F4 MAS MB spec eng

F4 MAS MB spec eng
MODBUS Network Master
Modbus RTU
Network Master
Modules per CPU
Eight maximum, any slot in CPU base
Ports 1 and 2, RS-232/422/485 selectable, maximum baud rate of 115.2K baud.
Note: Select port 1 or port 2 as the Modbus port (only one can be configured as
a Modbus port.) If port 2 is configured as the Modbus port, then port 1 can be
configured as a debug port.
Recommended Cable
Belden 9841 or equivalent (RS-485)
Belden 9729 or equivalent (RS-422)
Power Required
235mA max at 5VDC (supplied by base power supply); 350mA for F4-MAS-MBR
0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F), 5% to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
FACTS Engineering
DL405 CPU with Modbus
Master Module
Modbus Network using
RTU protocol
Our Modbus Master module allows you to
use a DL405 PLC as the network master
for a Modbus RTU network. The module
communicates with any network slave by
using high level Modbus commands.
Network slave
Network slave
Network slave
Typical network slaves might include PLCs, drives, PC, etc
Easy setup
and operation
Module setup is accomplished by loading
values into special V-memory locations
inside the DL405 CPU. The data read or
written is also stored in the CPU’s
V-memory area, which makes it easily
accessible for use in control schemes. If
simplicity is your primary concern, you can
use the DL405 RX and WX instructions in
your ladder program to initiate read and
write requests. Minimal setup is required
with this option and it is especially useful
for event-triggered data exchanges. If you
have more complex data requirements,
you can use the Table Read/Write capability. By filling in a special block of the
CPU’s V-memory, you can specify a slave
address, starting data address, and
number of bytes to transfer. This option
requires more setup, but it is also more
useful if you need to constantly exchange
data with several slave stations.
PLC Products
1 - 80 0 - 633 - 0405
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