Group Wiki

Group Wiki
Group Wiki
You may be asked to complete a wiki as part of a group assignment. The wiki will be accessed
through your group panel (Figure 1) from within your module on Succeed. Only you and your group
members will have access to edit the wiki, the wiki can be set to allow only your group & lecturing
staff access or the entire module group.
Figure 1: Groups Panel within module
Wikis allow group members to contribute and modify one or more pages, providing a means of
sharing and collaboration. Users can create and edit pages quickly, while tracking changes and
additions, allowing for effective collaboration between multiple writers.
Getting started
Each newly created group wiki requires a first page, which is the home page. When you access a new
wiki for the first time, a message appears at the top of the page prompting you to create a home
page. The home page always appears first in the wiki page list, making it an ideal page for
instructions, contents or if you are not using separate pages for the main content.
You or any group member can create the home page. No one can delete the home page but any
group member may edit it.
To create a wiki home page, navigate to your wiki from your group area on your Succeed module, if
no other group members have created a wiki page the following page will be displayed.
Figure 2: Create a new Home Page
Type a name and a description and click Submit.
Editing a wiki page
Any group member can edit a group wiki page, unless the function has been disabled. Your lecturer
might choose to disable editing when it is time to grade the wiki pages.
When a user is editing a wiki page, it is locked for the duration of 120 seconds to prevent others
from editing the same page. Users are informed that another user is currently editing the page. The
lock will expire in 120 seconds regardless of a user's activity/inactivity. After 120 seconds, another
user can start editing the page and a new 120 seconds lock is placed on the page.
To edit the page, simply click edit and then start typing in the text editor.
A wiki stores each version in its history, which
includes who made changes, and what changes
were made, you have an opportunity to retrieve
information about the development and
contributions for any individual. You can
click History in a page’s contextual menu to see
how a page was modified, view any version, and
Figure 3 : Using the wiki contextual menu
compare two versions side by side.
Use the following steps to view a page history
and compare two versions.
1. Select ‘History’ from the wiki contextual
2. Select two versions that you wish to
compare and click ‘Compare Versions’
3. The Page comparison window opens,
showing any additions in green and any
deletions in red with a line through.
Figure 4 : Comparing wiki page versions
Figure 5 : Viewing Page Comparisons
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