Applications for S Gauge Installation

Applications for S Gauge Installation
AF Big Boy by Lionel
9vBRLT installation
Add Dallee #598 as shown.
Locate the two red and two gray wires that are in
heatshrink tubing. Remove the tubing by carefully
cutting open. Attach the red wire from the Dallee
#598 and cover the connection with either heat
shrink tubing or electrical tape.
Then slide wires back into nylon ty wrap holder.
Next, connect the battery snap connector from the
Dallee 598 to the existing battery connector. Then
place the 598 into the battery holder. It's best to
position it upside down. Be carful not to pierce the
casing. You can also elect to attach the 598 using
double sided tape. There is plenty of room to do so.
Finished installation:
Rear of tender showing battery location and 9v connector
with protector removed.
When the final unit is installed. Make sure the wires are positioned so
that they do not become pinched when reassembling the chassis to the
tender shell. Your ready to use your Big Boy without ever requiring
batteries at this point.
While the tender is apart, you may want to add a 4.7k, 1/4 watt or larger,
resistor in series with the rear red LED's. This will cut their intensity to
something more tolerable. The connector between the tender and chassis
has a diode soldered to the second RED wire. You can see the bulge in
the long heat shrink coating. Gently cut the heatshrink to expose the
solder connection between the diode and red wire. Then unsolder them,
solder in the resistor, and attach the red wire to the other end of the
resistor. Don't forget to put the new heatshrink tubing on the wire so that
you can slip it over the connection as well as the resistor and it's other
end which is attached to the diode. This will make a profesional looking
modification. Otherwise, make sure to cover it all with electrical tape.
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9vBRLT - AFL Northern Installation
by using the 9vBRLT, a battery is not required in this locomotive! Plus, you only have to
open your tender up one time for installation instead of many for battery replacement.
Side view.
Connect the battery snaps together.
Make sure they do not short to the
chassis or any other metal object.
Second, connect the RED wire to the
right rail pickup. Either secure the
9vBRLT to the battery holder or in front
of it. There is plenty of room!
est. 1976
9vBRLT, installed upside down. Spread
battery bracket slightly at it's base to
allow for a snug fit. Don't spread too
much or the tender shell will not clear.
Item #598, 9vBRLT
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