Counselors’ Corner El Jardin Elementary School November Advice

Counselors’ Corner El Jardin Elementary School November Advice
El Jardin Elementary School
Counselors’ Corner
Mrs. A. Del Angel‐Garcia
Novemeber 2014
November Advice
Students who need help often do not ask for it or wait
too long to get it. You will find that your teachers and
counselors want to help you, but they cannot read your
mind! Most teachers have tutorials, which is a good
place to start. See your counselor and
teachers for more information.
Internet Safety!!
Technology, technology, technology!! Can you imagine what the our world would be like without
the use of our smart phones, IPads, tablets, and internet. Many students are now discovering
and joining social media networks such as facebook, twitter, and instagram to name a few. My
fellow 6th graders I urge you to proceed with caution! Don’t be fooled, beware these social media
networks can be a dangerous recipe for disaster. If you decide to give in and follow the current
technology trend, please consider the following safety guidelines when surfing the net:
1. Don’t use your real name when registering for an account
2. Set strong privacy settings
3. Don’t post any contact information on your profile.
4. Don’t ever post your location or that you are at home alone.
5. Always report any cyber bullying or abusive postings.
6. Make sure your parents are aware and have access to your account.
November 18, 2014 Career Day 5th
November 24th-28th
Thanksgiving Week
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