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Actiontec® ScreenBeam™
Firmware Upgrade Instructions for:
Upgrade firmware via ScreenBeam Central
Central Management System (CMS)
Visit for more details.
Upgrade firmware via Local Management web server
1. Download and save ScreenBeam firmware package ( to your Windows
desktop or C:\drive.
2. Locate the ScreenBeam receiver’s wireless SSID information as shown on the bottom left of
Ready to Connect
Connect screen, and manually connect to it using a laptop’s Wi-Fi. The passphrase
key is “12345678”.
[Notes]: By default, the SSID is set as hidden and a manual connection process is needed.
Refer to the user manual for more details.
3. Use a web browser and log into the Receiver’s web server
[Notes]: The login credential is Username:
Username Administrator Password:
Password Actiontec
4. Click Firmware Upgrade.
5. The Firmware Upgrade window appears. Check the current firmware in the Firmware Version
6. Click Browse.
Browse The Choose File to Upload window appears.
7. Select the firmware file (install.img), then click Open.
8. Click Apply,
Apply then click OK in the pop-up window.
9. Wait as the firmware file is uploaded.
10. The Receiver reboots and upgrades after the firmware file is uploaded.
11. The firmware upgrade is complete when the Ready To Connect screen reappears
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