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Cylinder Range|115-300 Litres
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Here at Glow-worm we have one simple philosophy – to provide
you with reliable, easy to install products backed up by excellent
after sales service. Being able to achieve this is not possible
overnight, but it is possible when you can boast a pedigree of
Today, Glow-worm can boast a comprehensive range of proven
over 70 years in manufacturing domestic central heating boilers
High Efficiency boilers. All of Glow-worm’s High Efficiency
for the UK.
range are SEDBUK A rated and recommended by the Energy
Saving Trust.
Over a decade ago, Glow-worm recognised the need to conserve
energy within the home and was one of the first domestic boiler
Easy to install, and totally reliable.
manufacturers to mass-produce high efficiency boilers. With such
extensive experience, Glow-worm can offer you all the support
The proven xi range is a 3rd generation condensing boiler
you need, from training to after sales support.
from Glow-worm. When an established and renowned boiler is
required, the reliable xi range from Glow-worm is the perfect
choice. With its single stainless steel heat exchanger, wide range
of outputs which include higher outputs for larger properties and
extensive flueing options, the xi range continues to be a popular
choice for many in the heating industry.
Cylinder Range|115-300 Litres
Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinders
Main features
• Stylish mains-fed unvented domestic hot water cylinders
The new range of mains-fed domestic hot water cylinders
• Volumes of 115 / 150L / 175L / 200L / 250L / 300L
from Glow-worm are designed for use with UK boilers in hot
• High grade stainless steel cylinder
water systems.
• Laser welded seams
• Insulation meets CheSS best practice (as low as 1.7kWh)
Available in six sizes; 115, 150, 175, 200, 250 and 300 litres, they
• High recovery heating coil (as low as 20 minutes)
are suitable for all sizes of property from a small single
• High flow rates achievable working at 3.5 bar pressure
bathroom property up to a large two bathroom property with
• External expansion vessel (supplied)
en suite shower room.
• Expansion vessel wall mounting bracket (available as an accessory)
• Dimensions of 600mm at widest point (all models)
Manufactured from high grade stainless steel with all seams
• Simple front connection compression fittings
laser welded they are built to last and carry a 25 year guarantee
• Back-up immersion heater on all models
against perforation of the steel shell. Performance is enhanced
• Covered controls and wiring box
by insulation that achieves heat loss as little as 1.7kWh and a
• Simple maintenance (no anode required)
high recovery-heating coil that provides recovery in as little as
• 25 Years Warranty against perforation of the shell*
20 minutes.
*conditions apply
pre-fixing jig
Central Heating Flow
Gas Service Cock
Central Heating Return
The pre-fixing jig allows gas and water pipework supply to be connected
prior to full installation of the boiler.
• The boiler must be installed by a competent person in accordance with
the rules in force in the United Kingdom.
• The 18sxi and 30sxi high efficiency condensing system boilers have been
designed for use on a sealed system only. The boiler comes complete with
pump and expansion vessel and safety discharge valve.
• Domestic hot water can be obtained using a hot water cylinder which
must be a double feed (fully indirect) design.
Horizontal Flue
Vertical Flue
Twin Flue
dimensions (mm)
• The 30sxi is factory adjusted to G20 natural gas. It can be adjusted to
G31 LPG during commissioning. However, a flue gas analyser is required
to do this. Alternatively, a chargeable boiler only commissioning service
is Max
available via Glow-worm Service, contact 01773 828100 for details.
Rear Flue
Visit to view and download technical data
clearances (mm)
* Increase to 25mm clearance from
combustible material.
† A removable compartment door can
be placed at least
5mm in front of the appliance.
Here you will find all the information you require on Glow-worm
products and services.
even book a service call online. The Technical Advice Centre offers
Information on all of our products can be viewed and downloaded
including installation manuals and flueing information
solutions to common installation and system problems as well as
advice on energy saving. And if you don’t get the answer you need
online, you can always call our dedicated Service & Technical team.
Get more detailed information on Glow-worm Training Services.
Courses can be booked online at any of our regional centres.
You can even use the Glow-worm product selector to identify the
best boiler for your next installation.
The Service & Technical section provides comprehensive
information on the types of service cover available and you can
Literature: 01773 596105
After Sales Service: 01773 828100
Technical Advice: 01773 828300
Nottingham Road, Belper, Derbys DE56 1JT
Tel: (01773) 824639 Fax: (01773) 828555
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