AMS Wireless SNAP-ON Application ™ AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager

AMS Wireless SNAP-ON Application ™ AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
Product Data Sheet
April 2015
AMS Wireless SNAP-ON™ Application
„„Plan wireless networks and compare them
to recommended design practices.
„„Troubleshoot wireless networks quickly and
easily with graphical displays and predictive
network diagnostics.
„„Maintain your wireless networks with reports
of key network parameters.
„„Protect network performance by balancing your
wireless network usage and gateway capacity.
Using an aerial image of your facility, you can plan your network
and check it against industry-recommended practices.
Managing Your Wireless Networks
The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON™ application gives you more
power to manage your wireless networks. Plan your networks
and validate them against recommended design practices.
After your wireless networks are installed, you can graphically
view communication and status, allowing you to identify any
potential trouble spots.
recommended design practices or against custom parameters
that you set. Stress test the layout to determine how close
network is to design limits. The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON
application graphically illustrates deviations so you can easily
see where to fortify your networks.
When you have finalized a network design, you can export the
image, including device and network information, for your
project documentation.
Plan Your Networks Using Industry
Recommended Practices
The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application features a
user-friendly interface that simplifies your planning.
Useful capabilities include:
The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application allows you to
import an image of your plant or process unit for customized
planning of your wireless networks. After you define your
image, you can drag and drop devices to plot your networks.
Large obstructions like tanks and buildings can also be added
for more accurate planning.
Show network coverage to easily see where WirelessHART®
exists in your plant.
Pan and zoom the diagram using a mouse.
Determine wireless gateway capacity, path stability between
devices, and range of each device though visual indicators.
Once your network layout is complete, the AMS Wireless
SNAP-ON application checks your plan against industry
Quickly view wireless alerts through status icons.
AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
Use the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application to plan and validate
your wireless network against recommended practices to optimize
device communication paths.
Optimize Your Wireless Networks
Once your wireless network is installed, the AMS Wireless
SNAP-ON application will display the communication
relationships between devices. This presentation gives
you a comprehensive overview of your self-organizing
networks and helps you to identify potential trouble spots
such as pinch points.
When using multiple wireless gateways, AMS Wireless SNAP-ON
can analyze each network and identify how re-assign devices to
other gateways in order to address issues.
See key diagnostic and performance parameters by scrolling
over each device and launch directly into AMS Device Manager
for additional device details. You can also export the live view
as an image to send to an offsite expert.
April 2015
Use the graphical network communication display to identify
potential trouble spots.
Maintain Your Wireless Networks
With the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application, it is easy to keep
your wireless diagnostics organized – even across multiple
wireless networks. Customize reports by moving or removing
columns and by sorting and filtering. Custom reports allow
you to quickly find the information you need.
These are a few of the fields you can use in your reports:
Device tag / Gateway
Battery Voltage
Update Rate
Ambient Temperature
If you identify an issue in your network, you can export the
report directly to an Excel file and send the work request to
the appropriate person or department. With the advanced
diagnostics and functionality available in the AMS Wireless
SNAP-ON application, maintaining your wireless networks
is simple.
AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
April 2015
Interface Architecture
The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application communicates through
AMS Device Manager and supports Emerson wireless gateways
and any devices connected to it. Installation is quick and easy
and Emerson’s Smart Wireless Services are available to help
you get started.
Customized reporting allows you to streamline maintenance by
showing only the information you need.
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