Intelligent-Weigh 10 Dealer Setup

Intelligent-Weigh 10 Dealer Setup
Intell-Weigh 10™ Dealer Setup Guide
Special Notes:
 To turn the Intell-Weigh 10 off, you must press and hold the power button until the unit powers
 The Intell-Weigh 10 can communicate using either RS-232 or RS-485; default is RS-232.
 Refer to page #26 in the User Manual for Error Messages.
 See Page 7 of the User Manual for load cell connections.
To Configure and calibrate the indicator
1. Access the “LOCK” switch through the opening in the rear housing and move it to the left
(”ADJ”). The unit can be on or off.
2. Display shows “Set”, then 01 CSP; press ENTER to set the decimal point.
3. Display shows “CSP 00”; press ENTER to select the decimal point position.
4. Press ZERO/+ or TARE/- to display the decimal point position you require.
5. Press ENTER: display shows “CSP 01”.
6. Press ENTER to set the scale capacity.
7. Display shows a flashing number: use the GROSS/NET button to move to the left, and F2 to
move to the right. Use ZERO/+ or TARE/- to change the value of each digit.
8. Press ENTER; display shows “CSP 02”.
9. Press ENTER to enter the division value.
10. Display shows “Ct” and a flashing number; press ZERO/+ or TARE/- to select the division
value you want.
11. Press ENTER; display shows “CSP 03”.
12. Press ESC to return to the main menu.
13. Display shows “01 CSP”; press ZERO/+.
14. Display shows “02 CAL”; press ENTER to continue to calibration.
15. Display shows ”ZERO” and the unit type – select lb or kg by pressing the F1 key; press
16. Display shows “. . . . . “ with the last period blinking; when finished with zero calibration,
display shows “SPAN”, then flashing numbers.
17. Enter the weight of your calibration weight and load it on the platform. Use the unit of
measure selected (lb, kg).
18. Press ENTER.
19. Display shows “. . . . . “, with the last period blinking; when it is finished with calibration you will
see “02 CAL”.
20. Move the “LOCK” switch back to the right (“LOCK”) position. The weight must be removed
from the pan at this stage.
21. The indicator will go through its start up sequence and then enter weighing mode.
22. Replace the plug in the “LOCK” access hole in the back, and seal it with a tamper evident
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