Mouse Jumping Problem

Mouse Jumping Problem
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Service Bulletin 29062011-01
Applies to FHL Wind Data Logger installations on
existing computers
The jumping mouse windows bug
When a PC starts up and an NMEA device is connected, the
Windows operating system thinks that a serial trackball has
been installed. The system then starts to interpret NMEA
messages as mouse movements. Your mouse cursor seems
to jump all over the place and it becomes impossible to
control your machine.
To solve this problem either temporarily or permanently, do one of the following:
1) Make sure the NMEA device is either switched off or is not plugged in when you start your
system. (unplug the USB or Serial cable transfering NMEA data)
2) Start the system with the NMEA device plugged in and switched on - your system will
recognise it as a mouse or trackball and go a bit crazy. Before it manages to click on anything
too important unplug or switch off your NMEA device.
This will enable you to control your system without the NMEA device creating random cursor
movements. Go into the control panel, select the mouse icon, go to the hardware tab and you
will see your normal mouse or mice listed as well as the annoying phantom mouse which is
really the NMEA device.
You can disable it in this dialog by selecting the phantom mouse, clicking on the properties
button and disabling it at the bottom of the properties dialog. You only have to do this once in
the lifetime of your computer.
Your system will then start normally whether the NMEA device is plugged in or not as you start
up (i.e. it will continue to recognise the NMEA device as a mouse, but will know that it's disabled
and not use it).
If you start your computer without the NMEA device plugged in, then the NMEA device will not
appear in the list of mice in the control panel, so you can't disable it in the way outlined above.
If you have to change the connection port then you have to
repeat the above procedure
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