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SureStart Automatic Low
Voltage Disconnect Switch
Electronically senses battery voltage and
conserves starting power. Prolongs battery
life by preventing battery damage.
Features & Benefits
• Overcurrent, short-circuit and over-temperature
protections offer safe and reliable operation.
• Eliminates contact wear and extends service life to
≥ 1,000,000 On-Off cycles.
• Resistant to vibration and mechanical shock.
• Withstands contamination from moisture, dust and salt spray.
• Draws minimal quiescent current of 2mA.
• Pre-disconnect warning is provided by a visual or audible alarm
(sold separately).
• Built-in “snooze timer” allows one hour override
(factory programmable).
• Automatically disconnects non-critical loads from a battery when
the battery voltage falls below a predefined threshold. Automatically
reconnects the loads to the battery when the battery is being charged.
Automatically prevents the loads from disconnecting during starting.
An optional ignition override input is also provided.
• Manual override option permits a user to make or break the connection,
regardless of the battery voltage. (Switch sold separately.)
150A 12V
200A 12V
• Environmental: -40˚C to 85˚C. SAE J1455 & J1113
• Electrical: 150A or 200A continuous. Inrush: 500A
12V 50mA
(for 5 seconds). 2mA max quiescent current.
LED and/or Buzzer
• Ignition-proof to ISO 8846.
• Disconnects when battery drops below 12.1V for
Ignition Switch
2 minutes, reconnects when battery meets or exceeds
13.0V for 10 seconds. (Factory programmable)
• Alarm: Active low, 50mA.
Activates 1 minute before disconnect. (Factory programmable)
• Accuracy: ±100mV
• Electronics sealed to IP67.
+ Battery
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Low Voltage
Disconnect Switch
Cole Hersee Co.
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