inclusive interactive catalogue 2016

inclusive interactive catalogue 2016
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Inclusive Technology
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Track and Monitor Student
Your Guide to
Eye Gaze in
the Classroom
Over 100 New
Assistive Products
Curriculum Software • Switch Access • Apps for Special Needs • Mounting Solutions • Events and Webinars
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Install one of the many free QR
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Batteries are
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We are unique in
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batteries in every
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sell (and there are
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never had automated telephone answering or premium
rate numbers, and we never will.
You voted us “ICT
Company of the
The judges said we had
“outstanding customer service” and
“high levels of innovation for learners
with the most complex needs”.
More on the
Inclusive Website!
The Inclusive Technology
website has more detail on
products including videos
and reviews.
There is a “What’s New”
section and “Clearance” bargains too.
You can also access your order history, or fill in a VAT
exemption form online at the checkout. Overseas
customers also have the option of paying in US Dollars or
One hundred days to return a product even if you don’t like the colour!
It can be hard to pick the best
product for learners with special
needs. That’s why we offer an
industry leading 100 days to
return products that are not
exactly what you need. There are
a couple of exceptions and you
will need to have met our generous payment terms (page
121) and return the product unmarked with the original
Award winning accessible software!
Inclusive is the world’s leading developer of accessible
software. All products with switch access have a switch
symbol. Software exclusively developed by Inclusive is
marked too.
Some or all activities have switch access.
Developed or published by Inclusive.
Superstar cover model
Special thanks to the children and
teachers at Pendle View Primary
School for allowing us to share
images of them using our equipment.
Mohsin is our superstar cover model.
Information & Development
"2016 is a breakthrough year for
children with complex learning
difficulties and disabilities."
Since the first ‘micros’ in 1977 we have all been looking for ways to make
interaction with the computer simple for kids with learning difficulties
and disabilities. From the original Concept or Unicorn keyboards to touch
screens to today’s tablets - things are getting more intuitive and direct.
ChooseIt! Maker 3
iPad and Android Apps
iPad Accessories
myGaze Learning
Eye Gaze Software
Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze
Touch Screen Technology
Alternative Keyboards
Alternative Mice
Switch Access Technology
Switch Adapted Toys/Devices
Today’s online software can pass information from us to you and from
your students to us. Meanwhile eye gaze technology can generate huge
amounts of data: where children are looking, for how long, and how
Sensory Technology
Reporting Individual Progress Against International Norms.
Communication Technology
Educational Technology
Head Collars and Arm Rests
Speech and Hearing Amplifiers
Dyslexia Software
Communication Software
Curriculum Software
Touch Screen Software
Switch Skills Software
Make It Personal Software
Making Choices Software
Inclusive Information Days
Terms and Conditions
Index and Overseas Agents
Now we are ready to go much further!
Inclusive’s team of developers, teachers, therapists and our data scientist
have worked together to combine online resources, eye gaze technology
and learning analytics.
The computer can now guide learners through learning materials, set the
level of challenge, and report on individual progress against national and
international norms. For the first time teachers and therapists can get
behind the child’s eyes; see the world as they see it, and gain an insight
into the child’s understanding.
We have called this new approach
You can read more about how Insight uses eye gaze technology to
provide the world’s first intelligent learning system with detailed analysis
of early vision, cognition and interaction on page 6 of this catalogue.
Martin Littler @MartinLittler
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If you need any help or support we are
only a phone call or email away!
Call: +44(0)1457 819790
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Provided by Inclusive’s Information Team
We are constantly
creating new
demonstration and
information videos
for current and new
products. View our
videos online using a computer, tablet, iPhone or
smartphone! Check out our past webinars too.
The teachers, therapists and technicians from the Inclusive
Information Team have extensive experience in using technology
to support learners with special needs in a variety of settings. If you
have any questions relating to the products or how to use them, call
us on 01457 819790 or email [email protected]
Our webinars are
free of charge, fully
interactive, live
events; you can ask
the presenter questions just as if you were in the room
with them. All you need to take part is a computer or
tablet connected to the Internet.
Information Days
Our free Information
Days are a great
opportunity for
educators, therapists,
advisors and others
working in the
field of special needs to come together and see how
technology is changing the lives of all learners. Register
online today!
We attend a
number of special
needs exhibitions,
conferences and
information days
throughout the
UK and in the USA and Europe. Why not take the
opportunity to visit our stand and meet our Team.
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FREE! Inclusive Online Professional Development Webinars
Want to keep your knowledge of using assistive technology up to date without
even leaving your desk? Take part in one of our FREE webinars.
If you’re unable to travel to an Information Day or see us at
an exhibition or conference, you can still take part in one of
our new Inclusive Online Professional Development Webinars
from anywhere – at work or at home.
What is a Webinar?
Webinar is short for Web-based Seminar - a presentation,
lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the
Internet. These are fully interactive, live events; you can ask
our knowledgeable presenters questions just as if you were in
the room with them.
You’ll be able to see the presenter’s computer screen and
any software they are using. All you need to take part is
a computer connected to the Internet with speakers or
headphones so you can hear the presenter speak. You can
even use an iPad or Android tablet to take part as long as you
have an Internet connection.
Inclusive Online Professional Development Webinars allow
you to keep up to date with the latest developments in
assistive technology, to see new Inclusive products as they
are released and learn how best to use assistive technology
with your learners.
Record of Attendance
Everyone attending a session will receive a Certificate of
Attendance for their records, copies of any slideshows used in
the webinar and access to a recording of the session so they
can watch it again.
See our website for an up to date schedule of Online
Professional Development Webinars and register for those
you would like to take part in.
Upcoming Webinars
Recorded Webinars
iPads, Tablets and Special Needs 1:
Eye Gaze for Empowerment
Choosing The Right Tablet for Your Special Needs Student 14th January 2016
iPads, Tablets and Special Needs 2:
Tablets and Touch Access - 19th January 2016
iPads, Tablets and Special Needs 3:
Eye Gaze for Engagement
Eye Gaze for Inclusion
Eye Gaze for Assessment
Tablets and Switches 1 - 9th February 2016
Choosing an Eye Gaze System
iPads, Tablets and Special Needs 4:
Tablets and Switches 2 - 25th February 2016
iPads, Tablets and Special Needs 5:
Protecting and Positioning Your Tablet - 1st March 2016
Adapting the Computer for Those Struggling with
the Keyboard and Mouse
Using Technology to Support Writing
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Intelligent Learning Analytics for Students with Complex Needs
Inclusive Technology are proud to announce the results of their two year Research and Development project
to bring you a revolutionary new Individualised Learning System specifically designed for students
with complex learning difficulties and disabilities.
Insight is the world’s first intelligent learning system that provides objective and detailed measurement
and analysis of early vision, cognition and interaction behaviours using eye gaze technology.
Featuring 100’s of engaging small step progressive teaching activities delivered at the right level
and pace for each individual’s unique learning style.
Core Skills Assessment
• The
first ever intelligent learning system to offer objective
measurement of the core skills essential for early
• Uses
Intelligent Analytics, based on real data, designed
to meet the needs of students with complex physical,
intellectual and sensory disabilities.
• Ongoing assessment and analysis provides a true
Insight into abilities – a powerful tool for educators.
Core Skills for Early Learning
Progression Map
Carefully graded Learning Goals
• 100’s
of specially designed activities arranged in a
Progressive Road Map of skills with small incremental
steps to ensure success and motivation at each learning
• Mapped
to well-respected special education assessment
and teaching techniques plus the latest clinical theories.
• A
wide variety of new and exciting content to engage
all learners.
Insight Analysis
• Unique detailed eye gaze analysis and
interpretation of students’ behaviours.
• Provides an invaluable insight into students’
strengths and areas of difficulty to help inform
all teaching practice.
• Calibration and device independent scores
to include all learners.
Intelligent Measurement
+ Interpretations
Progress Tracking
• Track performance in all learning goals to give
a snapshot of overall progress.
• Evaluate performance over time.
• Compare individual’s performance to that
of similar peers across the globe – another
world first!
Compare performance over time
+ across peer groups
Intelligent Scheduling
• Intelligent suggestions are offered to guide activity
choices based on scores, skill progression plus
eye gaze data from peer groups.
• Activities are recommended across a range
of learning goals to suit individualised learning
• Realistic timed schedules can be set up
automatically, giving your students regular
opportunities for optimal learning.
Sign up today for a FREE PRE-RELEASE version
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added ies
term! ry
An extensive collection of activities that can be accessed using mouse and keyboard, switch(es), touch screen,
interactive classroom displays, joystick, rollerball and eye gaze. Ideal for children with a wide range of special
educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy or early literacy level.
In the Classroom...
• Experiential level to encourage pupils to look and listen and giving them
time to respond to the activity.
• Cause and effect activities that allow individuals to have some control and
make things happen themselves.
• Errorless activities ideal for building confidence and encouraging individuals
to have a try. They also provide the perfect opportunity to talk and develop
• Timing skills, wait for something to appear on screen before pressing a
mouse and/or switch or touching the screen to get a reward.
• Develop mouse skills and use of a touch screen.
Ready made Learning
HelpKidzLearn is a fantastic way of assessing an
individual’s needs. There is a great range of activities on
the site from:
• Experiential.
• Tracking.
• Early cause and effect.
• Turn taking and so much more...
Accessible Activities
Each activity in HelpKidzLearn can
be accessed using a variety of
access methods:
• Mouse and keyboard.
• Touch screens.
• Interactive classroom displays.
• One or two switches.
• Eye gaze.
Over 100 Games and Activities
New activities added every term
Early Years
A great selection of early
learning activities, including
beautifully animated early
cause and effect programs
designed for both touch
screen and early switch users.
The games section is by far
the most popular section.
Learners can expect endless
hours of fun and enjoyment
from games such as Aunty
Maggie’s Recipe and Splat the Clowns.
This collection of stories
and songs will engage your
learners and be lots of fun.
Activities such as Counting
Songs encourage learners to
count from 1 to 5 with a catchy song and a pond full of
Have fun creating
sandcastles, train tracks,
birthday cards, music and
works of art.
Find Out
Find out about is an
exploratory section for
games and activities.
Explore expressions, the
keyboard, numbers, time
and other concepts.
Free user (10 x Activities)
1 user - 12 months
5 user - 12 months
Site licence - 12 months
District Prices/Local Authorities
Call us
Prices are for a 12 month subscription to Games and
Activities. Prices Ex. VAT.
HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze
HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch
myGaze eye gaze
technology and
HelpKidzLearn Games
& Activities bundle.
HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze
has been specially
designed by Inclusive Technology to meet the needs
of teachers, therapists and carers working with
students with physical difficulties, cerebral palsy, visual
impairment, intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum
disorder and communication difficulties.
If you already subscribe to HKL then simply purchase
a myGaze Assistive System (pages 30-31) to access the
• HelpKidzLearn 1 user/12 month subscription.
• myGaze Assistive System (see pages 30-31).
The HelpKidzLearn
EasySwitch is
ideal for use with
accessible games
and activities, and
with Inclusive
Technology’s switch
operated software. The HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch
is easy to use and has no software to install. Simply
connect the EasySwitch dongle to a USB port on your
computer and you are ready to play switch accessible
games and activities such as Splat the Clowns, Five
Little Aliens and many more. For a very small cost, the
HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch offers a plug and play option
for your learners without the hassle of wires.
HelpKidzLearn EyeGaze 1 user/12mth
HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Best Solution for Special
Needs Students
ICT Special Educational
Needs Solutions
Special Educational
Resource or Equipment
Download the
Award Winning
App Today!
Create, edit and play personalised learning materials that can be used in your classroom and with individual students
securely online and then download them to your iPad or Android tablet!
Personalised Learning
Turn photographs, symbols, text and
sounds into:
• Cause and effect activities.
• Literacy activities.
• Reward music choice board.
• Question and answer activities.
• Games.
• Quizzes and so much more...
Free iPad & Android Apps
Download your personalised learning activities on to
your iPad or Android tablet using the FREE ChooseIt!
Maker 3 Apps and then use your learning materials
Share Activities
Share your ChooseIt! Maker 3 activities with colleagues, friends and
loved ones. CM3 subscribers can share their activities to:
• Other ChooseIt! Maker 3 online accounts.
• Free CM3 iPad Apps.
• Free CM3 Android Apps.
Login, subscribe or download the CM3 App to redeem these free share
Use ChooseIt! Maker 3 anywhere
With ChooseIt! Maker 3, create, edit or play your activities securely anywhere
online via Windows or Macintosh OS X. Download your activities to multiple
iPad or Android tablets using the FREE ChooseIt! Maker 3 App and then learn
‘Easy Flow’ Editor
Take a photo with your
webcam, record sounds, draw
or paint and make an activity
with your child or class in
minutes. They can all join in
and then proudly present it to
the rest of the school, family
and friends.
ChooseIt! Maker 3 is an important tool for those learners
who respond best to familiar materials, such as pictures
of themselves, their families, their classmates and
places they know well.
Progression and Achievement
Every ChooseIt!
Maker 3 activity
you create will
record the learner’s
progression and
based on
the questions they have answered. These results
can be saved for your records or shared with the
learner’s friends and family. Prices are for a 12 month
subscription to ChooseIt! Maker 3.
30,000+ Symbols
As well as adding
your own images,
ChooseIt! Maker 3
includes a ready
made IT Media
Library with over
30,000 symbols
and pictures. Make
activities using
Widgit Symbols, SymbolStix Symbols and Inclusive
Technology’s pictures.
CM3 Access Options
Each activity created in ChooseIt! Maker 3 can be
accessed using:
• Mouse and keyboard. • iPad and Android tablets.
• Touch screens. • Interactive classroom displays.
• One or two switches. • Eye gaze.
1 user - 12 months
5 user - 12 months
Site licence - 12 months
District Prices/Local Authorities
Call us
ChooseIt! Maker 3 EyeGaze
Make your own personalised eye gaze activities and
play them straight away with this flexible bundle, ideal
for those learning to choose with their eyes.
• ChooseIt! Maker 3 1 user/12 month subscription.
• myGaze Assistive System (see pages 30-31).
ChooseIt! Maker 3 EyeGaze 1 user/12mth
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
More than 40 motivational Apps created by HelpKidzLearn. Carefully
designed to meet a range of special educational needs including switch
access for those with physical disabilities.
Counting Songs 1 and 2
Counting Songs 1 provides ten fun and engaging counting
songs with additional associated activities. The App is ideal for
early years children, and students with a wide range of special
educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy
or early literacy level. The topics and songs can also provide
additional appeal to older learners who still need to work on early
number concepts.
Counting Songs 2 offers stimulating cause and effect learning
activities that engage and encourage early listening and language
skills. Children can also learn about numbers from zero to five
whilst counting along with the music and high quality voice
over. The App is ideal for both older and early years children, and
Sensory Room - FREE
A fun cause and effect activity - look at the pictures and talk about the
story in your own words: What can you see in the multi-sensory room?
Do you like the bubble tube or disco lights best?
Touch the screen to see what happens next. Switch access for one or two
switches is included for users with motor difficulties who need switch
input (switches can be connected via a Bluetooth switch interface).
Clutter free, bright, clear graphics make it easier for students with visual
impairment to see the screen.
40+ Accessible Apps
Big Bang Pictures
“My 9 year old with cp, cvi loved this very much. It is high contrast,
visual no clutter and he loved that if he touched the picture it made
sounds or music his favorite was the fish :) I as a parent liked that I can
choose the background color and the item color.”
Rachelle Gray - USA
A further selection of accessible Apps that provide fun
educational learning experiences.
Big Bang Patterns
“This is a fantastic app suitable for young children and children with
special needs. My son has autism and this is now his favourite app. A
great sensory app that will create many happy faces.”
Mai Belle - UK
Peeping Musicians
“I have been using this app with one of my students who has moved
past basic cause and effect and is now working on targeting. He could
play this for hours! Age-appropriate sounds and graphics.”
AAC for me - UK
ChooseIt! Numeracy
ChooseIt! Literacy
ChooseIt! Science
Activities map directly to
Foundation Stage, P-Scales or
National Numeracy Strategy
Targets. A collection of over 230
activities with over 6,000 pages
• Early Number, Numbers 0 – 5,
5 – 10, 0 - 100.
• Foundation Stage and KS1
Shape, Space and Measure.
• Time • UK Money.
A collection of over 250 activities
with over 5,000 pages.
• Listening Skills.
• Initial Letters.
• Initial Blends: Letters.
• Initial Sounds.
• Initial Blends: Sounds.
• Alphabet.
• Everyday Words.
• Tricky High Frequency Words.
Activities map directly to
Foundation Stage Knowledge and
Understanding of the World and
National Curriculum Key Stages 1
and 2. With over 160 activities and
3,000 pages.
• Foundation Living Things.
• Materials.
• Light, Sound and Space.
• KS1 Living Things.
• Forces and Electricity.
Big Bang Pictures
Big Bang Patterns
High contrast
animated images and
great sound effects
designed to provide
visual stimulation
and to develop
and assess visual
preferences. With
a choice of three
styles of image and a choice of eight basic foreground
and background colours, including black and white,
these activities are ideal for assessment of picture
recognition and colour preferences. They are also
excellent visual activities for babies who really respond
to the black and white options and sounds.
It is an ideal tool to
assess preferences and
develop visual skills.
Big Bang Patterns
contains four specially
created sets of
animated patterns,
each containing
twelve different
animations, accompanied with a choice of music or
sound effects. These patterns have been designed to
provide a range of visually stimulating activities with
a choice of bold colours and movements including
tracking, sliding and tunnelling.
Switch access for iPad and Android devices see pages 24-25
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Protect your iPad in the
classroom with Big Grips
Frames, Stands and Accessories
Big Grips Frame and Stand
Big Grips Lift
A protective case for the iPad 2, 3, 4 or Air – lightweight,
durable, easy to clean, easy to grab, comfortable to hold!
That means fewer slips, drops and tumbles - and plenty of
cushioning just in case. Matching stand available. iPad not
• Easy to clean, durable and lightweight.
• Resistant to oils, chemicals, stains, moulds and germs.
• Easy access to all ports and controls.
• BPA, lead, latex, phthalate and PVC free.
Based on the popular Big Grips range and with
the same great features, the Lift includes a
super-grip handle and integrated strap loops
and weighs just 11ozs. With almost 1" of foam
cushion protecting the sides and corners of the iPad, and ½"
front and back clearance, Big Grips Lift is very protective so
you won't have to worry if it takes a tumble.
Big Grips Lift has been designed so that charging and volume
adjustments are even more accessible, without sacrificing
protection. And all sensor, microphone and camera ports are
easy to access too. iPad not included.
Available colours for iPad 2/3/4:
com og
soon in
the iPafor
Pro! d
Available colours for iPad Air/Air 2:
Available colours for iPad Air/Air 2:
Big Grips Frame for iPad
Big Grips Lift Frame for iPad Air/Air 2
Big Grips Stand
Big Grips Stand
Big Grips Frame & Stand
Big Grips Lift Frame & Stand
Big Grips Hipster
Big Grips Slim
Big Grips Hipster, travel
more and worry less
with the incredibly
versatile carry bag for
Big Grips Frame. Easy
access to the iPad,
use of front and rearfacing cameras, lots of
pockets for accessories
and stuff, a shoulder
strap (of course!), a
rubber base for grip
and a double-flap Velcro® handle for easily attaching Big
Grips Hipster to things like car headrests.
iPad not included.
Available colours:
A new slimmer version of the Big Grips Frame, the thin profile
is designed to fit in most standard charging and storage
trolleys. Dimensions: 21mm x 292mm x 232mm. Check with
trolley manufacturer to ensure proper fit. Matching stand
available. iPad not included.
Big Grips Slim Frame for iPad 2/3/4/Air
Hipster for Big Grips iPad Frame
Big Grips Slim Stand
Hipster together with Big Grips Frame
Big Grips Slim Frame & Stand
Buy 15 Big Grips Frames and Stands for iPad 2/3/4, Air or Air 2
plus a Big Grips Trolley together and save 5%
Big Grips Trolley
The Big Grips Charging and Syncing Trolley is
specifically designed to fit 15 Big Grips Frames with
iPads inside and store 15 Big Grips Stands. Choose
between two trolley options: charging only or charging
plus syncing.
• Handle cut outs to help you steer if you want to
move it.
• Lockable doors and on lockable castors.
• Doors fold back 270 degrees for easy access.
• Two A4 size storage trays for your iPad accessories.
• Two years warranty as standard.
• Colour: White laminate trolley/blue trays and interior.
• Overall Dimensions: 87cm(W) x 46cm(D) x 109cm(H).
• Shelf Slot Dimensions: 27cm(W) x 34cm(D) x
• Top shelf is 90mm(H) and can be used to store a
laptop rather than a tray.
• Power: Requires 1 x external power socket (individual
iPad mains chargers and USB cables not included).
Charging plus Syncing Option
Intelligent charge and sync technology detects each
connected device and determines the optimum
charge settings - so each iPad will charge just as
fast as if it were plugged directly into a wall socket.
Sync connection to a host laptop or PC is enabled by
connecting a USB cable (supplied) and using a Third Party
power management App (not included). Laptop can be
closed, housed and locked within the trolley during sync.
iPads are not included. Two years warranty as standard.
Delivery charge per trolley is £60.
Big Grips Trolley (charge only)
Big Grips Trolley (charge and sync)
Tweener for iPad Mini
A protective case for all versions of the iPad Mini. Just like Big
Grips Frame, Big Grips Tweener is big, squishy, easy to grab,
comfortable to hold, and very grippable. Big Grips Tweener
- it’s everything parents and educators demand. Matching
stand available. iPad Mini not included.
Available colours:
Tweener Frame for iPad Mini
Tweener Stand
Tweener Frame & Stand
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
iAdapter 5 for iPad
GoNow Rugged Case
for iPad
Carry, protect and
enhance the sound
of your iPad. It has
rubber edging on
the top and bottom,
plus a moulded
rubber pad in the
This further increases shock absorption and provides a more
secure handle grip. Also has fold-out feet to add a slight
elevation when lying flat - ideal for keyboarding.
iPad not included.
GoNow Rugged iPad 2/3/4 Case
GoNow Rugged iPad Mini Case
GoNow Rugged iPad Air Case
GoNow Rugged iPad Air 2 Case
GoNow Case Accessories
The adjustable clip-lock Shoulder Strap fits all GoNow Cases.
The cover stand is adjustable and protects your iPad
Turn any of your iPad
systems into a durable
AAC device! The newly
designed case offers better
protection over previous
models and utilizes
Bluetooth technology for
audio and the optional
switch ready access ports! Included with the iAdapter 5
case are a detachable stand, handle, shoulder strap and USB
charging system.
• Slimmer case design.
• Thicker plastic design to resist breaking from accidental
• The iPad is now surrounded by rubber on all sides to
improve protection.
• C
aptive screws that won’t fall out when removing the iPad
from the case.
• Shoulder strap can be clipped to any of the four corners.
• Enhanced sound quality using Bluetooth technology.
• Detachable handle that folds out of the way.
• D
etachable stand that will hold the iAdapter upright in
landscape mode.
• Wheelchair mount ready.
• Approx. 10 hours of battery usage (iAdapter case).
• iPad not included.
iAdapter 5 for iPad 2/3/4 Black
GoNow Shoulder Strap
iAdapter 5 for iPad Air Black
GoNow Cover Stand
iAdapter 5 for iPad Air 2 Black
Connect for iPad
Griffin Survivor Case for iPad
Connect for iPad
provides accessibility and
brilliant sound combined
with exceptional design.
You can charge and
sync your iPad without
removing it from the
• Can be used with all versions of the iPad.
• Hifi stereo amplified sound output.
• Wireless and wired switch access with scanning capabilities
to control the iPad and Apps supporting voice over controls.
• Built-in receiver for use with Jelly Beamer and Big Beamer.
• Sleek outer casing protects against moisture and impact.
• Integrated battery.
• Charge and sync iPad without removing from Connect.
• Updateable firmware to add new features as they are
• Five access modes: Direct Select, Single Switch Auto
Scanning, Single Switch Step Scanning, Two Switch Step
Scanning and Scanning Apps. iPad not included.
Connect for iPad 2/3/4 & Air/Air 2
Griffin’s Survivor military-duty
case is designed from the
inside out to protect your iPad
from dirt, sand, rain, shock and
• Built-in shatter resistant
screen protector.
• Rigid internal frame protects
from bumps and drops.
• Sealed silicone ports block
debris and dust whilst all functions including volume
controls, silent/screen lock, sleep button, home button,
camera and charge and sync port remain accessible.
• Silicone cladding blocks vibration.
• The multi-position stand clips on and folds open.
• Survivor is independently tested to meet military conditions
– so it’s great for classroom use! iPad not included.
Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2/3/4
Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Mini
Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air
Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air 2
ChesterKeys and Case
Kensington SafeGrip iPad Case
An adjustable bluetooth
keyboard with all iPad functions
easily accessible.
The keys feature extra-large
font for increased visibility and
include all the function keys you
would need with an iPad. The
soft faux leather case closes securely with a magnetic clasp.
Built-in, collapsible stand. The ChesterKeys & Case is available
for iPad versions 2, 3 and 4 and iPad Air with either colour
coded keys or white on black keys with bold high visibility
print. iPad not included.
The Kensington SafeGrip case
provides rugged and colourful
protection for the iPad. It includes
a child friendly carry handle which
also doubles as a small two position
stand. Available in blue or black for
iPad 2/3/4 or green for iPad Mini. The
SafeGrip is a great classroom friendly
solution for protecting and using an
iPad. iPad not included.
ChesterKeys & Case for iPad 2/3/4 or iPad Air
Kensington SafeGrip for iPad 2/3/4
Kensington SafeGrip for iPad Mini
The Shield Case
The Shield Xtreme Case
The Shield Case offers
military grade protection for
your iPad. In addition, the asset tag and
number window make this case ideal
for keeping track of your iPads. Fits in
charging trolleys. iPad not included.
The Shield Xtreme Case offers three
layers of drop protection: shock
absorbing TPU, polycarbonate enclosed
shell and an external silicon
jacket. A built-in kick stand is
included. iPad not included.
The Shield Case for iPad 2/3/4/Mini/Air/Air 2
The Shield Xtreme for iPad Air/Air 2
iRizer Adjustable Stand for iPad
The iRizer is a flexible portable
stand for your iPad. It is ideal
for positioning your iPad in
a variety of ways by offering
a wide range of angles and
packs away flat for easy
storage. The whole package is less than ½ an inch thick (11.5
mm). The iRizer also works well with iPads in cases, skins, or
bumpers. iPad not included.
The iSlope is a simple
lightweight and robust
solution allowing the device
to be supported at a suitable
angle for easy use. With a nonslip surface and base it can hold the device during use and
the top is a suitable size to accommodate a Big Grips or other
case. Big Grips Frame and iPad not included.
iRizer Adjustable Stand for iPad
iRizer - 5 pack
iSlope Stand for iPad
iSlope - 5 pack
Boombot REX Speaker
BassBoomz Bluetooth Speaker
An ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with
full range speakers and a bass woofer.
Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 8
hours use. Noise cancelling microphone
and built-in clip. Water resistant.
Works with iDevices, smartphones, tablets and
computers. Dimensions: 85mm x 80mm x 54mm.
Bluetooth, portable, pocket sized
superior sound quality through
the powerful built-in speaker.
Simply twist and release to
activate. Supplied with a builtin high performance Li-ion rechargeable battery. Supports
tablets, iPads and all devices connecting through a 3.5mm
audio jack.
Boombot REX Speaker – Black
Boombot REX Speaker – White
Dimensions: 55mm x 60mm. Colours:
BassBoomz Bluetooth Speaker
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
iPad Charge & Sync Basket Trolley
Choose from
either charge or
charge and sync
options with secure
storage for 16 or
32 iPads. With
baskets included
for carrying 4
devices each. Every
basket has two
handles to enable
easy carrying and
insertion into the
trolley. Up to 4 baskets can be carried at once. This trolley
accommodates iPads, iPad Minis and other USB tablet devices
in all standard case designs.
• Doors fold back 270 degrees for easy access.
• Small, compact enclosure with lockable doors and on
lockable castors.
• Delivery charge per trolley is £60 (doorstep delivery only).
• Two years warranty as standard.
iPad Charge & Sync Cabinet
A compact, robust
desktop cabinet that can
accommodate 10 iPads,
tablet computers and
other mobile devices in
their cases (also available
in 4 or 12 bay versions).
Separate power adapter
& standard length USB cable storage, with only a short
length of cable presented to each shelf. Available in charge
only or charge & universal sync variants, with or without a
lockable door and with the option of a digital code, RFID or
key lock. Ideal for sitting on top or within cupboard units or
on desktop surfaces. Great for classroom use. Devices not
• Doors fold back 270 degrees for easy access.
• Smooth, easy to clean surfaces.
• Each cabinet can be secured to a horizontal surface or
securely wall mounted with an optional kit (not included).
• Delivery charge per trolley is £35 (doorstep delivery only).
• Two years warranty as standard.
iPad Charge & Sync Basket Trolley (16)
iPad Charge & Sync Cabinet (10) Key
iPad Charge & Sync Basket Trolley (32)
iPad Charge & Sync Cabinet (10) Code
See for full details and pricing.
See for full details and pricing.
Griffin Charge &
Sync Cabinet
Kensington Charge
& Sync Cabinet
A compact option which provides
storage, charging, syncing and
security for up to 10 devices. Easy,
fast and convenient to use. Cables
required will need to be ordered separately, see for cable options, accessories and full
details of the 30 Bay option.
Griffin MultiDock 30 Bay Charge and Sync option comes
supplied with a laptop dock and wheels.
Devices not included. Delivery charge for this item is £10.
With space for 10 iPads and the
ability to stack up to 3 cabinets,
the Kensington iPad cabinet is a
smart solution for securely storing,
charging and syncing your iPads. Each cabinet can be secured
to a table with the included mounting plate, or secured with
a cable lock (not included).
Lockable door. See for cable options.
Compatible with iPad 1/2/3/4/iPad Mini and iPad Air.
iPads not included. Delivery charge for this item is £10.
Griffin Charge & Sync Cabinet
Kensington Charge & Sync Cabinet
Griffin PowerDock 5
Griffin PowerDock 5
Save space whilst storing and charging up to 5 iPad 2/3/4/
iPad Air or iPad Minis at one time, from a single power source.
Each device has its own charging port and clear backrest.
Each charging bay is roomy enough to accommodate your
iPad and its case. An illuminated status light shows when it is
powered up and ready to charge.
iPads not included.
Touchtronic Letters
Touchtronic Numbers
A classroom resource for the iPad! Includes 26 letters colourcoded with consonants in blue and vowels in red. The
supporting free Apps (via iTunes store) include games for
teaching letter recognition, phonemic awareness and word
building. There are also exciting animations which reward
learners as they complete each different level. Contains small
A classroom resource for the iPad! Introduce numbers,
counting, matching and simple sums. Includes numbers
0-9 and 6 equation symbols, colour-coded with numbers in
purple and equations in orange. The supporting free Apps
(via iTunes store) include games and activities for teaching
number recognition, counting and place value. Contains
small parts.
Touchtronic Letters
Touchtronic Numbers
Touchtronic Letters Kit
Touchtronic Numbers Kit
Contains 10 sets of the alphabet
for the classroom. Vowels and
Consonants are presented on
a handy storage tray, making
it easy to use the Letters and
to ensure they all go back into
the convenient kit for storage.
Download the free App from the
iTunes store. Contains small parts.
Contains 10 sets of 16 numbers
and equations for the classroom.
Numbers and equations are
presented on a storage tray
making it easy to use the
Numbers and to ensure they
all go back into the convenient
kit for storage. Download the
free App from the iTunes store.
Contains small parts.
Touchtronic Letters Kit
Touchtronic Numbers Kit
Touchtronic Bug
Touchtronic Placeholder
An interactive Bug for playing
alphabet, number and
matching games on the iPad.
It works like a mouse for the
iPad and has a button in the
middle for clicking. Free Apps
provide multiple learning
opportunities. Download the
free Apps from the iTunes
The Placeholder helps to keep
Touchtronic Letters and Numbers
in an arc around an iPad. A
foldable board designed especially
for quick placement, provides
easy access to pieces and teaches
the correct sequence for the
alphabet (A-Z) and counting (1-10).
The board is double sided and folds up for easy storage.
Touchtronic Letters and Numbers are sold separately.
Touchtronic Bug
Touchtronic Placeholder
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
ION Party Starter
Flexzi 3
The ION Party Starter is a powerful full-range
speaker with colourful beat-synced lighting.
Connect wirelessly to the ION Party Starter
with any Bluetooth music player or phone,
crank up the volume, and let the light show
begin. Dimensions: 63mm x 63mm x 108mm.
Flexzi 3 is an extra strong, triplestranded version of the original Flexzi,
complete with detachable iPad case.
It is flexible and easy to position,
stable and secure whilst providing
protection. Available with a clamp
base, allowing a longer reach for use
with wheelchairs, bed frames etc and a desktop standing
version. The case has a carry handle and is made from thick
EVA foam. It can be removed for portability, and other devices
can be mounted in its place. Clamp base reaches 45cm.
Desktop stand reaches 25cm. Clamp range 55mm maximum
(round tube). Optional Extension Kit available. iPad not
included. Available for iPad 2/3/4, Mini, Air or Air 2 in Black,
Green or Pink.
ION Party Starter Bluetooth
A colourful and chunky stylus for
touch screens. Reliable, robust and
comfortable to hold/use.
Responsive tip that glides
effortlessly across the touch screen.
Dimensions: 88mm x 14mm. Weight
18 grams. Available colours:
iCrayon Stylus
iCrayon Stylus - 5 pack
Flexzi 3 Heavy Duty Clamp Base (Black)
Flexzi 3 Heavy Duty Clamp Base (Green)
Flexzi 3 Heavy Duty Clamp Base (Pink)
Flexzi 3 Desktop Standing Base (Black)
Flexzi 3 Desktop Standing Base (Green)
Flexzi 3 Desktop Standing Base (Pink)
Cosmonaut Stylus
A large, chunky and grippable
stylus for touch screens.
Responsive tip that glides
effortlessly across the touch screen. Dimensions: 120mm x
17mm. Weight 45 grams.
Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus
Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus - 5 Pack
Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus - 10 Pack
Holder with Clamp
Holder with Clamp for iPad/iPad 2/3/4
Holder with Clamp for iPad Mini
Gives you the ability to mount your iPad
to a variety of mounting systems without
removing it from its protective case. iPad
not included.
See for full details.
Table Mount for iPad 1/2/3
Inclusive Holder
with Super
Comprised of our popular
Bamboo iPad holder and a
sturdy super clamp. Attach
to round bars or table edges.
iPad not included.
Adjustable iPad Cradle Mount
Adjustable iPad Cradle Mount
The special ball joints allow a
wide range of easy adjustment
of angle and choice of landscape
or portrait mode. The base has
screw fixing holes to allow it to be
firmly mounted if needed. iPad not
With a wide range of adjustment, the
mounting clamp can be fastened onto
a round bar or table edge. iPad not
Table Mount
Inclusive Holder with SC for iPad 2/3/4
Inclusive Holder with SC for iPad Mini
Inclusive Holder with SC for iPad Air
Inclusive iPad Single Mount
Inclusive iPad
Double Mount
Best for mounting your device
close to you on a table or
wheelchair: contains an iPad
holder, one 250mm tube, joints and
a super clamp. iPad not included.
Double tube solution: contains an
iPad holder, 2 x 250mm tubes, joints
and a super clamp. iPad not included.
iPad 2/3/4 Single Allen Key
iPad 2/3/4 Single Quick Release
iPad Mini Single Allen Key
iPad Mini Single Quick Release
iPad Air/Air 2 Single Allen Key
iPad Air/Air 2 Single Quick Release
iPad 2/3/4 Double Allen Key
iPad 2/3/4 Double Quick Release
iPad Mini Double Allen Key
iPad Mini Double Quick Release
iPad Air/Air 2 Double Allen Key
iPad Air/Air 2 Double Quick Release
Inclusive iPad Holder
with Gooseneck Mount
Inclusive iPad Triple
The flexible Gooseneck arm is great for
positioning the iPad. It comes with a
clamp that can fit round bars or a table
edge. The new iPad holder can be easily
positioned portrait or landscape. iPad not
Triple tube solution: contains an iPad
holder, 2 x 250mm tubes, a 150mm
tube, joints and a super clamp.
iPad not included.
iPad 2/3/4 Triple Allen Key
Holder with Gooseneck for iPad 1/2/3/4
iPad 2/3/4 Triple Quick Release
Holder with Gooseneck for iPad Mini
iPad Mini Triple Allen Key
Holder with Gooseneck for iPad Air
iPad Mini Triple Quick Release
Holder with Gooseneck for iPad Air 2
iPad Air/Air 2 Triple Allen Key
iPad Air/Air 2 Triple Quick Release
Holder purchased separately
Bespoke mounting
solutions – made easy!
Inclusive iPad Holder
with VFA Mount
Customise your own mounting solution
using our virtual mounting service in 3
easy steps:
1. Take at least five pictures of your
environment i.e. your wheelchair or
table, including a close up of where you
would like your device to be mounted.
The Bamboo iPad Holder with VFA is a popular
mounting solution. The VFA arm offers a wide
range of adjustments and reach and our
Bamboo iPad Holder can be positioned in
portrait or landscape. Attach the clamp onto
round bars or table edges. iPad not included.
Holder with VFA for iPad 2/3/4
Holder with VFA for iPad Mini
Holder with VFA for iPad Air
Holder with VFA for iPad Air 2
Holder purchased separately
2. Decide which device you would like
to mount i.e. communication device,
switch, eye gaze device, iPad, tablet,
smartphone or iPhone.
3. Email all information and pictures to
[email protected]
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
A revolutionary new way to mount tablet devices to your wheelchair or
mobility equipment. The SteadiArm mounting system comprises customised
components to provide a robust and flexible way to mount devices and installed
in minutes without any tools or specialist knowledge.
SteadiArm Mounting Kits
SteadiArm Mounting Kits adapt to your requirements.
Rubberised balls and sockets let you choose any position
you want. Once you’ve found your perfect placement, handadjustable wing fasteners ensure it keeps its poise all day
long. Devices are quickly secured and removed. Select your
ideal SteadiArm Kit to meet your requirements with different
device holders, two different sized claws and two arm lengths
to choose from.
Order your chosen SteadiArm Kit using the product codes
below or see for further information.
Oversized Kit (medium claw/regular arm)
Oversized Kit (medium claw/extended arm)
Oversized Kit (large claw/regular arm)
Oversized Kit (large claw/extended arm)
Decide which device you’d like to mount
• Oversized Tablet/iPad in a case.
• Standard Tablet/iPad.
• Mini Tablet/iPad.
Standard Kit (medium claw/regular arm)
Standard Kit (medium claw/extended arm)
Standard Kit (large claw/regular arm)
Choose your Tough Claw size
• Medium Claw – fits rails between 26.5mm and 36.5mm in
• Large Claw – fits rails between 36.5mm and 57mm in
Standard Kit (large claw/extended arm)
Small Kit (medium claw/regular arm)
Small Kit (medium claw/extended arm)
Select length of SteadiArm mount
• Regular Arm – 27cm in length.
• Extended Arm – 42cm in length.
Small Kit (large claw/regular arm)
Small Kit (large claw/extended arm)
These popular mounts feature a tool-less Tough-Claw base with two
double socket arms for extra length and articulation plus the X-Grip
holder of your choice. The Tough-Claw is perfectly suited for mounting on
to wheelchairs, it offers quick and easy installation and removal on round
and square bars and rails. See for full details and
more mounting options.
X-Grip for 10"
Tough Tray II
Minimum Width: 159mm
Maximum Height: 206mm
Depth: 22mm
Mount Length: 530mm
Tough-Claw can be clamped
on rails from 16mm to 38mm
outer diameter.
Spring loaded holder expands and contracts for a perfect fit.
Rubber coated tips firmly hold device. Single socket allows
for multiple adjustment angles. Device not included.
X-Grip 10" Tablet Mounting Arm
Tray Depth: 150mm.
Tray Thickness: 25mm.
Tray Width (Expansion): 217mm to
Side Clamp Arm Height: 70mm
Mount Length: 530mm
Tough-Claw can be clamped on rails from 16mm to 38mm
outer diameter. A spring loaded expandable tray that can
accommodate 217mm to 310mm inch wide netbooks, tablet,
iPads and cases. Single socket allows for multiple adjustment
angles. Device and case not included.
Tough Tray II Mounting Arm
Sensory and Environmental Control using an iPad
Turn your classroom into your very own
multi-sensory room!
iPad and Free App
Superb for stimulating senses, motivating learners and
exploring cause and effect. Whether you want to calm,
engage or encourage interaction in your students, this is now
possible without expensive room installations.
Simply plug your favourite toys, lights, sound or tactile
resources into the iClick or iControl and control them on your
iPad with the FREE App.
Choose from a huge range of mains powered devices and
switch adapted toys you know your students will respond
to. Use anywhere to provide a low-cost, infinitely variable,
interactive multisensory resource for learners at all levels.
Includes progressive interaction settings to help develop
control skills;
• Direct - a great way to teach cause and effect - keep
touching the iPad screen to keep the device “on”, release
your touch and it turns off.
• Timed - useful for students who may struggle with touch
access - a simple touch of the screen will keep the device
turned on for a set time, switching off automatically.
• On/off - for those students wanting more control, use either
one or two switches or buttons on the iPad to turn the
device on and off.
• Cooperative - now students have to coordinate their
interactions to turn devices on - great for teaching early
social skills and cooperative play.
iPad and Free App
iClick has two mains sockets you can control independently.
Use with one mains powered appliance at a time or two to
provide choice. (Available March 2016).
iClick for iPad
Use the iControl to activate switch adapted battery
appliances such as toys. (Available March 2016).
iControl for iPad
The App can be downloaded free of charge from
the Apple App Store and allows you to choose the
mode settings and time period and can have one
or two ‘switches’ or buttons on screen. The colour of
each button can be chosen or can be replaced with a
photograph taken using the iPad's built-in camera.
iPad not included.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Connect switches to your iPad and use the iPad’s built-in
switch access or use switches with switch ready Apps.
The iPad with iOS 7 and later has comprehensive switch access options built into the
operating system. Simply use the iPad’s Accessibility settings to add one or more switches,
assign functions to them and then use single or multiple switch scanning to access all of the
iPad’s desktop features and those of many standard Apps.
For switch users with lower abilities, you can use switches connected to the iPad to work
with those Apps designed to be switch ready, such as those from Inclusive Technology.
On pages 12 and 13 you’ll find a range of our Apps covering switch activity from Cause
and Effect through to simple choice making.
All of our of switch interfaces will work in either of the situations above.
• A new Bluetooth switch which enables switch access to
• Powerful performance in this low profile, small footprint
(only 75mm diameter) switch.
• Switch adapted Apps including HelpKidzLearn Apps.
• iOS 7 and later Switch Control.
• Music, media, still and video photography.
• Includes 24 pre-programmed functions.
• Works with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch 3rd
and 4th generations, iPhone 3GS, 4 and later.
• Charges via USB (Li-ion rechargeable battery).
• One built-in switch with the option for two additional wired
switches (not included).
• Keyboard toggle switch to give access to on-screen
Available colours:
Blue2 Switch
Provides access to all switch accessible Apps and also allows
full use of the switch access options provided in the iOS 7
and later accessibility options. Connects to an iDevice via
Bluetooth and then can be used to give switch access using
its built-in switches or using wired switches. Once paired with
your device it can give access to switch ready Apps using preprogrammed modes 1, 2 or 3 that cater for all existing switch
Apps. Modes 4, 5 and 6 are available to allow you to record
custom key sequences.
• Three pre-defined modes to work with switch ready Apps.
• Three additional modes for user defined switch control.
• Easy to use with iOS 7 and later.
• Rechargeable using charger provided.
• Two built-in switches or use with wired switches.
• Keyboard toggle switch to give access to on-screen
Blue2 Switch
Hook+ Switch
A switch interface that provides
a reliable wired connection to an
iDevice via the Lightning connector.
Simply connect one, or up to four
switches to the Hook+, turn Switch
Control on, and connect Hook+ to
your iDevice. Hook+ utilizes the
Apple auto switch configurator and
the iOS built-in Switch Control. The
first time Hook+ is used with an iDevice it will automatically
configure the iDevice to use single switch auto scanning or
dual switch step scanning based on how many switches are
• Switch adapted Apps
including HelpKidzLearn
• iOS 7 and later Switch
• Music, media, still and
video photography.
• QuickMedia button takes
you straight into controlling your music without changing
switch settings. For example, press one switch to play and
pause music, press another switch to skip tracks.
for iPad
• Wireless access to
Apple devices.
• iOS 7 and later Switch
• Wireless access to
switch adapted
Apps including
HelpKidzLearn Apps.
• Music, media, still and video photography.
• Includes 24 pre-programmed functions with it-Switch.
J-Pad Joystick
• A unique joystick
interface providing
comprehensive access
to all iPad functions.
• Use switch adapted
Apps including
HelpKidzLearn Apps.
• iOS 7 and later Switch
connected to Hook+. Once initially configured, switches can
be manually re-configured to meet the needs of the user. The
Apple auto switch configurator is only available on Apple MFi
approved switch interfaces. Once Hook+ is connected and
Switch Control is configured, you can do almost anything
on an iDevice with a switch. Read an e-book, write an email,
browse the Internet, play games, control your home, and
much more! Please Note: Hook+ is not compatible with
Apps that use keystrokes for switch clicks. This includes
all of the Inclusive Technology Apps and many of those
from other suppliers. If you are planning to use the Hook+
with Apps that have switch access built-in, check with the
manufacturer before purchasing.
Hook+ Switch Interface
• Timed play settings – plays music for
10 or 30 seconds each switch press.
Great for developing understanding,
control and access skills.
• Includes 24 pre-programmed
• Works with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini,
iPad Air, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th
generations, iPhone 3GS, 4 and later.
• Bluetooth. One to four wired switches. Charges via USB.
• Step scanning with four switches or
• Works with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini,
iPad Air, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th
generations, iPhone 3GS, 4 and later.
Bluetooth. Charges via USB.
• Supports up to 6 SimplyWorks
transmitters (i.e. it-Stick, it-Switch,
it-Keys, it-Send, it-Send Pro or Smooth Talker).
• Bluetooth and Voiceover Accessibility feature.
SimplyWorks for iPad
• Access to music, media, photographs
and video.
• Optional touch sensitive buttons to
launch and close Apps.
• Works with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini,
iPad Air, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th
generations, iPhone 3GS, 4 and later.
• Bluetooth. Charges via USB.
• Joystick access and up to two switches.
J-Pad Joystick
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
What is so different about eye gaze?
Eye gaze technology is perhaps the most exciting, innovative and important
piece of assistive technology to hit the special needs classroom in decades.
In one way, eye gaze should be seen as just
another potential access method for those with
physical disabilities. In practice, we are seeing
users of other access devices, particularly switch
users, generally finding eye gaze access quicker,
easier, less fatiguing (more so with practice) and
a lot less restrictive.
A shift from switches to eye gaze
This is particularly important for AAC users, where speed and
flexibility are important factors in communication. We have
seen a huge shift to individuals using eye gaze to access
communication software when they once used switch access.
With a massive drop in the price of eye gaze technology
in recent years, we are beginning to see special schools
and services around the globe adopt eye gaze devices to
complement their fully inclusive, accessible classrooms and
resource kits.
We are starting to see schools use eye gaze more creatively,
and use it with a range of their favorite software and
websites, not just with specialist eye gaze titles.
However, eye gaze does differ from other access devices - it
can be used as an OUTPUT device and used to control, but
we can also, with the right software, use it to gain insight into
what is INPUT, i.e. the information the student is processing
Observe what our students see
Eye gaze technology has been used in this way for many
years in the research field, but it is only now we are able to
use this technology in the classroom to give teachers and
therapists objective and functional feedback and analysis on
students' looking behaviours.
With the right tools we can start to observe what our
students see, attend to and track on screen; what they notice
and don’t notice, what they prefer to look at and what sense
they make of what they see.
These are fundamental skills that most of us have not had
the tools to assess or look at in detail before now. Such
understanding of our most complex students could lead
to changes in our teaching practice and open up wider
opportunities for our students to interact and engage.
Many students with complex physical
and learning needs also have
additional visual difficulties that can
remain undiagnosed or unconsidered
during their years in education. Eye
gaze technology can now give us the
ability to observe objectively what a
student can attend to and notice on
What colour, size and type of image
can they detect? Can they track
moving objects? What are their eye
movement patterns like? Do they
scan the choices on screen? Can they
compare and discriminate between
We are also interested in what images
or parts of images students prefer to
look at given choice, where they look
in response to questions or prompts.
Eye gaze technology can help us
record and review objectively where a
student looks to gain insight into their
thinking process.
The ultimate aim with any student
using alternative access is to enable
the use of the same resources and
software as their peers. Switch
software, though quite expansive,
will remain limited, with the range
and potential of mouse and touch
accessible software far surpassing it.
Eye gaze devices, such as myGaze with
EyeMouse Play have been specially
designed to easily emulate mouse
access, thus widening the range of
software titles available to the student
using eye gaze technology.
All the titles in the Inclusive Eye Gaze
Software include powerful, but easy to use
Analysis tools.
“The analysis tools are my personal
favourite aspect of the software. They
are easy to understand and are great
for sharing progress with parents. I
particularly liked the heat maps and
would find these useful for assessment
of eye tracking. It also helped me to see
what the students found reinforcing
which is very important to motivate
Karen Carmody, Speech and
Language Therapist
Katie just has to look at the screen to play the
next verse of the song.
Although, as with any access method,
some practice is needed to use eye
gaze with control and accuracy, there
is often not the same time investment
needed in learning pure access
skills compared to other methods.
Students can jump quickly to using
the technology to achieve educational
Whether the student is at the level
of learning cause and effect or
beginning to make choices, teachers
and therapists now have the ability
to let eye gaze students access their
favourite classroom software and join
in with lessons at an appropriate level.
Some students with complex needs
can appear to be uninterested in
using technology or looking at
screens. This could be for a variety
of reasons; unrewarding, effortful or
frustrating use of technology in the
past, the content is not interesting
or meaningful or perhaps they are at
an early stage of interaction. The first
place to start is fun!
Providing a stimulating environment
may be one answer. Some schools
are starting to include eye gaze
technology in their sensory
environments, controlling interactive
screens and floors with just a look.
Remember most individuals need
frequent practice and appropriate
support to develop the skills needed
to use formal communication or
recording packages. Providing
opportunities to play a wide range of
different games and fun activities will
help refine access skills and encourage
students to want more. Get the
student motivated then learning will
Declan playing Eye Can Fly
“We use it with SLD and PMLD students
and pupils with visual difficulties
– to help develop vision and visual
awareness. We used it across the school
– pre-school, primary, secondary and
also 16+.”
“This is a chap who has sat in his chair
since he was 19 with very little to occupy
himself with. This game has changed
not only his life in some small way but
also his parents' lives because they are
seeing him playing an activity that looks
like a similar game that their grandkids
play on the Wii. I personally find this title
to be one of the most exciting to come
out in years."
Iveta Power, ICT Coordinator, Chailey
Sean Carroll – IT/AT Consultant.
Feedback – Eye Can Fly
Moving on from early interaction skills, eye gaze devices have the capacity to give you full PC access to really empower your
student. They may be able to launch and control standard applications such as Word, surf the Internet, communicate by email,
Facebook or Skype, even control your environment, the possibilities are endless.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
The myGaze Learning Wheel
The essential components of an eye
gaze system. At the very centre is the
tracker device (myGaze) which
detects and follows your
eye gaze.
Driving the tracker is the interface
software (EyeMouse Play) which
enables you to choose
mouse functions and
control settings for
calibration and
bound by
overall aims
of what you hope
you and your student
will ultimately achieve with
eye gaze; assessment, inclusion,
engagement or empowerment.
make up
the ‘iris’ and
are categorised
according to the skills you
want to teach – this includes the
software or content of your system.
Factors to consider when choosing an eye gaze system
1. Aims
2. Learning Stage
3. Motivation
Have a clear idea of your ultimate aim
for the student using eye gaze. Is it to
assess, include, engage or empower
the student? Students may have
more than one aim e.g. you may want
to initially assess a student’s visual
skills and also include them in using
simple cause and effect software or
you might want to engage a user who
has ‘switched off’ and empower them
to control their own environment.
Choose software that provides analysis
tools to allow you to make baseline
and ongoing assessments of the
student’s skills and progress so that
aims and objectives can be referenced
and adjusted accordingly.
Identify your teaching objectives and the
stage of learning your student is at. Like
any other access method, users will need
some time and practice in developing
their accuracy and control of eye gaze.
Some students will quickly work through
all the stages of learning to become
competent at eye gaze, whilst others will
need longer and specific resources suited
to their learning level. The table above
gives you guidance in how specialist
eye gaze software can be categorised
into learning stages to meet different
teaching objectives. Check out “How to
use myGaze with HelpKidzLearn” at
It is important when introducing any
new technology to a student that
their first experience is positive and
fun. Choose activities that match their
interests, give immediate feedback
and automatic success. Try to avoid
too many prompts or questions and
allow the student plenty of time to
explore and experience eye gaze by
themselves. Try to provide a variety of
activities and play them frequently for
short periods. If you are not sure what
motivates your student, make this
one of your first aims and try a variety
of images, sounds and video and
observe what captivates them most
using eye gaze analysis tools.
Learning Stages Software
Learning Stage
Visual Skills
Attention and Looking
Preferences and
Attention and Looking / Exploring and Playing / Choosing and Learning
Cause and Effect
Attention and Looking / HelpKidzLearn / Sensory Eye-FX / Look to Learn
Turn Taking
Exploring and Playing / HelpKidzLearn
Exploring and
Exploring and Playing / Choosing and Learning / Eye Can Fly /
HelpKidzLearn / Sensory Eye-FX / Look to Learn / Clicker 7
Choice Making
Exploring and Playing / Choosing and Learning / Eye Can Fly /
HelpKidzLearn / ChooseIt! Maker 3 / Look to Learn / Clicker 7
Eye Can Fly / HelpKidzLearn / ChooseIt! Maker 3
Attention and Looking / HelpKidzLearn / Sensory Eye-FX
Games and Leisure
Exploring and Playing / Eye Can Fly / HelpKidzLearn / Look to Learn
Choosing and Learning / ChooseIt! Maker 3 / Grid 3 / Clicker 7
Windows Control
Grid 3
Environmental Control
Grid 3
4. Visual Skills
5. Positioning
6. Support and Training
Before trying eye gaze, find out if the
student has any recognised visual
difficulty that could affect seeing
images on screen. Most eye gaze
devices cope well with different types
of glasses (though special coated
or vari-focal lenses may be less
successful). Check for bright lights
reflecting off screens and lenses or
thick frames that could interfere
with eye gaze detection. There is
usually an option to track just one
eye to compensate for physical eye
movement difficulties. Eye gaze
analysis tools can help in assessing
basic visual skills such as detection,
tracking, scanning and discrimination.
With all access devices positioning is
critical in achieving success. Ensure
your student is positioned correctly
according to guidance from your
eye gaze device so that the tracker
can easily detect their eyes and the
student is comfortable and relaxed.
To achieve this, some students may
need a flexible mounting system to
position the screen at the right angle
and height. For others you may need
to consider a portable system or a
classroom resource that can be altered
for a range of students. Try to consider
who you are going to use it with,
where will it be used and on what
device at the onset.
Setting up, using and adjusting eye
gaze devices has often needed the
support and guidance of experts in
the field. At Inclusive Technology we
believe that this process should be
made as simple as possible so that
more professionals and students can
benefit from this amazing technology.
We have worked hard to design
and deliver easy to use, intuitive
interfaces and software that require
little or no training to use. However,
it is still going to need the expertise
and support of the team around
the student to interpret results and
provide the right resources and time
allocation to ensure success.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
myGaze Assistive System
The new standard for easy and affordable gaze control.
myGaze Assistive System
myGaze Assistive, created by Visual Interaction, is gaze control of computer programs made easy and affordable.
It is well suited for special needs students and their teachers as well as adults who rely on gaze for communication
and environment control. No more expensive specialist support and training! With the myGaze Assistive System
installed onto your desktop, laptop or tablet, you can use your gaze to do everything: explore, play games, learn,
participate in classroom activities, communicate, control your PC and environment and more. Have a look at the
myGaze Wheel (page 28) to find out about all of your favorite activities available with myGaze.
What’s included?
myGaze Eye Tracker
EyeMouse Play Software
The myGaze Eye Tracker, a state of the art access device
that tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into
computer control!
• Works with any assistive and mouse driven software.
• Works with all eye colours and most lighting conditions.
• Small and portable - easily transported between computers
at home or school.
• Can be used across any Windows devices with 10" - 22"
• A product of 20 years of research and development.
Designed for the needs
of ‘independent’ users
as well as ‘supported’
users and their teachers
and parents:
• Intuitive “glasses”
positioning guide.
• Individual profile settings for different users and devices –
ideal for classroom & assessment.
• Keyboard shortcuts to change settings without disrupting
current activity.
• Mouse-over-gaze precedence provides control and
convenience to teachers.
• Easy on-screen ‘Access Button’ and ‘Gaze-at-Camera’ for
various levels of independence and abilities.
• Rich calibration and customisation to cater for specific
individual needs and interests.
• Mouse and configuration menu are fully gaze accessible.
myGaze Assistive System
The new standard for easy and affordable gaze control.
Who is it for?
What can you do with it?
Everything you can do with a
mouse! The myGaze Assistive
System will follow your gaze
on the screen and let you
move the cursor and issue
mouse commands through
multiple input methods such
as “dwell”, “blink” and “switch”.
I've found that even a 1 point calibration enables me to
access single left click 'Switch IT' type activities, Target and
myGaze Assistive can be used with many children and adults
with conditions such as:
• Physical Difficulties
• Communication Difficulties
• Intellectual Disabilities
• ALS and Multiple Sclerosis
• Cerebral Palsy and Rett Syndrome
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Touch, ChooseIt! Maker activities through to grid-based
communication software. I also like how you can set up
keyboard shortcuts to features such as increase/decrease dwell
time, pause eye gaze, and positioning guide (track status) so
that these can be adjusted and fine-tuned without going in
and out of the software you're using!
Joanna Courtney - CALLScotland
The myGaze system is designed for simplicity and ease of use, suited for those new to eye gaze and for use with all levels of
ability. You no longer need specialist support and training to get started. Launch one application and follow the simple 3 step
guide to set up in seconds!
• No screen measuring or training required to use; designed to be intelligent and intuitive.
• A simple 3 step guide to position, calibrate and choose your mouse function enables you to get set up and start using in seconds.
• 0-point or an easy 1-point calibration gives great functional accuracy for users with limited attention skills.
• Also offers up to 9-point calibration for pixel accuracy.
• 98% of users never require customer support.
Position - use the intuitive "glasses" guide
to quickly gain optimum positioning for eye
Calibrate - an immediate one point
calibration gives great functional accuracy
for most users.
Go - Choose the cursor function
and dwell settings you want and
you are ready to eye gaze!
‘Set up was incredibly easy, as is using it; we have not needed
to read any instructions which is always good. … Sally very
quickly understood she was activating the program with her
eyes…I can't describe the feeling we all had when we realised
she could do it, it was one of those goose bump moments, we
all felt it at the same time!’ Carol Allen, Beacon Hill
myGaze Assistive System
For additional and technical information please visit,
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Attention and Looking
These fun and meaningful activities can be used with all
children on their first steps with eye gaze. They provide a
progression of skills from experiential and cause and effect
to targeting, and include customisable activities to cater for
specific interests and motivations.
Powerful, but simple to use analysis and record keeping tools
help you to assess initial skills and keep accurate records of
Tracking – What are you looking at?
• ‘Eye-catching’ activities designed to attract attention and
encourage you to look at and follow images on screen.
• Assessment of eye movement patterns, visual attention,
preferences and discrimination skills.
• Graded teaching of tracking skills – magic animations to
encourage purposeful looking and tracking.
Exploring and Playing
Fixating – Are you looking?
• Activities that provide immediate success and feedback.
Use the mouse pointer to interact, paint and reveal.
• Motivating activities designed to encourage you to look
and keep looking at the screen.
• Assessment of visual attention and fixation skills.
• Graded teaching of dwell click skills for single targets.
Locating – Looking around
• Activities that provide immediate success and feedback.
Use the mouse pointer to interact, paint and reveal.
• Assessment of visual scanning skills and ability to use the
mouse cursor to explore the screen.
• Graded teaching of using mouse cursor movement in a
purposeful way.
Single User Activation Code
5 User Activation Code
10 User Activation Code
“We have found it a very useful tool for our eyegaze project
in school. The activities are fun, engaging and the program is
easy to use by all staff. By far the best feature of it is the ability
to do automatic video heat map recording. This allows us to
do quick assessments on a pupils ability to track, dwell and
see how they are interacting with the screen … beneficial to
both assess current abilities and also to show skill progression.”
Anthony Rhys – Special Needs Teacher
• A progression of easy to access targeting activities.
• Develop dwell select skills with 4 – 8+ targets and introduce
select and drag access.
• Teach purposeful exploration of the screen and early
control skills.
Choose Anything
• Introduce choice making with multiple errorless choices.
• Develop and reinforce multiple target access skills.
• Teach early choice making skills and provide opportunities
to express preferences in an error free environment.
18 fun packed games and exploring opportunities to play
on your own and with friends. Assess and improve your
targeting and access skills and progress from cause and effect
to early choice making. Learn to take turns or do just what
you want. You can even make your own music machine!
Take Turns
• Introduce concept of choosing from more than 1 item on
a screen. Includes sequential, forced order and two player
• Develop dwell select skills of 2+ large targets.
• Teach turn taking concepts; take turns to interact, take turns
to do a job, take turns to play a game.
Single User Activation Code
5 User Activation Code
10 User Activation Code
"Exploring and Playing provides further stimulating
opportunities for eye gaze users to practice and develop their
skills. I like the Juke Box activity that bridges into personalized
choice making. The turn taking activities are important for
the least independent students who tend to have very few
meaningful opportunities to develop these skills. The software
is intuitive and easy to use, which allows the teacher to focus
on student performance rather than on making the system
work." Andrew Walker – AAC/ICT Coordinator
Choosing and Learning
quiz access e.g. ChooseIt! Maker 3.
• Assessment of early concept understanding and decision
making abilities.
• Teaching decision making skills using early concepts
and giving opportunities to show preferences with
Linear Choices
• Introducing multiple choices presented one at a time for
easy decision making. Preparation for simple book access.
• Assessment of choice making skills.
• Teaching ‘scrolling’ through choices and simple decision
Prepare eye gaze users for further communication and
learning activities by developing choice making and access
skills. Includes 18+ motivating and meaningful activities that
are designed to develop;
• Understanding of early language and learning concepts.
• Expressive skills – show preferences, give commands and
express opinions.
• Accuracy of targeting, clicking and drag and drop access.
Add your own pictures and sounds to extend the activities to
your specific communication and curriculum needs.
Preferred Choices
• Introducing a cognitive or decision making element to
choosing with easy access targets. Preparation for simple
Multiple Choices
• All activities have a cognitive or decision making element
to choosing with multiple targets. Including dwell click and
click and drag access. Preparation for word or symbol grids
• Assessment of choice making skills with multiple choices.
• Teaching categorisation skills and making choices to
communicate and learn.
Single User Activation Code
5 User Activation Code
10 User Activation Code
Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, and Choosing and Learning all feature
options to personalise activities for individual students as well as powerful analysis tools.
Extensive option menus allow you to;
• Personalise for assessment and
teaching goals.
• Ensure success and motivation.
• Provide progressive teaching steps.
• Powerful, easy to use analysis tools
allow you to record and review eye
gaze skills.
• Live video playback of eye gaze
behaviour during activities.
• Heat map recording showing
areas of concentrated gaze during
• Line trace map recording showing
path of eye gaze during activities.
• Instant report and record keeping
with ability to save or print out a
report giving details of timings,
options chosen and heat map
analysis of eye gaze behaviour
during activities. Use for your
assessment and progress records.
Buy all 3
titles and
Single user Activation Code
5 user Activation Code
10 user Activation Code
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations
Let your eyes take control.
All you need to get started with eye gaze access.
This package has been specially designed by Inclusive Technology to meet the needs
of teachers, therapists and carers working with students with physical disabilities,
cerebral palsy, visual impairment, intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder
and communication difficulties.
What’s included?
Universal - myGaze Eye Tracker works with any
Affordable - High quality and low cost for schools
& families.
Easy to Use - Unique 3 step process takes seconds
to set up for individuals. No training required.
Eye Tracker and
EyeMouse Play
Portable - Easily transported between computers
in the home or at school.
Progression - 18 carefully graded activities
designed to assess and teach early eye gaze skills.
Analysis - Powerful real-time video, heat map and
line trace recording and printable reporting.
Attention and Looking
“Intuitively designed and ready to go for people with a basic
understanding of eye gaze technology. Engaging activities
that amused the children and staff alike. The opportunity to
customise pictures and music was a clear advantage and the
ability to ‘see’ where the user was looking during the activity
offered a rare insight into the mind of the user.”
Karen Carmody – Speech and Language Therapist
Inclusive EyeGaze Foundations 1 user
Inclusive EyeGaze Education
A complete eye gaze solution for the classroom.
From cause and effect to communication.
Assess, Include and Engage your students with the Inclusive EyeGaze Education
package. The Inclusive EyeGaze Education package includes a full set of Inclusive Eye
Gaze titles, Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, Choosing and Learning, and
myGaze Eye Tracker. The package includes everything you need to introduce eye gaze
into the classroom for students with all levels of ability.
What’s included?
Attention and Looking,
Exploring and Playing, and
Choosing and Learning
Eye Tracker and
EyeMouse Play
myGaze Assistive Gaze Technology by Visual Interaction.
The new affordable eye tracker for a wide range of users.
See page 30 for more details.
Inclusive EyeGaze Education 1 user
These 54 fun and meaningful activities can be used with any
child trying their first steps with eye gaze. The Inclusive Eye
Gaze Software provides a progression of skills from Cause and
Effect to Communication and Learning, ensuring success and
effective teaching whilst gathering data for teachers’ analysis
of the student’s performance, preferences and progression.
Inclusive EyeGaze Education Classroom Pack
The Inclusive EyeGaze Education Classroom Pack includes
5 myGaze Eye Trackers and 5 user licences of Attention and
Looking, Exploring and Playing, and Choosing and Learning.
Inclusive EyeGaze Education Classroom Pack
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Eye Can Fly
Eye Can Fly has four Game Modes for users :
Balloon Pop
Your aircraft is on auto
pilot – just aim your
gaze at the balloons
as you fly past to pop
Free Flight
Fly at your leisure, this
is a great way to enjoy
and gently explore all
of Snappy Island or
skim around the globe
at near impossible
The world's first magical flying adventure designed especially
for eye gaze devices. Let Aimee guide you through 24 unique
and exciting missions. Master control of your aircraft to
become a fully fledged pilot whilst learning Geography skills
such as compass directions, landmarks and regions across the
world as well as enhancing your eye gaze skills. In addition to
eye gaze, play can also be controlled with any mouse pointer
device, the keyboard, switches and joysticks.
Single User Activation Code
5 User Activation Code
10 User Activation Code
Eye Can Fly EyeGaze
Flight School
Work your way through
carefully graded
activities to unlock
the levels. Pass all
levels to fly the Big
Chicken! Mini Games
Three fun games
include Coin Scramble,
Aimee's Treasure Hunt
and Rooster Race.
Get your
engaged with
eye gaze from
the start with
this unique
and fun
Eye Can Fly EyeGaze 1 user
What’s included?
Eye Can Fly eye
gaze software.
Eye Tracker and EyeMouse Play
Clicker 7
The SuperKeys function provides a unique ‘zoom’ solution
for eye gaze users who need a bigger target area. SuperKeys
enlarges keys or cells within a group or cluster. Click
anywhere within the cluster to enlarge it, then select the
enlarged key or cell required.
Your eye gaze users can now access the huge range of
Clicker Grids available - sentence building grids, word bank
grids, writing frames, matching activities, talking books and
speaking and listening activities. Download grids or simply
create your own to customise them to your student’s needs.
SuperKeys groups items on the grids into clusters, making it easy
to select a larger item inside.
Your eye gaze users can write using the on-screen keyboard
with intelligent word prediction support and SuperKeys
function. See page 105 for full description.
Clicker is a child-friendly writing tool that enables students of
all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills.
Single Computer Licence Win/Mac
You can now choose eye gaze within Clicker 7 as your
students input method and give your eye gaze users access
to personalised literacy support across the curriculum.
5 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
10 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
40 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
OneSchool Unlimited Site Licence Win/Mac
Upgrade to Clicker 7
Clicker 7 is optimised to work with the myGaze eye tracker.
Simply select eye gaze as the input method within Clicker
7 and start using your myGaze. Dwell time can be adjusted
within Clicker 7’s eye gaze settings.
Clicker 7 is truly 'eye gaze enabled' so, as long as your
students gaze remains within the edges of a cell or key in a
grid, the dwell selection will continue.
Grid 3
Free content for Clicker 7 at
resources for each individual. The popular Symbol Talker grid
sets provide a four-step pathway of learning that takes you
from early AAC right through to literacy.
Using Grid 3 you have access to ground-breaking tools
to make it faster than ever to get your message across.
The range of keyboards are easy to use with any type of
alternative access. You can choose from 25 exciting activities
from looking after your on-screen pet dog Dilbert to
designing your very own car, or racing one on a track! In Grid
3 there are a wide range of accessible Apps to help our users
do more.
You can do so much more with Grid 3 including myGaze
access. There are new tools and features to make saying
what you want, accessing your computer and controlling
your environment easier than ever before. Creating and
personalising resources in Grid 3 is so simple and intuitive.
You can achieve everything within only a few clicks and it
is quicker than ever to make changes on the go using the
touch-friendly interface.
Symbol communication in Grid 3 allows you to use symbols
to represent words and phrases for choosing what you want
to say. A wide range of ready-made grid sets are available as
soon as you power up your device, so you can get started
straight away!
The grid sets in Grid 3 are designed for people with varying
levels of literacy and access skills, so you can choose the right
There are grid sets for everything, from making a quick phone
call, sending a text or emailing a photo, it is easier than ever
to stay in touch with family and friends. Grid 3’s environment
control enables you to control everything from lamps to your
front door, your TV to your Hi-Fi, all by simply selecting cells
on your grid. There is no limit on the number of people that
can edit a grid and you don’t even need a licence for Grid 3 to
use our brilliant new Remote Editing service. Join the Online
Grids community and download grid sets from other users
straight into Grid 3, or share your grid sets with the world.
Simply share or add grids, all from within Grid 3. You can also
use our cloud services to send your grid sets to Grid Player, or
our App for iOS devices.
Grid 3 1-4 licences each
See for full details and more licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
All in One EyeGaze
All in One EyeGaze is uniquely designed to offer an affordable start up package to meet the needs of the
special needs classroom. It provides all you need to get started using eye gaze as an access, assessment
and teaching tool in your classroom or therapy setting.
• All in One package to
get started with eye
Flexible Stand
• Includes myGaze Eye
Tracker with EyeMouse
• Choice of a Touch PC
or Touch Monitor.
Choose between a Touch PC
or Touch Monitor
• Includes Attention and
Looking software.
• Robust, portable and
Portable and easy to move
• Flexible and easy to
position stand.
* Laptop not included.
We have had many requests over this past year for an
affordable ‘all-in-one’ package to help the special needs
classroom get started with eye gaze – and here it is!
You needed a system that could be used with different
students and in different settings. The specially designed
mounting system gives you the most flexible positioning
available, with new easy adjust engineering for height and
angles, you can use eye gaze standing, sitting or lying down.
Quality castors ensure that the whole system can be easily
moved from room to room. You wanted a system that was
easy to set up and use for all staff and students. myGaze with
EyeMouse Play is the easiest to use eye gaze solution on the
market and does not require expert set up or training.
You needed a good starting place to assess and teach
students initial skills and suitability for eye gaze. Attention and
Looking is suitable for all students on their first steps with eye
gaze and is appropriate for users with additional needs.
You wanted the convenience of a recommended computer or
the ability to use your own device. Both options are available.
You needed it to be affordable – eye gaze systems have
traditionally been high cost items, but at well under £3,000,
this is now a feasible option for all schools.
All in One EyeGaze includes:
• A new mounting system specially designed that is flexible,
robust and portable to meet all your positioning needs.
• An easy to set up and use myGaze Eye Tracker, just plug and
• A convenient and versatile All in One Touch PC to play all
your favourite software with a great screen size for eye
• Or a Touch Monitor to use with your own laptop
• Attention and Looking - A unique software package that can
help you assess, teach and stimulate early eye gaze and
looking skills.
Note: The laptop shelf only comes with the All in One EyeGaze
Touch Monitor option.
All in One Eye Gaze – Touch PC
All in One Eye Gaze – Touch Monitor
Delivery charge is £17 per bundle.
Only available in the UK and Ireland
Sensory Eye-FX
Sensory Eye-FX is a package of
thirty software applications
designed for the earliest level
of eye gaze computer access.
The software is divided into
five levels of exploration.
Sensory Eye-FX has been developed specifically with eye
control in mind. It is designed to develop early cause and
effect skills through fun and stimulating activities. These
activities are designed to be used without the need for a
calibration. Users can develop their screen engagement,
tracking, targeting, selecting and creative skills.
Five Areas of Learning
• Level 1: Blank Screen Engagement – explore cause and
• Level 2: Object Displacement – introduce dwell functions
and basic targeting.
• Level 3: Zoned Focusing – develop the ability to target
specific screen areas.
• Level 4: Active Exploration – encourage learners to engage
with the wider screen.
• Level 5: Controlled Targeting – targeting control, accuracy
and understanding dwell function.
Windows CD-Rom single user copy
A musical
instrument that
you can play with
your eyes. With
a range of high
quality musical
instruments, sound effects and the ability to record your
performances, ii-Music gives you free reign to express yourself
musically, in real-time. ii-Music operates using cursor position
and "dwell to click” meaning that you can use it with almost
any eye gaze or head tracking system. No need to read music
or memorise scales to give this a go - all you need is a love of
music. The software is also compatible with The Skoog (see
page 91), so you can also use the software to enhance your
performance by changing notes or adding effects on the fly.
• Control a cursor controlled instrument or use with a Skoog.
• 10+ physical modelling instruments.
• Digital effects - fuzz, echo, phasor, reverb.
• Built-in effects presets.
• Record your performance.
• Adjustable notes and scales.
• Customisable sensitivity and user settings.
ii-Music single user licence
See for full details and more licence
See for full details.
Look to Learn
Look to Learn Scenes & Sounds
Look to Learn is a package of forty activities designed for
those starting out with eye gaze technology. Each activity
develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect
through to accurate eye gaze control.
The forty activities are relevant to five key areas of learning
and development:
• Sensory - teaches cause and effect.
• Explore - encourages engagement with the whole screen.
• Target - helps improve accuracy of eye gaze access.
• Choose - develops choice making skills.
• Control - improve eye gaze control.
A collection of twenty six activities designed for children and
adults starting out with eye gaze. Available as an expansion
pack for Look to Learn, this software focuses on interactive
scenes, music and sound as well as eye gaze skills activities.
You can add Scenes & Sounds to your existing Look to Learn
licence or purchase both software titles together.
Look to Learn 1-4 licences each
Scenes & Sounds 1-4 licences each
See for full details and more licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore Play, Track and Learn!
The PCEye Explore is an entry level, peripheral eye tracker
that opens up the wonderful world of gaze interaction to
everyone. With the PCEye Explore, young or inexperienced
users get a simple, fun and no-fail way to learn how to
use eye tracking and gaze interaction, while at the same
time preparing them for Augmentative and Alternative
Communication (AAC).
The PCEye Explore lets you move the mouse pointer
and perform left clicks, using only your eyes. This basic
functionality, in combination with the vast number of
compatible software titles and webpages, lets users splat,
smudge, reveal, paint, play, draw, make music and more,
essentially leaving them no ways to fail, but plenty of
opportunities to learn while having fun.
The accuracy, precision and robustness makes it ideal for
environments with multiple users. The PCEye Explore can
track most individuals, regardless of glasses, contacts or dark
or light pupils; and with the support of multiple user profiles
and magnetic mounts, changing settings between different
users and physical locations is simple.
A simple and fun way to learn eye
tracking and get prepared for AAC.
You can use PCEye Explore with any software, game or
web application that only requires moving the mouse and,
optionally a left click.
• Operating system – up to Windows 10.
• Screen size – works from 10” up to 24” screens.
• Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore requires a USB 3.0 connection.
Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore
Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go - control
any PC or laptop with your eyes!
For many people who have difficulty
controlling a computer, the Tobii PCEye
Go provides an easy to use, affordable,
portable and accurate eye control
Excellent for
classroom use!
Perfect Partner!
Check out our Inclusive Eye Gaze
The PCEye Go runs on standard desktops or laptops using
Windows, allowing you to work with any application that is
controlled by a standard computer mouse. Accompanying
PCEye is the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software, which eliminates
the need for a physical mouse, switch or keyboard. The
Control software has two components, Mouse emulation,
which replaces the traditional mouse cursor with the user’s
gaze, and Tobii Gaze Selection. Gaze Selection makes it
possible to control your desktop, or any other application,
through an intuitive two-step process that reduces the risk
of unwanted clicks. After installing the Tobii Gaze Interaction
Software and a quick calibration, you are ready to surf the
web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype and
even make spreadsheets and documents. Simply look at the
computer screen and control the mouse cursor with your eye
movements, select by blinking, dwelling, using a switch or
PCEye Go
the unique zoom click functionality. Use with Tobii Dynavox
Communicator 5 Gold - see page 42.
• Operating system – up to Windows 10.
• Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go fits 10” to 24” screens.
PCEye Go & Gaze Interaction
To request a quote or place your order please telephone
us or email [email protected]
Carriage costs are £17 per order.
Please note: PCs, monitors and laptops are not included
with the PCEye Go. You can purchase a PC or monitor
separately, please see for details
and page 42 for Tobii software options.
Tobii Dynavox I-Series+
Rugged speech generating devices that
enable effective communication in all forms
– from voice output, environmental control
and computer access to long distance
communication. Designed specifically
for users looking for the most powerful,
convenient and portable AAC device, the
devices are fast and powerful and support all
input methods including; touch, eye gaze*,
switch and scanning. They are designed
to work in whatever way you wish to
communicate – no matter where you are. *Eye
gaze interaction is an optional addition, please
select when ordering.
• Supplied with Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 Gold and Tobii
Sono Suite. Optional keyguards available.
• Wake On Gaze and Sleep On Gaze - Put your I-Series+
device to sleep or wake it up by simply gazing at an “eye
button” located outside of the screen.
• Versatile mounting - The wedge design and auto screen
rotation lets you stand the device upright by itself for gaze
interaction or lay it down for touch interaction, without
having to mount the device. Supplied with a reversible
mounting plate that supports both REHAdapt and Daessy
mounting systems (mounting systems are supplied
• Superb graphics and loud high quality sound.
• Scratch resistant Gorilla Glass.
• 9 hour battery life and swappable batteries.
• Built-in auto brightness adjustment.
• Front and rear facing cameras and built-in Wi-Fi.
• Programmable buttons for access to features and menus.
Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile
The Tobii Dynavox
EyeMobile allows
for cost effective,
hands-free access
to Windows 8 Pro
tablets. It gives
individuals with
physical and
the ability to
navigate, control and access Apps, the Internet, music,
e-books, social media, games and more using eye gaze
technology. It consists of the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go, the
EyeMobile mounting bracket, Tobii Gaze Selection and
a DELL Venue Pro Tablet (you can also source your own
standard, off-the-shelf Windows 8 Pro tablet of choice). Tobii
Gaze Selection can also be paired with switches for even
faster computer access. In addition, Gaze Selection supports
Tobii I-12+ Screen: 12.1”
Size: 31cm x 28cm x 10.5cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Tobii I-15+ Screen: 15.1”
Size: 37cm x 33cm x 11cm
Weight: 3.8kg
• Processor: Intel® Atom™ Processor.
• RAM: 4GB DDR3.
• Hard Drive: 2.5” SSD 120GB.
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1.
• 1 x HDMI 1.3. • 1 x USB 3.0. • 1 x Ethernet port.
• 2 x USB 2.0. • 2 x 3.5mm switch input jacks.
• 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack.
Tobii Dynavox I-12+
Tobii Dynavox I-15+
Tobii Dynavox I-12+ with Eye Gaze
Tobii Dynavox I-15+ with Eye Gaze
touch and mouse access. Designed with mobile computer
access in mind, the Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile is small and
lightweight. The integrated table stand lets you quickly set
up the device for table top use whilst the versatile mounting
plate on the bracket provides the opportunity for mounting.
The EyeMobile is powered entirely by the Windows 8 tablet
battery. The EyeMobile bracket can be used with nearly any
Windows 8 Pro tablet. This gives you the freedom to select a
tablet that best suits your needs and budget.
EyeMobile Bracket (black)
EyeMobile (PCEye Go & Bracket black)
EyeMobile (PCEye Go & Bracket & DELL 11 Tablet)
EyeMobile (PCEye Go & Bracket & DELL 11i Tablet)
With Tobii Gaze Selection and its Windows 8 Functions
Overlay, touch gestures, various click types, taps, side
swipes, as well as accessing charms and split-screen
snapping, are done using only your eyes.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5
Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 Gold is a software package
that helps individuals with communication disabilities
communicate efficiently. It converts text and symbols into
clear speech, and offers tools for computer access, long
distance communication, environmental control and more.
Communicator 5 Gold comes with language content designed
to match various AAC needs, from emerging communication
to literate adults. The content can be further customized
for specific individuals through easy-to-use editing tools.
The modern user interface, improved workflows and smart
functions enable the user to communicate more quickly
than before. The setup guide, quick menu, and improved
Tobii Gaze
Tobii Gaze Viewer works
as an assessment tool
for SLTs (SLPs), teachers,
parents, educational
psychologists or anyone
wanting a better
understanding of the user’s capabilities. With Tobii Gaze
Viewer and a Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go, eye tracking data can
be recorded from any application like the Internet, e-books,
games, movies and more. Data can be saved as single
images or movies, with heat maps and gaze plots and used
to assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive
understanding. Data can also be used for making simple
reports. Tobii Gaze Viewer can be used for comprehension
testing, reading/literacy assessments, cognitive/processing
delay assessments, reminiscence testing, low pressure
testing environments for children, proving cognition in low
functioning adults and validating the potential use of an eye
Tobii Sono Suite
Comprised of six separate software programs.
• Sono Primo - a comprehensive and motivational content
package for emerging communicators.
• Sono Flex - an easy to use AAC vocabulary app that turns
symbols into clear speech.
• Sono Lexis - uses symbols to build up a personal vocabulary
word by word.
• LiterAACy - a system that makes it easier for individuals with
speech and communication impairments to learn how to
read and write.
editing are only some of the functions that make it easier for
caregivers, SLPs, Special Education teachers, family members
or anyone else that helps the user throughout the day, to
keep the user’s language up to date. While being specifically
designed for the Tobii Dynavox I-Series+, Communicator 5
Gold works on any Windows computer running Windows 7 or
newer, such as the Microsoft Surface.
• Quicker typing speeds for literate eye gaze users.
• Improved on-screen keyboards.
• Improved Edit Button tool for quick changes.
• Instant access to commonly used functions.
• Help to get started.
• Free contents online.
• Free-form button shape.
• System status via Status Bar.
• Improved email setup and use.
• Built-in applications.
Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 USB
Downloadable Licence (3 installations)
See for further details.
tracking AAC device for communication.
It can be used to assess an individual’s physical and cognitive
understanding. It helps to answer several questions like: Can
the user see the screen? Can they select a button? Do they
recognize certain items?
Use it to understand not only the end result of an action, but
also the process for getting there. Discover what content is
right for an individual user; if they are looking at relevant
information or following along while you are reading.
Get undisputable recorded proof of an individual’s current
abilities and skills as well as how they develop over time. Tobii
Gaze Viewer can be purchased and downloaded online only.
Please see for full details and a 1 day
trial version. Laptop and PCEye Go not included.
Non-expiring single user licence
12 month subscription single user
• Sono Key - enables intuitive
and coherent access
to all functions of the
communication device.
• Sono Scribe - enhances
typing speeds through the
use of word and next word prediction as well as smart
See for full details of each software title.
Windows CD-Rom
OneHand HD
The REHAdapt OneHand
HD Floor Stand with no
shelf is ideal for mounting
heavier devices such as
an All in One Touch PC.
It is robust, portable and
accessible. The specially
designed HD mounting
arm is extremely flexible
and easy to position with
no bolts to adjust.
Max height: 120cm.
Max weight: 6-13kg.
The REHAdapt OneHand Floor Stand
includes a shelf to host your laptop
and is ideal for mounting devices
requiring a laptop such as a touch
monitor. It is robust,
portable and accessible.
The specially designed
mounting arm is
extremely flexible and
east to position with no
bolts to adjust.
Max height: 120cm.
Max weight: 6-13kg.
Floor Stand OneHand HD
Floor Stand OneHand with Laptop Shelf
REHAdapt Floor
REHAdapt Table
REHAdapt Small
Table Stand
The floor stand is ideal
for mounting your Tobii
device securely and with
great flexibility
above a reclining
bed, wheelchair,
armchair, sofa etc.
The stand is detachable for
easier storage.
Max height: 120cm.
Weight: 0.5-6kg.
A large
table stand
for secure
and easy
The table
stand has an
anti-tip function and automatic feet
alignment providing solid support
even on uneven surfaces.
The small table stand is very easy
to adjust and folds neatly away for
portability and storage. It is suitable
for small and medium sized devices.
Floor Stand
Table Stand
Small Stand
Bespoke mounting solutions – made easy!
Customise your own mounting solution using
our Virtual Mounting Service in 3 easy steps:
1. Take at least five pictures of your
environment i.e. your wheelchair or table,
including a close up of where you would
like your device to be mounted.
2. Decide which device you would like to
mount i.e. communication device, switch,
eye gaze device, iPad, tablet, smartphone
or iPhone..
3. Email all information and pictures to
[email protected]
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Prowise Windows Pro 2-in-1 Tablet
A unique educational tablet. A ready-to-use Windows
computer: you can get to work in the classroom straight
away! The advanced keyboard/cover enables you to turn
the tablet into a notebook easily. Prowise Presenter and
ProConnect are preinstalled and make interactive and
adaptive education feasible inside and outside the classroom.
The tablet is the perfect partner for the Prowise Multitouchscreens, see page 48 for details.
• Equipped with a battery with sufficient charge for the
whole day (up to 12 hours).
• Rapid processors ensuring that you can use all Apps
without problems.
• Fast dual-band Wi-Fi - providing a rapid and reliable
• Rear built-in 5MP camera - take crystal-clear photos and
• Front-mounted camera - making it easy to communicate
Acer Aspire
Convertible Tablet
Acer Aspire Convertible 10.1" Tablet
Prowise 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet
A robust touchscreen tablet
great for classroom use.
• Processor: Quad-Core Intel
• Operating System:
Windows 8
• Hard Drive: 32GB.
• Screen Size: 10.1”
• Built-in Bluetooth & webcam.
• Warranty 1 year collect and return.
ELO Touch Monitors
The ELO LCD Touch Monitors are
available in three sizes: 15”, 17”
and 19”. The flat panel comes with
a removable tilt base with a VESA
mounting option. The LCDs use
ELO’s Accutouch Technology which
has been designed to be robust and
reliable, so ideal for classroom use. Impervious to liquid spills
and splashes, humidity and wash down, these screens are the
most contamination resistant available.
15" LCD Touch Monitor
17" LCD Touch Monitor
19" LCD Touch Monitor
Linx 10.1" Tablet
22” Widescreen
LCD Touch
Rugged, reliable and resistant
to water, dust and grease this
widescreen monitor from ELO is
supplied with a height adjustable
tilting stand and a VESA mounting option. Easy to use tools
allow you to lock out the display buttons. Featuring ELO’s
Accutouch Technology, guaranteeing complete accuracy
with minimum setup or calibration. Built-in speakers and
outstanding picture quality.
22" Widescreen LCD Touch Monitor
Note: Delivery charge is £17 per monitor. 28 days returns policy.
ELO Touch Monitors are covered by a 3 year return to manufacturer warranty, provided and administered by ELO.
Linx Tablet
A lightweight touchscreen tablet
with a detachable keyboard.
• Processor: Intel Atom Z3740
1.33GHz 2MB.
• Operating System: Windows 8.1.
• Hard Drive: 64GB.
• Screen Size: 10.1” • Built-in Bluetooth & webcam.
• LumixFlex display technology.
• Warranty 1 year collect and return.
• Operating System: Windows Pro 8.1 32bit.
• Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F (2MB Cache, up to 1.83 Ghz).
• Hard Drive: 64GB.
• Screen size: 10.1”.
• Built-in Bluetooth, camera and webcam.
• Prowise Presenter and ProConnect preinstalled.
• Warranty: 3 years.
All in One Touch PC
Combining performance and robustness with a modern and compact
design, the All in One Touch PC is a desktop computer supplied with
Windows 8.1 Pro. The height adjustable 21.5” touch screen can be
adapted to suit the needs of any learner and is ideal for sharing.
The All in One Touch PC is very popular with users of eye gaze
technology and is often purchased together with a myGaze Eye Tracker
(see page 30).
Please note: specifications and price may vary, please telephone us for
confirmation at time of ordering.
• Operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro.
• Processor: Intel Core i3 - 4170.
• Screen size: 21.5”.
• Hard Drive: 500GB.
• Memory: 4GB.
• DVD/Blu-ray writer.
• Weight: 7.8kg (9kg with desktop stand).
• Warranty: 3 year on-site.
• Delivery charge is £17 per PC.
• Only available in the UK and Ireland.
All in One Touch PC Windows 8.1 Pro (with VESA plate)
All in One Touch PC Windows 8.1 Pro (with desktop stand)
All in One EyeGaze
All in One EyeGaze is uniquely designed
to offer an affordable start up package
to meet the needs of the special needs
classroom. It provides all you need to
get started using eye gaze as an access,
assessment and teaching tool in your
classroom or therapy setting.
All in One EyeGaze includes:
• A new mounting system specially
designed that is flexible, robust and
portable to meet all your positioning
• An easy to set up and use myGaze
EyeTracker, just plug and play.
• A convenient and versatile All in One
Touch PC to play all your favourite
software with a great screen size for eye
• Or a Touch Monitor to use with your
own laptop
• Attention and Looking - A unique
software package that can help you
assess, teach and stimulate early eye
gaze and looking skills.
Choose between
a Touch PC or
Touch Monitor
Flexible Stand
Adjustable Laptop Shelf
* Laptop not included.
All in One Eye Gaze – Touch PC
All in One Eye Gaze – Touch Monitor
Delivery charge is £17 per bundle.
Only available in the UK and Ireland.
For further prices, videos, accessories and information visit or speak to us on o1457 819790
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Inclusive Interactive Screen
The robust Inclusive Interactive Screen mobile solution is built around a professional range
of LED screens. The fully mobile interactive screens come in a range of multi touch options
with powered height adjustability. Multi touch can be switched off for single touch use. The
interactive displays can be supplied on a height adjustable trolley or wall mount.
Available in
43” and 55”
Bright, clear
Quickly and easily
height adjustable
Robust touch
Multi touch options:
10 or 32 touch
Mobile stand for
flexible spaces
Ideal for
The Inclusive Interactive Screen, for use in a mainstream or
special needs classroom, is available in two screen sizes and
touch options. At the touch of a button the screen can be
raised or lowered creating an all-encompassing learning and
working environment for all sizes, ages and abilities including
wheelchair users.
At full height the Inclusive Interactive Screen is ideal for
presentations, teaching or group displays. Fitted with braking
castors the Inclusive Interactive Screen is easily moved from
room to room making it ideal for flexible work spaces and
special needs environments.
Safety sensors detect any obstacle in the way whilst being
raised or lowered and so avoid damage or injury. The sleek
steel frame can raise and lower the screen by 68cm and can
be halted in any position.
Adjustable mounting brackets allow the minimum and
maximum screen height to be tailored for specific use.
Ideal for
A wall mounted option is also available. The wide, clear
viewing angle suits all light conditions with no shadows cast
by users or eye-strain from bright projectors.
• Available in 43” and 55” screen size.
• Includes a laptop shelf.
• Integrated additional power socket for laptop.
• Impact resistant front glass panel.
• Multi touch options: 10 touch or 32 touch.
• Multi touch can be switched off for single touch use.
• Supplied with MyBoard software.
• Delivery and installation (per unit, mainland UK) £100.
43” 10 Touch with Height Adj. Stand
43” 32 Touch with Height Adj. Stand
55” 10 Touch with Height Adj. Stand
55” 32 Touch with Height Adj. Stand
Inclusive Tilt and Touch Interactive Screen
The ultimate in flexibility and accessibility. The Inclusive Tilt and Touch Interactive Screen
display adjusts for height and angle which combines all the benefits of a height adjustable
interactive LED screen, with a fully featured touch table.
Smooth, easy to clean
antibacterial surround
Electrically operated
height adjustment
Locking multi-tilt
Speakers built
into the frame
Tilts up to 30 degrees
Supports multi-touch
Multi touch options:
10 or 32 touch
The Inclusive Tilt and Touch adds a new dimension to
interactive touch displays, the screen can be easily rotated
to any angle from horizontal to vertical. The added versatility
of tilt means that it can be used in situations that, previously,
were difficult or even impossible for some users. With its
braked castors the Tilt and Touch can be wheeled effortlessly
between rooms allowing for flexible use of space.
• Available in 43” and 55” screen sizes.
• Built-in PC option.
• Impact resistant front glass panel.
• Height adjustable from 73cm to 140cm.
• Multi touch options: 10 touch or 32 touch.
• Multi touch can be switched off for single touch use.
• Supplied with MyBoard software.
• Delivery and installation (per unit, mainland UK) £100.
43” Tilt and Touch 10 Touch
43” Tilt and Touch 10 Touch Built-in PC
43” Tilt and Touch 32 Touch
43” Tilt and Touch 32 Touch Built-in PC
55” Tilt and Touch 10 Touch
55” Tilt and Touch 10 Touch Built-in PC
55” Tilt and Touch 32 Touch
55” Tilt and Touch 32 Touch Built-in PC
See for further details.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Prowise Multi-touchscreens boast high grade technology, outstanding sound quality, easy
operation, robust screens and collaborative ten point touch along with flexible lift solutions.
Prowise is synonymous with an energy-efficient product range. Their multi-touchscreens are
equipped with the latest LED technology.
Supplied with Prowise Presenter installed, a FREE online cloud
community of educators sharing lesson plans and content
across schools, counties and even countries. As it is available
to anyone with Internet access, teachers can plan lessons at
home, on the train to work etc. and have the content waiting
for them on the big screen when the bell goes.
To take this a step further - Prowise created the FREE App,
ProConnect which, once downloaded from the iTunes
or Google Play store, allows ANY device to connect to
the touchscreen display. This gives the opportunity for
interactive fun in the classroom - quizzes, votes, races etc.
1. Choose your multi-touchscreen:
3. Choose your lifting option:
High-grade HD screen
• 10 point IR-Pro multi-touch and multi-write.
• Available in 42”, 55” and 70” screen size.
• Optional PC and Blu-ray module.
• 5-year full warranty on screens and lifts.
High-grade Ultra HD screen
• 10 point IR-Pro multi-touch and multi-write.
• Available in 65” or 84” screen size.
• Optional PC and Blu-ray module.
• Integrated 2.1 soundbar.
• Anti-reflection glass plate.
• Integral double microphone.
• 5-year full warranty on screens and lifts.
2. Choose your built-in PC option:
Prowise HD PC-module
• Powerful Intel Core i5
• HD graphics board.
• 500GB hard disk.
• 4GB DDR3 memory.
• Fast Dual-band Wi-Fi.
• 3 year full warranty.
Prowise Ultra-HD PC-module
• Powerful Intel Core i5
• Ultra-HD graphics board.
• 120GB SSD.
• 4GB DDR3 memory.
• Extremely fast Dual-band
802.11ac wi-fi.
• 3 year full warranty.
See for full details,
training, pricing and delivery options.
Prowise All-in-one Lift
An innovative adjusting system
enabling use of the touchscreen as a
drawing table or touchtable in addition
to the standard height adjustment.
One push of a button is all it takes to
place the Prowise touchtable into the desired position. An
advanced, hardware based safety system minimizes the risk
of damaging itself or people around it.
Prowise Mobile Lift
The Prowise mobile lift makes it possible
to easily move the multi-touchscreen to a
different location. The large wheels ensure
that the lift is stable and easy to move. An
advanced, hardware based safety system
minimizes the risk of damaging itself or
people around it.
Prowise Wall Lift
This lift is constructed from highgrade parts that comply with all safety
requirements. Push the button to adjust the
lift to the ideal height. An advanced safety
system continuously monitors correct
operation. If a lift experiences unexpected
resistance, then it stops immediately.
Prowise Trio Lift
This lift is constructed from highgrade parts that comply with all safety
requirements. You push the button to
adjust the lift to the ideal height and angle.
An advanced safety system continuously
monitors correct operation. If a lift
experiences unexpected resistance, then it
stops immediately.
Helpikeys is a programmable
membrane keyboard which
replaces the traditional
keyboard and mouse. It is
supplied with five standard
overlays which are recognised
by the keyboard when inserted under the protective
membrane. Helpikeys can be changed by using one of these
five standard overlays, or by using the Helpikeys Layout
Builder software (included) that allows you to design and
print your own keyboard and mouse layouts.
The keyboard can memorise five customised layouts.
The additional configuration settings layout allows you to
personalise the response rate, the repeat rate and other
keyboard characteristics. It also includes a programmable five
switch interface that can be used for mouse control.
• Dimensions: 460mm x 370mm x 25mm.
• Layout Builder software to design and edit custom overlays.
• Suitable for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 64-bit and
Windows 8 operating systems.
• User guide and removable stand included.
Keyguards available, see
Helpikeys Keyboard
Jumbo XL II Keyboard
The Jumbo XL II has chunky 1” square keys and the keyboard
is available in a colour coded layout (ideal for younger
students) or in high contrast black letters on white keys.
Coloured keyboards are available with either uppercase
or lowercase letters. White keyboards are available with
uppercase letters.
Qwerty white uppercase keys USB
Qwerty coloured uppercase keys USB
Qwerty coloured lowercase keys USB
Jumbo XL II Keyguard
Big Keys LX Keyboard
Big Keys LX has sixty large, chunky keys including access to
function keys. It is available in a wide range of colours and
layouts - qwerty or abc. The keys help the user to recognise
when they have been pressed with a nice distinct click.
Keyguards and a glove are also available.
LX abc white uppercase keys USB
LX qwerty uppercase coloured keys USB
LX qwerty white uppercase keys USB
LX clear plastic keyguard
LX abc uppercase coloured keys USB
LX metal keyguard
Clevy 2 Keyboard
Early Learning Keyboard
A tough, clear
and child friendly
keyboard with
large lowercase
letters. Big keys
(2cm x 2cm) with
lowercase letters.
This keyboard has a
really simple layout,
since there are no
function keys. Ideal
as an introduction
to keyboarding.
Available in lowercase with large coloured keys (2cm x 2cm).
See for details.
Clevy 2 Keyboard USB
Clevy 2 Plastic Keyguard
Early Learning Keyboard USB
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Hi-Visibility Keyboard
Jumbo XL II Hi-Visibility Keyboard
A robust, standard
layout keyboard
with extra large
and clear text on
the keys, making it
suitable for users
with a visual impairment. The lettering is more resilient than
large print stickers. Black with yellow lettering, in lowercase
Large 1” square keys
and bright high
contrast keys to make
the letters more visible.
It is suitable for users
with visual impairment.
Yellow with black lettering, in uppercase only.
Hi-Visibility Lowercase Keyboard USB
Jumbo XL II Hi-Vis Uppercase USB
Jumbo XL II Keyguard
it-Keys Starter Pack
XL Print Slim Logic Keyboard
High visibility keyboard
with large keys useful
for those with a visual
impairment. Includes
two integrated USB
ports and LogicLight.
Thin keycaps with
sensitive and responsive touch. Uppercase keys.
A tough wireless keyboard which is clear and child friendly
with large keys and lowercase letters. Optional plastic
keyguard available. Starter pack includes it-Receive. Part of
the 'Simply Works' family on page 55.
XL Print Black on White Keyboard USB
XL Print Black on Yellow Keyboard USB
it-Keys Starter Pack
XL Print White on Black Keyboard USB
it-Keys Plastic Keyguard
Full Keyboard Stickers
Alphabet Keyboard Stickers
These stickers include
every key in upper
and lowercase.
Includes four sheets
of stickers - white on
black, yellow on black,
black on white and black on yellow.
Lowercase and
uppercase, high contrast
vinyl stickers.
Five sheets with
four choices of style.
Alphabet letters only.
Full Keyboard Stickers
Compact Keyboard
Alphabet Keyboard Stickers
Ultra Compact Keyboard
• Can provide keyboard access
to laptop computers.
• Ideal for users with limited
movement or younger
• Keyguard and rest available.
• USB connection.
• Ideal for those with limited
movement or who like to
use a small target area.
• All the functionality of a
standard keyboard.
• Keyguard available.
• USB connection.
Compact Keyboard Grey USB
Compact Keyboard and Guard
Ultra Compact Keyboard USB
Maxess Clear Compact Keyboard Rest
Ultra Compact Keyboard and Guard
Little Mouse
Little Mouse is a small two button
mouse with a green go left click and
red stop right click, recommended
by teachers when instructing young
children how to use a computer mouse. Little Mouse has no
scroll wheel, it’s easy to control and made of rugged plastic
for strength and durability.
Dimensions: 8.6cm x 5.7cm x 3.2cm.
Little Mouse USB
Single Button Mouse
Single Button Mouse USB
Tiny Mouse
The Tiny Mouse is about half the size
of a typical standard mouse and just
right for your child’s small hands. A
scroll wheel and coloured right and left
buttons help children learn to click and
move the cursor with greater comfort and control.
Dimensions: 8.3cm x 5.1cm x 3.2cm.
Tiny Mouse USB
Educational RYB Mouse
Often requested by teachers across the
country, this mouse is great for both
SEN and foundation pupils that have
problems distinguishing between a left
and right mouse click.
Dimensions: 8.6cm x 5.7cm x 3.2cm.
A colourful mouse for young
children with small hands, two
coloured buttons (one red and one
blue) to make it easier to remember
left and right click.
Dimensions: 10cm x 5.8cm x 1.9cm.
Educational RYB Mouse USB
A large, sturdy, affordable, three
button trackerball. Easy to use:
just plug in and go! The low profile
case acts as a natural hand rest
and minimises the wrist angle by
mirroring the natural contour of the hand. Includes a drag
lock feature. Supplied with USB connector.
Dimensions: 16.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.6cm.
Inclusive Max KidTRAC
Inclusive Max KidTRAC USB
Similar to the PC Max KidTRAC, in age
neutral beige or black.
Dimensions: 16.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.6cm.
Clevy Mouse
BIGtrack with Switch Sockets
A colourful mouse for
young children, with
two coloured buttons
to make it easier to
remember left and right
• This small mouse fits into small hands and is easy to control.
• With a right red button and a left blue button it makes it
easier to remember left and right click.
Dimensions: 10cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm.
A large trackerball with
switch sockets! The jacks
allow switch operation of the
blue, red and green (drag
lock) buttons. Switches not
included. Great for operating
switch accessible software.
Dimensions: 16.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.6cm.
Clevy Mouse
This BIG trackball has many
features that make it ideal
for users who don’t have the
fine motor skills required by a
mouse. BIGtrack doesn’t require
control with the fingertips – a
swipe at the large 3 inch ball
and at the buttons works just
as well. Includes two 3.5mm
switch sockets to allow switch
access to the left and right click functions
(switches not included).
BIGtrack with Switch Sockets USB/PS2
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
OPTIMAX Wireless Rollerball
Control the direction and speed
of the cursor with a single, soft
touch. Orbitrack uses a 50mm
control ring to manage cursor
movement for precise targeting.
Unlike a mouse, trackerball or
joystick, no hand or wrist movement is necessary, and unlike
a touch pad, the cursor does not have to be driven around
the screen by constant finger movement.
• Soft touch, colour coded buttons (left/right click, drag lock
and double-click).
• Four speed settings.
Dimensions: 22cm x 13cm x 4cm.
OPTIMAX is specifically
designed for users with
motor skills difficulties. With
an operating range in excess
of 10 metres, it is ideal for use
with groups or in the classroom.
Lightweight and robustly constructed,
OPTIMAX can be used as either a desktop or
hand held unit. Optical technology ensures precise cursor
control and light touch ball movement.
• Two additional sockets for switches.
• Left/right and drag lock buttons.
• Easy plug and play installation.
Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm x 8cm.
Orbitrack USB/PS2
n-ABLER Rollerball
Especially suitable for improving
access for children and young
people with some special
educational needs, learning
difficulties, for those whose
work entails long periods of
computer use and for older
people and others with movement impairment. Large, high
mass, free running ball requires only a light touch. Easy
navigation with function buttons. The fingertip control and
the need for only minimal hand movement reduces wrist
and elbow fatigue. Users can work with either hand without
having to angle the wrist, and the unit can also be configured
for left handed operation. Its large, integrated hand support/
palm rest makes work posture more relaxed and less strained.
Dimensions: 23cm x 13cm x 13cm.
n-ABLER Rollerball USB/PS2
n-ABLER Pro Rollerball
All the features of n-ABLER
and more in a modern,
age-appropriate silver
and black colour scheme.
Four cursor speed settings,
drag lock and double-click
buttons and many other
features allow each user to
set up the product according to their individual requirements.
Unique Anti-Tremor facility is invaluable for anyone suffering
with tremors or involuntary muscle spasms.
The symmetrical design allows users to work with either
hand and the unit may also be configured for left-handed
operation. A large hand/palm rest reduces tendon strain.
Dimensions 23cm x 13cm x 13cm.
n-ABLER Pro Rollerball USB
OPTIMAX Wireless Rollerball
OPTIMA Rollerball
The wired OPTIMA Rollerball uses
durable, optical technology for
precise tracking and control of the
cursor. Light touch ball movement
and stability make it ideal for a
wide range of computer users.
Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm x 8cm.
OPTIMA Rollerball USB/PS2
Marble Mouse
Unmatched precision with Marble
optical technology. Comfortable design
for right or left hand.
• Two additional buttons.
• Fits like a mouse, works like a
• Accurate and precise optical technology.
Marble Mouse USB/PS2
it-Roll Starter Pack
A wireless rollerball ideal
for those with motor skills
difficulties. With
an operating
range in excess
of 10 metres, it is
ideal for use with
groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone can join
in. Starter pack includes it-Receive. Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm
x 8cm. Part of the 'Simply Works' family on page 55.
it-Roll Starter Pack
OPTIMA Joystick
An alternative to the mouse
with a sturdy design and full
range of configuration options,
allowing the user to customise
settings. Specially designed for people with impaired motor
• Four large accessible coloured buttons for easy selection
and different mouse clicks.
• A
plastic keyguard for the buttons is included. (Easily
removed if not required).
• E ach button can perform the following actions: left click,
right click, drag and drop, double-click or nothing.
• Customisable covers and labels for the buttons.
• F our switch sockets for external 3.5mm switch access
(switches not included).
• A
plug and play device, compatible with Mac/PC USB.
• S peed independent from the action performed on the
• S turdy and non-slip during use.
• Two sizes are available see
Responds to the lightest touch for
accurate navigation and precise
targeting. Three different handles
included. Colour coded buttons
mounted to prevent accidental activation. Sockets to operate
left/right click buttons from remote switches. Four cursor
speed settings. Audible alert for speed setting. Left/right and
drag lock buttons. Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm x 12cm.
JoyStick-C USB
JoyStick-C-Lite USB
• A compact USB compatible joystick which gives accurate proportional control of the Windows mouse pointer.
• Supports standard mouse
button functions plus
• Drag lock and mouse
• 3.5mm jack sockets for
connection of external
switches for left/right button control (switches not
• Three different knobs included - one with a switch on top
for left button control.
• Supplied with TypeMatic on-screen keyboard software.
• Ball knob version can be interchanged with any PointIt!
knob. Dimensions: 5cm x 10.5cm x 3cm.
PointIt! Standard with Switch Knob USB
PointIt! Standard with Ball Knob USB
n-ABLER Joystick
Requires only a light touch which,
together with the function buttons,
makes for easy navigation, selection
and manipulation. It emulates a
computer mouse but, with fingertip
control and the need for only minimal hand movement,
reduces wrist and elbow fatigue. The symmetrical design
enables users to work with either hand without having to
angle the wrist, and the unit can also be configured for left
handed operation. Dimensions: 23cm x 13cm x 13cm.
PointIt! Joysticks
n-ABLER Joystick USB/PS2
n-ABLER Pro Joystick
A light-touch joystick, four cursor
speed settings, drag lock and doubleclick buttons and many other features
allow each user to set up the product
according to their individual requirements. Unique AntiTremor facility is invaluable for anyone suffering with tremors
or involuntary muscle spasms. The symmetrical design allows
users to work with either hand and the unit may also be
configured for left-handed operation. A large hand/palm rest
reduces tendon strain. Dimensions 23cm x 13cm x 13cm.
n-ABLER Pro Joystick USB
it-Stick Starter Pack
PointIt! Bluetooth Joystick
Point-It! Joysticks are now available as wireless Bluetooth
devices. The Bluetooth version contains a long life
rechargeable battery and can connect to Android devices
and PCs as a standard Bluetooth mouse. It cannot connect to
Apple devices.
Dimensions: 11.5cm x 10.5cm x 3cm.
PointIt! Bluetooth Standard with Switch
A wireless joystick ideal for those with motor skills difficulties.
With an operating range in excess of 10 metres, it is ideal for
use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone
can join in. Starter pack includes it-Receive. Dimensions: 18cm
x 10cm x 12cm. Part of the 'Simply Works' family on page 55.
it-Stick Starter Pack
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
SmartNav 4
Zygo Head Pointers
SmartNav is an alternative to the standard mouse, allowing
hands free control of the computer cursor. The user can
easily move the cursor around the screen using subtle head
movements, by wearing a reflective dot on their forehead.
Mouse clicking can be accomplished through a built-in
dwell clicking program (AT version) or external switches (AT
and EG version).
Provides efficient pointing from the chin. Unlike forehead
protrusion pointers, an out from the chin device allows
closer proximity to the item being accessed and reduces
the head movement needed to activate such a device.
Available in Standard, Tiny Tot and Rear Strap models with
iPad tips.
SmartNav 4 EG
Glidepoint Touchpads
Allows you to glide your finger over
the touchpad surface and tap (or
click the buttons) to perform all input
functions. USB connection.
SmartNav 4 AT
The SmartNav 4 AT package includes industry standard
switch supports, dwell-clicking software and an on-screen
keyboard, allowing for complete cursor control specifically
for people with ALS, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy
and other special needs.
SmartNav 4 EG
SmartNav 4 AT
Moozi Joystick
A low profile switch
joystick for children and
adults. Moozi's flat base is
just 2cm high, so the user
can hold their hand in a
natural and comfortable
position, making control
easier and reducing arm strain and fatigue. It has a smooth,
light sliding action so, with the right choice of handle, even
young children soon use it with ease.
Moozi can be used to drive a wheelchair with Dynamic DX
Masterswitch controls. Using an appropriate adaptor it can
also operate other switch operated devices, including PC
mouse functions. Moozi is simple to position on a tray or
table top, using Velcro or an alternative. Available in red, blue
or black with gun metal grey base and knob. Available with a
variety of interchangeable knobs, Mushroom, T-Bar and Cow
Horn bar. Assessment kits available.
Moozi Base with Knob
See for pricing options.
See for full details.
The SmartNav 4 EG is the
best solution available for
carpal tunnel syndrome,
tendonitis, repetitive
strain injury and other
wrist strain related
problems. The EG package
includes industry standard
input switch supports and original software features.
Zygo Head Pointer
Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad
Smart Cat Glidepoint Touchpad
Smart Cat PRO Glidepoint Touchpad
The LipStick
An alternative mouse whereby
all mouse functions can be
controlled with the mouth.
The screen cursor follows the
movement of the mouse and
the left and right mouse buttons are operated by lifting one
of the lips. Sensitive and robust. Optional table mount.
The LipStick
Table Mount for LipStick (Black)
See for full details.
IntegraMouse Plus
A fully functional mouth operated
computer mouse, including wireless
connectivity. Performs all the functions
of a standard PC mouse such as left click
and right click and drag and drop, as well
as joystick controls and arrow keys make it ideal for gaming.
Includes the escape function for all modes (mouse, joystick
and cursor). Users can independently activate the escape
function (e.g. for media player or computer games) through
an easy sip and puff combination. Includes software. Wireless
and USB connectivity. Mounting options sold separately.
IntegraMouse Plus
See for full details.
The Simply Works Range of Access Technology
With Simply Works you can have switches, joysticks,
rollerballs, communicators, toy control devices and a
keyboard, that simply work together, and without wires. The
Simply Works system is a family of wireless receivers and
associated access devices.
Just connect the it-Receive to your computer and you are ready to use an it-Roll
rollerball, it-Stick joystick or control your switch software using the it-Switch. Each
connects wirelessly - no wires from your devices to the computer. With a range of
10m (32 feet) these can work from anywhere in the classroom - ideal for including
everyone in an interactive lesson. Up to six separate input devices can be used at
any one time using a single receiver.
The Simply Works Range includes:
Use up to six devices in any combination with a single it-Receive receiver.
With it-Send or it-Send
Pro you can use your own
switches with Simply Works.
it-Roll and it-Stick work
easily and wirelessly with
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it-Send Pro
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For more information about the Simply Works Range visit
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
it-Switch Large or Small
For computer access
it-Receive - a wireless receiver and computer interface.
Simply plug the it-Receive into a USB socket and you can use
up to six Simply Works devices on one computer.
A wireless switch with a unique low, slanted profile. Gives
good tactile feedback with no protruding base and can be
operated with the slightest movement. Fixed switch caps.
Requires suitable receiver - you can pair this switch to the
it-Receive - for computer access. Choose from a full range
of options, e.g. spacebar, F7 and F8 keys or left mouse click,
quickly and easily with the LED menu on the switch.
Smooth Talker - for two switch message options (page 74).
it-Click-On Plus - for mains device operation (page 68).
it-Control - for battery operated toy control (page 67).
• Choice of red, blue, green or yellow.
• 10 metre (32’) operating range.
• Can be mounted using a standard mounting plate.
• 2 x AAA batteries included.
Make your wired switches ‘wireless’
it-Send - plug any switch with a 3.5mm jack into the
it-Send and use it with any of the Simply Works receivers
(it-Receive, Smooth Talker, Click-On Plus, it-Control) to make
your wired switch ‘wireless’. 10 metre operating range.
2 x AAA batteries included.
it-Send Pro
- similar to the it-Send, but you can use up to
six of your own wired switches. The it-Send Pro automatically
sets up switch functions for you when used with it-Receive
using the supplied software. You can also set your own
custom settings. 10 metre operating range. 2 x AA batteries
- a wireless rollerball ideal for those with motor skill
difficulties. With an operating range in excess of 10 metres, it
is ideal for use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that
everyone can join in. 9v PP3 battery included.
Please specify size and colour when ordering.
Available in red, yellow, green or blue.
Available in two sizes:
it-Switch Large - operating area 125mm.
it-Switch Small - operating area 75mm.
it-Stick - 10 metre operating range. Left/right click and
drag lock buttons. 9v PP3 battery included.
it-Switch Large
Mounting Plate for Large it-Switch
it-Switch Small
See for product codes and starter packs.
Big Beamer Twist
it-Send Pro
Jelly Beamer Twist
• The Big Beamer wireless switch has a large 125mm
activation area.
• Four interchangeable tops included (red, green, yellow and
• Beamers are supplied with their own receiver, so multiple
devices can be used in the same room at the same time.
• Effective range up to 9 metres.
• Transmitter and receiver each has 2 x AA batteries included.
Available with switch, latch and timer (SLAT).
• A wireless switch from AbleNet.
• Simply plug the receiver into a switch adapted device
(battery toy or electrical appliance).
• Operate the device, wirelessly, from up to 9m away. You can
use more than one without interference.
• Now includes four interchangeable twist tops. Change from
red to green to yellow to blue within seconds.
• Transmitter and receiver each has 2 x AA batteries included.
Available with switch, latch and timer (SLAT).
Big Beamer Twist
Jelly Beamer Twist
Big Beamer Twist with SLAT
Jelly Beamer Twist with SLAT
HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch
Buddy Button
An easy to use plug and
play USB switch interface
and wireless switch
bundle. Fixed switch
caps. Ideal for use with
HKL accessible games
and activities and switch
accessible software.
• A reliable, durable, colourful
• Auditory and tactile feedback.
• Cable length: 1.4m.
• Rubber foam base to prevent
slipping and two threaded inserts for mounting.
• Standard 63mm or Big 115mm.
Buddy Button - Black
Buddy Button - Blue
Buddy Button - Green
Smoothie Switch
Buddy Button - Red
Buddy Button - Yellow
A lovely, smooth
switch available
in large and small
sizes and four
colours - red,
green, blue and
yellow. Based on
our years of experience working with switch users, it has a
low profile surface and is angled towards the learner to make
it really easy for those with limited movement to press.
• Large 125mm operating area.
• Small 75mm operating area.
• Low operating force.
• With tactile feedback.
• Easily mounted via standard fixing holes (large only).
See for product codes.
BIG Buddy Button - Red
BIG Buddy Button - Yellow
BIG Buddy Button - Blue
Buddy Button Mounting Plate
HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch
Smoothie Switch Large
All 4 Large Smoothie Switches
Mounting Plate for Large Smoothie
Smoothie Switch Small
All 4 Small Smoothie Switches
AbleNet Twist
• Now with
interchangeable switch
tops in red, blue, yellow
and green.
• Responsive across the
entire surface.
• Easily mounted with the flange base.
• Complete with audible feedback.
• Available in two sizes: Jelly Bean - 65mm and Big Red Twist 125mm activation surface.
• With tactile and auditory feedback.
Jelly Bean Twist
Big Red Twist
Candy Corn Sensor Switch
The Candy Corn 3.5mm Proximity
Sensor Switch is highly sensitive
and requires zero pressure to
activate. Just wave your hand or
other part of your body within
10 millimetres of the switch to
activate. Visual and auditory feedback when activated.
• Activation without physically touching the switch.
• Orange lights for visual cues.
• Beeping sound for auditory cues.
• Dimensions: 48mm x 51mm.
• CR2032 battery included.
Candy Corn Sensor Switch
Specs Switch
A small switch of 36mm diameter.
Includes a standard flange base, a
space saving flush base and a strap
for mounting onto objects or your wrist.
Available in red, yellow, green, blue and black.
See for details.
Specs Switch
All 4 Spec Switches (not black)
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Pal Pad Switch
Plug and Play USB Switch
• A low profile 75mm switch
with built-in USB interface.
• Requires no drivers - just
plug and play. No more
switch interface boxes!
• Integral switch and two
3.5mm switch sockets
giving switch box functionality to two further switches.
• Switch functions selectable via integral LED display.
• Advanced settings to allow adaption for tremors, ataxia,
chorea and other motor deficits.
• Works with PC, Mac, Chromebook.
Plug and Play USB Switch - Purple
• Light touch activation.
• Low profile - only 3mm
thick yet rigid and durable.
• Ideal for users distracted by
• Red, green, blue, yellow and
black (please specify size and colour required).
Mini Pal Pad (51 x 51mm)
Small Pal Pad (64 x 102mm)
Large Pal Pad (114 x 152mm)
See for all product codes.
See for additional features.
Chin Switch
Pressure Pad Switch
A large, durable and
robust yet soft switch,
ideal for floor use.
Available in red, green,
yellow and blue, please specify
colour when ordering.
Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm.
Pressure Pad Switch
An easy to position chin switch with an
innovative necklace design. Activate
this convenient single switch by simply
moving your head. The Chin Switch
can be positioned anywhere around the neck with plastic
tubing that can be cut to fit. Multiple Chin Switches can be
positioned around the same tube for users who need several
access points. Gives comfortable support to clients where
chin movement is their reliable means of access. Tactile and
auditory feedback. Size: 51mm x 18mm.
Dome and Disc Switches
Dome Switch / Disc Switch
• A small, extremely pressure
sensitive lever action switch.
• Tactile feedback.
• Audible feedback.
Micro Light Switch
Micro Light Switch Mounting Plate
Lever Switch
Piko Button
• Extremely durable small button switches
available in two sizes, 30 (13mm x 29mm.)
and 50. (17mm x 49mm.)
• Sensitive response plus auditory and tactile
feedback. Supplied with a standard 3.5mm jack and 1.5m
cable in a variety of colours.
Piko Button 30 / 50
Waterproof Piko Button 30 / 50
See for all product codes.
See for all product codes.
Micro Light Switch
• Operated by the lightest
touch anywhere on the
upper surface.
• Auditory and tactile
• Available in a variety of
• Dome Switch size: 90mm x 175mm diameter.
• Disc Switch size: 25mm x 175mm diameter.
Chin Switch
• Low profile, lever action
• Tactile feedback.
• Auditory feedback.
• Simple sensitivity adjustment.
• Standard (grey) and waterproof (blue) versions.
• Supplied with primary coloured stickers.
• Dimensions: 40mm x 74mm x 9mm.
• Available with Universal Mount.
Lever Switch Blue – Waterproof
Lever Switch Grey – Standard
Vibe-Lite Switch
Pillow Switch
• A switch that combines
tactile and visual
stimulation with
ergonomic design.
• Select from momentary, latch or timed and connect your
• Adjustable time from five seconds to two minutes.
• Blink feature illuminates once every four seconds,
illuminates and vibrates when pressed (both features can
be switched off if required).
• Dimensions 112mm x 38mm.
• Separate mounting plate available.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
• Smooth and soft - suitable for
head or cheek activation.
• Operated by pressing the top
covered foam surface.
• The switch pad is made from
closed cell foam to provide a comfortable surface for
• A safety pin and Velcro patch are attached to the back
of the switch for secure fastening to a pillow, clothing or
wheelchair cushion.
• Tactile and auditory feedback.
• 90mm x 25mm.
Vibe-Lite Mounting Plate
Mini Cup Switch
Mini Cup Switch
Grasp Switch
Grasp Switch
• Built-in, screw-on switch cap;
no more lost overlay caps!
• Fitted with 1.4m of cable and a
standard 3.5mm jack plug.
• Available in blue, green, red or yellow.
• Small - 32mm x 11mm; overlays up to 1mm thick.
• Medium - 65mm x 23mm; overlays up to 2mm thick.
• Please specify colour and size when ordering.
Access Switch Small
Access Switch Medium
Our Switch Kit provides a
comprehensive range of switches for a
wide spectrum of needs.
Supplied in a quality custom made
carry case at a substantially reduced
cost. Contents may vary, see
• A single switch that
can be held in the
palm of the hand
and actuated by
squeezing the 25mm diameter rubber hand grip.
• No tactile or audible feedback.
FingerButton Switch
Access Switch
• This innovative switch is light in action and ideal
for individuals with minimal movement.
• The unique ping pong ball construction gives
clear auditory and tactile feedback.
• Supplied with a versatile mounting system which
consists of a gooseneck arm and super clamp,
this switch is extremely easy to position.
• Ideal for use as a head switch.
Ping Pong Switch Bundle
FingerButton Switch
Ping Pong Switch
Pillow Switch
• Durable finger mounted switch.
• Ideal for individuals with minimal
• Extra sensitive with 0.8mm
activation travel.
• Supplied with standard 3.5mm mono jack and 1.5m cable.
• Very small switch for people with
good targeting ability.
• Comes with coloured stickers
making it very useful for multiple
switch applications.
• Easily mounted using Velcro.
• Ideal for mounting as a head or chin switch and in
applications where a discreet switch is an advantage.
• Tactile and audible feedback.
for full details.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Universal Switch Mountings
Grip Switch Mount
• Fix switches to surfaces like table
edges. Each extends to 51cm and
holds up to 2kg.
• We recommend the VFA version
(pictured with the yellow switch)
in most situations. Each requires
a Universal Mounting Plate (see
below). Includes clamp. Switch not included.
Positions either an
it-Switch (small) or an
iSwitch within easy reach.
Ideal for those with limited
finger or hand movement. Fully adjustable switch mount with
adjustable arm brace. Stipulate left or right arm when ordering.
Switch not included. See for full details.
Magic Arm
Variable Friction Arm (VFA)
• Very heavy duty and stable. Includes
clamp. Requires a Universal Mounting
Plate (see below). Switch not included.
Gooseneck Switch Mounting
Grip Switch Mount for iSwitch
Cling! Evaluation Kit
Splatz Switch Mount
Gooseneck Switch
Cling! mounts use powerful suction
to produce a super-strong hold
on any smooth flat surface. Cling!
products include Velcro pads. Includes the Plate and Arm,
along with interchangeable surface plates for mounting a
variety of devices.
• A lighter duty but less expensive mount.
Includes clamp. Requires a Universal Mounting
Plate (see below). Switch not included.
Lightweight Switch Mounting
Grip Switch Mount for it-Switch (small)
Cling! Evaluation Kit
Lightweight Switch
Maxess Mounting System
• Switches can be securely positioned and repositioned with
these trays and mounts.
• Mounts allow switches to be positioned at 55º or 85º. Hook
and loop fixing pack for one switch included.
• Wires are neatly tidied away.
• Cushioned for comfort, the Switch Tray
holds switches or mounts securely.
• Switches not included.
Maxess Switch Trays
Switch Tray 540 x 290mm
Switch Tray 350 x 350mm
Switch Tray 240 x 360mm
Maxess Switch Mounts
Non-slip switch holders. Unique mounts
designed specifically for the Jelly Bean,
Buddy Button and the AbleNet Big
Switch (not included). Versatile, fun
and ideal to use on a table or wheelchair tray. Keeps your
switches in place whilst enabling improved access. Choose
from blue, red, green or yellow.
Splatz Switch Mount (Jelly and Buddy)
Splatz Switch Mount (Big Switch)
Universal Mounting Plate
Combines several mounting plates into
one package. Plates include Jelly Bean, Big
Switch, Specs Switch, Small Rec. Plate, Large
Rec. Plate, EZ Plate and Cradle Plate. For use
with one device at once.
Universal Mounting Plate
Heavy Duty Mounting Plates
Available in large for the Big Switch, Large
Smoothie and communicators or small for
the Jelly Bean Switch or Small Smoothie
Small Switch Mount
Medium Switch Mount
Heavy Duty Mounting Plate Small
Large Switch Mount
Heavy Duty Mounting Plate Large
Hover Mounting System
Inclusive Switch Mounts
A switch mounting system made from
ultra-light and super strong carbon.
Kit supplied with mounting arm, super
clamp and your choice of plate.
• Weighs 1.1 pounds/0.5 kilograms.
• 24 inch/61cm reach.
• Rigid carbon fibre construction holds stable
while extended.
• Three separate locking joints.
Choose from three pre-configured
solutions for Jelly Bean Switch,
Small Smoothie Switch, Big Switch,
BIGmack, Large Smoothie Switch or
SmoothTalker with either Allen Key or
Quick Release.
Hover with Universal Mounting Plate
Hover with Micro Light Plate
Hover with Mini Cup Plate
See for all
pricing options.
Inclusive Switch
Single Mount
Flexzi Mounts
The Flexzi is a
single strand of
flexible plastic
segments which
allows easy
positioning for
smaller items such
as switches, mobile
phones and small
• Available with a
Velcro top and a Super Clamp Base (all colours).
• Plus a Universal Mounting option which enables the
connection of the Universal Mounting Plate (see page 60).
• Three colours to choose from – black, green or pink.
Available in three lengths
• Small - 15cm with weight bearing capacity of 2.5kg to
• Medium - 30cm with weight bearing capacity of 0.78kg to
• Large - 45cm with weight bearing capacity of 0.42kg to
• Please note: the capacity depends on the angle of the
Flexzi. The more upright it is, the greater the weight it can
hold. Switch not included.
• The new Flexzi 2 has double strands of plastic segments
which is appropriate for positioning larger switches and
Flexzi 1 Clamp Base Large
Flexzi 1 Clamp Base Medium
Flexzi 1 Clamp Base Small
Flexzi 2 Clamp Base Medium
Please see for full details and options.
Best for mounting your switch close to you
on a table or wheelchair. Contains a switch
mounting bracket, one 250mm tube, joints
and a super clamp. Please specify the type
of switch you would like to mount when
ordering. Switch not included.
Switch Single Mount Allen Key
Switch Single Mount Quick Release
Inclusive Switch
Double Mount
Double tube solution contains switch
mounting bracket, 2 x 250mm tubes,
joints and a super clamp. Please specify
the type of switch you would like to
mount when ordering.
Switch not included.
Switch Double Mount Allen Key
Switch Double Mount Quick Release
Inclusive Switch
Triple Mount
Triple tube solution contains switch mounting
bracket, 2 x 250mm tubes, a 150mm tube,
joints and a super clamp. Please specify the
type of switch you would like to mount when
ordering. Switch not included.
Switch Triple Mount Allen Key
Switch Triple Mount Quick Release
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Inclusive MultiSwitch 2
An intelligent switch interface
that can be programmed
to detect the application
you’re using and set itself up
Use with up to six switches,
automatic update of software
database when on the Internet and create your own switch
profiles with mouse clicks, key presses or application actions
(such as print or save) to access non-switch software. Can
also be used to enable switch access to mouse movement,
with four built-in cursor speed settings. Supplied with switch
control software.
The JoyBox allows you to
plug from one to twelve
switches into a computer
using standard (3.5mm)
switch inputs. It plugs
into the USB port of your computer. The JoyBox allows eight
switches to be connected for any use and four more switches
can be connected for directional control. It can be used with
almost all switch software.
Inclusive MultiSwitch 2 USB
Inclusive MultiSwitch 2 USB (5 pack)
Switch Interface Pro 6.0
This interface is easy to use, requires no
software and you can connect up to five
standard switches. Provides the flexibility
of emulating everything from a single click
to a return. Supports switch accessible software.
Switch Interface Pro 6.0 USB
See for additional features.
Hitch Switch Interface
An interface ideal for use with
Inclusive’s switch software.
Easy to use - simply connect to a
USB port on your computer and
plug in one or two switches. Two
jack sockets allow switch presses to
send space and enter, allowing you to operate any software
controlled by these keys. It cannot be used with programs
that require other switch inputs.
• A low profile 75mm switch
with built-in USB interface.
• Requires no drivers - just
plug and play. No more
switch interface boxes!
• Integral switch and two
3.5mm switch sockets
giving switch box functionality to two further switches.
• Switch functions selectable via integral LED display.
• Advanced settings to allow adaption for tremors, ataxia,
chorea and other motor deficits.
• Works with PC, Mac, Chromebook.
Plug and Play USB Switch - Purple
With no software setup, Hitch is
immediately ready to deliver five
sets of functions to as many as
five switches at a time. Rows of
functions are chosen with a single
push of a button. Use any switch
accessible title for scanning access. Hitch easily delivers up,
down, left, right and enter controls to your switches.
Inclusive Simple Switch Box
Plug and Play USB Switch
The simplest switch connection available!
Just plug in the switches. Suitable for
two switches. USB interface. This switch
adaptor is supported by most switch
accessible software. It comes with
Sensory’s Switch Driver software to allow it to be used with
programs that do not directly support switch access.
Joy Cable 2
Hitch Switch Interface
Joy Cable 2
Inclusive Simple Switch Box
Crick USB Switch Interface
This clever and reliable USB switch
interface works with almost all switch
accessible software on Windows and
Macintosh computers. This interface
sets itself up for the application you
are using. It comes with USBKeys2
software that can detect the application you are using and
set up your switches for the appropriate key presses or mouse
clicks. USB lead included. Requires Windows 98 or above/Mac
OS 9 or X, and a USB port.
Crick USB Switch Interface
Little People Airplane
Little People School Bus
Connect and press a 3.5mm
switch (not included), to play a
catchy song about flying (or roll
the airplane along).
• Supplied with two figures - the
pilot and Mia the passenger
and her luggage.
• Press down on the different seats to play different plane
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Connect and press a 3.5mm
switch (not included), to listen
to “The Wheels on the Bus” song
(or push the bus along).
• Supplied with two figures the bus driver and Eddie with
his luggage.
• The driver speaks to his passengers! “Good morning! Time
to start the day!” and more.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Little People Airplane
Little People School Bus
Little People Tractor
Freddy Fish Bubble Machine
Connect and press a 3.5mm
switch (not included), to listen to
a version of the “Old McDonald”
song (or roll the tractor along).
• Supplied with farmer figure
and animals
• Press down on the farmer in his seat or animals in the
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Simply connect any standard
3.5mm switch (not included)
to the socket and press to
produce lots and lots of
bubble fun!
• Two switch modes – latched
and momentary.
• 6 x AA batteries included.
Little People Tractor
Freddy Fish Bubble Machine
Vibrating Pillow
The Vibrating Pillow is
relaxing and comfortable
and is switch adapted to
fit any 3.5mm switch (not
included). Available in red,
blue or silver (please specify colour when ordering).
• Accepts any 3.5mm switch (not included).
• Dimensions: 300mm square.
• 2 x D batteries included.
Play peek-a-boo with Elmo from
Sesame Street. Press a switch to
see Elmo lift and hide behind his
blanket and hear him say one of
his 11 fun phrases.
• Pressing his foot also turns him
on and off.
• Use any 3.5mm switch (not
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
Vibrating Pillow
Pressing the switch will engage the
child in a game of peek-a-boo as
the bear lifts and hides behind the
blanket saying ‘You can’t see me’
and ‘Where am I’, before pulling the
blanket down and saying ‘Here I am’.
• Accepts a 3.5mm switch (not
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Peek-a-Boo Bear
Elmo from Sesame Street
Lena Lamb
Peek-a-Boo Bear
Lena Lamb recites five nursery
rhymes: Humpty Dumpty, Hickory
Dickory Dock, Jack and Jill, Little Bo
Peep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
• Pressing his foot also turns him on
and off.
• Use any 3.5mm switch (not
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
Nursery Time Lena Lamb
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Inflatable Minion
Pip the Penguin
Stuart Minion is adapted for use with up
to four switches. Share control by using
switches and the handset controller
at the same time. Enjoy built-in sound
effects and twelve of Stuart’s famous
sayings. Deflates and inflates to 60cm.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 4 x AA and 1 x PP3 9 volt battery included.
Pip waddles around, merrily
flapping his wings and squeaking.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Inflatable Minion Switch Adapted Toy
Press his switch and Fireman Sam will
say one of his four phrases and sing the
theme tune from the popular TV show.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Fireman Sam
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit
Robbie Rabbit
Lucy the Dog walks forwards, sits down,
barks and performs a back flip.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Lucy the Dog
Dotty Dalmatian
Dotty Dalmatian walks forwards, sits
down, barks and performs a back flip.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Pressing the switch makes Droopy
snore and wag his tail, and his body
and mouth move. Pressing his foot
also turns him on and off.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included. • 3 x AA batteries included.
Droopy the Snoring Dog
obbie Rabbit hops along then sits, raises
his ears and squeaks.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Droopy the Snoring Dog
Lucy the Dog
Cassy sings “Come On Get Happy”. Her
mouth moves with the music and she
rocks her feet back and forth. Pressing
her paw also turns her on and off.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Percy Pig
Robbie Rabbit
• Watch Percy walk along and wiggle
his nose and tail to a lovable grunting
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Play peek-a-boo with Peter Rabbit.
Pressing a switch will engage your
child in a game of peek-a-boo as he
lifts and hides behind his blanket.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Percy Pig
Fireman Sam
Pip the Penguin
Dotty Dalmatian
Switches aren’t included,
please see our range of
switches on pages 56-59.
Domino Train
Mickey Mouse Car
Load the magazine full
of dominoes and press
a switch to make the
train chug along, sound
its bell and stand all the
dominoes behind it in a line - perfect for knocking down.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included. • 2 x AA batteries included.
Connect two switches to the
controller and drive the Mickey
Mouse Car forwards and backwards.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 4 x AA and 1 x 9v batteries included.
Domino Train Set
Trumping Dog
Press the switch and the four
characters race around the looping
circuit, taking the lift to the top
and sliding to the bottom again,
accompanied by sound effects and
twinkling lights. A switch at the
back of the toy also switches it on
and off.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Castle Chase
Feed Trumping Dog a couple of
the little yellow bones then, using
the switch adapted dog lead
remote, take him for a walk, sit
and bark. Surprise, surprise what
goes in also comes out! Use the
switch adapted remote to make
him poop the bones and laugh at him trumping. Don’t forget
to use the dust pan and brush to clean up afterwards.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 4 x AA batteries included.
Please note: this toy is supplied with small parts and
requires adult supervision.
Penguin Racer
Penguin Racer
Pressing a switch
connected to the infrared wireless control box,
will make the train chug
around the track whilst
tooting its horn and flashing its light. Can be used with toy
control boxes to extend the range of control options.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 1 x PP3 and 3 x AA batteries included.
TOLO Train Set
Connect two switches to the
adapted controller. Pressing one
switch will make Thomas move in
a straight line. Pressing the second
switch, makes him reverse in a circle
- just let go when he’s pointing in
the right direction and drive him away again. He moves when
the switch is pressed but stops when released.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 6 x AAA batteries included.
TOLO Train Set
Trumping Dog
Thomas the Tank Engine
Penguins are hoisted up the ski
lift ladder, then slide quickly
down the winding slope
before they do it all over again.
Releasing the switch lets the
penguins stop for a breather.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack
socket. • Switch not included.
• 1 x D battery included.
Castle Chase
Mickey Mouse Car
Thomas the Tank Engine
A switch activated device which enables
random selection for choosing groups or
playing games of chance like bingo. Also
a fun alternative to rolling dice.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x C batteries included.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Minnie Mouse Scooter
Johnny the Tractor
Minnie Mouse looks stylish on her
scooter. Drive her scooter forwards,
backwards, left and right. Accepts up to
four switches.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 4 x AA and 1 x PP3 9V batteries included.
Johnny the remote controlled
John Deere tractor with soft
child-friendly design, flexible safety
antenna and automatic shut-off,
this is a great first remote controlled
switch adapted toy.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket. • Switch not included.
• 1 x 9 volt PP3 and 3 x AA type included.
Minnie Mouse Scooter
Johnny the Tractor
Mickey Mouse Quad Bike
TOLO First Friends Car
Connect up to four switches to the controller
and drive the bike forwards and backwards
or turn him left and right.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 5 x AA and 1 x 9V batteries included.
Mickey Mouse Quad Bike
Use any 3.5mm switch (not included).
Includes car and driver.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Henry the Hoover
Switch Adapted Henry the Hoover
TOLO Safari Set
De Longhi Microwave
Includes safari truck, driver and tiger.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
TOLO Construction Set
Press a switch to start or use front
panel controls. Realistic rotating
turntable with interior light, noises
and flashing coloured display.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
• Dimensions: 17cm x 30cm x 18cm.
TOLO Tractor Set
Includes tractor, driver, trailer and cow.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
Hotpoint washing machine has a
switch adapted wash function. Ideal
for role play activities.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x C batteries included.
• Dimensions: 30cm x 22cm x 20cm.
Hotpoint Washing Machine
Connect your switch to the wireless controller. Press
once and the toy will start, with sound effects and lights.
It will travel for a set distance then stop, with more
sound effects. The wireless controller has an image of
the toy it connects to. Switches are not included.
Washing Machine
TOLO First Friends Car
TOLO Switch Adapted Vehicles
Henry has a switch adapted hoover
suction function ideal for role play
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included. • 4 x C batteries
Includes digger and driver.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
TOLO Tractor Set
TOLO Safari Set
TOLO Construction Set
it-Control Lite
Little Listener
A robust, hand held, loud
speaking MP3 player
which is switch accessible!
Provides an easy way
for learners to listen out
loud to their favourite
audio stories, songs and games, both indoors and outdoors.
It has built-in rechargeable, replaceable batteries, a built-in
microphone for recording and switch accessibility.
• A site licence for StoryPhones software with easy to use
settings is included.
• Supplied with a range of audio stories and songs from
many of the publishers who feature in the unique
StoryPhones MP3 download store.
• Available in six different colours: green, orange, purple,
blue, yellow or red.
• Standard 3.5mm switch jack socket.
• Switch not included.
Little Listener - Red
Little Listener - Orange
Little Listener - Yellow
Little Listener - Green
Little Listener - Blue
Little Listener - Purple
The Mini Beamer Transmitter and
Receiver have a built-in touch/proximity
sensitive switch which can operate when the user is within
10mm of the surface. Pair the two together.
See for full details.
Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver
it-Control Lite
it-Control Lite & it-Switch Starter Pack
A compact two channel controller
and receiver. Small enough to fasten
on to an adapted toy or other battery
device, and connected using the cable
supplied. Can be controlled by up to
three wireless it-Switches per channel.
Give your battery toys the freedom to
roam (2 x AAA batteries included).
it-Control Lite & it-Switch Starter Pack
it-Control Pro
Mini Beamer
Transmitter & Receiver
Simply plug the it-Control Lite into a
switch adapted device (battery, toy,
electrical or IntelliKeys) and operate
it with the it-Switch or your own
switches using the it-Send.
• Universal 3.5mm output jack.
• Measures just 60mm x 60mm x 20mm.
• 2 x AAA batteries included.
Battery Switch Adaptors
Adapt any battery operated
toy or device for switch
Battery Adaptor AA
Battery Adaptor AA – 5 pack
Battery Adaptor AA – 10 pack
Battery Adaptor C/D
Battery Adaptor C/D – 5 pack
Battery Adaptor C/D – 10 pack
A two channel toy controller and
receiver. Can be controlled by
up to three wireless it-Switches
per channel. In addition to
the same latching and timing
options as the it-Control, it has
two cooperative modes - press
your switches at the same time
to switch on the toy, or press one
switch for ‘on’ and the other for ‘off’. it-Control Pro can also be
used with your existing wired switches and comes with two
standard leads to connect to your toys etc.
• A two channel toy controller and timer.
• Can be used wired or wirelessly, or a combination of both.
• Supports direct, latched, timed seconds, timed minutes and
two cooperative modes.
• Universal 3.5mm output jacks for connection to any battery
operated, switch adapted toy.
• Each channel can be paired with up to three switch units to
allow interactive games to be devised.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
it-Control Pro
it-Control Pro & it-Switch Starter Pack
See for full
details of it-Control Starter Packs.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Relax IR Learning Remote
PowerLink 4
The Relax is an
accessible infra-red
(IR) learning remote
that has an updated
modern design and
provides simplified
control of almost any IR device. With a light touch or with
the use of one switch, an individual can control up to eight
functions on their favourite IR device. A user can either access
a single function or access all eight functions by using the
auto scan with adjustable scan rate. A simplified interface
makes it easy to find the necessary functions for almost any
IR device. The Relax has the ability to learn functions from
almost any IR remote. Mount the Relax to a wheelchair, bed
or table using an AbleNet mounting system or use our Virtual
Mounting Service (see page 43).
• 8 programmable functions.
• 3.5mm switch jack.
• Adjustable switch scan rate.
• Internal rechargeable battery.
• Wall charger with international plugs.
• Weight: 213g.
• Dimensions: 187mm (L) x 74mm (W) x 27mm (H).
The PowerLink 4 control
unit allows switch users
to control up to two
electrical appliances
with single switches.
Six unique modes of
control allow you to
define exactly how, and
for how long, appliances will be turned on.
PowerLink will accept any single switch, including AbleNet’s
Big or Jelly Beamer wireless switches.
Key Features:
• Easy set up with built-in display and a simple new design.
• Powerful access with six modes of control.
• Accurate programming and data collection like never
• Flexible outlets allow custom positioning of up to two
appliances, activating independently.
• Linkable wireless technology for use with multiple Big or
Jelly Beamer switches.
• Two switch input jacks.
Relax IR Learning Remote
Inclusive Click-On 2
• Cooperation - connect two switches. Both need to be
pressed at the same time to switch on the device.
• Two switch on/off - connect two switches. Press one to turn
the device on and the other to turn it off. A simple, easy to
grasp concept that is ideal for introducing two switch skills.
• Now works with the Doo-zy Classic wirelessly (see page 75).
Inclusive Click-On 2
Inclusive Click-On 2 - 5 pack
PowerLink 4
See for full details.
it-Click-On Plus
Offers all the options
you expect from a mains
controller and more.
Fully electronic controls
give more features and
greater accuracy than
other devices. With
two fully independent
channels, it can operate
two mains devices simultaneously using the same settings.
With easy touch controls and clear indicator lights, it is simple
to choose the desired functions.
• Direct - operates as long as the switch is held down.
• Latching - press the switch to turn on, press to turn off.
• Timed seconds - set for seconds: 5, 10, 15 seconds etc.
• Timed minutes - set and choose the time.
• Additional timing options included.
See for full details.
Adds the benefits of
wireless control to all the
features of the Click-On.
The it-Click-On Plus has
a built-in Simply Works
wireless receiver, allowing it to be controlled by Inclusive’s
it-Switch, as well as having two sockets for use with wired
switches. Two mains sockets allow two devices to be
controlled at the same time using the chosen mode settings.
Has direct, latching, timed, two switch on/off and two switch
cooperative settings using wireless and wired switches,
singularly or in a combination.
• Single switch operation in direct, latched, timed minutes
and timed seconds modes. Two switch control in
cooperative and on/off modes.
• Two 220v, 50Hz sockets.
• Two 3.5mm switch input sockets.
• Operates wirelessly with it-Switch up to 10 metres away.
• Operates with wired or wireless switches, or a combination
of both.
• LED display for pairing with an it-Switch and selecting
control modes and time settings.
• On-board memory retains the previous mode and time
settings even after power off.
it-Click-On Plus
it-Click-On Plus - 5 pack
Revolving Disco Lights
Going Light Ball
Choose from a chrome effect disco
ball or mushroom with multi-coloured
lights that reflect their pattern onto
walls and ceiling in a darkened
room. Diameter: 8 inches. Mains
Going Light Balls change
colour with a squeeze of
the hand. Covered in an
ergonomically designed
ribbed rubber, they are great
tactile mood lights. Choose from three light
modes and seven colours.
Revolving Disco Mushroom
Revolving Disco Ball
A colourful disco light which
simultaneously rotates vertically and spins
horizontally, shooting beams of light in
all directions. Diameter: 8 inches. Mains
Super Disco Ball
Voice Responsive Dome
Plasma Ball
Plasma Ball – 8 inches
Creates a superb animated night sky
in any room. Simply plug in and use simple adjustments provide different
effects. Projects a whole galaxy of
stars including shooting stars and a
choice of cloud effects. Uses laser and
holographic technology to give a fabulous experience with
real wow factor. Mains operated.
Laser Star Projector
Large Textured Sensory Light Ball Set
Jelly Light
The Jelly Light slowly changes
through lots of colours. Press down
on the soft squidgy top to stop on
any colour. Made from high gloss
moulded plastic. Supplied with mains adaptor and USB lead.
Mains operated.
Laser Star Projector
Four balls with different surface
textures to explore. Children of
all ages will love to play with
light balls that light up and flash
when they are bounced. Great for
use in open play or in a sensory
area. Good too for use in fun games of throw and catch.
Place your hand on the plasma ball
and see its shape light up and attract
a spiral of light. Run your finger
across the ball and watch the spiral
of light follow. Operates on 240v
transformed to 12v. 200mm diameter. Not for use with the
Click-On. Adult supervision required - contains glass parts.
Giant Sight and Sound Tubes
Large Textured Sensory
Light Ball Set
Make a sound and the dome
responds with the attractive glow
of the light. Ideal for encouraging
sounds and one to one or group
interaction or turn taking. Includes
a sensitivity control. Now with
coloured and LED lights. Mains operated.
Voice Responsive Dome
These durable tubes are filled
with objects of different colours,
weights shapes and sizes. Objects
such as feathers, bells and sparkly
gems. A fun and exciting sensory
experience. The five 40cm tubes
are permanently sealed for safety.
Going Light Ball
Giant Sight and Sound Tubes
Super Disco Ball
Jelly Light
Laser Sphere Projector
A sphere projector with mesmerising
moving and colour changing light
effects. Remove the frosted top and
beautiful effects are projected onto your
wall. Tiltable so angle can be adjusted.
Mains operated.
Laser Sphere Projector
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls
Funky Disco Set
Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls at
100mm in diameter are the right
size and shape for young children
to hold, roll and to play with. They
contain sparkling stardust which
swirls around the inside of the balls
as they are moved. The balls contain
a movement-activated switch which
causes bright LEDs to illuminate and
flicker for up to 15 seconds when
they are bounced or shaken. Ideal for
use by children from 3 years of age in
open play and for their sensory appeal. They come as a set of
4 - in pink, blue, gold and silver.
One of our most popular
sensory products! Great for use
in the Dark Den (see below) or
in a sensory environment. The
Funky Disco Set includes a mini
disco ball, mini flashing blue
light and a mini mirror ball with
a built-in rotator.
Dimensions: of each: 280mm
x 120mm x 100mm. Batteries
Sensory Flashing Glitter Balls
Funky Disco Set
Colour Changing Egg
Slowly and passively changes colour
in sequence. Soothing and visually
stimulating. Colour lock button
allows you to keep your favourite
colour on all the time instead of
the phasing effect. Height: 9.5cm.
Includes 2 x AG13 batteries.
UV Textured Mat
Glows intensely under UV light
for visual stimulation whilst the
woven structure offers tactile
interest. Easy to clean PVC with
bound edges.
UV Textured Mat 30cm x 30cm
UV Textured Mat 1m x 1m
Colour Changing Egg 5 pack
Rainbow In My Room
Dark Den
Dark Den Accessories Kit
An affordable den for
creative play that is simple
to construct and store. A
double thick nylon skin
makes it very dark. Bring it
to life with accessories. Two
sizes available.
Two kits carefully chosen to
be perfect for use in the Dark
for a full list of products
included in each.
Dark Den (1m x 1m x 1m)
Giant Dark Den (1.5m x 1.5m x 1.8m)
Enchanting effects for visual
stimulation. Projects a realisticlooking rainbow onto walls
or ceilings. With LED lights for
maintenance-free use.
4 x AAA batteries included.
Jam packed with resources
ideal for any darkened
environment! See for full
details and list of products
UV Fun Tub
Colour Changing Egg
Rainbow In My Room
UV Fun Tub
Dark Den Accessories Kit 1
Dark Den Accessories Kit 2
Sensory in a Box Kits
Glow in the Dark Sensory Bag
Create an exciting and
interactive environment
with the Sensory in a Box
Kits. For a full list of box
contents please see
Contains carefully selected
items that will enhance any
dark area. Charge all items
up in normal light and watch
them glow when the lights go out.
Sensory in a Box Kit A
Sensory in a Box Kit B
Create music with this
great range of resources
including hand clappers,
bells, triangle, a tambourine
and much more.
Visual Effects Sensory Bag
Activity Ball Sensory Bag
A collection of balls which
can be used inside or outside
as tactile resources or for
game playing. Includes a
needle pump (for use by an
Music and Percussion Sensory Bag
Music and Percussion Sensory Bag
Tactile Sensory Bag
Contains a whole range of
effects that provide dramatic
moving colour and altering
shapes that will mesmerize
and encourage the watcher to
concentrate on the reward.
A range of visual effects
including the prism effect from
Eye Scopes, a reflective crinkly
surface from the Space Blankets,
magnification from the Wooden
Magnifying Glass and see
through Colour Shapes.
Optical Effects Sensory Bag
Visual Effects Sensory Bag
Optical Effects Sensory Bag
An exciting bag full of tactile
resources to get your hands
on. Squeeze the Gooey Mesh
Balls, fiddle with the Tangle
Fuzzie, press the Squidgy Fish,
roll the Hedgehog Balls - lots
of fun at your fingertips.
A fantastic resource to
brighten up and introduce UV
to any sensory room. Includes
bangles, neon scarves,
juggling tubes and more!
UV Sensory Bag
Glow in the Dark Sensory Bag
Tactile Sensory Bag
UV Sensory Bag
Activity Ball Sensory Bag
Tactile Vibration Sensory Tub
Fidget Bag
A large collection of resources which
offers contrasting experiences such
as warm-cold, soft-hard, smoothrough, reflective-absorbent and
round-angular. The vibration items
can be held or placed against the
body. Supplied in a sturdy wheeled
A range of brightly
coloured squishy tactile
products ideal for keeping
fidgety fingers happy.
Useful to aid concentration
and focus in the classroom.
Fidget Bag
Tactile Vibration Sensory Tub
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Vibro Acoustic Bean Bag
Filled with soft poly beans
that mould to the body.
Fitted with a heavy duty
speaker, designed to
transmit low frequency
vibrations to the body.
Supplied with amplification, however an MP3 player, iPad or
smartphone is required to supply the music. These devices
can be connected in one of two ways: by using the supplied
mini jack lead or by using the on-board Bluetooth receiver.
• The amplifier is incorporated into a separate seat and there
is a handy two metres of interconnecting cable in-between
the Bean Bag and seat.
• Both the Bean Bag Vibro speaker and the seat amplifier can
be controlled independently and also have separate bass
and treble controls.
• Switchable Vibro Acoustic - the vibrations can be switched
on or off using the supplied switch in momentary/direct,
latch or timed mode, so the user can make a cause and
effect choice.
• Users can also connect headphones which automatically
disconnect the internal speaker when in use.
• Two carry handles are fitted to enable easy movement.
• Bag size: 120cm x 90cm x 50cm (H).
Available in all white or blue/green. The price includes
delivery, installation and a short demonstration within the UK
mainland. Delivery time is between 2-3 weeks.
Vibro Acoustic Bean Bag Blue/Green
Vibro Acoustic Bean Bag White
Bubble Tube with Mirror
& Softplay Plinth
A Bubble Tube designed
to fasten to a wall and
comes complete with
a softplay base and
mirror. Supplied with
IR (infra-red) remote
control. Ideal for using
with the Inclusive Click-On 2 (see page 68) and also works
directly with the Doo-zy (see page 75). The price includes
delivery, installation and a short demonstration within the UK
mainland. Size: 61cm x 54cm x 132cm (H). Mirror Size: 60cm x
90cm (H). Delivery time is between 2-3 weeks.
Bubble Tube with Mirror & Plinth
SENse Mini
Fully portable interactive
floor projection system.
Simple to operate, creates
colourful engaging floor
projections which respond
and interact with body
movement (for one user at a time). Requires only minimal
movement. Can be activated by light. Swipe card with user
profiles. Content Suite of software.
SENse Mini
See for full details.
See for full details.
Educational Light Cube
Fibre Optic Tactile Panel
At the touch of a button
the Educational Light
Cube changes colour,
cycles colours, strobes
and flashes.
The rugged Educational
Light Cube is portable,
durable and rechargeable
and is the perfect size
for individual and small
group play. Children can stand or kneel at the cube and
engage in focused, quiet play. The easy-to-clean surface
is ideal for art and exploration activities both indoors and
outdoors. Use the cube for examining transparent and
opaque objects and adding interest to counting, sorting,
sequencing and building activities. Includes a remote control
and Teacher’s Guide. Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.
Educational Light Cube
Accessory Kit
See for full details.
This interactive
wall panel is
ideal for those
with visual
impairment and
can be used
with a switch
(simple one
button switch
included). Safe
enough to peer
closely into
the LED lights. Extremely tactile, stimulating the senses and
also promotes a feeling of discovery. This product is custom
manufactured and is not eligible for return. Please allow 28
days for manufacture and delivery. Dimensions: 120cm x
Fibre Optic Tactile Panel
See for full details.
LED Flame Effect
Little White House
A bright and
dramatic LED
flame effect
light which runs,
cools and can be
controlled using
the Inclusive
Click-On 2 (see
page 68). Use
the floor stand
or hang from the
ceiling using the supplied chain. Dimensions: 50cm height x
30cm diameter.
This easily transported and erected
sensory space is in the form of a
small house built from six foam filled
sections covered in white PVC. The six
foam filled sections velcro together
to make a small house with a door
providing a friendly space which, being white, is
the perfect backdrop for many sensory products
in our range. The inside wall contains pockets for
inserting acrylic mirrors (supplied).
Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm x 100cm.
LED Flame Effect
Little White House
See for full details.
Sensory Mood Lights
See for full details.
LED Flood Light
Ideal for table
or desktop
use. This
wireless light
runs cool, can
be place almost
anywhere and
is low voltage and wire free. Changes colour between green,
blue, white and red using the supplied IR controller and can
also be controlled with the Doo-zy (see page 75). Includes
a built-in sound mode that flashes with background music.
Mains charger supplied.
Dimensions: 30cm diameter, 6cm deep.
LED Flood Light with IR Controller
See for full details.
LED Spotlight
A great wireless desktop
spotlight which can be
used with a mirror ball and
controlled with the supplied
IR controller or paired
with the Doo-zy (see page 75). Includes colour filters and
rechargeable battery. The bracket at the bottom of the light
will also clip safely onto suspended ceiling grids. Dimensions:
20cm length x 6cm diameter.
LED Spotlight with IR Controller
See for full details.
These ultra-strong illuminated hollow plastic
forms are aesthetically pleasing objects and can
be placed around the room or used in a sensory
area to provide background lighting. Available in
five different shapes – Egg, Pyramid, Pebble, Ball and Cube. All
shapes fit on a recharge station except the Cube which plugs
into the mains to recharge.
Egg: 30cm x 30cm x 42cm. Pyramid: 26cm x 26cm x 48cm.
Pebble: 40cmx 40cm x 20cm. Ball: 40cm. Cube: 40cm per side.
Sensory Mood Light - Egg
Sensory Mood Light - Pyramid
Sensory Mood Light - Pebble
Sensory Mood Light - Ball
Sensory Mood Light - Cube
See for full details.
Fibre Optics &
Light Source
Robust strands are ultraresistant to accidental
damage. Equally as bright
as standard fibre optics,
durable and long-lasting, safe to touch,
phthalate, glass and latex free. With LED
technology, this wirefree light source is
quiet, cool-running and maintenance-free. Compact and can
be wall-mounted. Use of all fibre optic products should be
supervised. Dimensions: 2m x 150 strands.
Fibre Optics & Light Source
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
BIGmack Communicator
This simple communicator has lots of uses! It’s easy to record speech, music
or any sound into the BIGmack. Record a repeated phrase from a story or
song for a child to playback at the right time. Ideal as a simple introduction to
sound recording technology. Simply press the BIGmack to hear the sound.
• Large single button, single message device for quick and
easy communication.
• 2 minutes recording time.
• Volume control and on/off switch.
• Toy/appliance jack, cable included.
• Includes interchangeable tops in red, blue, yellow and
• External switch jack for speciality switch operation.
• 160mm x 55mm x 17mm.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
Smooth Talker Communicator
Smooth Talker is an incredibly versatile communication device. Record
any number of messages up to a total of 2 minutes in length and
play them back in many different ways, all in a single unit. Choose
from Sequential, Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt and the unique
Conversation mode. And it’s part of the Simply Works range so it’s
wireless too!
• Large (125mm), low profile switch for easy access.
• Any number of messages up to 2 minutes record time.
• Two loudspeakers for great sound quality and volume.
• Sequential mode to play each message in turn.
• Choice mode to select between two messages.
• Random mode to play games and take turns.
• Auditory Prompt mode to allow the carer to cue up a
particular message.
• Unique Conversation mode to encourage conversational
• Wireless switch (it-Switch or it-Send) via Simply Works
• Wired switches via 3.5mm socket.
• Toy output on selected messages via 3.5mm jack or
wirelessly via it-Control.
• Uses standard Big Switch Mounting Plate.
• 215mm x 75mm x 55mm.
• 1 x PP3 battery included.
Smooth Talker Red
Smooth Talker Green
Smooth Talker Yellow
Smooth Talker Blue
Big Button Communicator
With its angled base
and 2½ inch activation
surface, LITTLEmack is
perfect for mounting
and is recommended for
people who can access
a smaller target.
• Small single button, single message device for quick and
easy communication.
• 2 minutes recording time.
• Toy/appliance jack, cable included.
• Includes interchangeable tops in red, blue, yellow and
• Connect a toy or battery operated appliance for instant
positive reinforcement.
• External switch jack for speciality switch operation.
• 112mm x 70mm x 100mm.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
• Crystal clear digital sound.
• Volume control and on/off switch.
Why not mount your LITTLEmack? Requires a Universal
Mounting Plate - see page 60.
Doo-zy Classic Switch Kit
A unique device that
illuminates and vibrates
and which can be used
as a communicator or
switch with a host of
essential features for
both. Use your Doo-zy
to control a wide range
of toys and sensory equipment using a connected lead or
wireless infra-red technology. You can even use it to control a
television or music player! Press the switch to record sounds
and messages using the internal microphone.
• Communicator with up to 6.5 hours of recording time.
• Sequenced communicator with almost limitless steps.
• Plug a switch into the external switch socket.
• Use as a music player or audio book by plugging in a
microphone or MP3 player to record.
• Use as a universal infra-red remote control to interact with
toys, sensory equipment and much more.
• Connect toys and use the switch function to control either
direct, latched, timed, timed off and opposite modes.
• Use as a timer with the large LED display to count time up
or down.
• Use the Magic Eye ‘invisible beam’ to control your Doo-zy
without touching.
• The large switch area will illuminate and vibrates upon
pressing. Programme it to your preference!
A powerful communicator with easy-touch activation.
Transparent cap, with an opening to quickly slide in overlays.
The cap extends nearly to the table surface, giving the Big
Button a large active area with an extremely low profile.
• A communication aid for single messages or sequences,
with multiple levels.
• Nine levels with 6 seconds recording time, plus one level
with 14 seconds recording time.
• Two modes – steps (sequencing) and levels.
• 150mm x 150mm x 35mm.
• 2 x AAA batteries included.
Big Button Communicator
Supplied as a kit which includes the Doo-zy, a carry bag,
mains charger, wall bracket, graphic cards and complete
with adaptors and leads. Optional My-Doozy Journey book is
packed with ideas and practical examples for classroom use.
Doo-zy Classic Switch Kit
My-Doo-zy Journey Book
Doo-zy 2 Switch Kit
The Doo-zy 2 includes all
the functions and features
of the Doo-zy Classic, as
well as two exciting new
features, a play/pause
option and a randomizer.
The Doo-zy 2 Kit also
includes the My-Doo-zy Journey Book.
Doo-zy 2 Switch Kit
Doo-zy Classic & Click-On 2
The Doo-zy Classic now works with the Inclusive
Click-On 2 wirelessly via infra-red.
Buy together and save!
Doo-zy Classic and Click-On 2
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A5 Talking Photo Album
A3 Talking Photo Album
• Insert your own pictures,
photos or words in each page
and record a message.
• Playback your recordings with
buttons at the bottom of each
• 6 minutes recording time, max.
18 seconds per page.
• 20 pages in a double sided flip style album.
• Each page has a play/stop button.
• 175mm x 225mm x 35mm. • 3 x AAA batteries included.
• Insert your own pictures,
photos or words in each
page (30 pages) and record a
message on the ChatterBox.
• Recordings accessed via
thirty finger sized buttons on
the attached ChatterBox.
• 10 seconds recording time
per message (30 messages).
• 360mm x 495mm x 30mm. • 2 x AAA batteries included.
A5 Talking Photo Album
A5 Talking Photo Album 5 pack
A5 Talking Photo Album 10 pack
A5 Talking Photo Album Pro
• Insert your own pictures,
photos or words in
each page and record a
• Play back your recordings
with buttons at the
bottom of each page.
• 100 minutes recording
time (on a removable SD card).
• 20 pages in a double sided flip style album.
• Record messages directly on the photo album or put the SD
card into your PC (or external reader) to add recordings via
the computer.
• 175mm x 225mm x 35mm. • 3 x AAA batteries (included).
A5 Talking Photo Album Pro
A5 Talking Photo Album Pro 5 pack
A5 Talking Photo Album Pro 10 pack
A4 Talking Photo Album
• Insert your own
pictures, photos or
words in each page
(15 pages) and record
a message on the
• Recordings accessed
via thirty finger sized
buttons on the attached ChatterBox.
• 10 seconds recording time per message (30 messages).
• 148mm x 210mm x 30mm.
• 2 x AAA batteries included.
A4 Talking Photo Album
A3 Talking Photo Album
ChatterBox Recording Module
Rainbow Photo Albums A5
Colourful set of six
photo albums for
pictures and recorded
• Thirty recordable
• Record time on each
button is 10 seconds.
• Pack of one to thirty re-usable page number stickers.
• Fifteen recordable pages. • 2 x AAA batteries (included).
6 Rainbow Photo Albums A5
Talking Book
Record a message of
up to 30 seconds on
each page of this talking
book. A new addition to
the talking product range.
Ideal for creating talking
story books or for using as a
home-school link resource.
10 pages. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included). 265mm x
215mm x 30mm.
Talking Book
Rainbow Talking Boxes
A six pack of colourful boxes
with a 10 second recording
time. Message plays when
the box is opened. Boxes
have wipe clean surfaces and
magnetic catches.
Rainbow Talking Boxes - 6 pack
Small Talk Time Card
A4 Recordable Speech Bubble
• Pocket sized dry wipe
recordable card.
• 6 seconds recording time.
• 75mm x 75mm.
• 50mm symbol pocket included.
• Includes non-replaceable
• A big recordable speech
• Records messages of up to
10 seconds.
• Write on, wipe off surface
using dry wipe marker pens.
Small Talk Time Card (3 pack)
Small Talk Time Card (6 pack)
Small Talk Time Card (12 pack)
A4 Recordable Speech Bubble
A4 Recordable Speech Bubble (10 pack)
A4 Recordable
Thought Cloud
• A large recordable thought
• Records messages of up to 10
• Dry wipe surface.
Talk Time Postcard
• A5 dry wipe recordable
• 30 seconds recording time.
• 140mm x 210mm.
• Includes non-replaceable
Talk Time A5 Postcard (3 pack)
A4 Recordable Thought Cloud
A4 Recordable Thought Cloud (10 pack)
Talking Clipboard
Recordable clipboard with a
40 second record function.
Available in size A4 green or
size A5 blue.
Sturdy board with a child
friendly clip.
3 x AAA batteries included.
Rainbow Talk Time Card
• A6 Talk Time Cards are
now available in six
rainbow colours.
• Each card records up to
10 seconds.
• Decorate as you wish
- write on, wipe off
surface using dry wipe
marker pens. Includes non-replaceable battery.
Rainbow Talk Time Card (6 pack)
A5 Talking Clipboard Blue
A4 Talking Clipboard Green
Talking Tins - Yellow or Red
• Magnetic single message device
originally developed to sit on
food tins.
• Yellow records for 20 seconds,
red records for 40 seconds.
• 75mm diameter.
• Button cell batteries included.
• Message can be re-recorded.
Tell A Story Card
• A4 dry wipe recordable card.
• 6 seconds recording time (per
• Holds up to 4 separate
• 210mm x 297mm.
• Includes non-replaceable battery.
Tell A Story Card
Taking Tins (Yellow)
Taking Tins (Red)
Talking Tins Activity Book
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
QuickTalker 1
Multi-Memo Voice Recorder
An easy to use compact single
message communicator with a
modern design.
• 30 seconds recording time.
• Proximity sensor activation
• Picture symbol holder.
• 9v battery included. • 149mm x 149mm x 42mm.
Multi-Memo can record and
playback multiple messages
with a total recording
capacity of 6 minutes.
• Up to 60 voice messages
can be recorded and
• Playback each message
one at a time by using the
skip forward and skip backward buttons.
• Individual voice message can be deleted when required.
• A lock switch allows you to protect your messages from
being accidentally erased.
• Dimensions: 80mm x 15mm.
• Record sentences – practise pace and pitch and develop
awareness of tone, intonation and emotion.
• Talking treasure hunts – listen and follow instructions.
• Rehearse left and right. Encourages problem solving and
reinforces understanding and prepositions.
• Develop skills of observation – record notes about an
object, person or situation.
• Thought tracking – develops a deeper understanding of
a character, event or chapter in a story. Helps to enhance
understanding of inference and deducting.
• 3 x LR44 batteries included.
QuickTalker 1
• Single message device with a
large, lightly activated playback
• 140mm x 171mm x 50mm.
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
• 30 seconds recording time.
• Easily connects to other Partner/Pluses to provide a choice
of messages.
Multi-Memo Voice Recorder
Talking Button
• 45mm diameter.
• Press coloured top to play message.
• 10 seconds recording time - standard version.
• 30 seconds recording time - pro version.
• LR44 button cell batteries included.
Talking Tiles
Talking Button
Talking Button 5 pack
Talking Point Pro
Talking Point Pro 5 pack
See for options and product codes.
Big Point
• Removable clear
picture cap.
• Wall mountable.
• 85mm x 85mm.
• Square coloured top is pressed to play your recording.
• 30 seconds recording time.
• Six pack contains blue, green, orange, red, purple and
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
Big Point (6 pack)
Record and playback
80 seconds of speech,
music or sound
effects via the builtin microphone and
speaker. Includes
a removable clear
cover that allows you
to create pictures,
symbols or words
to match your
recordings. Includes an audio-in socket which gives the
option to record audio directly from a CD Player or computer.
Locking switch to protect messages from accidental erasure
and wall mounting holes.
• 3 x AAA batteries (included).
• Includes 3.5mm phono lead.
• Recording time: 40 seconds, (one single message).
• Messages are re-recordable - reuse time and time again!
• Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 25mm.
Talking Tiles Black
Talking Tiles White
Talking Tiles 6 pack (1 of each colour)
Recordable Pegs
Sound Sequence Cards
A colourful
set of six
with loud
playback. Great for creative learning and play.
• Simple to operate - flick the switch to ‘record’, press the
special light-touch contacts and record up to 10 seconds of
audio message .
• To play your message back, simply flick the switch to ‘play’
and touch the contacts.
• The specialised ‘non-slip’ magnetic back, means the pegs
can be used to display artwork on the magnetic whiteboard
or even metal filing cabinets.
• Includes six recordable pegs (one each of green, purple,
blue, red, orange and yellow) and replaceable AG13
batteries. Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm approximately.
Ideal for phonics, creating
words or number work.
• Connect the cards
together and press the
green play button on the
first card to listen to all of
the cards connected in
• Practise word building, number sequences, sums or shape
sequences. Listen to how sounds blend together.
• Each card records up to 6 seconds and includes 2 x
replaceable batteries (battery type CR2016).
• Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm.
Recordable Pegs (6 pack)
Interactive Wall Chart
A great classroom resource. Place
cards, objects or drawings inside
the pockets, then record a 10
second message relating to the
object in the related pocket.
• Make recordings by simply
pressing the green button
by the pocket and recording
into the black box at the top, a simple switch moving
from record to play will then enable you to playback the
message by pressing the green button again. Each pocket
has a 10 second recording capability.
• Size: 65cm x 53cm. • Includes 3 x AAA batteries.
Please note: Pictures not included.
Interactive Wall Chart
Sound Sequence Cards
Talking Butterflies
These fantastic talking
butterflies can also be
transformed into a range of
winged creatures, why not
make a dragon, a bat, or a fairy?
They have a clip which can be
screwed in place in order to
secure the various wings. The clip also has a magnetised back.
• Easy to use - just press the touch sensitive points, record
and play.
• Allows up to 500 playbacks (depending on volume and
• Includes 6 green peg bases, 6 interchangeable wings, 3 x
LR44 or AG13 batteries.
• Dimensions: Height 12cm.
• Colours may vary.
Talking Butterflies
Talking Turtles
Talking Jolly Phonics
A set of ten waterproof recordable
green turtles ideal for use in
water and messy play indoors or
outdoors. Simply hold down the
record button while you record
your message. To play it back,
press the turtle shell and you’ll hear your recording loud and
• Numbered 1 to 10 on the top.
• 10 seconds recording time.
• Waterproof.
• Replaceable AG13 batteries are included.
• Dimensions: 10cm x 9cm x 5cm.
Interactive and engaging,
each one of the 42 Jolly
Phonics sounds is prerecorded onto a talking tile,
the corresponding image on
the front of the tile re-affirms
the sound being taught.
• Press the green button on
the front of the tile to hear the recorded phoneme.
• Includes 4 recordable tiles.
• The 42 pre-recorded sounds cannot be recorded over. The
four recordable tiles can record for up to 6 seconds. Each
card requires 2 x LR44 batteries (included).
Talking Turtles -10 pack
Talking Jolly Phonics
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Communication Headsets
Outdoor Big Points
Three pairs of
headsets, each with a
different colour insert
and a simple button to
press to communicate
with each other.
Supplied pre-paired
and ready to use.
USB cable for charging
included. Fit snugly onto the head with extending ear pieces
for different sizes. Simply hold down the button to talk.
Communication range of over 80 metres.
Great for speaking and
listening, and with a 30
second recording time,
this set of six large Big
Points can be used indoors
or outdoors. Removable
clear plastic top, wall
mountable. Diameter:
3 x AAA batteries per Big Point included.
Communication Headsets
See and Speak Recordable
These colourful
and robust 30
second recordable
binoculars enable
learners to easily
make observations
of what they can
see through the
eye pieces, without
having to put the binoculars down to record it in writing.
Ideal for classroom use. As well as being a recording device,
the binoculars also have a 4x magnification. Supplied in a
set of 6, 2 of each colour, red, green and yellow. Requires 2 x
AAA batteries per set of binoculars (included). Dimensions:
116mm x 116mm x 54mm.
See and Speak Recordable Binoculars
A varied pack of recordable
cards. Includes:
• 5 x A6 cards - 10 seconds,
• 3 x Mini cards - 6 seconds,
• 1 x A4 card - 10 seconds,
• 1 x A3 card - 10 seconds,
• 3 x Speech bubbles - 10
• 1 x Heart - 10 seconds,
• 10 x Talk-Time Mirrors,
• 1 x A4 Thought Cloud - 10 seconds.
Talk Time Resource Pack
Outdoor Big Points - 6 pack
Talking Daisies
Take ICT outdoors
with a set of ten
delightful flowers.
With light-touch
record and
playback buttons
on the face of
the flower and
a 30 second
record time, the
petals twirl in
the breeze. A
great speaking and listening resource with many possibilities.
Create talking number lines, treasure hunts or record
greetings in different languages. Suitable for use in all
weathers (indoor storage recommended).
Dimensions: 730mm x 420mm x 800m.
Talking Daisies 10 Pack
A3 Recordable Light Panel
This robust
and durable A3
recordable light
panel is great
for viewing
and translucent
objects. A 30
second voice
recording function
allows learners to
verbally record their observations without the need of having
to write them down. The light colour can also be changed to
1 of 12 available, by simply turning the dial, which enables
learners to experiment and investigate with colour mixing.
Talk Time Resource Pack
A3 Recordable Light Panel
See for a full range of sensory kits and
accessories which can be used with the Light Panel.
Bringing objects to life!
The Magic Cloud lets learners link their physical and
digital worlds. It is not only powerful for exploring
computing, but offers almost limitless possibilities for
creativity. Use the Magic Cloud to link objects to a sound
file, picture or video on your computer.
The Magic Cloud lets learners link their physical and digital
worlds. It is not only powerful for exploring computing, but
offers almost limitless possibilities for creativity. Use the
Magic Cloud to link objects to a sound file, picture or video
on your computer. The Magic Cloud is a soft cushion that
connects to a the computer via a USB port. It is programmed
to recognise when small plastic tags are placed on it. Users
can link these tags to images, video or audio using the
included software when they are placed on the cloud.
Attaching these tags to objects and materials allows children
to make novel connections between the physical and the
Easy to Use
Use the Magic Cloud to link objects to a sound file, picture
or video on your computer. The software included allows
you to programme one of the supplied tags to play a media
file by simply placing it on the Magic Cloud. (Tags can be
re-programmed and used again). The tag can then easily be
fixed to any object, photograph or print out of a symbol and
then linked to a media file by placing it on the Magic Cloud.
How It Works
Use the Magic Cloud with an interactive board or large screen
to provide simple direct interaction without a keyboard or
mouse. Use symbols or pictures linked to a sound recording,
digital photograph or video file to help a child understand
the meaning of the symbol or to use the tags to make simple
choices. Laptop not included.
The Magic Cloud addresses the KS1 Computing curriculum
objectives and supports creative cross-curricular ICT.
Magic Cloud is available in white, grey or blue with either 2
or 30 tags and software. Please specify colour and number of
tags when ordering.
1. Place tag on Magic Cloud
2. Link tag to media file
3. Stick tag to object
4. Place tagged object onto Magic Cloud
Magic Cloud, 2 x PlingTags and software
Magic Cloud, 30 x PlingTags and software
Additional 10 user software licence PC
See for full details.
Rainbow Communication Kit
A great value communication kit to inspire exploration
indoors and out. Use the talking pegs for leaving clues on a
treasure hunt or making interactive dens; the magnifiers are
great for recording what you find in your outdoor exploration.
Rainbow Talk Time Cards provide a colourful way to record
words or phrases and the Mini Mobile Phone walkie talkies
are ideal for encouraging early communication and role play.
6 x Talking Pegs.
6 x Mini Mobile Phones with charging hub.
6 x Talk Time cards.
6 x Talking Magnifiers.
Talking Pegs and Talking Magnifiers are supplied with
replaceable batteries, Mini Mobile Phones are rechargeable
and Talk Time Cards have non-replaceable batteries.
Rainbow Communication Kit
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Step-by-Step with
Levels GamePlay
By Toby Churchill
• Slim, portable
communication aid
and environmental
control unit.
• 2 to 128 messages.
• Wide range of switch
and scanning options.
• Environmental
controls – can learn
infra-red signals.
• Keyguards for 1, 2, 4,
8 or 16 buttons.
• 70mm x 27mm x
• 2 x AA batteries
AdVOCAte+ is the ideal device for assessment, for multiple
users in the classroom or centre, or for individuals who would
benefit from communication and infra-red capabilities in one
• Three modes - one device: random, random elimination and
• Distinct white colour to distinguish it from traditional Stepby-Step communicators.
• Supplied with interchangeable switch tops in red, yellow,
green and blue.
• 4 minutes recording time.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
AdVOCAte+ with infra-red
AdVOCAte+ with infra-red - 5 pack
BIG Step-by-Step
AdVOCAte+ with infra-red - 10 pack
LITTLE Step-by-Step
Choice with
• Sequencing device activated by the switch top.
• Comes with interchangeable coloured tops.
• 2 minutes total recording time.
• BIG Step-by-Step size: 127mm diameter.
• LITTLE Step-by-Step size: 64mm diameter.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
• By pressing the activation surface repeatedly, you can skip
over multiple messages to get to your desired message.
When you find the message you are looking for, stop
pressing the activation surface and the message will play in
its entirety.
• This is a great tool for answering multiple choice questions,
or communicating desires among a list of options.
• 4 minutes recording time on three levels.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
BIG Step-by-Step
BIG Step-by-Step Levels
LITTLE Step-by-Step
BIG Step-by-Step Choice
LITTLE Step-by-Step Levels
LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice
The Go Talk range offers quality, reliability and well designed features at an
affordable price. Visit for more Go Talk accessories.
Go Talk Pocket
Go Talk 9+
• Portable palm sized
device with six messages.
• 5 minutes recording time.
• 5 levels (sets of
• 80mm x 140mm x 20mm.
• 3 x AAA batteries
• A lightweight communication aid
with integrated handle and light
touch buttons.
• 9 message buttons and 3 ‘core’
message buttons.
• 9 minutes recording time.
• 5 levels (sets of messages).
• 229mm x 305mm x 22mm.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Go Talk Pocket
Go Talk 9+
Go Talk 4+
Go Talk 20+
• Four large message areas for
recording and two fixed smaller
cells for ‘core’ messages.
• 4.5 minutes recording time.
• 5 levels (sets of messages).
• 225mm x 302mm x 30mm.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
• A lightweight communication aid
with integrated handle and light
touch buttons.
• 20 message buttons and 5 ‘core’
message buttons.
• 15 minutes recording time.
• 5 levels (sets of messages).
• 229mm x 305mm x 22mm.
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Go Talk 4+
Go Talk 20+
Go Talk Express 32
Go Talk 32+
• A 32 message
device with a myriad
of scanning options
for switch users.
• 26.6 minutes
recording time.
• Visual cueing – red
LED pipes around the
message keys.
• Auditory cueing – 1.5 seconds recorded cue or beeps.
• Scan pattern – step, linear or group scanning.
• Switch access – one or two switches with a debounce
• Slow, medium or fast scanning speed.
• 5 levels of 4, 8, 16 or 32 messages.
• Express feature allows you to build single messages and
play them as a phrase.
• 360mm x 254mm x 44mm.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
• A lightweight communication aid with intergrated handle
and light touch buttons.
• 32 message buttons plus 3 ‘core’ message buttons.
• 5 levels of recording.
• 27 minutes recording time – 8 seconds for message
buttons, 17 seconds for ‘core’ buttons.
• Easy to use with instructions printed on the back.
• Built-in handle with keyguard and overlay storage
• 362mm x 254mm x 42mm (weight 0.94kg).
• 2 x AA batteries included.
Go Talk Express 32
Go Talk 32+
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QuickTalker Communicators
QuickTalker 7, 12 and 23 are portable speech generated devices which provide a
variety of message locations and can store five sets or ‘levels’ of messages for use at
different times throughout the day or in different activities.
QuickTalker 7
QuickTalker 12
With QuickTalker, your students will be ready to start
communicating in minutes. QuickTalker features a modern
design – ideal for girls or boys of any age in the classroom
– and is rugged enough for everyday use. QuickTalker 7, 12,
and 23 provide a variety of message locations and can store
five sets or ‘levels’ of messages for use at different times
throughout the day or in different activities. All QuickTalker
models feature convenient built-in storage for your symbol
overlays and require 4 x AA batteries (included).
QuickTalker 7 features
• Has three useful buttons for static messages.
• Four message locations.
• Stores five levels of messages.
• Total 6 minutes recording time.
• 4 x AA batteries included.
QuickTalker 12 features
• Has three useful buttons for static messages.
QuickTalker 23
• Nine message locations.
• Stores five levels of messages.
• Total 12 minutes recording time.
• 4 x AA batteries included.
QuickTalker 23 features
• Has three useful buttons for static messages.
• 20 message locations.
• Stores five levels of messages.
• Total 20 minutes recording time.
• 4 x AA batteries included.
All options include a built-in carry handle.
QuickTalker 7
QuickTalker 12
QuickTalker 23
QuickTalker S
QuickTalker S
The QuickTalker S from AbleNet provides simple sequential
communication with zero pressure proximity switch
operation. It is ideal for those users with a very light touch
or who are distracted by the noise made by mechanical
• Multi message sequential communicator.
• Total record time of 30 seconds.
• Flashing indicator light while a message is playing.
• Slide-in symbol holder 75mm x 75mm.
• Activate by light touch or waving a hand within 10mm of
the surface. Fits Universal Mounting Plate.
• Uses 9v battery included.
• Dimensions: 149mm x 42mm.
Partner Four Plus
• A four message,
lightly activated
communication aid.
• 320mm x 165mm x
• 8 seconds recording time per
message (4 messages).
• 4 x AAA batteries included.
• Record a choice of two
messages and playback
by pressing the coloured
• 2 minutes recording
• Includes dual toy/
appliance jacks.
• 64mm diameter.
• 1 x 9v battery included.
iTalk2 with 3 Levels
Partner Four Plus - Standard
With LED Feedback
LED and Vibrating Feedback
Record 10 second messages then simply
roll the Chatter-Block cube on the
floor or table to hear the message you
have recorded on the side that finishes
• 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.
• 3 x AA batteries included.
• Communication
aid that allows
recording of
up to eight
messages on
multiple levels.
• 16 minutes
recording time.
• 1, 2, 4 and 8
message grid options with matching keyguards.
• 8 levels (sets of messages).
• 8 input jacks to enable direct switch control.
• 2 jacks for toy control.
• ‘Step ahead’ jack to use a switch and make it playback
• 305mm x 220mm x 45mm.
• 4 x AA batteries included.
Listen to Me
• A popular, low priced sequencing
• 4 minutes recording time.
• Plays back in a random order or
• Includes toy output.
• External speaker and switch sockets.
• 90mm x 90mm x 57mm.
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
Sound Shuffle
Recordable Bar
• An affordable, portable,
twelve button
communication aid with
a clear plastic carry case.
• 10 seconds per message
(12 messages).
• 178mm x 127mm x
• Includes AC adaptor and 3 x AA batteries.
Listen to Me
Sound Shuffle
• A long six message device, ideal
for wall mounting and displays.
• 10 seconds recording time per
message (up to 6 messages).
• 115mm x 550mm x 20mm.
• 3 x AAA batteries included.
Recordable Bar
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MicroSpeak Sound Recorder
Mini Mobile Phones
A new digital voice recorder,
combining smart design with ease
of use and high quality performance.
Packed with useful features which
provide pupils and teachers with a
fantastic learning resource. Record
instantly with the press of a button
and playback immediately via the
built-in speaker. HD recordings in
uncompressed WAV format ensure
impressive results for unlimited speaking and listening
Styled like smartphones for role play
with a built-in record
function. Up to three
pairs of children can
speak to each other
• Simple to use, they
are ideal for outdoor
play or even used from room to room. Colour coordinated
buttons make ‘dialling’ easy.
• Simply press the button that corresponds to the phone you
want to call.
• Children can talk together naturally and enjoy real
conversation without pressing extra buttons to talk or
• Supplied with docking station which will charge your
phones in 4 hours (from flat), enabling continuous use for
up to 6 hours.
MicroSpeak Sound Recorder Grey 512MB
MicroSpeak Sound Recorder Yellow 512MB
MicroSpeak Sound Recorder Grey PRO 2GB
See for full details and accessories.
Mini Mobile Phones
Sci-Plus Talking Calculator
This talking scientific
calculator (non-talking
version available)
allows those with
low vision to perform
scientific, statistical,
calculations and
fractions. It has a large, clear, high contrast 8 digit LCD
display and a clearly audible voice from the earphone socket.
Dimensions of 19cm x 25cm x 1.6cm.
Talking Calulator Blue or Silver
Non-Talking Calulator Blue or Silver
Case for Sci-Plus Calculator
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder
Rainbow Easi-Speak Sound
Recorder Pack
Easi-Speaks are
now available as a
colourful pack of 6!
The Rainbow
Easi-Speaks are
fully rechargeable
through the
docking station,
which means they can now be charged from the mains rather
than your computer - no need for numerous PCs and messy
trailing wires to USB hubs. Includes docking station.
Rainbow Easi-Speak Sound Recorders
Easi-Speak Pro
• Record voices and
sounds on the move
with this easy to use MP3
• 128MB memory that can
record up to 2 hours high
quality sound.
• Includes Audacity music
editing software.
• Playback remotely or
download WAV/MP3 files to a PC via USB connection.
• Built-in rechargeable battery.
• Single touch record and simple playback
(WAV or MP3).
• Integrated USB and rechargeable lithium
• Dual headphone sockets.
• Handy belt clip to attach to clothing.
• LCD screen with a fully integrated menu
system shows the track number playing,
battery life, memory status and recording format.
Easi-Speak Pro
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder Yellow
Easi-Speak Pro (5 pack)
Easi-Speak Sound Recorder Black
Easi-Speak Pro (10 pack)
Easi-Ears Wireless Headphones
Robust and designed
especially for education.
• The replaceable ear cushions
have been designed to
cover the whole ear to
minimise outside noise and
to increase comfort.
• Robust with a quick release cable which can be replaced if
it becomes damaged.
• The connection at the end of the cable is a 3.5mm jack
plug. Cable length is 1.2m.
The Easi-Headphones Bundle
includes: 15 x Easi-Headphones,
15 x replaceable cables, 30 x
replaceable ear cushions and a
handy storage box to store it all in together. Easi-Headphones
are robust and designed specifically for classroom use.
Easi-Headphones Bundle
Easi-USB Headset
A robust and adjustable
headset with a built-in
microphone. Plug the cable
straight into the USB port of
your PC or laptop. Ideal for
individual voice recording work.
• Replaceable ear cushions
cover the whole ear to minimise outside noise and to
increase comfort.
• Quick release cable means that the cable can be replaced if
it becomes damaged. Cable length is 1.2m.
Easi-Headset USB
Clevy Headphones
Safe, robust and comfortable
3.5mm jack headphones with
built-in loudness limiter and
volume control. They are
robust and lightweight without
compromising comfort. Compatible with all portable MP3
players, iPads, CD-DVD players, PC/Mac.
• Volume output limited to 85 decibels.
• Extra thick, no tangle cord. Length: 2.4m.
Clevy Headphones
• Easi-Ears, a digital audio system, allows a group to listen
together on wireless headphones anywhere in the
classroom, or even outdoors.
• No need to be connected to a computer or a CD player and
certainly no messy wires!
• Download MP3 content from your PC through the docking
station onto each pair of headphones.
• Children can then play, pause, or move between tracks
using the controls on their headsets.
• Teachers can also select which track children are listening to
using the remote control unit.
• Each pair of headphones is fully rechargeable through the
docking station (battery life approx. 8 hours) and contains
its own controls for volume.
• If the headphones are removed before the track has
finished, the track will pause and only resume when put
back on.
• Robust and fully adjustable with a twistable headband.
• The full set of Easi-Ears includes a set of six different
coloured headphones, remote control unit, docking station
for recharging and software.
Easi-Ears Wireless Digital Audio System
• A high quality CD
player with builtin connections
for six separate
headphones. Groups
of children can listen
to music and stories
without interruption.
No more messy
• The high power speakers make it ideal for class activities.
• CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats plus built-in AM/FM radio.
• 8 x C type batteries and mains adaptor included.
• Now available with six robust Easi-Headphones (see
product details above).
Easi-Listener with 6 Headphones
Easi-Listener with 6 Easi-Headphones
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Rechargeable Bee-Bot
Easy to use with big arrow buttons and very robust, Bee-Bot
is fantastic for children of all abilities. A large memory of up
to forty steps means you can send your Bee-Bot across the
room to friends or around your own obstacle course. Bee-Bot
will confirm moves and commands with flashing eyes and
optional sounds. It works on rough or smooth surfaces and is
small enough to use on a table. A bundle is also available with
six Rechargeable Bee‑Bots.
Bee-Bot Rechargeable
Bee-Bot Class Bundle 6 pack & dock
Bee-Bot Docking Station
Bee-Bot Carry Bag (for up to 6 Bee-Bots)
Alphabet Mat
Transparent Grid Mat
Ideal for developing literacy and ICT
skills. Can you make Bee-Bot find a
letter? Can he spell out particular
words? Features uppercase and
lowercase letters.
A transparent mat for creating your
own activities. The mat is ready
printed with a grid to suit the BeeBot. Your learners could design
their own mats too!
Giant Sequence Cards
Fairy Tale Mat
Program Bee-Bot to visit characters
and scenery from familiar fairy
tales, an enchanting way of
introducing control. Link literacy
with ICT.
Forty nine durable cards to help
plan your Bee-Bot program. Perfect
for group work.
Alphabet Mat
Treasure Island Mat
Fairy Tale Mat
Have fun exploring and hunting for
treasure. Ideal for teaching control
in the Foundation Stage and KS1.
Complete with support notes.
Treasure Island Mat
Shape, Size and Colour Mat
Transparent Grid Mat
Giant Sequence Cards
Shape, Size and Colour
Help Bee-Bot to find different
shapes and colours as he navigates
this bright and colourful mat.
Combine mathematics and ICT
whilst having fun!
Bee-Bot Starter Pack
Includes one rechargeable Bee-Bot, four activity mats
(Treasure Island, Number Track, Transparent Grid and Long
Transparent Grid Mat), sequence cards and ten white clip-on
Bee-Bot Starter Pack
A great selection of activity mats are available for use with your Bee-Bot. These
really help with developing directional language and provide lots of fun and
educational activities too!
Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot
Download the App to control Blue-Bot, the latest addition
to the floor robot family, from the Apple App Store.
The App enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then
Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. There are numerous
features, which make writing algorithms both fun and
The new Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot helps you
code, debug and simulate algorithms for the new
National Curriculum for Computing. Plan your
algorithm on the screen of your device and send it
remotely for Bluetooth enabled Blue-Bot to perform
right in front of you!
Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot
Blue-Bot Class Pack
See the components inside Blue-Bot through a clear shell
- children can see its buzz! Use the Blue-Bot like a normal
Bee-Bot and programme it on the robot itself. Capable
of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include
repetitions in your algorithm. Blue-Bot is rechargeable and
fits on the standard Bee-Bot Docking Stations. USB cable
provided for recharging.
Please note: Blue-Bot is compatible with any device with
version 3.0/4.0+ EDR Bluetooth (e.g. iPad 3 and later, iPhone
4s and later) please check your device specifications to ensure
it is compatible.
• Compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac.
• Rechargeable so no need to worry about costly batteries.
• Rename your Blue-Bot to make classroom management
• Blue-Bot can be programmed to perform 45 degree turns.
The Blue-Bot Class Pack includes six Blue-Bots and a
Rechargeable Docking Station so you don't need to worry
about storage or batteries, just pop Blue-Bot back on the dock
and it'll charge ready for its next adventure! You can use BlueBot with a wide range of tablets and any PC with Bluetooth
Blue-Bot Class Pack
Pro-Bot 4 pack
This new floor robot is lots of fun, like the Bee-Bot, but is
ideal for teaching more advanced control techniques. The
bright, attractive car design has strong child appeal and
Pro-Bot is robust and durable. Simply use the programming
arrows, which work just like Bee-Bot, or use more complex
commands. The number keys can control the amount of turns
and movement. Procedures can be activated by the sensors
too; you could make Pro-Bot beep and switch its headlights
on. Routes taken can be drawn using the simple pen
mechanism and a standard felt tip pen. Pro-Bot can operate
independently or alongside your PC via a USB connection.
The memory can store over 100 commands, even if powered
off or when the batteries are changed.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Contour+2 Video Camera
Provides beautiful HD
video, a top of the
range specification,
robustness and
ease of use along
with versatile
mounting options.
A GPS receiver allows you to capture and share a different
perspective. Use your mobile device to preview your shot
before and while you’re recording, as a remote control, or to
tweak your camera settings. Achieve clear, crisp audio easily
with the external microphone jack. Shoots 120 frames per
second in 480p.
• Locking Instant On-Record switch.
• Still Photo Mode.
• 1080p Video.
• 270° rotating lens.
• 170° wide-angle lens.
• Laser alignment.
• Mobile connectivity.
• GPS Video Mapping.
• Up to 120fps.
• Live streaming.
• External microphone jack.
• Waterproof case included.
The 270° rotating lens on the Contour+2 Video Camera
allows for mounting in any position. Choose from a Camera
Mounting Bracket, which attaches to any of our Universal
Switch Mountings, or a Roll Bar Mount which attaches easily
and securely to round bars from 2” to 3” in diameter. The Roll
Bar Mount has a double socket arm-and-ball design which
provides excellent rotation to get the perfect angle.
Contour+2 Video Camera
Camera Mounting Bracket
Roll Bar Mount
See for full details and mounting
Easi-View Pro
Robust design, simple download function,
flip-out USB and HD quality recording. Ideal
for teacher or pupils. A brilliant resource
solution for every classroom!
• Clear and easy to use buttons.
• 2” LCD display. • 5.0 megapixels.
• High Definition. • 4GB SD Card.
• 4x digital zoom. • Mini HDMI Cable.
• Still camera, video recorder and playback.
Easi-View Visualiser Pro
Easi-View Pro 4 pack
TTS HD Video and Digital Camera
Reading Pen Oxford Edition
This device has been revised
and will now scan a word or
a whole line from printed
text and then display it in
large characters. It will read
the word to you and then show or read a definition from the
Oxford Concise Dictionary and if you are left handed it flips
it's display over. English voice, simple menu operation and
enhanced scanning. You can also lock the dictionary access
for use in tests. Adjustable speech volume, speed and pitch.
Reading Pen Oxford Edition
E asi-Torch is a simple to use set of six
LED rechargeable torches. They stay
bright for up to three hours, then can
be recharged in the hub supplied.
Includes battery life indicator light,
large easy to use on/off switch and
colour coordinated tops.
This visualiser features a 5 megapixel
camera, 6x manual zoom and 4 x
super bright LEDs on a separate
gooseneck. Position items under the
camera, connect it to a projector or
computer and show everything on
your interactive whiteboard live as it
happens. The powerful zoom allows
you to view detail often not visible to the human eye. Take
pictures and video using the camera function and record
audio via the internal microphone. Tripod base for stability.
HD Video and Digital
A set of four brightly coloured
rechargeable remote control cars
on four separate frequencies for
battery free collaborative play.
Headlights light up as the cars
move forwards and reverse to
change direction. Use indoors
or outdoors. Supplied with recharging docking station for
storage and power adapter.
Beamz Interactive Music System
Transform classrooms into learning
environments where skill building
takes place through music. Universally
designed so it is accessible to students
of all learning and physical abilities
- it’s switch and adaptive keyboard
accessible too. There is now an edition
available specifically created for use
with eye gaze technology!
Beamz’ versatility in its application
context is unmatched; you can work
on cause and effect, directionality, sequencing, fine and
gross motor skills, common core subjects and more. The
extensive music library includes songs from all genre types
and introduces your learners to instruments and music styles.
Songs are created in such a way that musicians and nonmusicians sound great, the first time and every time!
Beamz is being used in homes, schools, rehabilitation
centres and hospitals across the country. Imagine treatment,
intervention and maintenance plans that have your patients
and clients working toward their functional objectives via
music. Includes Beamz laser controller, USB cable, Bluetooth
dongle, Windows Player software and 50-song DVD, Virtual
DJ software, Beamz Apple Store access to Mac Player and
50-song redemption code and an activity guide.
Universally designed so that you can provide your users
with as much, or as little, support as they may need to make
incremental progress. Lasers triggered by:
• Physically interrupting the laser beam with any body part or
object. Using an adapted keyboard.
• Attaching an interface and switch. Using a computer or iOS
smart device with a touch screen or interactive whiteboard.
Beamz Interactive Music System
See for full details.
Beamz Wireless Switch Pack
The Beamz Switch Pack includes everything you need to
make the Beamz switch accessible. The pack includes four
wireless coloured switches, red, yellow, green and blue and a
USB wireless receiver. (Beamz not included).
Beamz Wireless Switch Pack
Beamz Eye Gaze Edition
Supplied with Tobii Beamz Player software, this
edition of the Beamz allows users to break the
beams on-screen using an eye gaze device, either from within
the Beamz software adapted for gaze interaction or a free
Tobii Communicator pageset. Includes 60 downloadable
songs and four beam widths for easy targeting. Software also
available to purchase separately.
Beamz Interactive Eye Gaze Edition
Tobii Beamz Player single user licence
The Skoog
The Skoog is a musical instrument for children of all ages
and abilities. Expressive, tactile and intuitive, a universally
accessible platform for creating and exploring musical sound.
It uses state-of-the-art software to deliver the quality and
expressive character of real musical instruments. Flexible and
simple to use, it offers not only the opportunity for learning,
creativity and expressive musicianship, but also a fun and
engaging audio resource.
The Skoog package contains one multi-touch sensor,
one software CD and comes complete with ten fantastic
instrument sounds. Simply install the software on your
computer, connect your loudspeakers and connect your
Skoog to the USB port and you are ready to play.
Music for everyone
The Skoog puts you in full control of the sound. Fully
adjustable sensitivity and skill settings mean that even an
absolute novice can play like a pro.
With the option to create
custom user profiles
(tailored to suit each
individual), the software is
really easy to use.
• Robust and wipe clean.
• Five adjustable touch
sensitive surfaces.
• A range of instrument
sounds: woodwind, brass,
string and percussion.
• Use traditional scales or create your own.
• Software included.
The Skoog
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Headmaster Collar
A comfortable cervical spine support. Originally designed
for people suffering from arthritis, but has been found to be
appropriate and of great benefit to people suffering from
many other disabilities including:
• Progressive neurological conditions such as motor neurone
• Congenital conditions such as cerebral palsy.
• Whiplash.
• Head and spinal cord injury.
• Burns.
Constructed from surgical rubber tubing around a malleable
core, the tubing is covered with a brushed nylon material
that allows the Velcro attachments to adhere anywhere. Each
collar is supplied pre-assembled and ready to use - just bend
it to the desired fit by hand.
Fitting Instructions are enclosed with the collar.
Extension Pads, Neck Pads, spare Chin Pads and Spare Neck
straps available. Anterior Support is also available.
Choose from six sizes.
Please note this product cannot be returned.
See for further details and prices.
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 127mm (5.0in)
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 114mm (4.5in)
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 102mm (4.0in)
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 89mm (3.5in)
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 76mm (3.0in)
Headmaster Collar
Dimension 'A' 70mm (2.7in)
Important: collar to be fitted by a qualified professional.
Caution: this product contains natural rubber (Latex) which may cause an allergic reaction. Latex free version available –
please contact us for information.
Ergo Rest Mobile Arm Support
• The Ergo Rest provides the answer for those who
require support for their forearm when eating, typing or
working at a table.
• The Ergo Rest reduces fatigue and strain and improves
arm mobility and dexterity.
• Provides horizontal movement.
• Suitable for keyboard operation and a wide range of
other activities, both at work and leisure.
• Quality of manufacture and finish is a major feature.
• Neat and attractive design - the elegant arm support
would not look out of place in any home, office or
• The unit clamps easily to the edge of a table or desk.
• It can be fitted to a wheelchair using the Mobilia
wheelchair clamp and adaptor.
• The height may be adjusted quickly and easily.
• The Ergo Rest has enabled many people to work again.
The Ergo Rest is available with a range of options including different pad and arm
sizes, mouse pads and wheelchair mounting, all with two different clamp sizes.
For full details, options and pricing please see
Micro Voice Amp
EchoVoice® EV6
Speech Amplifier
A new compact voice amplification
system that is sensitive enough to
dramatically amplify the faintest
voice with a 12 Watt digital amplifier
providing high power audio output
and clear sound quality. Designed
to help young or elderly people with voice disorders or
acquired communication difficulties that have resulted
from Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone
disease or from suffering a stroke. The EchoVoice® EV6 will
assist by enhancing even the faintest of voices with minimal
effort required by the user. Only a whisper is required to
provide excellent amplification with the boom microphone.
Alternatively the transdermal (throat) microphone requires
positioning on the side of the throat, providing a more
discreet option for the user.
• Electronic touch button for easy operation.
• Convenient and smart carry case.
• AUX audio function for using as a small speaker.
• Intelligent charge circuit.
• Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
• Innovative sound enhancement.
EchoVoice EV6 Speech Amplifier
Echo® MiniTechT™
A portable personal listener which
can be used with either a headset
or neck loop and gives excellent
amplification in meetings, out
and about or television listening
at home. Sound is picked up by
a microphone that is connected
to the amplifier. Utilizes a digital
volume control that allows a wide
range of volume to be easily,
quickly and accurately adjusted.
The yellow volume control buttons are easy to use. The
addition of active tone control allows excellent adjustability
of bass and treble providing superb sound quality.
Can be used with a digital quality under chin headset, stereo
headphones or if used with a hearing aid, a high powered
neck loop that transmits the sound to the hearing aid when
switched to the ‘T’ setting. The set contains both headset and
neck loop. The MiniTechT™ has a dual purpose LED to indicate
ON/OFF and battery status.
• Dimensions: 95mm x 55mm x 22mm.
• Overall weight: 95g (including drycells).
• Microphone: Electret condenser.
• Headset socket: 3.5mm Stereo.
Echo MiniTechT
A high quality voice amp with loud and clear sound plus
reduced distortion and feedback. Fast charging, extremely
long battery life – integral battery will last for days without
charging. Lightweight and portable enough to wear or carry.
Simple operation – volume control, coloured LED indicators,
mute function. Flexible microphone options – choose from a
high quality AVI Headset Microphone, a Lapel Microphone or
a Transdermal Microphone (worn around the throat).
• Ports: 3.5mm mono input, 3.5mm stereo output.
• Comes with: charger, belt clip, waist strap, user guide and
microphone option.
Micro Voice Amp / Headset Microphone
Micro Voice Amp / Transdermal Microphone
Micro Voice Amp / Lapel Clip Microphone
EchoRA™ Wireless Speech
A portable and wireless speech amplifier system.
• Produces effortless volume and clarity.
• Completely portable and wireless!
• Miniature 2.4GHz microphone transmitter.
• Compact, lightweight expandable speakers that fold away
after use.
• Lithium rechargeable batteries.
• Small and personal - minimum size, maximum sound!
• Use the speakers to listen to your MP3 player or boost a
communication aid’s sound output.
• Includes carry pouch, over ear boom mic, lapel mic,
expandable speakers, charger and audio link lead.
EchoRA Wireless Speech Amplifier
Echo and EchoVoice are all registered trade marks of Hearing Products International Limited.
© 2015 Hearing Products International Limited.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Co:Writer 7 - Word Prediction
Your Word Prediction, Simply Put.
Co:Writer 7 is the only word prediction program to use the
context of a whole sentence to predict the next word. This
provides the most accurate prediction available - crucial for
your most struggling writers. As students write, Co:Writer
offers a list of word suggestions. After hearing the words
read aloud, students choose the word they intended to write.
Co:Writer’s FlexSpell provides every conceivable letter pattern
students will try in an attempt to spell words, so interpreting
phonetic and inventive spelling. It offers correct word
choices that even the most sophisticated spell checkers
cannot produce. Co:Writer 7 works in conjunction with any
application you write in, like MS Word, on web sites, blogs, in
emails, etc.
New Features in Version 7
• USB Flash Drive Support allows Co:Writer 7 to run directly
from a USB drive (no need to install).
• Testing Accommodation Support to quickly restrict features
during tests.
• Simple Interface – just one window
• Works identically with Mac & Windows computers.
• U
se Co:Writer’s text to speech to read the web and text in
any application.
• Network Ready to allow access to students’ writing profiles
on a network server or USB drive.
• Personal Dictionary for quick access to words that are
unique to the user.
Win/Mac CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 10-19 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 20-49 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 50-99 licences each
More licences available see
Co:Writer iOS App for iPad
We kept hearing that the word prediction Apps out there just
weren’t Co:Writer. Well, this App is Co:Writer! It uses the same
word prediction engine as Co:Writer 7. It includes many of the
most important features students rely on like FlexSpell and
Topic Dictionaries. Of course, iOS limits to one application at
a time, so students write in a dedicated writing space then
copy and paste into other Apps.
• Topic specific dictionaries.
• Send text to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter and
Copy to clipboard.
Download from Apple App Store.
Universal Online
Co:Writer Universal works on
iPads and iPhones, Macintosh
and Windows computers
and on Chromebooks
too. Student settings and Topic Dictionaries changes are
automatically updated across platforms. With the iPad/iPhone
App and Google Chrome App, even work documents are
easily transferred from device to device.
Struggling writers need support wherever and whenever
they are writing. In word processing documents, online, in
social media; on laptop and desktop computers, on tablets
and smart phones and on Chromebooks; at school or at
home. Co:Writer Universal provides spelling and grammatical
support anywhere they are working.
• One simple annual subscription.
• Over 4 million topic dictionaries.
• Easy access across platforms.
• Linguistic Word Prediction.
• Testing accommodations.
• Personal dictionaries.
• Data tracking.
• FlexSpell.
Annual Unlimited Site Licence
Don Johnston Set up and Admin Fee
For full details of all Universal Online Subscriptions
Read:Outloud 6
Write:Outloud 6
Text reader and talking web browser.
Simple talking word processor.
Read:Outloud 6 is a text reader that gives struggling readers
access to a whole range of electronic documents - PDF, DAISY,
TXT, HTML and XML. It also has a built-in accessible web
browser so struggling readers can listen to any web page.
Read:Outloud’s study tools (eHighlighters, notes, interactive
outline) help students capture facts and information and
improve reading comprehension.
Write:Outloud 6 is an easy to use talking word processor
designed specifically to support struggling writers. It will
speak out letters, words, sentences and paragraphs in any
combination as the student types, providing real time
auditory feedback. Write:Outloud 6 features a talking Franklin
spell checker and dictionary and speaking homophone
checker to help students easily revise and edit their work.
Students can easily export completed documents from
Write:Outloud 6 to any other word processing program.
Win/Mac CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
More licences available, see
More licences available, see
Draft:Builder 6
SOLO 6 Literacy Suite
Graphic organiser.
Buy all these applications in one SOLO
Suite and save!
Research has shown that
struggling writers typically
spend less than one minute
planning their written
work. Draft:Builder 6
is a graphic organiser
that breaks the writing
process into three
manageable chunks - organising ideas, expanding ideas and
writing the first draft. With this simple structure, students
quickly learn to generate ideas and organise them to form a
coherent written document. Particularly useful for students
with poor organisational skills and helps struggling writers
to develop deliberate, systematic and strategic writing habits
for improving writing quality.
Combines Co:Writer, Write:Outloud , Draft:Builder and
Read:Outloud in one fully integrated package. SOLO can be
less overwhelming than one single application addressing all
of these needs, as each tool can be used independently as
needed to address one aspect of reading and writing that the
student is struggling with.
Win/Mac CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
Win/Mac CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
More licences available, see
See for licence and upgrade options.
All of the Don Johnston software titles listed above, plus Snap & Read, can be purchased as a
Universal Online Unlimited Site Licence. See for details.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
TextHELP Read & Write
Penfriend XP V5
An easy-to-use flexible toolbar containing support features
to make reading, writing and research easier for you.
The software has been designed to address some of the
issues that people with dyslexia face daily, namely reading
difficulties, writing difficulties, problems with spelling and
general literacy support. The software works discreetly with
all mainstream applications, allowing users to learn in an
inclusive setting. Single user licences are now available as
downloads only. Place your order and we’ll send you a link
and licence code – downloading is quick and easy.
Read & Write single Licence PC
Read & Write single Licence Mac
Read & Write single Mobile PC
Read & Write primary site licence
Read & Write secondary site licence
A powerful tool for those with dyslexia
or physical disabilities, adding word
prediction, speech and an on-screen
keyboard to almost any other
software. Fantastic prediction, new
display options and much improved
abbreviation expansion. Works with
your word processor and tries to guess the word you are
typing when you have entered the first letter, the second
letter and so on. One key press then finishes the word for you.
It also learns the words you use frequently and recently, so
it improves as you use it. This information is saved for each
individual user, together with individual settings. In addition,
it is easy for teachers to select preferences, edit children’s
lexicons and add topic specific vocabulary.
XP V5 Windows CD-Rom single user PC
XP V5 Portable single user USB
Penfriend XL V5
A powerful screen reader with multiple on-screen keyboards.
It works in nine European languages and has all the other
features of Penfriend XP. Fantastic prediction, more voices,
homophones and many other improvements. It offers
considerable support for users with special needs, helping
with spelling, confidence and speed of composing text.
XL V5 Windows CD-Rom single user PC
XL V5 Portable single user USB
See for full details and further pricing
See for full details and further pricing
Inspiration V9
StarSpell 3 Downloadable
For visual mapping,
outlining, writing and
making presentations.
Brainstorm ideas,
structure your
thoughts and visually
communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the
diagram and map views. To take notes, organise information
and structure writing for plans, essays and reports, use
the integrated outline view. With Inspiration’s Presentation
Manager, transform your diagrams, mind maps and outlines
into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly.
Supports the planning and writing of essays, stories, letters,
reports, websites, presentations and projects. Export
documents as PDFs - ideal for using resources within a VLE.
Win/Mac CD-Rom single user
More licences available, see
Offers a galaxy of
tried and trusted
approaches to
learning and
improving spelling.
It assists learning through positive reinforcement, and its
style makes it equally suited to mainstream and special needs
education, for adult learners as well as children. Includes a
Phonics section which is designed for use with interactive
whiteboards and complements the English Letters and
Sounds phonics scheme (with matching word lists). Now
available as a downloadable licence.
StarSpell 3 single user licence
StarSpell 3 network site licence
StarSpell 3 additional user licence
WordShark 5
WordShark 5 combines
the excitement of
computer games with
the serious task of
learning to read and
spell. Each of the 60
motivating games is
designed to address
discreet skills in the teaching and reinforcing of reading and
spelling. It has dedicated games to support synthetic phonics,
involving blending sounds into words for reading and
segmenting words into sounds and syllables for spelling.
Word lists and games address:
• Common letter and auditory patterns.
• Prefixes and suffixes. • Homophones.
• Spelling rules. • Alphabet and dictionary skills.
• Use of words in context.
The games and selection of pre-recorded words are specially
structured to assist those with dyslexia, but work equally well
for a wide range of users including able spellers and those
with EAL.
New Features
• New and improved user experiences.
• Easier to use and create lists. • New educational content.
• Everyday vocabulary for EAL work.
• Improved students school tracking record.
Windows CD-Rom
See for more licence options
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Premium V13
Dragon Premium V13 CD-Rom PC
A comprehensive
computer based
and training
tool designed
to help people
with speech and
language related
learning disorders and/or dyslexia.
Lexion can be used to:
Identify specific areas of phonological awareness a child
has difficulty with and devise motivational exercises to help
improve skills in these areas. Help assess any difficulties a
child may have in reading and writing during their first years
in school. Produce comprehensive assessment and progress
reports. Provide individual programmes of work in specific
areas and save them onto disc for working at home too.
Provide a class based teaching programme for fundamental
skills in learning, reading and writing. Pre-designed exercises
are provided for different year groups with terms relating to
the curriculum. Suitable for Reception class children to Year 9,
plus adults with dysphasia.
Lexion Teacher licence Win CD-Rom
Additional Teacher licence
Lexion site licence
Kurzweil 3000
The latest edition of Nuance’s
fantastic speech recognition
software is faster and more
accurate than ever. V13
takes voice command to the
next level with enhanced
features for greater accuracy
and speed when creating
documents, emailing,
searching the web and more. Dragon gives you the power to
turn your voice into text in a quick and natural way - three
times faster than the average keyboard typist. Use a digital
voice recorder and transcribe the audio files back to your
PC. It has an enhanced user interface, improved correcting
and editing, time saving voice commands and improved
speed and accuracy that copes well with a variety of regional
accents and different voices. It allows you to create your own
voice commands for efficient navigation and performing
tasks on your computer. The latest features include new
options to make it easier to use and includes new voice
commands for using social media or email.
Kurzweil 3000 is a
powerful reading, writing,
test taking and learning
tool that can make the
curriculum accessible for
those who struggle to
read or write. It can read
text aloud from digital
and print formats while providing the structured support
necessary to enable individual success.
It is particularly appropriate for those with specific learning
difficulties including dyslexia or those with visual impairment
as well as learners with physical difficulties or who are
learning English as a second language. One of the most
comprehensive and integrated solutions for addressing
language and literacy learning difficulties, it takes a multisensory approach, presenting print or electronic text on the
computer screen with added visual and auditory accessibility
features. It supports the complex tasks of vocabulary
development, comprehension support, study skills and
writing support.
Windows CD-Rom single user PC
See for full details and further licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Touch Type 2
This typing tutor works at
your own pace. See the
letter, hear it, then type
it. A full on-screen picture
of the keyboard teaches
the home keys first,
then introduces the others through a range of exercises. The
program also includes a monitoring system to show where
you need practice. Touch Type 2 is suitable for all ages and
is adaptable for special needs. The program speaks the next
letter to be typed and has the option of changing the font,
font size and font colour - suitable for visually impaired users.
Win/Mac CD-Rom
Five Finger
A complete set of typing
lessons for both the right
and left hand. It teaches the
keyboarding technique for
single handed touch typing on the QWERTY keyboard. Users
learn the home position, then complete exercises which
introduce new keys and revise keys already learned. The
application remembers the last lesson worked on in a user’s
document file. Lessons are graded, starting with simple
exercises. An animated hand graphic on the screen shows the
correct hand movement as keys are typed.
For further multiple user options, see
Win/Mac CD-Rom
First Keys 3
Nessy Fingers
First Keys 3 is the latest
version of the popular
First Keys program. A
friendly introduction
to the keyboard that
uses speech, phonics
and Widgit symbols
in colourful and engaging missing letter exercises to teach
literacy skills. An array of exercises stimulate interest and
develop vocabulary as well as keyboard awareness. Make
spelling exercises to support literacy activities, curriculum
topics or personalised learning.
This touch typing
program also helps
children improve their
spelling skills. Nine
fantastic games using
real words and sentences
provide all the motivation
needed! Explore the land of Ness and battle dragons and
ghosts. Crush Rocky under a giant snowball. Score goals
against the boss gorilla or win trophies in the hall of fame.
The key positions are taught in the sequence of the alphabet.
Set personal speed and accuracy targets. Configurable, with
nine levels of difficulty.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
10 user copy
For further multiple user options, see
Windows CD-Rom (single/home user)
5 user CD-Rom (network)
IT Mouse Skills
Wizkeys Plus
Teaches the many
applications of the mouse in
an entertaining and visually
appealing atmosphere.
Move the mouse over an
object, drag and drop, drag
along a path and practice using drop down menus.
Various clicking activities are included, such as clicking
anywhere, click timing and double-clicking.
Introductions to each activity are provided and the successful
completion of a task is met with a range of pleasing rewards.
Adjust the difficulty level and change the background for
high contrast; ideal for low vision.
Wizkeys Plus is an ideal
pointer controlled
on-screen keyboard
for those with access
difficulties. Includes
powerful word prediction
for a full range of European languages and integrated dwell
select mouse control features. Wizkeys Plus offers the option
to learn new words automatically so that word prediction
becomes increasingly personalised.
Windows CD-Rom
Additional user licence
Windows CD-Rom 1-4 licences each
Windows CD-Rom 5-9 licences each
Windows CD-Rom 10-19 licences each
For further multiple user options, see
Grid 3
You can do so much
more with Grid 3. There
are new tools and
features to make saying
what you want, accessing
your computer and controlling your environment
easier than ever before. There are new ways to
do everything, from symbolised email and SMS to Chat
History and SwiftKey technology that make saying what you
want to say quicker and easier than ever before. Creating
and personalising resources is so simple and intuitive. You
can achieve everything within only a few clicks and it is
quicker than ever to make changes on the go using the
touch-friendly interface. Grid 3 is a complete solution that is
designed to work for everyone. The software is split into six
Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5
Tobii Dynavox Communicator
5 Gold is a software package
that helps individuals with
communication disabilities
communicate efficiently. It
converts text and symbols
into clear speech, and
offers tools for computer access, long distance
communication, environmental control and more.
Communicator 5 Gold comes with language content designed
to match various AAC needs, from emerging communication
to literate adults. The content can be further customized
for specific individuals through easy-to-use editing tools.
The modern user interface, improved workflows and smart
functions enable the user to communicate quicker than
before. The setup guide, quick menu, and improved editing
are only some of the functions that make it easier for
Grapevine Computer Access
provides full
access to all
on a Windows
computer, laptop or tablet, without the need for a standard
keyboard or mouse. For people with limited or no use of their
hands, it facilitates activities like web browsing, social media,
email, document-creation and lots more.
Grapevine includes a speech output feature which can
speak aloud as you type. It can also read text from other
applications like web pages and documents. It works with the
free voice that comes with Windows (and any other 'SAPI5'
voice you want). It can be operated in a number of ways: by
using a mouse, joystick, trackball, touchscreen, head mouse
areas that provide all the tools you need, from symbol and
text communication to computer and environment control.
Accessible Apps in Grid 3 enable you to browse the web,
use social media and much more. There are grid sets for
everything, from making a quick phone call, sending a text or
emailing a photo. A completely new concept in AAC software,
with the Interactive Learning resources you can choose
from 25 exciting animated activities that enable you to learn
through exploration and play. Grid 3 has been designed to be
controlled using any type of alternative access. From pointing
devices to touch screens, eye gaze to switches, Grid 3 has
innovative new features that make alternative access easier
and more effective. The new cloud service means that anyone
can login and edit your grid sets from anywhere.
Grid 3 1-4 licences each
See for further details.
caregivers, SLPs, Special Education teachers, family members
or anyone else that helps the user throughout the day, to
keep the user’s language up to date. While being specifically
designed for the Tobii Dynavox I-Series+, Communicator 5
Gold works on any Windows computer running Windows 7 or
newer, such as the Microsoft Surface.
• Quicker typing speeds for literate eye gaze users.
• Improved on-screen keyboards.
• Improved Edit Button tool for quick changes.
• Instant access to commonly used functions.
• Help to get started.
• Free contents online.
• Free form button shape.
• System status via Status Bar.
• Improved email setup and use.
• Built-in applications.
Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 USB
Downloadable Licence (3 installations)
See for further details.
or eye gaze or by 'scanning' with one or more switches.
Grapevine can empower people to achieve their goals in
employment, education and personal life by opening up a
world of communication, productivity, social inclusion and
• Easy & efficient typing.
• Full keyboard control (Emulation).
• Full mouse control (Emulation).
• Speech output.
• Shortcut pages for common applications.
• Manage open applications with ease.
• Resizable, ‘Stay-on-Top’ keyboard.
• Range of colour schemes available.
Single user PC
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Matrix Maker Plus has been specifically designed to be the simplest and most affordable
software for making communication overlays and educational resources. With an easy
to use intuitive interface, you can start creating and printing straight away with no
need for training.
Widgit Symbols
SymbolStix Symbols
IT Pictures
Over 11,000
Over 13,000
Over 3,000
The ever
expanding Widgit
Symbol Set has
been developed
over the past
25 years and now contains more
than 11,000 symbols, which cover
an English vocabulary of over 40,000
Originally designed
and developed
by News-2-You,
SymbolStix depicts
people as lively
stick figures with no gender, age or
culturally specific attributes, so that
learners can focus on the concepts
without being distracted by detail.
IT pictures
symbols and
ready to use in Matrix Maker Plus.
Each image is clear and concise and is
supported by strong black outlines for
clearer definition.
Download a free Matrix Maker Plus trial now!
Making symbol and picture resources is now as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Choose your template
2. Add your pictures
Matrix Maker Plus has a huge bank of
ready-made templates ranging from
switch and communication device
templates, worksheets and more.
3. Print it out
You can add pictures from either the
IT Media Library, the Internet, your
own pictures from your computer or
take a picture with your webcam.
Once you have added your pictures
and text to your template, it is now
ready to be printed out.
It’s as simple as that!
Matrix Maker Plus comes with over 550 ready to use templates to meet a wide range of needs. All
you need to do is put in your own relevant content and you are ready.
Can make picture timetables and visual schedules,
worksheets and certificates, label their classrooms and
resources with meaningful symbols and text.
Can produce personalised communication books, boards and
overlays, fun therapy games and motivational stickers.
Can make choice boards for home, communication passports,
daily journals and home news resources.
Can provide a versatile, easy to use resource tool that all staff
can use with no training needed. Help make your learning
environment accessible and meaningful.
Windows CD-Rom 1-4 Licences each
Windows CD-Rom 20-49 Licences each
Windows CD-Rom 5-9 Licences each
Windows CD-Rom 50+ Licences each
Windows CD-Rom 10-19 Licences each
Windows CD-Rom Home User
Look out for Matrix Maker Plus Webinars, see
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Boardmaker Software Family
The Boardmaker Software Family helps you create and deliver educational
activities to students with language and learning challenges.
Boardmaker Plus! V6
familiar images from the Internet, your digital camera or
other sources.
• Print and cut out materials with the help of dashed lines
that make cutting easy.
• Create dynamic activities for counting, sorting, sequencing
and more with movable buttons.
• Link boards together into themed interactive units.
• Try more than 250 sample boards and 50 interactive
templates, including communication templates.
• Install optional country specific symbols for holidays, food
and currency.
• Use one of the 44 language translations to support
students with English as a second language.
The premier educational
software among
teachers, speech and
language therapists and
parents for creating and
individualising adapted
content for students with
learning challenges. It
helps teachers and parents create on-screen and printed
symbol based learning activities for students with special
needs. You can create practice quizzes, worksheets, schedules,
books, writing activities, games, communication boards and
other activities that talk, prompt and support your student as
they learn. The creative possibilities are endless.
• Personalise materials by simply dragging and dropping
Please see for bundle options.
Boardmaker Studio
Boardmaker V6
The ultimate classroom resource, Boardmaker Studio has
hundreds of time-saving templates, gadgets and tools.
It’s fast. Create professional print and interactive activities in
minutes with over 150 pre-made templates. All you have to
do is add symbols to each activity!
It’s easy. Create activities from scratch with pre-programmed
tools (gadgets) that let you add sorting bins, timers, spinners
and more to your activities.
It connects you. As soon as you open Boardmaker Studio,
you are connected to thousands of parents, teachers and
professionals online.
Boardmaker Studio Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
Mac OS X CD-Rom
Basic software used to create
and print communication
boards and educational
materials with Picture
Communication Symbols (PCS)
and other pictures and graphics. Includes 159 templates.
Windows CD-Rom
Mac OS X CD-Rom
Boardmaker Win & Addendums
Boardmaker Addendum Libraries
Supplement your Picture Communication Symbol library with
these additional symbols.
2000-2012 Addendum Bundle
Over 5,000 PCS symbols which include animals, history,
science, behaviour, food, health, school and much more.
2012 Addendum Library
Over 1,300 PCS symbols which include science, history, story
characters, health and much more.
2000-2012 Addendum Bundle Win/Mac
2012 Addendum Library Win/Mac
Boardmaker Software Family Upgrades
Please visit for more options or call 01457 819790
Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display
This software helps create a wide range of communication books to suit varying communication,
language and sensory requirements. This comprehensive resource provides detailed information
and a range of templates to support the production and use of Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic
Display (PODD) communication books (requires Boardmaker, see above).
The 3 x CD-Rom set includes:
• An electronic version of the book titled Pragmatic
Organisation Dynamic Display communication books
by Gayle Porter (2007). This publication describes
the theoretical underpinnings and features of PODD
communication books and includes a detailed section on
teaching learning strategies.
• Templates for fourteen different PODD communication
books from simple early functions to complex syntax. These
templates can be viewed and customised using Boardmaker
version 5 or later (not included).
PODD provides practitioners with
templates and guidelines to develop
an appropriate communication
book and also describes
strategies to
Buy with
enable the use of
the system in the
d save!
child’s daily life – at V6 an
home, at school and
in the community.
Who is this resource for?
This resource is for people supporting children who are
learning to communicate using aided symbols (pictographs,
graphic symbols, whole written words). Therapists, teachers
and parents will all have the opportunity to access the
materials in this resource for their clients, students, children
and young people.
What does the resource contain?
The resource provides templates to create a range of PODD
communication books designed for children who use
direct pointing with a whole hand, finger or pointer. Some
of these page sets can also be modified to accommodate
pick up and give/show or partner assisted scanning access
To support you to make customised PODD communication
books, each set of templates includes:
• An information file providing a detailed description for that
communication book’s language, page layout, vocabulary
organisation and navigation pathways.
• Construction files providing specific instructions for
printing and constructing each communication book.
System requirements:
• Boardmaker for Windows or Mac version 5 or later for
printing and customising the templates.
• Adobe Reader.
• CD-Rom drive.
Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display
PODD and Boardmaker V6
Communicate: SymWriter V2
Communicate: In Print 2
A symbol supported
word processor. Writers
of any age or ability
can use Widgit Symbols
to see the meaning
of words as they type,
supporting access to
new or challenging
vocabulary. On-screen
grids allow selection of text, symbols and pictures to assist
writing. The simple grid designer enables quick editing or
creation of content.
Make symbol
supported printed
A desktop publishing
program for creating
printed symbol
supported resources for
school, home, business
or the community.
Includes the facility to make board type layouts. The symbols,
along with powerful features and freedom of layout, help to
create materials that have a professional look.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user licence
5 user copy
10 user licence
10 user copy
See for more licence options.
See for more licence options.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
SymbolStix PRIME is the industry leading, cloud-based symbol creation tool with
an enhanced search engine. Using SymbolStix PRIME, you can create interactive
language and learning materials for individuals with language or learning delays.
Board Wizard™
Create Activities with just 4 clicks!
1 click chooses the template.
2 more clicks to select the Collection to populate.
1 click of the Create button and the Board Wizard
assembles the activity or communication board.
Click to choose a grid size from a 1x1 up to 5x7.
Populate with a symbol collection and watch the
system create the activity in seconds. Choose to
populate with nothing or select symbols for your
custom grid. Search, find and drag symbols to your
newly created blank grid. Made a mistake? Delete the
symbol or drag it to another cell on the grid. Notice
that the symbol label travels with the image!
Activity and Device Templates
Populate project templates with single, multiple, or
collections of symbols from My Symbol Library or My
Collections. Use one of the pre-made templates to
create an activity in seconds. Use, save, print, and store
it for use again in the My Boards section.
Hear the same voice used in News-2-You® and Unique
Learning System®, read communication boards and
activities online with SymbolStix PRIME. View and hear
activities on computers, white boards, and tablets to
enhance and extend instruction.
Read with Highlighting
See text with highlighting as it is read aloud in
activities and communication boards. Change
highlighting colour to meet students’ needs or
preferences during instruction with just a click. Hide
symbols in activities for text-only versions!
Enhanced Search Features
Find relevant symbols faster with predictions in the
search box. Download symbols for immediate use,
move them to the My Symbol Library section for later
use, or insert them into activity templates.
Changeable Skin Tones
Change skin tones of SymbolStix people on the screen
to reflect diversity in a multicultural classroom and
world! With only a few clicks, have different and more
personal representations of actions, occupations, and
For more information visit:
Annual Subscription 1 user licence
Clicker 7 builds on the worldwide success of
its predecessors and makes it easier than ever
for teachers to provide personalised literacy
support across the curriculum.
A literacy tool that enables pupils of all abilities to
significantly develop their reading and writing skills. Clicker 7
offers users a variety of exciting new features:
More pupil support
Clicker Board
Clicker users now have a built-in planning tool to help
them prepare for writing. Pupils manipulate and link words,
pictures and sounds on their Clicker Board, and benefit from
key Clicker support features as they work.
Voice Notes
Pupils can record their own Voice Notes before they write.
This enables them to vocally rehearse their sentences, and
offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial
thoughts and ideas.
Children’s voices
Clicker’s brand new children’s voices give pupils the
opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a
friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with.
This realistic speech feedback encourages them to actively
review and self-correct their work.
Enhanced word prediction
Clicker 7 takes word prediction to the next level; the
suggestions are even more context sensitive, and teachers
can now add new words to the bank to make it completely
relevant to their specific learning content and school
CrickPix graphics library
Clicker 7 includes an even bigger, broader library of over 3500
curriculum pictures. The library gives pupils easy access to
relevant illustrations for their work, and teachers have a high
quality bank of images at their fingertips.
Use at home
Give pupils access to a consistent level of literacy support at
home and at school by investing in the Clicker 7 Site Licence.
This enables Clicker to be installed on all school computers
and the home computers of teachers, TAs and pupils.
More teacher support
Easy activity editing
It was easy to create activities with the wizards introduced in
Clicker 6. Clicker 7 takes this one step further by using wizards
for editing too, making it easy to customise activities for
different ability levels.
‘Getting started’ step-by-step guides
Get instant access to Clicker 7 training materials via the
Quick Start screen. Whether you’re familiar with Clicker or
completely new to the software, the step-by-step videos and
PDFs will help you get started quickly.
Word Pool
With Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker’s knowledge
base to ensure it’s pronounced properly by the speech
engine, suggested by the predictor and accepted by the
spell checker. Word Pool is also a fantastic tool for targeted
interventions - use it to tackle the specific spelling patterns
your pupils are really struggling with.
More access support
In addition to streamlined switch access and full touch screen
compatibility, there are two new access options to Clicker 7;
eye gaze support and SuperKeys, a unique access method for
learners who need bigger target areas.
Single Computer Licence Win/Mac
5 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
10 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
40 Computers (OneSchool) Licence Win/Mac
OneSchool Unlimited Site Licence Win/Mac
Upgrade to Clicker 7
Free content for Clicker 7 at
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Out and About 1 Plus
Out and About 2 Plus
Suitable for non-readers,
Out and About 1 provides
the user with a real life
skills environment. It
includes shopping, leisure,
finance, supermarket,
bank, restaurant, travel,
bus station and college.
Activities include picture matching, what’s wrong, spot the
difference and jigsaw. Includes interfaces, menus and user
setup, along with switch settings and accessibility options.
Entertaining interactive
videos show how to cook
dishes such as sausage
and bean casserole,
baked potatoes, chicken
korma and puddings.
Associated, differentiated
activities include shelf life,
information search, put in order, word search and shopping
list. There are real life signs and symbols, age appropriate
graphics and photographs and extended use of video.
Win/Mac CD-Rom
Win/Mac CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Out and About 3
Out and About 4
Users can listen, watch,
discuss and record their
own commentary whilst
learning about household
gadgets including the
cooker, microwave,
washing machine, iron,
toaster and kettle. Activities
include reveal, sequencing, spot the difference, spell the word
and word search. Includes built-in record keeping, printable
resources, switch, symbol and audio support.
Based around absorbing
real life videos with follow
up activities and supporting
resources, this program
reinforces existing money
skills and introduces new
ones. Topics include personal
budgeting, online shopping,
basic money skills, money recognition, ordering of money
and change. Includes a quiz on money matters and covers
vocabulary such as PIN, receipt, wages and so on.
Win/Mac CD-Rom
Win/Mac CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Lifeskills: 24 Hours a Day
Aimed at older learners
with moderate learning
difficulties. Users are
presented with up to thirty
one different everyday
scenarios in which they
make decisions. Choose
food in the cafe, visit the
Post Office or go shopping. Pay for the goods. Instruction is
enabled through a wide range of support including Rebus
symbols, Makaton sign language and Signalong signing. Input
can be through a mouse, touch monitor or switches.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Makaton Symbols – The Collection
These symbol and
sign graphics from
Makaton offer a
structured, multi-model approach
for teaching language skills. The
Collection 2015 contains all of the
signs and symbol graphics from
the vocabulary collections (except
for Sex Education) and those
from other published resources.
All graphics can be placed on the page, resized or printed
out. They can be used with Clicker, Word, Publisher, ChooseIt!
Maker 2 and many more software titles.
Windows CD-Rom
See for full details and options.
Number Quest Flex Online
Splash! is a flexible tool that enables learners with a wide
range of abilities to create accurate illustrations for Maths and
Science. It forms an accessible work space allowing students
to carry out Maths, Science and drawing activities. Splash!
includes full keyboard access, pointer only access or mixed
mode control. Splash Infant!, Splash Junior! and Splash Senior!
come with lots of easy-to-use resources for KS1 to KS4 Maths
and KS3/4 Science. These resources illustrate the huge range
and diversity of activities and features that Splash! offers
children ages 4 to 16 and older.
If you can’t use pencils, pens, and crayons or struggle to draw
or measure things accurately, or find writing and setting out
numbers hard and things won’t go down on paper in the
way that you want them to, then Splash! can help. There are a
variety of packs and a 30 day free trial available.
Infant Suite (KS1) single user PC
Junior Suite (KS2) single user PC
Senior Suite (KS3) single user PC
Innovative software designed to intensively train
mathematical abilities. The exercises train core mathematical
skills such as number sense, the number line and pattern
recognition. The difficulty level adjusts automatically
following the pupil’s performance, so that the demand is
constantly on an optimal level. A training guide gives advice
about setting up the training and a log book includes a
training calendar and motivational ideas. Available as an
online annual subscription only.
For Number and Memory Quest Flex Online, there are a
number of annual licence options available, see prices
Memory Quest Flex Online
For further multiple user options, see
NumberShark 5
A motivating computer
program that uses 50 games
to teach and reinforce
numeracy and improve
understanding and use
of numbers. The carefully
designed games provide many ways in which to practise
the same information. It is most often used by students
aged between 6 and 15. Most games are appropriate for
any age although a few of the games are more suitable for
younger children. Older students, with reasonable number
skills, can use it to improve their mental maths - sometimes
before exams. It addresses many of the difficulties which
lead students to dislike maths. These include poor short term
memory, limited attention span and poor sequencing skills.
To help those with dyslexia and dyscalculia, many of the
games give a visual idea of what is happening when you add,
subtract, multiply or divide. Fractions and decimals are also
shown visually. Variable speeds and other options meet all
grades of skill.
Single user licence Win/Mac
Single user USB
More licences available, see
Designed to train working memory and improve
concentration. The term “working memory” refers to the
capacity to store and manipulate information for short
periods of time. Learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and
other learning difficulties often have poor working memory.
The software is user-friendly for learners, trainers and parents
and includes 10 modules with 8 different exercises in each.
The difficulty level of the exercises adjusts automatically
following the student’s performance, so that the demand on
the student’s working memory constantly increases. Available
as an online annual subscription only.
Both software titles have been created with financial
support from the Swedish National Agency for Special
Needs Education by a team of psychologists and special
needs teachers.
For Number and Memory Quest Flex Online, there are a
number of annual licence options available.
Site licence (less than 150 students)
Site licence (150-300 students)
Site licence (more than 300 students)
Education licence (5 students/20 profiles)
Individual Training (25 session/2 months)
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
The ChooseIt! Ready-mades Series are a huge collection of educational
activities we have created using our popular title ChooseIt! Maker 2 (see page
116). Choose from 21 titles covering Literacy, Numeracy and Science, offering
comprehensive coverage of the Foundation and KS1 curriculum.
What can ChooseIt! Ready-mades do for my learners?
Ease of use
• Really easy to use for both
teacher/carer and children.
• A simple way of finding what you
need for any lesson. Easy to show
other adults.
• Children focus on the learning
objectives, not the computer.
• Learning is motivated through
positive reinforcement.
• Perfect for all children who need
extra practice with understanding
key concepts.
• Performance statistics are available
and ready to print.
and fun
• Lots of pictures, music and speech
• Great for use with a group on a big
screen, or one to one in a corner.
• Activities can be personalised
using ChooseIt! Maker 2 (page 116),
or simply use each CD on its own.
How do the ChooseIt!s provide extra support?
The ChooseIt! Ready-mades can be used successfully by all children, but have special
features for children who need extra support.
For struggling learners
Easy to use - children can focus on
the task rather than on how to use
the computer.
For children with
coordination difficulties
Large buttons are easy to target with a
trackerball or touch screen.
Physical difficulties
Visual impairment
The Ready-mades are accessible
using switches.
Each CD has clear pictures and full
speech support with a real voice.
For children with autism
Consistent presentation with positive
reinforcement means children are not
distracted, confused or upset. Used
with a group, they are fantastic for
encouraging turn taking.
ChooseIt! Ready-mades
are designed by teachers
and ICT coordinators with
over 20 years experience
in primary and special
ChooseIt! Numeracy Series
These activities map directly to the Foundation Stage,
P-Scales or National Numeracy Strategy targets.
Choose from eight titles:
• Early Number.
Buy all
• Number 0 to 5.
eight and
• Number 5 to 10.
save £33!
• Number 0 to 100.
• Foundation Shape, Space and Measure.
• Key Stage 1 Shape, Space and Measure.
• Time.
• Money.
The full set contains a total of 237 activities and over 6,000
Windows CD-Rom (each title)
All eight titles single user CD-Rom
ChooseIt! Literacy Series
Structured to support the Primary National Strategy, Letters
and Sounds. Choose from eight titles:
• Listening Skills.
• Initial Letters.
Buy all
• Initial Blends: Letters.
eight and
• Initial Sounds.
save £33!
• Initial Blends: Sounds.
• Alphabet.
• Everyday Words.
• Tricky High Frequency Words.
Each CD has over 25 activities with multiple pages. The full
set has over 250 activities and 5,000 pages!
Windows CD-Rom (each title)
All eight titles single user CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom (each title)
ChooseIt! Science Series
Mapping directly to Foundation Stage Knowledge and
Understanding of the World and the National Curriculum Key
Stages 1 and 2. Choose from five titles:
• Foundation Living Things.
Buy all
• Materials.
• Light, Sound and Space.
• KS1 Living Things.
• Forces and Electricity.
The full set has 151 activities and nearly 3,000 pages!
All five titles single user CD-Rom
Titles are available to purchase separately or as multiple users, site licences or Series bundles.
Please specify titles when ordering.
See for full details of all titles and purchasing options.
NEW ChooseIt! Apps - covering
Numeracy, Literacy and Science!
(see page 13).
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Let’s Go To Town
Let’s Go To The Seaside
A superb story program with
nine interactive scenes. Let’s Go
To Town encourages decision
making and discussion of real
life activities at a basic level.
It suits students of all ages,
principally with severe learning
difficulties and/or little reading
ability. The large, eye catching animations are designed with
the visually impaired student in mind, and fun for all of us!
The limited interaction is very useful for students learning
scanning using one or two switches.
Let’s Go To The Seaside is a
delightful on‑screen story book
with decision making activities
and animations to link the
story together. It encourages
the discussion of preferences
and promotes life skills. Each
page has a limited number of things to click on, making it
easy for those learning switch scanning skills. Let’s Go To
The Seaside is also useful for developing early reading skills,
recognising patterns and matching sizes and colour.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Touch Cats
Touch Balloons
• Playful, lifelike, interactive cats.
• Independent play.
• Touch, switch(es) or mouse.
• Five action packed scenes house, alleyway and garden.
• A journey of discovery.
• Drag the cat and it walks with you.
• Hit a switch and the cat explores on its own.
• Language, storytelling, adventure, fun and
For details & demonstration videos see
Great fun on the touch
monitor or Inclusive
Interactive Plasma
Screen. Also use a switch,
mouse or alternative
pointing device. Alter
the colour, speed and
number of balloons;
choose bold or pastel
colours to develop visual skills. You can even change the
background - add your own pictures.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Windows CD-Rom
Site licence
Additional user licence
Touch Screen Bundle
This great value software collection helps teach touch skills at all levels. Software is supplied as single user copies.
Big Bang
Target and Touch: Music
Provides engaging activities at a very
early ‘whole hand’ cause and effect
level. See page 111.
This program is ideal for people with
visual and perceptual difficulties. See
page 111.
Target and Touch: Patterns
Choose and Tell: Nursery
Targeting activities using simple, vivid,
high contrast patterns, shapes and
music. See page 111.
Simple decision making activities that
support emergent literacy skills. See
page 118.
Touch Balloons
Simple, progressive targeting activities.
Touch the balloons to pop them. See
Windows CD-Rom
When purchasing with a touch monitor, touch screen
bundle Win/Mac CD-Rom £225.
Big Bang
Four activities develop visual skills associated with location
(finding something), fixing (holding attention on an object)
and tracking (following movement). Animations include
fireworks, bubbles, frogs, jet planes and acrobats. Use
switches, touch screen, keyboard or mouse.
Big Bang has attention
grabbing full colour
pictures dancing and
swirling around the
screen, along with a
choice of lively music
and sound effects.
Big Bang Pictures
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
levels of visual complexity, together with colour options. The
program includes exciting music and sound effects, you can
also use it with your own music which can also be used at an
experiential level to encourage looking and listening.
Big Bang Pictures has
twenty animated
pictures of every day
objects displayed in
only two colours, for
maximum visual effect.
The eye catching
animations have been
designed with three
Big Bang Patterns
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
colours, with lively music and sound effects to encourage
response and interaction. The animations are bright, bold
and attention grabbing to encourage the user to watch and
interact with the computer. It is designed for working with
people with more complex special needs.
Another CD in the Big
Bang collection for those
working with people
with more complex
special needs. Big
Bang Patterns contains
over sixty different
animations in two bright
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Target and Touch: Patterns
Target and Touch: Music
A range of activities
with different styles of
animated patterns and
music rewards - bright
colours contrasting with
a black background
make them ideal
for users with visual
difficulties. The different
styles and movements of the patterns provide a wide range
of different visual experiences to encourage users to look at
the screen. For full details please visit
Touch screen training
activities with a cast
of twenty musicians,
from classical to fantasy,
with a great selection
of music. It offers lots
of opportunities for
language development
and listening skills. Bright characters on a dark background
really stand out, making this program ideal for people with
visual and perceptual difficulties.
For full details please visit
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
SwitchIt! Extra Series
These motivating cause and effect activities are ideal for early
language work. Press a switch and see flash cards appear,
a picture build up or watch an animated story unfold. For
keyboard, mouse, whiteboard or switch.
Each of these CDs has additional on-screen activities and a wide selection
of worksheets, picture builds and flash cards to print out. For details see
SwitchIt! Bob the
Have lots of fun
adventures with Bob
and Wendy, Scruffty and
Spud, Farmer Pickles and
Bird, Dizzy and Scrambler,
Travis, Scoop, Benny,
Lofty, Muck, Roley and
Pilchard. This switch
accessible program includes computer flash cards, pictures
to build and animated stories, all on the Bob the Builder™
theme. Use with keyboard, mouse, touch screen or switch.
SwitchIt! Technology Extra
This is the latest
title in the popular
SwitchIt! software
series, covering
twelve everyday
sometimes with
results! We can sympathise with the character trying to
turn on their television when faced with a selection of
SwitchIt! Sports Extra
This SwitchIt! program
contains twelve
animated stories
different sports,
plus flashcards and
animations for cause
and effect work.
Watch the footballers use teamwork to score a goal. Find out
why going jogging is good for you. Sprinting, rounders and
This software is available in the UK only due to licencing
arrangements. We are delighted to donate all proceeds
from this software to the New Children’s Hospital Appeal in
See for further information.
We have raised over £79,000 for the appeal
so far!
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Bob the Builder™ and other characters are used with the kind
permission of HIT Entertainment. ©2006 HIT/K Chapman.
remote controls, and everyone has had a disaster with
overloaded supermarket carrier bags! We are sure that lots
of classroom discussion will be encouraged with everyone
sharing their experiences about photo booths, car washes,
vending machines, lifts, mobile phones and more – great
as preparation or follow up for a visit. Use with keyboard,
mouse, touch screen or switch.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
other sports played in school and college are also featured.
Sports played by people with disabilities are included, such as
wheelchair basketball, boccia and new age kurling. SwitchIt!
Sports Extra may be used as part of the PSHE curriculum to
promote healthy living skills. Use with keyboard, mouse,
touch screen or switch.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
SwitchIt! Farm Extra
SwitchIt! People Extra
Lots of farm animals and
farm activities. Cow and
calf, sheep and lamb, hen
and chick, and many more.
All about the people we
see every day. See how
the nurse, lollipop lady,
postman and checkout
assistant do their jobs.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
SwitchIt! Hygiene Extra
SwitchIt! Transport Extra
Includes hair care,
showering, cleaning teeth,
clean clothes, food hygiene
and being well dressed.
A great way of covering
See a rocket launch, go
on an aeroplane and
experience an exciting
helicopter rescue. Also
includes a ferry, car, boat,
cherry picker, school bus,
taxi and train.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
SwitchIt! Weather Extra
SwitchIt! Dinosaurs Extra
Looks at the sun, wind
and rain and their effects:
keeping warm, keeping
cool and phenomena
like rainbows and
Shows dinosaurs’
behaviour, their habitat
and how they hunt or
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
SwitchIt! Christmas Extra
SwitchIt! Wildlife Extra
All the joys of the festive
season! Build a snowman,
pull a cracker, decorate the
tree and wait and see if
Santa Claus will pop down
the chimney.
Looks at different habitats,
the kind of animals
that live there and their
characteristics, behaviour
and diet. Includes
mammals, birds, insects,
reptiles and fish.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Stages of Switch Use
Switch users need a wide range of learning materials to help develop their skills. These
programs can also be used with a plasma screen or whiteboard, touch monitor or mouse.
Cause and Effect...
Switch Timing...
First, the learner needs to be aware
of the relationship between their
switch press and the resulting reward.
Some grasp this immediately; others
need lots of practice with a variety of
Learning to press the switch at the
right time is a very big step in switch
operation. It requires the motor and
cognitive skills to operate the switch
and an understanding of the task.
The next stage of switch control
is selecting required items. This
involves a scanning process
controlled by one or two switches.
It enables access to a wider range of
curriculum material.
Switch Skills 1
This collection of easy
switch timing activities
is fun for all ages. The
exciting themes provide
all the motivation
needed to help students
who understand cause
and effect to develop
more disciplined switch
use. It also encourages speaking and listening and helps
develop concentration skills. The bright, clear graphics are
Switch Skills 2
Twenty activities at an
elementary level. Press
the switch or the touch
screen when a big,
bright object appears
and see an animated
reward. Exciting music
promotes interest.
Higher level activities
require more visual discrimination, although most can still be
played successfully by those with severe visual impairment.
Switch Skills 3
Fifteen activities at
a higher level than
Switch Skills 2, split into
four sections. The first
section features six
activities with a large
target, for example
Splat the Clowns watch a clown move
across the screen and throw a custard pie at him when he
reaches the middle. Other games of a similar nature have
suitable for those with visual impairment and there is lots of
sound and music too. Activities include racing cars, gorilla
and fruit, soccer shoot, traffic lights, catch the crocodiles
and sunflower. Press when you see a car to make it race, or
when the bee reaches the middle of the flower. The Monster
House activity provides an introduction to switch scanning.
Feedback and teacher options are provided.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Configurable options allow you to meet individual needs or
develop learners’ skills in small steps. Four activities provide
opportunities for creative and experimental play by early
switch users, e.g. the spray can zigzags over a wall and sprays
paint when you press the switch. Topics range widely and
should appeal to a wide range of ages. Try out Gopher in a
Drainpipe and Mystery Egg at
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
themes appropriate for older learners. The next section has
four activities which are more demanding, with smaller
targets in different places on the screen. For example,
lighting fireworks. A set of music activities allow learners
to experiment with sound whilst learning to choose using a
switch. There are three exciting video games, such as Jungle
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Switch Skills - Scanning
Switch Skills - Scanning
is a set of twenty two
simple and motivating
switch activities. It is
designed for students
who are learning
how to use switches
to make choices,
either within software
or scanning communication devices. The activities can be
used with one or two switches. The activities are split into
Switch Skills Champions
Features five sports
that are included in the
Olympics or Paralympics.
For one or two players
- useful for developing
turn taking skills.
Try basketball, volleyball,
boccia, ice hockey
or hurdles. You can
change the difficulty level for each player. Includes a simple
training activity for early learners. Just wait for a player to
Switch Skills for Two Set 1
This CD contains sixteen
activities in carefully
graded sections. It
provides an accessible
environment to encourage
the learner to move
beyond the stage of cause
and effect. Thinking,
experimenting, observing
and interacting are encouraged by providing simple activities
that delight and engage. For example, in the Two Objects
Switch Skills for Two Set 2
Eleven more activities
for experimenting and
progressing towards
effective scanning skills.
Also suitable for two
learners as a basis for
cooperative play. Build
Up promotes the use
of one switch to add
items to the screen, with the second switch used to start the
action or watch the animated reward. Build a tin can tower
five sections with increasing levels of skill and complexity in
very small steps. These begin with free choice activities that
allow experimental play. More demanding tasks with specific
targets are then introduced. The CD features a wide range of
themes including music groups, rockets, a funfair, trains, farm
and treasure island, and is part of our popular Switch Skills
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
appear on the screen, then press the switch to win a medal.
Accessible using a switch, mouse, keyboard, touch monitor or
All proceeds are donated to Leonard Cheshire
Disability to provide employment opportunities
for disabled people. We have raised over
£21,000 for the appeal so far!
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence (Windows only)
section, choose to press the left switch (or spacebar) to make
the ballerina dance beautifully, or the right switch to let
the monster do his crazy dance. Or in Interacting Objects,
choose to control a frying pan to try to hit the gopher. There
are spacemen to jump into rockets and blast off, basketball
players to help shoot baskets, a crocodile to be woken up and
fed, musicians to perform and much more.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
and knock it down, make a rocket and launch it, blow up a
balloon until it pops, or sit the children on the roller coaster
and start the action. Move and Get activities are designed to
move learners towards the skills required to use, for example,
a scanning communicator. Activities include loading crates
onto trucks, feeding the croc, dance partners and passing the
ball along a line of basketball players to shoot.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
All our Maker Series offer simple to use framework for making
personalised teaching and leisure activities. Add your own images,
text and sound to meet the needs of your students. Activities can be
created in minutes using our intuitive tools, plus an inclusive range of
access options make these programs suitable for many.
SwitchIt! Maker 2
• Make your own talking books in a matter of minutes with
SwitchIt! Maker 2.
• Press a switch to see a picture, photo or video clip with
sounds and text (also works with mouse, touch monitor or
whiteboard). Press the switch again to turn the page and see
• Use your own digital images or import pictures and sounds
from the Internet.
• Includes a library of over 1,500 pictures, sample videos and
music, including a selection of PCS and Rebus symbols.
Use SwitchIt! Maker 2 for:
Making it motivational - pop music videos, silly sounds,
pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine or motorbikes - put
anything in that will get you interested and interacting!
All about me - keep a meaningful diary or communication
passport. Reinforcing vocabulary - put a photo/picture with the
spoken word and text to help learn new words.
Sequencing tasks - make step by step instructions with photos
of the situation.
ChooseIt! Maker 2
Talking photo
album - share
a multimedia
record of your
holiday or trip.
Story telling make a simple
story book that
can be read
Speaking your mind - use it as a simple communication
tool. Use one switch to scroll through the pages of choices
and a second switch to speak out your choice. Use it in the
classroom or day centre to tell others your preferences (e.g. in
person centred planning).
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Use ChooseIt! Maker 2 for:
Assessment - use the computer to make assessment more
motivating. Great for students who struggle with traditional
picture tests. Use familiar photographs or appropriate
pictures to help assess language skills, number concepts etc.
Quizzes - make learning fun, with everybody able to
participate. Great on the whiteboard or plasma screen.
That’s the one I want - have free choices for activities with no
wrong answers! Vote for your favourite pop star, which story
should be read or where to go today.
• Make your own choice-making activities in minutes.
• Use your own pictures, photos, sounds or text, or pick from
the library of over 1,500 files, including a selection of PCS
• Make the activity as simple or as complex as you like,
choosing from two to six items.
• Have one or more correct answers, spoken or written
instructions and your choice of reward.
• A great introduction to simple switch scanning (or use a
mouse, touch monitor or whiteboard). Auditory scanning is
included too.
Language comprehension - match up with talking books
made in SwitchIt! Maker 2. Can they answer the questions
correctly or match the written word with the picture?
Visual impairment - create matching and choice activities
which enables the choices to speak out. The user can then
listen and press the switch to make their choice.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
ChooseIt! Maker 3 Online is now available - see page 10
SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2
SwitchIt! Maker 2
Older Learners Edition
It’s easy to make jigsaws
of family members, pop
stars, favourite characters
or anything which is
motivating. There are four
levels of complexity to
provide skills progression.
SwitchIt! Maker 2 Older
Learners Edition has all the
benefits of SwitchIt! Maker
2 but also has an interface,
example activities and
graphics library that are
specifically designed for
older learners.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Slideshow Maker
switch or by pointing. The slideshow can also be given a timer
so it automatically stops after a certain time. For early choice
making, a picture board can be set up with between two and
nine pictures to choose from by pointing, switch scanning
or using the mouse. Each picture starts a different slideshow,
then the picture board is shown again, this is good for turn
taking with a group. More able learners who can use a mouse
or touch screen will enjoy making their own slideshows
with the editor, which is free of clutter and the buttons are
large and have symbols. You can get pictures from a camera,
the Internet, or webcam, then change their order in the
slideshow using simple drag and drop. Full export features
allow you to share slideshows.
Makes it easy for the busy SEN or Early Years practitioner to
make simple slideshows with accompanying music for early
switch users. The slideshows can also be used with a touch
screen, plasma or mouse. Simply choose a set of pictures, add
a music track and you’re away. Slideshows can be started and
stopped using one or two switches. This is useful for teaching
two switch control or taking turns, and is invaluable for
learners with PMLD or those learning to make choices using a
Slideshow Maker is available as downloadable software
SwitchIt! Facemaker
Card Maker
Add your own photos of
children, teachers, parents
(anybody!) to SwitchIt!
Facemaker and decorate
them with hats, beards,
glasses, earrings and
more. Nearly 100 features
give you thousands of
combinations, engaging
students in creative exploration and experimentation.
Card Maker allows you to
create cards and invitations.
Choose one of twenty
eight different cards
with occasions including
Christmas, birthdays, Easter,
anniversaries and more.
Choose one of eighteen occasions for the
invitations and customise each one.
Single user Activation Code
5 user Activation Code
10 user Activation Code
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Windows CD-Rom
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Choose and Tell: Nursery
Choose and Tell:
More Nursery Rhymes
• Choose from Humpty
Dumpty, The Grand Old
Duke of York, Old Mother
Hubbard, Old King Cole or
Baa Baa Black Sheep.
• Take Baa Baa Black Sheep
off to the beach on a
space rocket, or go to the
castle with Humpty Dumpty on his green boat.
• Great for getting children to use their imagination and think
about creating a narrative.
• Choose from Little Bo
Peep, Mary Mary Quite
Contrary, Little Jack
Horner, Yankee Doodle or
Pussy Cat.
• Decide where to go and
what to do.
• Great for getting children
using their imagination.
• Lots of fun adventures to enjoy, with delightfully comical
• Lots of images are available on the CD for printing in colour
or for children to colour in.
Windows CD-Rom
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Choose and Tell: Legends
Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales
• Embark on a magical
adventure based on
exciting legends from
different cultures.
• Choose from Jason, Sir
Lancelot, the Pharaoh,
Hiawatha or Rama.
• Packed with fun decisions
to make and challenging puzzles to solve.
• Encounter monsters and answer questions relating to the
Key Stage 1 curriculum.
• Configurable difficulty level.
• Choose from Snow
White, Beauty, Cinderella,
Princess Aurora (also
known as Sleeping
Beauty) or Rapunzel.
• Travel in a pumpkin
coach, on a funky moped
or groovy rollerblades.
• Will you visit a fairy tale castle or go to the supermarket?
• Will your heroine find her Prince Charming - or will a
magical kiss lead to a different surprise? Of course, they all
live happily ever after.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
5 user copy
Site licence
Site licence
Windows CD-Rom
Choose and Cook
An easy, fun, story based
program about preparing
food and being in the
kitchen. Aimed primarily
at non-readers with severe
learning difficulties of
all ages, and perfect for
mainstream primary classes. Pupils choose a meal to make,
then find the ingredients in the kitchen.
They are taken through the cooking and preparation process,
where they choose the correct utensils. Finally, they invite a
friend and enjoy the meal together.
This program can be used in tandem with real cooking
lessons. The simple recipes have been chosen because they
can all be easily produced in the kitchen.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Counting Songs 1
Ideal for Early
Ideal for providing
visual prompts for the
language we use in the
classroom. Pictures and
text can speak, giving
extra motivation and
reinforcement and making
MyBoard scenes more interactive and
inclusive. Target specific speech and
language skills for individuals or make
relevant group activities.
• Ideal for group use on the plasma, or
use it on the computer with a mouse.
• Make activities for your learners or just
let them be creative!
• Lots of flexible, easy to use tools and resources.
• Make your own sorting and sequencing activities, literacy
games, numeracy tasks, 3D construction sets, colouring
books, dot-to-dots, board games, design and technology
activities, maps, circuit diagrams and all sorts of scenes to
promote creative play. The list is endless.
• MyBoard includes a wide range of sample activities to adapt
or to get you started.
• Over 2,000 sample pictures are provided. You can also use
images from your digital camera, the Internet or a webcam.
This fun and stimulating
software is aimed at
children just mastering
early numbers. It
features ten popular,
traditional songs, seven
of which have been
re-written to count up from 1 to 5. Lively tunes and lovable
animated characters engage the children, encouraging them
to count along with the music. The songs are offered in three
progressive stages:
• Playing all the way through.
• Counting before each verse.
• Asking the child to count before each verse.
A set of accompanying activities consolidate and expand
the childrens’ counting skills. These are also offered in three
progressive stages: simple counting of one character after
another; counting characters along a number line and
identifying sets of objects. The program can be used with a
touch screen, mouse or switches.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
Counting Songs 2
Ideal for KS2.
Ten original,
contemporary style
songs with entertaining
animations, designed
for KS2 children with
learning difficulties.
Seven of the songs
count up from 1 to 5, whilst three count down. May also be
suitable for some Early Years learners.
Windows CD-Rom
5 user copy
Site licence
For further information, videos
and reviews visit
or speak to us on o1457 819790
iPad & Android Apps
We have created over forty
motivational Apps specifically for
children. They have been carefully
designed to meet a range of special
educational needs including switch
access for those with physical
The Apple Volume Purchase
Programme allows educational
institutions to purchase iOS Apps
in volume and distribute them to
pupils, teachers, administrators and
for full details.
Tel: 01457 819790 • Fax: 01457 819799 • Email: [email protected] •
Inclusive Professional Development
Whether you are new to the field of assistive
technology or just want to update your knowledge
of the latest developments, our FREE Professional
Development is a great opportunity for educators,
therapists, advisors and others working in the field
of special needs to come together and see how the
newest assistive technology is changing the lives of all
learners. Delivered by members of our respected and
experienced Information Team, these sessions are
packed with practical ideas and advice.
FREE Information Days
iPads and Tablets for Special Needs
Eye Gaze in the Classroom
Tablet technology has changed the way many of us use
technology daily for work and leisure. The iPad and other
tablets have overtaken the computer as the way to access
the Internet or play music and video and we use tablets for
everything from shopping to reading a book.
Eye gaze technology offers a quick, easy and less tiring way
of accessing the computer than traditional methods, such as
switches and scanning.
Many special schools and services are investing in iPads and
tablet technology but what do they offer to our students with
special needs over the standard desktop computer? This day
will look at using tablet technology with students with special
needs in a realistic way, looking at both the advantages and
The new range of low cost eye gaze trackers is leading
special schools and services to begin using eye gaze as part
of their inclusive accessible classrooms and access resource
kits alongside more traditional assistive technology such as
switches and joysticks.
• What is a tablet?
• The advantages and disadvantages of using a tablet.
• Choosing a tablet – iPad, Android or Windows?
• What is an App and where do you get them?
• Protecting your tablet.
• Positioning and mounting your tablet.
• Tablets and Augmentative and Alternative Communication
• Adapting your tablet: Access options in tablet operating
• Switches and tablets.
• Choosing a switch interface.
• Using switches on a tablet.
• Apps to develop switch skills from cause and effect to
choice making.
• Creating personalised resources for tablet users.
It offers us an opportunity to obtain objective and functional
feedback and analysis of our student’s visual skills and
preferences. This day will provide you with a structured
method of using eye gaze with your most profoundly
disabled students in a successful way.
• How does eye gaze technology work?
• Choosing an eye gaze system to meet your aims.
• The Learning Stages of Eye Gaze – Assess, Include, Engage
and Empower.
• Assess: Using eye gaze for assessment of visual skills and
individual preferences and comprehension.
• Include: From Cause and Effect through to Choice Making
and access to the curriculum.
• Include: Using eye gaze with other software.
• Engage: finding motivating activities from game playing to
music creation.
• Empower: Providing access to the Windows environment.
• Empower: Using eye gaze to control your environment,
from toys to the automated home.
Key Dates
Key Dates
Southampton Nottingham Bristol York Cardiff Newcastle Norwich 28th January 2016
3rd March 2016
17th March 2016
28th April 2016
19th May 2016
25th May 2016
15th June 2016
Cardiff York Norwich Newcastle Bristol Nottingham Southampton 13th January 2016
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Our Inclusive Apps can be purchased
via the Apple App Store or Google Play
Store. Designed to meet a range of special
educational needs including switch access
for those with physical disabilities, there are
over 40 motivational Apps to choose from.
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see page
A complete eye gaze solution for the classroom.
From cause and effect to communication.
Assess, Include and Engage your students with the Inclusive EyeGaze Education package.
The Inclusive EyeGaze Education package includes a full set of Inclusive Eye Gaze titles,
Attention and Looking, Exploring and Playing, Choosing and Learning, and the myGaze
Eye Tracker. The package includes everything you need to introduce eye gaze into the
classroom for students with all levels of ability.
What’s included?
Attention and Looking,
Exploring and Playing, and
Choosing and Learning
Eye Tracker and
EyeMouse Play
myGaze Assistive Gaze Technology by Visual Interaction.
The new affordable eye tracker for a wide range of users.
See page 30 for more details.
These 54 fun and meaningful activities can be used with any
child trying their first steps with eye gaze.
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