| Turning on the System Playing a DVD or CD

| Turning on the System
Turn vehicle ignition to ON or ACC.
Press POWER on the front display
or wireless remote to turn on each
| Playing a DVD or CD
Press and release the SOURCE
button on the front control panel or
on the remote control until
“DVD PLAYER” appears.
Press on the bottom of the front
face to pivot the unit downward and
access the DVD/CD slot.
With the label facing away from you,
insert a disc into the disc slot. Do
not force disc into slot. If a DVD/
CD menu appears on the screen,
press PLAY or ENTER as instructed
on the screen. Most discs will load
and play automatically.
To obtain the best viewing angle,
adjust the display angle as needed.
| Using Vehicle Speakers
Press the SPEAKER button.
ADJUST” will appear on screen.
Tune vehicle’s radio to FM frequency
displayed on unit. (see owners
manual for more information).
| Adjusting Screen Settings
Press and hold DISPLAY on the
remote. Navigate and adjust settings
with arrows on the remote.
| Using USB and AV Inputs
Set the SOURCE to “DVD”. Insert
USB drive into front USB port,
under right side cover. Use Arrows
to navigate files., and ENTER to play.
Set SOURCE to “AUX”. Use the
device to control media playback
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