.
2. This will open a
searchable online Help
The Agresso 5.5 web client, is also referred to
as Agresso Self Service. You access the
system using your internet browser. To login to
the system you should access the link provided
on the NUIG Online Service Staff page, which is
located at:
The left hand pane is split into top and bottom
sections. The bottom section has a series of
tabs. The amount of tabs you see will depend
on your role and access level.
1. This button will return you to
the Home screen
This will open a webpage with the login screen
7. Should you prefer more
working room in the right hand
pane, clicking these arrows will
hide the menu section.
When you click on a Tab, Reports for example –
the top left pane then displays the detailed
options available within the Reports area.
3. You can add shortcuts here to
your most commonly used reports
or screens
Enter your Agresso username, for Client enter
U1, and enter your Agresso password. The
password is case sensitive.
6. You can click here to Log
Off, or to Refresh your system
if you lose connectivity
Any web browser supporting HTML 4.0, which is
compliant with standards given from
These include IE 6.0, 7.0, Safari, Firefox and
Opera. Agresso does recommend Internet
Explorer for the best user experience.
5. The number of tabs available to
you, will depend on your role and
access level.
4. This list of tabs controls the primary navigation,
when a tab is clicked the detail for that tab
appears in the upper pane, where secondary
navigation is controlled.
Each page you view is encrypted before being
transmitted over the internet. Encryption makes
it very difficult for unauthorised people to view
information travelling between computers. It is
therefore very unlikely that anyone can read the
pages as they travel across the network.
The encryption is High-grade Encryption (RC4
128 bit). This is similar to the type of encryption
schemes used by banks and retailers for online
credit card transactions.
Check out the online Agresso 5.5 resources which are available at
You can also contact the MIS HelpDesk at x2116, and online at
Clicking on one of these detail links will then
either open the screen in the right hand main
pane, or will open in a new window, which you
can close at any time to return to the main
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