The perfect match for a building-wide lighting control system. OSRAM QTi DALI ECG.

The perfect match for a building-wide lighting control system. OSRAM QTi DALI ECG.
The perfect match for a building-wide
lighting control system.
It’s nice when a
lighting plan works.
Dear new buildings,
There really are much simpler projects than you. On
the one hand we have to be creative and use glass,
brick and concrete to turn you into reality. On the other
hand you need us to be realists who keep a watchful
eye on practical aspects, safety, and above all costs,
costs, costs. Now help is at hand – at every stage from
planning to implementation: OSRAM QUICKTRONIC ®
INTELLIGENT DALI® – the intelligent DALI® ECG.
OSRAM QTi DALI® is the innovative alternative to a conventional DALI® ECG. It is incredibly versatile, simple
and efficient.
True to the motto: “it is a clever man who knows where
to find what he is looking for”, over the next few
pages you can find all you need to know about the new
So for your next project you should create a bridge
between creativity and practical necessity – with
With DALI® you can do anything.
Except the wrong thing.
Lighting groups
DALI® in detail.
DALI® is the perfect way to turn your plans into reality. Whatever you want
to illuminate, DALI® makes lighting planning as uncomplicated as installing
the equipment itself.
The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface or DALI® for short is the interface
protocol for controlling digital lighting equipment in buildings (for example
electronic transformers, ECGs and electronic dimmers). Each unit that has
a DALI® interface can be individually controlled via its DALI® address.
The control line is protected of course against polarity reversal and can be
routed together with the power supply for example in a five-core sheathed
cable. There is no need for special cable. The control line simply has to be
rated for line voltage.
The lighting groups do not have to be assigned at the planning stage. They
are simply assigned via the gateway. Even planning of the control line can
be separate from planning of the power supply. From now on, we can talk
about time and not pressure. Defining the lighting groups is stress-free.
A maximum of 64 ECGs can
be controlled per gateway.
One gateway can replace
up to 16 switching/dimming
EIB, LON, Ethernet (IP feedback, ECG status messages, lamp status)
Luminaires with DALI ® interfaces are
integrated in building automation systems
with EIB, LON and Ethernet via a gateway.
This makes planning and installation easier and you get greater functionality.
And the best thing is that OSRAM has launched QTi DALI® ECGs, which
are even more efficient, versatile and innovative. It’s good that advanced
technology is becoming more and more popular, starting with you.
EIB, LON, Ethernet (IP feedback, ECG
status messages, lamp status)
DALI® control cable,
max. 300 m
of 64 units
can be
All broadcast
Perfect teamwork:
If you plan your building-wide lighting control system
right from the start with QTi DALI ® you can look
forward to dream combinations every bit as accomplished as a top soccer team. QTi DALI ® is the
perfect partner for building-wide lighting control.
See for yourself just what modern interplay in the
world of lighting really means.
Olympic Stadium, Berlin.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Your greatest advantage:
there are no disadvantages.
Five quick reasons for OSRAM QTi DALI®.
Neutral conductor
Protective earth
Optimized system performance: For OSRAM QTi DALI® ECGs this
means achieving the same amount of light with less energy and therefore
lower energy costs.
Multilamping: Just a few different ECGs can be used to operate more than
26 different fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps at their rated data.
Luminaires with a length of 1.5 meters for example can be equipped with
35, 49 or 80 W T5 fluorescent lamps. Up to three different lighting levels can
therefore be achieved with just one luminaire.
Ident number: Each QTi DALI® ECG has a readable identity number
which makes commissioning really easy (for example on the building site).
Faster, simpler and more cost-effective.
0.5 s: QTi DALI® ECGs from OSRAM start lamps in only 0.5 seconds,
which is much gentler on the lamp. This ensures that the lamps reach their
full service life even with frequent on/off switching and dimming.
Hot/cold: In combination with dimmable amalgam fluorescent lamps, such
as the new OSRAM DULUX® HO CONSTANT, not an extra watt is used
to provide full light output. You therefore always get sufficient light, even in
particularly hot or cold environments.
No problem: With OSRAM QTi DALI® you have to try very hard to get
things wrong.
If you use your energy wisely you
don’t risk burning out too soon.
This applies not only to people working 50 hours a week
and more, but also for lamps expected to last 18,000
hours. In a typical office application that is equivalent to
a lamp life of up to 7 years – thanks to OSRAM DALI®
ECGs. Fluorescent lamps therefore not only burn longer,
they use up to 11 % less energy. Hour after hour after hour.
BMW headquarters, Munich.
Equipped with OSRAM QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Sustainability also means
sustaining your interest.
OSRAM QTi DALI® – the same light from lower power
consumption throughout the entire dimming range.
Light on.
61,5 W
59 W
59 W
Records are there to be beaten. This is why OSRAM is constantly working
on innovative solutions. The results of this work have made QTi DALI® ECGs
up to 10 % more economical than conventional DALI® ECGs. Or to be more
precise, for a luminous flux of 1 % you get up to 11 % savings. And a full 4 %
at 100 % luminous flux. And of course performance remains unchanged.
System wattage
Energy savings of up to 11 %.
Light off.
61,5 W
System wattage
Developed to be efficient. OSRAM QTi DALI® ECGs are renowned for their
optimized system output. In the dimming range from 80 to 100 % we even
switch off electrode preheating. For a 54 W ECG and a 54 W lamp they
achieve the greatest energy savings of up to 11 % and a life of 22 years.
Good news for nature, and for the accounts department.
No standby consumption
thanks to repeater.
Luminous flux
100 %
Luminous flux
100 %
Consumption with standard DALI ® ECGs
And if an SO type repeater is used then there is not even any standby
power consumption.
Consumption with QTi DALI ® DIM
Dimmable 1 to 100 %. Burn-in for 100 hours at 100 %.
Long life.
Like any fine cigar, an ECG keeps best at the right temperature. OSRAM
QTi DALI® ECGs are the “humidors” of the lighting world. The temperature
at the tc measuring point has a direct bearing on the life of the unit. If the
ECG operates for 10 hours a day at a tc temperature of 65 °C, that translates
into a life of at least 22 years. Enough time to appreciate the maturity
of your project.
Such careful use of valuable resources deserves special attention.
Temp. test
t c = 75 °C
Line voltage
Cut-off in the 80 to 100% dimming range
54 W lamp
EIB, LON, Ethernet
Welcome in the
best hotels in the world.
How do you get accepted into the best hotels in town?
If you want to move in high places you need to show
that others can rely on you completely. That’s why we
have the OSRAM System+ Guarantee. It reassures you
that you can expect very long life from OSRAM QTi DALI®.
The strictest quality tests in this segment prove it.
What’s more, large projects call for flexible solutions.
With OSRAM QTi DALI® ECGs the uses to which a
building can be put are limited only by your imagination.
To ensure that the lighting in your building remains as
versatile as possible, you should be able to equip your
luminaires with a wide range of different lamp wattages.
SAS Radisson Hotel in Frankfurt.
Equipped with OSRAM QTi DALI ® ECGs.
If building usage can change day by day
then OSRAM QTi DALI® certainly can.
Lifetime, flexibility and quality guaranteed.
No chance of incorrect wattages.
OSRAM QTi DALI® offers you maximum flexibility. It gives you the
option of equipping the same types of luminaire with different lamp
wattages. It doesn’t matter if there is a change of use for the building,
the lamp wattages can change too. You can no longer get it wrong!
54 W
28 W
The OSRAM System+ Guarantee
OSRAM gives you a guarantee – not just on innovative lighting solutions
but specifically on the OSRAM QUICKTRONIC® ECGs, including
dimmable ECGs. The guarantee is for five years. In the unlikely event
of a fault, OSRAM will refund any ECG that has failed because of a
material defect or manufacturing fault. You can find all the details at
But the most important aspects are, and always will be flexibility
and ease of use. We have therefore developed OSRAM QTi DALI®
in particular with a view to making your job easier.
has its own address.
Just like in real life.
Higher, faster, further. Life in the 21st century is getting
more and more hectic, particularly in terms of technology. If you do not keep pace you soon fall well behind.
It seems as though life is getting easier only for system
If, for example, thousands of luminaires are to be installed
in a building there is no need to assign thousands of
addresses. OSRAM QTi DALI® does it all automatically.
Welcome to the 21st century.
Sihlcity shopping center in Zurich.
Equipped with OSRAM QTi DALI ® ECGs.
The first navigation system for
stress-free DALI® addressing.
Three steps to a fully addressed DALI® system.
OSRAM QTi DALI® ECG with readable ID number.
Step 1.
Step 2.
The system integrator reads the barcode from the
building plan into a commissioning tool and defines
the individual groups.
The luminaire manufacturer supplies luminaires with a removable ID sticker. After the
luminaire has been installed the ID sticker is placed on the building plan.
But it is not only assignment that is really quick.
OSRAM has succeeded in making the light even faster.
Step 3.
The group addresses are
transferred to the DALI ® controller and then via the DALI ®
interface to the QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Light when you want it.
As often as you want it.
As quickly as you want it.
It’s like driving a car. Your foot is resting on the gas pedal. Sometimes you give more gas, sometimes you take
your foot off, depending on how much power you need
at the time. In the world of lighting planning the gas pedal
is called OSRAM QTi DALI®. It ensures the lamps start
first time and then lets you provide as much or as little
light as you want.
Headquarters of Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
From 0 to 300,000 km/s in 0.5 seconds.
0,5 s
EIB, LON, Ethernet
Radio switch
54 W
Gentle hot restart in 0.5 s
Fast zero-delay lamp starts are extremely important, particularly in connection with BMS systems or radio switches. OSRAM QTi DALI® offers quick
and gentle hot restarts, making them ideal for buildings with networked
systems or radio switches. The hot restart process takes just 0.5 seconds
thanks to optimum control of electrode preheating.
EIB, LON, Ethernet
Light and precision sensor
300,000 switching operations with no effect on lifetime.
Fluorescent lamps are the perfect partners for OSRAM QTi DALI®. Particularly if they are highly active. To be more precise, if the lamps are frequently
switched on and off or faded up and down. “Frequently” in this context
means 300,000 switching operations. That’s how many times you can control the lamps without affecting their lifetime.
And now? Now the weather just needs to play its part.
300,000 switching operations with a lamp on QTi DIM
100 %
Approx. 5 to 15
Thanks to a presence sensor the light automatically switches off within
5 to 15 minutes if no presence is detected (project-dependent). When
someone next enters the room the light automatically switches on again.
–20 °C to +35 °C.
Sunshine throughout the year. Every day a wonderful
28 °C. If this dream weather really does exist then it’s
probably on some remote South Sea island. The rest
of us however have to deal with whatever the weather
throws at us – sun and rain, heat and cold.
Until someone invents a switch for the weather your
OSRAM QTi DALI® and HO CONSTANT lamps will deal
with all climates and all temperatures.
Cuatro Torres Business Area, Spain.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Photo: Roberto Ruiz
If you’re at home everywhere you
don’t complain about the climate.
Indoors or outdoors. OSRAM QTi DALI® and HO CONSTANT lamps don’t care what the temperature is.
Come rain, come shine. These are two close allies that wind and weather cannot tear apart. OSRAM QTi DALI® and HO CONSTANT lamps create light
irrespective of the temperature. They give you so many options for energy-efficient lighting. The new OSRAM DULUX® HO CONSTANT fluorescent lamp
is ideal for example. This amalgam lamp can even be dimmed and does not waste a single watt, whatever its ambient temperature.
Low ambient temperature: -20 °C.
High ambient temperature: +35°C.
The benefits of amalgam technology.
• Up to 30 % more light and 90 % luminous flux at a lamp ambient
temperature between +5 °C and +70 °C
• Reliable ignition down to -20 °C
• Stable dimming even at the minimum dimmer setting
• Down to 1 % output for T5 CONSTANT and OSRAM DULUX® L
CONSTANT; 3 % output for OSRAM DULUX® T/E IN
Relative luminous flux in %
But the best systems are the ones that keep coming up with the
goods. Perhaps that’s one reason why so many major projects
involve OSRAM QTi DALI®.
-20 -15 -5
65 70
Ambient lamp temperature in ˚C
The extended temperature range of the new OSRAM T5 HO CONSTANT (b)
compared with that of the LUMILUX ® T5 HO (a)
From professionals for professionals.
Here is a selection of leading suppliers of BMS solutions who
have placed their trust in OSRAM QTi DALI®.
Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG
Altenburger Electronic GmbH
Beckhoff Industrie Elektronik
delmatic Ltd
Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
Infranet Partners
LOYTEC electronics GmbH
Merten GmbH
REGULEX Automation GmbH
Siemens AG A&D
Siemens Building Technologies
Svea Building Control Systems GmbH & Co.
Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Only the best are involved in these projects.
Nice to be part of it.
Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia.
Concert halls equipped
with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Tonhalle in Dusseldorf
Ceiling lighting equipped
with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Photo: Thomas Riehle
Sihlcity shopping center in Zurich.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Headquarters of Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Cuatro Torres Business Area, Spain.
Equipped with
Photo: Roberto Ruiz
Olympic Stadium, Berlin.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
BMW headquarters, Munich.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Please open here.
SAS Radisson Hotel in Frankfurt.
Equipped with QTi DALI ® ECGs.
Don’t keep looking
find it!
Ask for luminaires with QTi DALI® inside:
ateljé Lyktan (SE)
Fagerhult (SE)
Louis Poulsen (DK/DE)
Ruco Licht (DE)
Bega (DE)
Glashütte Limburg (DE)
Ludwig Leuchten (DE)
Schmitz-Leuchten (DE)
Berlux (LU)
hatec Lichttechnik (DE)
Lug (PL)
Schuch (DE)
BPS Leuchten (DE)
Huco (CH)
MP Illumination (GR)
Semperlux (DE)
Bright (GR)
iGuzzini (IT)
Siteco (DE)
Cohausz Leuchten (DE)
Inge (CZ)
Petridis Lighting (GR)
Smedmarks (SE)
Compass (HU)
Interlight (GR)
Pracht Lichttechnik (DE)
spectral (DE)
der Kluth (DE)
Intra Lighting (SLO)
Prolicht (AT)
Trilux (DE)
Deska (DE)
IWS Lichttechnik (DE)
[email protected]
Rademacher (DE)
Tulux (CH)
Dijkstra Lampen (NL)
Kalfex (GR)
Regent (CH)
Veko (NL)
durlum (DE)
Konrath (DE)
Regiolux (DE)
Waco (BE)
elmotec (DE)
Kotzolt (DE)
Ribag (CH)
Waldmann (DE)
Leccor (DE)
Ridi (DE)
Wila (DE)
Lighting Innovations (ZA)
Riegens (UK/DK)
Exporlux (PT)
Lite-Licht (DE)
Zumtobel (AT)
There is no “one-size-fits-all” DALI®.
But there is the right DALI® that fits all situations.
We’ll stop trying to convince you now. We want you to do it for yourself.
It’s now up to you to choose OSRAM QTi DALI®. And you’d be in the best
company. If you need any more good reasons why you should benefit from
OSRAM QTi DALI® simply go to Tender documents are
available at
QTi 1x14/24/21/39
QTi 1x28/54
QTi 1x35/49/80
QTi 2x14/24/21/39
QTi 2x28/54
QTi 2x35/49
QTi 2x35/49/80
QT-FQ 2x80
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x14/24 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x21/39 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x28/54 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x35/49/80 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x18 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x36 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 1x58 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x14/24 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x21/39 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x28/54 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x35/49 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x35/49/80 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x18 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x36 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 2x58 DIM*
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 3x14/24 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 3x18 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 4x14/24 DIM
QTi DALI/QTi (1…10 V) 4x18 DIM
Possible combinations
L 40 W-C
L 32 W-C
L 22 W-C
FC 55 W
FC 40 W
FC 22 W
DF 36 W
DF 24 W
DF 18 W
DL 80 W
DL 55 W
DL 40 W
DL 36 W
DL 24 W
DL 18 W
L 70 W
L 58 W
L 36 W
L 30 W
L 18 W
HO 80 W
HO 54 W
HO 49 W
HO 39 W
HO 24 W
HE 35 W
HE 28 W
HE 21 W
at rated parameters
HE 14 W
Lamp/ECG combinations
for QTi, QTi DALI® DIM and
QTi (1-10 V) DIM.
* In the 1-10 V versions HF...DIM ECGs with a 30 x 30-mm cross-section for L 18 W, L 36 W, L 58 W are also available. ** Released with restrictions.
z Printed on paper treated with chlorine-free bleach.
130W013GB 12/08 BAH OSRAM CRM CC Subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted.
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Hellabrunner Strasse 1
81543 Munich
Phone + 49 (0) 89- 6213-0
Fax + 49 (0) 89- 6213-20 20
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